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    r Ws Fishin's
i The most encouraging new
on flailing comes from our own
bnckyitrd. Tho UPPER LAKE
evidently had tho ull-clur signal
on. Ed Parker uml Ilia wlfo and
on all caught (lull with flva o(
'em at an won 1(1 pounds. Andy
Honkers No, i tow-ttmo, and two
tone JlKgttrs did tho trick, From
Iho report com
ing In from the
luko most evory
ono caught (lull.
Home on bait,
showed an inv
provemont and
for while flthi,
were caught
right and left,
lastly on bait. Some of the
larger fish caught during the
day were caught on trollera,
Till) lake li probably tho clonest
thing to itire-flre that you can
I wondor what flh were In
the tanks that were dumped In
lake, long one of the ihow places
pi Oregon, could also bn one of
the best for flihlug. Closo to
home, and with plenty of f ncll I
tles for any outing or vncutlon
EAST LAKE, the old faithful
to fishermen, didn't dlsnppolnt
tho cash customers. Soniti nice
fish were caught. Fly fishing
was up several points, Most of
the fish caught were on bait.
afternoon fly fishermen had
ome fair luck on grey and fly'
Ing ants.
of Bend was good on flics. Most
fish caught on bucktall and cad
dls flies. Some on bait.
ELK LAKE. Not so good
This lake should be very good
with the weather Improving fish
Ing every day.
ODELL LAKE produced Its
usual big fish and some nice
Dolly Vardons on plugs. So far
this year fishing Is batter at this
time of year than last year for
the same period. This leaves
something to look forward to.
SEVEN LAKES will be given
n thorough workout this week
Wishing should be good. Fllci
nd bait will do the dirty work,
Front Runners
p The AmmUImJ Wtmt
National Lvu
Kitting Phlp. rutibufih, JTi Ktir,
.WklTB. MS.
DioAtijra, if,
H-wiie Runi f. MCorTolfst. Clnrlnntitt,
JUfilull, Xtw Tork, a4 Cimllll, Itranlr
Irn. I.
AfMrlUH LUatU '
It a (tint OnMoa, Hw York, .Ul TTT,
Button. .SJi.
II uitsw wilt lama, -Won, IT; D, PlMniK
noma Run wiiiiami, noaton. lai mri
T'lmlL II.
Tnrk. -1
Brighter than tht fact ef tht
moon, 0 Em(r. are the imfle
cf the guettt whose hott re
memberi t "The oerji but bug
ft the uihfifcey that' drj
Paul Sonttl"
from tM Dm Siyhiii ef Iks rstl Itsti Owirt.
Paul JW
J Jones PtP
5135 A PINT 1 LIL
I 2.55 A QT. V J V V
SOUS. RON Oft YI , l
A WW jwgto wbhklts-90 prtoj. Prank-
Jert DhlllUrhi, hu., UulivilU & BaMmnrt.
McDonald -
Tops Ladies' Night Program
At Armory; Belcastro Billed
Cliff Olson
To Clash With Craig
Promoted to ton billing after
Smithy Ganrgo Craig, Sorkcyo Jackson McDonald tonight finds
himself up against a fur heavier und moro formidable opponent
on Promoter Mack Llllurd's weekly armory ladles' night wrestling
The enemy tonight Is big
stony-faced Vancouver, B. C
s, . . I
Plan Evolved
For Fishermen
Good nows for tho Klamath
fisherman whose tires aren't
growing any thicker enmo toduy
with tho announcement of a
"share-your rubber" plan con
ducted by a local sporting goods
Matt Vlnnlunn, owner of s
Main street sport equipment
firm, snld that ho hud worked
out a program whereby flsltor
mcn with or without tiros may
roglstor with him as to where
they plan to fish on each week
end. '
Tho names of those with cars
which are not filled and - their
weekend destination will be
posted on a bulletin board as
will those who would llko to
go fishing but have no means
of transportation. Various
parties may get together on the
basis of the posted notices, Flnni-
gan said.
Ho said ho believed a trade
plan would come out of the Idea
whereby ono finhorman will tuke
his car on one weekend and ride
with another on a following ex
Ho urged all persons inter
ested to register as soon as pos
By, Alice Marble and Eleanor Tennani
Flat and Slice Serves
Basebaii Hit 'Em at
Mica Marble's list serve. Note use
For flat and sllco servos, tho
I.l.li!, ..J , U !',
Thunderbird Row
his lust week's victory over
Chief Thunclorblrd, mammoth,
Indian, who weighs some 234
pounds or qulto a bit moro than
McDonald's 210 or thereabouts.
