The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 20, 1934, Page 10, Image 10

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April 20, 1934
: STATE HOUSE. Salem, Ore,
April 20. (U.R) Oregon's greatest
need In tho legislative field is an
adaptation" Df sluto Btuttitos to
the recovery program outlined by
Prenldonl Roosevelt for the na
tion, Cnitresiiman Charles H. Mar
tin, candidate for the democratic
gubernatorial nomination declar
ed today.
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airmail Interview the Multnomah
county congressman answered per
tinent quostlon from his office
In Washington, D. C.
Disregards Sales Tnx
Asked how he would conduct
the state'! business If nomiuated
and elected, Martin replied:
"If elected governor. 1 will call
Into council all possible thought
fill and constructive minded pso
plo for an Improved order In our
state, and will employ the most
efficient people that I can securo
to carry out a program for state
administration and the higher de
velopment and use of our latent
Ho took no dotlnite stand on
the sales tax.
'The 'sales tax Issue will be de
cided by the people of Oregon at
the primary election before
take any state office. I will ac
cept the majority vote of the peo
ple as my course of action.
Martin declared he favored
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Smile on Meeting
I o
Not even accusations linking them with an International spy plot
could keep Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon Swltt, Americans, from smil
ing happily when, as shown above, they met in a Paris court It waa
the first time they had seen each other since their arrest several
months ago.
federal construction of transmis
sion lines from Bonneville dam.
Favors Poop-Sea Locks
Power at the Bonneville dam
Is owned by the federal govern
ment, and will be used pursuant
to the government's policies that
are now. being favored by the
president and his administration.
I favor Oregon a using her in
fluence with the president to
have this power sold at the lowest
possible cost to all users, wher
ever there can be any human
I also favor an effort to have
the federal government build the
necessary transmission lines, as
it is now doing at Muscle Shoals.
for' proper distribution, thus re
lieving our state of the heavy ex
pense involved."
His stand on deep-sea locks at
Bonneville was expressed sue
cintly: -,
I favor constrnctlon of deep
locks at Bonneville at the
may be secured in harmony with
earliest possible date the same
the most effective Columbia river
development program."
Will Try Knox Plnn
Martin, a retired mnjor gen
eral, made no promises about sav
ing vast sums of state money.
but merely stated: "I cannot
say wherein state operating ex
penses may be reduced -In safety
to the public Interests until I
have had time to assemble all
facts In order to reach a sound
and equitable course of proced
Advanced social legislation
which goes on the theory that
the worthy unemployed shall not
suffer, was advocated by Martin
"I favor securing the largest
possible federal aid in public
works and through relief agen
cies proportionate to our popula
tion and latent wealth.
The Knox plan tor state llqor
control should be given a fair
trial before changes are recom
mended, the congressman said.
"If such a fair trial develops
weaknesses and the need for
changes, I would not hesitate to
recommend procedure accord
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for Paris Spy Trial
Harvey Lloyd Ooble, a resi
dent of this city for the last ten
years, passed away Thursday at
11:45 a. m. following an Illness
of five days. He was a native
of Boise, Idaho and at the time
of his death was aged 26 years,
10 months and 16 days. Sur
viving are his mother, Mrs. El
ton Smith: two brothers. Jack
li. and William E. Goble. all of
Klamath Falls. Funeral serv
ices will be held Monday at 3:00
p. m. in the chapel of the Earl
YYhitlock Funeral Homo, Pine
street at Sixth, with jthe Rev.
Robert Lee Balrd of St. Paul's
Episcopal church officiating.
Commitment services and vault
entombment Llnkvllle cemetery.
rrienas invuca.
Kessle M. Hall, a resident of
Stewart addition, passed away 'In
this city April 19. The deceased
leaves to mourn his passing, a
wife and three children. The re
mains are at the Klamath Fu
neral Home, 925 High street. No
tice of the funeral will be an
nounced later.
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Roosevelt Studies Plans
for New Campaign; Will
Provide One Million Jobs
WASHINGTON, April 10, (U.R)
1'rusUlent Roosevelt today sur
veyed plans for an ambitious
home modernisation .and building
campaign which officials boliovo
might provide Jobs for 1,000,000
men. ,
Chnlrman Frauk C. Walkor of
tho National Emergency council
headed a group of admlulatratlon
leaders that went over the pro
posal with Mr. Rooserelt and also
sought ways of speeding federal
housing projecta which are being
Impeded by efforts of "land
shnrks" to bag big profits at
foderal oxpense,
' Ono nilllon Exported
Walker has been working for
woeks on plans for the building
campaign, designed to rroato ad
ditional employment and aid the
construction and capital goods in
dustries which have boon slowest
to respond to rocovory efforts.
