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MALCOLM Ei'LKY -, . VuMlm Editor
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April 0, 1034
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Police Row and Politics
A COMPETENT Salem observer; lists as one of the
major mistakes in Mayor Mahoney'a governorship
campaign the fact that he became involved m tne ponce
eharitv fund affair here.
While ultimately the police row might have the
ffect of helping the mayor with some people wno
might believe he is being plotted against by political
enemies, this observation is worthy of consideration.
Any discussion, of course, must first recognise the fact
that there has been no proof in court of diversion of
funds, nor any proof that such diversion woiua oe a
misdemeanor. We are here interested, not in guilt or
innocence of any one, but in the political effect of this
, To be fair to the mayor, it should be said that there
has been no evidence thus far that he knew definitely
of any transfer of funds from the charity fund to his
campaign chest, nor that he urged or sanctioned such a
business. Thus, he may have been the victim of cir
cumstances not his own making.
On the other hand, it may be argued that the mayor
was warned of reports of the charity fund situation in
ample time to investigate before the grand jury mok
up the matter. If the mayor trusted the wrong man
In his investigation, that of course was his own mistake.
It is not known how much Mr. Mahoney may have had
' to do with it, but it is quite certain that there was
fostered among members of the police department a
belief that those who helped the mayor toward the gov
ernorship would be amply rewarded, if and wnen tne
goal was attained. What goes on in the police depart
ment is part of the mayor's responsibility, and the de
partment was headed by his major political appointee
and, at that time, close confidante.
Those are the facts as they have come to light thus
far. The reader may judge for himself what their
effect may be, or deserves to be, on the governorship
chances of Mayor Mahoney. Many will probably agree
that the stakes were ridiculously small to be gambled
for by anyone as politically shrewd as Mayor Mahoney.
For Wider Support
a EDNESDAY, April 18, has been designated as city
W wide chamber of commerce day. On that day,
an intensive effort will be made to build up the chamber
membership nearer the point where, on the basis of the
organization's goals and accomplishments, it deserves
,t0 Those in a position to know say that the Klamath
County Chamber of Commerce is one of the two or
three best chambers in the state. It is alert and active,
and few even in this community realize the scope and
detail of its work.
In fact, there has crown uo a custom of taking the
chamber of commerce for granted. The very consistency
of its efforts may be partially responsible for this, for
the chamber is always on the jod ana tnereDy wears a
groove for itself in the community consciousness.
But the truth of the matter is, the chamber of com
merce now needs stronger support the sort of support
that will come from a wider membership. During the
past two or three tough years there has been a slump
in membership, as was to be expected. But during those
years the chamber has kept to its effective work, and
now with conditions improving it finds itself jn a posi
tion where it needs help.
Hence, the membership drive on April 18. Between
now and that time the story of much of the chambers
work will be presented to the public. We believe those
- who give their attention to that story will be convinced
that the chamber's bid for wider support is justifiable.
Newt Behind the News
Tb held Story prom
Tb Capital
reaion behind Huey Loot' cur
rent antic I sot hard to find.'
Mr. Roosevelt decided some
tlm ago that Huey was a bad
man to mis up with, tlthtr tt
friend or a an enemy. So he
and Postmaster General Farley
worked thing quietly around io
Senator Pat Harrison would be
their chief eonaultant on Louis
iana patronage. Harrison la from
toe adjoining stale of Miss tilnnl.
Nothing was tald about the
matter, but Huey began to catch
on week ago, when mora and
more appointment went against
him. On very Important federal
Job went to a Mlstlsilpplan. Long
na reeeirea notning.
There is a cloakroom under
standing among aenat democrats
now to Ignore Huey, no matter
wnai ne says or doe.
Th agreement la the result of
what happened to Harrison and
Bennett Clark. The other day
they undertook to chastlae Huey
and found out what every burned
child already know.
As one democratic senator woe
fully explained to his oolleaguee
In private: "Th trouble about
debating with Huey Is that yon
cannot call him anything he has
not already been called."
