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April 7, 1934
Informality Is Key-Note
Of Society's Functions
As Spring
SOCIETY and informality go
friends for an afternoon ot
r buffet luppor, and gay dancing parties have usurped the places
ot the more stuffy functions of days gone by.
Even the lovely spring weddings, ot which there have been
many during the Easter week, have adopted a modo ot simplicity.
No time is mora beautiful and
mony man tne season of apple blossoms. Not even Juno, the tra
ditional month at marriages, can offer more beauty than can
tickle April. .
With the advent of gorgeous
kpring days the out-of-doors is
calling more and more, and al
ready picnic suppers, golf and
long drives over hill and dalo
are luring people forth to greet
the spring.
"; Golf, Indeed, one of the major
social activities of the summer
season has started off with a
bang, and loyal devotees are to
be seen on the course of the
Rcames Golf and Country club
from early morning till twilight
Plans ' for the . forthcoming
tulip show, and a number ot in
formal dancing parties are tak
ing the foreground in social In
.tercet in the days to come.
Angus Bynon Stewart, tne In
fant son ot Mr. and Mrs. Ivor
Neal Stewart, will be christen-
. ed by the Right Reverend Bishop
William P. Remington at SU
Paul's Episcopal church Sunday
noon following the morning serv
ice. Miss Aileen Mordoff of De
troit, Michigan, will be the
babe's godmother, . and Angus C.
Porter ot Charleston, his god
father. ; Reverend and Mrs. Robert Lee
Baird will act as proxies for
the infant's godparents in their
' The baby is the grandson ot
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bynon
C Salem.
Bids -to the "Spring Sports
Dance," the climax of the season
ot tne Winter Dancing club par
ties, went into the mails this
week-end, and plans are almost
completed for - this gay event
which will be held at the Willard
hotel on the evening ot April
The out-of-doors idea will be
carried out in decorations and
features ot the evening, and
(ports eostumes will be the
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Manser,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stewart and
Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Carter will
act as boats and bostesses for
the evening.
A surprise anniversary party
was held In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Colvin at their home
' on LeRoy street, Saturday even
ing, March 31.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace Vernon, Mr. and Mrs.
Bay CI Fager, , Mr. and Mrs.
Archie Gibson, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Keiter, Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Wum
packer, Miss Leona Keller and
Mr, Richard Thacker.
Games were played and a buf
fet supper was served at mid-
MALM One of the most en
joyable entertainments of the
week was the card party given
by members of the Happy Honr
Bridge clnb, who entertained
their husbands at the home of
Mrs, W. C. Dalton on Wednes
day evening.
Refreshments were served at
the close of play to Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur' Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. E. D.
, Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Reber,
Mr. and Mrs. Hull, Mr. and Mrs.
Jos Le Clair, Mr. and Mrs. Rlger,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Neal, Mr. and
.Mrs. A. E. Street, Mr. and Mrs.
.Leever, Mr. and Mrs. J. Silva,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jacob, Miss
Nora Sullivan and Mr. and Mrs.
. MALIN The Girl Scouts en--tertalned
their mothers at tea In
the school gymnasium on Wed
nesday after nhool.
. Tea was served following a
" short musical program.
.... .'
Mrs.. Charles Noah were hosts
Easter Sunday, April first, at a
combined birthday and wedding
anniversary dinner party at their
home. The occasion marked the
first birthday of little John Leroy
Noah, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
jNoan, and also the first wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
. Llewellyn Smith, (Doris Noah).
A candle-decorated birthday cake
. and anniversary cake were cut at
tne close of the dinner.
Covers were laid for the fol
lowing: Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Noah of Cho
mult, Ore., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Noah
and children, Patsy and John Le
roy, and the host and hostess, Mr.
. and Mrs. Charles Noah.
The Jolly Bridge club was en
tertained by Mrs. Edith Moon at
her home Wednesday afternoon.
jVj Two tables of auction were In
' Play during the afternoon, with
uigu iiouurs going 10 airs, reari
Edwards and second high to Mrs.
Anita Nicholson at the olose of
the play.
