The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 18, 1934, Page 3, Image 3

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    'April 18, 1934
Chevrolet todny announced
"Mm world') lowest price six
cylinder cur" with tlio Introiluo
tlon of Ilia now Improvod 11)84
slandnrd nix mmlols, eiimilo
iiioiiIImk tho Muster Chevrolet
module previously presented.
Two oluHod mid Iwo open onr
luoiMs cumurlso tho now Im
provud standard lino. Thuy aro
Ilia pnrt roadstor, f 41)0 ; phito
ton, 9S30; coups, 510, and
tuio.ftnnii linn. 1(90. Tho new
rum, says Ilia Chevrolet Motor
coniiinuy's ennoiinoonitPtit, thus
Hit undar any other sin on the
iiiiirkut. Mild IHfi lo $115 liiidor
oorrimpondliiK uiuduls ot tlx Mai
tur Chuvrolet.
ni. Mnu nia nrn rfinlnt. will
inujiir linprovainonta designed to
nrliluvo linltor porinrniunue,' riu
lug quulltloit, cumfurl and ep
pearani-o. llotb chassis ant
u..Av hnv hiinn eniiiulotnlv re
iirNlKiinil. In (looping with the
luteal advances In engliioerln
und styling.
nonliability, and esimalnlly
iniilliiv. Iiuvo huon anhunnod
IhroiiKli tlio nilopllon ot a wldur
cttiiMnla fruiiia and mora wldvly
tiniHid lour anrl ii uh tront ana
........ Iti nnlllllfttifin with
l.nuf. trnnl lixln find IllCrOllSOd
Inmd of tlio front wheels. Those
chassis Improvements nave pur
mlttcd tho una or bin, roomy
bnillvn bavlna maximum width
and unipla lux room.
In the powor plant, smooth
Cadets Sample Controlled Power
vk 1 J?" .
West Point Cadets studying the firing of one of the Army'a 16-Inch Bar
bette Ouna at tho Aberdeen, Md., proving grounds. The Controlled Power
of the highly developed smokeless powder uecd In thli long range gun makea
Its range effective at 30 miles. According to Gilmore Oil Company engineer,
this oame Controlled Power feature In gasoline, permitting an even expan
Ion of gasea with tremendoua energy exerted on the piston head for the
full length of the stroke, nukes super motor performance possible, (adv.)
The Long and Short
of It...
Our hosiery la not elastic but it's awfully accom
modating ... it scorns to know when to fit the
stream-lined type, and when, tho pleasantly plump
kind. Our clerks are understanding:, too and will
tell you how they wear . . . and wear . , . because
they .wear 'em themsolvea!
No Mend Hosiery
All new apring shades 'Cc:
Shoes that are SMART with
Style Girl
The now colors, white, bluo and grey, different
height heels and soveral patterns
$3.95 to $4.50
KSW AV aww'
noss. economy and flexibility
bavs boon Improved through a
IboroiiKli rovlslon ot the I n lot
and oxhuust systems, with high
or compression, und a refined
vulva and tuppnt iiiecliunlsm. In
eluding a rsdoslgiied cuniahuft.
The now modiils shuro with
tho Master surlns such appear
anca fonturos as slcok, flowing
linos, doop fondors hugging the
tires, long hood with horizontal
louvros. and stonply Inclined
radiator grills. Numnrous In'
tnrlor refinements similarly en'
bunco tho stylo and finish of
tlio passenger conipurtmonts,
Hlimrtly Htylul
Tho exterior has boon goner
ally rodi'Slgnod to add to style
und utility. Doop front fondors.
oxtondiiig fur ovor tho tiros, con
cent unnlghtly chassis purls, with
only a shallow "vulluy" roinnln-
ing uulwoon fendors and hood.
Front fonilnrs aro rormoa to m
tond to tho conlnr of the car
under tho radiator, ellinlnutlng
th. sopuruto rudlutor splush
guard. Fonder skirts have boi'o
glvnn sharp, graceful contnura,
making them appear to fit closc
ly to th. tiros. Kdgos of tho
fnndnrs bovo turned In flungus,
for oxtra stiffness.
