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Local Forecast
Fair, moderate.
High 64; Low 41.
Fair tonight and
Herald Mbrlbn who Ml to receive their
papee by fliM p. na. are requested to call the
Herald boelnsse office, (bona 1000, and
papa will ba Mat by pedal carrier.
Price Fivo Ccnta KLAMATH FALLS, ORE., THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1934.
Number 6073
On the
Day's News
j ' ..,.l..nll;,i. . ram
rIK day'a but news!
, "Railway managers and am-
) ploysea agreed today to lubmlt
thalr wags dliputa to arbltra
1 tlon, ai proposed by Presldont
( Roosevelt.
We all want to aaa tba rsturn
. et prosperity, and a bt( strike
right bow would atop returning
prosperity dead la IU traeki.
A WASHINGTON dispatch says:
"Mambara of, coograu, with
eat doubt, ara aitramaly baty
participating lo tba ever-ebang-lag
plotura In which they ara
etors,. but most at them f lad a
law momenta to discuss 'back
home' politics during tha day." ,
Sara! Don't wa all find a tew
momenta during tba day In which
to dlaeuea tha holding ot our
Congressmen ara just ordinary
hnman beings soma ot them
VERT ordinaryand thalr jobs
mean a lot to thsm.
a e e
I TTHAT Pol"le- eayway as
' ,W distinguished from states
manship? . Primarily, It la tha getting and
HOLDING et a job on tha publle
a a
AND statesmanship. It might as
well be added here, la sscur
lag tha passage 6t a law that
WE happen to believe In.
. The statesmen pass OUR laws,
and the politicians psss tha OTH
e e e
'A NOTIIER Washington dispatch
"The United States and Japan
today shook hands acrosa the Pa
elflo In a algnltlcant aichange
of multeity pledging peace."
.-. Sounds good in print, but Is
really about the aama as settling
np a poker game by ' passing
around I. 0. U.'s. What really
eonnta in tha poker settlement Is
paring up tha I. 0. U.s, and what
really counts In tha game of di
plomacy la KEEPING! tha peace,
e e e
LET'S hope. Incidentally, that
Japan and tba United States
DO keep tha peace. War between
these great nations would be a
ataggerlng calamity.
BUT enough ot politics, world
and otherwise. Let's turn (or
a moment to tha lowly Oregon
, During the year just ended.
Oregon prune growers shipped
11,500,000 worth to the markets
of tba Atlantte and Oulf coasts.
This, movement ot prunes
i amounted to nearly one-halt the
income from Oregon's exporta of
( lumber, to MORE than Oregon's
Income from exports ot wheat
ad to nearly three times Ore
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Editor The Evening Herald:
Just Ilka to show you what
our eouslns ara doing In tha
way ot toting the mall:
"London, Mareh 18 Tha
British postofflca ahowed , a
profit at tha and ot this fiscal
year, ending In February, ot
$70,000,000, Last year $57,.
000,000, ' Postofflca profits
ara applied to tha reduction
of taxes."
; We lost 160 million a year.
Who's loonoy nowT They also
run the tolophono, and tolo
graph, so when you say "a
government can't run a busi
ness" you moan our govern
ment can't run it, so don't for
got to always put that word
"our" In thero. Jim, this Is
no reflection on you and your
P. O. gang. It's on our law
makers, who won't charge tor
a letter,- paper, or crate of
egga what It costs to carry It,
be It by plana, boat, train or
i Yours,
Representatives Unwill
ing to Join in Sen
ate Move.
Next Step In Veterans'
Issue Up to Solons;
Speaker Votes.
WASHINGTON, March 22, (P)
The house today refused to join
the senate In voting higher allow
ances for war veterans than the
administration desires.
A veto had been promised by
President Roosevelt It It ap
proved tba hlghor senate figures.
Next Step Senate'a
. Earlier the bouse, by 228 to
164 Inslstod on restoration ot
only 10 per cent ot cut fedora!
pay by July 1 as opposed to II
per eont voted by the senate.
Tba next stop will be up to the
aenata. It can concur in tba
house action or again disagree.
