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    rtm 6, 1042
01 Oood Grade Accord
n to i report aubmltted by
arehell E. Woodoll, roglatrur of
h Southern Oregon college of
ducatlon, the following atuduuta
rued grade-point average of
i,o or better: Ellon Brown, Crya
1; Murle Pochelu, l'alsley;
ind Leigh FonnlnK, Hprogue
liver, Sludantn enrnlng a griiilo-
Mint average of 8.0 la 8,0 In-
ilude: Jean Drew, lllldobrnncl;
Dlliabeth Hurdett, Conatnnco
Shrheart, Helen Hucklund, und
dlldred Bchultz, Klnmnth Folia;
tlldred Prather, Kvolyn Rigor,
ind Dolores Trout, Miilln; Hope
Silas, Paisley: Henry Miller,
2opco, California.
! Improving The condition of
Floyd Shepplor, 7, who suffered
wrlom injurlm when struck by
I car on the Keno highway Into
rhUTiduy afternoon, wu rnpnrt'
tdarmrovnd at Klnmnth Valley
idljnnl. The boy, a second grade
iltident at Rlveraldo, la the ion
at Cherlei S, Shopplor, Keno
road. It la understood thnt
Floyd and aovernl playmate
were walking from Klnmnth
Fnlle when Floyd anw a Innib
bt a field acroaa the road. He
Itepped in the path of a Collfor.
jla car and waa thrown a con
lldorable dlalnnce.
ii Identify Blrda Horizon Camp
; rire girls, accompanied by their
(uardlan, Mra. Lawrence French,
ind Mra. F. O. Small, left Klam
ith Fa Ha before 8 o'clock Satur
lay morning, made atopa at the
fromont bridge, Moore park and
ilong Lakeshore drive, to ident
fy blrda which are aeen fro-
mently In thnt area. The glrla
dent I (led B2 blrda during their
veTlhour tour, according to
ilrTT Small,
. VUlt Bon Dr. and Mrs. C.
5 Morrlaon left Thursday for
ij :allfornly, whore Uiey will visit
i heir son Hob, stationed at Camp
(nberta. They plan to return to
J Clamath Falls the middle of next
i Moot Party Another Mooae
arty la scheduled for Saturday
light. All members ore invited
n bring guests. Lunch will be
Treacher Knew How
I "You may have five mlmi
pa; the man la dying." So said
he nurse.
Guest speaker before our '42
Iraduatee on a recent Sunday,
fr. E. B. Hort, Corvnllla postor,
t'jkia how he used those few
ofWoa. He had barely reached
is bedsldo before the dying
tan himself broke In to snv
tat he knew his time had
me. This opened the way and
a Doctor had yet four min
ks left.
"Men, you have a worse dls-
lie than t, b. You have sin
your aotil."
"It's too late," voiced the
Three and a half minutes
ft, warned the watch. What
rord would make clear the way
f Ufa to a man hovering on
he edge of eternity? This came
I "Man, suppose the doctor who
as your csso wero to step In
rid say ha had tho power to
ihsanver your t. b. and give
oWnls health. What would'
ou say?" And the sick man
lid ha would be glad. Two
llnutes left by the watch.
I "Jesus Christ waits to take
our sins and give you forgive
esa and His righteousness."
flth this the prencher urged
ie man to a decision and closed
rtth a word of prayer. A plea
I the God of all mercy that
le man bo glvon power to be
eve and to bo saved; Tho five
llnutes were up.
j But there was a sequel. A
Iw days of grace were granted
le man. A hurry-up message
fought his brother from Okla
oma and his Inst strength was
Mint to plead that the brother
so might settlo on Christ.
SUM IT UP. ONE A pastor
k fire for aouls and five mln
lej to be with a dying man.
retention to do business for
oWand a Saviour offored.
WOThe Holy Spirit throw
!g the spotlight on the cross
Christ and His dying for our
ns. THREE Christ received,
rid He enme In to sup with
is man: ' "Behold I stand at
la door and knock: If any man
tar My voice and open the
or, I will come Into him, and
11 sup with him, and he with
And out of it the man
at tell his brother, just as
drew sought out Peter with:
'a hava found the Messiah,"
So It was that this man went
iwn to the dark river of dentil
nd In hand with his Lord
ho pledges: "I will never
ava thee, nor forsake thee."
ka this man, may you also
this same Christ to pilot
taadcrosa to the land where
Int Immortal dwell. He alone
m Save-Keep-Satlsfy.
