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    March 17, 1034
page nva
Huff nt Men's l.iiuilirou
Wollor Duff, Jr., will bo lh
spvnknr nt llio Mim's lunolumn at
tho First Prasbyturluu church
Mnnduy uouu. Miss Kvangellii
Unit, hi! slstor, will alnu b pros
nit and rondor two soli'ollous on
tho now Instrument Hie vlbra
lirp. Moii of any umiumlntillon
or no denomination or welcom
ed. Til tlmo In 18:06 p. m. Thus
planning to attend please cull
Usrt 0, Tliomai, talupbou 819.
Assembly Kn Joyed Wnltnr
Duff and Miss Uvuiittulltio Duff,
ot tho Duff KvntiKolUtla parly,
presented delightful Irish pro
gram at Kromont no! ool asunm
lily Friday morning. Miss Duff
played th vlbra-harp and Mr.
Duff gav a talk on "Irolnnd."
Pupils of til school wora gruon
III honor of th Duffs, who art
Mayor Mnlioney Away Mayor
W. B. Mnlionsy la In- Kugone,
wharo ha la to make a radio ad
erallo maotlnf. Ho will ralura In
droit and a talk bofnra a demo
tlm for Monday night's council
Theft Hoported -W. D. John
ion reported to police buroau
Saturday, tho theft of a motor
motor from nil automobile while
It waa parked betweon Fourth
and Klfth strueti on Klamath
avenue botween 7:50 and 2:00
o'clock Friday night.
Iivavca Hospital Tiny Itohert
Loo Cliuslulii, 4-inonlhii-old aon
of Mr. mid Mm. W. O. ()liuntnln,
wus taken to his homo SitiirUny
from Hillside hospital, whore ha
hua boon rouulvlng truatiuoiit,
(living Dunce The National
Association of Lottor Carriers and
Auxiliary will glva a dauoe ut
Ilia Odd Follow hall April 7.
Tbe publlo la Invited.
Weber Visitors Mr. and Mr.
W. 0. Preston ot Dlnbsr are wnok
vnd visitors In Klamath , Fulls.
Preston la agont for the Oruut
Northern at Uleber. "
Have AwioVnt Aulomobllea
operated by I'lck Laovy and K.
0. Lemlor wore Involvod In a
minor aooldeut unur Morrill, ac
cording to a state pollco report.
'llrturn Home n. 8. Morrltt,
goneral freight agont for the
Ureal Northern, from Bun Fran
cisco, has rolurnod home altor a
buslnesa visit hare,
IU'lurn From Montiuia Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Hawaii have re
turned from Troy, Mint., whore
they were called by a death In
the family.
lUiii'hor Visit Fred Collman
ot Swan Lakt was a business
visitor In Klamath Fulls Saturday.
NewiFlathet KifL
' Tv Appoint! Hand ff-filv. AijfT'" vs..
"Hot From I'i'trograd" R-ff JLfo f ' Til
Coming Events
This calendar of coming evsnts
has boon compiled by tb obam
bor ot commorco and Tlio Horuld.
News, It will ba devoted to af
rnlrs of public Intsrsst, Addi
tions are welcomed.
March 17, hnturduy.
Cot toguthor party and basket
social at Altamoiit gymnasium.
Uonuflt for Altamoiit banoliall
tvuui and sponsored by Home
I'rotoctlve League. Muslo ' by
riiirson's orchestra.
Ht. Patrick's day danoe to bo
glvon by the Wlulur Dancing club
at the WIHurd botel,
Campflre girls grand council al
Klk's tomplq.
Thirty-third annual St. Pat
rick dances at both Morrill and
M it I In . , Jood music, Public
March 10, Sunday
Ski tournament at Govern
ment camp In Crater Lake
March 80, Tuesday
Itogular meeting of the Klam
ntu Lcaguo of Women Votors at
11:00 o'clock In the chamber of
commorco rooms. All women of
the city Interested In work of the
league are Invited to attand.
lingular mooting of tho Loague
ot Women Votors at 11 o'clock
at the cbutubar of coinmorce.