The hostess served refresh
ments to the following members
at the close of the afternoon:
Mest'amus Joe Taylor, Elva Var
num, Pearly Edwards, Anita Nlch-
olson, Jewell Ferguson, Doris
Smith and Rose Noah.
The club will meet next Wed
nesday at the home ot Mrs. Anita
Nicholson tor its regular weekly
session. -
The Mills P.-T.A. executive
board entertained the school
board with a cafeteria luncheon
at the Mills s e h o o 1 cafeteria
Tuesday. Members ot the school
board wero all present and Mrs,
K. W. Dixon, Mills P.-T.A. presl-
- dent, ' was hostess at the lunch
con, '
Nears Summer
hand In band these days. A few
bridge, an Impromptu dinner party
appropriate tor the wedding cere
Mrs. Taylor's Golf Team
Victorious In Play
On Friday
Kirs. Huntington Taylor's team
was victorious by two points in
the regular team play at the
Iteames Golf and Country club
Friday, when 23 members joined
in play on the beautiful fairways
and greens.
Medal play was enjoyed by
members ot the third flight, and
following luncheon, five tables
ot bridge were in play at the
club house during the afternoon
hours. '
The next team play will be
held on April 20, in charge of
Mrs. Horace W. Bridgeford, it
was announced Friday.
A special tournament, wltn a
number of unique features in
store, is announced for next Fri
day, April the thirteenth, with
Gertrude Maguire ana Jean
Rogers in charge ot arrange
A pretty wedding was per
formed last . Saturday evening
at the Rev. A. C. Bates Home on
G38 Lincoln street, when Thoma
M. Craig became the bride of
Dillon Moore of Malln.
The ceremony was read by
Reverend Bates ot the First
Christian church. The couple
after a short honeymoon will
make their home in Klamath
Mrs. Leda Parker was a de
lightful hostess at a 10 o'clock
breakfast at her home in the
Andley apartments, Sunday morn
Her guests Included Mrs. A. C.
Backes, Mrs. Phil Brixner, Miss
Ethelwyn O'Flaherty, Mrs. Henri
Conradi, Mrs. Martha McCollnm,
Mrs. Charles Garcelon and Miss
Anne. Avery.
The breakfast table was cen
tered with daffodils and narcissi,
and each guest was presented
with a boutonniere of the same
. .
MERRILL Mrs. F. E. Trot
man entertained at a bridge din
ner Tuesday evening in honor of
the birthday ot Dr. Trotman.
The color scheme of yellow and
gold was carried out with spring
flowers. Dr. Trotman was pre
sented with a gift by the guests.
High score was won by Dr.
and Mrs. F. C. Adams. Low
score by Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Guests were Dr. and Mrs. v. C.
Adams of Klamath Falls: Mr.
and Mrs. R. H. Anderson, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas Ivan Snyder, Mr.
and Mrs. M. ' A. Bowman, Mr.
and Mrs. O. H. Cox, Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Fruits, Mr. and Mrs.
George Day, Mr and Mrs. R. L.
Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hend
rickson, Mr. and Mrs. "W. C.
Bailey and Miss Ellen McVeigh.
MERRILL Misses Dorothy
and Louise Hasklns were host
esses at a bridal shower in honor
of Miss Doris Kandra, Friday
afternoon at the home of Miss
Louise Haskins. The Easter motif
was carried out and an easter
basket- attractively decorated
contained the gifts which were
presented the bride-elect. A short
program was given, with "Melody
of Love," sung by Miss Erma
Brown, with Miss Eleanor Ruth
Blanton violin and Mrs. c. F.
Haskins at the piano; piano solo,
Miss Erma Brown; vocal duet,
Mrs. H. P. Blanton and Mrs.
C. A. Brown; reading, "That
Old Sweet Heart of Mine," Mrs.
Given; piano medley, Mrs. L. A.
Miss Kandra received many
beautifnl gifts. Those attending
were Miss Kandra, honor guest,
Mesdames S. H. Jewell, Withers,
T. Laird, Parshell, Bun West
brook. L. Kandra. C. Shuck, R.
