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    February 28, 1084
'0 S
May Affect
porting MemB:&
Shift in Training
Grounds, Use of Liv
lier Ball Undoubted
Ir Will Have Soma
Effect Wrestler'
Back Broken in Fait
From Ring. Improve
ments Made at Mo
doc Field.
President John Heydler ot
the National league dug him
self out of the snowdrifts at
Garden City ana went to New
York to bid "Cod speed to
the baseball team which, for
the present at least. Is first in
the hearts of Its countrymen.
mt. Uaw Vn.V fllantfl nnpn
ed their drive for a second
straight National league pen
nant and world championship
Tuesday, when a small group
of players started the flight
south to the training grounds,
a migration that will be joined
shortly by most ot the other
major league clubs.
"I hated to see the hoys
start south without me,' said
the venerable National circuit
' prexy. "Of all the years I've
been In baseball 1 don't think
I've ever awaited the opening
ot a season with so much Im
patience. 4 I'm so restless, I
feel as It I'm wearing a hair
shirt sometimes. What a sea
son It Is boced to be."
Heydler pointed out that he
was keenly Interested in the
Giants, who though standing
pat with their championship
regulars of 1933, are taking
a large squau tu iuo
' Beach training camp.
The Dig Question is: Will
. the Bhlft of their training camp
from Los Angeles to Florida,
the adoption of the uniform
"livelier" ball and the mo
mentous changes in manage
ment aid personnel throughout
the league help or hinder the
Giants during the season which
opens on April 17?
This Is the tlrst time since
1931 that the Giants have
trained In Florida. John Mc
Graw shifted from Barasota In
ft i. th. TsMf!j fnan
The livelier hall may prove
an important factor in the suc
cess or failure ot the Giants
this season, losi year, using
the "dead" ball, Terry's men
marched to victory on a wave
of brilliant pitching and air
tight fielding. Their great
hnrlers, HnbbelL Bchnmscher,
Parmalee and Fitssimmons,
took command of the diamond
and pushed the circuit's slug-
- cers Into the background.
Heydler believes the Giants
. will-find plenty ot competition
this year, ine league appear
the best balanced in many sea
sons." be explained.
'Next time - a wrestler Is
thrown from the Legion hall
arena, consider the plight of
Dave Johnson, professional
matman ot Fresno. Johnson,
a light heavyweight, was tossed
t,jk Jnv tha AthAr nlffht
and he ended up in the hos
pital with a broken back.
Authorities are considering
bringing action against his op
', ponent, Al Baffert. Johnson is
completely paralyzed and may
never walk, let alone wrestle,
That, apparently. Is last how
serious some of these so-called
grudge matches can become.
Modoc field looks like a bat
tleground today. The CWA
employes have been at work
. spreading a new layer of dirt
on the playing field. Improving
the drains, and making the
tield considerably more adapt-
able to football.
, The field, admirably situated
and equipped, with bleachers
end field nouse, has not had
the heat playing surface. Rocks
and stones have presented han
dicaps to both Pelicans and vis
iting teams. The drainage was
comparatively poor, and mud
and water collected on the
parts ot the field where the
play was the heaviest.
. The improvements, however,
should make for better football
. " taU If tliA wnrlr 11 rnm-
pleted In time, there probably
will be a much smoother sur
face for haseball. '
The annual Southern Oregon-Northern
California track
- and field meet should find con
ditions exceedingly encourag
ing tor new records.
Stanford Downs
' Arizona Riders
PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 2J.
U,R) University of Stanford's
polo team was led to an 8 to 4
victory over University of Ari
zona here yesterday by Bill Rog
ers, son ot Will Rogers the hu
morist, and Luppe Luppen, Stan
ford No. 1 player.
The victory gave Stanford a
one-game advantage in tne mrea
fames played to date in the ser
ies ot five scheduled with Ari
zona. Victories were split In two
games played In Phoenix. The
teams will meet again here Sat
urday and at Vos Angeles witnin
two weeks.
Rogers, Stanford No. 2 man,
was the outstanding player al
though LuDDen scored four goals
to three for Rogers. The other
Stanford goal was scored by Ful
lerton, back.
White Sox Off
war twvi esM m f
CHICAOO, Feb. 23. (U.R) The
first group ot Chicago wuite box
left for Pasadena, Calif., to open
training Monday. The, White Box
will be the first major league
team to start the 1034 spring
tfftlnlncr Mftflnn . nnlv fnul nlnv
rs were In the party leaving
Chicago. They were Catcher John
Pasek, Pitchers John Huck and
Challenger in Better
Condition for Fight
Than Champion.
MIAMI. Fla.. Feb. 13. UP)
The closer the ring sharps get to
Prlmo Camera's heavyweight title
defense against- Tom Loughran
next Wednesday night the better
appear the challenger's chances of
staging ons ot the top upsets ot
ring history.
