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Local Forecast
Generally fair.
High 65; Low 43. "
Cloudy, unsettled.
Hernia subscribers who fall to receive their
paper by eittO p. m. aro requested to call tin
Herald business office, phone loou, and a
pope; will ba aant by special carrier.
Price Five Cents
Number 6079
lt wm
On the
Day's News
Vv'k, 'Mvilu.'I.AX.HUOIAIMjL
THIS writer, dropping In on
Walt Waggoner yostorduy,
found him wushlng mushrooms
not a tlcky lltllo handful, but a
good two-bushel lot.
"Wlioro'd you find thorn!" was
tho prompt query.
"Thal't for you to find out."
Wall answorod, "but It wasn't
mora than throa blocks from tho
llorald and News office.".
, .
tjANCY thatl
Two bualiols ot mushrooms
right hero In the center of tho
fourth largos oil In Oregon
and tha biggest city east of tho
Aountalns' In Oregon or Cali
fornia. ,
And Walt swears It didn't take
him over 15 minutes to dig tho
two bushols.
THESE particular mushrooms,
Walt confided, are ot tht
ngarlcus variety If that means
anything to you.
They are of the plnk-gllled
typo, and muahroomi with pink
gllla ara presumably aafe. Thoy
ranged In alio from buttona about
tho heft of a email walnut to big.
umbrella-shaped onea weighing a
pound or more.
Tha biggest muahroom Walt
ver heard of. In thla country,
waa found aereral yeara ago by
Doo Weaterfeld, and weighed
TWENTY pnunda. Ho hlmaelf
haa found them hlg aa 12
Tho big onoa, he aaya, ara Juat
a good aa tha llttlo onea.
TUB Klamath country, ao far at
Walt knows, producea mush
rooma more prollflcally than any
where elao In tho country
Back In 10 it, bo relates, a
young fellow here got a smart Idea
and cashed In on It. Ha made a
deal with the St. Francla hotel.
In Ban Francisco, to take all tho
mushrooms ot a cortaln apoclflod
quality bo could ahlp.
And boy! how ho did ahlp
mushrooms! Ho poured them In
on tho St. Francla In boxes and
barrola and cratoa anything ho
could find to ahlp It. Hut tho np
petltea ot the hotel'a customora
wore equal to the strain, and
they took all he acnt.
Ho cleared $3,000 In ono soa
aon, and bought him a big truck
with tho monoy.
SAN FRANCISCO, by the wiiy,
till eata mushrooms, hut tho
bulk of thorn)' are now grown In
captivity In tunnels, thoy say
up abova 8anta Rosa; tho tun
nel! ot old abandoned mines, tho
Vory gaoe.
Thnt'i taking a now kind of
gold out ot tho ground,
SPEAKING of the way mush
rooms grow hero, Walt recalls
that a tew years ago aomo frlonds
camo down from Portland and
craved muehrooms, In bulk the
bigger the bulk the hotter. .
So thoy climbed In tho oar and
itartod out. Halt an hour lutor
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FsWlVC .
HOLLYWOOD, March 20.
ft Editor The Evonlng Horald:
Mr. Wrlgloy, the chewing wax
man, did a thing today that
will eventually bocomo uni
versal. He sot aside a aum
of monoy tor unomploymont
Insurance Ho put by a mil
lion dollars. On April first
etoal will rnlso wngos 10 por
cent. No April fool's Joko out
ot that.
. Funniest thing In this con
troversy ovor a bill to rogu
lato Wall atroot, Wall stroot
now wants to wrlto tholr own
bill, tfuoy aro ploadlng guil
ty, but want tho prlvllego of
pronouncing their own son
tence. Wondor who tho broln-trust-or
was that wanted us to go
) J Yours,
Ruf us C. Holman
to Seek Election
on G. O. P. Ticket
Brief Statement of Can
didacy Issued From
Salem Office.
Brown's Intentions of
Continuing Unknown;
Thomas Removed.
