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April 10, 1034
$ afljt tffoettfng letalD S
uiij-'m.u Kl'LET
Publlshsd mry aft.rnooa axcsnt Sunday by The Hsrald Publishing
"?... .i ini.iii south Fifth Straat. Klamath Falls, Oracoo
inland at second claaa mattar at tha poatoffle of Klamath Falls, Ore.
v i tn isot. urnlar aot of Conirraia. alaroh a. UTS
Three Month!
gx Mentha -Ona
Dallvared by
Ona Month
Three Montha
glx Montha
Ona Yoar
Represented Nationally by
' t r MnnHKaRN j Pa. Ina.
Can Francisco. New York, Detroit, Seattle. Chloato, Portland, Los Anrelea.
Copies of the Newi and Herald, together with oomplata Information about
tha Klamath Fall! market, may be obtained for tha asking at any of
of all nwa diipatch cradtud to
.a - - - l ..Y.1I
paper, ana aio ma .own uu""
Uon of apaolal dlipatohas
Why Join
VI Wednesday, the-Klamath County Chamber of
x Commerce will stage a
members. ,
Drives bv the chamber of
Its custom is to do its work, taking its support as It
comes. Ballyhoo has had little to do with its activities.
But every organization of the kind sometimes finds
Itself in a position where it needs a publicized cam
paign to direct attention to tne worn it aoes ana me
Bupport it deserves. The chamber of commerce has come
to that place, and it is basing an appeal for wider
. - . ... i re :
membership on irreiutaDie evidences oi ei.e.uve tuvi..
Memhershin in the chamber of commerce is a badge
of community loyalty. The
of business and professional
nrntrreaa anrl welfare
whole Klamath country. Those who are able and quali
fied to belong, and refuse to join, are selfishly accepting
i r"j . 4-l,n4- ViAi-a en nnnrt nnrl f in )1 Tl P P
DCneiiis irom au agent.1 v,,- mrr"-- - -
Occasionally, some one is heard to Bay they re against
the chamber because they don't like the crowd there,
or they don't like the chamber's policies, or they dont
like a stand it has taken on some issue.
None of these, of course, is a valid reason for re
fusing to support the chamber of commerce. In the
first place, there is a lot of misinformation spread around
about chamber policies, and the critic in fairness ought
to be sure he knows what they are before he attacks
them. ' i
But regardless of the chance of a mistaken idea
about the chamber, this fact is as plain as day:
The way to change the chamber "crowd," the way
to influence its policies and its stand on important
issues, is to JOIN it ,
Surely, its general purposes are worthy enough to
enlist one's membership. Once inside, he has the voice
and influence of a member and supporter in good
standing, which should have a far more potent effect
on chamber policies than the carping criticisms of an
So Negligence
IN AN editorial discussing the Mardelle-Sparks tragedy,
th Albany Democrat-Herald says that in winter time
there should be a sign at the East Entrance junction
with The Dalles-California highway containing the warn
ing that the road is closed, 'iguch a precaution would
have saved the lives of these two young women," says
the Albany paper.
Lest an injustice be done Crater Lake park author,
itles in the minds of Democrat-Herald readers, the paper
should correct that statement There was a sign, in the
Very center of the highway, bearing this warnings
The only unsolved mystery factor in this tragic IncL
'dent lies in the fact that the young women drove around
this sign and toward Crater Lake. Possibly some one
farther up the line had, misinformed them to the effect
the road could be traveled in spite of the sign. Perhaps
they merely drove in to see what the road looked like
at the snow line as a diverting side-trip adventure.
At any rate, they were coming back toward The
Dalles-California highway when their machine began
skidding. .It skidded in the loose graveled surface of the
highway for 150 feet before tumbling down the canyon
side. The accident could have happened in mid-summer,
although under such circumstances it probably would
not have gone so long undiscovered.
The facts fail to point to any negligence on the part
of Crater lake, or Klamath county authorities, in this
tragic incident That should be thoroughly understood,
particularly in view of the creditable manner in which
they carried on the search for the missing women through
the winter and later discharged the unpleasant respon
sibility of recovering their bodies from the canyon.
