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bly be to negotiate with Japan,
Gandhi himself told newsmen a
different story.
The little Hindu champion of
Independence said he favored
negotiating with Japan to plead
with her to free China or else
"count on the stubborn resist
ance" of India's millions.
The British asserted that a
great majority of the All-India
congress working committee
members were "appeasers" of
Britain has warned that the
government in India would
"take every possible step" to
meet the threatened disobed
ience campaign, which might
have grave effects on the allied
war effort in the far Pacific
and middle east.
Other far Pacific develop- j
merits: ,
China war front U. S. air
force bombers were officially
credited with blasting wharves,
warehouses and shipping in an
ttltack on Japanese-held Han
kow, on the Yangtze river.
"The results were very satis
factory," Lieut. Gen. Joseph W.
Stilwell's headquarters an
nounced. ' American fighters also bagged
two Japanese warplanes which
attacked Kwellin, 250 miles
northwest of Canton, while al
lied ground defenses shot down
Battle of Australia dis
patches from the New Guinea
front said allied troops com
manded the approaches to "the
gap," strategic 6000-foot pass,
barring the advance of Jap
anese forces moving across the
Papua peninsula toward Fort
Japanese troops were report
ed halted in the Kokoda area,
near the base of the two-mile-high
Stanley range. Both allied
nd Japanese forces were keep
ing close to the shelter of
dense, tropical foliage, with the
enemy apparently awaiting rein
forcements. Bead Classified Ads .for Results
S2.40 QUART ft ffnu.
- eaamarr titialwia e. eteeu. baTST
For War Keen's
For Commercial Purposes
k For Industrial Operation
For Personal Keeurements
k For Agricultural Activities
For Home Repairs issentlal to
Health ana Sanitation
Financial cooperation from banks in behalf
of the needs and activities of industrial
establishments, business concerns, home
owners, fanners, families, and individuals
is no less necessary in war times than in
peace times.
Nor has there been an; undue restriction
of bank oredit or payment terms where
loans are required for productive purposes.
As enumerated in the general classifications
above, the United States National Bank is
prepared and willing to continue to lend
financial assistance under its usual reason
able credit qualifications, Consultation and
loan applications are invited at all times,
Resources Over 200-Mllllea Hollars
Klamath Falls Branch ot the
United States National Bank
of Portland
Klamath Twins Join Navy
Merlin and MeWln Davis of
Klamath twins to be accepted bv the navy in the past week. The
first were Don and Dale Huiuakar.
Another pair of Identical
twins are among the four Klam
ath men who were sworn into
the navy Tuesday after enlisting
through the local recruiting of
fice. They are Melvin Harding and
Merlin Warren Davis, sons of
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Davis of
Bonanza. Joining the same
branch of the service last week
were Dale and Don Hunsaker
of Klamath Falls.
Earl Clayton Deering who was
with the Shaw Lumber company
for three years and is district
manager and examiner for the
Lawrence Warehouse company
has also been accepted by the
navy, Recruiting Officer F. R.
Duncan said, as well as William
G. Casebeer of 415 Walnut street.
Casebeer is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. E. J. Casebeer of Bly and
was graduated from Bly high
school with the class of '40. He
then attended the National
school in Los Angeles and has
recently been employed as an
electrician with the Big Lakes
Box company.
Another Iceland
Attack Reported
REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Aug. 9
VP) A second air attack on iso
lated points in Iceland by a Ger
man plane which machine
gunned an Icelandic lighthouse
off the northwest coast was an
nounced today by United States
military authorities.
Army officials said there were
no casualties and no damage.
The attack took place early
Tuesday morning.
-Bonansa are the second pair of
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ployes of the L-B Tennant, Calif.,
and Modoc Camp woods opera
George Brown, chief district
representative of the CIO In
ternational Woodworkers of
America, disclosed that negotia
tions had been completed with
the Long-Bell management on a
bargaining pact for employes of
the local Long-Bell plant and
with the Weyerhaeuser firm on
a contract covering approximate
ly 250 woods workers. He said
that neither contract had been
signed but that terms had been
agreed upon.
8-Hour Day
McKenzie listed the Long-Bell
woods contract as containing
provisions for an eight-hour day
with time and one-half for over
time, seniority, a week's vaca
tion with pay for men with 1400
hours of work within one year
and lesser vacations for fewer
hours worked. He said the union
shop issue is still in negotiation
at the Long-Bell headquarters in
Longview, Wash.
Brown said that, the CIO con
tracts with Long-Bell and Wey
erhaeuser contained provisions
identical to those decreed by the
War Labor board's decision gov
erning May negotiations be
tween the pine industrial rela
tions committee and the union.