SALEM, March 29. (Pi nufus
C. llolmau. state iroasurer, an
nounced today that he would bo
a candidate for tho republican
nomination for governor.
llolmau wus In Portland to
day, hut his announcement waa
rcluaaed through Ills office In
Salem. In bli brlet statement ho
"I am porsuadod that It Is my
duty to tho progressives and to
the members of tho republican
narty ot the slate and to all those
who labor tor their dally bread,
who bavo fuvorcd mo with nomi
nations and honored me with
elatliou, -to. permit my name to
bo presented to tbo votora aa a
candidate for governor.
"My platform will bo prepared
and my formul filing mado lu due
lime aa required by law."
PORTLAND, March 29, UP)
Tho announcement today by
Itufua Cyllolmun, mate treaiurer,
thul he will sock tho republican
nomination aa governor ot Ore
gon, reculled a statement mado
hero several days ago by State
Suuatur W. E. llurko ot Yamhill
county, that It Holman should de
cide to run, Uurko would with
draw aa a candldnlo.
Uurko and Elate Senator Sam
Drown of Marlon county aovaral
weeks ago announced tholr Inten
tions of seeking tho governorship
on tho "truo progressive repub
lican platform.
Inasmuch as Burke doclnred bo
wbuld atop asldo it Holman
should run, thore was consider-
ablo speculation horo today as
td what course Brown ot Marlon
would puraue. Thoao who direct
ed tho preliminary manouvora In
tho Ilolinun Interest, aro under
stood to hnva boon coaxing llrown
to withdraw In party Interest,
Hotmail's announcement ot
candidacy likewise was rogurdod
as putting a stop to any possible
movo In that direction contem
plated by Chnrlos M. Thomas,
state utilities commissioner.
An announcement was oxpoctcd
soma time toduy from Earl Snell
ot Arlington, us to whothor ho
will souk tho republican nomina
tion as socrotnry of stuto. It
was stated hero authoritatively
that It Snell runs, P. J. Studle
man, Incumbent, will not, but
that If Snell docldes ho will not
havo a try at the office, Stadol-
mun will Illo for the republican
Patrons and patronesses for
tho hanliotbnll victory rccoptlon
and danco to bo hold at tho Wll
lard hotol Thursday night avo
boon announced.
Thoy nro Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Koms, Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Roy
nolds. Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Jack-
bou, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hnrdln Cor
tor, Mr. and Mra. Waltor Locko,
Dr. and Mrs. M. B. Coopor, Mr.
and Airs. Harry Molatoro and L.
Orth Slaemoro, ',',
The K. U. II. S. basketball
tnam's advance to the finals ot
tho state tournament promptod
tho evont tonight, which will be
hold from 8 to 11. Members ot
tho tnnm are Dnrrall Miller. How
ard Scroggln, Carl Kgolhott, Nol
le aiovnnlnl. Edward Wakemnn,
John Postaga, Horuco Hodge,
Waltor Johnson, Tiie conch is
Dwlght Frouob and manager,
James Kalor,
The sponsoring organisations
for tonight's rocoptlon are the
senior and junior chambers ot
commerce, Rotary club, Klwnnls
club, Lions club, Twonty-Thlrty
oluti and Wlllard hotol.
Treasurer Out For
Primary Race
Takes Shape;
Deadline Near
Willis E. Mahouoy, demo
crat. Representative (2)
Henry Soman and Harry
Bolvln. democrats: Charles R.
Williams and W. C. Van
Emon, republicans.
Circuit Judge
Arthur Schaupp, William
Oanong, D. E. Fletcher.
District Attorney
Oeorgo ChBstaln, democrat,
and Hardin Ulackmor, J. C.
O'Neill, U. 8. lialcntlne, Fay
Morris, republicans.
Roy Tabor, Jack Almeter.
W. H. Hawkins, Emll Droller,
democrats: It. 11. Anderson
and Ed Dunham, republicans.
W. T. Lee, democrat; Sam
Miller and Alva Lewis, repub
licans. FREEDOM B13
Samuel's Ship Puts in At
Turkish' Port of .
