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    June 10, lot.
President Asks Americans to Honor I hese Flags
WASHINGTON Take care of
your electric ircn repair that
old toaster, do a thorough clean
ing Job on your waffle iron
they have to last for the duration.
The OPA Consumer Division
points out that no new electrical
equipment for home use will be
made after May 31, although re
placement parts will be available
for some time to come.
Most of the articles curtailed
except for electric Irons, wash
ing machines and electric range
units come under the heading
of "luxuries" In wartime. Sub
stitute methods, which do not re
quire the use of critical metals,
can do the work of many appli
ances. Electric roasters, dry
s'.iavers, mixers, juicers, whip
pers, electric percolators, elec
tric massagers and vibrators will
endure for years with proper
care and use.
Care for lion
Here are some tips on caring
for an electric iron: ,
Take hold of the plug when
detaching a cord from an outlet
or appliance, and you'll avoid
fraying the cord, exposing wires
or causing a loose connection.
Exposed wires are dangerous,
and loose connections can blow
a fuse cr prevent the iron from
heating. Remember that over
heating also is harmful to the
heating element and will shorten
the life of the iron. If the iron
' cord is detachable, connect and
disconnect it at the wall plug.
Do not disconnect the cord from
the iron while the current is on.
Let the Iron cool before stor
ing it. Roll the cord up loosely
and hang it over a large hook
or something round. Sharp bend
ing of the cord may break the
fine wires. Keeping the cord
dry and clean prevents dirt and
grease from damaging the outer
material. When using and stor
ing the iron, keep the sole plate
free of scratches and rough
- places. Remove starch from the
ole plate by wiping it with a
damp cloth. Use a very fine
abrasive if necessary, but never
immerse the iron in water. Oc
casionally rub the sole plate
lightly with paraffin or beeswax
and polish it with a dry, soft
Several suggestions can be
made on the general care of all
electrical appliances. Avoid
getting electrical appliances wet,
as wetting the heating element
may cause short circuits. . Usual
ly the appliance may be wiped
off with a damp rag to remove
- crumbs, excess oil, greases, fin
gerprints, etc.
Scrub waffle lion
To clean a waffle iron, scrub
the grids with a fine wire brush.
Then brush the grids with a
nonsalted oil. After this, heat
the iron about ten minutes. This
process reconditions the iron. Ex
cess oil may be soaked up by a
piece of bread placed between
the grids. It will not be neces
sary after this treatment to use
any fat on the grids when mak
ing waffles.
An electric coffeemaker may
.be cleaned occasionally by put
ting a tablespoon of soda in the
section that normally holds cof
fee grounds. After the soda has
percolated through, the coffee
maker will be washed clean.
If your appliance has an elec
tric motor like a mixer or a
fan be sure to oil it according
to the manufacturer's direction.
The use of extension cords
with your household appliances
cuts efficiency. If too many ap
pliances are attached to a plug
or outlet, you run the danger
of overloading the circuit and
blowing a fuse.
Merrill USO Drive
Is Well Under Way
MERRILL, June 10 Dr. F.
E. Trotman, chairman of the
drive in the Merrill community
for USO funds to help swell
the county quota, stated Tues
day that the drive is well un
der way and that contributions
may be left at his office. Assists
ing with the : collections are
Mrs. Clifford Shuck, Mrs. 'Jay
McDonald, Mrs. W. J. Grove,
Mrs. E. A. McCollum, Mrs. O.
J. Harris and Mrs. Elmer Stu
kel. The corps of workers plan
a house to house canvas before
the campaign closes July 4.
Those asking for contribu
tions find that a good many
people are uninformed on the
purpose of the USO, service or
ganization that will spend
money collected for entertain
ment of men in the armed
forces, particularly those wound
ed, .v
LONDON, June 10 (JP)
Reuters said in a dispatch date
lined "At the French Frontier"
Monday that Otto Abetz, the
German ambassador, had ac
knowledged in conversations in
Paris that 11,000 to 12,000 per
sons were killed in the RAF's
bombardment of Cologne, and
that 180,000 persons had been
ordered evacuated.
