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    March 1, 1934
Fights Off Pair
In Kidnap Attack
Women's Shoe
iBBBilaHBsHHslHHIs ajtsisw
The county court at Thiirn-
duy's atissloa declilod to appoint
bonrd of vlownrs to dulnruilu
UnmoKim to ownars ut rlvlil-of.
wny on tlia rond botwonti Cnm
omit mid tho Wlllunigtlo IiIkIi
way. Tliiirsiluy wan llio duy u
for tno lixarlng ot protosts on
tli la routo.
William llrork, olio ot tho own'
r ot tho right-of-way involved
appoarad botort the board to ills-
cum the sltitutlon. On the ad
vice ot District Attornny T. It
aillimwnturs, the board ducldud
to procaed with a plait culllnn
lor vlownrs.
I'urchane Asked,
County Knilnoor Joseph Jen'
on raportod that tho atnte hitch
wny commission had ankod the
county to purchaso 8,81) aoraa on
ouo pluco of property near MID
laud In connection with tho Wood
hlKhway rlKht-nf-way purclinstw,
All needed for rlKht-or-wny prop
or la slx-tonilis ot an acre. Jen'
on Bald, and th county hoi ao
quired that amount. The remain
der, ho mud, waa wanted tor
borrow pit, and ho wild It wan
hli undomtandliiK tho county
dooa not havo to furnish material
In tho caso ot atato highway con
alructlon. The district attornny
urcnil to this Intorprotatlon and
tho highway cniumluilon will be
Informed ot tho county atlltudo
on IhU matter.
L. A. Hughey, proprietor ot
tho Croscont lake rrmort, appear
ed before the court to urxo the
early oonatrucllon of a atub road
from Crescont lake to tho WH
lamotlo blahway, I'relinilnary
surveys have been made on thin
road and Hunhey waa assured
the county will procoed aoon
possible, perhaps In tho early
prime. Kuihey polntod out that
It let ! one of tho heaviest tax-
paying districts la the county.
Enxlneer Jensen (aid tbnt the
now county road to be built from
OroensprliiKs highway to tho now
Weyerhaotuor camp will be wide
enough for two-way travel. The
lumber company la' to provide
the right-of-way and clear It,
With tho application already
approved by the tocrotary of the
Interior, tho Oregon California
and Eastern railway official,
will appear bnforo the Klamath
Irrigation district board Friday
to auk for exclusion of the rail
way property from the boundaries
of the district.
The Bouinera Paelflo soms-
tlme ago made a almllar appll'
cation. The cas waa carried to
the auprem court whore the
railroad' position waa lustnlned.
In connection with Ita attempt
to obtain exclusion' from the dis
trict, the O. C. and K. haa paid
all the conatructlon chargoa on
the property Involved, and 30
por cont to cover additional
chargoa. Tho exclusion In effect
will rollevo the rallrond from
operation and maintenance
Uecauae ot the precedent ot
the Southern Paelflo caae. It Is
bollevod whatever action the K.
I. D. board may take on the ap
plication will largely be a mat
ter ot formality.
Veterans Consider
Coming Elections
The semi-monthly mooting of
tho Votcrana political League was
bold Tuosday night In the circuit
court room and so-fnr was the
largest attended, votorans show
ing great outhunlusra In the com
ing primary and In cougrosslonnl
action Insofar aa vetoran legisla
tion la concorned.
Tho noxt mooting will be bold
March 18 at 8:00 p. m. In the
circuit court room at which time
a comnilttoo will be appointed to
Investigate all candidates for
public office, county, state and
national, it was said.
"Tho presldont ot tho Votorans
Political Longuo wlshoa to Im
prosa on all votorans and military
organisations that tbolr attend
ance, Influonco and membership
Is doslrad and that there aro no
duns or fees In conaoctlon thoro-
,wlth," It was announcod.
V-' -'4.
Valiant bnttlo waged against two
assailants by B. P. Adlar, 81,
wealthy Uavonpart, la., publish
er, thwarted a 140,000 kidnap
plot and Adlor, ton mlnutos la
tor, helped capturo one ot bla
would-be obductors. Adlor ,ls
shown, ear bandaged whore a
blackjack struck blm, In his Chi
cago botol after the affray.
