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    July 11. 1942
Venture Girls
Hosts at Dinner
Lovely Evening Affair Given in Garden at Poole
Home on Conger Thursday
Bonoath Mm, Rom Poole's "applesauce tree," her "pickled
peach" train, lior noctarlnt ind plum trcea, and many other
lovely old troca, long a landmark on Conger avomio, a group
of Ventura girls welcomed the Soroptlmiat club en their gueaU
at a picnic illnner, Thursday evening at seven o'clock,
Proving thnt they were an efficient In the making of cakea,
Minds, cold drlnkt, nnd entrees, as In auditing, Income-taxing,
and typing, these outatondlng
young business womon aorved
a delightful dinner to t ho
members of the older cluh,
i Hnadod hy Dorothy Tmiri,
I their prualdunt, Murgurot
! W e 1 1 , Hovorley Sounders,
., Joyce Leech, Beverly Slo-'-W'
mens, Betty Anne P r u d
homnio, Lurntta O'Brien, Pat
Sexton , nnd Biu'hnra Solltirn
watchod over t It o plntoa of
tholr gnosis, keeping them
At dark full, tables were
cleared and thu hostesses led
the wuy Into tho mualc room
where songa and converaation
wero enjoyed.
Prealdent Coral Sabo, Juat
returned from tho Clovolund
convention, waa welcomed
homo and beaut by Inquiries
aa to what waa dono during
thu muetlngn. So groat waa
the Intereat dlaplayed In thla
convention thnt It waa voted
to havo another aummer
luncheon meeting at tho
party room of tho Pollcun
grille, to bo hold Thuraduy,
July the alxteenth, at which
-.(tlme tho president hua been
J., aakod to give a full report on
tho bl-ennlnl meeting.
Mra, Subo announcod thnt a
weaturn wonuui will head tho
American Federation for tho
next two yeara, Harriett
Tyler, a young ultorney of
Sun Fruncisco, having been
elected to tho prcaldcnqy.
Sorvlng with Mra. Tyler will
be Lola Biol Sandall aa firat
vice proaldent, Mra. Sandall
haa juat flnlahod a four-year
term aa regional director of
the northweatern region of
which Klamath Falls la a
member. The flrat vice presi
dency of tho federation la an
honor accorded her In recog
nition of outstanding work
done during her term as
regional director during
"Vwhlch time sho doubled the
number of clubs in her
region, thus contributing
much to the success of the
Mrs. Sandall won for the
northwest the silver cup
trophy given to that region
doing the moat in extension
work. Klamnth Falls Soroptl
mists contributed largoly to
the earning of this award
by the organization of a club
at Marahfield-North Band by
Laura Bertram in 1841, and
by another club to be an
nounced soon, the result of
work dono by Mrs. Bertram
and her committee.
Working on the federation
board with Mrs. Tyler and.
Mrs. Sandall will be Hazel
Hackctt, second vice presi
dent; Vanessa Griffin, secre
tary, and Gertrudo Rector,
An interesting letter waa
..read to the local club at the
J,last luncheon meeting from
the Soroptlmlst club of Hono
lulu, to which club the Klam
ath Falls group had sent gar
den seeds early in the spring,
hoping to help fill the need
for these In the islnnds.
Mrs. Peggy Hitchcock of
tho Honolulu club writes,
"Gardens havo been our
pride and joy as well as a
necessity and having fresh
seeds was a thrill Indeed.
Some of tho ones available
hera are so vory old, bealdea
being limited in quantity,
that we alt enjoyed our share
and send our thanks for your
ray of sunshine. Wo are all
busy In war-work, Individual
ly as well as a club."
Mrs. Hitchcock told of the
army having tnken over their
school, of the Irregularity of
the malls, and of the work of
the club In sending packages
X,o various army outposts with
he aid of tho army chaplain.
"They are so far away from
any post or town," she said,
"and hardly ever get away
from their little tent city,
that life is Indeed very bor
ing. There) Is so much to do
that anything ono attempts
seems only to cause a ripple
on the tide."
Shortly before the local
club sent tho seeds to Hawaii,
tea hod been sent to Brighton
and Hove through Elizabeth
Hawos, liaison officer for tho
elubs of Great Britain and the
United States. Word now
comes that these southern
coast towns havo been nlmost
completely demolished by
won, action nnd the status of
the Soroptlmlst club there Is
a matter of anxiety to the
Klamath Falls members who
have enjoyed corresponding
with this British organiza
tion, Word comes from Mr,
ft.aura Bertram, one of the
4Cjlegats to tho Cleveland
convention, that sho Is pro
ceeding to Niagara, thence to
New York, odd homo soma
jlme In late summer.
