The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 20, 1934, Page 16, Image 16

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PEN if)
' .BIEDER, Calif., April 10.
Lumbering operations to start
ooi for a six or eight month
run ar .xpected to employ about
'JO men In file Valley mills and
on tie timbered mountain slopes
edging the west side ot the ra)
ley. Half a hundred are busy
already, foiling the mills ready,
building a camp tor the logging
crews and doing other prelim
inary work.
Production " allotments given
out for the first five months ot
1984 by His lumber cone author
ities have so tar accumulated un
used, but are so much below the
mills' capacities that there Is no
doubt about catching up after
they get to running. It allot
ments tor the rest ot tho season
are maintained on approximately
the same basis, an output of 25
to SO million feet before the end
of the year Is probable.
First logs were to splash Into
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April 20, 1934
Cathedral Spires Fall to Man
" ' V-'" !
Toe toll, forbidding peaks ot Cathedral Spires, Yosemlte Valley, Qab
tomia, tor years the goal ot mountain climbers, were conquered by
man vdien Richard M. Leonard, Best or Robinson and Lucten Elchorn.
Sierra Club climbers, ascended the 115 foot peaks. They are shown
above at left making their way down after planting a large American
flag (indicated by arrow), on the highest of the spires.
the pond this Friday and mills
ot the Stockton Box company and
Big Valley Lumber company are
scheduled to go into action next
Monday, each concern employing
about 30 men and turning out
80,000 feet per day. The Big
Valley company's mill will cut
lumber tor the Stockton Box com
pany. i
Claude Caldwell and Sons' new
mill beside tho Great Northern
railway at TVest Bleber, replac
ing their plant destroyed by fire
last summer, is nearlng com
pletion and Is expected to start
sawing next month.
George Scott from Susanville
will conduct logging activities in
me Red River Lumber company's
timber holdings ' on BIk Vallev
mountain to supply the above
mills and will work 60 to 75 men.
Scott has started construction of
a. camp at the mountain foot a
mile or so west of Nubleber to
house and feed his employes. It
will have a bunkbouse 33 by 84
feet, a messhall 48 bv 60 and
other buildings. .
A. Zamboni will onerate a mill
beside the railroad west of Lookout.
It was made known today at
the. White House that President
Roosevelt feels the answer to the
silver remonetlsatlon problem
lies In the formula presented at
the London economic conference
whereby, all nations would fix
definite reserves of silver In ratio
to their gold supply.' - "
This would bring for ,ths first
time In history a . fixed ratio
throughout the world between
gold and silver. It was proposed
at London that the nations es
tablish silver reserves up to 25
per cent ot their gold supply.
As a Tesult of this Informal
exposition of the president's at
titude it was believed today Mr.
Roosevelt would stand pat against
any mandatory legislation at this
seslon regarding silver.
The high school young people
of the .Cnmmuully bhuroh will
enndiiet an open forum ou Sun
day evening at 7:30 o'clock, the
regular hour of the evening ser
vice. Tho sulijeot la based upon
an open letter written by a high
hoIiooI student to a popular Amor
Iran niagnslite a low months ago
on tho subject of honesty. This
young student outlined, In , his
letter his dlnllluslonmoiu con
ceuilng the ethics ot the present
generation In business and the
atmira of. everyday life,, and' In
dicated how Impossible It seemed
to be absolutely honest In all
ones dealings with their follows
Tho forum will be conducted
by Mr. Don Fisher of the high
school faculty and will be partici
pated in by the following stu
dents: Dean French aud Warrnn
Poole will doflno honesty : Julia
Tomlluson and Violet Pearaou
will Indicate the extent ot (ill
honesty among youth: Miss Peg
gy White will tell what can he
done to correct the situation
There wll be discussion from the
floor. This forum promises to bo
ot great Interest and is one in a
series that are being held on
Sunday evenings at the church.
A week trom Sunday Mr. Russell
Andrews will lead a forum on tho
subject of disarmament. All In
terested are Invited to atlond
uu 10 laaw lri
SALEM. April 10. W) Declar
ing that, "The Christian Endeav
or can help put the country dry i
a second time it necessary," Rov.
Milton S. Wober, Eugene pastor,
spoke to the genernl assembly ot
Christian Endeavorers meeting
here for the state convention last
Weber took exception to the
approaching sale ot cigarettes In
Oregon through vending ma
chines and to the delivery service
of some, of the state liquor stores.
Approximately 1.000 of the
young people were In Salem last
Ight to attend the first sessions
of the convention with 3&0 more
expected today who had previous
ly registered. All sessions wlll
be held In the Willamette Uni
versity gymnasium.
Other highlights ot the eve
ning program Included addresses
by Dr. Carl Gregg Doney of Wil
lamette, Mayor Douglas McKay
of Salem and Miss Helen McClay,
state president ot Christian En
deavor. . . ..
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Bieber Workman
Gets Leg Broken
UIKI1KU, Calif,, April 0.
Knnger Hod void's ankle was
broken Woduostluy, whon part of
a pllo of lumhor fell ou It whllo
ho wus working In the Stockton
llox company's mlllyurd nonr Nu
bieber, .- .
Mrs. Dolllo Knox has sold her
farm ai the wast aldo ot Dig
Valley to.H. A, Hoffman ot Hod
Uluft. It Is understood Mr. Hoff
man will move onto tho fitrm.
Mis, Knox and her dnughtor, Mrs.
Hindis Cinlg and her sun Lloyd
nro visiting hoi'o.
Tho lllg Valley Wuter Users
nssoi'lnlluu has nppllod to I he
Into for a rodiu'ml rnto on wa-ler-mniitnr
lervlco this year, on
tho ground that thorn I wll pron
to apportion after tho end of
ably be no flow In the Pit river
'June, the past winter and this
spring having been exceptionally
' Degree Htnff Called -All mom
hers of tho Ilulioknh degree stuff
linvo been rulloil to meet lit tho
I. 0. 0, V. hall Sulurdny avenliig,
April 18. at 7:30 o'clock, to help
Initials girls of the Tholn Itho
olub. Tho membors wore asked
to wear whlto.
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