Sockcye Juckion, a colorful
character and long-time friend
and favorlto of Klamath rassle
bugs, is perhaps the equal of
the Chief In all-around ability.
Slightly shy on pure strength,
McDonald has it ovor the red
skin on agility and cleverness.
Tonight's scml-wlndup feat
ures tho return of Pete Belcastro,
perennial Weed wlldman who,
though balding and a veteran In
the grapplo game, still retains his
ability to plcaso a crowd out to
watch a dirty match. Tho Ital
ian will tanglo with Joe Corbott,
variously reported as from Bos
ton and Australia and perhaps
at ono time or another from
both a chunky lad with consid
erable on the ball,
Corbctt, a cleonle, Is in for a
rough evening.
Opening the show will be
Craig, Tulsa, Okla., blacksmith
currently working on the Med
ford cantonment project, and one
Cliff Olson, a new boy and a
scientific performer from Wis
Llllard said that Olson has
proven a popular attraction in
other sectors of the land where
ho has appeared
Gong time on the ladles' night
curd will be 8:30 as usual,
slblc at his store. Finnigan said
the plan has been put into op
eration In other areas and has
proven very successful.
Like Throwi
Top of Swir
of left arm and hand aa bslsnct
footwork, body rotation and
swing are the some as when you
throw a baseball.
Stand sideways about a 40-
degreo angle to the not. Toss
tho ball and start tho backswlng
Hit the ball with the face open
for the flat serve. Associate your
racket head as slapping the ball
In the face with the palm of your
The slice serve is ildespln,
Associate the racket as a knife
slicing bread.
For tho flat and slice serve,
toss the ball forward and to the
Tosa the ball only as high as
your reach permits.
For all serves, the racket
strikes the ball at the top of
the toss. '
Count aloud to perfect timing:
One toss and backswing, two
For the American twist serve,
stand sideways to the not more
than you would for the flat or
sllco. Toss tho bull back and
above tho left shoulder.
The racket head hits up on the
ball and ovor the top, causing
The swing travels from behind
tho left shoulder, ovor the top
of the head and finishes past
the right shoulder down to the
knee, permitting tho racket head
to travel up and over the top
of the ball.
NEXTi Overhead smash,
Killer whales, most savage of
the whale family, hunt In packs
like wolves, and superstitious ES'
klmos beliove that the killers
renlly are wolves changed Into
sea animals.
Whan in Madford
Stay at
Thoroughly Modern
Joe and Anna Earley
Bobby Jones
Eyed as Hale
Golf Threat
CHICAGO, Juno 9 Ifl'h-Im
mortal Bobby Jones, after 12
years of virtual retirement, will
attempt to leap back Into golf
ing glory in the Halo American
national open next week.
Playing some of his best golf
In a decade, as indicated by a
par-slashing 54 holes last week
end, he's coming here to win,
although ho won't admit It. Ob
servers are ready to tab him
as one of the men to beat.
New golfing greats have re
made the headlines since stocky
Bobby collected his famous
grand slam winning the Brit
ish amateur, British open, U. is.
open and U. S. amatour in suc
cession and announced his re
tirement. The Augusta masters
has been his lone annual return
to competition.
At his home in Atlanta last
night, Jones sold he would not
have entered the Hale America
"If It weren't for patriotic con
The war department announced
today that Bobby Jones, me
famous Atlanta golfer, and Ar
thur M. Loew of Glen Cove,
Long Island, N. Y., a motion pic
ture executive, have been com
missioned in the army and or
dered to active duty.
As Captain Robert Tyre Jones,
the former golf champion wilt
report at Mitchell field, N. Y.,
June 20 for duty with the army
air forces.
In Atlanta, Jones said that his
orders would not interfere with
his plans to compete in the Hale
America golf tournament at Chi
cago June 18-21.
Billiard Ball Konks
Golf Entrant
But He Wins Test
NEW YORK, June 9 MP) The
Hale America national open
golf tourney, being played to
provide funds for the navy relief
society and the USO, also has
produced a golfer knocked out
by a billiard ball.
Charles (Bubo) Lind, Big Sev
en conference champion, led the
qualifiers from the Denver dis
trict although made unconscious
for IS minutes when struck
above the right eye by a wan
dering cut ball while watching a
locker-room pool game during
the lunch hour.
