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September 4, 1042
November 1 has been set as
the deadline for mailing Christ
mas parcels overseas and to sta
tions in. the north, it was an
nounced by the thirteenth naval
district today.
Also announced were restric
tions - on overseas parcel post.
They must not exceed 11 pounds
in weight, 18 inches in length,
and .42 inches combined length
and girth. However, the public
is being urged to voluntarily
observe the following lmuta
tlons: '
Volume not to exceed that of
'an ordinary shoe box or weight
cot to exceed six pounds. If this
size of package is voiuntarily
adhered to, the navy points out,
it will greatly increase the
chances of all the men at sea
receiving their Christmas gifts.
The package should be sturdy
In order to withstand ' handling
and piling. -The articles them
selves should be easily portable
and useful in any climate. Food
should not be sent under any
circumstances,- ulihuugii such
Items as vitamin pills are ac
ceptable. Clothing should not
be sent unless it has been spe
cifically requested. - '.
' The address must be complete
in all respects and a return ad
dress given. The same regula
tions in regard to addresses ap
ply to parcel post as to letters.
People residing in the western
states should address their pack
ages in care oi Postmaster, San
" Francisco, unless they are cer
tain that the man is stationed
in Alaska.. If the latter is the
case, he may be addressed at
his station. If he is on a ship
in the north, he may be ad
dressed in care of Fleet Post
Office, Seattle. , .:...:..
News Notes and
. Comment .
Nomura, Kurusu on Way Home
... ..U '
7 V s
i i iiiMiMmmE , HmhW T' SVmffimMtommMm
ran, t r rv 1
Admiral Klchisaburo Nomura (center), former Jap ambassador to the United States, and
Saburo Kurusu (extreme right), special Jap emissary to the United States whan the Japs struck
at Pearl Harbor, dine at Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, after arrival there on the
diplomatic exchange ship Gripsholm on the war hack to Japan.
i . The first football game of the
' season, which is to be played
against Grant of Portland, will
be on Friday the 18th instead
of the 19th, as. originally stated.
1 offer my hum.
b 1 e apologies
and - hope ' you
keep Friday,
September 18,
open for . the
great event.' -
The sale of
student body
. tickets was oost-
poned until to-p
day as there kaitek
. was an error in " ' Comart
the printing and they had to be
. sent, back to the printer. .The
price for students is $1.50 and
the season tickets are $2.20 for
; adults. Both stated prices' In-.
: elude all taxes so you won't
have to be digging around for
those odd pennies. The Pep
Peppers again are selling the
season tickets to earn points.
- Mr. Rowe, English instructor
and adviser for the Krater staff,
spoke to the student body about
the situation the Krater is in.
; The following is the gist of
Rowe's talk. The cost of put
ting out the paper has risen, and
. as the payment made by the
1 students through the: student
body card and advertising de-
, creases rapidly after Christmas,
the finances will be too low to
even publish a paper. As an at
tempt to' remedy the situation;
subscriptions will be sold arid
it will be edited as a tabloid and
consists of a number of pages
which will be determined by
the . number of subscriptions
bought But none of this will
come true if at least 800 aren't
. sold, so it is entirely up to the
students whether or not the
Krater is to be kept alive. The
subscriptions are only 50c for
the entire school year.
This year the Krater staff con
sists of four who will be. over
all Instead of like last year when
everyone had a title that sound
ed as if he might rule the roost
The ruling staff consists of Na
dlne 1 Palmerton, editor;' Isabel
Corr, news editor; Betty Lea
Dally, advertising manager, and
Pat Morgan, sports editor. ' If
this staff can be Judged by what
they did last year, it will be a
fine paper. The rest of the staff
will be known as reporters until
they prove themselves worthy to
handle a title.
. The traditions committee had
When in Medford
Stay at . ,
Thoroughly Modern
Joe and Anne Earley
Proprietor ; (
its first meeting yesterday after
school. The committee consists
of: Jim Shaw, chairman, Bett.ie
Hopkins, - Barbara Shiiltz, Fern
Pennington, Edith ; Knudsen,
Marlys Steinseifer, John Fletch
er, Dick Newman, Dick Hicks
and Dick Cada. The date for
the Hello Day dance has been
set tentatively for September
11 after school. Nothing has
definitely been decided except
that cold drinks will be sold at
the dance. At this time a warn
ing goes out to all underclass
men, freshmen and sophomores.
to brush up on the traditions of
this school as to where to walk
and sit, for the traditions com
mittee will mete out punish
ment to all who , offend these
rules. Take heed, my children,
for tne day of reckoning shall
arrive. Don't say you weren't
told before. .
..'. '
The schedule for the Pelicans'
home games runs in the follow-
. Grant High. Sept 18
Redding Sept 25
Eugene ..Oct. 23
'. Grants Pass Oct. 30
Bend ....... Nov. 11
I've heard the freshmen re
ferred to as "rooks" and any
number of other uncomplimen
tary terms, but never as "nice
little kids," as a certain in
structor used to tell the seniors
who were in his classes besides
Mayor John H. Houston has
signified his intention of accept
ing an invitation to attend a
conference of mayors of cities
of over 10,000 population to be
held in Portland September 11
and 12.
