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April 19, 1931
D 2fl?c dfocntwt pernio S
MALCOLM UHLUY Manning lid It Of
Vubllthitf every afternoon except Sunder by The Herald Publlihlnc
Company at 104-111 South Fifth Street, Klamath ralle, Oreaon
festered second elase matter at the noetofflce of Klamath Pnlla, Ore.,
on AUtusl to, lews, unaer act 01 vonaroes, eiarcn a, e,
Br Mall
in uoumy umeiao i.ouny
i , fi.te
' , ' 109 t.00
New Behind the News
Tbe Inside Story From
Th Capital
,Copyrlght,llM. br Paol Malloa
SIDE GLANCES- c-wm curk
Thru Months
Rlx Mnntha
One Vear
One Month
4'hree Mnntha
81a Montha
One Yaar
Delivered br Carrier In Cur
-I s
1 s
Repreeented Nationally br
u r: unnRNcKN A Co.. fna
Baa Iranoleco, Naw York, Detroit. Seattle. Chicago, Portland, Loa Anaelea
Copies of the News and Herald, together with complete Information about
the Klamath Falla market, mar be obtained (or the asking at any of
ineea oiucce
Umkjip nf The Aeeoclatad Preaa
Vka Alioclated Preaa la exelualvely entitled to the uae or republication
of all newa dlepatchea credited to It or not otherwlie credited In thla
paper, and aleo the local newa publlahed therein. All rlKhta of republican
WA8HIN0TON, April 19.
Everything la folng to be all
riKht now. lion Smith and Tom
Brant are coming home.
That may not mean much to
an outsider, but the boyt in Wall
Street will catch on.
Messrs. 8mlth and Bragg left I
tna country at an opportune mo
ment about two monthi ago.
When the tenale stock market In-1
vestigttort atarted looking for
them, they had Just aet aall fori
Honolulu, or Australia; no one
knowa which. They vera beyond
the reach of a subpoena which
would have required them to tes
tify about certain adventures
they had in aviation stocks.
They are also selecting an op
portune moment for their return.
The atock market Investigation
is over. Only . a few days after
that newa got out, they notified
(v i r ar r 1 tt n LI vunuvwwauj met uy
fiepeai is new r actor in i ratric rrooiems woum be back wne York early
, I uaj.
V ia el-ill ct try a a tool fan Anrlv tr o-ttf a fair- filnnf rtn !
I all the effects of rerjea.1 of the 18th amendment. vn A!fD DOWNS
Ennnch time hna nassed. however, to make at least one when these boys let back to
s-hi , !,. P..l h.. min.Hn.iMt rAaA tr. I " ". tire win u. aumo-
?. T,. i "v"," uh.i...v . thing doing. They are the most
the difficulties of an already tangled automobile traffic ferocious ot au the buiu and
situation. beare. Their comrades in margins
The traffic commissioner oi a rem-esentative met- " "" recunen nun nu
kODolitan police department, pointing to the fact that
this year's traffic fatalities are substantial higher than rlght when w0 went off the gold
ast year's, asserts bluntly that "the most significant standard. At least, they received
ingle factor is the novelty of legal drinking," and goes inner acclaim for having bet right,
on to add that alcohol has figured in a larger percentage uh"ugh. 00 .P" .,vr koovt
of fatal and less serious traffic accidents during the firist .,,. thaw ia
three months of 1934 than in the first three months of They bob np in more unexpect-
1933. led places than Mrs. Roosevelt
It ia not the fort that rlrnnlten rlrivem trpr. itiit : uu"t .
4.U . 1 4.1.-. 1: ii. u 4.u:- r I '- o " "
am uib ructu liiul cuixipiicatca uiat.Lt;ia aitiiuuu una, ui i york to Washington,
ourse, is tne worst part 01 it.
Drunken pedestrians reel out into the street and get
aa.ft4Mt '' V
Editorials on News
"Keep It a year two years, and If you aren't eattsfled bring It right
oack nere ana got your money."
They even I
managed to get a hustness ap
pointment at the White House
executive offices on one occasion. I
They carry an air ot knowing at
least a few of the right people.
