The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 26, 1934, Page 8, Image 8

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March 2G, 1934
transmit to the Klamath Indians
our Tlewa regarding the "Collier
Bill" 11. R. 7903. mora common'
ly known at the Selt-Govemment
llefore going Into detail we will
tar that we think that u oai
age ot this legislation Is very re
mote. We can not conceive tna
congress will pass a measure ot
Buch Importance to the American
Indians In general, without very
careful study and the assurance
that the Indians themselves uu
derstand the measure thoroughly,
we believe we are safe In Baying
that It will take considerable
time to fully explain the contents
Br Carrol KIRK
The Klamath Indians have Just 0f the Bill to the average Indian,
concluded a series of 8 day eos- aul) unless the Indians make a
tlons of general council beginning Tery careful study they may. by
Friday, March 10, 1934 and end- their own negligence, because of
rag rnaay, jnarcn m, aur- the complications involved m
. lng which time the ; Klamaths, ...m. hmzthv niece of lenlsln-
Modoca and the Yakooskln, band tlon, lead themselves into very
of Snake Indians have very at- serious difficulties In the tuture.
tentlvely listened to the explana- "Alter carefully studying the
tlona ot the proposed "BUI, Sen- Bm ve tn& several outstanding
te 1768," recently Introduced In reasons why this piece of legisla-
cuugrai, or senator uunuu jv. tion should be approached very
.Wheeler of Montana, Dem. carefully as they are of very
The explanations composed Titai importance to the Klamath
nuivur m vuv cuusiruuiiuu uc lue i Indians.
IT " ""A" - 'I'll:. V...1 1. It forever abrogates our
ft J u.iaZ p.rposD"',"1!" Treaty rights with the U. S. Gov
7Z , a, lum'm ,w!" 'viff " ernmeut. and provides nothing to
the Indians If enacted Into law. " . ,,, ,,a
The four delegates, namely I t .., ,," m,.,.,.,,.
n Qnll v.". . v.. - "
Seldon E. Kirk, chairman, Boyd
Is revoked. .ur.U.B Cluttttn VfrW
, .Air-.m. . o. , d.i..tinn 1. While It proclaims the self-
1 Jesse Lm Kirk, and Supt. Wade government we want, there la no
Crawford, all took part In con- provision iu mj
. .i. .v.- i.inr. ted to choose our own leaders.
' tatloa ot the so-called "Self Gov- There la Instead more Intensely
. eminent Bill" mentioned herein speclaiuea autocracy given w
t to the Klamath Indians during t- Secretary of Interior and the
, . car aesalon of general council, i uommissiuur ui iuuu ....
Supt Crawford ln addition to I 3. The Secretary of Interior
.1 the explanations made, advised .nd the Commissioner of Indian
the Klamath Indians,, that the Affairs, who already have abso
; Commissioner ot India Affairs, I lute powers are made more abao-
Joha Collier, who instigated the Mute over our property rignts,
proposed bill, has Invited the In-1 funds, and the transfers ot our
' dlans to express their views and I assets, and the sanctity of our
criticisms on the proposed Bill '. 1 homes.
To meet this phase of the re- 4, Tnis bill- carries the danger
i. quirements, the General Council 0 leading us into the Jurisdiction
appointed toe tour, oI the States, over part ot our at-
aameiy: seioon Kirn, uoya jhch-i (alrs tnug giving dual control.
r,., , A, ,,,Z -ou.,1 6. Section 23 seta up a Bureau
, Kirk, including also two Piute " ; "' ., fnrn foreclos
.. interpreters. namely David gbolc. , f ten attorneys foreclo.(
.! e0"10" 'v'a"'f.-!. ' self-government to choose our
ZD J2" own attorneys, and setting up the
V laiTthe "ebons' of the In, PosslbU of tea men . taieving
"dlans, as voiced n councils. In- " 7 , '
: eluding such recommendations as . The Indian Court Is another
the committee so appointed may farce which seriously threatens
- draft and report back to the our freedom, and we Question Its
; general councu, wnica win re-i Kmumuwmj.