Kn routo to tho convention,
Mrs. Snbo stopped In Mis-
Oregon DAR
Continental Congress
In Chicago Records
State Activities
Mrs. Z. W. Dixon, regent
of Eidolons chapter, Daugh
ters of the American Revolu
tion, has recently received
highlights of Oregon's roport
from the Continental Congress
held In Chicago In May of this
According to this report,
Oragon led the nation In new
D.A.K. chapters formed the
past year, California and Kan
sas tying for seennd pise,
Other stntes reported one
chnptor each.
( Mrs. Howard P. Amest, re
tiring state regent, who has
recently returned from this
Continental Congresa, brought
thla gratifying nowa along
with the fact thnt Oregon
stood second In rate of in
crease in membership, Ne
braska was first and Texas
third. Oregon now has 1190
members with a steady up
ward climb.
Tho Oregon Society D.A.R.
pledged a S300 bond and jun
ior members a $25 one. War
bond pledges made at tho Con
gress totaled $260,473. The
organization has already
bought one of the $1000 unit
for the army and one for the
navy of the mobile units for
the collection of blood plasma.
The National Society voted at
the Congress to adopt as a
major project the raising of
money for the purchase of
these units, and hopes to buy
several during the current
Another pledge has been
mode by the national board
for tho purchase of doors for
the carillon tower at Valley
Forge. The doors will be given
In honor of Mrs. William H.
Pouch of New York, presi
dent general of the society..
Mrs. Arnest, vice president
general, is one of a committee
to decide about a Continental
Congresa next year, and if one
Is held, where. The committee
will meet in Washington, D. C.
The fifth birthday of little
Jackie Lou Reed was celebrat
ed on Tuesday afternoon, July
seventh, with a garden party
at the home of her grandmoth
er, Mrs. E. L. Elliott on Lin
coln street. Jackie Lou Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou
la B. Reed.
Guests enjoying the affair
were Clyde Sonnenburg, Nan
cy Lee Morris, Rosalie Hnz
znrd, Carol and Paula Bloom
er, Joan and Jackie Lee El
liott, Ernestine Johnson, Thel
ma Bell, Allsa Lurr Kuyken
dull, Larry Egeland, Robert
Lee Elliott,, Carol and LaVerna
Reed, Mrs. Jack W. Elliott,
Mrs. Robert R. Elliott, Mra. E.
L. Elliott and the hostess.
soula to attend the Installing
of a new club In that city.
Mrs. Sabo was asked to par
ticipate in the ceremony, In
stalling the secretary of the
new club.
After tho meeting of July
the sixteenth, the Klamath
Falls Soroptlmlst club will
tako a six weeks' vacation,
re-convenlng for luncheon
meetings In Septomber.
I W S V r
4 ti:
"Morry" Stein, on furlough with tho United
States army, visits at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Stein of 1538 Division
;;. ft ;
A.J; '
- 'j - .
Church Groups
Meet Outdoors
Picnics and Lawn Parties Highlight Week for
Women's Society of Christian Service
Gardens havo been particularly pretty the past few weeks
with midsummer flowers blooming profusely In borders and
against rock walls. Women of the First Methodist church took
advantage of tho warm weather to have their meetings out of
Groups sponsored by Mrs. Paul Doller and Mrs. Lester
Pennington wore entertained
Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Lawrence K.
Phelps, 1097 Auburn street,
whon more than fifty mem
bers gathered for a picnic and
lawn party. Guests brought
their lunches which were
served from a buffet in the
garden with tables placed un
der the trees.
Mrs. Earl Redman's group
met Thursday as well at the
Redman homo, 803 Front
street. A picnic was enjoyed
by the twenty-five members
of that section.
Mra. George Cornell enter
tained Mrs. Pool's group at
her home on LcRoy street
with a one o'clock dessert
party on Wednesday aftor
noon. Eighteen members at
tended. Mrs. V. J. Josephson
had the lesson.
An all-dny picnic was en
Joyed at tho homo of Mrs.
Catherine Kclley near the air
port on one afternoon this
week when members of Mrs.
Morgan's group were enter
tained. Tho women spent the
afternoon completing com
forts for the Salvation Army
defense program.
All groups arc affiliated
with tho Women's Society of
Christian Service of tho First
. Methodist church.
Mrs. Ernest D. Lamb, presi
dent of the Oregon Federation
of Garden clubs, has called a
state board meeting for Tues
day, July twonty-first, in Med
ford at tho Jackson hotel.
Attending from here will be
Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. A, O.
