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TUitfist It. 1942
NEW YORK, Aug. 11 UP)
Block whipped up a Utile re
covery Interest In today' mnrkel
without the benefit of much out
standing bulll.ih news.
Transfer were around 2.10,000
Bonds jtcedled end major com
moHIIe, nflnr on enrly decline.
on Ihe government s bill crop
figures, regained Ihelr equilib
rium, Anionil stock edging Into now
hltih ground for the year wore
firhfnle.v, Notional Distiller nnd
IMirlly Bakeries. In front tho
renter pint of the time were
Dil Punt. American Can, Electric
Autoiltn, Allied Chemical, U. S.
Steel, Santa Fe, Atnerlcnn Tele
phone, Standard Oil of Ind.,
Sear Hoebui-k, Dow Cheinlciil,
Kashmiri Kodak, U. S. Itubbrr
cumnion nnd preferred. Warner
Ilrijt,, Paramount, Popsl-Coln,
Chrysler, American Airline nnd
Kuslorn Air Lines.
Occasional barkwardncs win
llpln.ycd by Wooiworlh. J. C.
Penney, Pullman, Inti-rnnllonal
Nli-kol nnd Union Carbide.
Closing quotations:
American Can (1M
Am Car Fdy 23s
Am Tel ft Tel H7i
Anaconda i
EVvrv-N OlM-ifiONI O.S.TriuryOHlelIW.gond'ouotiorAuqil I
f turnip km I mm 1 r', V i
MnwT 7 L 1 jr - q ;
ipuid; "l f r "'; Y i
pWt) .100.000 ) '".2W0O 'j 36,200 I "l58.6fT0
--. f wJ i a !
ur- L' -Li j
10.800 j j '
Washington, I. ('., Aug. 10 Henry MorgenUiau.
Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, teday announced
the August War Bond (Junius for the 3,070 counties
In the nation totalling HIS,(00,000.
The August quota for the Slate nf Oregon Is
In arriving at (he county quota for August, as
shown In the ahnve map, the Treasury Department
look Into consideration major factor affecting In
come which In turn cause significant variation In
sale during the twelve-month period.
Hereafter actual Bond sale in the various states
will be compared with quotas on a cumulative basis.
The amount by which sales fall short of or exceed
quotas In any month will he added to or subtracted
from quotas fur future months.
V. 5. Trtatury Dtfarimtnl
O Calif Packing 1H4
Cat Tractor ' 3M
Comm'nw'llli A- Sou HWI
General Electric 201
Goveral Motors 871
C't Nor Hy pf.r 22
llllnoli Central U
lot Harvester 4lU
Kennecott -m
Lockheed Ii
Long Hell "A" ... 3
Montgomery Ward 201
Nash Kelv SI
N V Central Bi
Northern Pacific IH
Pc Gas it El lt
Packard Motor 21
Pennn R Ft 21
Tirpublic Steel 13
Richfield Oil "
(iears Roebuck 831
Southern Pacific ..: l.li
4 Standard Blonds 31
Sunshine Mining 4
Union Oil Calif Ill
Union Pnclflc 73i
U S Steel 47
Warner Picture BI
CHICAGO, Atif. 11 (AP-USDA)-
Potatoes: arrival !;
on track I .VI; total U. S. ship
ments 1!44; supplies IlKht. do
maud slow; mnrkel barely
rlendy with slightly . weaker
feeling prevailing; California
Long Whites U. S. No. 1. S3 75;
Idaho Bliss Triumphs U. S No.
1, $2.(10; Russet Burb.m,k U. S.
No. 1, $3.50 55; Long Whiles U.
8. No. 1, $3 40-50.
CHICAGO. Aug. 11 It
Grain futures and soybeans dur
tna the first half hour on the
government's report of huge crop
prospects, today rallied to close
at about the some level as yes
terday's finish.
The slump at the opening fail
ed to bring out much liquidation,
a furl which was considered en
couraging to the buying side.
Wheat led the subsequent ad
vance, other grains displaying
Joss recuperative power. Trading
quieted to a slow pace near the
clo.e. I
Wheat finished strongly on ,
gains ranging from i -1c, Septem
ber $1,171, December $1,201-1.!
Corn closed unchanged to ic j
higher, September 881-lc, De
cember 881c. Final prices on
oats were unchanged to 5c lower,
on rye l-ic higher and on soy
beans up ic.
With more than a carload of Au
trian winter pea being cleaned
and sacked here dally, shipment
of winter legume seed to the
southern tntc are In full swing
from Umatilla county.