Istanbul. '
CHICAOO. March 29 (IP)
Martin J. lnsull emerged from a
county Jnll cell today to be led
Knrnr. th. imr nf tustico he had
striven 17 months to evade.
Standing silent whllo bis coun
sel deferred a formal plea to tho
... ln.1lnlni0ntH. flllefflnK thO
embcitlomont of $364,000 from
his formor utilities companies,
tho elderly dofendant quickly
gulnod hla freedom under $60,
000 bonds and waa told ho
might go where he pleaaod with
in the United States.
ISTANBUL, March 29 (IP)
Strung ovldonce waa seen today
that the S. S. Malotis, supposed
to havo Samuol lnsull. Sr., on
board. Is being detained In Is
tanbul hnrbor by the- Turkish
The Malotis arrlvod here at
6:30 a. m. and It was announced
she would pauBO only long
onough to re-provlalon before
putting out again.
The re-provisioning, however,
was completed In five hours.
At 6:20 p. m. approximately
11 hours aftor hor arrival, the
Malotis was Btill at anchor.
It wns reported, although the
report was unverified, that the
h.,hn. niithnrllinn hnri refused
tha Malotis' captain's request. to
An ond to widespread .show
era over the Klamath Basin
which havo provnllod since Sat
urday was predicted by the local
weathorman Thursday afternoon
nftor a distinct rise in bnromot
rlo pros8ure. Lower tomporaturo
and olearlng wenthor ore In pros
peot for Friday, . .
Proclpltntlon In tho recont
rains has totnlod more than half
an Inch In tho city alnce Satur
day, and the country and moun
tain regions have rooolvod heav
ier rainfall,
Storage rosorvolrs will greatly
bonoflt by the rains, according to
statomonts from officers of the
local reclamation bureau, and it
tho rains aontlnuo lt will not be
nocossnry to turn on Irrigation
wator nB soon as was originally
Oorbor dam has rocolved a
totnl of 1.37 Itichos ot moisture,
Tula lako had hoavlor proclplta
tion than was recorded here,
and rain was falling at Clear
lake resorvolr, reolamatloulsts
The stnte weather bureau fore
cast Is for continued cloudy and
unsottlod wenthor tonight and
Friday, rain In the west and
moderate tomporaturo.
Van Emon Announces for
Republican Post in
Van Vactor Believed Con
sidering Entering
for Prosecutor.
Ily Malcolm Eplry
Approach of April 3, deadline
for candidacy filing, is forcing
the issue with hold-out candi
dates and the next few days will
see the lines ot conflict defi
nitely drawn In the 1934 pri
mary. Prospects at this time are
that a contest In the state repre
sentative race will be postponed
until fall. W. C Van Emon an
nounced his candidacy on the
republican ticket Thuraday, mak
ing it aa even four candidates
for the four selections to be
made, by voters of the two par
ties. " ' ' . '
Judge Not Announced
Those now In the race are Van
Emon and C. R. Williams, re
publicans: Harry Bolvin and
Henry Semon, democrats. Un
less somebody comes In at the
last minute, fireworks will be
unlikely In this situation until
next fall.
Van Emon Is a local attorney
and active republican. There
are now two attorneys, a farmer
and a county commissioner seek
ing legislative honors from this
Judge W.. M. Duncan has yet
to announce for circuit Judge,
but bla cards and advertisements
are out. John Irwin, recall lead
or, Is reported having Bald the
recall fight had given him A-l
publicity, for a Judrsblp cam
paign. '
Van Vactor Undecided
The district attorney candi
dacy lay-out appears to be about
complete, unless D. E. Van
Vactor decides to run. Van
Vactor Is deputy district attor
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SALEM, Mar. 29. (AP) Fol
lowing the supreme court opinion
yesterday, refusing to grant a re
hearing to Theodore Jordan, Negro,
aentenccd to hang by the Klamath
circuit court for the murder of a
Pullman car steward, members of
the International Labor Dotense
leaguo bognn an effort to commute
tho sontence to lite Imprlsonmont
through intercession with Gover
nor Julius L. Meier.