Editorials on News
(Continued from Pag One)
Ing it can be done .wisely and
well. -
MUNICIPAL bankruptcy bill
what'a that?
' Putting It with brutal frank
ness. It means taking over by
the federal government of the
debts of the municipalities,
That' the long and short ot It
e e
HOW did the municipalities get
so deeply into debt?
LY in the days when borrowing
was easy and everybody was say
ing: "Let posterity pay,"
Now, WE'RE posterity, and the
paying Is hard.
We'd like to have Unci Sam
take over our debts.
STILL, If Uncle Sam DOES take
over our debts, they'll have
to be paid, and PAID BY TAXA
TION. 1 ,
Either that or they'll have to
b repudiated.
STOCK exchange control, What
It meant by that?
What SHOULD be meant Is
regulating the stock exchange In
such a way that honest, legiti
mate business can tie It to se
cure financing needed for legit
imate expansion while at the
earn lira preventing the ham
COMPANY, Publishers
Managing kdltor
In County Outalda County
1.00 too
Carrlar In Olty
It or not otharwli oradlttd In thla
.r. .t iK.raln All l ti fa- At t-tl.linl1i'e.
- ...v. .... . . .
bara aro alio warvfl
the Chamber?
one-day drive lor iuu new
commerce are not frequent.
chamber is an organization
people, pieogea iu win
of this community and the
stringing of sound business by
It ought to be possible to do
that, but it will take brains.
not peanut politics, ,
Christian Science
"Are Sin, Disease, and Death
Real?" ' was the subject of the
Lesson-Sermon In all Churches of
Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. Ap
ril 16.
The Golden Text was, "I will
restore health unto thee, and J
will heal thee of thy wounds,
salth the Lord" (Jer. 30:X7),
Among the -eltationa which
comprised the Lesson-Sermon was
the following from the Biblei
"The last enemy that shall be de
stroyed Is death" (I Cor. 15: 26),
The Lesson-Sermon alto In
cluded the following correlative
pasages from the Christian Sci
ence textbook, "Science and
Health with Key to the Scrip
tures," by Mary Baker Eddy;
"Death is but another phase nf
the dream that existence can be
material. Nothing can interfere
with the harmony of- being nor
end the existence of man In Sci
ence . , . If man It never to over
come death, why do the Scrip
tures say, 'The last enemy that
shall be destroyed Is death' f The
tenor of the Word shows tbat we
shall obtain the victory over
death In proportion as we over
come sin" (p. 427).
The South Pacltlo Island ot
Yap uses stone coins, some of
which weigh more than 100
Holland had its last war more
than 100 yean ago, I
News Behind the Newt
a a e
Tha Inside 81017 From
Tha Capital
a a a
Copyrlt, Paul Malloa
WASHINGTON, April 16. Th
two week i- riot staged In tha sen
at on the tax bill wa roally only
a harmless little game ot whack-
Ing tha taxpayer with barrel slata.
The sting will not be commonsu
rat with the noise.
Judging from the headline,
you would think next year's
taxei are going to be something
terrific. .First, the senate soaked
the rich with extreme estates and
surtaxes, and then lambasted -everyone
with a general 10 per cent
increase tor food measure.
Administration Manipulator Pat
Harrison has welts on his body
Urom the beatings he has taken,
but there is a strange, unworried
look In his aye. He knows what
will happen.
He will take the senate bill
Into a little room, where he will
meet the administration leaders
from the house. They will sit
down and write a tax bill which
will be Just as tar away from
the senate's wishes as the admin
istration dares to go.
Preliminary arrangements tor
that conclusion already have been
made quietly on the Inside.
Play The senate liberals start
ed the game.
The administration was not
asking tor more taxes, but the
liberals always want more. They
come from rural sections where
tew people pay income taxes. Or
dlnarily, they would net have
bad a chance to overthrow the
administration, but President
Roosevelt s veto message on the
veterans-pay restorations played
right Into their bands.