Ths ro-slylod front-end en'
aninblo Includes now designs for
tho hood and rudlutor grlllo,
Ths hood Is unusuully long, and
has three horizontal louvres.
Front fondors, rudlutor and baud
lamps ar. supporlod as a unit
on a stubllltod mounting of Im
proved design, Insulated from
ths frame by a single oontrally
located rubbor cushion. Run
ning boards blond smoothly Into
tho fondors, and ars finished
with a long rubbor mat, extend'
Ing farther toward th. reur.
A most pluming appearance
has boon gained In ths instru
mailt panel. It Is wldo at the
cantor, tho lowor odgo swooping
upward toward th. ends In a
graceful curve. The Instrument
group Is enclosed In an em
bossed elliptical bead, flanked
by depressed panels. Tho sloer
Ing whool Is 17 Inches In di
ameter. Closnd cur moilols aro oqulppod
with Flsbor no-druft ventllullon,
nnd with a rovursod cowl venti
lator, oponlng toward ths rear.
similar to ths arrangement of
tho Master models.
Among the special structural
fonturos of tbo newly styled
closed bodies are Increased
slrungth resulting from a now
design of cowl bracos and the
bolted roof rail structuro; and
numorous Improvements In tho
doors, which ars equipped with
an adjustable diagonal brace,
shorter and sturdier hinges, im
provod dovetails and atrlkor
plates, and now balf-round lock'
bolts. Other Improvements hero
been sffoctod In the windshield
sealing, the door locks, and the
straam-llned outslds door han
dles. Tho closed cars ars wired
for radio.
Young Bedford lU'tums Jack
Bod ford, ion of Mr. and Mrs. John
Hodford ot Williams, Arls., has
returned to Klamath Falls to
spend th aummor months. The
lledfords wore former residents of
thla city, and Bedford was one ot
ths prominent lumbermen of the
district. Jack la a guest at tho
home ot his aunt and undo, Mr.
and Mrs. Stove Sabo, Jr., during
his visit hers.
' Card Hub The Joseph Conger
Card and Sowing club will moot
Thursday afternoon at 3:00
o'clock. Mrs. Claude Davis will
Instruct In contract. Mrs. F. Olon
may-bo callod at 165-W for ros-j
ervnttons. I
Over 300 Furture Furmors of
Aniorka, from all cornars ot the
stato will guthor at ths Oregon
Htuto college, Corvullls, April 25
to 28 for their sixth annual
throe-day convention, according
to Kurl It. Cooloy, stato super
visor of agricultural education.
A dalegatlon of farm boys from
Henley, Donanxa, Malln and
Morrill will attend this meeting.
The principal feature of the
convention will bs ths visit of
the national chief of tho Futuro
Farmers of America, Hobby
Jones, 17, of Radnor, Ohio. He
heads a group of 80,000 yogng
farm boys enrollod In Bmlth
IIiikIios agriculture courses In
2,500 high schools. Bobby Is
making a tour of ths Hawaiian
Islands and thrco wostorn states
In the Intercut of F. F. A. work.
Wlille at the convention the
Future Farmers will transact
tholr ' annuul business meeting,
elect 15 outstanding boys in the
slats for the degree of Htate
Furmor, and honor the F. F. A.
Koystona chapters. Ths four
wlnn"rs In tho district public
speaking contest will compote
for state honors. Tho college
students aro sponsoring a state
wide agricultural leaders banquet
In honor of the Future Farmers
of America. Agricultural lead
ers from all agricultural organi
zations In tho state havo been
Invited to attond. O. W. Pcavy,
president of the Oregon State
collego. will bs ths principal
On the last day of ths con
vention Individual and team
demonstration contests will be
featured. Future Farmers will
compete In various contests such
aa grafting, budding, egg grad
ing, dairy cow evaluation, form
accounting, grain . Judging, and
weed Identification. Future Farm
er demonstration teams will com
pote In contests such as seed
corn selection, potato grading,
saw filing, electric wiring, tool
sharpening, and various other
typos of contests. Radio broad
cast and athletic events ot vari
ous kinds will play an Impor
tant part In tbs three-day pro
Southern Industry
Urged to "Secede"
BIRMINGHAM. Ala., April 18.