) convene at the city ot Sprague I 7. whatever ' the good tnten-
- Rivar, Oregon - on Wednesday, tong 0f this legislation may have
I jaarcn zs, isss at u sour ui oeen they are lost in me maise
: one o'clock P. M. of red tape which threaten our
-I During the council sessions economic independence and the
- Just recessed, a brief summary ot liberty of our race,
the proposed bill by the tribal -yye COuld possibly go on tor
delegates, namely lievi waixer hours calling your attention to
and Ben F. Mitchell, who are at the various parts ot the Bill
. Washington, D. C, at present, which would have to be amended
were read and explained which entirely to fit our own Reserva-
reads as follows: tion, saying nothing ot the other
- in a previous news arucie, me Indians in the united states.
' writer already baa discussed some I The nnrnose of this letter is to
'- phases of the proposed Bill as an I ,,,, tbe people of any hasty ac-
, introduction ox the vitaiiy import- 1 tlon in response xo requests 01
-ant question ot national Import- the Indian office, as we believe
ance now confronting ine inuiaua that the purpose 01 we utpwi
ot the United States. The long m,t 1. to try and get some of
' and lengthy provision of the pro- the various Indians to make a de
posed law does not permit the eision In the near future for the
printing ot the Bill In these eol- purpose ot trying to Influence
. auras, neither can a full discus- Bome of the people in Congress
slon ot the Bill find room on tne that the Indians want ma sin.
nana af newsnaoera. In any onena careful." '
publication, for this reason . the a memorandum on tho Orax
writer will not attempt to enter ng Question is being prepared by
Into a Tery. wide expression of the delegation, and will be sub-
Views. I mltted to the onice in a any r
- As a member of a very Import-1 so. in the memorandum the dele-
ant commission of the inoiansr gation is endeavoring vo carry out,
the writer in voicing the reaction- the wishes of the Klamath peo-
' ary sentiments ot the proposed pie aS contained in the resolutions
' law, places no responsibility on adopted by the several councils
the co-commlBsloners, and render and the Business Committee of
same as my own personal views. February 7, we navo .
Aside from the dangers pointed reason to believe that the office
out by Mr. Walker and Mitchell. u willing to follow the above
The Bill places the Indian In mentioned resolutions In accord-
Si parallel position 01 communion-1 ance witn ine rara 01 "
' T JanrlTlnr tha Indians Ot I rifnna.
, mdiirifinRl ownarshln of land. On this date "the Six Months
and the incentive to build the Extention Bill was favorably re-
- kind of homes that has cnaracter- ported out 01 tne aenaie vuiumi
' ised the bome builders ot Ameri- tee for approval by the Senate,
eaoized communities. there was no objection made by
It permits the Indian to retro- any one, so I am sure .that it
' gade back to primitive indul- will pass in the next -day or so.
gence in tribal customs, creating you will be notified as soon as
' factionalism, destroying whatever the bill passes. However, we will
the progress already gained by keep a close watch and see that
experience. notning gu
" It allows a very rapid fore- We are preparing a report to
"closure on the equity of each be submitted to - the Klamath In-
memher of the tribe through sale dians in the near future, which
' of equitable shares to me t-npe win ueai wr.i"
' In order to cash in on the interest ters of interest to Klamath Peo-
malntalned ' as proviaea in me pie.
nin a ,,,- in ihc iat unalvsls Trustinz that everything Is
'.forces the community into bank- quiet on the Western Front, we
, tuptcy by paying the Indians wno are,
Very truly yours,
Ben Mitchell,
Levi Walker,
Klamath - Delegates.
riL. ai. ih. officials, who were buried beneath it by Shi
wish to abandon the community
- government.
The departmental officials have
stated that the proposed law will
' be approved during this session
. -Ul.t nUapa.
' Uo whether the Indians ki- Thousands of Chinese died ot
. prove thetm or'not. At wlW
the p
haTe been explaining the Bill, Hwang TI This Is the ruler who
have entirely departed from the burned all the Chinese classics,
long established policy of guar- Including the priceless works of
0 - . ' flnnf if plus
dlanshlp 01 me inaians, jinno
lng the IndlanB trom aanger,
etc., maintaining mailed fist prin
ciple to induce tbe Indians to ad
here to provisions of the propos
ed law, instead ot trying to guide
the Indians and tell also the dan
gerous phases of the proposed
Bill, which is also their duty,
ir hna nlwnvH been Incumbent
. on the Indian office to look after
the Indian. Now the Indian of
fice says to the Indians, yo
ncent this Bill then I'll help you,
even going as far as to say, if you
refuse to accept this Bill, you are
"biting the hand that is feeding
you". This latter statement was
made by Supt. Crawford.