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ajl-WSSeWWrV. WfreWMV .CW)avweJIKlwaeaHIMBeaMpaaa""i' B -
i "HUll in ,i mil ii J.JUti HJJWI ' """HI ilWHHIi" " ' " - .' :; 1'.1V.;;
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i it'
Elks Flag Day
- Exercises-
Elks Temple,
7:30 P. M. Thursday
Public Invited
Nazi Newspapers Forced To
Tee the Line. Lochner Says
(Editor's Note: Home after five
months' internment in Germany,
Louis P. Lochner, chief of the
former Berlin bureau of the As
sociated Press and Wide World,
describes the German press in
this article.)
NEW YORK, June 10 (Wide
World) The nazi editor or re
porter writes as he is told to
write. If he doesn't, he) is, at
best, blotted out from the lists
of his profession. More likely
he is headed for a concentra
tion camp.
He is told in the minutest de
tail what he may write, what
he may not touch upon, what
emphasis he must place upon
a given item, how he is to com
ment upon it, when to harp on
a certain theme and when to
drop it.
Nothing is left to chance, and
very little to imagination.
Here's the set-up:
, Every morning the press offi
cers of the various ministries
filter into the Goebbels ministry
of propaganda and public en
lightenment such items of news
as the minister or their depart
ment chief approves, This does
not mean, necessarily, that the
item will be released for publi
cation. It may happen that the
experts in the propaganda min
istry consider the time inauspi
cious, in which case the minis
ter, in question, too, is barred
from releasing it.
Or it may be that even the
ministry, in relaying it to the
propaganda department, desired
merely that it be communicated
to the German newsmen for
their information but not for
At 10 o'clock every morning,
Goebbels' handymen foregather
to learn what they may say to
the press, what Information
should be withheld, what com
mentary should be offered,
which items must be carried as
privileged matter (and thus
made obligatory upon the papers
to carry), what evasive replies
should be told in response to
questions anticipated.
Everybody Instructed
Every official in the ministry
thus knows what he is to say
during the ensuing hours. So do
the corresponding officials in
the various ministries, who
usually attend this pow-wow or
at least are advised of its pro
ceedings. BIng Vip whom you
will after this conference, and
ba.jMwip a wwm m mi, ul
". . . It is fitting that
signed the Declaration by
whose lands have escaped
dent Fr81''11 Delano Roosevelt
The United Nations'
you will get practically the
same stock answer. Only very
rarely is a man to be found
who will even bother to tell the
same story in his own words.
No sooner has this morning!
conference taken place, than
radio speakers of the ministry
get busy on an inside-office
broadcast to the 40-odd sub
offices of the propaganda min
istry scattered throughout the
reich. The press officials in
these branches thus receive
identical instructions.
When, therefore, the editor
of the Frankfurter Zeitung at
Frankfurt inquires concerning
the news and how to handle it,
the local propaganda represent
ative will give him exactly the
same information that, a few
minutes later, the Berlin cor
respondent for his paper will
For, at 11 a. m., the Berlin
Press, including representatives
of all important provincial pa
pers, is received at the propa
ganda ministry and told, "You
may write this; you must not
say that."
Men Hand-Pickad
The men selected for this con
ference are a picked lot. They
are under oath not to reveal
what is said during these con
ferences. But during my 20
years' stay in Germany I got
to know many German editors
personally. From them I know
how they often blush at what
is expected of them. Many feel
very unhappy and wish they
might get out of the meshes of
the ministry.