Cloverdnle, Ora.
This apace paid for by an
fegon businessman.
do to Atlanta . "Snowy"
Gustutson, former Klamulh
Union high school football
coach, has been transferred by
the United States urmy from
tho west const to Atlanta, Oa
wliors he will tiiUa over hit
dutlus as physli-ul education In
structor at the nrmy camp
there, Mrs. Gustufson and
dnughlnr, Conya, accompanied
him and hnve written friends
from Now Orleans, where Ihey
spent several doys.
Fire Alarms The city fire de
partment was called out at 0:07
a. m. Friday when a wrecked
cor was reported burning at
Broad and Elm street. There
wos no (Ininauii. Two trucks an
swered a cull ut 11:15 a. m. Frl
doy when occupants of the Holly
hotel. 112 South Eleventh street,
reported smoke pouring from the
kitchen, Firemen found a roast
burning In the oven, There was
llttla damago.
Draftees Honored Edwsrd
Bishop, Edgar Davis, David Jan
lei and Mock Tlmma were guents
Thursday evening lit a party
glvon at the homo of Mra. C, M.
Tlmms, 217 Klamath avenue. H.
Hobson and A. DeHall acrved re
freshments to the group of
friends who gutherod to see the
boys off. Each boy was given a
Gideon Bible by Mrs. Tlmms,
who la pnatnr nf the Union Mia.
Sojourners The regular meet
ing of Sojourners will bo hold
Wednesday at 1:45 p. m. at the
Wi'lard hotel. Officers will be
Installed Including Mrs. R. L.
Kent, president; Mrs. Guy Har
mon, vlco president; Mrs. W. S.
Brodley, secretary, and Mrs. Ben
Gibson, treasurer.
Visiting Mrs. Harry Mills
and small son, Donald, arrived
Saturday morning from their
home In Rochestor, N. Y., to
spend the summer visiting with
her brother and sister, Bert Igl
of 6.28 North Third street, and
Mra, John Schomaker, 1869 Le
Roy street.
At Fort Knox Private Wayne
I. Smith, son of Mrs. Florence
N. Smith. 2321 Wantland street,
has arrived at the armored force
training center at Fort Knox,
Ky preparatory to duty with
the newest and fastest-moving
land force of the army.
To Qo North R. C. Groes
beck, Klamath Falls attorney,
will leave Sunday night for
Portland to attend meetings of
the board of higher education
scheduled for Monday and
Tuesday. Ha will return here
Wednesday morning.
Ta Seattla Mr and tin
Earl C. Roynolds and daughter,
Marollle, left this weekend for
Seattle to visit their son. Earl
Jr., who has been transferred
from the Corvallis cantonment
to son-Ice In the north.
From School Charles
"Chuck" McCandlla. hnmn
from Oregon State college for
me summer months. Bill Sweet
returned home Friday from For
est Grove.
Leaves Hosoltal Mm rh.
ter R. Grounds and Infant son,
returned to their home In Bon
anza Frldiry afternoon. Thoy
have beon patients at Klamath
Valley hospital.
To Kano Mrs. George L.
Netherland and son were dis
missed from Klamath Valley
hospital Friday to return to their
home In Keno,
Drill Team All members of
the' Fraternal Order of Eagles
arm team are asked to meet
Monday at 7:30 p. m. in the
Engles hall,
Police Court Three dmnks,
five traffic tickets and one traf
fic violation mnde up tho Satur
day morning police court report.
Courthouse Records
Complaints Filed
Sarah Louis ICQ Thnmntnn
versus Henderson B. Thompson.
Suit for divorce. Charge, cruel
and Inhuman treatment. Cnnnla
married In Los Angeles, Calif,,
November 14, 1040. Plaintiff
asks return of maiden name,
Snrnh Louis (CGI Tumor HI T
Drlscoll, attorney for plaintiff.
Irene Turman versus Jerome
Tttrman. Suit for dlvnree.
Charge, desertion. Couple mar
ried in Robinson, 111., October
2. insi. Plaintiff aska return of
maiden name, Irene Drake, E. E.
Drlscoll, attorney for plaintiff.
Justice Court
Bruce Blrllng Blnkley. Hunt
ing without license. Fined $12.20
and costs.
Stephen Ralph Walker. No
tall light. Fined $8.50.
