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    Juns 24, 1042
', NEW YORK; Jun 24 (P)
Stock! loit Utile uroiiiul on
bttlnncn toclny In one of (lis
quietest ennlonii of tn yi'ur.
DclilliiU opproxlnuitiHl 230,
00O shares.
Inaction wus IwUI by brokers
lo reflect a koiutiiI uiiwlllltiKnuaa
of innrkot folio worn to tuku on
now commltnitintii In tho dice of
unpulutublo war reports and lax
bill Impondnrablos. At the sumo
time time tauttirs produced no
' ...ntMlnhltt .nllltilf.
" Stock in lowor around In the
kt hour Included Air Rcdue-
On. Weatlnulinime, Eastman
Kodak, Seara Hoelnick, Chrysler,
Standard Oil (NJ), Tnxai Co, and
, Oliver Farm. Anaconda and
Kennecott were turned over In
fair volume at fractionally bet
' tor lovola, DoukIiis Aircraft and
Montuomoiy Ward held modaat
advuncea a liood part of tho time.
HnnH. nnrl fnmmndltl. uftrn
Cloalng quotnllona;
, American Can 681
, Am Car & Pity 23i
, Am Tel & Tel 113
Anaconda 241
Cat Tractor 34 1
Coinm'nw'ltli & Sou 31U
, General Eloctrie 2SI
General Motora ........... 30 1
Gt Nor Ry pfd 20
, llllnola Central . Si
Irit Ilarvcater .., 431
itennecott - 271
Wckhred 18
. Long-Bell "A" 3
Montgomvry Ward 2BI
, NashKelv i
N Y Control 81
Northern Pacific .... 6
rac uaa ci ... id
; Packard Motor 2k
n no i nl
( r.mm v n ipi
n ei tl
napuujiu nice .,.....,.... ........
Richfield Oil ..."....... 7
: Safeway Storca ...... 331
.Seara Roebuck 82
Southern Pacific . lot
Standard Brands .................. 3i
Sunahina Mining 31
Union Oil Calif .... 101
Union Pacific .' . 87
U S Steel ..... 43 J
Warner Plcturea 34
Chicago. Wheat
CHICAGO, Juna 24 W With
buying asntlmont chilled by war
Owl and uncertainty regarding
icgialation vitally afteoting
gratna now pending in congreaa,
wheat prlcea drifted fractionally
lower today partly aa a roault
of amall acala hedging operattona
In connection with tho new crop
movement. But lator rallied.
Recelpta of cash wheat con
tinued to run in execaa of ar
rivals a week ago but woro bo
low volume at this time laal
year. Tradora aald thia reflect
ed lagging new crop movement
duo to wot weathar and acaroity
of atoraga apaco. Favorable
weather auggeatlng harvest of
rye In important producing areaa
waa near had a bearish effect on
that corenl, prlcea of which were
about a cent lowor at ona time.
Late abort covering and buy
nt attributed to mills converted
"cot loaaea of aa much aa
cent into amoll not galna. Wheat
closed 1-1 cent higher than yes
terday, July 11.181, September
11.211-1; corn unchanged to 1c
higher, July 881-lc, September
80l-lc; oata l-io up; rya lo low
er to lo higher; soybeans 1-llc
PORTLAND, Oro., Juno 24
and total, 230; calves: anlablo
and total 00; atoera steady with
Monday; cowa still under pres
sure, weak to 25 cent lowor;
many aalea now $1.00 below a
Week ago; low good fed ateora,
113.00-23; medium gradca down
to $12.00; low grnssora, $11.00
12.00;, cuttery dairy typo atoera
downward to $7.38; cutter to
common dairy typo helfors, $7.00
k$8,2B; medium beef hoifora,
V. 30; some hold hlghor; canncr
and cutter enwa, $8.00 to $6.30;
fnt dairy typo cowa to $7.00 with
very few above; common-medium
bulla, $8.80-10.80; good
bulla : quotnbla to $tl.00 or
"hove; good-choice vrmlors $13
$14.00 or wank to 80 conta low
it' than early Monday.