The only trouble about their
oa of the street with equal suc
a e e
CUETHERMORE, financial difficulties having caused
I most cities to reduce the scoDe of Douce activities, return Is that no one can tell
there are fewer "beat" patrolmen on the scene to collar wh9'h" 1 mlrket w"l "?
fluh man nnri lnor them nff to the nnlipe fitntinn rn nnher I . . . .. ' u.w "u"Bu uum
o - sia
.p tnan tnere usea De.
And there is still another ancle tn ir There is mnre
lfrhf lifa vinm tn n t,n, o nn nANnlA aA I HEAT
tte streets after midnight than used to be the case and don Vh, Teter.ns? ul by pub!
not all of them are cold sober. licitr heat is under serious eon-
Empty foads on the edge of town are more danger- sideration by those here with au-
bus now. alontr about 2 in the mormne:. than thev used '"""'J rry out-tneir iaeas.
to be; exhilarated revellers, homeward bound, zip along
such boulevards at breakneck speed and all too often
reap the literal reward of such speed broken necks.
They would post the name ot
every veteran on the rolls in the
post office of the city in (which
he resides. The amount received
by each veteran and the reasons
therefor would be posted along-
that way, each community I
would be able to Judge for Itself
ALL In all, the evidence is pretty strong to show that JJa.","
repeal has introduced an ominous new factor into jn th
the traffic problem.. ' would b
What needs to be done In the face of this new factor whether iu veterans were legiti
b not at all clear. That there is hardly a city in Amer- ftel 1 t'tI??J?U.nd'8fbUUy
lea which has enough traffic policemen goes almost with. "gpSnZ Tit tte pi wSw it
put saying". - , ' -! would result In 15 to 15 per cent
That the police and the courts need to adopt a much ot voluntary withdrawals from
more -Hard-boiled attitude toward traffic Jaw violators
equally clear. ; ; ' wAmxEsa
Most of all, however, we need a new-sense ei in- The-plan ' proMbly wanld be Cargo.- Tomorrow, -Advice) to
dividual responsibility. The man' Who is driving a car put into operation in a minute if the Lovelorn," with Lee Tracy
ha a-we8P0I a8 dangerous a5 a .oaded - 0VVe .dministratto, 1 Sa"'
T ' c, . " ,." i,r T4.. 1 trying to quiet down tie wilflJ pme Tree Now playing, "Pad
Its perfectly safe If he handles it carefully. Its a ,,. nn ,h 1,111. it doea notln. ,h v.f Thi;' t.
Basty menace to public safety if he doesn't..- And it's I want to do anything which- could morrow,.'.. "The House of Mys-
Jiigh time that every auto driver was lorced to realize I be considered a direct atrront tery.
-laY.afrfrf--Tri rm mtm
Lee Tracy and Sterling Hollowiy
V in" Advice to tha Lovelorn"
Pelican Now playing, "Wild
the fact.
Some People
Say ' -
Ee who has given a hostage
knows all ways of dying. Mrs.
Swlght W. Morrow, mother ot
ftre. Lindbergh.
'A Daby is not a vegetable.
Neither ia It an animal. A baby
needs social life, jnst aa. much as
do adulta.-rDr. Knight . Dunlap
of, Johns Hopkins University.
And M ' I worked out the fan
dance, which la a geometrical
problem two circles and
straight line Sally Rand.
You'll never build a planned
economy in a ' democracy with
the use of political power. Hen
ry Li. Mencken.
Rainbow Now playing, "You
I Made Me Love You." Tomorrow,
("Melody Cruise," with Phil Har
iris.! :-::.. . . .
Vox Now playing,
with O. P. Haggle
Fox. -
and Sidney
Famous Painting
H What is the
name of the
famous Italian
painting In .
the picture?
jITo divide into
two parte.
tt Footless
B Native Indian,
14 To serve.
U Fairy.
H Wrath.
It Corded cloth.
SO North America
SI Sun god.
B2 Pound.
X Therefore.
Answer to Pr-evkms Pvnte
11 Rotten-stone.
17 Granted facta.
18 Slavlc-speakr '
Ing person.
21 Genus of frogs.
23 Square-rigged
25 Labor.
27 Afresh.
2t Always. -30
11 Poem.
J J Set of arti.