(P) A statement of Theodore
Swann, chemical manufacturer.
that "secession" may be the an-
awor to the fight of ths southern
Industrialist to presorve his status
and tho wago differential today
brought applause from 300 repre
sentatives of Industry In the south.
Dr. A. A. Houle, city health of
ficer, was allowed his claim for
15 months snlury at th. ruts of
162. CO a month when the city
council mat In regular adjourned
session Tuesday morning. The
motion granting Boule's claims
was made by Councilman
Thomas and lecondod by J. D.
Van Camp.
Tho amount of the salary was
tho minimum set by a city or
dinance determining tbs health
officer's remuneration, provid
ing no stipulated amount Is de
cided upon at the time the of
ficer Is appointed, according to
a ruling by City Attorney A. L.
Soule was retained By the
council at a future salary of
$50 a month, until such tlms as
a new ordinance Is drawn up
allowing for payment of the
health officer upon a fee basis.
The city will pay the health of
ficer's claims to Jennie Lang,
of Dorris, to whom be made an
Boulo's expense accounts pre
sented to the council along with
his salary claims were disal
lowed. Ths city treasurer and police
Judge were authorized by the
council to borrow the sum of
11 6,200 from the general fund
to be credited to the street, fire
and light and water funds as
follows: Street fund, 33,400:
fire fund, $2,000; light and
water fund, 30,800.
Tho city treasurer will now
be ablo to call all outstanding
and protested warrants in these
three funds up to and Including
April 1, 1 034, thus stopping the
6 per cent Interest being drawn
on tho warrants from time of
protest. The general fund will
be left with a cash balance ade
quate to carry It through the
year, according to the city
treasurer. v
The council voted to assume
the required assessment tor com
pensation Insurance for all work)
ers hired on SERA projects al
lowed to the city.
It was voted in addition to
allow compensation at once to
all workers hired In the field
and clerical service In the Moore
park and city cemetery projects.
The necessary amount for this
purpose will be drawn from the
Incidental fund of the city.
Orvllle O. Miller passed away
In this city Tuesday. He was a
native of Rushville. Nebraska.
and was aged 34 years, 10
months and 17 days when call
od. The family has resided in
this city since 1928. Tbs de
ceased leaves to mourn his pass
ing, his wife, Tbelma Miller, of
Klamatb Falls, one son, Gordon
of San Diego, Calif., mother and
father and grandfather of Klam
ath Falls, also one brother, Roy
G ot Jledford, Oregon. He was
a member ot the Fortneff Lodge
of Masons No.- 18 of Pocatello,
Idaho. The remains are at the
Klamath : Funeral Home 925
High street, where friends may
call and pay their respects. Fu
nernl notice will appear Inter.
The Cyclo-Btormagraph at Un
derwood s Pharmacy shows that
little change has occurred In bar
ometric conditions during the
last 24 hours and the outlook Is
for a continuation ot fins weather
with little change in temperature.
Ths Tycos recording thermom
eter registered maximum and
minimum temperature. Wednes
day as follows:
High 80
Low 43
Forecast for next 24 hours:
Fair and warm.
The United States weatbor bu
reau reports no precipitation for
the 24-hour period ending Tues
day at 5 p. m.: o.82 for the sea
son, to dato; 9.31 normal; (.50
last year.
Raymond Hall Ballard, for the
last live years a resident of Dor
ris, California, passed away in
that city Monday, April 16, 1934,
at 7:50 p. m., following an Ill
ness ot several months. He was
a native of Sevastopol, Califor
nia, and at tb. time of his
death was aged 70 years, 3
months and 10 days. Surviving
are 'ths wlte, Mrs. May Ballard
of Dorris, Cal., six sons, Ellis
Guy and Vinton Clark Ballard
of Detroit, Michigan, Gerald
Hall Ballard, Loyalton,, Cal.,
Raymond Ferene, Charles Earl
and Everett Smltbfleld Ballard
all ot Dorris, Cal., three daugh
ters, Mrs. Jessie Leah Stagg and
Mrs. Carrie Ester Tetberow of
Medford, Ore., and Miss Geneva
May Ballard of Dorris, Cal., one
sister, Mrs. George Dewey, Whlt
tler, Cal., and two brothers,
Kent Ballard, Orland, Cal., and
Ezeklel Ballard, Lakevlew, Ore.