In conclusion, the writer feels
safe in saying that the Klamath
Indians are overwhelmingly op
posed to the proposed law, That
if it is necessary to make radical
changes, they want to bo given
the privilege of formulating their
own proTram, and wish to be ex
empted ."rom the provisions of
this new proposed Bill, the same
as the five civilized tribes and
Osages ot, Oklahoma.
That It the government wants
to buy lunds for landloss Indians,
like t. o Pitt Rivers In California,
the government would be doing
a great kindness to those Indians
that really need the land, and
confine their socialistic achem.s
elsewhere. , '
To tho Klamath People, Cor-
respon'once Committee, Boyd
Jackson' and Clayton Kirk.
Dear Sir:
A total ot 311 men have been
given work for 365 days on
CWA projects directly affecting
the city ot Klamath Falls since
the beginning ot the CWA pro
gram, November 35, 1933, up to
the present time, according to
a report presented to the city
council recently by City Engineer
K. A. Thomas. This report does
not include CWA projects under
the direction ot school districts.
or any agencies other than the
city ot Klamath Falls.
With the completion ot the
airport, and the wrecking of the
old Klamath high school build
ing and landscaping ot the
grounds for park purposes, the
grand total of funds expended
through the city CWA program
will amount to 390,308, Thomas
Out ot this amount the CWA
directly contributed IS3.701,
City projects Included " In
Thomas report were as follows:
Storm sewer repair project
across the Ewauna Box com-
pany's property, construction ot
new manholes, new pump house.
etc., at a total cost ot 34.536:
project No. 3, clearing under-
groth,' building . trails, installing
sprinkler system and other re
pairs and improvements at
Moore park, at a total cost ot
19.475.14: project No. 4. grad
ing and surfacing streets In sll
parts of the city, at a cost ot
314,069.03; project No. 6, con-
atruction and repairing of storm
sewers in all parts of tbe city
at a total cost ot 33.897.56
project No. 7, clearing of small
Drush from approximately 150
acres at the municipal airport.
at a total cost of 33,775.70; pro
ject No. 8, construction of storm
sewer, outfall line and pump
house for Mills addltiou, at to
tal cost ot 34,865.02; project
No. 9, construction of rock and
cinder sidewalks on South Sixth
streets, Oregon avenue, Nevada
avenue, California avenue and
Upham streets at a total cost
ot 37.398.75; project No. 42,
repairs to all timber bridges
across the U. 8. R. S. canal
paving strip along Oak street
side of Federal building, and
grading and surfacing of other
city streets, at a cost of 38,636;
project No. 36, renovating city
nan at total cost ot 33,973.70,
There are two incomplete
projects at the present, the old
high school project No. 52, and
the airport project. No. 47.
The total payroll tor labor
on these CWA projects was
343,618. 36,' or 73.3 per cent
of the total. Total amount of
materials purchased by CWA
was 37,989.83, or 13.4 per cent
ot the total. The total amount
on truck hire expended by CWA
was 12,791.95, or 4 per cent
The city of Klamath Falls con
trlbuted a total amount of 32,-
6U1.81 in cash, or 4.4 per cent
of the total expenditures, and
the total amount for services
and equivalent value for rental
of equipment by the city was
3Z.5U6.63, or 4.3 per cent of
me gross total.
Young Democrats To
Meet Monday Night
Several young and old demo
crats of Klamath Falls attended
a Joint meeting ot democrats
from five southern Oregon coun
ties held at Bend Saturday eve
A report of the meeting will
be made by young democratic
delegates at a meeting ot the
Klamath organization at the
county court house Monday eve
ning at 8 o'clock. Other business
and political matters of the
young democratic league will be
taken up at the meeting, accord
ing to Bryant Williams, presi
All registered democratic vot
ers between the ages of 21 and
36 are urged to attend.
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