Chief matter up for consider
ation, he said, will be a clarifi
cation of city civilian defense
activities in relations to the fed
eral OCD, state and county set
ups. Steps to coordinate what
cities are doing along civilian
defense lines will also be dis
cussed. James C. Sheppard, area di
rector of OCD and Stanly
Donagh, northwest sector direc
tor, are scheduled to participate
iii uie coiuerehce.
the almighty class of KUHS.
What will happen next?
The Wildcats have started
practicing and although they are
not in the limelight as much
and as often as the Pelicans, it
doesnt mean that no one is
rooting for them.. It is up to
the Wildcats as well to uphold
a winning record. Good luck,
boys, we re with you.
. We fust got these clojiie sweaters In about a month ogo-and
bangl all the girls going back to school wanted them! "a j the
simple crew neck I like,". ". . . push-up .leevei," i'iii nice and long
. and boxy," ". . . lush colors." Yesl all this plus a down-to-earth price
for all wool worsted! Exclusive with Wards!
Bright corduroys! All wool flannels and crepes!
Gay plaids In wool and rayon! Manv will, , in.. 2.98
Secretary of Commerce Jesse H.
Jones revealed Thursday that
the war damage corporation has
Insured property in the United
States against enemy attack for
between $50,000,000,000 aid
If it's a "frozen" article you
need, advertise for a used ope
In the classified.
The American Newspaper Pub
Ushers' association aimrtd
Thursday in a brief filed with
the supreme court that "any tax
or other exaction which falls
directly upon the act of circula
lion is an .unconstitutional re
straint upon the liberty of the
Elijha Hanson, attorney for
the association, presented the
brief in support of a petition for
reconsideration by the tribunal
of a 5 to 4 decision last June 8
holding constitutional city ordl'
nances imposing license taxes
upon the sale of printed matter,
Reconsideration has been
sought by counsel for a' group of
members of "Jehovah's Wit
nesses" accused by1 violating or.
ainancfs in three towns.
. The ordinances under question
are simitar to one passed recent'
ly. by the Klamath Falls city
council, directed at .Jehovah's
Gale Reynolds to
Visit Elks Lodge'
Regular weekly, meetings of
tne tms - lociBs wet resumed
Thursday . night, w i t h'- next
Thursday announced as a special
occasion because of the -visit' of
Gale Roynolds, . deputy grand
exalted ruler.: Reynolds,' Lake-
view . business man. will make
this his official visit at. the lodge
here. ...
Exalted Ruler Frank R. Pey
ton also .announced that the
Klamath lodge's state champion
ship ritualistic team will stage
an Initiation next Thursday eve
ning.; , .'
va3ir I-1 ."lev
wi il l" t-'.A l-ir
1 1 n
4.9 '
..." . t
We've wool-and-rayoni, too, at '
. this low1 price! See them In cute
Junior classics, In more sophist!
cated styles, . Soma even with
velveteen trim! 9 lo 15, 12 to 20.
Yes,: and there are tome two
piece suits In this wonderful
group! Also wool-and-royons In
plaids and plains. New fashion,
details, new colors! 9-15, 12-20.
MEACHAM Born et K!m
ath Valley hospital September
3, 1843, to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Meaoham, Crescent, Ore., a boy.
Weight T pounds 3 ounces.
BRANHAM Born at Hill
side hospital September 3,
1042, to Mr. and Mrs, William
Y, Eranham, Cpraaws River,
Ore., a boy. Weight 8 pounds
0 ounces.
SCHENDEIj Born at Hill
side hospital September 8, 1843.
to Mr. and Mrs. Walt Schendel,
3003 Wantland avenue, Kliiivl
ath Falls,' Ore., a girl. Weigh?''
8 pounds 8 oune,
DKGNAN Born at UllUhU
iKi.ipltnl Hr)lpml)or 3, 1042, lo
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Detimin,
Merrill, Ore., a girl. Weight S
pounds 7 ounces.
." jf l
Wi'Vm. "flT S pnpi,wlilnloihd bow III
Vl!";l ' ' v y -ss Jf ' i up with nollhtods. 4,49 '
Go dancing In black lus-da
pumps, wllh grosgraln-
.,.,m.db,w. 4.49 I Th nm
V, I " ro our
At Hi office, wa.- brown j J ... ,." . , I
coif pumps with tallartd I
bw stltchtd In btlg. s r? I
For long wolH 4' --S
duty', war popular monk ' S Is V I '-
straps h goldan tobacco. Jy ' t VsJ-J""
Cfr' M sudbucklpumpi,trlmmd Wi. "F225A?' nw
( '0000m' I I ftA 0onyt"'Inblocksuili
(ffl'M ' if l ,,or,bl oxtordi, smartly
iCL J0-" 1 ' I Vslltehsd with while, 3,40
11 11 1-1 CSX ln Pi""Pi' "tuddtdwltlv Y:
11,1 "allhod, 4,49 yfiV
"" ; With your caiuali, wsar
' ' eurnsWIinobtoespeclolor,
, ! . Pumps In golden tobacco.
' :'. ,:' 3.49
1 Pine or Ninth .- PW. llflft
Pine at Ninth
Phone 31$8
-Phone 3188
Pine and Nlnth-