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Final plan for the Victory
parade to open Klamath Bueka
roo Days, were completed by the
Junior chamber of commerce
committee and the tchedute
promises one of the finest par
ades In the history of the seven
year show. Tha line of march
will form at Main between First
and Second street and proceed
down Main promptly at 10 a. m.
Saturday. Following is the line
tip: , Color guard, army, navy and
marines, city band, Oregon
state guard, police force, police
reserves, Junior police, fire de
partment, fire reserves. Waller
Bowne and Charles R. Stanf ield
in charge. Forming on right
side of Main between First and
American Legion drum corps,
air raid wardens, fire raid war
dens, ambulance corps- Joe
Bally in charge. Forming on
Second between Klamath and
Legionnaires, Veterans of For
eign Wars, Commandos, high
school band, Moose drill team,
Ladies of Moose drill team.
Oliver Moen in charge. Form
on Klamath between Second and
Elks entry, Navy Sea Scouts,
Girl Scouts. Malln band. Camp
Fire girls, Townsend club, Ar
cade hotel. Boy scoux unit, noy
Premo in charge. Form :on
Klamath between Third and
Fourth. ''" , v ''
Sheriffs Posse, all other en
tries on horseback. "Bill" Hoop
er In charge. Form on Klamath
between First and Second.
. American Legion auxiliary
float, queen's float, bond float,
First Federal Savings and Loan
float, J. C. Penney float. Why
tal's float, Red Cross float, Ki
wants club float . Dr. George H.
Merryman Jr., in charge. Form
on Fourth between Klamath and
Walnuts : .i'.:v,';'.;,i,v;.";:.:
1 Elk hotel float Copco float,
Hildebrand float, Sears Roebuck
float, Montgomery Ward float.
Pelican City Garden club, Shasta
Garden club: Ivan Congleton in
charge. Form on Fourth be
tween Walnut and Oak.
; Pelican theatre, J. W. Kerns,
Lost River dairy, Mitchell, Lew
is and Staver. Salvation Army,
Balsiser Motor company, Dick
Miller garage. Eagles lodge float.
John Shaw in charge. Form on
Oak between Fourth and Fifth.
Cascade , laundry, Turner
Chevrolet, ' Altamont Garden
club, American Legion float, 40
et 8 float, 4-H clubs. Arden Dubo
vlk in charge. Form on Walnut
between Fourth and Fifth.
Beta Sigma Phi float, IOOF
float, Isaac Walton league. Mar
tin Swanson in charge. Form on
Klamath between Fourth and
Pet parade, carnival entry.
Greer Drew and Paul Lee in
charge. Form on Klamath be
tween Fifth and Sixth.
Eagles auxiliary car, Rotary
ear, , Business and Professional
Women's car, Catholic Daugh
ters' ear,' Knights of Columbus
ear, Life Underwriters car, DAR
car, Klamath Protective associ
ation car. Dr. Marvin C. Davis
in charge. Form on Fifth be
tween Klamath and Walnut
U. S. Seamen Man
Guns at Port in
Northern Russia
. (Continued from Page One) ;
vent of the foggy season will
give the convoys greater pro
tection and the retreat of the
Arctic icefields will permit them
to make a great circle far north
of the Norwegian coast.
' Russian authorities have
howed their gratitude to the
American seamen by granting
each crew member a soviet port
bonus of an additional month's
pay, Frankel disclosed.
The bonus, by dollar draft
presented to the captain of each
.ship and payable in the United
States, amounts to about $3000
per vessel. This is in addition
to other bonuses granted in the
United States.
' The Russians also are doing
everything possible to make the
Americans feel at home, Frank
1 said, by providing Russian
and American movies nightly,
by staging operetta perform
ances and by opening an inter
national club for sailors.
Nazis Dive Bomb
. . tV. trt-trip Kciitlan Meditcrnuiean coast city of Mersa Matxuh, British armored cars
tSel&S to mStw OeSTaL Field MaiHtf Bnrtn Romnel Mrika oorpa In their
radioed Cairo-New York.