Nebaker, L. Dixon, John Kandra,
Douglas, M. L. Moore, C. Bow
man, Doris Rayson, Jes Whit-
latch, Artnur Frezier, v. A,
Brown. T. A. Blake, M. Hart-
elrode, Richard Anderson, John
Kandra. Jr.. C. P. Haskins, H,
P. Blanton, C. N. Haskins J. L.
Haskins. L. A. Tabor, Opal
Kampling, J. W. Taylor, L. An-
derson, Wm. Walker, Inez Given,
Frank Hunnicutt. Tom Barry,
Paul Mauldin, J. L.. Forthing-
ham. P. D. Lewis and Misses
Marjorie Bowman, Bonnie Esk-
ridge and Ruth Newton.
MERRILL At the meeting of
the Merrill Rebekah lodge Mon
day evening, Mrs. J. C. Steven
son was elected delegate to at
tend the meeting of Rebekah as
sembly to be held in Marsh
field the latter part of May.
Mrs. Mne Anderson was elected
second delegate.
A social will be held at the
next meeting of the lodge April
16. Mrs. B. F. Faus is chairman
ot the committee.
On Saturday, March 24, Mr.
Henry Carl Fagrell of Klamath
Falls and Miss Esther Berglund
of Klamath county were united
In marriage by Iho Rev. Theodore
Smith, pastor of the First Pres
byterian church, in the church.
A number of the Intimate friends
of the bridal couple were pres
ent. Mr. and Mrs. Fagrell have
taken up their residence in the
Westover Terrace addition.
Harry Everett Miner of Klam
ath Falls and Mins Mae Hack
worth Nass of Aurora, Wash.,
were united In marriage at a
quiet wedding ceremony Friday
evening by the Rev. R. D. Streyf
feler of the Full Gospel church.
Early Date Foi" Tulip
Show To Be Set
By Club
A tentative date for the tulip
snow to be given under the au
pices ot the Woman's Library
club has been set for the latter
part ot April Instead ot the mid
dle ot May as was originally
planned, according to club offl
cors, '
Mrs, J. Porcy Wells Is general
chairman of the event, and has
selected her committees which
have already outlined plans for
tne snow.
According to present arrange
ments the tulip show will be
held in tne library club rooms,
and it is probable that a musical
program and a tea will he given
In connection with the floral ex
hibit. Because of the unusually early
season, blossoms are already ced
ing out, and it is expected that
the tulips will be at the height
of their glory by the lattor part
ot this month.
One committee whose function
it will be to make a tour of the
city, observe tulip gardens and
ask growers to exhibit their
flowers has been selected, and
will start Its work within a
short time.
Three typos ot tulip exhibits
are being planned tor the dis
play: the first class for a group
ot blossoms ot one doxen or
less, chosen tor perfection of
bloom, and the second and third
classes tor bouauets of tuirely
artistic arrangement. One of
tneso will be for a few
tulips, one dozen or less, and
the other for as many as desired
in masses or In arrangements of
more than one dozen arranged
in any manner desired.
There will also be a class tor
purely commercial exhibits, not
competing with the regular dis
play, according to present plans.
in addition to the tulip dis
plays, it is probable that there
will be an exhibit of garden
utensils and decorations sub
mitted by art dealers and others.
Cash prizes, and other awards
win be offered for the best ex
hibits of the three classes of
tulip exhibits announced.
The Library club holds
flower show each year, with the
main purpose ot stimulating in
terest among gardeners, and to
roster civic beauty.
Last year an iris show was
held, and so great was the in
terest that there have been many
inquiries as to whether or not
such a show will be held this
year. If sufficient - Interest is
displayed, it is possible that ah
iris show will also be arranged
for this spring, to be held on
May 12, in connection with the
last meeting of the clnb year.
ah gardeners, and flower lov
ers, whether oc not they are
members ot tne Library club, are
urged to make plans tor exhibit
ing their flowers at the tulip
show, and at the Iris show as
well, if the second event Is held.
Nine tables of bridge were in
play Thursday evening in the
parisn house of St Barnabas'
church in Langell valley, when
members of the guild acted as
nostess to many friends.
