The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 20, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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    May 20, 1042
Enlist Four young mon, two
from Klnmath Falls, ono from
Chllwiiilii and ono from l.uko
view, huvo enlisted in the United
Slutttn nmrlno c(irp at Ilia kicul
recruiting offlro It was an
nounced here Wednesday. Char
In Albeit Vuutlhn, lflUS Esplan
uln, hut enlisted fnr guard duty
and left Portland (or Hun Diego
nn May IS. James I ly It' Moral),
l.ukavlew, ton of Hurry J.
Moran of Cariion City, Nov., en
listed May 11 and la now In San
Diego. Glrnn Lester Montcau
of Cliltoquln, enlisted here Muy
17 and l now receiving prelim
inary training In San Dingo at
Ilia murluo baso. Another Klam
ath Falls boy to nllit and now
stationed at San Diego li Leon
ard Howard Lundgrvn, son of
I'd u I J. Luudgren, 2U76 Hlsliec
To Gradual Through error
tlin name of Phyllis Turner,
daughter of Mr. and Mm. Clyde
Turner, 230 Stunford street, was
omitted from the Hat of eighth
grade graduates from Riverside
school published this week.
Graduation at Riverside will
tnko place at 10:45 a. m. Thurs
day In the school auditorium
with William Kuykcndall, Klam
ath Falls attorney and former
Riverside student, giving the
commencement address.
Blohm to Bpsak Godfrey C.
HI ohm, manager of the U. S. Na
tional bank, will speak at the
Klwanls club meeting Thursday
noon on 'Trice Freezing Regu
lations as They Affect All of
Us." Dr. L. L. Trunx will be
M.lrmBH Dim Anv
Leading Salesman Lynn
Hoycroft, Klamath Falls repre
sentative of the Oregon Mutual
Life Insurance company, la list
ed as one of the company's ten
leading salesmen for the year to
date. Roycroft Is also fully quali
fied now for the company's edu
cational seminar in July.
You Drive Move Yourself
Save H Long and
Short Trips.
Phone 1304 1201 East Mala
Visits Friends Irvln Homer
Peyton, private first class In the
United Stules marines, has visit
ed here the pint week with
friends. Young Peyton Is the
son of Mrs. Nordlen Van Horn
of West Point, Calif. Ho en
listed July 29, 1041, and has Just
returned from duty at Pearl Har
bor where ho has been since two
weeks after the declaration of
Returns Home Mrs. War
don R. Nolson has returned to
her home, 2240 Applcgute ave
inio, from Seuttlo where sho
spent a month visiting her
duughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond Bchmoll,
Beatrice Nolson, The Schmolls
are parents of a son born May
3. En route home Mrs. Nolson
visited In Portland with another
duughter, Mrs, Elton Stiles.
Circle The Congregational
Community circle will meet
Thursday, May 21, in the com
munity hull on Garden avenue.
Potluck lunch will be served
at 1 p. m. with a business
meeting to follow. A new set
of by-laws will be presented at
this time.
Returns Mrs. Ruth Soran
of Idaho has returned to her
home after visiting here for
some time with relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. Pat Soran and infant
son moved last week from
Home avenue to 1401 East Main
To Bummer Laka Mr, and
Mrs. William B. Barnes left
Wednesday morning for Sum
mer Lako In Lake county
where they will spend one week
as guests of Mrs. Barnes' sister,
Mrs. Ada Foster, at her ranch
In that soction.
Visits Here Mrs. Fred Os
wald of Pendleton Is visiting In
Klamath Falls with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Helen Strawn, 230
East Main street. Mrs. Strawn
is employed in the office of the
US bureau of reclamation.
From North E. A. Collier,
Salem, maintenance engineer of
the Oregon state highway de
partment, and W. E. Chandler
of Bend, division engineer, spent
Wednesday In Klamath Falls on
business for the department.
On trip Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
Doremus, who operate rug
cleaning establishment, will
leave May 22 for a motor trip
which will take them to Port
land, Seattle and Honriulm.
They will rolurn here May 20.