The earth, although vastly
large and Important to us. Is not
of much consequence in the solar
system. It would be an almost
Invisible speck to the Imaginary
Inhabitants of Jupiter, Noptune,
Pluto, Saturn, or Uranus.
if-"' m
, .a 1. i raw it - ii . u:, . i ',: i itsi , '.a
'.T if f 'Jr : t t
to WWr;' f;!3
Toeming with the typo of action which made Jack London
world-famous, Columbia s "Advoniuros ot Martin Eaon" is cur
rontly to be soon at the Esqulra tonight at midnight with Glenn
Ford, Clair Trevor, Evolyn Koyes and Stuart Erwln. Baud up
on London's greatoat novel, the now film Is a saveg story of
unflinching strugglo and warm romance, captured with vivid
Imagory by an artist during production.
V W iff"
:.r. i n
X: til -n.
Beautiful new star Peggy Drake plays the romantic laad op
posite Jon Hall in the complotoly charming and unusual picture,
"Th Tuttloa of Tahiti," starring Charles Laughton. Jon is hold
ing Black Eagle, a lighting game-cock expected to restore th
Tuttloa' fortunea In the aport which la the consuming passion of
th Tahltlans. "Th Tuttlos of Tahiti" was written by Charles
Nordhoff and Jamos Norman Hall, authora of th classic Mutiny
on th Bounty" aorlas. Now playing at th Pelican theatre.
' v S t ,r
J -
1 1
Vv .itu
2 !
5. 4
u V
.AIR::. J'y3;i ' 1 iVT : . ;ji i
H ' .tif
I 1 ) M l.(t)
Albert Dekktr plays a homicidal maniac In th shock-packd
"Among Th Living," to b shown for th first time In Klamath
Falls Sunday and Monday at th Tower theatr. Dekker, pic
turad above with on of his victims, blond Jean Phillips, Is eo
starred with Susan Hayward, Harry Carey, Frances Farmer and
others. Dekker has a dual role, that of the madman, Paul, and
also of John Radon, the maniac's sane twin brother.
L n
Veronica Lak Is teamad with Joel McCres In "Sullivan's
Travels," which opens Sunday at
r jjk
" W'wi wy. my ( in
Ju .jj , , , ,
the Plna Tree.
The Red Cross Is to cooper
ate with the Citizens' Defense
set-up In cac of wartime
emergency, but in the event of
a natural disaster, such as a
flood, the CD will cooperate
with the Red Cross.
This was revealed at a meet
ing of the Emergency Medical
Services group of the local CD
Friday night at the chamber of
commerce, when George Myers,
head of the group, read a Joint
letter from Director James M.
Landis ot the OCD and Norman
H. Davis, national chairman of
the American Red Cross.
The arrangement places direct
responsibility of command with
the local CD during a wartime
emergency, and the Red Cross
will assist. If a natural disaster
occurs, the Red Cross would be
In charge and would utilize the
local CD set-up.
Myers pointed out that trie
question of authority had not
arisen hero, but that in several
places In the United States
there was some confusion as
to which organization was In
command. The Joint letter from
the OCD head and the national
Red Cross chairman to every
local CD group in ths country
clarifies the matter, he said.
At the meeting the heads of
the various groups In the Emer
gency Medical Services reported
on their activities. All ex
pressed their pleasure with the
emergency practice held In two
Klamath Falls zones Wednesday
night, when simulated disasters
and emergency medical service
were enacted by the volunteer
groups in the zones.
The following Red Cross first
aid classes have been scheduled
and are open to men and wo
Standard class Tuesday and
Friday at 7 p. ra. in room 209,
Klamath Union high school. A.
a. Mead instructing.
Advanced first aid class Mon
day and Thursday at 7 p. m.
in room 209 at the Klamath
union, high school. This class is
open to anyone who has com
pleted the standard Red Cros
first aid course. A. H. Mead
Standard first aid class on
Monday. Wednesday and Fri
day evenings in room 5 at the
Altamont Junior high school
This class begins at 7:30 p. m,
Percy Steers will instruct.
Red Cross first aid instruct
or's course Given in Don-is,
Calif., the week of June 8 to
12.. Glen R. Powell, national
representative, will be in charge
Of the classes. Classes will be
held nightly in the city hall
at Dorris from 7 to 10 n. m.
Monday through Friday. Any
one wno nas completed stand
ard and advanced first aid train
ing is eligible to take this
course to become an Instructor.