Before the mishap yesterday
he duplicated his 70 of Saturday
but after the blow the best he
could do was a 74 for a 214 that
was one stroke over par for the
84 holes.
Twelve of the 13 district tour
neys that determine tho make-up
of the final field at Chicago's
Rldgemoor club June 18 to 21
have been completed and the
Los Angeles test gets under way
At Its conclusion only 105
golfers from the 1840 who start
ed the three-tier competitions
last month will remain. Eighty
will have worked their way
through both local and district
qualifying meets, two Canadians
will come direct from a Toronto
local while 22 top-flight ahot-
In keeping with
the traditions oi Southern
California, the BUTHORl lOTO.
.largest and finest
V in Western America,
invites you to enjoy
Hi gay, ieattve, glam
orous atmosphere to
the lulUit.
Dine and dance in the World
Famous 'Supptr Club of th
Luncheon in The (m i
trunr;vnii!! 5mU. ".
ma popular sm- v
nrl 'Niahl Club Vl
in me strrerooon. vgu ji
. ...... ,
Visit the beautilul ' '
...the world's largest, moat
modernly equipped.
tiM mnn sum utt I
tmm UM in J
Midland Emnlre
June 9, 1942
Derringer Close to
No-No as Reds Win
Big Paul Allows Three Hits in Ninth;
New York Shades Cleveland Tribe11-10
Associated Press Sports Writer
Houdint at his best could not have , turned the tables on the
Boston Braves as swiftly and
performed the trick this last
Before Friday the Reds
second division of the National
been a bold second for quite a'
soell. still were holding determ
inedly to third place.
Then Casey Stengel led his
band into an ambush at Cin
cinnati aftd In four days the
Reds beat the Braves six limes
lifting Cincinnati to third
and dropping Boston to a
groggy fifth.
The Reds completed their
sweep yesterday with a 3-1 tri
umph on the three-hit hurling
of big Paul Derringer.
For eight innings the right
hander had a no-hit game and
the only Boston player to get
on base reached first through an
error In the opening inning. Der-
makera and Crooner Bing Cros
by are eligible by invitation.
Although he received one of
the bids, Bob Jones competed in
the district meet at Atlanta. The
old master trimmed a dozen
years off his swing and five
strokes off par to lead the field
with 67-71-67205, six strokes
less than his nearest Dixie rival.
i , a ari
3 lei
re atv , , s
u - v vv
I n r ... ? .'
Admiral Chanticleer-a tough apot for a
rooster, and a tough shot for the photographer.
This priie photo took an exceptional combina
Won of skill, timing, and experience.
And that's just what It takes to make
Walker's DeLuxe a prize bourbon. It's not just
th four long years- of aging-not just the
y) y&&kL
completely as the Cincinnati Reds
were floundering futilely in the
league and the Braves, who had
- 1, ringer
finally was tapped for
three singles and a run in the
ninth. .
There was only one other
game scheduled in the major
leagues yesterday and in this
the New York Yankees squeezed
out an 11-10 decision over Cleve
land when relief Pitcher Tom
Ferrick made a wild throw on
Joe Gordon's sacrifice bunt with
two on base in the eleventh in
ning. It was a suitable payoff for a
game in which each club used
three pitchers and the world
champions made 16 hits and
three errors to Cleveland's IS
hits and two miscues.
The wholehearted way in
which Americans have accepted
and supported the nation's ra
tioning and price control pro
gram is something which should
stir everyone's pride.
Price Control Chief Leon Henderson.
. f-tu '1 lh'S(iTiiiiifiiTy "' n iiimiintf
i tuar old,
' -
On Block
This Week
Angels, Socs Tongle for
First Plata ar Scion Park
By The Associated Press
First place in Pacific Coast
league baseball standings is the
prize this week in the series be
tween Los Angeles and Sacra
mento at the latter club's home
The Angels are on precarious
ground at the top of the heap, a
game ahead of the Solons and
three games beyond San Diego.
Also on schedule for this week
is a clash for a place In the up
per division between the fourth
place Seattle club and the Seals.
Except fo.' the game-losing,
ninth-inning baik by pitcher Bob
Joyce in the first game of Sun
day's doubleheader, the Seals
looked formidable in winning a
series from Hollywood, four
games to three.
The Rainlers dropped a series
to the Seals a month ago and if
the San Francisco men repeat
they can pass Oakland and win
an upped division berth for the
first time this year.