Used by southern farmer to
replace nitrate going Into muni
tions, more than 2000 carloads of
the nitrogen producing crop will
be shipped this year from Ore
gon, the nation' principal
source of supply,
Pea of this variety were pro
duced In Umatilla county on a
large scale for the first time thi
year, with 5pprox!m5ely 9000
acre being narveiiea, an in
crease of 8700 acres over last
year. Yields have averaged a ton
an acre and have been of high
Greatly expanded production
Is anticipated next year by A. R.
Coppock, chairman of the county
AAA eomiidtUe, who a y
many Umatilla county farmer
plan to divert acreage from
wheat to winter field pea In
compliance with Secretary of
Agriculture Wickard' call for
underplanting of wheat allotment.
If 1 have to choo?e between
rigid state control and no organ
ization and laistei-falre, then I
should choose state control.
Ernest Bcvln, British labor minuter.
BOSTON, Aug. 11 (AP) (U. S.
Dept. Agr.) Demand for half
blood and fine territory wools
continued at around ceiling
prices In 1 he Boston wool market
today. Some dealers reported
their .stocks of the.'.e grades are
getting very low. Purchases of
fine and half-blood territory
wools were reported In the
country at firm to slightly higher
prices. Medium wools of all
types remained quiet.
our only possible chance of win
ning this war. Senator Josh
Lee, Oklahoma.
The date of the Chinese New
Year changes from year to
Aug. 11 (Pf-(Fed. -State Market
News) Cattle: salable 150; ac
tive, fully steady; load north
coast 1012 lb. grass steers
$12.65; package 750 lb. grass
heifers $9.50; load good 1000 lb
range cows $9.00; late yester
day three loads cutter to com
mon range cows $7.00-8.00; can
ners and cutters scarce,' mostly
S6.00-7.00; medium sausage
bulls $9.50-10.00. Calves: salable
50; steady; choice vealers quot
ed $13.00-50, two packages 405
428 lb. calves $12.00.
Hogs: salable 100: around 10c
higher; .odd lots good 185-235
lb. barrows 'and gilts $15.60;
few good sows S13.10.
Sheep: salable 1100. Steady;
late Monday: 15-25c lower, com
mon 50c lower; bulk lambs
$10.50-12.50. choi.ee quoted
$13.25; today: deck medium to
good No. 3 pelt 70 lb. Oregon
lambs $11.75 straight; medium
to choice ewes quoted $4.00-
Horse and Biic Dap list Hew to Goshen
Bill Cane Puts
Nags, Sulkies
Back on Mao
riCA Srr.le luff OeirMpemJtnt
GOSHEN, N. Y., Aug. 11
William H. Cane brought back
hos and buggy disys to the
stern senboard long before
war and gas rationing maoo u
Bill Cone's buggies were sul
kies; his horses, trotters; and his
spectacle, t h e H a m b letonlan
slake, which will be raced
Y f"l ii,
William Cane
for the 17th
time at Good
Time Park,
here tomorrow.
A dozen years
ago sulky rac
Ing by harness
horse was con
sidered as passe
a pongee shirts
a n d bull o n
shoes. Yet, In
the midst of a
fast, highly
mechanized age,
in Ihe summer
following the Wnll Street crash
of 1929, Cane reincarnated nn
outmoded sport.
The Hambletonlan slake was
rnced for Ihe first time at the
New York Slate fair al Syra
cuse In 1020. II. was worth
$73,451. The co-nttractlon boost
ed attendance.
Tho first renewal was raced at
Lexington the next fall. The
crowd was disappointing. II
flopped at Syracuse In 102H and
al Lexington In '29. That was
Iho year Bill Cnnn won tho rnco
with Walter Denr driven by his
friend and trainer, Waller R.
Cox, who died Inst December,
Cane had driven trotters for
years as' a prominent amateur
rolnsman, He hod Ihe distinction
of building Ihe arena at Boyle's
Thirty Acres In record time (or
the Dcmpsey-Cnrpentler fight.
Ho was a man of enterprise, and
the poor attendance at trotllng's
blue-ribbon event was a chal
lenge to him.
So the 1030 running of the
Hnmblatonlan was held at Cano's
Good Time Park al Goshen. II.
has never been rnced anywhere
ls since.