He said that all parties had
agreed to accept a pending WLB
decision on the union shop issue
which will also complete the
spring agreement with the
Meanwhile three representa
tives of the NLRB arrived in
Klamath Falls to conduct the
Weyerhaeuser election sched
uled for more than 900 mill em
ployes in the firm's boarding
nou6e in West Klamath tomor
row between 3 and 6:30. The
men are John McClaskey, Wil
liam Barkley and John Hedrick.
It will be the biggest NLRB
election in Klamath history.
ine trio will also investigate
a recent petition by the CIO to
be named bargaining agent for
Kesterson Lumber company mill
employes, currently represented
by the AFL-LSW.
Congressmen Get
By The Associated Press
Congressmen in Virginia. Kan
sas, Missouri and West Virginia
successfully weathered renom-
lnation tests in yesterday's pri
mary day balloting.
Unofficial tabulations In the
contests in which the chief is
sues were labor end pre-war for
eign policies, gave victory to
Virginia's only two-representatives
who faced democratic op
position; to Senator Arthur Cap
per, veteran 77-year-old Kansas
republican, and to Governor
Matthew M. Neely of West Vir
ginia In his battle with former
Governor H. G. Kunip for the
democratic nomination to the
U. S. senate.
We sincerely hope that ants
realize that sugar is being ra
tioned. It must be hard for i woman
candidate to admit that she is
one of the plain people.
A close shave makes the course
of true love run smoother.
Without Ctlraxl And You'll Jam Oat of
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into toot boweli vir7 riar. Ir tMi b!U la
not flowinff frl7. Tour food tniT not dl.
ant. It mar init dtcar tn tht bowelt. Then
rae bloat up reror atomarh. You gat con
stipated. Vou feel ftour, aunk and tht world
lookt p'ink.
It taVea thoat food, eld Carttr't Mttlt
Liver Pillt to aet theat 2 plnte of bile flow,
ina frtelv to make you fel "un and un."
fiat a. nakira tnAm. Take ea AirrtA.
Effective in making bile flow frtelr. Aak
w tarter a taut ijirar riue. lot and aet.
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ary had been "rendered home'
He said the red fleet was
"evidently seeking refuge In
flight from the Sou of Arov, but
the Strait of Kerch has already
become a dangerous route for
escape which can only be uti.
lUed at night with any hope of
Italian torpedo boats were
credited with alnkino a Bsnn.
ton soviet cruiser in the Black
"The advance of German and
allied troops in the western
foreland of the Caucasus con
tinues uninterruptedly In two
main columns along the coast
of the Seas of Azov and via
Wide Front
"In pursuit fighting on the
coast of the Sea of Azov, the
German advance continues on
a wide front."
Dispatches to Red Star said
German 'chutists were drop
ping from the skies in groups of
100 to 150, armed with ma
chineguns, mine-throwers and
automatic rifles.
Red Star said the aerial in
vaders .were attempting to seize
railway stations or other key
objectives and hold on until
motorized land reinforcements
Overnight, the situation ap
peared to have taken a sharp
turn for the worse along the
whole 300-mile Don-Caucasus
front, with the Russians ac
knowledging withdrawals In
three main sectors despite
bloody losses inflicted on the
8 Persons Killed
As Bus, Train Hit
In Mississippi
Aug. 5 (IP) At least eight per
sons were reported killed and
about 30 injured when a train
and passenger bus collided at a
downtown crossing here today.
Injured wero taken to Jackson,
Miss., where highway patrolmen
said the death toll was "eight or
10" and that many of those hurt
were in serious condition. All
available ambulances were
rushed to the scene from nearby
cities and local physicians were
at work on the scene.
We Norwegians are fullv
aware that not only continents
but also oceans are links be
tween nations and we would re
gard it as a great disaster if
the United States of America
were again to isolate herself
from Europe. Dr. Arne Ording,
adviser to the Norwegian foreign
today. Buy Beacon burning
oil. Call Balsiger, 6876. 8-5
cians unlimited, enroll now
at " The Modernistic Beauty
College, 915 Klamath. Phone
3883. 9-4
NOTICE to wives of service
men you may enroll at cost
at The Modernistic Beauty
College. 8-18
panion or maintenance cou
ple, for single woman in Los
Angeles home. Must be able
to drive. Write Box 4089,
News-Herald. 8-7
to 25, - for rtail store sales
work. Do not apply If return
ing to school in fall or for
any reason that would pre
vent you being permanent.
Phone 4544 for appointment.
80 base accordion. Good con
dition. Cream separator, like
new, motor or hand operated.