Oakland meets the strong San
Diego club at Lane park where
civilian defense authorities are
still determining whether or not
the park's lights interfere with
the coastal dim-out. Today's
game Is tentatively, set for the
Portland dropped a series to
the Padres last week after rally
ing to take the last three games
for the only wins in seven games
played at San Diego.
The Beavers move up to Holly
wood where they battle the
Twinks for the cellar spot.
Spokane Checks
Cap Drive for
WIL Leadership
SPOKANE. June 9 WV-The
Spokane Indians " temporarily
checked' the drive by the Van
couver Capilanos for the West
ern International Baseball
league lead here last night with
a 6-5 victory in 10 innings and,
incidentally, strengthened the
idle Tacoma Tigers' narrow first
place margin.
The Indians, season-long oc
cupants of the cellar, built up a
camfortable five run margin in
the .first six innings only to see
the Caps retaliate with three in
the seventh and two more in the
eighth to tie the score.
In the tenth the Indians com'
bined a hit, an error at third
base, a hit batter and a base on
balls for the winning tally.
WAYNE, Neb. (P) The irony
of it was almost too much for
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutt. They re
turned to their farm home south
east of here to find that their
house had burned to the ground
They had gone to town to buy
mar room wrm vm a mown
ONt O a V30
TWO .30
2 " 3
w mv.tv, s3 , T.
I- ( Nt 1A
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full-bodied flavor-but ft perfect combination
of all these things that gives Walker's DeLuxe
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today t
Straight Bonrbm mitltU. SO proof. TM whitkey is
Hira,m Walktr B sons inc., reona, iih
' '
Two Battle
or National
Batting Pace
Babe Phelps, Pat Reiser
Run One-two; Gordon 11
Points Ahead of Doerr
IV I. P. 1 w a-.
N. York .7 i .jm St. Louli n M .41
MtrAlt , M J JM W.lh tOO SI II .404
Ctanlu4 t7 U ,tl FlilMil. Til SI '.Hi
Mondiy'i ftaaultt . '
Cl-lnd in. New York II (II lnnlniO
(Onlj arn).. . '
W L p,:t. or t.
Brooklyn J7 14 .?u ftn.,M .a
St. Loilla m .m 1'ltlibursb M It Mi
Cincinnati ffl J4 .SM Chlnm jj jo .4.4
New lork J Ma I'hllajfl. .! u M
Mondiy'i RMUUi
Boaton I. Cincinnati S.
(Onijr fama)
NEW YORK. June 9 " Tha
American league has been hav
ing a two-man race for batting'
honors almost since the opening
of the season and now the Na
tional league is getting some of
the same.
Pete Reiser, last year's battinc
champion in the senior circuit.
nas Decn sprint
ing . during the
last week and
today had a
lusty .365 aver
age, close on the $
heels of Gordon it
(Babe) Phelps,
Pittsburgh cat
cher. Phelps has
been out of ac
tion because of
spiked heel iXi.J
and made his Babe Phelps) .
first apperances in the PtraM
lineup in more than a week on
Sunday. He was called on to
pinch hit twice and made one
hit to inflate his average to .379.
On the same day Reiser mad
six hits..
Joe Gordon of the New York
Yankees, riding the crest of a
25-game batting streak, still ia
the American league leader with
.388. thirteen points ahead of
Bobby Doerr of the Boston Red
The Yankees and Red Sox,
between them, held seven places
among the top ten hitters in their
league. Four Dodgers wer
among the National league lead
ers, but otherwise thex places
were well distributed with the
tenth man dropping below .300
for the first time this season.
flOHTS '
Br Tha AMoeiatatf Praw
CHICAGO Nata Bolden. 1U, Chleaao,
knocked ont Gib Jnqaa. IM.-Ciaclnatl. (7).
XEWARK Kreddla Archer. 141. Newark,
ontpofnted Norman Ruoto, 142, Albas?, X.
Y mi
'PITTSBURGH Tommj- Yaron, 160. tttta
bnrth. outpointed Oaala (Bnlldot) Harrla,
11, ntteburill (10). ..... , .
Consumer rationing of coffee,
tea and cocoa is "quite likely,"
Joseph L. Weiner, deputy direc
tor of the civilian supply divi
sion of the war - production
board, reported today.
r q
Work Shoes
and Loggers
High arch-Long wearing.
8-inch Logger $11.95
8-inch Rubber . Tap $9.81
. . nt Main .
S20 5)30
: 1
li! AlltefitTl
3 1 1 noma imnlmo a 1