Reverend R. L. Baird. Miss
Martha Jones, Miss Frances Duke
and Mr. and Mrs. James Young
of Klamath Falls motored to
Langell Valley to attend the
party. ,
Supper was served by the
gnim at tne close of the evening.
Mills P.-T.A. will meet Wed
nesday evening, April 11, and
a very interesting nroeram has
been planned. There will be elec
tion of officers at this time.
The principal speaker will be
air. J. p. Wells, superintendent
of schools. The room having the
largest number of parents pres
ent will receive a prize. Re-
fresnments will be served follow
ing the meeting. A program and
play will be held Friday, April
Mrs. B. K. Behnke and Mrs.
Eva Manning entertained their
Sunday School class with an
Easter party at Mm. Manning's
home on Miller Hill road the
first of the week. The little
guests were: Blanche Mortenson,
Edith Overson, Ada Pearson,
Katherlne Stlnerson, Jean Wlm
mer, La Vaughn Dean, Norma
Jean Payne, Ellen Crawford, Jack
Waits, Junior Dean, Arland
Bebnke, Eugene Smith and
Wayne Smith. Games were play
ed and refreshments were serv
ed. MERRILL Mesdames Fred
Stukel and E. C. Stukel enter
tained at a bridge party Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Fred Stukel. High score was won
by Mrs. Russell Leever, and
consolation went to Mrs. Vel DI1
lard. Refreshments were served
at the close of the play.
Guests were: Mrs. Donald
Bailey, Klamath Falls; Mrs. A.
W. Mackln and Mrs. Russell
Leever, Malin; Mrs. George H.
Day, Mrs. T. M. Nelson and Mrs.
J. C. Stevenson, Tulelake; and
from Merrill, Mesdames R. , H.
Anderson, W. C. Bailey, L. E.
Brown, J. F. Adams, R. L. Dal
ton, W. F. Fruits, M. A. Bow
man, Vel Dlllard, E. M. DeLap,
E. R. Merrill, H. O. Cox, Walter
Kobison, E. F. Merritt, J. B.
Kldwell, J. R. and R. W. Steele,
Chas. and JoBoph Stukel, Otto
Ellis, T. W. Chatburn, H. M.
Heaton, Charles Ivan Slngler, F.
E. Trotman, LeRoy Book and
J. S. Johnson.
Sweet Pea Seed
Mixed ISc per pkg.
Straight Colors 10c per
We give more seed for
the money.
Flower Shop
O. It. MOELLER, Florist
719 Main Street
41 ' '
Frances Farmer Stevens, who
arranges interesting tours ot
New Yortt for interested visitors.
First Christian Church
Scene of Easter Day
Noon Wedding
The marriage ot Mr. Lynn
Webb to Miss . Neva Hamilton,
both popular members ot the
younger set of Klnmnth Falls,
was solemnized at high noon on
Easter Sunday In the First Chris
tian church, with the Reverend
Arthur Charles Bates reading
the ring ceremony.
The bride, a petite brunette,
was lovely In a wedding gown of
white flat crepe with brocaded
organdie sleeves. She wore a
veil of tulle, arranged In a coro
net and held with gardenias.
Miss Mary Emma Miller and
Miss Vada Houck were brides
maids, Miss Miller wearing a
frock of green crepe and Miss
Houck in rose colored crepe.
Both carried bouquets ot pink
Nine-year-old Margaret Murphy
was the ring bearer, carrying
tne ring on a tiny pink pillow
Mrs. Webb is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hamilton ot
the Merrill road.
Following the ceremony a buf
fet luncheon was served at the
home of the bride's parents.
The bridal couple left shortly
after luncheon for Grants Pass
where they Bpent their honey
moon, returning to Klomatb
Falls late this week.
Juveniles of Woodcraft met at
the home of Mrs. Noy McDanlels,
Thursday, April 6. After a short
business meeting, Miss Darlcne
Smith, guest of honor, sang a
group of songs.
Refreshments wore served at
the close ot the meeting.
The thirty-fifth anniversary of
the Neighbors of Woodcraft was
celebrated Wednesday at the re
gular meeting of the order.