Anyone interested in this should
contact the Red Cross office,
7184, on or before Monday
Cornwall Speaks
At Rotary Club
George Cornwall of Portland,
editor of "Timberman,',' was the
principal speaker at Rotary club
Friday at noon. He waa Intro
duced by Alfred Collier, Rotar
Ian. Cornwall used as his sub
ject, "Japan, Russia and Aus
tralia Their Place in the World
He stressed the fact that "the
Japanese mad up In ability to
select, what they lacked in In
ventiveness," in other words they
were keen to choose the best that
other nations invented or de
veloped, rather than developing
Boy Scouts Cancel
Paper Salvage Plan
On arfvfr frfim feriaral an.
thoritiea and their national
Headquarters, Klamath Boy
Scouts have discontinued their
paper salvage program, it was
announced by Dwight Gil-
cnrisi, aoy scout executive.
Gilchrist anIH that fariaral aal.
vage officials had asked that in
stead emnhasia he nlaced on th
salvage of used rubber.
Household Shower
Plan for Tiltons
A household ahnwr far th
Alex D. Tllton family whose
home at 2508 Hnmedal mart
was destrnved hv fir aarlv
Thursday evening, wil) be given
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock
at iuue- half by the Rebekah
Social club.
All mamhars nf ih elnh ara
asked to tab narf. Mr. and
Mrs. Tllton are the parent of
five children.
Lambs Take Calf's Place at Festive Board
f-A' 4 "
' v V -
Young, but resourceful, motherless tw'n lambs solve their food problem satisfactorily with the coop
eration of an ODUging Guernsey cow. Wheiner ine call approves ot uie arrangement is sometningeia.
ELY, June 8 Pupils of Etta
Venen Hartman will be present
ed in a piano recital Tuesday
evening at 8:00 in the Bly
church. The program is:
Melody in F Rubensteln
Jeanie Elliott
Grandmother's, Dolly Hoist
Julie Detrlck
The Happy Farmer... Schumann
Frances McMillan
Falling Leaves Thompson
Grade Myers
The Knight and The Lady .
Long Long Ago
Joan Larkey.
Duet .... March of the Wee Folks
: , Gaynor
Grade Myers
Frances McMillan
On Wings of Song ..Mendelssohn
Jimmy Fitzgerald
The Fox Hunt Thompson
Ralph McGee
Evening Bells Hayes
Marie Tibbits
Round the Village ....Thompson
Betty Thomas
Dance of the Sunbeams ..Cadman
Hollis McMillan
Piano Duet .... Down the River
...:......"..'.; ..i. Gaynor
Veda Grace Tibbits
Marie Tibbits
Song I'm An Old Cow Hand
- Mercer
Charles Dishno
The Scissors Grinder ..Thompson
Buddy Lowe
Starlight Waltz Brainard
A Little Polish Dance Thompson
Veda Grace Tibbits
Toreador Song .. From the opera
Carmen .; Bizet
Barbara Detrlck
The Rosary ...Nevin
Oelo Pound
Violin Solo Selected
Frank Meiser
Mrs. Dunbar Speaks
At Health Meeting
Mrs. Saldie Orr-Dunbar, secre
tary of the Oregon State Tuber
culosis association, spoke at a
meeting of the Klamath County
Health assodation at a dinner
meeting held Wednesday eve
ning in the Pelican cafe.
A report on the state conven
tion held in Portland was given
by Vance Vaupel, recently elect
ed president of the Klamath as
sociation. Mrs. R. P. Ellingson
Sr., also a delegate to the con
vention, gave highlights on the
meeting, as did Mrs. Dunbar.
Plans were made for the fall
educational and case finding tu
berculosis campaign.
No satisfactory adjustment to
the carburetor can be made un
less the sparkplugs are in first-
class condition.
Some Sister
aJ 8
Altoona, Pa 's loss is the na
tion's gain in the person of
Janet Blair, nee Martha Raf
ferty, who grabbed prize role In
film version of best selling "My
i SlJto F'lrn."
'a.a i. a atia n riawaMaaaaal
" ' ,aV
' .
a 'HP!
(Effective September 28, 1941!
Train 17 Southbound: 6 a. m.
Train 20 Northboand: 10:00 a. m.
Train 19 Southbound 5:45 p. m.
Train 18 Northbound! 9:00 p. m.
