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Local Forecast
Fair and warm. -Lir
High 75; Low 43. "-$FfU
Fair tonight, Sunday. ' ' '
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paper by OHIO p. ill, are requested to cull the
llorald business office, phono 1000, and
paper will bo Hunt bjr apeclnl carrier.
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On the
Day's News
aft '
H 1
"ANU8TKItB (1111 hold
VI ,
hcailHuua. the hot ono an ihoso
woods aro written being tho sluy
Ing ot a ooiislublo and tho kid
naping ot a clilut of pollco at
Commerce Oklahoma.
Affairs llko that ars nothing
now to Oklahoma, which hai had
plontr of experience with bandlti
In U day.
nrllKBB particular bandlti, along
with a woman companion
whethor rod-hondod or not not
tatod woro ituck In a niuilholo,
and had boon attempting to force
t passon-by to help thorn out.
Tho constablo and tho ohlof ot
pollco mo along and ttartod
Quoatlonlng thorn, ao thoy cut
loou with a machlno gun Just
llko that. Tho constable was
klllod, and tho pollco chlot wi
kldnapod, along with tali car, In
Which tho bandlti (led.
' Thoy nilrcd down again two pr
throe mile farthor on and woro
draggod out by a patting (armor,
who worked under tho threaten
ing musilos ot their machlno
gun. N
' npHESB city gangsters eem to
bo gottlng out in tho country.
It they 8TAV out In tho coun
try, they'll got what la coming
to them aooner or later.
They may bo ablo to put It
over year after year on tho big
city folks, but thoy can't got
away with it indoflnltoly out lu
tho itlcki.
CPEAKIKO ot Oklahoma. It hai
boon raining ateadlly back
there and tho resulting tlooda
haTo taken more than a score of
II roe and dono upwarda ot a mil
lion dollan damage.
Out hero on tho Coast, It hain't
been raining enough. Hack In
tho Middle Weal, It hai been
raining too much,
Jtaln never aoorni to como uit
right, doei ItT
CALLY nAND, who orashed tho
hoadllnei laat lummor with
her fan' danco, ii proteitlng bit
terly becauie iho Ii to bo lott out
of tho 1934 "StreeU ot Paris"
at tho Chicago world'! (air.
Toot Bally! She'i learning the
old, old lotion that glrli who
have nothing moro on tho ball
than wllllngnoss to ihow thom
alvoi In puhllo without clothoi
don't lait long.
A NEW YORK dlipatch layi:
"Prlco-flxlng provliloni of tho
national recorory act woro uphold
today In a doclilon handed down
by Fodoral Judgo John 0. Knox,
xoitralnlng a Now York clcnnlng
firm from charging loai than
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fill I I
Editor Tho Evening H or aid:
Out to tho itudlo hero whoro
wo aro working night and day
on a picture, came Dr. Profos
or Angoll of Yalo. I had al
wayi thought that a follow
from Santa Barbara namod
Hnrknoss was tho nngol of
Yale. Tbl wai an awful nlca
follow and hai a vory ploas
ant, oharmlng wlfo. Ho want
ed mo to bolp him on a couplo
of things.- Wants to got Yalo
made a CCO camp and have
education put on tho bnulo In
dustry Hit. Ho la looking tor
five mon for the lino and thro 9
backflold men. Ho la on hli
way to Honolulu whoro he hai
hoard ot a quarterback. Yale
Ii doing, all iho can to got
back among tho 400 of foot
ball toami. Ho la dodig all
he can to got Yalo grnduatoi
to take up some othor work
than "brain trusting," Ho
thinki Iti ft business that
won't last.
Police Fearful
of Bomb Plot;
Huge Mob Riots
Six Thousand Join in Re
lief Demonstra-
Continuance of CWA and
Increased Allowances
Police machine gunners, (oaring
a bomb plot, alood guard today
at tho city ball, which was stormed
yesterday by a raxing mou or.
