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March 15, 1984
53 Aliening 35 eralD
HKHALl) PUyi.lBdlNl, COM" AN1 PuDllaUere 1
maiuuiJi mfutt
lwa)llsfee ever, aftarnoon esvepi Bundar ey The leeraltf HuDMehtna Onni'
pans iu-iif anuiD ruin
gtaueat ea hhii eiaaa matter el
mm Aneuet Je lsu. enaer eo
By Mall
Three Months
kla Moniba
Oat Taw
Delivered by
Tbree Moataa
li Moniha
Oa Taar ...
UKMMN audit buhbao or cikoulation
Repreeenteo nationally by
Sen rtaaelaoo Naw Tork, Detroit Seattle, Chicago. Portland, boa Anitalaa
vopiaa or tha News and Herald, together with complete Information about
the Klamath Talla market, may ba obtained for tha aaklng at any ot
Member of The
Ta AaAOOUited Praaa la exclualvelv
f All nawa dtapatchea credited to
smear, and aian trie local newa publlaned therein. All rmnta ot recuhlloa
Uon of apeolal dlapatohea herein are alao reserved
Nothing Yet
IXLAMATH'S attempts to
wumciim puunc wors oners nave inus lar proved
,)f little value, except through the recovery program road
' v Any number of ideas have been advanced here for
bringing public works money into this community. At
one time, a comprehensive plan for traffic improvement
through construction of undergrade crossings and other
wreet cnanges was prepared,
before it got far.
Canal coverage has now
Its present proposed outline.
nnauy witn a rwA approval, but as yet the first spade
ful of dirt is to be turned because of various technical
ities. The period of acute unemployment when the arm.
ory would have been especially helpful as a work-giving
project is rapidly drawing
r One cynic remarked the
yill be ready" for the next
anotner suggested that if red
terial, what an array of public works the country could
VUUtAa . .
. The Three-Day
FREQUENT waiving of the
requirement here directs
situation. It follows:
Sec 83-112. Before any persona can be Joined in marriage,
! license ahall be procured therefor from a county clerk, di
rected to any person or religions organization or congregation
authorised by this act to solemnize marriage, and authorizing
tuck person, organization or congregation to join together, the
' persona therein named as husband and wife. The county clerk,
l In . Issuing such license, shall procure the addresses of both
parties who are to be married, also the address of the affiant.
No license to marry shall be delirered within a period ot three
: days Immediately following the date of application therefor;
provided, however, that the Judge of probate of each county,
for good and sufficient cause shown, may, by an order in writ
ing signed by him, authorize - the county clerk to deliver such
; license Immediately following the application therefor. In case
the certificate referred to in section 33-108 is not returned in
' the time specified, it shall be the duty ot the county clerk to
notify tha parties Interested.
; Quite evidently, the intent of the law is to make
Waiver of the three-dav renuirp.mpnt a nrivilotro he
exercised only in exceptional
hub is me purpose ana tne
be adhered to.1 '
Birthday wishes are in order for the American Le
gion. It was fifteen years ago, March 15, 1918, that
this great organization of American veterans was organ
ized in Paris. Those 15 years have seen the American
Legion carry on for America in peace as its members
did in war. The Legion's contribution to good citizen
ship has been its outstanding accomplishment. May it
Jong continue to foster and support American ideals.
I.Cfty traffic regulations are showing a tendency to
ward the other extreme.- Long almost unregulated, park
ing of cars is now being put on a restrictive basis result
ing frequently in unnecessary inconvenience. Short-time
parking limits are not necessary on streets where there
are no more than two or three business houses in a block.
: Chiloquin high school - has again won the district
debating championship. This is the third consecutive
district title for the northern Klamath county school,
jeertainly a record to be proud of, even though less noise
may be made about it than usually accompanies the
winning of an athletic championship. Good wishes are
in order for the Chiloquin team as it goes on toward the
Haudm Kdilai
tiiraei. Biamem raiia. uresna
the posinmce ot Klamath SNlla, Or.,
or unnitrasa. uarco e. is
lo County Outside County
I t I lb
Carriat to City
- .