There was no Instantaneous ap
proval of the meeting. It. had to
Iwi: - ftft "-Vu, V r ij y
'Oops' Pardon the Elbow'-rDefense Workers on the Move
- r A I
h -rS4 Mrs
tm t. . tm . f ill'
You can tre scenes like this In every city In the United States the nation s aeiense worriers on me way w
tbeir Job. Tliey'ie shown bare, lunch nr. ;. r girg: and all. Jamming Into buses which will carry them
jo ori in tbe eaa rtancisco area.
The Circus Is Coming
. 1
(AP) (U. S. Dept. Agr.l Cattle
Salable 150. total 550; calves:
salable and total 200; market
very slow, mostly steady but
some bids and cleanup sales 25c
lower; few common light steers
$9.25-10.75, odd head to $11. 25;
load short-fed steers and heifers
unsold; common to medium beef
heifers $9.25-10.75, common light
dairy type heifers down to $8.00;
canner and cutter cows $5.50
7.25, odd common beef cows
$7.50, medium to good beef cows
salable around, $8.25-9.75; medi
um to good bulls mostly $9.50
10.50; large lot medium to good
vealers $14.00, common grades
out at $10.00, few choice vealers
Hogs: Salable and total 300;
market active, strong with early,
about 25c lower than Monday's
average; good to choice 175-2,5
lbs. mostly S15.00, few sales up
to S15.15 and late sales up to
$15.25; 240-280 lbs. $14.25; light
lights $14.00-25; good sows 350
650 lbs. $13.00-75; choice feeder
pigs 53 lbs. $17.00, heavier
weights salable around $15.00-16.25.
Sheep: Salable 200, total 400;
market about steady; good to
choice spring lambs $14.50-75,
medium to good grades $10.50;
feeder lambs $9.25-75; good ewes
$4.00-25, common to medium
Prettv Milonqs Escalante. aerialist with Russall Bios.' circus,
gives the final touch to the fabulous makeup of Merry Mell, the
..... .... ...
Bell Ringer
tfjvK -'Hi 1
V iW m. --''..1
Circus Combines Modern
Trends With Tradition
Combining- all the cherished , scheduled for 8 o'clock, and Sat-
big top traditions of old with the urday's will start at 2 and 8
latest modern trends and im- p. m.
Colby Hanover, left, Fred Egan In the sulky. Is favorite In nth running of 40;0 nmetl'S
Stake at Good Time Park, fioshen, N. Y., Aug. 12. Leading contender Is Pay Up. right, shown In al-.
fectionats pose with trainer-driver Lee Smith. 1
be promoted and publicized. Ob
stacles were plentiful. Public re
sistance had to be broken down
for acceptance of an allegedly
slow, hick sport In a racy era
which paid h premium on speed.
The grnndsland had to be built
facing west into the setting sun,
for, try as he did, Bill Cane
couldn't buy a strip of land on
tho west which would hnvo been
the slle of stands faring east.
Refusal of the owners to soli
this hind meant Hint a trlangulnr
track had lo be hild out to fit
purchasable space. Horses in
the back stretch had lo race away
from the grandstand and into a
far corner of tho course before
turning lo come back alongside
highway 17 and finally turning
again to enter Ihe home stretch.
Yet, despite these discouraging
barriers and with Intorest at a
low ebb, Cane built up the Ham
bletonlan slake lo a unique posi
tion in sports circles.
Like Epsom Downs and Louis-
villa, population In this town of
some 4500 swells nearly eight or
nine times during the Hnmble-
tonlnn hegira. Country cousins
rub elbows with city slickers,
Iho thermometer scrapes 90 and
yet, despite the town's relative
inaccessibility, the mon Keeps
Cane's faith In trotting has
been a boon to the sport. The
Hambletonlan gives it a peg, just
as the Derby, Preakness a,nd Ar
lington Classic boost the thor
oughbred runners.
Rationing and travel restric
tions may cut down attendance
tills year, but everyone from Jov
ial Mayor Walter Brown to the
lowest stable boy, believes that
thousands will make the trip,
even if they have to buy a sulky
and a nag to get here.
There are 40 entries in this
year's race. Nine to 12 will start,
Colbv Hanover, owned by C.
W. Phellis, New York, and I. W.
Glcason, Willlnmsport, Pa., is the
favorite, although he has not
started this year.
Pay Up, bay colt by Follow
up, won Ills lusi mice Bimis .it
1041 nnd copped the Matron
Stake, leading preview to the
race, this year. The colt is owned
bv R. H. Johnston of Charlotte,
N. C who had Bill Gallon, last
year's winner.