Huey himself expressed some
thing of the same idea when he
publicly told Harrison and Clark
not to get mixed up with porcu
pines, unlets they wanted some
quills In their hide. Other sena
tors used other animals In tke
same metaphor.
The result Is Huey la loins to
htve Immunity In congressional
debate hereafter. The boy are
airaid of him.
The Inside on the rail strike
situation Is that th labor unions
are engaging In tactical maneuv
They are holding out because
tuey nave noiamg to lose.
it is tnree months yet before tne
10 per cent wage cut agreement
expiree. They have all that time
In which to hold out tor better
terms, without any serious consequence.
Th reason Rail Administrator
Eastman threw np the apong
waa that he discovered that situ
ation and became disgusted. He
had the operators fairly well in
line, but. he could not budge the
SIDE SLANCES-byGeo,,, Clark
Nono of the manipulators be
lieves there Is going to be a
strike. There cannot be. The law
provides many steps yet before
we even get np sloe to one.
Tne labor boys are acting as
they really meant It By
threats and grimacing they may
ba able to wheedle out a sew
agreement for, say, a t per cent
cut. Most, observers bellert that
what Is really mora Important is
better wage for the low-paid
employes ontsldt the anion.
What will Happen is tnis, wnen
Mr. Roosevelt comes back, ha will
Invite the labor boys In. Ht will
have a difficult time with them.
swift agreement la hardly In
prospect. Some concessions will
have to be made by both sides.
ira stsvKS. aicaa u s XT, ore.
'You're detecUves, ehf
wall, you can just atop trailing me
the little fellows, some of whom
have been complaining about the
They are sate tor the present,
but some moderation of AAA pol
icy may have to be made to kotp
them in line.
Editorials on News
MEDFOHD. April 9. (Special)
. A statewide tennis tournament
was announoed this week as ont
of the features of Oregon's Dia
mond Jubilee celebration In Mad-
ford, June 8 to 9. The tourney
will oover four days beginning
with th first day of the celebra
tion, with handsome loving cupi
offered to the champions ot tht
doubles tnd singles divisions.
A number of entrants her al
ready made themselves known,
and more are expected from all
parti ot the state. A committee
Is now working to complete de
tails. . Preparations are alto under
. war for a trap-shooting contest)
open to contestants from tht Pa
. ciflc coast at large. Numerous
worthwhile prizes will he offered
for this event, 1 attracting anmt
of the best shooters in tht West,
Plans ars nearing completion for
a fly-casting tourney during tht
celebration, with quite a number
of entrants expected.
A golf tournament II attract
ing Interest throughout the north
west, and will offer spirited com
petition for several days. Loving
cups will be awarded winning
teams and winners of different
handlclp classes. , A committee
has been devoting considerable
time to assure the success of this
outstanding feature of Jubilee
week, s
In ill,' preparatloni for the en
tire celebration art rapidly pro
gressing, presenting a week ot
unending activity, coupled with
the opportunity for Oregonlani to
pay tribute to tht pioneer fathers
and mothers who made tht estab
lishment ot statehood possible,
followed by development which
has placed Oregon foremost la
tht union.
Rabin Duel, With .
Shadow In Window
OJ.rD Battling Cook Robin, fam
ous bird .Who fought his own
shadow to a draw for weeks last
year, hat returned to Kansas
City to rtntw tht duel with his
reflection in a basement door
West 4Jnd street residents re
vealed that tht robin started bit
bout last Tuesday and has slash
ed away at tht phantom bird In
the door window each day this
Neighbor! deoldtd to end the
battlt promptly to lave the bird
from killing himself and to avoid
excitement for a man suffering
baart disease who lives In the
house selected br tht robin for
hla shadow boxing. They tacked
a cloth ortr the window today
and tht robin declared an arm
istice wbtn no enemy appeared
Father Identifies
Remains of Youth
YOSEMITB. Calif., April 9,
(U,R) Mystery lurrondlng the
disappearance In Ootobtr, 1930
of Vincent Horkomer, young
University of California Itudent
was solved Saturday when his
father. P. G. Horkomer, Placer
oountv artist. Identified a heap
of nones at the base oi Taiui
lope, as the remains of his son,
Horkomer said he believed nil
son committed suicide. The bar
was last soen as he left his fra
ternity house, apparently In tht
best of splrtti. Hli remains were
discovered br rangers on Insect
patrol. Identification wai made
through pieces ot clothing and a
belt bucklt.