Octal teeth.
33 To line a
through water. 37 Epoch.
CT Dogma. 38 June flower.
At 0 o Masao'o ggt
t sedS qEdol kMLaW gg
(P kPI arw T E N r
42 Humor.
44 Railroad. 58 Booty. 81 To dine.
45 Place at which VERTICAL 40 PP08lte ot
a race ends. bottom.
46 Amphibian. , 1 "bating to 41 ijndermlnea.
Constellation. 48 Behold. ine morning. 43 child,
kg Who was the 49, 60 Another s Mttslc dama. 45 To sure.
artist who famous picture "ol "" 47 To apportion
painted itf by the same 4 To total. cards.
4Bywayot. artist. ' 5 Minor note 49 Boy.
WfFIan. ' ; 52Ubyrlnth. . ' TExists. , 60 Iniquity,
53 Male courtesy 8 Anything : . 61 Stream,
title.' ' steeped. , , 52 Mother.
54 Mentioned. ' I Pitcher. ' ' 53 Southeast '
66 To walk 10 Anxieties. 66 To accomplish.
116 To make a
tit Driving
(37 Snaky fish.
3S Softens In
after the overriding of the presi
dent's veto on veterans' restor
ations. V .
There Is no real basis for ob
jection to the scheme; however,
and It undoubtedly will be put
Into operation sooner - or later,
either after congress goes homo
or after the next elections,
As matters now stand, the vet
crane . administration Keeps, its
rolls to nseii. it. win answer ape- No pjctnre In many months
cine inquiries a iu w..Cl, promises more laughs or more
certain person is on the rolls, tender Irony than "Advice to tho
but It does not like to. Lovelorn." showina tomorrow at
rhA Da Inan hAn ei'Mk T
tji.f,iwi.w.w Tracr in the feature role.
The president's "tough guy" Sally Blane Is the love Inter-
speech to congress and all the eat, and others who will be seen
current bickering about taxes, in VAdvice to the Lovelorn" are
silver, etc., make It appear ' that Isabel Jewel, Paul Jlarvey, Judith
the wnite House ana congress wooa, May Boicy. sterling Hoi
are at swords points. loway, C. Henry Gordon, Jean
That la true only on the anr- Adair, Matt Briegs. Charles Lev-
face. Ilnson. Adalyn D0yle and Etienne
On the inside, me wnite House oirardot.
and the congressmen are going
to great lengtha to keep from ' . AT THE FIXE TREE,
fichtln each other. The con- '
Eressional leaders have been per-l An unseen '4nd mysterious
mltted to understand on. the Q. T. I monster that strikes In the dark
that President Roosevelt will dol weird Hindu curse that de-
everything he can to help demo- scends npon all who touch the
cratic congressmen get re-elected. Jewels of Kali murder after
He actually has planned to make murder these are Just a few of
a Statement at tne ena .01. loetiuu ingreaieius ot ..xne. nouse
session, congratulating congress of Mystery," the tunning mur-
on Its work. - aer mystery playing, at the Pine
There has Keen some sngges-rrres tneaire . tomorrow,
Hon that he issue a puhiic appeal Thla new Monogram picture
hefora next NOVemher IOr eieC-I -nntalna nnnnoh hnrrnr nnH ana.
Hon of a democratic congress. He pense to Jolt even the most blaee
probably will not go that far, not mystery fan Into a state of wide-
necause 01 any persona, iemiB, eyea attention, while at the same
but because past experience proves time it carries Its audience from
that presidents always get In bad thrills and chills to the most
when they try to innuence con- hiinrinna mAv miinf iun in
gressionai elections. . i many a- day,
those who wish to
" ?- Jg'ir ""r"
I X "
is tJhrj
E5" 25 " , ST SP ST" ""3s T
h i I mil n44
Oklahoma Urdera at the baijtbow,
Sterilization t Or' "Melody. Cruise," with Phil
11 'air a I rtarris, popular radio orooner, in
Hospital inmates the stellar role, - opens at the
Rainbow theatre tomorrow for a
NORMAN. Okla.. April 1, I twn-ilav snnvomnnt Thle varv
(UP) On teslmony that the wel- popular musical shew was one of
the most outstanding hits of a
season ago and its final return
engagement at Klamath Falls
popular little picture house Is an
entertainment event for those
who fnllnrt to see It before, as
fare of society and the subjects
themselves would be promoted by
sterilization, eugenic operation
was ordered today for nine wards
lot the state of Oklahoma. All
were women of various Insane
Tho order marked the Begin- l-nr Karkxrht. Kirinou
ning of a long and carefully plan-I . ...... '
ned official program for steriliza
tion of mentally unlit persons-and
habitual criminals, one ot the
most comprehensive programs of
its kind ever undertaken by any
American state.