Veterans of Foreign Wars
All members of the ladies' aux
iliary of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars are requested to meet at
the courthouse at 10:45 a. m.
Sunday to attend "Avenge
Pearl Harbor" day. Members
should be in uniform if possible.
Veterans of Foreign Wars
All members are asked to meet
in front of the Elk's temple
Sunday morning at 10:30 to
take part in the "Avenge Pearl
Harbor" day services. ,
Several sentences, ranging
from two to ten years in state
prison, have been handed out in
the past few days by Circuit
Judge David R. Vandenberg in
cases Involving automobile lar
ceny. Judge Vandenberg gave the
10-year jolt to Thomas Truitt,
who stole four cars in a demon
stration of "chain larceny" here
two weeks ago. Truitt was taken
to Salem Friday by Sheriff
Lloyd Low, along with George
Parks, who will serve a life
sentence for murder, and Amos
Johnson, negro, who was given
five years for car theft.
Chester B. Dean was given a
five-year sentence for auto lar
ceny, and Kenneth Bill received
the two-year sentence.
SCHORR Born at Hillside
hospital, Klamath Falls, Ore.,
June 5, 1942, to Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew L. Schorr, 1918 Ogden
street, a girl. Weight: 5 pounds
10 ounces.
WELTON Born at Klamath
Valley hospital, Klamath Falls,
Ore., June 5, 1942, to Mr. arid
Mrs. E. E. Welton, Quartz Moun
tain, Ore., a girl. Weight: 8
pounds 12 ounces.
SAVAGE Born at Klamath
Valley hospital, Klamath Falls,
Ore., June S, 1942, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Savage, 2200 Wiard
street, a boy. Weight: 7 pounds
8 ounces.
QUITMAN, Ga. (ip Wen
the canning season exhausted
merchants' stocks of sugar there
was a run on of all things
lemon candy.
The much-sought-for-item, sort
of on the two birds with one
stone idea, was used for season
ing iced tea.
(This Is not a picking ob)
65c per hour -
10 to 12 hour shifts
7 days par weak (weather permitting)
Athena Pea Growers Association
Umatilla County, Oregon
All labor hired through
United States Employment Service
Athena, Oregon '
For Further Information
Call at Your Nearest Employment Ssrvlo Ofilc
242 Main Sired
Klamath Falla, Oregon
l i. t l "
The CIO International Wood
workers of America won its
second national labor relations
board election in two days Fri
day by thumping the AFL Lum
ber and Sawmill Workers
union, 52-30, in a runoff ballot
at the Long-Bell Lumber com
pany's Klamath mill. The an
nouncement was made today by
George Brown, IWA represen
tative. Brown said that although th
mill employs nearly 150 work
ers, little more than half of
them were eligible to vote. The
balance, he said, have been
hired since the original ballot
some months ago in which no
majority was attained by eittiar
union. '
Thursday the CIO decisively
won an NLRB election at the
Pelican Bay Lumber company.
Roycroft Elected
By Underwriters
Lynn Roycroft was elected
president of the Southern Ore
gon Life Underwriters associa
tion at a meeting held June 3.
Ben Gibson presided at the elec
tion. - " ;
Myrle Adams was named vice
president, Annabelle Anders, sec
retary, and Myrle Adams, na
tional committeeman. Members
of the board of trustees include
John H. Houston, Paul R. Win
ter, Lynn Roycroft, Myrl
Adam, Tom O'Brien and Ben .
Meetings of the group will b
resumed in the falL
Three Graduates
Will Teach Here
Three 1942 graduates of
Southern Oregon College of Edu
cation have been placed in teach
ing positions in Klamath county
for the coming year.
They are: Jean Drew, Hilde
brand: Bertha Wertz, Medford,
and Cyril Sander, Medford.
Sander will teach in Altamont
school. The specific assign
ments of the others have not
been announced. .
KIRKLAND, Wash. ()
Even as a boy, Jimmy Doolittle
did things in a big way.
J. M. Galvin recalls the hero
of the Tokyo bombing as the
tousle-headed youngster who sold
newspapers on the streets of
Nome, Alaska, in 1907.
Newspapers brought by steam
ers from the United States were
much in demand and Jimmy,
says Galvin, charged $1 a copy.
The Federated Malay States
produce nearly one-third of th
world's tin supply, and hold first
place in production. The Chinese
are largely responsible for the
development of the tin deposits
in the Malayan States.