Tht republican progressives are
showing inner signs of mild dis
content with the administration.
You can see It backstage In
their senate group.
With the exception ot Senator
Norrls, ther generally have re
frained from publicly Joining the
new deal. They have played a
cagey game, cooperating quietly,
but alwaya leaving the gate open
so they could get out It they want
ed to.
Their mall lately has led them
to bellert thtlr farm constituents
are doing a lot ot heavy think
ing. Farm clubs have been or
ganized In soma districts to read
the congressional record at night.
Their business constituents, are
When Senator Borah leaps to
the attack, you know sprint Is
nigh. Borah keps his ear to the
ground better than any other
congressional tactician. His criti
cism ot the NRA campaign was
the first break away from the new
deal. It led the way for this cur
rent wave of criticism.
Tht postman says Borah's mall
Is running 100 to 300 letters a
day, which Is more than he ever
before received.
. a
Congressman W a d w o rt h's
friends now believe he will not
run for governor of New York,
because It Is a needless chatrca
to take. In view of his prospects
for the republican presidential
Democrats here concede prl
ratal? that Governor Lehman Is
not as strong a candidate as ther
would like to have.
Bankers are making lift mis
erable tor Jesse Jones by mall
and telephone, because his Na
tional Bank ot Commerce, at
Houston, Texas, Is 80 per cent
liquid. It will hurt hit campaign
to make other bankt solidify
their liquid condition by making
commercial loans. Jones' excuse
Is that ht bad nothing to do with
the management of the bank, but
his name Is signed to the 80 per
cent liquid report.
Congressman J. Buell Snyder,
from a western Pennsylvania dis
trict, will try a novel campaign
ing Idea. In a few weeks, baiore
the primaries, he will get an air
plane to take himself and soveral
ot his congressional colleagues
up to his district. He will take
them around tht district in tb
airplane, making speeches.
A strong tores behind the move
to amend the securities act is Mrs.
Roosevelt's good trlend. Con
gresswoman Oreenway ot Ari
zona. She Is thinking about mint
stock rather than tht Whltt
Speaker Ralney Is adopting
Garner tactics In the house, rush
ing bills through before tht rep-
(Oontloutd from Pat Ont)
over the fellow who goea chas
ing oft after big easy money,
CPEAKINO of burled gold,
here's a talt ther tell around
Back in the days when Jack
sonville was a roaring gold camp,
Black Bart and hla ontlawa held
up a stage on the summit ot the
Slsklrous, lightened It of It .load
ot gold bare, and for some reason
struck out to tht east, crossing
the Link river here at Klamath
rails and stopping for tbo night
somewhere out toward Olene.
They burled the gold at night
tor safe keeping.
goos, they got a trlght of
some sort and skipped out, leav
ing the gold.
Either ther never came back
or couldn't find the cache whon
ther did comt back. Anyway,
those gold bars art said to ba ly
ing burled out there aomawbere
under the sagebrush to this day.
uxujn uow, toey any, goes
out with a spade, from time to
time, when the mood li right.
and diga In tht hllli around
But for hcaven'i aakt, don't
whisper a word of thlt to Lloyd.
It ht heard of it, ht'd skin this
writer alive tor letting that cat
out of tht bag.