HOGS; Salable and total 600;
market nctlvo, steady; good and
choice 170-218 lb. drlvo-lna,
$14.38 to mostly $14.80; 230-260
In.. $13.88-78: Unlit-Hunts. $13.28
o $13.78; good 328-800 lb. aows,
Weston Watson Sees Entire
Attack on Aircraft Carrier
(Editor's Note Thl. !. ih
fourth In a series of atorioa by
Klamath aounty aurvlvora of
tho sinking of the aircraft cor
rlor Lexington In tho bnttlo of
tho Corul sen on May 8. Todoy'a
story I. by Weston Watson, son
of Mr, and Mra. Marcua W.
Wutson of 2301 Blohn atroet.
Watson, only 17, la believed to
be tho youngest of Klnmuth'a
five battle veterans. Earlier
stories have dealt with the ex
periences of Norman King of
Merrill and Jack Walls and
Wesley Yancey of Klamath
Fulla. The first and lust, by Joe
Rogers of Malln, will appear in
an early Issue).
As Told to
Bob Leonard
The first Japanese) attack on
the Lex blow out tha gun next
to my station, killed one man
and washed another overbourd
but our gun got two plnnoa bo
fore we also were put out of
action. ,
Aa a aeaman aecond class I
bellovo I was one of the young
est of the ship's 2800-mun crow
my buttle station was on a
port side gun from where I
was fortunute enough to aee the
entire attack from the time it
a tar tod at a llttlo after 11
o'clock until it ended 20 min
titoi later.
First, to give you my back
ground, I enlisted In the navy
at Medford on February 10 of
tills year and was sent to train
ing school for several weeks, 1
was later , assigned to tho Lex
ington and tha Coral sea battle
was my first engagqmont.
We worn at bnttlo stations
when the first blow jtruck. Tho
first Jop torpedo hit almost di
rectly below our gun. Tho sec
ond burst in almost the aamo
placo'and accounted for the gun
next to ourar killing one of tho
crow and washing another ovor
tho aide. ....
Succeeding lilts wounded one
of our crew and started a fire
In tha boat pocket which we put
out but which also put ua out
of action.. , .,r..'- "
But before that wo blasted
two p 1 a n e a just after they
dropped their fish off the port
side, As they b a n k o d away
from tho Lex wo hit 'cm broad
side. Both crashed Into the sea.
Tho pilots woro not raacued.
When tho bnttlo waa ended
our crew went to the flight
deck where several of ua were
assigned to put out smull fires
which hud broken out immedi
ately bolow.
Bundwlchea were passed out
but wo wero never fur from
buttle stations. Wo didn't know
when another group of planea
might ottack, ,
Later In tho aftornoon the Ice
cream wus broken out on the
flight deck and wo all managed
to got aome.
I waa on the port aide when
tho "abandon ship" order came
shortly after 4 o'clock. I in
flated my Ufa Jacket and slipped
down a line Into the water
whore I waa to be for almost
three hours before being picked
up by a whale boat,
It took almost an hour and
one-half to get away from the
ship's sldo, aa tho current kept
banging mo back into the hull.
Lator I drifted around among
other sailors keeping up a con
versation aa wo floated. The
wator waa warm and calm.
I waa still fnlrly cn to the
Lex when It began to blaze on
the topside.
Around 7 o'clock It was still
daylight we were picked up
by a whole boat and taken
aboard a destroyer. At almost
the same time, a terrific blast
tore tho Lex amidships aa tho
fires reached the high octane
gaa storago tanka and, a little
Inter, the warhead lockers
(Warhooda are tho forward
porta of torpedoes the part
carrying the explosives),
By that time, however, I was
safe aboard tho destroyer. I was
later transferred again and
brought to the United States.
My present leave expires this
Saturday when I'must report
for duty at a west coast port,
My next assignment Is unknown
but I hope it's again to" carrier
The Victory Gay Way, spon
aored by the local troop enter
tainment committee headed by
Frod. Hellbronner, will open
Wednesday evening to run
through tho Fourth of July
Hellbronner ataled the troop
entertainment committee hopes
to clear onough money through
tills enterprise to entertain
thousands of soldiers passing
through hero this year.