Three thousand or mors state
wards, according to officials, may
be. sterilized before .the end of
tha year.
All thnae for whom the nnnra-
tlon was ordered today were des-
And Bladder Trouble
Stop Getting Up Nights
Here's one good way to tlush
harmful waste from kidneys and
stop bladder irritation that often
causes scanty, burning and smart
ing passage. Ask your druggist
for a 85-cent box of Gold Medal
Haarlem Oil Capsules a splen
did diuretic and stimulant for
crlbed as sufferers from incurable weak kidneys and irritated blad-
mental pffllotlons - and potential der. Besides getting up nights,
parents of children of
mental state,
Hernando de Soto, discovotor
of the Mississippi river, was bur
lied in Its waters.
similar some symptoms of kidney trou-
bio are backache, puffy eyes, log
cramps, and moist palms, but be
sure and get GOLD MEDAL It's
the genuine medicine for weak
well as for
see It again.
"Midnight, Universal-! plctur
Izatlon ot the famous. Theatre
Guild play, bat been booked for
tha Vox theatre ; starting to
day. An imposing cast of . Broad
way's great,' beaded by O. P.
Heggle, the distinguished English
actor, and Sidney Fox, Universal
screen star, are featured in this
Intensely dramatic story of Am
erican lite. Henry Hull, Humph
rey Bogart, Lynn Overman, Mar
garet Wycherly, JUoffat Jobnson
and Helen Flint are also Includ
ed In the cast.
By a simple twist of fata, mem
bers of a quiet average Ameri
can family are hurled Into a vor
tex of overwrought emotions. At
twelve midnight, on a particular
night, the scale is weighted with
two lives in the "balance. Both
girls, both hare admitted murder.
The evaluation of the guilt of
these two lives and the wolght of
the guilty one on tbe guilt ot the
other makes the suspense of the
wait until twelve, midnight, ter
rifically gripping. -.' .
Chamber Launches
Membership Drive
A team of 42 workers went out
Wednesday morning on tha big
membership roundup tor the
chamber of commerce.
A quota of 100 new members
was. set for the day's goal, and
wlien reports began to come In
about noon, It was discovered
that virtually one halt of the
quota had been reached.
Woman Sought In
Bremerton Murder
BREMERTON, Wash. April 18,
(UP) Back whore they started
In- their investigation, police
sought to uncover definite elues
to the murderers who kHU'd sit
pursuits In tha llraniortou mass
murders by learning whereabouts
ot a "blonde woman" today,
Tha woman, doaorlhod aa lur
ing a "long bob", was said to
have driven to tha Frank Flludor
home, on Hie night ot tha murders
with Fred Bnloom, ona ot tha six
victims,' Another man asserted
ly was with thorn.
(Conlloutd from Pag One) ,
tha total travel Involved Iu this
one event was (00,000 miles.
'Assuming tha average Ufa of a,
car to ba 50,000 mlloi, It Is thu
apparent that the travel to this
on avent alona wore out ton au
lomoDllet which, of course,
ten new cart.
AND this, remember, takes Into
- " nnnifHnvaf Inn mitv tit ,i,kJ
Int out ot tha ten cart, It dootn't
Include tha wearing out of tires,
or th consumption of gatolld
and oil, or any of tha other ele
ments of cost entering Into til
operation ot an automobile.
Whon all ot thrao, along with
food, tobacco, outdoor clothing,
candy, etc., aro Included, w get
torn Idea of what traveling
around meant In tha way of con'
turning existing produclt and
thua creating a niarkot for NEW
Travel, you aee, la really a
groat promoter ot new business
activity, .