Representatives ot the league
called at the governor's office yes
terday afternoon with the plea that
Jordan not hang.
The league took up the case upon
Its appeal to tho suprome court
carrying the matter to the state
legislature through speakers and
"Jordan must not' hang" banners.
Hundreds of pnmphlota and postal
cards havo been rocelved at tho
governor's office and by members
of tho auprome court.
City Prepares for Easter;
Church Services Announced
Easter rabbits In hutch and In
woods are preparing themaolvos
for tho annual egg-laying phenom
enon, while shop windows are
burgeoning with colors as gay as
the bunnlos' eggs to tompt maid
and matron Into stopping out and
buying now oostumos for the big
day. ii
Many have already purchased
Blaster finery, which Is hung away
In the closet and only displayed
a fow dozen times each day to
admiring and envious friends.
Anxious eyes scan the weather
forecasts and many a fervent
heart Is hoping that the Eastor
O. S. C, Boy
Gun Victim
CORVALLIS, Ore., March 29,
(P) Paul Kutch, 21, of Albany,
a student at Oregon State col
lege, was killed here today when
a room-mate, Robert Veale, 20,
of Alameda, Calif., accidentally
discharged a revolver he was
cleaning. The bullet passed
through Kutcb's head.
Coroner A, L. Keeney said Max
Rotbenberger of Portland, who
was In the room at tho time of
the tragedy, stated that Kutch re
turned from a dance abortly af
ter midnight, and found Veale
cleaning the revolver. There was
considerable bantering, Rotben
berger said, and the two young
men suggested a mock duel,
Kutch picking up a small caliber
rifle. Rotbenberger said he paid
no more attention to the pair un
til he heard a shot and saw
Kutch fall.
An Inquest will be held follow
ing the arrival ot Veale'a father
from Alameda. The tragedy oc
curred In the study room of the
Lambda Chli Alpha fraternity,
Veale is the son of C A.
Veale, superintendent of the
Southern Pacific system at Oak
land. Kutch was the son of Alice J.
Kutch, Albany widow.
Veale la an expert marksman,
his friends here said, and owns
two rides and a pistol found in
the room. He had Just finished
cleaning the pistol as Kutch came
In. He had reloaded it, but ap
parently did v not realise ha had
done so.
Administration's Bill
Passed and Sent on
to Senate.
The administration's reciprocal
tariff bill carrying amendments
limiting Its authority to three
years and preventing foreign
debt cancellation was passed to
day by the house and sent to
the senate.
The house today placed a
three-year limitation on the ad
ministration's reciprocal tariff
It was proposed by Chairman
Doughton (D., N. C), of the
house ways and means commit
tee, who explained it was ottered
to meet criticisms as to the con
stitutionality ot the measure.
It has the approval of the ad
ministration. DIE IN TYPHOON
SHANGHAI, March 29, (IP)
A typhoon which struck oft the
coast of Kwangtung, southern
most seacoast province of China,
brought death to 800 fishermen.
Three hundred fishing Junks
sank after a terrific pounding
from tho elements, said Chinese
reports from the south.
A number ot survivors were re
ported to have been saved by a
Chinese customs cruiser.
The latest report said the ty
phoon struck in the vicinity of
Waiang Monday night
parade will not bo ruined by rain,
Lenten church services whleh
have boon continuing throughout
the past, few weeks at varlova
churches will come to a climax
with Good Friday and Holy -Saturday
services before Easter day.
Solemn and Impressive masses
and communions will be cele
brated at the Sacred Hoart churoh
and at St. Paul's Episcopal
church. Other churches will ob
serve . the occasion with speolal
service and music.
Whits EaBter Ullos will be feat
ured In all ot the churches, and
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Group Will Have Author
ity to Settle
Number of Members Lim
ited to Six; Regional
Groups Planned.