March 22, Thursday.
First In a sorlos of contract
brldgo parties to be beld by Joseph
Conger Card club at 2:00 o'clock
at the school. For reservations
call Mrs. Francos Olen, 10B7-W,
March 8, Friday
Annual Spring Fashion ihuw
to be presonted by Klsmatb
Falls Fsdoratlon ot Business
and Professional Women it
the Pelican thoatre.
Annual spring benefit dance
festival at lloiiliiy'gyiiinanlum.
Miirrti !t, Hatunlay
Elks Lodge bull for members
and Invited friends at tbe Blks
March 81, Raturday
Captain Carl Von Hoffman will
glva an African traveloguo at tbe
Klamath Union high school under
tho auspices of the Women's Li
brary club.
Lecture by Captain Carl Van
Hoffman, world traveler and ad
routuror, 'given under the aus
pices of tho Library club. At the
auditorium of Kiamatn union
high school at 1:00 o'clock.
Second anuual April Fool Bust
of tho 20-30 club at the Wlllard
April S, Thursday
Fishing season opens.
April O, Friday.
- Visiting members ot the East
ern Star to be sponsors (or a
card oarty to be held Friday
avoulng, April 6, at tbe Masonic
hall. Public Is Invited.
April 7, Saturday
B. P. W. aloe club to bold
rummago sale at 515 Main strcot.
April 12, Thursday
T. L. S. dance 'at Wlllard
Edgar Wallace'. "MYSTERY
. v : .v
Also -Cartoon
ii Now. '
Held In Jail E. A. Hogland,
arrustod early Saturday morning
Is bnlng bold In city Jail pend
lug bearing. v
Ilroivnuville Visitor Ted Pearl
of Brownsville, Ore., was a visit
or at the Van Scbolack borne In
Merrill during tbe past wooic
Vlilu In lkcvlcn Warron
Cronon loft lor Lakevlow Friday
to spend the weok-ena more.
Mrs. Roosevelt
Home From Trip
WASHINGTON, March 17, (P)
Mrs. Frauklln u. itoosevett re
turned to the capital at 1:65
p. m. today from ber trip to
Puorto Rico and the Virgin Is-
Many who enjoy children's
music attiuided tho sixth annual
gleo club contest ot the city
schools, hold In Fremont school
auditorium Thursday evening.
March 15, when Mills school club
look first place and Iloosevelt
The glee club contest la the
outstanding event of the year,
and calls for careful preparation
and much effort on tbe part
of directors and club members.
Tbe mimic departmont of the
Klamath Kalis city schools Is
recognlzod throughdut tbe state
for Its high standards and
achievements of the past few
years. The muslo Instructors In
tho various schools are of unus
ual ability, as was demonstrated
at the concert on Thursday evening.
Points scored or the Judge
pitch, 15; tone quality, 15; ac
curacy of rhythm,. 16; diction,
16; Interpretation. 10: memory
10; attack and release, 10; and
poise, 10.
Tbe winners, Hills and Roose
velt, deserve special mention.
Both glee clubs scored high In
all points, the only distinction
being In voice quality, In which
Mills excelled.
CI n lis from the following
schools competed: Pelican, di
rected by Miss Constsnce Fisher;
Falrvlew, directed by Mrs. Ruby
Wlsecarver; Mills, directed by
Mrs. Neva DeSpaln; Roosevelt,
directed by Miss Aagodt Frlgaard.
and Fromont, directed by Miss
rorest Schneider.
Each club presonted first, a
'warm-un" number, and second.
the contest number, "O, Irish
Hills." '
The Judges were Mrs. C. A.
Henderson, Mrs. Madge Hamp
ton, and Mrs. George Mclntyre.
Miss Forest Schneider acted as
chairman of. tho committee In
charge of arrangements.