TN THE old any, whon our
A grandfathers worn young, the
accepted rule for gotttng along
In the world wat "work Ilka hell
and never spend a cent."
In these days, we no longor
accept that rule, for w know by
experience that the only way In
which business can be kopt active
la by kocptng money passing act
ively from hand to band.
NI-MBLH dollars are tho dollars
that create prosperity.
a e a
O LET'S attract all th tourist
travel we can. here in tho
Klamath country, whether It
cornea from within our own state
or from without. Evory new dol
lar we can bring here In that
way will help to mako us mora
a a e
WHILE we are on that subject,
thoro Is somolblng else lliul
needs to be said.
The Weed road, when It la
completed, will 1 brlug Into, tbo
Klamath country a vast amount
of NEW tourist travol, causing
to ba lott her large sums of
NEW MONEY that will help all
of us to'be mora prosperous.
Completion .of this tremend
ously Important now highway la
already In tight. ...
Society News
Th Bonlor-lntermedlata Chris-
lion Endeavor soololy of tha First
1-nrlstlan ohurch held a wiener
roaa and furewoll party Tues
day evening for those who are
planning to attend the Oregon
Bute Knduavor convention. Tha
mast took place Tuesday evening
at ninnr park, Gaiuet war tm
Joyed. . h
Those who attended th af
fair were: Olive Clapp, Thelitis
ajvnns aiioanor Bvans, Marian
Ualley, Patty O'Dell, nuth Brooks,
,.ui,,vi. niTi Miliar, Ar
thur Brooks, Charles Uhllg, 0ne
iiniiinanu, iris nates, Uldon Mo-
Kim, Elwood McKlm. Catharine
Kaiala. Ruth Estate, Everett Ks-
anio, ucorga Mctcalf, Mrs, 11. B,
Jones, Mr. Clspp, Mrs. II, L. Me
Kim, and Rev. and Mn, Arthur
Tbe sal nf tlckata for th tre
nlng of bridge. Thursday, April
, at St. Paul's parish house, bat
been progressing successfully, ac
cording to Tommy Itaddlffe,
chairman ot th ticket sal com-
Tho brldsa nnrlv will he fc.M
by th Young People't Fellowship
organltntlon of tits church. Plant
have been made for twenty-five
COIIIUlote COIIimlttnna hava Imrn,
ehnaen to work on the affair.
Marls Mora-an. aeneral nhaimmn
la being assisted by June North,
Soring flnwora will be usod In
tne aocoratton or the hall,
Tho rnnaraaatlnnal rnmn,i,nll.
circle will hold lit next social and
business meeting Friday after
noon at 1 o'clock In tha social
ball on Garden street. Mm, Win.
Arnold Is chairman of ihn iv
and those asalatlna will ha Mn..
dames K. L. Mltrholl, 8, It. Bor-
ry anu ji. u. Hrown. There Is to
bo a kitchen shower for tha itir.
civ at this tint,
e a
The M. I. A. of the Latter Tlav
Saints church will hold Its an-
nual green and sold hall nn Vri.
day evening. Anrll 10. In ih
auditorium of th city library.
nnmi-rino Hiicnnraon has been
SKleclud to rule as quuon ot th
evening, and her two oacorts will
be the Misses Jllnncha Mnr ,..
and Elaln Florin.
Dancing will hee-ln at son
o'clock, and itttislo will ba fur
nished by the "Hnrmonettos."
e e e
Mr. and Mrs. Jonn Mrfnwn nt
McCown'a private studio of danc
ing are presuming group of
their younger pupils In a dance
event at the library auditorium,
Friday evenlna. Anrll 27. 10.11
at 8:00 o'clock.
.'This Is the first of a series of
programs to bo presented, and
later , a prtiKrnm for the older
children will bo given. At this
urn children from three to nine
years ot ate will bn prnsenlnd,
About 30 children will titho part.
Tho program will be atinuuiiced
snlor, . ,
A group ot mombort of the
Kaitt Klamath Improvement aux
iliary mot Tuesday In their East
Main olub roam, whor they spent
the day working on Qejllls. A'
pot luck luncheon was enjoyed
at noon.