6,000 unompioyoa aim sympam
Ixors. . Itiot squads had watched all
nliht. warned by Chief Mlchaol
Johannes that ho had recelvod a
tip that "tl men armed with ro
volveri aro coming up here" and
that tho city hall might be bomb
CWA Continuance Asked
Tho city council voted to re
commend tho damonds ot tho
rioting mob, .including continu
ance of the CWA and Incroasad
roliut allowances. "
Pollcamon, supported by mask
ed machine guns, which they did
not call Into uso, beat back the
rioters with clubs and gas bombs,
but not before a dozen of the offl
cora woro Injured. Tho mob,
hurling paring blocks, coal, bot
tles and scrap Iron, oven picked
up uncxplodud gus bombs and
tossod Ilium back at tho pollco.
About 10 persons woro injured
in nil. Thirty woro arrustod. In
cluding 23 members of a com
mittee which onlored tho com
bination city hall-courthouse to
lay tho demands boforo tho coun
cil. Hob Hurls Stones
Thn trouble started In the
morning when a long line ot un
employed and sympathisers par
oiled to tho building. Tltoro tho
crowd surged outsldo whllo the
commlttoo wont In.
Uocomlng restless whon the
commlttoo did not return, mon
and womon began hurling stonos
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Tho republican odgo lit Klam
ath county has boon reduced to
loss than 1000 votors.
This was dlsclosod Saturday
bv County Clork Mao K. Short
nftor party mombershlp in tho
county wns totulod up for tho
first tlmo sinco ma uenvy run
of roglBtratlonB.
Total number ot domocrats in
tho county up to noon Saturday
was 6371. Total ot republicans
was 7332.
Thoro woro 2647 domocrats
nnd 8145 republicans In country
districts. Altogether, the country
registration tntnled 6005.
In tho olty thoro nro 8105 rog
iBtarod votors, Including 8724
domocrats and 4187 republicans.
Iinclutrntlons In tho oounty
nnd olty together total 14,110.
Tho registration oookb win oo
opon until April 18. ,
MTlMI Pin Anrll 1 tlf
President ltoosovolt took time
oft from flslilng wis morning
for a swim In tho waters off
AiiRtiDa Islnud In tho Dnhnmnn
Tho presidential yacht anoliorod
early today,
Vlnaont Astnr, ownor ot tho
yacht, sont tho following mos
aaga to Marvin H. Molntyro,
Wlilto Houbo secretary hero:
MAnMlinvatl rtt Anmilln tfltfind
where wo found Innumerable
flBli of all vnrlotios, including
tho grandfather of all crawflah,
now In tank. This is a grnud
spot and our aquarium grows."
Mounted at Minneapolis City Hall
Unhappy Bride
Pleads Guilty
To Theft Count
MEDFOtn, Oro., April 7.
W) Mrs. Naomi Joyco Holms,
hrldn of a week, returned here
from California on a grand
larceny charge, today entered
a plea of guilty. She will ho
sentenced within a week. Slio
was released on her husband's
prom lno to havo ber appear
In court when called.
Mrs. Holms was charged
with the theft of a tur coat
and othor wenrlng apparel
from a homo where aho was
employed as a nurao maid.
Tho couplo woro married
at lteno a. wook ago. Tbo hus
band Is a member of a
wcnlthy pioneer southern Ore
gon family, residing at Ash
liiwl. Worst Disaster In Decade
Hits Two Cities " '
of Norway.
OSLO. April 7. 0P Tho worst
disaster Norway has experienced
lu sovoral decades occurred to
day when fwo llttlo wost coast
flslilng villages woro overwhelm
ed by hugo waves when a crag
ovorhanglng the fjord on which
thoy lay crashed into tho sua.
Moro than 60 persons drown
ed, among thorn 20 chlldron, as
waves rushod ovor the village
of Taj fjord and FJoraa ond
swept a half mile Inland, beat
ing down everything In tholr
Homes Swept Away
Tho holploss villngers woro
takon unawaros as thoy woro
nnleon in tholr homos, which
woro mainly of timber. Most of
tho houses woro carried oft
When tho waves retreated tho
shores wore llttorod with debris
and bodies. Many dead were
bollovod burled undor the ruins
ot othor bulldlngB.