Approval of a national labor
complaints committee for the
lumber Industry, to settle work
ers' allegations of violation ot
tbo Industry's code, was an
nounced today by Hugh S. John
son, the NRA administrator.
Half the members will be nom
inated by the code authority, and
tbo other half by President
Roosevelt, on recommendation of
the NRA labor advisory board.
To Settle Complaints.
An administration member' ot
the iode authority will serve on
the committee with no vote, but
the power to veto its- actions
pending review by Johnson.
Seven regional committees of
two to six members will be es
tablished. The national committee for the
present will have six members,
though it may later be enlarged
to eight.
Johnson has authorized the Na
tional Lumber Manufacturers as
sociation. Industry code author
ity, to settle labor complaints and
trade practice disputes.
' PORTLAND, March 29.
A forest conservation program
was discussed here today by tim
ber owners, loggers and foresters
ot the Portland district at a
meeting designed to bring con
servation methods under the
terms ot the national lumber
code. The meeting here was one
ot several scheduled this week in
the Douglas fir region.
GRANTS PASS, Ore., March
29 (p) Sheriff's, officials sta
tioned themselves at the Junc
tion of the Redwood and Pacific
highways here this afternoon on
receiving a report that a man be
lieved to bo John Dlllinger was
heading toward this city from
Rogue River, Just over the line
In Jackson county. -
The call came from a state po
lice officer. The sheriff and his
force left hurriedly. No details
were Immediately available.
Police were agog Thursday,
when a report came from St.
Francis Park, that a huge yellow
sedan, carrying five men end two
machine guns, was headed toward
the city.
Heavily armed - Investigating
parties were sent out to meet the
suspicious automobile, hut by the
process of natural shrinkage the
machine had become a small yel
low coupe, carrying no machine
guns, and only two men, by the
time lt reached the outskirts of
the city, according to police re
ports. CHICAGO. March 29, (JP)
Calm ' and dry eyed. Dr., Alice
Lindsay yWnekoop began her trip
to prison today to serve 25 years
for the murder ot her daughter-in-law,
Still too feeble to walk, as a
result of the heart attacks whloh
once stopped her trial, Dr. Wyne
koop was wheeled out of the
county Jail In an Invalid's chair
to Bailiff Gabriel's. hlg sedan.
. Miss Mary Kennedy, the chief
matron of the Jail, and Dr. Wyne
koop's i friend, accompanied her
to prison. . ,
Government Seeks
Source of Revenue
for Vets Benefits
..V "
Senate Action Wednesday Night Brings
First Major F. D. R. Overthrow
228 Millions Needed
WASHINGTON, March 29, (AP) The adminktra
tion pondered without immediate answer today on where
to get another $228,000,000 the cost of a surprising
overthrow of President Roosevelt's first maj'or veto.
"What'll we use for money?" that in effect was the
query of government heads after the turbulent capitol
scenes that accompanied the break between congress
and the chief executive. ' , -
There was nos quick reply. Several courses were
open. Early speculation had it that either new taxes
would be suggested or a deficiency appropriation voted
to expand the budget by the needed amount
Democratic Leader Pre
diets New Measure s
to Meet Cost.
Representative Byrns, the dem
ocratic leader, told newspaper
men today It was "entirely possi
ble'.' that President Roosevelt
would ask new taxes to meet ex
penditures caused by 'passage ot
the Independent offices bill over
his veto.
The measure, providing addi
tional appropriations for war vet
erans and government employes,
was enacted Into law last night
when the Benate Joined the house
in over-riding President Roose
velt's wishes.
Budget Will Be Exceeded
It was estimated by the presi
dent In his veto message that the
expenditures authorized by the
legislation would exceed budget
estimates by $228,000,000.
"I do not know the president's
plans," Byrns added, "but in view
ot the position he expressed In
his veto message, lt is entirely
possible that he will ask congress
to provide additional revenue."
Tax Bill Chargs
It was pointed out, however,
that new taxes or Increased rates
might be added to the tax bill
already passed by . the house and
now pending in the senate.