Proctor, state secretary and
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon
Anderson of Oakland, Califor
nia, were weekend guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Cloud H. Davis
at their cabin at Lake o' the
Woods. The Andersons also
enjoyed fishing at Diamond
lake while hero.
Mrs. R. Parchcr Ellllngson
and Mrs. Robert P. Elllngson,
Jr., spent tho pnst week at
their cabin at Lake o' the
Woods. Dorothea and Don El
llngson left this weekend for
the lake.
4 )
i v
v1 i' A
A o
. :.'
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Haworth of this city observed their
golden wedding anniversary on Friday, July the third.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ha
worth, well known residents
of this city, observed their
fiftieth wedding anniversary
on Friday, July the third,
when they were honored with
a family dinner at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. Arthur
Padgett, 619 Mitchell street.
Other guests honoring the
Haworths were Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Haworth of Pasco,
Washington, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Haworth, Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne Peters and son, "Skip-:,
py," Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rabom,
Miss Margaret Fchlen and Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Padgett and
sons, Verne and Donald. An
other son, Omar Haworth of
Seattle, was unable to attend
the affair.
Miss Ernestine Campbell of
Portland left last week for
her home after spending a ten
day vacation with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L.
Campbell of West Klamath.
During her stay Miss Camp
boll was the inspiration for
several informal affairs and
was the honor guest at dinner
given last Sunday at Sari's by
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mlcka
and daughter of Ma) In. On Sat
urday Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
Miller of High street were
hosts at dinner for Miss Camp
bell. Mrs. Harry Proudy of
Eldorado street entertained
Tuesday with a luncheon at
her home honoring the visitor.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Kelsey
of 2331 Garden avenue, enter
tained guests with a garden
party and supper on. July the '
Fourth at their home.
Those enjoying the Kelscy's
hospitality were Mr. and Mrs.
James Hall and daughter, Jae
quelyn, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Ents
Knupp, Miss Patricia Lynch
of Huqulam, Washington, Miss
Gwon Meade, Miss Ann Otey
and Mr. Vernon L. Alexander.
Mrs. Ronald Hopkins was
honored with a shower on
Tuesday afternoon whon Mrs.
Winston Donart asked friends
to her home, 2525 Vine ave
nue. Dessert was served with
bridge following.
' Guests included Mrs. Hop
kins, Mrs. Clydo Sitters, Mrs.
Walter Starr, Mrs. Loyal B.
Hopkins, Mrs. William LcMas
lers, Mrs. William Jungwlrth,
Mrs. J. G. Handtord and Mrs.
Keith Rice.
' Mrs. Rosa Ragland, the for
mer Mario Collier, is expected
here this week from San
Francisco to visit her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Collier,
at their country home at Pine
f 4 itymWA
f, j , ' I
Mrs. A. C. Backes enter
tained at her home on Pacific
Terrace Wednesday evening
at eight o'clock for members
of TNT bridge club and a num
ber of guests. The affair also
honored Mrs. Earl Gardner
who was presented with gifts
during the evening.
High score In cards went to
Mrs. Gardner, second to Mrs. 1
Lynn Rasmussen, traveling to
Mrs. Arthur Porter, and low
to Mrs. Harry Bolvin.
Guests of the club included
Mrs. Bolvin, Mrs. Clara Shaw,
Mra. Sheldon Brumbaugh,
Mrs. Winnlfred Glllen, Mrs.
Arthur Porter and Miss Mary
Belle Beswick.
' A farewell party was given
by Mrs. Tom Massey and Mrs.
R. H. Grumbles at the home of
Mrs. Grumbles on Melrose
street for Mr. and Mrs. Marc
Watson on Wednesday eve
ning. Mr. Watson has been the
postal savings clerk in the lo
cal postofice for the past
twelve years. He has trans
ferred to tho postofflce in
Santa Maria, California.
During the evening pinochle
was played, prizes going to
Mrs. Mangan, Mrs. Griffith,
Mr. Watson, and Mr. Caseman.
Mr. and Mrs. Watson were
presented a gift from the post
office clerks. At the close of
the evening refreshments were
served to Mr. and Mrs. Wat
son, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Grif
fith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard a
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Gomer '
Caseman, Mr. and Mrs. Man
gan, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mas
sey, Mr. and Mrs. R'. H. Grum
bles, and Miss Helen Grum
bles. PARTY AT '
Members of the vestry of
St. Paul's were guests at a
supper and party given by
Rahlen C. Hastings at his
home on Lakeshore drive
Thursday evening. The affair
honored the Rev. Victor E.