A huge birthday cake with 35
candles was the center ot Inter
est, and a delightful program
commemorating the day was pre
sented consisting of readings by
Mrs Jack Evans, comic dance by
Ella Redkey and music by Helen
A special meeting will be held
Monday evening, April 9. at 7:30
o'clock at the home of Mrs. Har
riet Estes, 210 Grant street. All
members are urged to be present.
Midland Mrs. Eddie Shulmlre
was honored with a miscellaneous
Bhower Wednesday at the home
of Mrs. E. A. Shulmire, when
Mrs. Wm. Burnett and Mrs. F. A.
Stewart acted as hostesses.
Guests of the afternoon were:
Mesdames Dean, James, Granges,
Hardy, Whips, , Splcer, Sutton,
Bramwell, Manning, Stewart,
Burnett, A. J. Stewart, J. B. Bur
nett, Motschenbacher, Hickman,
Plnelli, Largent, Dutton, Rogln-
atto, E. A. Shulmire, and the
honor guest, Mrs. Eddie Shul
Delightful refreshments were
served at the close of the after
noon. .
On Easter evening the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Florin was
the scene of a delightful birth
day surprise party given In honor
of Mrs, Alfred Yadon, daughter
of Mrs, Florin.
Games and supper were en-
Joyed during the evening by
Misses Elaine Mahaffey, Inez
Brown, Gladys Ongman, Pris-
cllla Blankenship, Eugene Yadon,
Mr, and Mrs. Freeman Gentry,
Mr, . and Mrs. George Mueller,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Yadon and
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Florin.
Mrs. Yadon was the recipient
of many lovely gifts.
yfl FREE A
Sagging cf)in, drooping mouth, wrinkles, over
. ; weight, underweight corrected by natural laws.
Look Years Younger
In A Few
Beauty Rejuvenation
Your Child and Yon)
Wed.. April 11 til
2 and 8 P. M.
Mills-R o b i s o n Nuptials
Solemnized Easter
At St. Pauls
Miss Lois Roblsou, charming
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Kohlson of Morrill Kond, bo
rn in e the brlilo ot Mr. UcLos
Mills, son ot Mr. and Mrs. L. O.
Mills, at a beautiful Knstur
morning ceremony solemnised at
St Paul's Kn sroiinl church.
Tho sorvli-o wua toad by the
Reverend Robert Lea Uaird, rec
tor of St. Paul's, In the preaenoe
of about thirty liittmnte friends
and relatives - ot the bridal
The bride woro a light wool
suit of porculnln blue with gray
squirrel fur trimming, and car
ried gardenias una limes ot tne
vnlloy, . . .
She was attended by Mrs.
Ronald La Forge, costumed In a
light gray wool suit, ami wear
ing a corsage of pluk rosobuds
aud forget-me-tieta.
Mr. Cliff H. Hogue acted as
beat man.
Members ot the bridal party
were entertained at a wedding
luncheon at the home ot the
briilo'a parents following the
Mr. and Mrs. Mills are at
homo to their friends at thoir
new home on Damont street
Tho newly married couple have
been honored by a number of
delightful informal dinner par
ties and othor Boclal functions
during the past week,
Dolores Martin was hostess to
a group ot friends at her home
in St. Francis Park last Saturday
evening. The evening was spent
In games and dancing after which
refreshments were served.
Her guests were Misses Joan
Haugor, Jollcne Woodruff, Enid
Propst, Carol Schetfel, Orlo Frld-
ley. Junior Van Emon, Bill Horn,
Harry Gocllcr. and Marshall Shaw.
Miss Frieda Sugarman was
presented In piano recital at the
monthly musical given by the
older students ot Mrs. Edith
Johnson McLcod at her studio,
on Friday evening, April 6.