A steamer was dispatched from
Aaloaund to holp the survivors,
and tho gnvornmont tolegraphod
of tors ot aid.1
All boats in tho harbor woro
fluni ud on tho' shoro. while at
sovoral points motor cars and
otlior vehicles woro carried a
long distance Inland by tbo tre
mondoui power of the waves.
Tho dlsastor occurred at
Koranoos Fjord. The two villages
aro on oppoaito banks.
SEATTLE, April 7, (IP)
Amorlcnn war votorans broke up
a communist nntl-wnr demonstra
tion hore with tholr fiats, and to
day olghl allegod "RedB" woro
hold on chargos of dlsordorly
conduct, and five on opon
Tho demonstration started last
night, whon, at the ond of an
Army Week parndo, communists
and other dlssldonts brought out
tings, bnnnors nnd plncnrdB, nt-
tni.klnir Ihn IHnn nf military nro-
parodnoss during tho parade, af
ter It, at a mooting in tho
Knglos' auditorium and . outBido
tho hall.
Defendants Win
Damage Contest
PENDLETON, April 7, (IP) A
fodoral court Jury today roturned
a vordlct tor the dofondnnts In
tho (10,000 damage suit brought
against tho olty ot Hormlston and
the Hormlston Light & Power
company by Sylvln Bruce.. The
girl sought tho damages because
ot Injuries which resulted In the
amputation of a log whon the
nutnmobllo In which sho was rid
ing struck a light polo at Hormls
ton. .
Hard Fight Ahead For
- Favor At Primary
Next Month.
Reports of Strength Con
, tinue to Drift in
From North.
Ry Malcolm Eplcy
With 40 days and nighti of
struggle ahead before the voters
cast their ballots In tbo May pri
mary what ol the gubernatorial
chances ot Mayor W. E. Mahoney!
Reports of Mahoney strength
over tho stato continue to drift
back to Klamath Falls as the vote
drive gets definitely under way.
Campaign Quiet Here.
While the mayor's campaign
locally scorns to do ai a sianu-
illl anil mint hellOYB hft haS
boon losing strength here in the
past two 'WeaKS,. itucre win
lriilHMi. thnt ftnnnral 'PhnrlCB ft.
inttn U ffnlnv tn hare something
to worry obout boforo the final
ballots are couniea.
L-.i Ralnm Mind Wnfd that
some political observers there be
lieve Manoncy nas tuuui. .u
take Martin, It the Klamath Falls
mayor can continue to gain
strength In Multnomah county.
Tho 8nlem obsorvers, who are
at tho contor of affairs, see iwo
major mistakes in the Mahonoy
campaign so far.
Charity Row Handicaps.
One Is his fight against the
Knox law, and tho other tho local
Dolice charity fund affair.
Smart politicians regard tho
antl-Knox law attack as unneces
ThAv hv that there annears
to be little agitation on tho part
ot moat Individuals to suoauiuia Antlnn fnr atAta Control Of
liquor. The present set-up may
not be just wnai is d, "w
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GENOA. Italy. April 7. (ff1)
Mrs. Thalia fortescue massiu wn
guarded closely in a clinio today
lest sho attempt suicide again.
Tho young wonjan. principal In
tho Honolulu attack and murder
case of two years ago, was con
flnod to tho clinic Thursday night
whon tho liner Roma brought her
hnro. .'
Officers ot the ship said sho
had slashed her wrists ana jump
ed from tho top dock to a lower
deck en route from New York.
Her Injuries were slight, but she
was highly nervous.