. i nt.
. 10
Associated Preae
entitled to the nae At reminllnetlnn
tt or not otherwlae oredlted In tttla
take advantage of the gov-i
out was lost in red tape
been rejected, at least in
The armory came through
10 a close,
other day that the armory
depression, anyway. And
tape were construction ma.
three-day marriage license
attention to the law in this
circumstances. So long as
spirit ol the law, it should
Punching the Time Clock
... .'.:
New Behind the News
a e a 1
Hie Inalde Story From
The Capital
a a a
Copyright. 193 . by Paul Malloa
That gr-r-reat legislative battle
in the house over the soldier
bonus was no battle at all. It
takes two opposing sides to have
a buttle.
The truth Is that President
Roosevelt's legislative geuerals
picked out a nice soft spot on
the battlefield, dropped a pillow
and lay down to let the bonus
juggernaut roll over them.
More than that, by their Un
ties they actually Invited men In
their army to Join the opposition.
That would be strange In war,
but not In politics. No suspicion
ot treachery exists. There are no
hard feelings.
Everyone seemed to under
stand that the bonus cannot be
come a law anyhow; that It some
democrats could get political
prestige out ot supporting It,
they might as well get It: and.
that after all, It was Just in fun
anyway. .
e e a
Mr. Roosevelt did all he could
be expected to do. He announc
ed twice that he would veto the
bill so it could not become law.
The second announcement
came about a week before the
vote. It put the house demo
crats in a very touchy position.
The situation within a certain
southern state delegation la Illus
trative ot the inner condition.
This state has eleven congress
men, all democrats. when Mr.
Roosevelt made his announce
ment five ot them decided to
stand with him and oppose the
bonus. Five were determined to
vote for the bonus, regardless of
Mr. Roosevelt. One was doubt
But when the vote was taken
a week later. -ten voted for the
bonus and one voted both ways
first to take the bonus up and
then against Its passage.
a a
The reason for the change was
that they saw such good friends
of Mr. Roosevelt's as Bankhead.
Raybnrn, Jones and Prosser op
posing the president's wishes.
The average democratic con
gressman did not have to be told
officially that if such outstanding
demorcats were going to risk the
wrath ot the White House, they
would do weU to take chance
also. -
That is why the bonus got as
many as 295 votes. Including 231
contributed by pro - Roosevelt
You would think that with all
those votes, the bonus could be
passed over a veto. Never fear.
The 295 ayes were 15 more than
the two-thirds necessary to pass
over a veto. But after Mr.
Roosevelt vetoes the bill fifty or
more of those democratic ayes
will change to nays. The matter
then will have departed from the
realm of fun.
Also, the perfect position for
a congressman Is to be on both
sides of a question, not merely
on one side only.
a a
Another great -help for the
hnnriK was contributed hv tha
chief of staff of Mr. Roosevelt's
army, his tloor leader, Mr. Byrns,
Mr. Byrns is not Roman gen
eral. He does not believe in
falling on his sword and killing
himself because he Is losing.
In fact, one profane wag In
the press gallery remarked that
he could not tell what side Byrns
was on. after hearing bis opeech.
That was due to the fact that
Mr. Byrns was In a tight spot,
He voted for the bonus last time.
His heart was clearly with the
revolters. But this time be was
the leader, and he had to stand
by the president Also he want
ed the soldiers In his district not
to misunderstand him.
In the heat of the battle, when
the time came to rally to the
presidential -flag and fight to the
last drop of blood for the presi
dent he said, in part:
"I regret very much to find
tax sr am aravKt s&rsa. U 1 mt, or 'fr " "' aV
"Arthur is trying to make good
myself in opposition to many ot
my good friends ... I hold no
criticism of any member ot the
house for whatever action he
may take with reference to this
bill (applause) ... I may be
wrong, and those ot you who are
in the great majority, may be
right. ..." I
... .
The democrats did not even
put Into the record the announce
ment that Mr. Roosevelt would
veto the bonus. That was done
by republican Representative
Also democratic chairman
Doughton declined to take charge
ot the time tor the president's
side, as is customary. That, too,
was handled by a republican.