Newman who leaves Tuesday -morning
for Camp Adair, Cor-,
vallis, to take over his duties .
as chaplain In the United .
States army.
Guests at the Hastings home
were Rev. Newman, Wyatt.
Padgett, Franklin L. Weaver,
Lou Langworthy, Phil Schroe
der, Neal Stewart, H. M. Shap
leigh, Percy Webb, Roy Pre
mo, William Yntes, J. Fred
Flock, Harold Shaffer, John
Coppage and James Patterson.
Friends of Mrs. John Walk-,
er, the former Catherine Tom
llnson, will be interested to
learn she Is now in Sllverton
with her parents, but will
leave soon for Minneapolis .
where she will join her hus
band, Ensign Walker of the
United States navy who Is
studying for the next six
months at the University of
Mr. Bruno Slowart, former
ly of this city and now mak
1 lng his home In Grants Pass,
was a weekend visitor in
Klamath Falls over the Fourth
holidays. Mr. Siewart was the
guest nt a luncheon given by
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K.
Phelps at tholr home on Au
burn street on Saturday. Other
guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. G.
Proctor and son, George.
There will be a regular
meeting of Catholic Daughters
of America In the parish house
on Monday evening, July thir
teenth, at eight o'clock.
Wind Blown
Hair in Order
Locks Blowing at Pic
nic in Proper Order
Says Haveman
Women comb their hlr too
much! Even when milady is
outdoors, where wind-blown
hair Is quite in order, she
reaches for her comb as soon
as the photographer takes out
his camera. "This Is unfortu
nate," says Victor Haveman,
expert photographer of hair
who ironically has very little
of it himself!
Writing In the current Au
gust issue of the photographic
magazine. Popular Photogra
phy, he points out that hair
that is carefully arranged
seems as out of place in Infor
mal outdoor pictures as a din
ner jacket at a wiener roast.
Photographers have forgot
ten what can be done with
woman's "crowning glory,"
declares Photographer Have.
' man, adding that "part of this
probably has been due to the
successful efforts of profes
sional hairdressers to convince
their customers that every
hair should always be kept in
place, no matter what the oc
casion." Pointing out that al
though this pays dividends for
the beauty shops, he contends
that It often makes the cam
eraman forget the fine pictor
ial possibilities of hair in
charming disarray.
"The painters, both modern
,and classical, have not been
so misled," Haveman disclos
es. For inspiration in this field,
he suggests looking at the
heads of the girls in Botticel
li's "Birth of Venus," and
"Primavera," and Leonardo
da Vinci's "Virgin of the
Rocks." The effect of relaxa
tion in Gezanne's "The Bath
ers" would have been com
pletely lost, he says, if the art
ist had made each woman
look like she had just been
given a permanent wave.
This renowned photograph
er of women's hair, partial to
long hair that is silky, soft,
and straight, with merely a
suggestion of a wave, main
tains that in outdoor photogra
phy the hair should be free
and natural not slicked down
or carefully combed Into a
perfect coiffure.
The marriage of Miss El
eanor Bennett of Port
land and Mr. Rufus Buser of
this city was solemnized on
the evening of July the sev
enth at an informal candle
light ceremony performed at
seven o'clock at the Zion Lu
theran church by the Rev
erend Carl Nitz.
Mrs. Sylvia Leitzke and
Mrs. Edna Nitz acted as the'
bride's attendants. Only mem
bers of the immediate family
of the young couple witnessed
the ceremony, including the
grandmother of the groom,
Mrs. Charles Klug of Tiger
ton, Wisconsin. -
Later in the evening, a wed
ding supper was served by
Mrs. H. W. Leitzke, the
groom's aunt.
Mrs. Buser is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. H. Bennett
of Portland, and the parents
of the bridegroom are Mr.
and Mrs. Leo Buser of Wit
tenberg, Wisconsin. Mr. Bu
ser has made his home in
Klamath Falls for the pas
eight years where he has been
affiliated with the Pacific
Fruit and Produce company.
The young couple are now
residing at 315 North Tenth
A visitor here this week Is
Barbara Sheets of Chlco, Cal
ifornia, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Sheets. Barbara
is a guest at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. J. C. Hunt and
The Holly-Etta bros
siere provides a youth
ful uplift with the ut
most comfort. Whirl
pool stitched cups os
sure a firm contour
ond a center V of los
tex eliminates ony cut
ting or binding. Ad
justable shoulder
Nrt .. Ulln ami Myton
Main at Fifth
Women Give Much
Time During Weeks
Mrs. Garcelon Expresses Appreciation to Those
Who Have Appeared at Desks
Women of Klamath county, busy housewives, teachers on
summer vacation, college women and girls graduated recently
from high schools, have responded splendidly to the request
for assistance at Klamath County chamber of commerce.