Included on tho glee club con
cert program were selections pre
sented by Miss Evangollne Duff
on the vlbra-harp; a group of
songs by Oeorga Myers and seloc
Hons by Borel's string ensemble.
Reed College Dean Tells
Of Three World Problems
' Dy JOx" KVAN0
Tbree tremendous problems
facing tb world today which
must be solved for the benefit
of mankind were outllnod by
Mrs. Richard Schols of Portland,
dean of women at Read college,
In a talk at the Employers' din
ner which was given Friday
evening at the Hotel Wlllard by
the Klamath Falls Federation
of Buslnesa and Professional
Women. Tbe huge dining room
of tbe hotel was completely
filled for tbe affair.
Stopping war because It can
no longer be afforded and be
cause It creates a bad situation
for children; a wider distribution
of wealth In order that tb ma
jority of people can buy, and
safeguarding ot the ' Individual
because poopl develop only by
doing, not by being told what
to do, were the tbree point em
pbaslzed by Mrs. SchoU.
Discusses Dictatorship
In regard to war, the speaker
emphasized that she Is not a
pacifist and that ahs would
rather have her sons killed on
a battlefield, fighting for a
cans, than have them killed
futtlely In an accident, but sh
considered war an Investment
and the people wbo have the
money will pay for .lt a did the
United States In the World war,
but that wealth Invested In this
way does not com bock. Fur
thermore, she said, the situation
that It creates for children has
a long and lasting effect.
In regard to a dictatorship,
of which there Is a great deal
of talk at the present time, Mrs.
Scbols doubted - U any system
of dictatorship would work In
a country where tbe fundamen
tal policies are democratic and
tress the rights ot the Indi
vidual, as in England and Amer
ica. Back Edncatloa System
"These problems, tremendous
as they are, will have to be
solved through group action and
social engineering, and tbe men
and women ot today will face
these problems together and they
will solve them," sh stated.
Discussing the topic ot "Wom
en and Public Relations," the
dean believed that education
has Ignored the fundamental
differences existing between
men and women In not teaching
girls more about being a wlf
and mother and taking her place
as a cttlien. In addition to tbe
academic subjects.
Mrs. Scholz Insisted that she
bos nothing against tbe present
educational curriculum as it now
stands with th great Idea be
hind It to prove that women are
as good Intellectually as men,
but It was her wish that women
could be taught more biology,
psychology, nursing, cltlienihlp,
social ethics, religion, social an
thropology, world history and
economic problems In order that
she may better cop with the
nrobloms of making ner lovea
ones better for the world and
making the world better for her
husband and children.
A welcom wo extended by
Mrs. Isabella Brlxner, president
of the Klsmatb Falls B. and V.
W to all employers and guests
presont and tbe response was
given by Earl C. Reynolds, pres
ident ot tb chamber ot com'
Mrs. Led E. Parker, state
president of B. and P. W., and
Mrs. Sena D. Backes, state cor
responding secretary, and other
guests present were Introduced
by Miss Etta Fair, toastmlstress.
A beautiful fashion number,
featuring several models who
will appear In th 1934 Spring
Fashion Show, i was presented
under tb direction of Mrs,
Backes, general chairman of the
show that will be staged at the
Pelican theatre th evening ot
March 23.
The B. and P. W. glee elub
entertained with tbree numbers.
under the direction of Mrs. A.
J. Voye, and assembly singing
was led by John H. Houston,
with Miss Aogusta Parker as
The public relations commit
tee of the club, of which Miss
Farr is chairman, was in charge
of tbe dinner and program and
Miss Catherine Gaylord super
vised th decorations. Other
members of the committee are
Mrs. Ruth O. Bathlany, Mrs.
Effle Aarcclon, Mrs. Helen Ab
bott, Miss Marjorle Smith and
Miss Faye Buchanan. The din
ner was the final event of Na
tional Business Women's week
which has been observed locally
through service club programs
and radio broadcasts.