Special Service There will
be special services nightly at the
Pilgrim Holiness church, 2220
Wantland avenue, Rev. H. IS.
White of Toxus Is the evangelist.
The services open ot 7:45 o'clock
and the publio la Invited.
Police Court Six drunks ap
neiired in nnllcs court Wednes
day morning before Acting Po
lice Judge Adolph Zamsky. Two
motor violations were reported
and three truffle tickets paid.
Postponed Due to Illness,
members of the Post' President's
club will not meet until further
notice, according to Mrs. Do
losla Perkins, 1401 Wall street.
In Medford Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Johnson and daughters of
2310 Eberleln avenue, spent
Sunday In Medford.
"Mortals and Immortals" was
the subject of the Lcsson-Sor-mon
In all Churches of Christ,
Scientist, on Sundoy.'May 17.
The Golden Text was, "They
that are after the flesh do mind
the things of the flesh; but they
that are after the Spirit the
things of the Spirit" (Romans
Among the citations which
comprised tho Lesson-Sermon
was the following from the
Bible: "And I, brethren, could
not speak unto you as unto
spiritual, but as unto carnal,
even as unto babes In Christ.
For ye are yet carnal; for
whereas there is among you en
vying, and strife, and divisions,
are ye not carnal, and walk as
men?" (I Cor. 3:1,3).
The Lesson-Sermon also In
cluded the following correlative
passages from the Christian Sci
ence textbook, "Science and
Health with Key to Scriptures"
by Mary Baker Eddy: "Tho oppo
site and false views of the people
hid from their sense Christ's son
ship with God. They could not
discern his spiritual existence.
Their carnal minds were at en
mity with It. Their thoughts
were filled with mortal error,
Instead of with God's spiritual
Idea as presented by Christ
Jesus" (p.315).
Mcrcaptan Is the vilest smell
ing compound that man has ever
Malcolm Eplcy, Klamath Falls
newspaper man, will be the prin
cipal speaker at the graduation
exercises of the Roosevelt school
Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.
Little Mary Lou Tlmmons will
give the farewell talk.
The program was announced
as follows:
Processional, March from
Address of welcome, Scott
Orchestra numbers, "Sunday
Afternoon" and "Manitou."
Boys' chorus, "Calm of Night"
and "Alouctte."
Piano solo, Mary Lou Tim
mons. Clarinet sextet, "Minuet" by
Triple trio, "Memories."
Graduation address, Malcolm
DAR award by Mrs. Bert
Eighth grade chorus "Month
ol May."
Presentation of diplomas.
Farewell address, Mary Lou
Trading on the Boston wool
market was slow today and
domestic wools were being of
fered from the country In mod
erate quantities at slightly
easier prices. Domestic bright
quarter-blood fleece wools were
quoted at 52-53 cents, grease
basis, with an occasional sale
at 52 cents, delivered. Distrib
uting agencies have sold small
lots of average Texas 12-months
at $1.16-1.18, scoured basis, and
some eight months at $1.08-1.10.
Correction In the picture of
model airplanes which appeared
recently in The Herald and
News, credit for the supervision
of construction of the planes was
given to Kelley Roblnette. In
dustrial art Instructor at Klam
ath Union high school. Addition
al credit should go to LeRoy
Erdmann, industrial arts In
structor of the city grade
schools. The airplane models
were on display In the J. C.
Penney company window.
(Effective September 28. 1941!
Train 17 flouthbou.idi 6 a. in.
Train 20 Northbound) 10:00 a. m.
Train 19 Bouthboundi ti4B p. m.
Train 18 Northbound! 9:00 p, m.
m3h:M & WAY;
V fs) "OomUh
I fenoe" strip
Uk sonar plckatl
I ard a uly bar
X - 4r. Bed. bio.
I I . chocolate. ' of
i black with wail.
' Sins U lo 40.