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perts estimate the number en
gaged In the service of supply in
the middle east at about 250,000.
Churchill's somber portrayal
of the war in Africa was re
lieved only by his statement that
"very considerable" reinforce
ments have reached or "are ap
proaching" the battlefield. .
This major strengthening of
the battered British eighth army,
athwart the' axis path to the
Mile delta, Alexandria and Suez,
was the basis of . Churchill s
statement that "1 do not .con
sider the struggle in any way
as decided." . '
He said his conversations with
President Roosevelt were con
cerned "only with movement of
troops, ships and aircraft and
measures to be taken to combat
tesses at sea and more than re
place sunken tonnage."
The United States army air
force has been in action for some
days in the north African strug
gle while United States service
and supply units have been en
gaged on behalf of the allies on
other battle lines.
"Almost everything arranged
was secret," Churchill added of
hlti talks with the president, and
there was never a more earnest
desire between allies to engage
the enemy."
The war, in Churchill's opin
ion, is likely to be a long one
and moreover, he said, there Is
no reason to suppose that hos
tilities will cease "when the
final result has oecome obvious,
Churchill said the balance of
naval power in the Pacific has
been "altered in our favor" by
the "brilliant victories of the
United States navy and airforce"
over the Japanese in the Coral
sea and at Midway.
He said that the fall of To
bruk, the last bulwark in Ital
ian Libya, which opened the
way for eastward invasion of
Egypt, had been "utterly unex
pected" by the cabinet, the
chiefs of staff and General Sir
Claude Auchinleck, commander-in-chief
of middle eastern forces,
50.000 Lost
He said that Britain and her
allies, including the dominions
the Free French and the Poles,
had lost "upwards of 50,000
men" in the last two weeks as
the battle of Libya turned into
the battle of Egypt.
He added to this figure
great mass of material" and
"large quantities of stores."
On the night before the Lib
yan bastion, Tobruk, fell to the
axis Field Marshal Erwln Rom
mel, Churchill said, Auchinleck
advised the cabinet that the port
and fortress city was adequately
garrisoned, with Its defenses in
"good order" and with "80 days
supplies available for the troops."
"We had superiority in num
bers of tanks of perhaps seven
to five and superiority In artil
lery of nearly eight to five," he
By way of explanation of the
debacle, Churchill said that
heavy attacks on Malta, Britain's
mid-Mediterranean island base
as British Fight 'Another Rear Guard Action' Near Matruh
aflank the axis supply line to
Libya, made it impossible to
impede the axis reinforcements
and the enemy "got lots of stuff
across to Africa."
. (Continued from Page One)
ring's operations when it spotted
a slow ship in the Caribbean
carrying oil drums.
Ownership of the vessel was
traced and a U. S. army ob
server placed on the trail. At
tempts were made to poison him
and to sabotage his plane.
He survived the attempts and
with the cooperation of army,
navy. Canal Zone and British
authorities, he managed to
round up all he believed to be
involved, including one man
who was arrested at sea by the
crew of a U. S. naval patrol
plane. . . ; ,
FOR SALE Well improved
home good district 1 rooms
and bath and 2 rooms and bath
in above - ground basement
Loan appraisal $4000. Will
' take $1040 for my equity and
you assume mortgage of $1760.
Phone 3086. 7-2
WANTED TO RENT unfurnished
2 bedroom house. Close in.
Phone Griffith at 4197 from
8 to 6. 7-2
FOR SALE Daveno, good con
dition, $20; Airway vacuum
cleaner, $10; lady's white fur
jacket, medium size, $6. Ph.
3474. . 7-2
DRIVING Rapid City, South Da
kota; take three for company.
Phone 4355. 7-4
THE GOVERNMENT still needs
thousands - of stenographers
and typists. Consult Inter
state Business College, 432
Main. 7-2
MOST ROSES . infected with
, aphis. Spray to control. We
also do all kinds of lawn work.