In the letter evont, further ef
forts would be made by a com
mltteo of both branchca to ad
just the dlfforonces.
Tha vote rcjoctlng the senate'a
veterana program was ISO to
174. 8pcakor llalned votod "No."
Jack Almeter'a announcement
for democratic nomination for
county commissioner puts three
democrats In that oonteat. The
other two are W. H. Hawkins.
Homedale farmer, and Roy Tabor,
Merrill buslnoss man. Oconto Of
fleld ot Morrill Is rumored as a
possible candidate for tho same
Almeter came to Klamath
county In 1919, locstlngllrst In
Klamath Falls. He '( associ
ated here In buslnoss wlih A. C.
and LoRoy Glbnger, and "In 1924
went to Chlloquln where he open
ed the Olongor store. He sold
his business lntorests In Chllo
quln and Deschutes county In
192 1. Ha waa elected justice of
the peace In 1929 by voters ot
Wood river district..
The candidate has aeon much
publlo service. - He was a mem
ber of the Chlloquln high school
bosrd tor seven years.' He Is a
member ot the county school
board, tha county relief commit
tee, tha federal ro-employmont
committee and other voluntary
groups. t
"It elected. I will give Klam
ath county a business adminis
tration," said Almeter. "i win
render the same type ot public
service I have given In the past."
AUOUSTA, Ga March S3. (IP)
The professional rushed past
the ond-tlme conqueror ot thorn
all, Bobby Jonos, as sub-par
scores piled up among the lnte-
flnlshors today for the first 18
holes of the 15.000' Mnstnrs' in
vitation golf tournament oyor the
Augusta national courBO, ,
AUGUSTA. On., Maroh 22. IIP)
Playing highly erratlo golf
around the groans, Bobby Jonos
signalised his return to compe-
tlon after nearly tour years oy
shootlm a 7 tor his first 18
holes of play In the 15,000 Mas
ters' Invitation tournament over
the beautiful Augusta national
oourse today. He was tour strokes
ovor par and two shots bonlnil
his young professional rival, Paul
Runyan of White Plains, N, Y.,
who carded a 74.
Recall Marl
Ily Malrolm Epley
The raarkot on recall petition
names opened Thursduy morn
ing with d ot I cent bid and
10 cents asked.
Thoso were extreme quota
tions, although just bow much
buying and sailing there mlKht
be at Intermediate figures was
not certain because of mystery
that still cloaked the activities
of the market's chief trader,
John Irwin.
Two Offer Complaint
Irwin, prosldont of the tax
league and potential circuit
judge candidate, was reported by
Chariot do Itochor and Charles
Pratt, both of Altamont, to have
offered them 4 of a cent each
for namos on recall petitions
they have circulated.
Tboso men want to Deputy
Labor Commissioner O. D. Mat
thews Wednesday afturnoon with
a complaint that Irwin bad prom
ised them three cents for names
on recall petitions, and after
they had collected several hun
dred tho recall chlottaln alleged
ly renlged and Insisted his offer
bad boen only "4 of a cant.
Nows of Irwin's difficulty, with
these clrculntors was noised
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Bodies of Nine Occupants
Recovered From Snow;
Crashes Numerous.
MENDOZA, Argentina Air
liner lost In Andes mountains
nearly two years ago found.
Bodies of nine occupants re
covered. LIMA, Peru Three parsons
killed in Pan-American air
ways accident.
men die in crash when plane
goes Into sideslip.
BOGOTA, Columbia Search
for piano missing 11 days
halted. Three passongors were
on board vrhon ship left Bo
gota. MENDOZA, Argentine, March
23, lP) One ot the greatest mys
teries of the air waa solved today
when searchers found the wreck
ot the Pan-Amorican-Grace air
ways llnor "San Jose," lost 20
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TOKYO, March 22, (AP)
The governor ot tho Prefecture
ot Hokkaido nnnouncod official
ly today that tho casualties in
the fire which destroyed tho
beautiful port city of Hakodate
yesterday were:
Killed, 650.