Shepherd Music Co. Dial
7133. 345 E. Main. 8-fl
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used suits, also odd vests,
coats. We also do cleaning,
altering, repairing. We know
how. Orres Tailor Shop, across
from Montgomery Ward. 8-5
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Lakcshore for home close In.
Will pay balance In cash. Box
4083, Herald-News, 4083
room, private home. 314
Washington. 8-7
FOR SALE House and lot, 8
blocks from shopping district.
Cheap. Dial 6771. 8-8
exempt, wants work. Room
17, Anchor Hotel. 4086
A STROLL -Socialite Nsncr
CUrk of Boston strolls at s swank
wlmmlnr pool club in BevttJr
Hills, Calif.
Editorials on Newt
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with Japan. Gandhi retorts that
ho favors negotiating with Japan
only to plead with her to free
China making it plain to the
Japs that it they refuse to free
China they can "count on the
stubborn resistance of India's
In trying to imagine how the
Japs would receive such a plea,
one is inclined to become
t t
yHE unpleasant fact remains
that the British seem unlikely
to get much better support from
the people of India than they
got from the people of Malaya
and Burma.
In fact, thu British have
NOWHERE had loyal support
from SUBJECT RACES In their
empire. Only in the free white
commonwealths such as Canada,
Australia, New Zealand and
South Africa has there been
willingness to fight for Britain.
The lesson seems to be that
SUBJECT RACES don't feel
when the pinch comes that they
have much to fight for.
UO Student Meeting
Held Tonight in
Willard Hotel
A meeting of University of
Oregon students, alumni and
prospective students, attended
by athletic coaches and student
leaders, will be held tonight in
the party room of the Willard
The program, composed of mo
tion pictures and talks by Coach
es Howard Hobson and John
Warren and the UO student body
president, is designed to aid new
students interested in enrolling
In the school this fall.
Parents have been invited to
Girls Recaptured
After Salem Break
SALEM, Aug. 5 (IP) State
police said today that six of the
seven girls who escaped Monday
night from tho state Hlllcrcst
Industrial School for girls have
been recaptured.
Doris Wagner, 15, Lebanon, Is
the only girl still at large.
Two of the girls were recap
tured early yesterday, one 0
them, Rachacl Ball of Chiloquin,
being killed in jumping from a
car in another escape attempt.
Two more were retaken at Ore
gon City last night, whilo the
other two were caught near
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'ami Tcrrltlc!
;T i n vmriiif at wm
It's Madhouae
of Musical Funl
2nd Great Hit
Ipjr Wm. Lundigan I
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swifter means of relieving the
desperate Russian war situation
than by RAF bombing offen
sives. Ruhr Hit
LONDON, Aug. 5 (V) Drit
Ish bombers attacked targets ill
Germany's Ruhr valley lust night
while fighter command planes
raided railroads and other ob
jectives In occupied territory,
the air ministry announced tu
duy. Two RAF planes a bomber
and a fiithtm' were lout in the
night operations.
Fighters and fighter-bombers,
following up the ,'nlghl raids,
made a morning sweep over the
English channel in clear weather.
Tho Germans sent small forces
ot raiders against south and
southwest England and South
Wales overnight and six enemy
bombers wero destroyed, the
British announced officially, in
dicating a high scorn for Brit
ain's secret new anti-aircraft de
fenses. WEST C0JST.SEI
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at any point. This will ban
night baseball or football. Pres
ident W. C. Tuttle of the Pacific
Coast league, whoso eight AAA
clubs are all within the zono of
restricted lighting, indicated the
league would switch from night
ball to twilight games.
James C. Shcppard, regional
office of civilian defense di
rector, heading up a civilian de
fense board for the ninth region
which will enforce the dim-out
regulations, emphasiied "no cle
ment of martial law is Involved."
SALEM, Aug. 5 W) Gover
nor Charles A. Sprague, accept
ing full responsibility for en
forcement of the dlmout In 14
western Oregon counties, said to
day that tho state police, county
sheriffs, and local pollco would
bo expected to cooperate fully
In enforcing tho order.
The state defense council will
provide technical assistance in
making the dlmout effective.
The state highway commission
already has posted signs In the
light restriction zone on high
ways near the coast.
"While the army order Is the
most drastic yet to affect tha
civilian population of tlie Pacific
coast military areas," State De
fense Coordinator Jcrrold Owen
said, "It need work little hard
ship on most people and will af
fect householders' dally lives
mainly In the 'visible from the
sea' zones."
Sales Tax Urged
By Retail Chief
A spokesman for the National
Retail Dry Goods association
urged the senate finance com
mittee today to adopt a 5 per
cent retail sales tax to be in
force until six months after the
end of tho war.