Call 8061 for estimate on new
lawns. 7-4
LOST Large bunch keys on
leather string. Will finder
please leave at Herald-News
for $5 reward. 7-4
FOR RENT Close in 3-room un
furnished house. Phone 3086,
FURNISHED 2-room house,
Highleys Market, Summers
Lane, phone 8075. 7-8
ELECTRICAL appliances (lim
ited). Mark Smith & Co. 155
E. Main street, Klamath Falls.
Phone 5370. 7-2
3-ROOM modern unfurnished
house, $15. 905 North Fourth.
Phone 6612. 7-2
SOUTHERN Oregon Hardware
will be open Friday night,
July 3rd, and will be closed
all day Saturday, July 4th.
CHERRIES Several varieties.
Buying dally and selling for
5c, 6c lb. Hours 7 a. m. to 9
p. m., every day. Pay Less
Market, 253 South Riverside,
Medford. 7-3
Plain Co IC -
FILTtK ui-
r r,ldav OnlT "
Reg. (
mm asmm ft z
V 4-
Six hundred and eighty 18,
19 and 20-year-old Klamath
county youths registered Tues
day in the nation's fifth draft
registration, selective service
headquarters announced today.
The office said that 439 sign
ed up in the city's only reg
istration place in the Fremont
gym while 241 registered In
outlying county communities.
The number was far short of
pre-registration estimates which
indicated a total signup of from
1200 to 1500 names.
The registration was for
youths born on or after Janu
ary 1, 1922, and on or before
June 30, 1924. Only the 20-year-olds
are eligible for im
mediate call to service.
The draft office said the coun
ty total was expected to rise
slightly when registrations of
Klamath residents working out
side the immediate area are re
turned. .
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gap still separated the two Jap
anese columns driving toward
each other along the important
rail line, which leads into cen
tral China.
In the battle of Australia, Gen.
Douglas MacArthur's headquar
ters reported a series of allied
aerial blows which indicated a
sharp upsurge in United Nations
sir strength.
Reaching far out over the
necklace of Japanese "invasion
base" Islands north of Australia,
allied bombers attacked six Jap
anese strongholds and inflicted
heavy damage.
A United Nations communi
que said the raiders struck at
Kcndari airdrome in Dutch
Celebes; Dill, Portuguese Timor;
Lae and Salamaua, New Guinea,
and Tulagi and Bougainville, in
the Solomon islands.
Buckaroo Days
Directors Finish
Celebration Plans
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Levi overalls by Levi Strauss
will be given to winners of the
various events.
Reserve seats were selling at
headquarters and among those
who have signed up for both
days of the show are Elmer
Longmire, No. 1 ticket taker.
Dr. James M. Hilton, D. W.
Wllkerson, Kenneth Wllkerson,
Gladys Shelton, Robert Nebcck
cr, Mrs. Dale Mattoon, Dr. Dean
H. Osborn, Lester Day, John
Kandra, Mr. and Mrs. Crlsco,
L. C. Hornby, F. W. Bertram,
George Grizzle, John Lehto, J.
A. Twombley and Charles War
luly RpMiilf
In Ltntrom Riyon fOtHkln
2 for 19
0lhr llylat from Mil In ll.u
A Uniform for Bviry Purpoto
Phono Iltl Klomalh Hotol
are shown being dive-bombed by
drive to th Middle Et OU. Photo
U. S. Naval Base '
In Northern
Ireland .Revealed :
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shore establishments in a plant
spreading over hundreds of
acres, only a year ago 3000
Irish and American workers
were starting construction.
It was built with lend-lease
funds and Capt. William Larson
of Chicago said "everything in
the base down to the last pork
chop or nut and bolt has been
brought from the United States.