Injured, 400.
' Houses dostroyed, 28,000.
It was Jnpnn's first direct
tragedy since tha Tokyo-Yokohama
earthqunko and Holocaust
ot 1923.
Wltnossos described tho city
which hold 213,000 citizens as
"a living holl" today. Flromon,
police and soldlors moved thru
the still smoking buildings
searching for corpsoa.
.'. WASHINGTON, March 22,
(AP) NRA today ordorod that
rotall food prlcoa contain a Blx
per cent and wholesale prices a
two per cent allowance for "ac
tual wages ot labor."
It was explalnod that this does
not mean n corresponding In
crease in prices, but simply al
locates tho share ot oosts ennrg
ahlo to labor,
Pelicans Drop Silverton,
31 to 25, in First
Tourney Game.
Darrell Miller, Center,
Leads Way to Victory
At Salem.
Salem. Ore.. March 22 (Special)
The Pelicans ot Klamath Falls
high school, "Iron men ot tie
16th annual Interscbolastlc bas
ketball tournament, were In the
second championship round to
day following a thrilling 31 to
25 victory over oiivenon nere
last night.
Tho Pelicans, looming power
fully as title contender, meet
Eugene high school . tonight at
7:30 o'clock. Eugene won from
LaUrande, 32 to 30, in the most
bitterly contested battle ot the
opening day. .
Team Shows Superiority
The Klamath Falls combina
tion, coached by Dwlght French,
displayed thorough superiority
over Silverton. Silverton hsd
been listed aa one ot the strong
est entrants and was expected to
go far toward the championship.
Darrell Miller, Klamath cen
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NEW YORK, March 22. (IP)
Former Governor Alfred E. Smith
today formally announced his
resignation as editor-tn-chtef ot
tho "New Outlook," a fact that
became known last night.
Although tho resignation was
reported to have been prompted
by a disagreement with Frank A.
Tlcbenor, publisher ot the ma sa
line, over the air mall contro
versy, the former governor gave
pressure ot other business obliga
tions as tho sole reason.
His announcement said the last
articles by him appeared In the
March Issue ot the magailne, and
the April issue la being produced
without his assistance. The for
mer governor also made public
the correspondence between hlm
solf and Tlchenor, which dis
closed that he had been consider
ing the matter ot resigning since
the first ot the year.
PORTLAND, ' March 22 (IP)
Entering the campaign, he said,
"with a koon sense of tho many
nw.hl.rn. nrAnnntnil nt thlft time.
tho importance ot their Imme
diate solution ana tne responsi
bilities devolving upon a man in
titia nmlrlnn RtntA Rnnntnr Joe
K. Dunne of Portland today an
nounced me pinuorm upon wiuuii
he will soek the republican nom
ination for the governorship.
"The parartiount effort of my
administration," he said, will
be for rellof of unemployment.
Ho said "the problem, of the
farm has always had my sym
pathy." BULLETIN
(P) Public works Allotment
changes made today Included!
Changes In allotments previ
ously niado Included I
I,onii and Ornnt for $71,000
to Klnmnth Falls, Ore., for an
armory, increased to $73,000
bcenuso of revised csttinato of
cost, (, . ,."f -.!.''
V. . .
Here Is the Klamath Falls basketball team defeating Silverton
of the state tournament at Salem.
left to right Carl Egelhoff, Ed
Pastega and Wayne Perry. Back
Larson, Walter Johnson and Dwlght French, coach.
Fred Goetz' Body Found
Riddled With Lead
in Gutter.
CHICAGO, March 22 (IP)
That man whose body they found
full ot lead in a Cicero, III.,
gutter, Tuesday was Identified
today as a criminal long hunted
tor some of the nation's most
sensational and cold-blooded
Except for his fingerprints the
man might have concealed in
death, as he so successfully did
In life, his true identity Fred
Goeti. 37. college-educated gang
ster and "brains" ot as deadly a
group ot desperadoes aa Chicago
police ever nunteo.