Tha Fromont P,-T. A, hold lit
regular mooting .Tuesday after
noon, Tho pupil's ot tho second
grade presented a circus piny an!
songs. Rev, Then, Hiiillh spoke
on tht "Responsibility ot tho
Church to th Child," bringing
ut th need which the church
mutt fill In th development of
th child.
Mrs. Ttd Case presided at the
business meeting. All wore urged
to attend th program at the
school Friday avonlnc. Hostestot ,
for th afternoon wore Mrs, Har
ry Marsh, Mrs. O. W. Hoffman,
Mrs. Gaorgt Wood and Mrs. Ed.
Russia, China
Conditions Told
Conditions In Russia and China
were outlined In an address pro-
tented -bofora th S0-S0 olub
Wodnatday noon at. th Wlllnrd
hotol by W. A. Selwood, formerly
onnuclvd with lb Y, M. 0. A. In
I The speaker described tho nat
ural resources of the two coun
tiTaevalld declared them lo bt far
greater than those ot th United
Uuford Morris aclod as chair
man of the meeting, and Marvin
Allies and Chottor llamaker
were special guests.
W hove gone on too many
years with a groat financial Inetl-
tutlon a law unto Itself. Sam
uel Untermyer. famous lawyer.
referring lo th New York atock
Completion of the Wood high
way within th present decado Is
due chiefly lo the bard. Intelli
gent and efficient work dono In
tha past two or throe years by
th Klamath' county chamber of
commerce. !
No one who Is at all familiar
with th -facts will evon under
take to deny the truth of this
a a a '
COMPLETION of tho Weed high
way, alone. , Justifies all the
money that has beon Invosted In
th Klamath county chamber of
commerce In the past ton years.
THE Klamath county chamber
of Commerce is appealing this
week for new members.
In all probability, you hav.o
been called on already by a mem
bership toanv If you are not a
member of tho.chamber. If you
haven't boon callod upon, you
will be bofJre the wook Is ovor.
When the committee calls on
by any chance you should be
missed, go down to tho offlco and
VOLUNTEER -your membership.
e a
'HE cbambor ot commerce
needa your holp In the work
It is doing, and YOU need the
knowledge that you aro doing
your part to make this commun
ity bigger and more Important
and more prosperous.
Announcing a Change of Name
Guaranteed First Grade
Formerly Sold at Beacon Gasoline
Pelican Ga on Sale at the Following- Locationti
8unrlse Service Station,
Main and 19. Main
Avers Nerrlce Station,
8, OMi Nt.
Bunnell Horvlce Station,
h. eth st.
Altnmont Service Station,
Bcncon Hcrvice Station,
K, Mnln -nnd Wantland
Black and While,
Corner Main & Spring
. Monarch Service Station,
. Otli and Walnut
, Oak Street Service Station, .
11th and Oak
Elk Garage, '
lltli ana Klamath
Laknway Hcrvlco Ntntlon,
Oro. Ave. A Blchn St-
Jones Sorvlco Station,
Mnlln, Ore,
HOME. IS A swetvr
Tlic happy home It the
healthy home, Hrrve OLD
l-OKT DAIRY milk- to your
family. It's chock full of
nourishing vltaminc , , . ana
It's PURE. A Klamath coun.
ty product prwlucrtl train
inachlne-mllked rows.
HMMAuatr.ertp r?
243 , OREGON AVt.ll 1
you Can whip Ov Cacim
- but uou ealit btat Our TtUlk
LimtW, Aai.e
Summer Shoes
Smart Btyles in beautiful atitrrrrleri footwear white,
blue orblack in tiei, gumpg or straps. All flno
jrrade leathers, French tforfled. Sizes 3A to C arid
8Vi to 9. " :.. -
vVhito or blue lid
, gored
Black cut-out high
heel .
Hi v '
Whit or black
tie '
Whit. or black Cuban
heel .
Woman't "Humming Bird"
Full Fashioned Hoiiery
525 Main St. , Beautiful Shoes
' 77 " iltHMtllnH iH m