ISTANBUL, April 7, (ff1) Ken
an Doy, attornoy-gonernl of Tur
key, nnnouncod toany inni no np
iut.i wna nnanihln niralnst his gov
ernment's decision to hand ovor
Samuel Insull, Sr to American
v-nnnn ltnv'a ruling means that
tho former utilities operator of
Chicago apparently nas iobi nis
last legal battle against a return
to tho United States, where fed
oral warrants charging him with
mall fraud and fraudulent
bankruptcy await him.
Aviators Die In
Alaskan Disaster
McORATH, Aloska, . April 7,
() a downward air ' ourrent
Btruck at an altitude of a few
hundred foot plunged Ed Fageros,
34-yonr-old nlrplano pilot former
ly ot Chicago, and Michael Teke-
off, 45, to their doathi hero
I Thursday, , . i . . .. ,
Indians Tell
Rescue Story
Mayor of Bolivar Valle
(Copyright, 1934, by the Asso
ciated fress)
April 7 iP) The Guoqueros In
dians who found the Amerlsan
mining engineer, Newton C. Mar
shall, in the Jungle after his air
plane crashed liarcn iv, iota me
tbelr story today.
The survivor, who Is from Mil
waukee, had suffered the agonies
of hunger and despair 15 days
in the matted forests, when they
found him. They helped bring
him here, yesterday.
Natives Aro Frightened
Mr. Marshall also told me of
bis tight for life after leaving
the wreck ot the airliner Von
Krone, despairing of being res
Here Is the story of Noel
' (Continued on Page Three)
Millions More Proposed
By Senate; Approval
mJi, Expected. '. .. ..
The senate brewed new head
aches for the taxpayers today.
The tax bill, which was a
1258,000,000 measure as it came
from the House, already is up
to a proposed 2330,000,000 in
the Senate, with a strong likeli
hood it will reach 2480,000,000
before It Is passed.
House Boosts Bill
An amendment by Senator
Couzens (It.. Mich.) that would
add an estimated' 256.000,000,
and one by Senator Lot ol lotto
IR.. Wis.) that would be gooa
for perhaps 205.000,000 more,
were given the approval today of
Senator Harrison (D., Miss.) who
is in charge of tho legislation.
Monday may see a vote. Both
Senate and House were in recess
Tho bill as received from tho
House was boosted to 2330,000,
000 In the Senate finance com
mittee before reaching the Senate
Approval Is Expected
Senator Couxens' proposal is
for a ten per cent super-levy,
to be effective tor ono year only.
The ton per cent would bo fig
ured on tho tax ltseu, a person
vhnaa tax came to 2100. for ex
ample, adding ten per cent of
that and paying 2110.
The LaFollette amenameni
would boost tho super estate or
inheritance levies beyond tne
finance committee rates and cut
down existing exemptions. n
Both proposals are certain ot
Senate approval.
WASHINGTON. April 7, (P)
The chamber ot commerce of the
United States said today that
"on every hand there appear en
couraging signs of further busi
ness recovery" but that tho "ad
vance" is threatened by some of
the pending loglsaltlvo proposals.
"Moro men aro being put to
work at better wages," the or
ganisation said in Its fortnightly
ntlnnnl business af
fairs. Firms and corporations,
long In tho red, nro euner over
tho line or getting closer to the
black." x
Little Progress
Made in Murders
" BREMERTON, Wash., April 7,
(p) As arrangements were rondo
today for burial of tho six vic
tims of Bromoron's "orgy kill
ings," authorities apparently had
failed to find si dotlnlte trail they
expected to lead to the murder
ers. Talk of an ' expected arrest
quieted when It had failed to
materialise by early today. .
WARSAW, April 7, (JP) A
wind-driven fire 'destroyod the
East Gallcian vlllngo of Donysow,
with a Ions of five lives, It wai
reported ' here today.
Wife of Pennsylvania
Governor Attacks
Hugh Johnson.
Action of Recovery Ad
ministration Heart
ily Denounced.
In a general assault on NRA ad
ministration In Pennsylvania,
Mrs. Glfford Pinchot today told
the senate labor committee that
Hugh S. Johnson had "thrown
down his arms" in the Interest
of big business.