(However, Doughton voted with
the president.))
The republicans were very hap
py to be as annoying as possible.
It Is not so long since they were
passing the same bonus buck up
to a republican president for a
veto In the same way the demo
crats passed this one.
a a a
It will probably all even up in
the end.
The bouse is expected to stand
by the president on the veterans'
(economies. The senate went po
litical on that Issue, and revolted
against the president.
Similarly the senate it expect
ed to stand by the president
against the bonus issue, on which
the house went political.
In that way the congressmen
will have voted for and against
the veterans so many times that
the veterans will not be able to
tell who was for them and who
was against them.
Editorials on News
. (Continued From Page One)
houses, and In consequence ot
this condition price will rise,
a a a
ALL this, of course, refers to
city real estate dwelling
houses particularly. A somewhat
different process is under way
regarding farm lands, but it will
have a similar effect.
For a variety of reasons, chief
of which is low price for farm
products, farm production Is
steadily decreasing. After, a
while, it will decline so far that
there will be more buyers than
sellers, and when that happens
prices of farm product will rise.
When prices of farm products
rise, people will want to BUY
FARMS. When that comes about,
Bee the beau-
tlf ul- new
spring shades
In Humming
WJ 3'prs.
use ot his extra day each woek."
there will be more buyers than
sellers ot farm land, and again.
In response to the law ot supply
and demand, farm price will
rS TOP ot all this, Mr. Wens
v Uck told his hearers this
time In fairly simple and under
standable language "we are
going to see credit loosened con
siderably for taking 'car ot the
financing of real estate. Some
of this will become apparent even
before the end of 1934."
Easier credit, of course, will
mean more building and more
- e
wrHAT does all . this big talk
v mean to common, ordinary
people T
Well, It means Just this: If
you have any -real estate, HANG
ONTO IT. Keep your taxes paid,
if you possibly can. Meet the
interest on your mortgage.
Don't let your real estate go.
It will be worth something, some
e a a
nBAL ESTATE has been a drug
on the market many, many
times In this country. But It
has never yet failed to come back
in price. It won't fall this time.
After all. real estate is ths
solldest form of wealth there la.
Bly Resident
Breaks Shoulder
Earl Walker of Bly, pioneer
resident of the county, sustained
a fractured clavicle, Wednesday,
when be fell Into a conveyor on
his ranch.
He was brought to Hillside
hospital tor treatment.
The News-Herald Bualneaa Dl.
rectory offers the most econom
ical form Of arlvArtlalna- In tha
Klamath district
Paradise Grey
Beige or white solid leather Sandals &gm,
with composition soles. Regular tTI
$T,49 value. Special ..... . '
Beautiful Shoes
.525 Main St.
JOH'S liAl'flltTKMH TO
I'Kl.KIIH.V l l'J Mil l HIM Y
The ton 111 ' birthday ot the
Kliimnth bethel of Job's Daugh
ters was sot for Thursday4 sve
ti I it r at 8: HO o'clock at Manonlo
hull, when Inea Hk Oreoulent, ot
i'nrtlnml. wm lo be tho guest' of
the loinl htilhol,
All former members of Job's
Dnughtiira are conllnlly Invited,
as are Mnsotit ami members of
the Order of Kuntcru Star.
Aftr the work Is presented
for Mrs,. Groenleaf, a bunquot
will bo served,
a a a
The Uoyal Neighbors ot Amer
ica will observe their llilrty-nluth
national birthday on March S3,
when an eiUerlulniiient and play
will bfe given according to an an
nouncement from Audulla Glov
er, district deputy.
All Royal Neighbors are urged
to be presout on this occasion,
and visiting mombor are .cordi
ally Invited.
Lodge will be called at 7:00
o'clock. In order that all routine
work may be disposed of .before
the .eutortnlniiicnt
a a a .
The Congregational Commu
nity Circle Is giving a social
Friday evening, Mareb 14, In the
ohurch social hull on Garden
stree't, where the members will
entertain their husbands. Mrs.