Other contenders are Cannon
Ball, The Ambassador, Capitol
Hanover, Dot Chappell, and
Sophie Hanover.
In these tire-less, gas-less days,
the 17th Hambletonlan stake
may ba more than a trotting race,
It. may help you handle your
streamlined, 1944 sulky.
. The uoorest gambler we know
of is Ihe fellow who is afraid to
lake a chance on himself.
The boxers In the ring are al
ways the principals but it's the
referee who counts.
Jem , t TV,
r i
Head The Classified Page
Our of Your Oil!
L.l Ut Ssrvltt Vout Burnet Nowl
Call lor Nam! at
Klamath Oil Co.
i Phone 8404
erlne Feenry at Alexandria Bay.
N. Y wear a scale model navy,
plane a her ehapeau. Plane )
one- of 69,000 model aircraft
made by N. T.'s school children.
When In Medford
Stay at
Thoroughly Modern
Jos and Anne Earley
provements, Russell Bros.' Great
3-Ring circus will exhibit at the
South Sixth str.eet circus
grounds, Klamath Falls, Friday
night, Aug. 21, and two per
formances Saturday, Aug. 22.
With the gleam of a Fourth-of-
July Santa Claus in' his eye, a
slightly effusive press agent ex
tolls the circus as "pack jam
med and heaping up with enter
tainment, filled to the hilt witn
breath-taking thrills and excit
ing action, enshrouded through
out with an exhilarating gaiety
of spirit, drenched with brilliant
color, and glittering with glam
our and pageantry."
The traditional time-honored
elements so dear to circus-goers,
the emissary from Spangleland
continues, have been revitalized
by "refreshing novelties and in
novations, a smartness of pre
sentation, and a swiftness of
pace that attune the circus to the
spirit of present-day living.
On the star-spangled program
are such stellar features as Jbr
gen M. Christiansen, Europe's
foremost master of equitation,
presenting his internationally re
nowned Argentine Criollo horses,
and Winston's Equestrian Sea
Lions, which perform incredible
feats of balance on horseback,
Add to these the Seven Sky
rocketing Escalantes, exemplify
ing the poetry of motion in the
air; Senorita Esterita, daring ex
ponent of reckless heel-and-toe
catches on the high swinging
trapeze; the Sensational De
Wavne and Bell-Thazer troupes
of whirlwind acrobats, tumblers
and risley experts; the Four Ace
vados and Orton Trio, equilib
rists and wire performers;
Maree and' Her Pals, White's
leaping Greyhounds, the world's
only troupe of trained Great
Dane dogs; and Congo, gargan
tuan African ape, not to mention
the clowns. Indians, elephants
and scores of other features,
In keeping with the times, the
circus opens with a grand pa
triotic spectacle, "United for
Friday night's performance Is
The old-fashioned steel-wheel
ed wagon will return to the na
tion's farms because of the rub
ber shortage. Production of
combines requiring rubber tires
ends July 31. Production for
1943 will be limited to steel
wheeled equipment. .
While the government is mak
ing a search for new taxes, we're
still looking for the old ones.
Anyway, it's better to get out
on the wrong side of the .bed
than sleep all day.
Alter much easting about, Holly
wood directors decided Jngrid Berg
man (above) will play the role of
Maria to Tor Whom the Bell Toll."
Ingrid, hair cut short. Is on location
In the Sierra, Nevada. She replace
Vera Zorlna, originally named Jor
the part.
ELKHART, Ind. UP) Nljjr
watchman Adam Krsider
sharpshooting performance on
Indiana's opening day of squir
rel season should be warning
enough for marauder! to detour
around the plant ha tends.
Adam shot five shells, killed
five squirrels!
Dealer shortages put new
value on used merchandise. Cash
in on your "junk" through s
classified ad. Phone 3124.
s t x
pi iwxs ii
AMERICA'S finest whiskies
J come from Kentucky,
Indiana, Pennsylvania and
Maryland. And Schenley has
rcservestockslnall4of theml
From these whiskies we've
carefully selected 4 of the best
-and blended them with fin
est grain neutral spirits In
to a unique flavor and mild
ness. Have you tasted It?
$2l $1
ixx.4. x. a
'Blended with the Finest Grain Neutral Spirits for ''ctJiSjR:
NESS I. . . SCHENLEY, 721 Grain Neuirfll Spirit. BLt.NIJMJ
W HISKEY, 86 Proof. Schenley Distillers Corp., New York City.