Ex-Wife Witness
In Poison Trial
Now drama came Into Missis
sippi's "highball murdor" case
when Mrs. Bessie Kennedy,
above, divorced wit ot Dr. John
P. Kennedy, poison victim, testi
fied tor the state In the trial ot
Dr. Sarah Ruth Dean, accused ot
tho (laying. The Kennedya had
been preparing to remarry when
death stepped In.
Bend Advertises
School Operetta
The Happy Marinas, a aeven-
piece band, played before the
Klamath high school student
body Wednesday.
The Happy Marines played
three selections tor the students.
The operetta gave several skits
of tho "Old Spanish Custom"
which la to bo presontod Friday.
It was announced that thero will
be a -special matlnoe for grade
school children Friday at 8:30
Petitions Filed
With County Clerk
Complotud petitions for D. K,
Flotchor's candlduoy for circuit
Judco have boon filed with the
county clork for checking,
v Flolchor thus tar is tho only
"announced candldnto for this Job,
but sevoral others are expeotod
to ontor tho Hold. Klamath
county comprleoB ths thlrtoonth
Judicial district ot Orogon.
Frnnoy At Modfonl Jack
Franoy of this city was a Med
ford visitor this week.
1 saMes 1 1 sBse
For Backache, Kidney
And Bladder Trouble
Hore's one good way to flush
harmful wnsto 'from kldnoya and
top bladdor Irritation tlmt often
Bauson scanty, burning and smart
ing pnsnnge. Ask your druggist
(or a 3G-cont box of Qold Medal
Hnnrlnm Oil Canailles a splen
did dlurotlo ' mid stimulant for
wank kidneys and Irrltntod blnd
lor. Bosldos getting up nights,
mmo symptoms of kidney trouble
ire uaukacho, puffy oyos, log
frumps, and moist pnlms, but be
lure and get GOLD MRDAk
t's tho genuine mcdlclno for
rank kldnoys, right from Haar
em In Holland. -(Adv.)
MIDLAND, Ore. Friends ot
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Folaom
wish to ex ton d tholr doep sym
pathy of the doath of tholr son,
Walter, Jr., who passed away
at the family resldonce In tho
Spring Lake district, Friday aft
ernoon, i
Miss Roglnatto spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs, Qulna of
Klamath Fulls.
Mr. and Mrs, PhD Motschon-
bacher ontortulued the Midland
grange niombors, Saturday eve-
Ing In honor of those celebrat
ing birthdays during January
and February. The evening was
spont playing "600," high score
going to Mrs. Ward Dolan and
Mr, Evorott Mann, Low score
wont to Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Lar
gent. Dainty refreshments were
sorvod by the hostoss.
Guests wore Mr. and Mrs. Loe
Sutton. Mr, and Mrs. 0. Travers,
Mr, and Mrs. Ward Dolan, Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Stewart, Mr.
and Mrs. A. l'lnelll, Mr. and Mrs.
William Durnott, Mr. ami Mrs.
llllhcrt Largont, Mrs. Clasdo
Thomas, Mrs. Emma Iteglnato,
Mr. John RobUBtalll, Mr. Everett
Mann, Mr. and Mrs. R. Y, Hott,
and the hont and bostons. Mr.
and Mrs. Phil Motachonbacher.
Tho Midland Sunday school
hold nn entortainniont and pit
social at tho Midland grange
hall, Friday ovonliig. The pro-
grain oponod with piano music
by Thclma Honors; song, "Old
Hugged Cross," sung by Tom
Trulovo; rocltntlon of Amos Bur
nett; play, 'Lincoln Comos
Marching Homo," by Sunday
school; rocltntlon, Lloyd Rogers;
song, "Old Black Joa," by hoys;
rocltntlon - by Betty Largont:
string music, by Haley sisters
and Robert Anderson; reoltntlon
by Jean Burnott; skit by Pat
Patterson and Norma Uorllng of
Kinniatn Falls: talk of the "Hill
Billies," by ltuv. Conn of Klam
nth Falls. Concluding tho pro
gram was a solo by Albert Dol-
lnrhldo, also of Klamath Falls.