K. D. Jones la chairman ot the
evening and a very Interesting
program has bsen planned,
e a a
The East Klamuth Improve
ment club and auxiliary will
meet Wednesday evnnlng, March
11. Following the business ses
sion there will be a hard lime
dance. Music Is to be furnished
by Joe Kinney aud his Hill
Billies. The public Is cordially
e e
The 8unday school officers of
the Latter-Day Saints church
are sponsoring an old time dance
to be held Friday evening, March
28. In the publlo library audi
torium. Tha proceeds will be
used for the benefit of the Sun
day school. The public Is cor
dially Invited. '
a a a
MERRILL Th Altar society
held Its regular monthly moot
ing at the home of Mrs. N. H.
Bogue. Wednesday afternoon.
Co-hoatesies were Mrs. George
Fry , and Miss Ellen McVeigh.
The ladtea of the society will
serve supper at the I. O. O. F.
hall tor the annual St. Patrick's
danc. At the close ot the busi
ness meeting a social hour was
enjoyed. New members received
were R. Nebeker and H. C.
Kemplln. Refreshments wore
served late In the afternoon.
Visitors were Mrs. J. R. Steele
and Miss Mary Walsh. Members
prosent ' were Mesdnmes A, L.
Andrlou. Hugh Falvy, ' James
Lacy, John Gulnon, Dan Barry,
E. M. and W, E. Hammond,
Hugh O'Connor, Nora O'Conner,
H. J. Hendrlcksoo. J. Kollehor.
R. Walsh, R. O. Stoele, J. Conk
ley, E. T. Crawford, R. Nebeker,
H. C. Kempllng and the host
esses. e e
The Joseph Conger Card club
will hold the first ot a aeries of
contract bridge parties at the
school on Thursday, March 22, at
2:00 o clock.
Instructions in contract will be
given by Mrs. Claude Davis.
Table reservations may re o re
tained by calling Mrs. Frauds
uien, loo (-w.
e e e
MERRILL The "Now or
Never" club met at the home of
Mrs. Arthur Frailer, Thursday
aftornoon. -The members en-
Joyed a social afternoon and de
licious refreshments were served
at the close of the afternoon.
Visitors were Mesdames H. P.
Blanton and W. C. Balloy and
hat inspired a
striking new color
Paradise , Grey seamless
Pump. High heel . , . .
Paradise Grey Tie. Wing
tip. Boulevard heel , .
Seek Extortion
Clew in Murder
Slain when his car halted tor a
tramo signal, by a charge from a
aawed-otf shotgun, tilt Dalcbea,
above, Chicago advertising firm
head, is believed to have been
the victim ot an extortion gang
or of a foe driven by Jealousy to
commit murder, Daloha was
known as a lavish night clnb
member present wore Musdaiuoa
Wllllnm Wnlkor. F. Dlnko, M.
Hnrtlerodo, P. D. Lewis, V. F.
Myers and th hontosa,
The Happy Dosen club met
Thursday afternoon. March 15, at
the home ot Mildred Akin, 1628
Crescent avenue al 1:30 o'clock.
Silver Lake Man
Hurt in Mishap
Fred Rtu-k of Silver Lake, re
ceived painful toot Injuria, Wed
nesday when he was thrown from
hi horse and th horse tell upon
- Rock was brought to Klam
ath Valley hospital for treat
ment, and will soon be able to
be about with the aid of crutches.
Don't think younffHtera don't love springtime
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the "Mnlionoy, for diivornnr"
dunce scheduled for the Exhibit
building I w linen pimtpnned uiilll
March 84, according In giiiiuiinco
ment ot Frank Hoilon, chairman
of tho cniiiniilloc.
Tickets which wuro printed ami
sold (or the dnnco March 17 will
be honored al the riuitro at the
Inter ilitle, Sexton stated,
"The Mnhonoy dunce conflicts
with (he Culinary Alliance nnuutil
dance," Sexton said. He alun an
nounced the postponement was
made at th request of W. H, Ma
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