The law caught up with him
posthumously In . the morgue
where prints taken from his life
less fingers showed he was not
"J. Goerge Zieglor" under -which
name he had been tentatively
Identified, but Goets, one time
football player at the Univorslty
of Illinois, suspected participant
not only in the St. Valentine's
day massacre of seven George
Moran gangsters, but In the ma
chine gun slaying ot tour offi
cers and Convict Frank Nash at
the Kansas City union station
last June 17.
March i 22 (JP) For the second
time this month an Indiana con
vict who once followed John DU
llnger came to Lima today to
holp the state convict a member
ot the Dillinger mob.
Edward Shouse, testifying In
the trial of Russell Clark, said
Clark was one ot the three men
who entered Allen county jail
last October 12, killed Sheriff
Jess Sarber, and freed Dillinger.
(AP) Tho conference roport on
the Vinson treaty naval bill was
adopted today by the house.
It now goes to the senate
where early favorable action was
expected hy tno loaders.
It provides for a naval con
struction program ot 102 war
ships and 1,140 airplanes, esti
mated ' to cost about $680,000,
000.. Jf
Dillinger Suspect
Hunted in Florida
ST. CLOUD, Fin., March 22.
(jp) Law officers extended a
search over Florida today for
three men who held up the Citi
zens State bank ot this city yes
terday and escaped with approxi
mately 110,600 after warning
their ylctlms they were members
ot the John Dillinger gang,
Pelicans Ready for Eugene '
The, Pelicans meet Eugene tonight at 7:20 o'clock. Front tow.
Wakeman, Nello Giovanlni. Darrell
row, left to right James Haler,
8 Quintets
Remain in
Title Race
Consolation Round
Silverton 39, La Grande 8.
Dallas 35, Jefferson (Port
land) 28.
Columbia (Portland) 39,
Mitchell 25.
McMlnnville 37, Pendleton
Wednesday's Scores.
Coqullle 37, Mitchell 21.
The Dalles 35, Jefferson 28.
Ashland 26. Columbia 23.
Astoria 47, Dallas.20.
Eugene 32, La Grande 30.
Klamath Falls 31, Siherton
Salem 33, Pendleton 28.
'. Franklin (Portland) 15, Mc
Mlnnville 14.
Today's Championship Round.
3 p. m. Coqullle vs. Ash
land. 4 p. m. The Dalles vs As
toria. 7:30 p. m. Eugene vs. Kla
math Falls. '
8:30. p. m. Salem vs.
President Roosevelt speeded
work for return of airmail 'lines
to private concerns nt a confer
ence today with officials of the
postoffice and commerce depart
ments and Attorney General
The group was called in as
efforts were made on Capitol
Hill to hasten 'the new legisla
tion tor contract bidding.
Secretary Roper and the fol
lowing representative of the post
office department were present:
W. W. Howes and Harllee
Branch, assistant postmasters
general, and Karl Crowley, so
licitor. Apparently th'e president Is
preparing for action ai soon as
he gets the necessary legislation.
ATHENS, March 22, (AP)
Mrs. Samuel Insull, whose hus
band Is "somewhere at sea,"
presumably aboard - the Greek
freighter Maiotls, took to her
bed today.
She was reported to be ill
from the Btraln attendant upon
her husband's departure from his
eighteen months' haven ( In
Greece. , " . .
ROUEN, , France, March 22
(IP) The crew of 12 men of the
gasoline tanker La Glrate was
killed today by a violent explo
sion and fire at the dock ot the
Port Jerome oil refiner
Courteey, The Oregonlan
high school in the opening round
Miller, Howard Scroggln, John
manager; Horace Hodge, Floyd
Senate Completes Action
on Independence
WASHINGTON, March 22, (IP)
The senate today passed a bill
giving the Philippine Islands un
til October 1 to decide whether
they want Independence,
That completed congressional
action and the measure now goes
to the White House for Presi
dent Roosevelt's signature.
WASHINGTON, March 22, (JP)
The senate today defeated the
Dickinson amendment to the Phil
ippine independence bill, which
would have reduced the transi
tion period from ten years to
five. ..."