A militant supporter of labor,
the red-haired wife of tho gov
ernor of Pennsylvania urged
nassaee of the Wagner labor bill
to outlaw employer-dominated
company unions.
KRA Purpose Landed
' Sha had kind words for' "the
purpose of the' national' indus
trial recovery act in general, but
she denounced the way It was
administered In her state.
"I've heard of a Chinese gen
eral throwing down bis arms,"
she asserted, "but not an Amer
ican general."
Worker Mast Pay
"General Johnson, eager to
build up the power and wealth
of Wall Street," she added, "has
done so at the expense ot the
"Confident that General John
son will not lift a finger to in
terfere, big .business has gone
deliberately and systematically
at work, without subterfuge,
shamelessly to defy the govern
ment and to stamp out the or
ganization of workers at any
cost," Mrs. Pinchot said.
She alleged there had been
Instances of "big business shoot
ing down workers with machine
Steel Trust Assailed
Saying she had been unable
to obtain a hall to address 15,
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WASHINGTON,. 'April 7, (VP)
Tho House Interstate Commerce
sub-committee voted today to ex
empt state and municipal bonds
from provisions of the stock
market regulation bill.
Chairman Rayburn (D. Tex.),
explained that such securities
were not considered highly specu
lative unless states - and munici
palities voted too many.
By exempting them, he added,
the political sub-divisions would
"not feel uneasy."
The sub-group redrafting the
bill also agreed in principle with
section two which outlines the
purpose and Intent of the legis
lation. E
One-hundred and twelve consum
ers' councils are to be formed
throughout the nation to aid in
adjustment of local consumers'
price complaints.
Frank C. Walker, director of
the National Emergency Council
making the announcement today,
said tho plan would bo on an
experimental basis, until It was
determined how it' would work.
Walkor snid tho councils would
bo under the direction ot the
consumers -division ot the Na
tional Emergency Council. ,
MUELHEIM, Germany, April
7, (flj) Qoneral Karl Von Elnem,
ono of Germany's most distin
guished World War commanders,
died today at the age of 81.
Oregon Given
Relief Funds
The federal relief administration
granted Oregon 21.014,000 for
relief work in April Including
transient relief and college stud
ent aid as well as 214.000 for
the emergency educational pro
gram In March.
Other grants Included:
Idaho. 2250,000 for April ex
cepting transient relief and rural
State P.-T. A. President
Speaks Before County
Council Today.
The crisis which la facing mod
era education was discussed Sat
urday afternoon by Mrs. William
Kletzer, president ot the Oregon
Congress of Parents and Teachers,
at a general meeting ot the Klam
ath county conncti or r.-r. a.
held at 2:00 o'clock In tha Li
brary club rooms. "
Members of the organization
ware urged by ' M Klotzer to
study taxation measures in order
that they may cast their votes
to eliminate the less essential
parts of the educational system
rather than the service projects
necessary to the well being of
school children.
' Unit Plan Proposed.
State support of school dis
tricts, now depending entirely up
on local property taxes was urged
bv Mrs. Kletzer. who compliment
ed Klamath county upon tho effi
cient county unit plan now In
operation here, and npon the
growth and power of tne Parent-
Teacher associations.
Problems of child welfare were
touched npon by the state presi
dent, who is a most interesting
The need of professional work
ers was stressed, . and it was
pointed out that rehabilitating
lives was a much smaller cost to
tho state than to support these
same lives should they be al
lowed to drift along without such
stabilization, dependent on the
Services of trained workers
abolish waste and tho only way
to abolish delinquencies Is to
trace them to their source wiping
out the conditions which produce
such results, Mrs. Kletzer de
clared. 'Guest ot Legion.
Suggestions from organizations
to authorities in charge ot Juve
nile work are in the line of prog
ress not criticism, asserted the
P.-T. A. official.