A few years ago we had the
case of one such correspondent
who felt so humilitated at what
was happening In these dally
conferences that he secretly
took notes (the correspondents
must not take notes while the
"interpretations" are handed
out to them), which he then
turned over to the representa
tive of a British dally. Unfor
tunately this colleague, . bent
upon scoring a scoop, published
textual ly a number of instruc-
When in Medford
Stay at
' Thoroughly Modern
Jo and Anna Eirley
1 R!.fffl
on our traditional Flag Day we honor not only our own colore, but also the flags of those who have, with us,
United Nations, paying homage to those nations awniting liberation from tho tyranny we all oppose, to thoso
the scars of battle, to those who have long been heroically fighting In the blaze and havoc of war . . ." Presi-
flags and the flag of Mexico,
Hons and "verbotens" given
during a certain week.
Gestapo Called In
The propaganda ministry im
mediately invited two Gestapo
officials to sit unobtrusively In
the conference and to observe
who was taking copious notes.
The man was discovered, then
shadowed for several days and
finally arrested as he was about
to slip a manuscript to a repre
sentative of the British news
man In billiard hall. He was
sent up for life. Since that time
there have been few transgres
sions. Almost until the very end of
my Berlin activity, I was able
nevertheless to obtain access to
the daily instructions.
On many items of news Adolf
Hitler himself reserves the
right to determine what com
mentary must be given.
After the German editors had
taken their Instructions, the for
eign press was received daily,
as most of us could not be regi
mented (our number, however,
became smaller and smaller as
Germany occupied one country
after another and as representa
tives of the few remaining neu
tral countries became more and
more afraid), naturally the tone
toward us was a cajoling rather
than a mandatory one.
Even then on several occa
sions the official would forget
whom he had before him and
read from his manuscript, "The
press will write as follows."
Blushingly, he would quickly
change over to "Gentlemen of
the foreign press, the German
viewpoint on this-or-that situa
tion is ."
Pre-Nasis Press
Before the advent of nazism,
the German press was one of
the freest in the world. It is
now one of the most minutely
regimented. This is true espe
cially since the outbreak of the
war; it was true, however, long
before September, 1939. It has
made for uniformity and same
ness that is nothing short of
In the pre-1933 days, two
German members of our staff
spent about three hours every
afternoon Just marking the
items that might be' of Interest
to the American staff. In addi
tion, two of us spent an hour
drivi out nnvjFi
Roundworms can HWlOSli
eaau rssl tnrabM klvAIfl
InsMa 7m er ymir 1 Irrr1C
shlld t Watch (or wUlll.la
warning llfnsl lPillHW
fidgeting. "plrVy" appetite ltthr nose or
MHit. If Ton vn stjtpoH rotindwormi, get
Jarns'a VermKuga todsrl JAVNE'S Is
America's leading proprietary worm medi
cine l lined by millions (or ever a eentnry
Acta genUy, yet drives out rotindwormi.
Be sure jro tat JAYNE'S VXRMIFUQE I
i TS
11 I
CT7 c-
iuwimwimiWgjiilni 1
I 9 1
which declared war after
each going most carefully over
one well-reputed German dally.
- Since the advent of the Hit
ler regime, one German In one
hour can finish practically all
the Berlin and the most Im
portant provincial papers. And
after having attended the daily
conference for the foreign
press, we already knew what
the German press would say
Mr. and Mrs. Jud Graybcal
left Monday for a week's stay
in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Long
more, Tulelake, announce the
birth of a son, their first child,
at the Merrill hospital on June
7. The little boy weighed 7
pounds 4 ounces and has been
named Garry Lou. Another re
cent birth was announced by
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Daniel,
who welcomed a daughter born
at the hospital on May 16. The
little girl weighed 8 pounds and
has been named Phyliss Lor
raine. Recent tonsllectomles report
ed Include Miss Lola Shcrrlll,
Merrill, and Gaylord Llntlscy,
McCollum's mill cast of Malin.
RIVERSIDE, Calif. ($)
Style note In the Post-Beacon,
March Field publication:
"The steel helmet should be
worn slightly dipped over the
brow, and raked gently to the
"The mask strap should be
slung in such a way that it adds
width to the shoulder, and the
mask itself, if permitted to rest
its tip on the hip, emphasizes
the masculine line In walking."