Tho niombors of the Sunday
school wish to thank thoae from
Klnmnth Falls who helped make
tho evening a buocohb,
Mr. mid Mrs. William Burnott
of Klamath Falls, entortnlned at
din n or, Sundny evening, Mr, and
airs, s. L. Ilurnott and family,
Mrs. Floyd Stowart and daugh
ter, Patricia Rose, Mr. and
Mrs, Arthur Stowart and daugh
ter, Olorln 'Dnrlone. Mr. William
Talbot- and -Mr. Georgo Hnuck,
Mr. and Mrs. Lylo Hickman of
Klamath Falls spent Sunday at
the home ot Mr, and Mrs, J. B.
8ALKM, Ore., March 1 (U.R)
Work ot CCO racrulls on state
and private forost land has ac
complished much towurd aiding
fire prevention, State Forester
Lynn Cronemlllor sulci today, but
considerable mora remains to be
done before protection will be
Klght camps during the first
period and six during tho socond
on stato and private lands will
complete a year's work, April 16,
Cronemlllor suld,
During the year the recruits
have constructed 213 miles of
telopbone line, 41 inllos of fire
breaks, IS miles of roadside
clearing for tiro prevention. 101
miles of' truck trulls, 21 miles of
horso trulls, 28 bridges, 8 look
out houses and 8 lookout towers.
They covered COO acres In tire
hasurd reduction, cleared 11
acres for camp grounds, made
classification surveys of 40,006
acros, spent 19,001 man-days
fighting forest fires.
A survey, complatod by . tho
forestry department shows the
following necessary additional re
quirements, Cronemlllor said:
723 mile tnlnphouo lines, 60
miles fire breaks, 1,168 mllos
roadside clearing, 101 miles
trallslde clearing, 38 lookout
houses, 80 lookout towers, 0,100
acres general cleanup, 1,248
miles truck trails, 76$ miles
horse trails, 81 bridges, 40 acros
clearing for caiup grounds, 20
camp ground waste disposal
plants, 10 miles fences, 38 water
systems, 186 miscellaneous build
March came gamboling Into
Klamath Falls like a lamb Thurs
day, thinking nothing of recont
dour predictions ot the ground-
bog, another famous animal
weather pronhot.
Maximum temperatures tor the
first day of the first month of
spring ranged well over 60, and
the low mark for the day was
only slightly below freezing. '
Several Klamathltes lost out
on birthdays this year, and wore
In a quandry whether to celo-
brato on February 28 or March
1. Among thoae In such a quan
dry were "Red" Bud Wltte, of I
2110 Garden street, and Armuna
and Roland Ulrlch, twin sons of
Mr. and Mrs. George Ulrlch ot
Conger avenue. Ot course, wo
men whose blrtbdays Ian on roo
ruarv 20, have no problem and
are lucky, for they may remain
ibe same axe for four yoars. vir-i
tuallr dofyinc Old Father Time.
Tho month ot February jusi
past was the warmest enjoyed by
Klamath county residents for the
nsst 17 voars. according to re
ports at the U. S. weather bu
reau. Tho moan tomperaturo for
tho month was 40.6 degrees.
while tho normal tomperaturo
for the period Is 33.1. In 1907
tho mean temperature was re
corded at 42.6, an all tlmo rec
Proclnltatlon for the montn
totaled- 0.90 of an inch, noarly
half an Inch under tne normal
exooctancy ot 1.38 incnos.
The moan maximum temper-
aluro was 61.4 degreos, and the
moan minimum 29.6. Tho high
est tompornturo for tho month
wai rocorded at 61 on February
l. and the minimum at 18 on
Fehrunrv B.
There was 7 clear days, 14
nnrt Iv cloudy and 7 cloudy.
Elovatlon of Upper. Klamath
lake was rocorded at 4142.17
foot on March 1. 1934, against
4141.46 feet on March 1, 1933.
Ewauna Mill Will
Open on March 5
The Ewauna Box company.
mill oxpoots to open tor the sea
son's activities on March 6, ac
cording to Information recolved
from the manugomont Thursday.
Only former employes will be
placod oU the payroll.
The woods camp at Quarts
mountain Is at work already.
Approximately 76 mon will bo
employed nt the mill, and 60 are
working at the camp.
February Fines
Total $544.50
Fine collections and ball for
feitures for the month ot Febru
ary totalod S644.60, according to
roports from the office ot Police
Judgo Clifton Richmond.
There woro 124 arrests mado
by tho police department for the
month.. Kntrlos In poltco. arrest
dockot show that the majority ot
nrrosta woro made for Uuuor
law violations.