Mrs. Kletzer was the guest of
the American Legion Auxiliary
Saturday morning. She is an ar-
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ROME, April 7. (IP) The
world wheat advisory committee,
under the presidency of John Van
Antwerp MacMurray, American
mlnlstor to Estonia, Latvia and
Lithuania, dug at onco today into
the question of establishing a
minimum export price for wheat.
Most delegates seemed to re
gard this as tho most important
Item before the meeting.
MASSENA, N. V., April 7 (AP)
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt ar
rived this nftcrnoon for the fu
neral of A. H. Cook, 83, father
of Iicr friend, Miss Nancy Cook.
Sho motored from Syracuse.
MEXICO, D. F., April 7 (AP)
Several poisons were injured
todny whon 00 mounted police
men swinging sabres disponed a
crowd ot 200 persons, mainly
university students, demonstrat
ing against Nnrcisso llassols,
minister of education. ;
CORTEZ, Colo., April 1 (AP)
A silver strike on which ore
Abducted Police Chief
. Released At Fort
Scott, Kas. '
Dozen Murders Blamed
On Elusive South
west Outlaw.
FORT SCOTT, Kas., April 7.
(JP) Clyde Barrow, phantom
desperado ot the southwest, fled
before a growing army of police
today after releasing a kidnaped
police chief whose companion ho
had mnrdered.
Scores ot officers went Into
action along the Kansas-Missouri
border after the desperado' and
his two companions released
Percy Boyd, Commerce. Okla.,
chiet of police, early today. Thoy
had held htm prisoner for mora
than 14 hours. ..r -'':- - '
; Machine Gun Used v .
They abducted him' pear Com
merce yesterday after Barrow
had shot and killed Cal Camp
bell, 63, Miami, Okia., constable.
Boyd and Campbell had sought
to Investigate actions of two men
and a woman whose motor car
was mired in a mudhole.
Barrow shot the constable with
a machine gun. The trio then
forced Boyd Into their car and
sped away.
Boyd, who snffered a scalp
wound, said he was positive as
to the identification ot Barrow
and Bonnie Parker, tho desper
ado's cigar smoking companion.
He expressed the belief the other
member of the trio, a tall, sandy
hairod man, was Raymond Ham
ilton, alleged associate of Bar
row. Auto Theft Falls . ..
He said they had three ma
chine guns, three shotguns, sev
eral pistols and a suitcase fall
ot ammunition. They treated, him
well; helped him bandage hit
wound, and gave him a clean
shirt to replace one which was
covered with blood.
Driving fast the killers rod
into Kansas soon after the Com
merce shooting. After spending'
most ot the afternoon on side
roads between here and Pitts
burg, Kas., they entered Fort
Scott, where they purchased a
newspaper giving an account of
the murder. It was then that
Barrow learned he had killed
Campbell. . .
The officer was released seven
miles south of here after Bar-,
row had made another trip into
the city in an unsuccessful at
tempt to steal ft motor car.
Dozen Murders Charged '
Throughout the night Missouri,
Kansas and Oklahoma officers
were busy tracing reports that
the trio hod been seen. National
Guard cavalrymen patrolled tho
Kansas-Oklahoma border. '
Barrow is accused of slaying
no less than halt a dozen peace
officers in Missouri, Oklahoma
and Texas. Hamilton recently
escaped from a Texas farm
where he was serving 263 years
for murder and robbery. .
. SALEM, April 7 (yP The
state game commission has no
authority to declare open season
on the killing of elk In Clatsop
county during the summer of
1934, Attorney General I. H. Van
Winkle held In an opinion band
ed down today. ,
Is snld to run as high as $11,200
a ton, was made In (ho Battle
rock district 17 miles west of
here, near the Utah line, accord
ing to reports reaching Cortes,
today . ,
Secretary Hull snid today tho
United States had made no offi
cial commitments with regard to
the American position toward any
agreement between (ireat Drltala
and Francs railing for economlo
anil financial ' mrasnrrs to be
taken aaainst anr violator of as)
'.international arsns pact.