Mr. Roosevelt said congress
had endangered the budget by
giving the veterans and govern
ment employes ?22S,000.000 more
than the budget allowed. He
probably did not really mean
tbat. but It was a good argument
for his veto.
The liberals took him as his
word and began proposing every
Kind ot tax toey could think of,
knowing he could not object,
Some of them were sincere, but
many Just wanted to get on reo.
ord as soaking the rich because
they are running for re-election
this year.
What will happen In the end
la that the 10 per cent flat gen
eral Increase wll be dropped
gently out of the window by the
conference committee.
The strong senate estates and
surtax rates will be moderated, If
pot completely abandoned.
In the end, the rich will suf
fer, but not as much as the sen
ate liberals wanted them to suf
As for the average taxpayer.
the new bill probably will mean
reduetion In the end. Instead
of an Increase. For all married
men wboBe incomes are less than
$11,500, the bill will provide re
duction. The rates will be the
same as existing rates, but new
deductions are going to be al
lowed tor earned Income, They
will affect every ope who does
not make living clipping cou
pons. For Incomes above ill. too,
and for coupon clippers, the ul
timate bill probably will provide
a moderate Increase.
e e
Tbat Mr. Roosevelt's 1288,-
000,000 veto estimate was much
too high Is now quits evident.
The difference between him
and congress on the world war
veterans' restorations probably
will amount to no more than
130,000.000 a year, He agreed
to the restoration ot everything
congress wanted, except the pre
sumptive eases, He even prom
ised to put 76 per cent of those
back en the rolls temporarily by
executive order. Hit concessions
were not included in bis original
budget, bnt be agreed to make
them, so it la fair to say that
eongress exceeded his expecta-
Seven Months Alone at His A
r tVi- Mt&f 'f 4 iV IvV
aitt. u. tMt
"Darling, these are my parents.
tlons on world war veterans by
no more than 130.000,000 a year.
A more definite estimate can
be made on the employes' pay
restorations. This fiscal year
they will cost 128,000,000 more
than the budget; next year, $63,
000,000, more.
Any way you figure the totals,
they fall fur below S.SS,000,0U0,
It proves no general Increase
in taxation Is necessary.
As matters now stand, Mr.
Roosevelt appears to have broken
up about halt ot the veterans'
rackets, perhaps more.
Certain non-partisans In closest
touch with veterans' affairs say
the total ot government expense
for veterans now will be about
$250,000,000 a year less than
when Mr. Roosevelt started to
economise. That Is about one
fourth the former coat.
The reforms have eliminated
those who got on the rolls
through their own misconduct,
fraud or mistake, as well as
those who enlisted after actual
fighting was over. Hospitalisa
tion allowances have been out.
Whatever Improper cases there
were among the presumptive are
now back on the rolls, as well as
those able-bodied, working citi
zens with minor scars who are
getting an allowance tor disabil
ities which do not exist,
The bright Idea about congress
meeting the president with a
band on his return is supposed
to have come from the brain of
Representative Woodrunt of Vir
ginia. At least, house leaders whisper
be was the original Inside pro
motor ot the scheme. It seems
also to have received some under
ground encouragement from the
White House.
The congressional leaders went
along with It, although thov pri
vately thought it uncalled for,
You never saw a more sheep
ish looking crowd than the con
gressmen at the station to greet
Mr. Roosevelt. They looked as
fit they had just been caught In
the jam Jar and knew they were
going to get a lecture,
All those til health stories durv
Ing Mr. Roosevolt's absence were
false. He did not feel well the
first few days on the Nourmahal,
but recuperated fast thereafter.
South Pole Soliloquy
(Commander Ryrr Will Spend
TO SrVe? I'M mot
now wneee dip
throw ArJcJTheR io?
AJrl , . u . . -f - A TT1 . Til .'. '11 f,T M
You're going to love them."