Byrns laughed at republican
statements that President Roose
velt has suffered the "worst de
feat in recent years" on tho in-H
dependent offices bill.
"Why," ho asserted, "only four
years ago last June, the house
passed 290 to 14 a Spanish war
veterans pension bill over Presi
dent Hoover's veto. -
"President Hoover got only 14
votes; President Roosevelt got
Cash Bonus Viewed
Now that congress has gone
contrary to the president on dis
ability compensation, leaders of
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MIAMI, Fla.. March 29 (IP)
President Roosevelt anchored to
day off Settlement Point lu the
warm waters ot the g"lf stream
to begin his vacation with some
fishing and swimming.
Settlement Po"!rit commonly Is
known as West End.' .'on the
great Bahama Island, about, 86
miles northeast of. Miami. '
Vincent 1 Astor, ownor of the
yacht Nourmnhal pat Is carry
ing the president,; Bent the fol
lowing message early today to
Marvin H. Mclntyre, presidential
secretary, located bore:
"Had fine night. Now an
chored off Sandy Cay, northwest
ot Settlement Point. The presi
dent expects to spend .the day
fishing and having, a swim." '
The latter course alone,
without providing new rev
enue, would mean swelling
the public debt just that
much more.
The senate's action last night,
after seven hoars ot furious de
bate, did not cause quite the sur
prise engendered when the over
whelmingly democratic house, de
feated the veto. -
By a three-vote margin of (3'
to 27, the senate engraved oa
the statute books the J8S0.0OO,- .
000 independent office appropri
ation bill. i
G. O. P. Ranks Solid.
In ft were the Increased pay
ments tor veterans and govern
ment employes which had been
the bone of contention.
Republicans 33 In all stood
In solid phalanx for the bill. They
ware Joined by 29 democrats and
the lone Farmer-Labor member,
Shipstead of Minnesota. AU 27
voting to sustain the president
came from the democratic side.
Stirring scones accompanied
the vote. Opponents of the veto
ignored all pleas by the demo
cratic leaders that such action
might shake confidence in Presi
dent. Roosevelt at a time when lt
was needed. '
Gallery Tarns Noisy.
'Announcement of the vote by
Vice-President Garner brought
cheers, shouts and applause from
the crowded galleries. Decpite
warnings from the chair there .
had been previous outbursts both
on the senate floor and In the
crowds above.
Washington received the news
with some excitement It meant
that $26,000,000 extra would be
given federal employes between
now and July 1, part ot lt retro
active until February 1. In ad
dition to this five per cent re
storation of the government pay
cut, another five per cent adding
another 1126,000,000 will go in
to effect July 1. Much of this
money will be spent In -the capl- ..
F. B. Remains Silent.
While official Washington lis
tened tor Mr. Roosevelt's answer,
it recalled that he had declared
the bill went $228,000,000 beyond ,
his budget estimates with no pro
vision as to how this sum would
be obtained.
In his ' veto message he in
volghed chiefly against the prin
ciple of a veterans' "service pen
sion." This he said the bill sot
up for Spanish-American war vet
erans. He had objected also to
the provisions restoring 29,000
World war veterans to the rolls at
75 per cent of tholr former com
pensation without review ot their
cases to determine if the disabil
ities were of service origin.
Observers found much to talk
about on the possible political re
percussions of the vote. They
were trying to decide whether
the 29 democrats in the senate
and 210 In the house who voted
against the president had more
to gain by supporting the more
liberal vetorans' provisions thai
to lose by going against the presi
dent at a time whtn confidence
in blm was the chief battle cry .
ot the administration. '
Elections Will Count. '
Much will be heard on both
sides In the coming congressional
primaries and elections.
There was complete silence
when Carter Glass, the Virginia
democrat who has opposed tha
money policies ot . the president,
took .the floor. -
He declared tht president was
correct In vetoing the bill, and
that he bad never wavered from
the principles he thought right
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