At least. 150 deposits of var
ious mineral t contained Is a
strip of land 200 milts long and
16 to 60 miles wide in tht
Katanga district .of tht Belgian
retentatlrei have a ohanct to ob
ject, Ht got 100 minor bills
through tht other day.
iust When Everything Was Going Nicely
Bt happy and you'll be beau
tiful, a Bnlversity of Pennsyl
vania professor telli. women. And
hert they've been trying to bt
beautiful, In order to bt happy I
, Hi i
Tht following statement has
been made by Jot S. glielton.
oanninata in tne utimocrutlo pri
maries tot tht office1 ot secretary
oi siato.
uneitou. it well known at
tdltor and publlthor, having op-
aratea tnt Kugont Dally Uuurd
tor several yeara prior to his
connection with tht Oregon
motor association:
"If nominated and elnrteit In
tht offlct of secretary of atato,
I shall devote my boat energies
to give int state an autnlnlstr.
lion that will not only he aeon.
omlcal but efficient In avery de
tail, that every employee render
the tame service as would be
given In prlvatt Institutions, that
all waste and txtravaganca art
"My lung txporlonct as a
newspaper executive ha taught
mt many thing regarding kov-
ernmental acllvltle that will ba
of untold 'benoflt In giving th
people tht thluas ther want and
"At an executive ot'the Motor
Association for four years, I
learnod the needs of th motor
ists and shall devote particular
attention to giving thla depart
ment tht best possible sorvlce.
Gasoline taxes are entirely too
high, and I shall do all In my
power to spcuro a roilucllun as
soon as possible Tho small truck
owner ns well as the furmor has
my sympathy in the burdens
they now carry, I shall use my
best eflorta to see that thla Is
"As a momhor of Ihe board
ot control, which la the moat
Important of all governmental
activities, I shall be particularly
careful to too that only those
or tne nigiiOHt mural ctmrurtor
and ability arf chosen to preside
over tne various state institu
tions. The authority and duties
of the board are wide and em
brace practically every stato act
ivity. The members of this board
are alto members ot various
other state boards. In all of
these J shall so that graft and
waste aro eliminated and that
the Institutions be so governed
to' rolled credit Upon the
state as a whole. Further, I shall
do my boat to work In harmony
with the other menikera ot the
bdard In carrying ont the prin
ciples ot humanity, Justice and
"Equality and human rights
shall be uppermost In my mind
at all times. I snail uo ovonr
thing In my power to further
the reconstruction policies of the
national administration, 1 bolluvo
In co-operating to the fullest ex
tont with President Roosovelt and
hla advisor in seeing that every
man and woman la given an op
portunity for an honest living
that we may bring prosperity
and happiness back to this stato.
"I plodgo mr support to tho
Oregon farmers una win assist
them In tholr endeavor to croato
markets tor their products at
prices that will Innui-o them the
proper returns ror tneir eiioris.
"I believe In tht Industrial
future of the state as assured
br th promise of abundant and
aheap powor through tho devel
opment ot nonnovlllo and llko
projects. Such enterprises are the
heritage of th people and aro
the foundation atones of our
prosperity. As such, ther must
bt preserved.
"I believe In the freedom of
the press In order that the peo
ple mar be free to read, to Judge
and to govern.
"To this end, I pledge mr co
operation to the newspapers of
th state io that they may
at all times oe In possession of
all information of public Inter
est concerning tht office of sec
retary of stat."
Offices have been opened br
Shelton's supportors at 663 Mor
gan Building. Portland, Oregon.
Alturas Pastor
Honors Pioneer
CANBY, Calif. Mrs. Mary
Ivorr, beloved covered wagon
ploneor of this section, ohorlihcs
In her heart the tribute paid her
during Easter exorclsos In Altur
as when Rev. Father O'Toola, the
officiating pattor, complimented
her on tht special trip made to
attend chnrch on that day. Mrs.
Ivory tuffered a broken hip from
a fall over a year ago and has
been bedridden since. Bhe Insist
ed that she maka tht 40-mllo
round trip auto ride to attend
ervlcea on Easter Bundar. Mrs.
Ivorr crossed the plains as a
roung girl In the middle BO's
and has spent her entire adult
life In Modoc countr.
Change Announced
In Modoc Paper
ALTURAS. . Calif. Delbort
Fltzpatrlck, employed in a news
paper office since a small boy,
has been presented with a com
plete newspaper plant by his fath
er, Charles A. Fltspatrlok, busl
nest man of -this place, on the
occasion of his 10th birthday.