Tha 111 health rumors oain from
Wall street- Apparently they
were originated by persons do
tirlng to Influence the stock
A certain senator was planning
to make a speech about Huey
Long one day not long ago, Huey
went to him before the senate
mot and had a little conference.
The senator did not make tho
speech. Huey's magic words In
the contureuco are supposod to
have been; "I would advise you
na to make that spoech because
I have one in my mind about you
which It a humdinger, and If you
don't make yours, 1 won't make
The Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor of the First
Presbyterian churoh will meet at
8:00 o'clock at the home of Miss
Helen Schwarti. 1011 Main street
apartment D, Tuesday evening for
a regular business meeting. Fol
lowing tho meeting refreshments
will be served by the soolal chair
man. e
Tho Happy Doxen club mot at
the home ot Myrtle Donnlsnn, In
St. Francis Park on Thtirsdny,
April 11, at 1:00 o'clock. Lunch
eon was served, and three tables
of pinochle were in play. High
score went to Cora Connie and
low to Georgia Collins.
A special guest of tha after
noon was Lucille Nealy of
Angeles, who oresented several
entertaining accordlan numbers.
The next meeting will be held
at the home of Ethel Hamilton
km Summers Lane, Thursday,
April 1. -
Two Elected to i
Alturaa Pott
ALTURAS. Calif At a elty
election Oeorge T. Cllpe, en
gineer, and O. P, Morgan, real
tor, were elected as city council.
men, beating tnelr opponents,
W, L, Keene and Oeorge W,
Fltapatrlck, incumbents for years.
Mrs. Etta Tillman Taylor retain
ed her position as elty treasurer,
a post which she has held for
several years past. Opposing her
were Mrs, Elisabeth Callaghan
and Mrs. Florence Beardsley,
dvance Post In the Antarctic)
neim ho-thgse
COIIVALL18. Ore.. April U
(P) A kon domand coupled wlih
uuusuauy neavy crop prospects,
Is expeotcd to put much ensh lu
the pockets ot Pacific northwest
fruit growers tins season, rra
riuoers ot pears and pcuohos, es
pecially, are expected to Inmufil,
As a result ot extrome damage
to fruit trees throughout the enat
and mlililli'wosl by exceptionally
com wlntor won her, trull prns
peott In tils enat are tha pmireal
in yeura, accoruitrg to inronuuuon
a nod by the omco ot titu ex
tendon economists utt Oregon
State college.
In the east buds were killed
and even trees were Injured by
the extrome low temperatures
whereas In the l'aoltlo northwest
a heavy ornp Is lu prospect tor
all nurthwest fruits, tha result of
tlx unprecedented mlldnust ot the
wlntor season,
H. H. White, assistant exlmi
Inn economist, said "the great
eat shortage ot fruit Is otpualud
to ocour lu August sun uupiuni'
ber when pouulioe and pears
would normally ripen. These
have boon worst hit, with
peaches In Now ttuglaml, New
York nud Nuw Jersey reported to
he a total loss, 1 The oommorclal
iron also Is runorua gone in
Pniuisvivaniu. liuiawara, mmj'
Inml and West Vlrslliln. I" Ih"
middle west the poach arop In
the Important producing stales ot
Ohio, Indiana and Michigan ap
pears to ha a total (nlluro whore
normally millions ot bushels aro
Modoc Pioneer
Buried Friday
ADIN, Call!. Robert A. Har
per. 84, a pioneer stntixraisur 01
this section, who died Wednes
day at his home In Adln, wus
burled hero Krlduy, A on-ln-Ibw,
llov, Wostwood Wallace ot
Adln, couducted Hit funeral ser
vice. Hnrpor, a native of Missouri,
mntle tho JouriiHy overland by
ox team to CnlKornla when ha
was 19 and settled In tills vicin
ity, which continued to ho Ills
home for the rust ot his life,
He Is survived by hit wife,
Mrs. Mnrgarot Ilarpor; two
dnughtora. Mn. Alia Wallace ot
Adln and Mrs. Daisy Smith ot
Klamath Knlls; throo sons,
George, Leslie and Klinor. all ot
Adln; two brothers and a sister
residing In Oregon.