LONDON, Juno 10 W) Tho
Germans executed 41 more
Czechs Tuesday, the Prague
radio announced, making a total
of 275 vengeance killings since
the fatal wounding of Gestapo
Hangman Relnhard Heydrlch.
0HrHafift - Bmtfr Work
Jttelal, Colon & Hm1a
(Riiptur) ttlaordati Impair,
your halth nomloil )H-aUer-rntng
p-owrtr. W
rjooffittully Irtisf tht con.
dltlom, Including Pllai,
Without Bit pf I opotalloq.
t,lheaal eiadlt larata. Calf
for xamlntlon or itorl rr
VniE dc-iorlptlT BooUk
. 0oyWngi(Mori.(Vo,..M.7fo8r30
PhynMmn and Burgwt
S. t. Cor. I. Bum i(d and (3rsd At,
k1phoo lAit 39 IB, Portland, dragon
llll .I'll lilt .lllil I I? -' 'll't'tlll.t
't'.'." ?!' '"j'.i
l.Sv,-- f ,m ,' y nV,iYhl
i ' A
the President's proclamation
Warning that the people of
Washington state would con
demn and take over private
power companies piecemeal if
congress failed to enact legisla
tion to create the Columbia
power administration in Wash
ington and Oregon was given
today by Senator Bono (D
Wash.) at a hearing before a
Joint senate-house committoe.
"If congress should not pass
this bill, after It had encouraged
public power," Bone said, "then
the people of my state will rise
up and condemn those plants.
This fight is going on whether
this bill passes or not."
The bill (S2430-HROD0O) In
troduced by Bone and Represen
tative Smith (D-Wash.) would
authorize the creation of the
administration with authority to
purchase or condemn private
power system; in the two states
and resell them to municipalities
and public utility districts. It
would then supply them power
from Bonneville and Grand
Coulee on the Columbia river.
It previously had been stated
that 30 public utility districts
In Washington had authority to
condemn soctlons of private
power systems in their counties,
the cost of which would be
greatly Increased because the
PUD's would have to pay sev
erance damages to the private
power companies.
PORTLAND, June 10 mh
Russian language course at Ore
gon Stale college, the first In
any Oregon school of higher
education, was approved by the
curricula committee of the state
board of higher education yes
terday. WAKE UP YOUR
Without Calomel And You'll Jump Out si
Bed in the Mnrrdnf Ririn' to Go
The llw enonld poor t pints of bfle inloe
Into your bowel, every dar. If this hfle la
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goat. It may Juet decey In the bowele. Then
gas bloete up your atomech. Yoa get con
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Effective In making hlle flow freely. Aak
lor Carter'. LHUa Liver Mia. Ida and Hi.
isita.tWnrtiti' ,Mf, mmm ,mm i
are shown above..
$9 Million Spent
On Coast Airports,
Airways, Says WPA
Officials of the work projects
administration told the houso
appropriations commlttco more
than $0,000,000 of WPA funds
had been spent in the Pacific
coast states and Hawaii between
last July 1 and March of this
year for airports and airways.
Thoy lnsortcd in a toblo data
to show airport and airway ex
penditures In California by
WPA amounted t- $4,378,700; In
Oregon ?l,7im,U0O, in Washing
ton $2,372,571 and in Hawaii
Tho WPA spokesman listed
federal construction projects for
wnicn, it said, funds had been
earmarked and for which con
tinued operation during the
next iiscai year was Indicated,
In the Pacific area theso in
Oregon Noval olr station,
Tongue point, $34,184: fodcra
communication c o m m I s s Ion,
Portland, $52,304 and Interior
department near Sublimity City,
Road Crews Arrive
South of Tulelake
TULELAKE, Juno 10 From
an authoritative source come
the report Tuesday that road
crews sent In by Frcdrlckson
and Wcstbrook, Sacramento
highway contractors, have ar
rived at the grnvel pits south of
Tulelake and are awaiting the
arrival of engineers before be
ginning an extensive highway
improvement program between
Canby and Tuleliiko.