Amerlca'a wash tub
Is wearing a V for vio'
tory. It'a smart end it's'
nf lo tub. So, of
court, Georgian
give you a bean, bou-j
cruet of "GianaMerepea
tha wonder rayon
that wash like cotton, but!
mora easilv. See. buy.i
T and be summer smart.: I
stab epacod ea rose brick, tool
liiw. tauaor brow w hm
tola eraaoas. A eon arm
alios i m
id tide button
1 cat dies v V
I Whit don oa ' A'
summer brown, v "y V
hoatii ol attl- ; :..
chok rn, ' V
navy or hava : ' ' ; t -blu.
Slim II " y
i to 44. : '
(D) 'TemeUH,'
a Iwo-ploco.
Whit oa arar.
.. rd. ibbbii
brown or navT
Bum 10 la 10.
Circle to Meet The Mary
and Martha circle of the First
Presbyterian church will meet
Friday, May 22, at 2 p. m. In
the church parlors with Mrs.
Robert Faus as hostess.
VFW to Meet The regular
meeting of Pelican post, Vet
eran of Foreign Wars, will
take place Thursday at 8 p. m.
Business of the evening will be
election o f convention dele
gates, Initiation of new mem
bers and arrangements complet
ed for the sale of Buddy Pop
pies on Saturday, May 23. The
post will serve refreshment! to
the auxiliary following the
Ladies Aid Tha Ladies Aid
of Zlon Lutheran church will
meet for a luncheon and busi
ness meeting on Thursday after
noon at 1:30 o'clock, at the home
of Mrs. Harold Ebcrlein, 2427
Garden street. Those desiring
transportation should be at the
church by 1:20 p. m.
Friendship Circle The
Friendship club will meet Fri
day afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Eugene H. Love, 2522
White avenue with Mrs. Ralph
Weise and Mrs. O. E. Schupp
assisting. Dessert will be serv
ed at 1:30 o clock followed by
a brief business meeting. Auc
tlon bridge will be played.
VFW Auxiliary The regular
meeting of the Veterans of For
eign Wars auxiliary will be held
Thursday, May 21, at 8 p. m. in
the library club rooms. There
will be election of delegates for
the state encampment, and initia
tion of one new member. Officers
are asked to wear uniforms. All
members are asked to attend and
bring potluck lunch to be served
the post following the meeting.
PORTLAND, May 20 m Of
ficials in Washington apparently
have decided the war will not
last long, Walter B. Weisenbur-
ger, New York, vice president
of the National Association of
Manufacturers, said Monday.
He told the fourth annual Ore
gon Industrial conference that
the war production board order
halting construction on war fac
tories which cannot be complet
ed by mid-1943 apparently means
the WPB thinks the war will end
In a couple of years.
'Stop 'em in 1942 and lick 'em
In 1943 seems to be the new
cry," he said.
William P. Witherow, Pitta-
burgh, Pa., NAM president, crit
icized congressional testimony,
which, he said, "has created the
impression that patents have
held up America's war effort."
The government, he said, has
had the power since 1910 to
have anything manufactured, re
gardless of patents.
"The government could have
had plants built to produce all
the synthetic rubber America
and her allies need. Likewise
the government could have man
ufactured carboloy or any other
proauci now in me neaaunes,
Witherow declared.
A huge air freight industry
will be started after the war,
given impetus by the aircraft
plants now being constructed,
Malcolm Muir, president and
publisher of Newsweek maga
zine, predicted.
Murray Shields, New York
economist, said a post-war slump
seems inevitable, but it might
be only brief and mild and
prompt recovery might follow.
Chile, according to seismo
graphs, has an average of two
earthquakes daily, with two de
structive shocks annually.
Eight million old time galley
slaves would be needed to propel
the modern huge ocean liners.
Unemployment Office
Man Visits Here
W. H. Dlnehart, field repre
sentative for the State Unem
ployment Compensation commis
sion, will be in the Klamath
Falls area for the next few days
to confer with employers of four
or more workers regarding re
ports on covered payrolls.
While In this territory Dlne
hart will make his headquarters
at the employment office.
In order to prevent thefts of,
tires, police In some localities''
will demand to see tha motorist's
registration card when they
come upon him In tha act of
changing a wheel.