Funeral services will be held
Thursday, April 19, 1934, at 2
p. m., at the Community church
In Dorris, Cal., with the Rev.
Mr. McLearn officiating, to which
friends are Invited, Commit
ment services and Interment
Macdoel cemetery in family plot.
The remains of ' Raymond Hall
Ballard will rest in the Rose
room of the Earl Whltlock Fn-
Help nature dear op the blotches sad
nuke yew litm lovefcef the safe easy
way was bUai, cafecthre t
nsral Home, Pine street at Sixth,
until 12 noon, Thursday.
The remains of th. late George
William Lulls who passed away
April 12, 1934, will be sont to
Cblco, Cal., on Wednosday morn
ing April 17, 1934, where serv
ices will bs held and Interment
made In family plot at Chlco,
cemetery. Funeral arrangements
ars under ths direction of the
Earl Whltlock Funeral Home,
Pins street at Sixth.
Almlra McGahey, for the last
three years a resident of the
Tule lake district passed away
Tuesday, April 17, 1934, at 8
s. m. following a brief Illness.
She was a native of Shoals, In
diana, and at the time of her
death was aged (9 yeara and 7
months. Surviving are the bus
hand. Louis William MeOahoy
ot Tulelake, Cal., four sons,
Tulelake, Henry Med a bay ot
Tullelaks, Henry Mcllahey ot
Meado, Ark., and James Oscar
of Stoneham, Colo.; four daugh
ters, Mrs. Rosa Gibson, Verdun,
Okla., Mrs, Armanda Payne, St.
Joseph, Mo,, Mrs.- Alio. Drum
mond, Brlstr-, Okla., and Mrs.
Walter Hr rlngton. Tulelake,
Cal. Funeral servloes will bs
held at ths family rssldenos at
Tulelake, Cal., Wedneaday. April
19, 1934, at 1 p. m.. with th
Rev. Myers officiating. Commit
ment services and Interment 1.
O. O, F. cemetery, Merrill, Or.
Funeral arrangements are under
ths direction ot ths Earl Whit
lock Funeral Home.
The Mayflower carried 101 pas
sengers on Its first voyage to
Mors than 15,000 new books
were published In Great Britain
in 1932.
So many people through
so many years have rated
BUDWEISER as the very
best beer that no other
brew ever has matched its
record the biggest sell
ing bottled beer in history.
Order by the Case
g2L for your Home
KINO Of BOfTllO lilt
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320 South 7th Street
of the F03B1D W foT 1934 witk
Ftalurt, of Ford V-8 fir 1934 "2ZZl"
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Easy terms through Universal Credit Company
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money-saving model . . : ,
H Tungsten steel exhaust valve-seat
inserts make valve grinding virtually
unnecessary for the life of the can
Aluminum-alloy pistons minimise car.
bon formation m
Brakes need relining less frequently
because of ths great braking- surface
per pound of weight. And Ford spring
wnich give free action for all foitr
wheels seldom require lubricating)
In addition, Ford parts cost from
17$ to 59 less than parts for any car
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Before you buy any car at any pries
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Main and Ksplanado,
SCENE: Maybe you've been then yowrutf.
Traffic Officer (pleasant bat firm): "Better
was down a bit. I suppose) you're trying
your first tankful of Tstracthyl Standard?
Okay go ahead !".
all cars1
"Drive to your nearest Standard Station, Inc., or
Standard Oil Dealer and fill up with this superior
motor fuel."
Knocking gasolines mean wasted power the
pistons of your engine are jarred and ham
mered. Tetraethyl STANDARD delivers more power and
smoother power because the finest of anti
knock fluids is added to a gasoline already,
unsurpassed in Starting, Acceleration, Anti-'
Knock, Mileage, and Speed.
Effective power is what counts be sure you
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