Especially pleased Is Mrs. Charles D. Garcelon, war price and
rationing board executive secretary.
A great many have served without remuneration, giving
" two hours, four or five and
r "
1 f
David, just ten months old,
and Brady, three years, are
sons of Mr. and Mrs. Brady
Montgomery of 333 Alameda
Miss Nordine
Weds in North
Wedding Takes Place
In Vancouver July the
A wedding of Interest in
Klamath Falls is that of Miss
Ida E. Nordine, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Nordine of
Ellensburg, Washington, and
Mr. Arlet C. Edsall, son of
Mrs. James C. Edsall of Oro
ville, California. The service
was read in Vancouver, Wash
ington, on Saturday, July the
fourth, with the Reverend.
Fred C. Taylor officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Edsall will be
at home to their friends at
1228 East street after July the
thirteenth upon their return
from a trip through the state
of Washington including' Ra
nier national park.
The bride has taught in the
city schools of Klamath Falls
for several years. Mr. Edsall
is a member of a pioneer fam
ily of this county.
There will be a special
meeting of the Guild of St.
Paul's Episcopal church in
the parish house on Thurs
day, July the sixteenth, at
two o'clock, It was announced
by the president, Mrs. Ralph
S. Hopkins. All members axe
urged to attend.
' Mrs. Samuel P. Miller en
tertained for members of her
bridge club on Tuesday eve
ning. Guests were Mrs. R. C.
Hastings, Mrs. Jack Murphy
and Mrs. Albert O. Roenicke.
Mrs. Marvin K. Lucas will en
tertain in a fortnight.
Water Lily
Cleansing Cream
reg. 2.00 jar
for a limited time.
It's So quick ... so thorough . . . so gloriously refreshing.
The busier you are, the more you appreciate Helena Rubin
stein's famous Water Lily Cleansing Cream. It whisks away
every trace of dust and dirt instantly. It's fluffy, fragrant,
light-textured ... keeps your skin looking petal-fresh,
smooth and radiant. Don't miss this rare beauty opportun
ity. Come in today for your year's supply.
Plus taxes
Klamath's Drug
9th and Main ,
even up to eight and nine
hours out of their busy days.
Mrs. Garcelon announced
this week that due to the co
operation of a group of
women all canning sugar cer
tificates were available by
noon Saturday. This work
took' countless hours of time
as housewives needed sugar
Immediately In order to
handle the fruits which reach
the market in one fell swoop.
This past week it has been
apricots and cherries. Soon
the berries wil be on and
then the orchard fruits.
Under the supervision of
Miss Carolyn Collier the fol
lowing have worked the past
few weeks to get out the
sugar certificates. Mrs. Clara
E. Moore, Mrs. Isabella W.
Miller, Mrs. S. Meade Badger,
Mrs. A. W. Porter, Mrs. Mar
vin Shephard, Mrs. William
Owsley, Mrs. Vera Stephen
son, Mrs. Lester Offield, Mrs.
John Fowler, Mrs. Myron
Turner, Miss Peggy Keating,
Miss Florence Sholes and
Mrs. Charles Griffith.
It is hoped that other
women in the community will
volunteer for services which
must, from time to time,
come up for consideration
during the emergency,
Members of . the Happy
Hour club, their families and
guests gathered at Moore park
for a Sunday picnic and after
noon of relaxation on June'
the twenty-eighth, which war
the final meeting of the clubi
until autumn months bring a
resumption : of - organization
Attending the picnic .were
Mr. and Mrs. J, J. Keller, Mr.
and Mrs. George Biehn, Mr. '
and Mrs. Frank Evans, Mr.
and Mrs. Sydney Evans, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Langer, Mr,
and Mrs. Carl Sandell, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Richardson,
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Motschen
bacher. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Savidge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ira White; Mrs. George Hum,
Mrs. W. J. Steinmetz, Mrs.
George Humphrey. Miss Jan
ice McCollum of Merrill, Miss
Marjorie McCollum, Miss Lou
ise Barnhart, Mr. Minnard
Hilyard of Manhattan, Kansas,
and Mr. A. L. Coan.
Mrs. Edgar Williams re
turned the fore part of the
week to her home on Addi
son street after a week's visit
at Adln, California with her
mother, Mrs. Anna Sraelcer.
Mrs. Williams was accompan
ied by her daughter Mildred,
who stopped in Medford en
route home where she Is the
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Elbert
Now only 1
and Cosmetic Center
Phone 4814