Complexion Curse
Shethouffhtihowiu JimtunlircWwhen he called
on her one Avoided hor thereafter. Hut noon
fitlmircptmpty.l)lcnuJMxlBkin. More nml more
women nro rrnllilncr tlmt nimnlra nml hlotchcf
nro often dnnurr iftnnli nl iottfd bowfltt
nnlnonoiuwntitoarnviiglnfttlto lyHlrm. LctNR
(Nnturo't Remedy) tiftom complete, thorough
Diinunniion nnu prompuy caao nwoy Doumr
rutninff polionoiui mnttcr. Firm for sick head
ache, blliouicomUttoi,dlttlnc8j. Try thlaiafo
uonnnunu e.nii-
vi'Rtal)le correo
live. At alt driig-liiti'-onlya&c.
"Tl I e" Quick relief for acM !'. I
TUMS itW heartlmrn. Only 10c.
Every day the expretsman brings us something new and splen
did for spring . . , Every department is taking on a new and
"springy" feeling as these new arrivals find their places . . . We
know you will be thrilled with the new styles, qualities and prices.
Wool Tricot
Tweed effects predominate in gay colore
Rust, Greens, Polo Blue and Greys. Also smart
color combinations in Checks and Plaids.
Spring Suits
The Swagger model is spring's favorite with
many. Our showing of Tweeds and Novelty
Wools will appeal in price and style.
Price $10.50 to $25.00
3 C
Printed Crepes in most all desir
able colors with a liberal showing
of Blues. The size range enables
us to fit most any woman. Sizes 14
to 62. .
Wash Frock
$1 oo $395
Many new and interesting creations
to choose from in smart fast-color
wash frocks. All sizes.
Yard Goods
Here you will find most any fabric
adapted to wash frocks Prints,
Sheers, , Broadcloth, Pastels, Pique,
etc. Sizes 14 . to 62. Styles for
every woman.
Silk Flat Crepe in small figures
and floral designs. An excellent
quality crepe. Good weight.' 89
inches wide. '
Dainty tissues in beautiful
shades, green, yellow, red, brown
and blue checks. All guaranteed
Cast colors. '
We have a beautiful assortment
in a wide range of patterns of
Batistes and Swisses, Dots, Rose
Buds, Floral designs. All guar
anteed fast colors.
DIMITIES y v yd.
A fine sheer fabric in dainty
Rose Bud and other small de
signs. Ideal for kiddy dresses.
All guaranteed colors.
One of springs popular fabrics in
figures and stripes. A choice
selection of the new colors. You
will like this cloth.
Looks like silk flat crepe. It is
so soft and lustrous. A beautiful
selection of patterns to choose
from. Fast colors.
Men's Work Department
Always a hobby with us A complete, dependable line of Men's Work
Clothes at prices that are always right
"JL nioit
stocking z$
have evet wotn
Women are constantly
telling us th) ve never
worn sich comfortable
hosiery, Ruo-Flex
f.lexibli stretch
top Which ijemoves
every trace ft strain.
The result is not alone
new comfWmitfonger
wear. Until you've
tried NoMend GIVE
ABLES you can't know
how really marvellous
hosiery can be. We
have them In all the
s lovely new colours.
Chiffon r Smict ,
xTastaSv ;
p'7v,iM O.I,H.M..J
mentKmm J) tttpttif fmUtJ
(f Pump .
A smart pattern in spring's
popular Grey color. It looks
like a $5.00 value.
Grey Kid Tie
: J ...
With .white saddle strap has
proved a decided favorite for
spring. ,
Growing Girls
T Strap
Mothers will approve and the
young lady will be delighted
with this White or Beige Pig
with a novelty moc toeIt is so
youthful and yet so different
from the usual girl styles.
Sizes 12fe to 3. .
Mr. Day' Ideal
Baby Shoes
$100 $175
..TO ; I
Start the baby out right on its
65,000 mile walk by being fit
ted with correct last and size.
Men's Oxfords
New Oxfords
39 $495
Brown and White, Black and
White, light and dark Greys
and genuine White Buck.
Sizes 6 to 11. Widths A to D.
The sock of the month idea In
Holeproof Hosiery offers
new, patterns for selec
tion. You always find some
thing new here on display in
the Men's Hosiery Dept.