Those sponsoring the campaign
believe It might draw out as
much as 11,000,000,000 of pri
vate capital for modernisation
and building loans It they are par
tially guaranteed by the govern-
Drink Good Old
Distributing Co.
122 S. 9th St V ,
rD n nnnnrwo
tout through a fedoral mortgage
Inauranc fund.
Johnson to Direct
Recovery Administrator Huih
8. Johnaou, who was ooniUlemd
ao successful In publicising NRA,
la expoctod to tnko chargo of the
building campaign In III Inltal
Besldos Walkor aud Johnson,
those who couforred with the
President today Included Secre
tary of Interior Harold L. Ickoa,
Secretary of Treasury Henry, Jr., Socrotary of
Commorco Danlnl 0. Hnpor, Secre
tary of Agriculture Henry A. Wal
lace, Attornay Oonoral Homer 8.
Cuiumlngs, Secretary of Labor
Francos Porklns, ltollnf Adminis
trator Harry L. Hopkins, Budgol
director, Lawls Douglas and
Chairman Jnsao Jones of the RFC.
The confereoa woro understood
to have canvassed means of stimu
lating and coordinating various
fedoral projecta for slum cloar-
II L V V t V a. Crli -V - W U Ar t .11 (.
Recipes That Your
Family Will Like
e -
Chicken Receptloa Salad
1 cops diced chicken
1 cup halved and seeded Malaya
H eup diced celery
H cup shreddod toasted aimoada
Whlppod crrarp
Best Foods Mayonnaise
Combine the chicken and eelery
with sufficient mayonnaise to
moisten well and chill. Then
tlr In the grapes and almond!
with enough whipped eream
mayonnalso (half whipped cream
and half mayonnaise) to blend,
and nse this also to garnish the
salsd. with halves of grapes and
whole nut meals arranged over
the surface.
Apple and Tona-Fhh 8ala4
Wash red apple and scoop out
the centers. Moke a filling of
tuna-dsn mixed with diced ap
ple and celery. Add a little
lemon Juice and mix with Best
Foods Mayonnaise. Heap Into
apple sheila. Place on a bed of
lettuce and garnish with faces
pepper or plmlento.
Waldorf Balai
3 cups diced celery
1 cup diced apple
1 cup shelled roasted peannss
1 teaspoon lemon Juice
Pinch of salt
Best Foods Mayonnaise
Dice celery and put in Ice water
(or half ao hour. Then drain
well. Dice apple and add lemon
juice and mix with celery, pea
nuts, salt and mayonnaise. Serve
la crisp lettuce cups.
Fresh Aeparagai Salad
1 package lemon gelatin
1 cup warm water
cup asparagus stock or water
S tablespoons vinegar
hi teaspoon salt
2 cups cooked asparagus, diced
1 plmlento, chopped
Bost Foods Mayonnaise
Dissolve gelatin In warm water.
Add asparagus stock, vinegar
and salt. Chill. Whon slightly
thickened, fold In asparagus and
plmlento. Turn Into individual
molds. Chill until firm. Unmold
on crisp lettuce. Oarnlsb with
Best Foods Mayonnaise. Sprinkle
with paprika. Serves 8.
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BAI.EM, April 10 (A1) Ferris
4 Hnrdgrove of l'ortlnnd. rep
resenting a syndicate of five fl
uanolnl firms of New York, wus
the successful lilddor for the
purchase of the one million dol
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War Vetornns slate aid commis
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Salad Dressing
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best prloo rnonlved liy tills branch
of Ilia slulo govurnmi'iit since
111 1)7.
The bond Issue . wus sold to
round out tho financial statue
of tho communion, and It wns
announced mine others would lie
sold for two or throe yuu is, Five
hlddura, Including 15 firms, on
lured bids,
Tho II. 8. I'utnut Orflce Is hn
gluuliig to make moony, whlrh la
mo ro than rnn ho said for ninny
of tho Invmilliina Haled thoro,
A ltilin w)in wttluhtt 91111 iirtnnda
on tho cur tli would weigh. S tons
it no could live on tne sun.
an 8-Year Test
flAX I,
from the hrll, salad oil iriinra
the day before it Is used, se
lert rlnrirar and carefully
blended spires. Now von know
secret why Best Foods
MayonnaUe U the West most
Best Foods
French Dreading
Try It We think youH sere
the flavor Is something to brag
about. You'll be surprised bow
reasonably It's priced.
Thousand Island
Just the dressing for head let
tnce. Makes a marvelous rork
tall sauce. Adds a llnlthlnf
touch lo fish or egg- salads.
Bread and Butter
Ripe cacambors Just off the vine,
sliced nnd prewired In vlnognr
Instead of In brlno as most
nlckies are. Widely Intituled
but not successfully.
salad ingredients this week