Richard Bennett,
Wife Separated
April l. (AP) The topnrutlon
ot the Richard Ili nnctls was dtl
maxed today with the disclosure
that Mrs, llennett had sworn to
a battery warrant against tho
Police Judge Arthur L. Srb
said he Issued the warrant Sat
urday, fixing ball at 11,000. Mrs.
Uennott, witnesses said, bore a
cut over one eye and appeared
to have been hit on tho nose.
Uonnett on hla way to
New York today where he said
he would appear In a play. He.
fare he left the actor dnnlod they
were separating permanently.
Eagleville Man
Loses Finger
Wilson, prominent former of this
eectlon, ono day recently decided
to put an end to tho dnprodn
tlons of a Iny-blrd In his chicken
yard. He picked hi 22 rifle from
the gun rack In the house soil
ing It by the end nf the barrel,
The gun acoldontly exploded,
taking off the second flngor on
hit right band,
program that wat given at the
Hlldebrand grange hall, April 1.
was attondod by s0 people, First
on the program was an egg hunt
for tha ehildren, then a potluck
dinner and then ohurch services
by the minister and choir of the
First Baptist church of Klamnth
Falla. The Horns Economics
olub of the grange sponsored the
Mr, and Mrs, S, K, HurUlor
entertained with a birthday din
ner, Sunday April 1, In honor
of their ton, John,
Covers were Inld tor Mr. and
Mrs. Emlle Egert, Roy Drow.
Bessie Hartsler, the host and
hottest and the honor guest,
Ray Wilson of Bquuw Flat,
woe a buslnoss visitor In Hllde
brand, Thurtday. .
Fr'ank W, Loebbln of Klamath
Falls, wat canvasalng the valley
on Wednesday.
James Vlerlra, who Is working
In Illy, srent the weuk-end at
Ills horns In Hlldebrand,
T. P. Mlohael has been terl
'iusly 111 and was taken tc Klam
ath Fulls, Sunday, for medical
Mr, and Mrs, R, C. Cowley of
Lsngell Valley, visited with
,1rt, Cowley's aunt nnd uncle,
Mr. and Mrt, Chris Candsted ot
lllldourapd on Wednesday.
Karl Zanslngor spid Emost
fitter were transacting business
n Klamath Falls, Monday,
iMrs. Leonard Rlttor and son
Hrwln, and Mrt, Karollne Rlt
tor visited on Thursday with
Mrt. 8, K, Hartzlor and daughter
Charles Carlson was transact
ing business In Klamath Falls,
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Colnlmn of
Illy spent the week-end, with
Mrt, Colahan'i paronts, Mr. and
Mrs, J, f, Cpiuhan of Hlido
brand, False Teeth Stay Put
Fantcoth, a new improved
powder keeps plates from drop
ping or slipping. No gummy,
nasty feeling. Sweetens breath,
IJlves roul teeth comfort all day,
I'ralsod by ponple and dentists
everywhere. Avoid worry, Oct
Futtooth at Stnr Drug company
or your druggist, Three sizes.
:- J 1
rollout! Now playing, "Con
vention Oily." Tomorrow, '"Wild
Uurgo," Willi Frank Buck,
1'lno Tree Now lilaylni, "The
Wrecker." Tomorrow, "Paddy,
Iho Noxl Rest Thing," with Juliet
Uuymir und Warner Baxter.
ltiilnhow Now playing, "Hho
Mudu Her lld," Tomorrow, "You
Madn .Ms I.ovo You." with Hluu-
ley 1. uphlii and Tht'limi Todd.
Vox Now playing. "Hons of
the Desert," Willi Laurel and
Uurdy nnd Charley Chute.
Roiolvt'd with ohoora comes the
aunuunoomuiit tit tha opening to
morrow at the Pelican theatre at
Frank lltn k's now film record ot
(he wild terrors of the Malayan
JuniiluH. Thrills that uniura soonis
to save for thla foremost wild
nnliunl hunler are eurntully nr-
raiiRud Into a plituro that ahly
pleks up where "Hrlng 'Urn llauk
Allva" left off and carrlos 011 the
threat ot exulting adventure.