Disagreeing with the treas
ury's contention that a federal
sales (ax would be inflationary,
Jay Iglauer, chulrman of the as
sociation's taxation committee,
declared such a levy would bo
"distinctly deflationary" and
would syphon off considerable
excess purchasing power.
KAratMnn I I -mm mw I 1
Kent Taylor
Irene Hervev
Enroll For
War bonds purchatad by
employees. 10 per cent ol
Cliuiubcr of Cuimnrrro.
Standard Oil company.
Specialized Service com.
4. Reilublo Clciincr.i.
9. Swan StuU and
8. Gurcelon's.
7. Rlokys.
II Cuirln's for Druits.
0. California Pacific Utili
ties. 10. Tin' Landry company,
1 1. Safeway. Inc
1:1. New City Laundry.
13. Hnrnuin'tf Mun'e alni'A.
14. Cmter's t'luu Foods.
15 Biir-nceburger.
10. Karl's Shoo store.
17 Klamiith Moulding Co
18, Klamath Packing Co.
10 OH City.
20 Klamath Medical Clinic.
21. Hazel's Demity Parlor.
22. Star Drug stoic,
23. Moo's department store.
124. Klamath Falls Tiro cum.
25. Knt!lo Club.
'2tl, Kliiimith litis company
27. Herald and News
2(1, Southern Oregon Hard
witro company.
2(1 Lal'tilnlo's.
30. California Oregon Power
31. Western Ante Supplv.
32. Klamath lllliardn.
33. Sunrise tavern.
31 Dick 1). Miller company.
35. Klnmnth Machine and Lo
comotive Works.
311 HtirrO-N.
37. C. S. Robertson Insurance
30. First Federal Savings and
Loan association. ,
3(1 Klamath Navy Recruiting
40. J. C. Penney coinpiiny.
41. Culinary alliance office
42. Castleherry Brothers Drug
43. Klamiith Variety store
44. Murphey's Feed and Seed
45. Wbolvvorth's.
40. Oregon Woolen Mill store.
47. City Transfer company.
48. Evorbody s drug store.
40. Lee Hendricks drug store.
50. Hall hotel.
51. Klamath Ice and Storage.
62. Scars, Roebuck and com
pany. 53. Bohemian Club cufo.
Ltttit TimvH TodttfiS
- a "a ' - a . w 1
mr.A v Fill SSCSf2
Won't I
a. -T viSl
Eugsne Pallatte
A Ualtrari PMart
Sheridanf ff 0
hrfu of ove learnt '" '
64. Kliuualh Furniture com
pany. 1
53. Uend Portland Truck
fill. Tik-Tok'cafe.
67. Klamath Valley hospital.
till. Harris lunch.
31). Cramer's radio service.
(III. Husy lleo restaurant.
(11. Do Giorgio Fruit corpora
tion (Klamath Lumber and Hox.)
(12. Marino rocriilliug slution.
(13, Earley hotel employes,
61. Wilson Title and Abstract
03. Swan Luke Moulding com
pany. 110. llihhs clothing store.
(17. Whylal's Ladles Shop.
(Ill, The Emporium.
HO, Margnt'.t.
70. Ilnlm's Furniture store.
71. Long's, Inc.
Ten per cent buttons arc now
available. Those wishing them
.mould can a, m. v-oiner or J. v
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thti portaltle 1 I f o raft were
hitineiii'tl. The raft wallowed In
a trotiHh between the waves
while the 13 survivors huddled
down and walehed tracer bul
lets from the submarine's ma
chine uuii.H puss overhead.
"They lilt the other raft and
tho lifeboat," McGuuhcy said.
"The fellows In the bout all
huddled In Hie bottom and 1
don't think anyone was hint
mtien. Dm one or the men oijj.
the other raft got it in (he baclS
and died before morning.
"The other rafl was dfninged,
too. It floated kind of on its
cde,c. Wo. drifted over lo them
and lashed the two rafts to
(tether. The fire on the shin
lit un tho whole sei like a big
bonfire. Soo'i after sho machine
gunned us, the sub pulled away
on tho surface."
The succeeding o a y s wore
ones of MniKgle and suffering,
of waves rnnstumly breaking
aboard the rafts. '
Lonvej or Vacation C, H.
Reeves, district freight and pas
sengor o;lnt for the Southern
Pacific nillionri. loft Tuesday
night for u vacation in tha
nEDDING. Calif., Aug. It (IP)
Mrs. Pauline Dlcti, 74, of Marys
vllle, fell Into tha Sacramento
river nfter a heart attack yester
day and drowned, 1 '
Doors Ootn
"' fwl'W'!L M"'- lt30 '
" .
ift.r . S '
'Hi .....
. U i 1, 1 . i I