Miss Sugarmnn's program In
cluded the following numbers:
"La Belle Espagnole," Scbmeld
ler; '.'Valse Capricious," Grool-
zki: "To Spring," Crleg; "The
Butterfly." Lavallee; "Polonaise
In A." Chopin, and selection from
"Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2," by
The East Klamath Improve
ment club and Auxiliary met
Wednesday evening. Following
the regular business session
pie social and card party was
held, for the benefit of tho club
baseball team. Scores were
awarded tor plnochlo as follows
high, Mr. Emll Dreher, consola
tion, Mr. W. C. Little. The Aux
iliary will meet Thursday, April
12, to piece quilts. Anyone wisn
ing to take part is welcome. A
pot luck lunch will be served
at noon. The club room will bo
open at 10 o'clock. The next
regular business meeting will be
held Wednesday, April 18. A
social will he held after the
business meeting. ,
Mrs. Elmer Smith was the
guest of honor at a miscellan
eous shower at the home ot
Mrs. W. T. Dean Wednesday
afternoon. Those present wore:
Mesdames Chas. Squire, J. T.
Morris. Chas. Hallctt, Fred Stln
crson. F, M. Mortonson, C. D.
Johnson, Ray Overson, Thorton
Dean, Rlgby Thomas, Caseman
and Lanedon. Games were Play
ed during the aftornoon, after
which refreshments were served
NEA Service Btnff Writer
Nothing quite takes the place
of a spring coat. Long after warm
weather has relegated the Easter
suit to a garment bag, tho coat
will be useful to wear over silk
frocks on cool summer evenings.
And the market Is so crowded
with handsome models that al
most any woman will find herself
praying for many cool nights.
Take those new trim, tailored
numbers, for instance. With their
slim, form-fitting lines, they givo
a girl an air of smart sophistica
tion. Fur and fussy dotails are
used on dressmaker types but the
tailored ones will have none of
such distractions. They rely on
utter simplicity for their charm
and emphasize buttons (leather
and wooden), necklines and fab
You can go In for twebds nice.
hard-finished ones that are as
British as the proverbial fog over
London or suave herringbones
or crinkly, rough woolens In solid
colors. But whatever the fabric,
iook tor tne streamlined flare,
Your coat can emulate a allD-
on dress, too, fitted snugly
through the waistline. flaring
sngntiy doiow the knees and hav
lng a perfectly plain nockllne that
can be worn buttoned high or
turned back to show wide revers,
Radiant Personality
Outwitting Old Age
Tlmrs., April 12th
a and 8 1, M.
' Monday, April 0
Regular mooting ot the Wo
mutt's Library club. The topic
nt the nftiirnoon will be the
ll.'ilkan slates, with a trav
elogue presented by Martha
Flnnoll and Mrs. A. O. ltovu-h-ke.
Oregon Motlmra club to
moot with Mia. ('hurlos 1),
(inrcolou, 12.S Unmt at root nt
8:00 o'clock. Mrs. Willard
Peyton will be the assisting
Tueadny, April 10
League ot Women Voters to
meet at the chamber ot com
merce nt 11:00 o'clock.
R. N. A. 3 R club to hold
card party from 11:00 until
4:00 o'clock In chili room nt
tho I. O. O. F. hull. Publlo
Regular mooting of the
Women ot tho Moose to be
held at 8 o'clock at tho lodgo
rooms, initiation, program end
pot luck dinnor to bo enjoyod.
WcdnritdnYj April 11
Oregon Stute Graduate
Nurses association for district
8, will meet Wednesday eve
ning, April 11 at tho home ot
Mrs. D. D. Suolcur, 818 Port
land avonue.
Friday. April 18
Special tournamont play for
women ot Rcames Golf and
Country club. Tournament In
chargo of Gertrude Maguire
and Jean Rogers. Pluyori
aakod to be at the club by
9:30 a. m. '
Bntunlay, April 14
Last dance of the season to
bo given by the Winter Danc
ing club at the Willard hotel.
All day play day for Girl
Scouts aud Camp Fire Girls
at Moore Park.
Friday, April SO
Noxt team pluy for women
of Rcames Golf and Country
Bnturdny, April 2t .
The American Legion Aux
iliary Is sponsoring a party for
the benefit ot the Girl Scout
troops ot the city, to be held
at tho Willard hotel, Satur
day, April 21, at 1:30 o'clock.
For table reservations call
Mrs. E. M. IJubb, 380.