The Victory Gay Way will
feature a complete circus. This
will Include Mabel Stark, the
world's only woman lion tamer;
Jack Joyce's clrcua deluxe, with
trained coll lo dogs and bucking
mules; clowns, riding devices, a
merry-go-round, aide shows and
a fun booth,
The city council gave tho
troop entertainment committee
a free pormlt to operate the
Gay Way, .
The follow who changes his
will constantly may bo just a
fresh hoir fiend.
$10.80-11.78; choice light feeder
pigs quotable to $14.00,
SHEEP: Salable 800, total 800;
market steady at week's decline;
good-choice springers mostly
$1 1.30; closely sorted kinds quot
ed higher; common-medtum,
$0.00-10.73; common .yaarlings,
$7.00: culla to medium i owea,
$1.00-3.10; good ewoa held above
CHICAGO, Juno 24 (AP
USDA) Potatoes: Arrivals 66;
on track 170; total U. S. ship
menta 733; auppilea light, de
mand moderate, market slightly
stronger; California Long White,
U. S. No. 1,- $3.23-33; Alabama
BUM Triumph, U. S. No. 1,
$3.10-18; Missouri Cobblers, U.
S. No, 1, $2.30-60. ;
' ' .
There waa alight Improvement
In tno uosion wool marnei to
day. Salea wero reported In
graded lines of ataple and good
French combing fine territory
wools at ceiling prices. Some
purchases of fine, running bulk
to atnple, were made In the
northwest at firm prices. All
typea of medium wools contin
ued very Inactive.
Corpa Meeting A special
mooting of the Red Cross motor
corps will be held Thursday at
8 p. m. In tho sowing rooms at
Rod Crosa headquartora In the
armory. : All mombora are re
quested to attond. ,
At CUarhart Dorothy Lea
molaler, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Pete Lesmelster, is spend
ing a portion of tha aummer at
tho Goarhart resort on the Ore
gon const.
It'a a bit foolish to kick about
anything whonyou haven't a leg
to stand on.
The entire staff
has only one purpose. . .
Scores of extra attentions and un
expected little services, make liv
ing st the Multnomah a pleasure. -
Day by Day
(Pacific War Time)
NEW YORK, June 24 (Wide
World) Designed to promote
"mutual understanding and good
will among all tho pooplo of the
Americas," an Inter-Amorlcan
Univorsity of the Air series will
have an introduction on the
NBC network . Sunday after
noon at 2:30.
Aitcr tho opening program.
the regular time will be Mon
day nighU at 7:30 with the gen
eral theme "Lands of the Free,"
storting July 6.
Dialing tonight: MBS 8:18,
Fight Against Inflation, M. S.
What to expect Thursday:
NBC 9:30 a. m., Melodies at
Midday; 2:48, manpower safety
conaorvation campaign; 3:30,
roundtablo on "Every Man Hia
Own Language." CBS 6:48 a,
m., Thus We Live, Red Cross
program; 1 p. m discussion,
"Conditions Facing Nogro
Youth." BLU 0:30 a. m., vic
tory garden conference; 11, Con
gregational and Christian
churches convention. 1:00 and
3:15, horae racing, '
Hoturna From South Rose
mary McVeigh, who ia env
ployed at Nowberry'a fountain,
returned Wednesday morning
from a visit of several days at
Redwood City, Calif., with her
brother and alster-ln-law, Mr.
and Mra. Don McVeigh, and at
San Francisco. .
ajaaaaaaaaa'CJET THE aaOTajw
I Out of Your Oil! I
I Lai Ui B.rl. Your Biimir Howl I
Oill lor Niwt st
1 Klamath Oil Co. . I
phon 8404 aaaaaalga
sl TAVCRil
Manpower Pooled
To Fight Fires
LONGVIEW, Wash., June 24
MP)--Oregon and Washington
will pool manpower to combat
forost fires this summer, forest
defense councils of the two
states, meeting jointly last night,
They named Lylo F. Watts,
regional US forester, Nelson r.