Details of its intricate mech
anism, of course, still are a war
secret but It could repair or
rebuild the biggest United
States destroyer. It has mil
lions of dollars worth of pre
cision machinery ready, if neces
sary, to . operate around the
clock in blacked-out buildings,
It Is designed to keep fit
destroyers and other light craft
on Atlantic convoy duty for the
United States and Canadian
navies. It is a separate unit but,
on occasion, works jointly with
ine nearby British yard.
Its men are housed in de luxe
"quonset huts" prefabricated at
home and put together here
and its sick and injured are
tended in a 200-quonsct hospital
which has its own X-ray ap
paratus, pharmacy, operating
rooms and stall oi specialists.
British as well as American
sailors are its patients.
Rationing of Bikes
To Start July 9
General rationing of bicycles
will start July 9, the office of
price administration announced
Local war price and rationing
boards will start accepting ap
plications on that date and, un
der rather broad eligibility
rules, will issue bicycle purchase
certificates to persons "engaged
in a gainful occupation or
work which contributes to the
war effort or to the public wel
In addition, the applicant must
show that other means of trans
portation are not feasible
Starts Today at 2 P. M.
More Love-Maklngl More Fun-Making
Even Slops
a Wink In
Added Merriment!
. . John Ntsblt, "Passing Parade"
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authorities declared Adolf Hlt
Uir'a mainland armies had com-
plotiKi Imo'strnlglitenlng opera
tions preparatory to attack In a
second great phase of the war
against soviet Russia.
Mobilization for an all-out of
fensive was Implied.
Hitler's newspaper, the Vool-
kischer Benbacliter, takl the Se
vastopol campaign and other on-
eratious on the Hussion front all
"were Initiating a new phase of
the fight."
(Gorman dispatches to neutral
Switzerland indicated that every
available weapon wits being
utilized in drives intuiulcd to
consolidate invasion' positions In
Kussm and the Mediterranean
basin before the end of 1942 and
before the institution of allied
action to which the axis press
refers as "the coining siege of
Europe )
Crimea Cltarod
Gormuns pictured tliu Crimea
studded with potential air and
sea bases for thrusts at the oil-
rich Caucasus as essentially
cleared of organized resistance
and DNB said that mainland
armies of the retch and her al
lies were aligned for a resump
tion of the drive to tho cast.
Sevastopol's fall was an
nounced with a fanfare of trum
pets by the German high com
mand last night.
A communique suid survivors
of the Sevastopol gurrlson, driv
en by nazl and Rumanian forces
from thut "most powerful land
and sea fortress in the world
at noon yesterday, faced annihil
ation on tho Khersones penin
sula, which juts into the Black
sea southwest of the city and its
cliff-lined harbor.
Local Fighting
German military sources said
fighting still going on today on
Khersones peninsula was only
local. The communique today
repeated yesterday's special an
nouncement that bevastopol had
On the far northern front, the
communique said, nazl bombers
and dive- bombers "pounded the
harbor and railway installations
at Murmansk with heavy high
The Berlin radio said "a very
heavy mortar and a very heavy
and long-barreled railway gun"
(which the Russians report to
have a 24-inch bore) were cred
ited with part of "the quick
success of tho operations." DNB
declared its shells blasted even
the thickest concrete walls Into
Lester Finley
To Be Installed
PORTLAND, July 2 UP) Sgt,
Lester Finley, merino corps re
cruiter assigned to the local sta
tion, will be Installed Friday
as commandant of the Crater
Lake detachment, marine corps
league, before returning to his
home in Klamath Falls.
Mike Hodcs, Portland, nation
al junior vice commandant, will
Hans Norland specialises In
Insurance, 118 North 7th.
(3 E IDS'
Editorials on News
(Continued From Page One)
time, It was so with Welling
ton at Waterloo,
Sometimes the needed rein-
forcemunt hus arrived in tlmo
and In sufficient volume. At
other times it has NOT.