Young Fltzpatrlck will have
charge of tho mechanical end
of the Modoc County Times whll
Claude L, MnCrnokon of Sacra
mento has boon engaged as edi
tor. Ross A. Anderson, ongaged
In the newspaper business In
California for tht past 1L years,
has managed tht paper for tho
past year.
Cabinet Aide Has
Famous Names
Ont newcomer Id tht "llttlo
cabinet" bring two great
name to It rostar, with tho ar
rival ot Thomas Jefferson
Coplldgt ot Boston Io act as
special assistant to Treasury
Secretary Morgenthau. Cool
Idge, shown her aa he began
hit duties, I a direct defend
ant of Thomas Jelfftrson, but no
relative' ot Calvin Coulldgo.
Some People
Tho Pelloan school children
will glv an Interfiling program
on Friday veiling, April IS, tt
1 1 00 o'clock, Th laaohera of th
school are sponsoring tli program
which will Inoluil Instrumental
music, folk dunning br the fjrsl
and tecund grailtt, harmonica
numliiirs, aoruballcl, Micky Mouse
In person, piano, violin nnd vo
oul numbers and a iiumusr ot In
teresllui feature,
' e
Tht Falrhaten P.-T. A, held a
delightful card parlr In the Pair
haven gymnailtim Saturday tra
iling, April 7, when 30 tablet of
bridge aud pluoohl wtr In play.
Th gymnasium wi beautiful
Ir dseoreted for tb occasion, and
high seor wai awarded to Mn.
C. L. Holiday. Consolation went
lo Mr. p. M. Kennedr.
The Pelican P.-T. A. itudy
group mtt at tht home ot Mrs,
Hesler Putnam last week, Tht
mtetlng was opened with (roup
tinging, and tht Ntw Deal In edu
cation wai dltcusted br tht members.
"Ortndma" Ingram was tht
honorod guett of the afternoon,
her teveinr-iiventh birthday.
Mra, rautt and Mr. Mot pre-
entfd two duett, "A Perfect
Dar," tnd "I Lov You Truly."
Hefruhmeutt wort tervtd tt
tht elott of tht afternoon.
Hoonor or later, If wo con
tinue In our prusont condition,
the Control of all business will
rest with tht American Fed'
eratlon of Labor. Samuel Vau
cluln, business executive.
Women have boon very
healthy Influence in . amateur
sport, and I don't say that be
cause I m looking lor any fern
Inlue Votes. Tommy Armour.
Politics Isn't at exciting nor
half aa much fun as hockey.
Charles unvon "Chtbbr Power,
Canadian M. P. and former
kockvr player.
If we com to the point where
the government can compel arbi
tration in labor disputes and for
bid strikes, we are doing Just
what Hitler has dout, Dr. Wll
Ham A. Wirt.
Feed Conditions
' Reported at Best
ALTURAS. Calif. Feed condi
tions on the many hundreds ot
thousands ot sore of rang In
tho .Modoo national forest were
nsror bitter than at the present
time, according to William 8.
Brown, acting toreit supervisor
In charge. Brown also states that
on account of watsr shortage
livestock will bt oompilled to
lear the rinses early. Approxi
mately 35,000 cattle and 100.00
sheep are utilising tht rang
within the Modoo national forest
during Hit' 1934 lesion.
Cattleman Named
To Trustee Post
ALTURAS, Calif. P. 8. Dor
rls, plonotr cattloman of thla sec
tion, wss elected. thla week br an
overwhelming majority aa trustee
of the local grammar school dis
trict, a position which bt at ont
time held tor many rears. Dor
rls' eloctlon came aa a surprise
to himself since he And not an
nounced his csndldacr for tht of
fice and all bit vote were 'write-
ins', Dorrlt It known through- j
out California and adjoining 1
western statea for hit aotlvltlea '
In connection with the cattlt In-;
duttrr, being former president ot
the California Cattlemen's Asso-
Election of seven ntw dlreotors
ot tht Klamath countr chamber
of commerce will take place thlt
month, President James Kerm
bat appoluted a a an election
committee Qln Hoyt, Cathtrln
Oaylord, L. D. Doyle, Herbert
Landti, X. J, Stover.