Rogers, Oregon atato forester,
and T. S, Goodyeur, Washington
state forester, to draw up plans.
When a man comes Into my
place he don't have to hear
about baseball or whether it's
raining. My barbers got strict
orders to ahut up. Leonard
Gallctto, opening a silont barber
shop in New York.
Tho war and itx Implications
oro not a question of whether
Baptlat principles will survive,
f ""
Work Shoes
and Loggers
High arch-Long wearing.
8-lnch Logger $11.95
8-Inch Rubber Tap $9.85
but tho mighty and menacing I any sort will survive. The Rev. I the Northern Baptlat convert
question la whether religion of William A. Elliott, president of tlon.
'food &0&t4e$
im 5?;,?- zz:i:x7 e b wa am tss m urn pi r m K.x,wr-? - ftr ayi w
Be good to your guests, too $ Pi Ijm m 0 B
t ... they'll appreciate it! L, B
A favorite with critical drinkers for gen- "r"'!Sluiiin. if B '
erations, Old Hermitag-e today offera the C- " M His'w 3 '
moat in quality at a really modest cost """- M V.. a
Nilionil Diitlllcn Products Corporilioii, New York, N. Y. 90.1 Proof tl $ f '!'A5?T,r .
jJJ2?N Special Purchase
Just the thing for th
comlrvg hot weothtr
Idool for -c wolof,
other drinks.
tncludt 85-o r.
lc Hp pitcher
ond tlx 9-oz.
tumbler. . , A
real Value I
..IJ-Trln-""'' -'ST.-
First Aid Kit
wile v" nrN ST01
VlrtotT Kit w4rk
Tn Imtftnr
MMds for Only
Includes 4n Im
portant First Aid
needs . . . oat a kit
now, at this Low
Prico ond havt it
on hand If tha oo
cation domandi. .
Service Men's CompTefs
Writing Kit
Here's on Eaiy-to-Carry
Kit that will realty be op-'
predated. Contains SO?
sheet Tablet, 35 tnvel-
opes, and 25 eorresoond -nee
cards, sturdy folder.
TTTnn mtm tm mm
Efficient Car Cooler
Makes Summer
Sol Price
Seven Carload Purthase
for only
"Auto-Koof voporoHve type eooter . . . uses
no electric or other power In its operation. Easy
to Install on ear window. Use an "Auto-Kool"
one lay and you'll never be without Itl L4032
aioror temenr.
Matched Walnut Veneers
Copper-Backed Plate Mirror
Super Value Easily Worth $1 1 9.00
Because of timely buying It Is posjlbla tor us to offer this remarkable bedroom suite
voluel . . It's pocked with outstanding features, usually found at much higher
prices. Genuine morquetry Inloy odds a rlchnass to the grocefull raoded waterfall
design of this fins walnut vtneer Mt.Hts sound construction assures you of long,
satisfactory servlc. QI002
See rheae Peafvrei vmtaHy found enfy fn Higher Priced Furniture
a 5-Ply Stp4, Quar. Folly Woaed Oek OmuIm Marquarry Inlay.
tared Amancon wol- urawtr inrariori. s-Drower Prop-uonrr
net Tops. Duttproof Tops.
Slice Amlco Pull "WeMrMI"
Walnut Fronts. Styling,
: Lorga Copper Back Mirror.
32x32 Inches.
Before You Buy . . . See This SUPER VALUE Set!
Speelaf Purehase
24-ln. Chrome
Stops leaks
coaling system
or in radiator.
. . . mode tn assorted cat
ers. . . Sturdy elastic back
permits Its use on any stxej
steering wheel. B3167
15x20" CHAMOIS
"Imperial" oil
tanned, wash
able chamois.
This domestic
15"x20" chamois e!eon
thoroughly and without
scratching. X1633.
r na w
knob handles,
made in
snrtaH rnlnr
plastic. Bars and clamp
are dvorn plattd.
"Neverburn" Is a woven
molded brake lining which)
will provide efficient serv- :
lee and dependable
smooth stops on any In
ternal or external brakes.