Unique greetings- to the new
Union Pacific streamline train
were arranged tor Thursday af
ternoon by a committee in charge
of the rehabilitation of, the old
Llnkville horse car, ,
The antique vehicle was
ready at the station platform to
greet the latest in modern trans
portation. Great interest In the train, due
to arrive at 3:30 o'clock, was
evidenced alt over the city, and
ticket sales tor the public dinner
in honor ot U. P. officials at the
Willard this evening had been
heavy up until noon. . i
F. W. Robinson, vice president
In charge ot traffic for the U. P.,
and J. W. Haugh, vice president
and assistant to the president,
will be the principal speakers at
the dinner. . . j
A group of songs wll be pre
sented during the evening by
Karl Kllppel. The dinner Is set
tor 6:30 o'clock.
CORVALMS, March 2a, (AP)
W. A. Hchoenfclil, denn of
agriculture at Oregon State Col
lege, has been asked to serve as
an observer for the national agri
cultural adjustment administra
tion at a butter marketing agree
ment hearing to be held, in Sa
lem tomorrow.'
. SALEM, ' March 22, ' (AP)
Efforts of city police 'to locate
Evelyn Harrington, 10, of Salem,
who has been missing from her
home since Tuesday, have ao far
been unavailing. Police assist
ance was sought by the father,
Patrick . Harrington, after the
, v ;....t (.. , -
Downtown Gotham Scene
of Confusion With i
Fighting. J ' '
Automotive Unions Meet
At Washington; Rail-!
way Men Confer. I
WASHINGTON, ' Marcb 22,
(AP) At the end ot three hours
ot discussion, the heads of auto
mobile labor unions left Presi
dent Roosevelt's conference room
today to permit the chief exe
cutive and William Green, pres
ident of the American Federa
tion of Labor, to continue the
talk In an effort to avert the
threatened strike. . . f ;
President Roosevelt late today ,.
appealed- to the International -Longshoresmen's
, association ot
the Pacific coast to suspend Its
strike order for tomorrow. - ;
NEW YORK, March 22, (AP)
Violence of major proportions
broke out among striking taxi
cab drivers today, a crowd of
about 200 men moving In dis
jointed groups through streets ia
the midtown section leaving be
hind them a trail of wrecked and
disabled taxi cabs and bruised
and beaten drivers.
One group at 23rd street and
Sixth avenue was dispersed only
when a patrolman riding in the
sidecar ot an armored motor
cycle displayed a riot gun..
Revolvers Drawn .
'A few minutes earlier thla
same group was broken up mo
mentarily when a foot patrol
man, going to the rescue ot a
driver seized by the strikers,
drew his revolver.
The wrecking of ' cabs and
beating ot drivers this afternoon
first ' broke out when the strik
ers began a march from strike
headquarters, ' 18th street and
Third avenue, to go to city ball
to ask for the right ot "peaceful
picketing" at the major fleet
Cab Driven Beaten : ' '
On the march downtown the
strikers halted half a dozen
cabs, breaking their windows,
ripping out their ignition' wiring
and beating the drivers. After
the visit to city hall the men
started back up Broadway, paus
ing occasionally to disable taxi
cabs. ; . '
Turning oft Broadway . into
Houston street, the crowd
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OAKHAM, Mass., March 2,
(AP) Eunice Dean, 4-year-old,
ia dead, the victim of a feroci
ous attack by two terriers.
The little girl died last night
eight hours after the dogs at
tacked and mangled her. The
dogs, caught and killed by eon
stables, are to be examined at
a .laboratory to determine wheth
er they bed rabies. 1
girl had been away ovw ' Be
hours. . '1 ; . ''
EUGENE, March 22, (AP-
The Eugene district headquart
ers of the C. C. C. will be dis
continued here this summer.
The camps in this district will
be administered from the Van
couver barracks and Medford
district,. V".' V'7' ;'
WASHINGTON, March . 23,
(AP) Congressional action waa
completed today on the naval
bill for conntnictlon program
to bring the United State up
to-treaty llmlte. ; ,