Oat Your Next
' 12.28 At
733 Mala
Fresh. Crisp -
Peanut Urittle
Lb. 16c
aiaijgaMi.aiii.i, lamioo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
one very good reason. ..they like it! They like '
the comfortable, livable rooms, they like the
food in the coffee shop and dining room, and
they like the friendly atmosphere. You will, too!
I J!r if -
The senior class of Bonanza
high school held its annual fare
well assembly to t h e student
body on' May 14, at which time
the senior presented their me
morial to the school, a beautiful
silk flag.
The following boys and girls
athletic awards were presented
by Mrs. Coyner and Mrs. Hey
den: Boys' awards, three-sport
letermen, George Bray, Stanley
Russell, Gene Horsely and Frank
Grohs. Two- sport lettermen
David House. Walter Smith, Neil
Grohs and Warren Flackus. One
sport lettermen, David Harbin
son, Cole Fitzhugh Paul Fitz
hugh, Arthur Monroe, Dick Pep
ple. Buddy Harris, Charles Hart
ley, Danny Givan, Peter Lorenz,
Bob Ross and Earl Hitson.
Managers, Gordon Givan, Wes
ley Hankins and Drury McBeth.
Girls' awards: Fourth year
awards, Betty Mae Roberts, Bar
bara Pool, Jeanie Abraham,
Haze! Cochran, Ellen Romtvedt,
Viola Hicks and Iona Smith.
Third year award: Beryl
Smith, Dorothy Jones and Mary
Second year award: Willie
Mae Randall, Dorothy Clark,
Laura Pankey, Lorraine Martin,
Opal Palmer, Elsa Hartley, Jean
Fenton, Lillas Jean Parker,
Pauline Wood, Mae Lilly and
Ola Mayol.
First year award: Clara Ritter,
Mary Ann Gift, Clara Belle Par
ker, Phyllis Llnzi, Shirley Flet
cher, Etta Settle, Mildred Martin
and Nadine Schinar.
The following awards were
presented for speech work by
Mrs. Givan: Declamation, Mae
Lilly; debate, Blanton O'Shiclds,
Danny Givan, James Bradshaw
and Merrill Driscoll.
The eyelid of the cuckoo ray,
a rare fish, Is located inside the
eye itself, between the cornea
and the pupil.
Four million gallons of water
are consumed daily in the U. S.
steel industry to cool machinery
and produce steam.
Here's a Gender Way
to Treat Constipation!
Do you think you hv to tale
himb catniu-tloa or purge every
tlms constipation make you
mlMTbl? Vou don't if you
are on of thos i-eopl with
normal intestlno who sutler
from constipation duo to lack
of "bulk" In the diet. Ther Is a
pieasanttr and petitler way.
All you do Is eat KKLLOad'8
ALL-BRAN regularly and drink
plenty of water. ALL-BRAN Is a
crisp, delicious cereal. It work
quite dlderently from many
medicinal laxative. They work
by proddlngi the Intestine Into
action or by drawing molstur
into them from other parts of
the body. But ALL-BRAN acta
principally on tho content of
the colon, helping you to ban
easy and normal elimination.
ALL-BRAN Is made by Kellogg'
In Battle Creek. If your condi
tion I not helped by this almpl
treatment, e doctor.
Nave you fried the first really new
wliife Hooting soap since tho
Cay Nineties? h's better in 8 ways!
Com ea, Lady! Come on, Mister! Come on, every
body! Try Swanl
If you don't agree that It's swell the grandest
all-purpose soap that ever sailed into your home
mail us ;the wrapper and well send you double
. your money back. Swan, Lever Brothers Company,
Cambridge, Mass.
1. WMtar! Para and mild as
imported castiles! Tests now
prove you simply can't buy a
purer soap than Swan. 2. It
imellt frethtr. And Swan
doesn't turn rancid. 3. Feelt
"toother, finer-iexturtdt
4. Quicker, crustier tathtrl
Yes, Swan lathers 2 times
quicker gives smoother,
richer suds than old-style
floating soaps. 5. Lathtn stwll
rem in hard wafer; even in
water as cold as icet
Save with
costs no Moan
swan has far less moutv
Omf Boms Paat ffltttmtB
radio revel.
.0 '