8m h evuuls as an actual right
bntwen Uurk end an ll-fnnt
cohrn: a fluht with the dreaded
hooded python! roping a rhino,
ami mnny others, may, be tunned
Ilecausa or Us enurniionni
value a special studious matinee
him been arranged for Tuesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
From peacoftil and romantic
Ireland minus the story ot "Pad-
ly, tha Next Dust Thing." psr-
foully set for the popular star
combination. Janet Onynor and
Warner lluxlcr, which did so re
markably well In the load roles
of "Daddy l.nnglega." This pic
ture, having hcmi played once In
Klnmnlh Fulls, has been repeat-
odly asked fur In a return on-
gauemcnt. Now conies the an-
Itmnremont nf Its second show-
nR. opening tomorrow at inv
l'lns True theatre,
A riotous tares concerning a
happy-go-lucky young snng-wrlt-er's
tribulations In endeavoring to
win the ove of his ravishing but
ttirlHtlnnt wife provides at the
Rainbow thnatro from Tuesday
to Thursday a brilliant opportun
ity for exploiting tho talents of
two ench wall-known start at
Stnnlny Luplno and Theltna Todd.
Thesa two plnyera, ttnra In
their own right, make a perfect
combination In Majeatlc't "You
Made Me Love You," and Direct
or Monty Ranks may be congrat
r(WV -T"
mm&m m iy
211-229 Main
sr-w u v " k :x,:wt y
C-';J v i"w.. , x.vw -r? ii
et-V - FT ,: i ITCsV.-i.iB-w wi v-. -ir'am
h,. I W W I A J
i': Ji '-'.jaV
r 1 M. ... . -
ulated on creating ona ot the
most dualrahle partnerships ever
seen on any screen.
The must grncoful hula dancers
are not always untlvo lluwuiluns,
At least this It the opinion ot
Dave tleiiniit, noted dance di
rector for the stano and screen,
who trained the line ot "grass
skirt wrigglers" tor Iho nnw Lau
rel and Hardy frnlura-loiiglli com
edy, Hons of tha Dosurt," at Hie
Vox thoulro until Wuilnesday.
The leader nf tho onsuinlile Is
"Chnrlla," a Spanish-Danish r
who wat born In China, Other of
Iho daucurt ere of Hawaiian
Korean and llawullnn-Junanre
descant. None of the girlt Wat
burn III the Islniiilt,
The group was solecled from
mora than .00 applicants, and
ruprcaeiila tho crvum ot tho huln
diini'lng talent In and aruuud Lot
LAKEVIBW, Ore. Over one
hundred mnmliers ot lha local
Klks lodge turned out to a
luncheon to welcome tlrand Ex
alted Ruler Waltsr V, Meier
when he paid Lakevlew the llrsl
visit ever made by a national
officer. In his talk M"ler told
about hit ea.000 miles ot travel,
some of which was .made by
train, automobile, Ixmt' and air
plane as ha visited lodges locat
ed In every stale ot the union
nnd tome ot tht United Biatst
Ktnto officials who accompan
ied Meier were Frank Lonergan,
republican candidate tor gover
nor: Charles O. llrndloy, O. L.
McDonald, ,F. D. McMillan and
Dr. Uuhlo, vsallud ruler of the
Klamath Falls lodge.
Following tho luncheon sever
al cart nf local membvri accom
panied Meier on his trip : 1 Ash-
kind, where be held special
Indue sessions during ths even
ing. asa---a-sa------sss-sssss--ass
Remedy R m o e Causa
Of Stomach Gag
Most stomach OAS it due to
bowel poisons. For quirk rollf
use Adlerlka. One dose elenns
out body wastes, tones up your
system, brings sound sloop, star
Drug Store and Waggoner Drug
w tiii 13 lu
Phone 384