Offices for tho engineers ore
to be established hero. Twenty
nine miles of the highway will
be resurfaced. Thn hinKufnw .
cently was Included In tho sys
tem or west coast military roads.
Effective Home Treatment
Promptly Relieves Torture!
First applications of wondnrful sooth
ing nwrllcnlod Zomo doctor's formula
promptly rnllovo tho Inlcmso Itch
Ipk snropnas and slsrt nl onr to help
hesl th red, scaly akin. Amatlnjly sue
cfMtul for oysr 80 yearsl First trial of
msrvcloiis clean, stainless Hmrfif Zomo
eonvincnal All drug
stores. .Only Hut EffgQ
lim inmnimiMriiMn,Mfei
juiiwujjiiwu .nMiiiii.img
other mldnluht fire occurred
hero Innt nlylit, tho second wlthla
six months. A uroccry store
owned by Charles Crowiti nu
Ills dniiKhter, Miss Delia Crowlls,
Inirnnl upon Its opening ilny,
MIkk Cruwlli, who was ilwplug
lit the rrnr uf the bullillnu, nur
rowly escaped' from the fire.
'I he biiildlnu ami stork woiui
$1000 was partially Insured. K.f.
(oris of nelRhbors with giird.u
l,0. und hiicknu prvnti tlia
unread o( the flro to tho poit
office and nearby rldtmcei.
First to discover tho flra wort
mine young pooplo roturnlij
from Summer Lake at 11:45
in. Thy described It as a tliW
hliito creeplnil up the east wall
which suddenly burst Into a
solid sheet of flame covering
the wnll and roof. They arausrd
Inn town by ringing tho church
bell. Di'llcf wits generally ex
pressed by tho volunteer fire
fighters that the blare was the
work of a firebug.
A striking similarity exists la
tho circumstances surrounding
this fire to that which destroyed
tho lOOF hall Imio Inst Decem
ber. Tho pattern also resembles
a long sorlos of fires of unex
plained origin that have rated
most of tho public buildings ot
Silver Luke during tho last 10
yi ars. Encli ol tnesa I ires oe-
currvd near midnight, each begnrt
on an outsldo wall, each was a
public building and in each cji
tho origin of tho fire was novQ
known. l.
The town is without any flra
protection as it has no watex
Schmoos Honored
On Anniversary
DAIRY Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward B. Schmoe of Dairy wore
surprised by relatives on Mon
day evening on tho occasion at
their 52nd wedding anniversary,
Tho wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Schmoe was solemnized on June
8, 1800 at the home of the brlda
near Oakgrove, Mo., in the pres
ence of many rolatives and
A lovely swing rocker wai
presented tho couple by those
who called and others unable to
bo present. The evening was
spent socially and at the close njk
tho affnlr, refreshments of iuVa?
cream and cake wero sorved the
honor guests, Mr. and Mrs. Sid
Hall of Summers Lono; Mr, and
Mrs. Jcrrold Baker of Owens
street, Klamath Falls; Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Roberts and chlldron
Sylvia and Francis of Homcdeto;
and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Schmoa
and daughters Louise and Vlrgle
Lieut. Gon. J. L. DeWItt, com
manding the Western Defense
Command and Fourth Army, an
nounced Tuesday afternoon
(Juno 2) thnt a reception center
for relocation of Jnponcso will
be located at Rohvvor, Desha
county, southeastern Arkansas,
Rtad CUiilflod Acts for Rtiulrt
thoultl tale VACATIONS!
f.xtntt from Sutimtnt by fmU
dam Rnoitvflht "If his been
E ravin btyond doubt thi( humin
elfin cinnoi luitaln cone I mi td
nd prolomid work forviry long
without obuJnlng i proper bil
nee bitwean work on tht one
hand and vacation and ricraation
on the other."
TMi rri Chc-oio
ntf th HOT 1 1
INt 10 (AMID IlKOt
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Mill. II SOOat
tlalemel er erel
Hotel Sr frantlt