Fully guaranteed lining,
priced lowl
Neverburn Brake Lining, size 1 -34x Tj A
316" R6906, per foot . I T
Neverburn Brake Unlng, size 2x316" 0 1
R6903, per footM
Perfect flt replacement
caps. Carefully made to
bo equal to or better than
new ear equipment,
Prlcea for tavingsl
To flt Chevrolet, 1933-35.
Chrome Plated. OAf
Rubber "Por
trait Type"
Eeafshlff ball. :
tsiA with n
space In the top for In
serting a photo. B 1 1 72.
Tn fit Ford Modl A, 1928-29. Chitrrr 14.
Plated. BITM..l-
, For Ford fViooel A,
natea. di ioi
1930-31. Chrome
Folding Armchair
Sturdlry Constructed. AA
Attractively Finished. 3T OaF
auallty '
An easy-to-carry chair
ot many usei. nign
"tV rl MaMinl"
mode with a rwrdwood
frame ond colorful, striped cover.
FeltNni Cot. Hat treated hardwood from wtth eenter ltd
bracing. White cover. All new material. 0 CO
100-Yd. test Reel. Antlbacklash "Amerlcon Boy" reel
wUh jeweled bearings and click. - .
H-Ft. flteet Telescoping Hod, Genuine "Bristol" make,
wlfh cork artp ond sliding reel seat. Carrying ttl LQ
case Included; Z7545. .--......ltOT
l-Pe. BoseOeTl Outfit Big Value set Includes: Tmiqh
horsehlde baseball, boys 3 2-in. bat and
fielder's glove. CI l65-80-9l...,.-
Pttnta ftnftbstt. Hsrfi's a hsrd wroring genuine leather
oftball ot a very Low Price. Buy now v SO
and Save, CI 171. .vJJ
Comp Cooking Orld. Handy toiaing orid bun
service over the camp I Ire embers. Slxe 12x14
Inches. C8220. -.
Deluxe Auto Baby Seat. Padded teat and back. Strong
metal frame, wooden arms, tatety strap, oeaase
to amuse paay. .st'o.
Ja? in.i'
Upholstered teathf rette top.
Strong chrome plated legs,
reinforced with extra chrome
band. This smart appearing
stool has 12-ln, top, standi
24 In high. GS853. - .
Ceme Aie, Basy to carry In your belt. Black finish. Hoi
Merchantfite ; tssssssiss
III 11 rfii
To fit Ford V8, 1934. Chromw) finish. OAt
BI784 I
Replace those damoged
hub cops for a very small .
coit. These are perfect
fitting cops, made of
heavy gouge metal, pol
ished and plated.
To flt Chovrolet, 1925-78.
WoaH nr rtl.e ' 1 J .
To fit Chmrol.t, 1M9-30. Disc wrwel. qf
K20O7 O'l
To fl CIvrol.t, 19S5-3S, Moit.r, StMl. r ft,
K20IS J1
To fit ChrwoLt, 1937-38, Mostw, Sttal. CQr
K20I6 JT
To fit Ford A, 1928-29. Wlr wrw.1. 1 At
K2I03 . It
To fit Ford A, 1930-31. Wins wtmL I Ar
tuiu4 I--
No. 15 Sin Sponge. Hudson Grass
No. I. Soft ond absorbent. X54I3
Auto Tharmomet.r. Pln-on Typa.
Octogonal. B9310
Clomp-on Sid. Mirror. . . Chroma
ploted. 4" round mirror. B5630...
Wedga Cushion. Seat cover mote
rials, leatherette edges. F6590....
Chromed Fojllt.i. Amber, sealed
beam. Wire, switch, tauiu. ft.
Muffler. For Chevrolet 1929-32.
"Kadium," less pipe. K36I3
Muffler. "Kadium" factory dupli
cate. 1935-41 Ford V8. K3939....
Auto Venation Blinds. Priced ac
cording to car, model from
"Spaed Handle" Positive grip chuck.
Holds files, sow blades. T286I;
Tempered Noll Set. . . Accurately
nods. Set of twelve. T34SI
Hon. Without . "' WS
srll038 Main
Phone 5514
2!?t,. 12? ".