Whatever It la that you've lost,
a notice In the News-Herald
Classified will let th city hunt
ing for it
Bids For Leases
On Federal Land
Will Be Called
Sealed bids for the leasing ot
12,280 acres ot land In the low
er Klsmatb lake and Clear Ink
reservoir regions and four traots
of land In th Tula lake region
will be received at th buroau
of reclamation office In the Fed
eral building until 1 o'clock,
March 22 and 23.
Bids for th 7,000 acre In
lower Klamath lake district will
be received until March 23. Bids
on th other two acreages must
be In by March 22, according to
the reclamation bureau. Th
Klamath lake will be leased tor
graslng purposes only and may
be renewed nntll and Including
Five tracts of land are In
eluded In tba Clear lake region
totaling 5,280 acres. Th land
Is suitable 1 for agriculture or
graslng and will be leased tor
one year.
Four tract are Included In
What to do, oh, what to
do . . . Step oat to dinner
for a change . . . break
down and give the family
treat ... an Italian din
ner, for instances
Olive Celery Salam
Cheese Peperonclnl Pickle
Soup Salad
Ravioli or Spaghetti wltb
' ' Mushrooms -f
Choice of Meat Entre
Fmlt Pastry
Soup Relishes Salad
. Choice of Ravioli or
Spaghetti with
Mushroom Sauce
s ... Coffee " ,
Molcrf ore's
Italian Dinners
1112 Main
th leasable land ot Tul lake.
All Inaaea will b mad tor th
porlod ending Dereuibur tl, 1131
and bid must b on aa annual
per sore baala.
Other requirements and d
acrlptlon ot tb land to be leased
may be obtained at th raolatua
tlon office, -
Amarlllo celebrated dy to
mothers-in-law, but la other
cities tb mothers-in-law - hav
their days all year round. .
ThMtr of th Star
gi US?
Also METRO KEW8' ,! 4J
Funnier Than Ever In 'T.
Ends Today, Hogcbrath Trail'
15c 16c 15c 15c
In ordor to reduce our stook
on hand, have mad some re
ductions In price for a short
time -only. Indications ars
for winter weather. Better
stook up a Uttls.
Dry Slab
,Doaudb:: $4.oo
Block Wood
load ....
load ..
Blocks at
yard, oord
Fnrnnco Coal
nrooder Coal
Fool Oils
Peyton & Co.
"Wood to llurn1'
Phone BBS 123 S, 7th Bt.
J 1 i2 " h
prl V--- j
irSj . .
' ii
I v4t5
I ctr x s
n r r r lrmm (3
To fill the record
breaking nationwide
demand. Chevrolet
cars are being
produced at a
rate off
units a day!
CHEVROLET factories are breaking
record, trying to give America all
the ear it want. 4000 tmita a day ara
rolling off the assembly lines.' February
output was twice that of January. March "
output, according to present indications,
will be three tunes that of January. Mora
Chevrolet are now being produced than
any other make of automobile in the world. ;
And today, Chevrolet is happy to report
that all its dealers will soon be in a posi
tim to niake immediate deliveries.
When you consider how short a time ths
new Chevrolet has been in production
when you consider, also, that the 1934 car
is not last year's model improved, but
basically new automobile, with sweeping
changes in design this production record
becomes somewhat of an accomplishment.
But, a still greater accomplishment, in our
opinion, is the way that these cars have all
6etn produetdt
Decpita continued nationwide pressur) '
for more and more volume, every car that
has left the factories hag been built and '
tested to meet Chevrolet' highest stand,
ards of care, precision and quality. Tha
result: 'When you place your order for
new Chevrolet, you'll not only get a big,
rugged "Knee-Action" car you're also
assured of getting a typical Chevrolet car
in economy, dependability and long life.'
CBxraoLR motob Co, dethoit, micbxcaN
ImMlimti Srtws mima QM.A.C
'L ktiatifflad with nyr
522 S. 6th St.
Phor 49