Miss Doris Kandra of Merrill,
bocamo tho bride of Mr, Jesso
Smith ot Klamath Falls at a
lovely Eoator afternoon wedding
solemnlzod at 3:00 o'clock at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Beers In Klamath Falls.
The ceremony was performed
by Reverend Arthur Charles
Bates of the First Christian
church, and Mr. and Mrs. Beers
attended the bridal couple.
The bride was gowned In a
tan ensemble, and carried a
shower bouquet of Talisman
roues and lllllos of tho vnlloy.
Mrs. Beors wore a blue ensemble
and a corsage ot gardonlas, lll
llos of tho valley and bouvardla.
The wedding ceremony was
solemnized under a bower of
hydrangeas, v ferns and spring
Mr. Burt Clays, a cousin of
tho bridogroom, arrived from
San Francisco to nttond tho wed
ding. Following the ceromony a buf
fet luncheon was served to tho
bridal party and wedding guests.
Mr. Smith is employed by the
California Oregon Power com
pany, and has made his home in
Klamath Falls for some time.
John Arkell entertained with a
most enjoyable dinner party Sat
urday evening at the Arkoll home
In honor ot Pearl Arkoll on the
anniversary of her sixteenth
birthday. '
Those present besides the guest
of honor were Zoanna Mitchell,
Trellis Snltmarah, Velda Salt
marsh, Robort Orear, Joy Hugh
es, Robert Hall and Joo Coults.
Mrs. Arkol! was assisted by
Eleanor Arkell.
The Eastern Star Social club
met Friday aftornoon at Masonlo
hall. After a short business meet
ing, cards were In play, with
high score won by Mrs. O. D.
Matthews and second high by
Mrs. Waltor West.
The tea tables wore prottlly ap
pointed and decoratod with
spring blossoms. Hostesses for
tho afternoon were: Mrs. Willard
Peyton, Mrs. H. E. Gets, Mrs,
Gomer' Jones and Mrs. Calvin
For the Law
Legal Blanks
Manuscript Covers
Corporation Seals
Notary Seals
Rubber Stamps
Numbered Legal
Typewriter Paper
Stock Certificates
Corporation Record
Carbon Paper
Typewriter Ribbons
: and Supplies
Shaw StaHoneru Comparm
Phone 602 729 Main St.
Oregon Club Women Plan
For Biennial C o n c I a v e
The attention of clubwomen
inroiigiiuut the slats Is lurnl:.
this month to Roaeliurg, where
the blo:inlnl convention of tho
Oregon Federation ot Women
clubs will bo held from May 7
to 10. The ltosoburg Woman's
club of which Mrs. (J. L. llulnlluo
Is president, and the second dis
trict of the federation, of which
Mrs. William Hull ot ltonobttrg Is
president, are hostess groups and
nro arranging a busy schedule of
Business meetings and social at
fairs for the four-day session
"For without vision tho people
parish" has boon chosen as tho
convention thenio and about It an
inspirational program Is being
built under the supervision of Mrs.
J. O. Holt of tho Monday Hook
club of liugono, general program
The convention Is proving of
more than ordinary Interest this
year bornuso, as one of Us Im
portant features, an eiillro now
board will bo chosen. Tho proa-
ont offlcors headed by Mrs. Char
les N. Ullyou of Dallls, preslilont.
ware glvon tho usual courtesy ro-
etection at tno Portland li tiin n
In 1931 and much speculation has
neon awakened throughout the
atato as to their successors. Mrs.
W. 8. Nicholson of Marshflold Is
as yot the only announced candi
date for tho slnto presidency al
though already there are rumors
of several exciting contests for
some of the lower officers. Nom
inations will he made on We ' tea-
day morning, May 9, and rloctlou
Is slated for Thursday, May 10.
in addition to the president, two
vice-presidents, a recording secre
tary and a treasurer aro to bo
oloctod this year. Tho correspond
ing secretary and the parliamen
tarian will bo appointed by the
Incoming president.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCown
of the McCown studio ot danc
ing, will assist In presenting a
dance recital at their studio on
Friday evening, April 13.