Tha tutu of our side will nut
be decided at Alexandria, but If
the reinforcements of which
Churchill speaks do not arrive
In time or In sufficient volume
and the Germans break through
into the Near and Middle Kust
the length of the war will have
been greatly added to.
(Continued from Pago One)
landed from enemy submarines
with equipment for sabotaging
koy military Instuuutloiis una
war plants.
Tho military order said that
the commission would try tho
eight defendants "for offunses
against the law of war mid tho
articles of war." . Tito accused
ore Ernest Peterburger, George
John Dojch, Herbert Hans
lltuipt, Henry Harm Ilulnck, Ed
ward John Kcrllng, Hcrmnnn
Otto Noubauer, Richard Qulrln
and Werner Thlcl.
Tho commission was empow
ered to make Its own rules for
the conduct uf tliu prucoediiigii,
as provided for under tho
articles of war, so as to Insure
a "full and fair trial."
Concurrence of at least two
thirds of tho members presont
will bo necessary for any con
viction or sentence.
Tho proclamation denying any
appeal to civil courts did not
mention the eight dufendants
specifically, but will apply,
rather, to alt persons who have
entered tills country since the
outbreak of the war "for the
purpose of committing hostile
acts against the government.
Big crowds are going nightly
to the circus and gay-way, oper
ating on Spring stroot as a fea
ture of Klamath's Fourth of
July celebration and troop en
tertainment fund benefits.
The gay-way abounds with
all types of rides and carnival
features, and the show includes
sideshows and a circus. Special
animal acts and an act featur
ing Mablo Stark, the world's
only feminine lion tamer, arc
included In the circus program,
BUI Jcssup of tho show man
agement reported that last Sat
urday's crowds were among the
biggest in the history of circuses
and carnivals here. Heavy at
tendance Is expected tho re
mainder of this week, with tho
circus continuing through the
weekend as a feature of the
Fiction and. radio's most famous crime solver
pits his wits against a woman's wllot . with
results that stand your hair on endl
fx -
:Wsl CO! ir
mWi- GO,w J
July t, l4t
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Cairo declared In reporting
battle that continued all day yes
terday, Temporary Break
The armored forces of Nasi
Marshal Erwln Rommel were so- .
knowleUued to liuvo iiuide a tem
porary break at one defended lo
cality, only to bo driven afi)
iigiilii by tho Drlllsh columns"
Farther south, on the edge ol
tho Great Quattara depression,
British forces ranged 17 miles
west of their positions to engage
axis units, but the main battle
obviously whs along tha constat
rouct toward Alexandria, whera
General Sir Cluude J. E. Auchin
leck chose to make hi stand
against persistent frontal assault.
Despite the sandstorms, tle
RAF continued intense bombing
and strafing of the enemy In the
El Alameln area, the British
said, but the axis claimed domi
nation of the skies over the bat
tlefield. Precautions
The Gormans credited their
dive-bombers with paving the
way for the claimed break
through at El Alninrln.
In recognition of the do
threat to the Nile valley, tX)
Egyptian government replacca
police guards with soldiers at
all Important bridges, dams, and
buildings and began rounding
up criminal elements as a pre
The Vichy French expressed
fears that the British might de
stroy the French battleship, sub
marine, four cruiser and three
destroyers which have been In
terned at Alexandria since the
fall of France, rather than lot
them full into the enemy's hands.
Any act agaln.it these ships
would bo one of "violence,
warned a semi-official VlchjJ
LONDON, July 2 (re
marking on the replenishment
lent of
Malta's air forces by United
States aircraft carrier Wasp,
Prime Minister Churchill told
the houso of commons that the
Wosp hod rendered notable serv
ice on more than one occasion,
"enabling me to send a message
of thanks: 'Who says the Wasp
cannot sting twice?' "
727 Main Phone till
Margaret Lindsay
ana a nuge Aii-inriu castl 1
2nd Grand Feature!
She oalltd it the perfect week
end . Until she found sha wis
with the wrong manl
Doors Open at 6:48 P. M,