A list ot Iht chamber mem
bership will bt mailed on April
II from which each member will
nominate teven for th director
ate. Tht fourteen receiving tht
highest number ot vote will bt
nominated on tht ballot which
will close It noon on April It.
These fourteen names will
again bt mailed to members on
April II tnd returned lo tht
chamber by April 17.
The seven highest will be de
clared elected aud will meet with
th hold-over members of th
board for tht election of offic
er Immediately thereafter. Tht
terms ot the following directors
exolr May 1, 1934: E, M. Bubb.
George Cunning, J. -A. Gordon,
J. W. Kerns, II. N. Mot, Leellt
Peyton and Honrr Bomon. Tht
term ot tht following directors
do not explrt until 1986: E. H.
Balilgor, A. M. Collier. W. O.
Dalton, R. 0. Oroosbeck, R. B,
Hall. Percy Murray, and E. W.
Business Changes
l Made at Alturas
-jkLTUHAB. Cal.--P.tpld move
Itrtcal ttatt marked tht transfer
of one of the atom on Main
ttrtnt hrt thlt week. Mac'i
Variety store, in Institution hert
for many years, changed hands
twict In thrte dart, J. A. (Mao)
Bartlett, wno established tnt
business, will tngagt In mining
roiiturei In Nevida and tht old
famous fivt-ttn-flttten of thlt
city Is owned tnd will bt oper
ated In tht futurt by William
C. Hart, formerly of Red Bluff.
Hft wash wieh Jrar Reeiawl toe.
Then relieve and Improve sore plaapiy
SHsaajj. apaet with soothlag )
Answer Co tVr-rloaa Fatal
I Who la the ex
president In
the picture?
II Aurora.
18 Faclend.
U Ingredient
of varnish.
1 1 Northeast.
17 He was U. B.
trator, 1917-19,
18 To encounter,
30 Toward.
21 Weapon.
23 Certain. , 4.11.11 . .m
E5 Islands. 41 H"' ,m-
27 Parson bird. 48 8eoond nota.
29 Feminine title 44 Southeast.
of courttsr. 45 Low, vulgar
81 Mlddnr. lallowa
81 Theatrical ' loW''
piay 47 Mlschlovoue.
84 Portentous. 48Bnakr fish.
88 Pertaining to 80 Bronte
the reaction ot 52 Region.
muscle! under ti Dress fastener
tt Ht wai bead
of the
sion during
the war.
1 Garden tool,
t Corpse.
t Causes a rapid 88 Rigid.
increase it I7 0em weight
11 Rodent.
It H Is a
trained .
It And wat sec
retary of ,
17 Pounded
melt thla.
19 Disparager,
II Bitter drag.
II Rich earth.
34 Roman urban
16 Bun.
87 Oolf teschsr.
IIMoelty appl.
10 Constellation.
81 Doctor (abbr.)l
11 Llkt. -
4 Series of
epical tventa
6 Carmine.
I Transpose
7 Meat
41 Bour.
44 Bundle of
46 On tht let.
48 Walking stick.
49 Each (abbr).
51 Spanish
Single things tt Morlndln drt.
(Kind of (abbr.),
theater 14 Note in tht
10-Deltr. icale.
"Wise Cracks
A Mansfield. O.. ilrl couldn't
collect damages from her escort,
after an accident, because the
let him (hug hir with one arm
and drive with th other, What
must hare made bar sore was
that ht didn't hug - lior with
both arms.
Just llkt Prasldont Roosevelt
to go fishing whore sharks are
thickest, tnd still evade New
I elaotrlcflr
it War flyer
40 Bun god
' I H I K I' P I ' I" " -
" Prr
arK? er ir wjeb SF
H I Hi m 1 m 1