The following numbers will bo
Irish numbor Mary Luclllo
Tap Routine Dotty Jano Roy-
Acrobatic Routlno Botty Ann
On Toe Dawn Everltt.
Walts Clog Barbara Helen
Mexican Hat number Mary
Lucille Montgomery, Botty Jane
Tho American Legion Auxil
iary Is sponsoring a card party
for the benefit ot the local Girl
Scouts on Suturday aftornoon,
April 21, at the Willard hotel.
Dossert will bo served at 1:30
o'clock, and prizes for high
scores have been donatod by
Klamath Falls merchants.
Table reservations may be
obtained by calling Mrs. E. M.
Bubb, at 386.
A Gift
for Her
" Day,
May 13
Plan now to give her tho
gift ot gifts , . . your por
trait . . .or a new photo
graph ot the children.
Take advantage of our spe
cial rrlces and values ar
ranged specially ,for you at
this season clip this cou
pon and come to our studio
at once: -
artist photographers
201 Oregon Hank Illdg., i
before May 2, 10IM, will '
I be equivalent to $1.00 I
on any new order of por- 1
I trails mnilo for Mothers' I
I Day delivery, I
' Not good on coupon '
I sittings, I
Ellis artist photographers
1 204 Oregon Bnnk Bltlg
Phone 2010
According to the tentative con
vention program, registration will
lake place on Monday, May 7, it
the ltosoburg Woman's clubhouso
with tho formal opening of the
svmIuii scheduled fur that night
at the Presbyterian church. Tho
llosuhurg Woman's club will en
tertain at dlnuor Monday night
at tho Roll apartments for mem
bers of the statu board. On Tuea
dny h I it lit a dinner honoring the
slnto oftlcori will bo held at
which Dr. Victor P. Morris, pro
fessor ot economics at the Uni
versity of Oregon, will speak.
Sharing honors with the state
hoard mom tiers at this affair will
ho Mrs. Madia Orr Dunbar ot
Portland whose oandldnoy lor the
first vlco-praslduncy of the (Inn
oral Fodurntlou ot Women'! clubs
will bo presented In the conven
tion body for ratification. The
state board Indorsed Mrs. Dunbar
nt Its mooting In Portland on
March 17 and her nmno will be
Introduced at the council meet
ing of tho general fodorntlou In
Hut Springs, Ark., In late May as
a cantllilato fur election at the
19.16 trlounlul convention,
Mrs. Jarkson F. Kimball, prom
inent member of-tho Woman's Li
brary club ot Klamath Falls, lev-
oral othor members of the orsan
lsatlon, as woll as representatives
front women's clubs In various
outlying communities, are mak
ing tontatlvo plans to attond tho
Mrs. Charlos N, Rllyou, present
president of the Oregon feder
ation, and Mrs. Badlo Orr Dun
bar, candldato for first vlce-prosl-danry
ot tho General Federation
of Women's clubs, havo been fre
quont visitors to Klamath Falls
and havo many friends In wo
mou's organisations hero.
The Past Nohlo Grand elub
mot at the I.O.O.F. ball April I
for Its monthly 1 o'clock pot
luck luncheon, with Mrs. W. J.
Stolnmots and Mrs. Albert Lang
or as hostesses.
Covers ware laid for 12
around tho table dorornlod In
rhododendrons and form.
Following luncheon all ad
journed to tho lodge parlors,
whoro tho aftornoon was spent
with needlework.
Members present wero: Mos
danirs W. J, Stelnmets, Albert
Langer, H. E. Jones, Jennie
Hum, Leo llenn. .Margaret lllden,
C. n. House, Myrtle Kester, W.
M, wolilonder, Lee Kennedy, W.
D. Cofer. J. F. tiooller and R, O.
Mesdamna L. L. Palmerton, H.
E. Jones, Leo Dean, W, M. Who.
landor, Jenn'.e Hum will be
hostesses to the club May first.
To a Perfect
a New "Sensation"
by Nemo-Flex
Pocks, two-way stretch
Lastex with breathing
spaces, tiny pin holes
scattered like checker
board squares over the
surface and they CAN'T
run. High walsted
LA H 10 VII, W
Lap rite's