When the match was made,
weeks sgo, the bout was consid
ered a tnneup tor Camera's sum
mer campaign and the great bat
tle that loomed with Max Baer.
Complexion Shifts. .
ri Atlanta nf T,niithran. ISO
pounder, tackling the 265 pound
giant were considered negligible.
Rn nnw. with the match onlv
five days away, the complexion
of the tussle nas cnangra.
T.Mirhrnn In his tralnlnt work-
outs at West . Palm Beach, has
fought himself into penect con
dition. He Is. handling sparring -. tall a P.Am fir n. with
the same ease he displayed in
whipping giants such as Max
Baer, Victorlo Campolo snd the
late Ernie Schaat. He Is confi
dent to a point where he almost
pleads with yon not to make a
mistake, to see the obvious, and
realize he will win.
Big One Easiest.
unl fatlnws " he aavs. "al
ways have been easier tor .me
t... lima, nnn Mr soeed is
tripled against . them. Modesty
out the window. Camera never
saw the day when he could begin
to box with' me. 'He can't hope
to match me in generalship and
experience." '-
Camera, in his workouts nere,
has employed small, Inadequately
uintniu. inn tt n r nartnera. as
Xwyrvu o. t t
poor a lot as ever worked In a
champion s camp, tub mree vet
erans he had of any note, Ar
thur Hnttick, Harold Mays and
n .w.. u.nlM h,a been dls-
UVUlfia aUt-.Wf -
charged. They were hitting him
almost at win.
Champion upset. than- that In the eyes
of the experts is the obviousness
ot Camera's ngntingr pian. m
seems to expect that Loughran
will charge into him to be spear
ed snd crushed. In the champion's
huge arms. H te nor. equipped
for guile, lor a smart, oouu nam
... tn. a taVa -tha nffense. SB
Loughran probably will make
him, he flounders badly.
The champion - seems upset
.. ... , Mmahlnr. and no - one
has been abls to learn as yet the
significance of the failure of
Louis Boreal, bis Italian manager
and companion, to come down
here from New York for the
training or the fight Camera
merely shrugs, out mere is an
air of deoression. foreboding
about the camp. v -
Tunney Refuses
Outcome of
MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 21. (U.R)
Gene Tunney, the only retired
heavyweight champion, refused
to predict the outcome ot the
coming Carnera-Loughran title
fight -
Stopping at Faim Beacn, lun
ney said 'he would bs glad to
give his opinions of both fight
ers after he sees them In work
outs but Insisted that was as tar
as he would go.
"I am greatly interested In this
fight," he said, "and plan on
watching both fighters closely in
practice. I'd be more than glad
to tell you what I think ot them
Individually alter I see them
work but I'll make no predic
tions." .
He said he intended to watch
San Francisco's Newest
Downtown Hotel!
utnatUm,winr . L I
. Attractive
Eai to
222 single rooms at (3.50 daily
155 single rooms at $4,00 cUlly
78 mm ,1 M.50, 65 U S, 90 IS M, 20 H
16, 15 it 17, IS ! 8 DonbU room. IS to
110 tUilj Tiln-bd room ft "a 96 Rooms
tn Mil from 10 Tower room IS to IIS
In.l.. 17 to 111 dotUo, (Urr-Tone ntui
llito 120 cbUj.
kiittiv moons aco Earl Mc-
Neely was a raw rookie getting
his first chance with the Sacra
mento, Calif., dub or the" Pa
cific Coast League. After two
seasons he. was sold to Wash
ington, where he starred In tha
outfield. After leaving big
time ball, he returned to Sac
ramento sa ' player-manager
and he now owns the club, hav
ing purchased It recently from
a bank holding a mortgage on
Frankle KUck, stronger and
heavier, and with a different
style ot fighting than when he
left here a couple of years ago
to campaign successfully In the
east, worked out with vigor today
at the Royal gymnasium. He is
the underdog In the betting
which favors Barney Ross in tneir
Exposition auditorium bout Mon
day night, March 5. Klick acts
like a "tighter" in the ring now,
with an aggressive style, instead
ot the boxer of old.
Klick, who won the Junior
lightweight, or 130-pound title,
from Kid Chocolate with a knock
out, will be fighting .for Ross'
Junior welterweight, belt, 140
"I can't hope to box with
Ross," said Klick frankly, "not
any more than I could with
Chocolate. Ross Is superior in
that department. But I stopped
Chocolate. I'm Just going to lay
for a chance to level Ross."
MORAGA, Calif., Feb. 23. (OB
The current football talk at
St Mary's college here Is that
Harry (The Horse) Mattos, de
mon sophomore passer of the
1933 team, will be shifted to the
regular quarterback berth tor the
1934 edition of the Galloping
BERKELEY, Calif., Feb. 23.
(U,r) The renewal of California
Stanford rugby competition after
a 20 year lapse was postponed
until Saturday due to rain.
to Predict
Title Encounter
Tommy Loughran at his training
camp here tomorrow and plans
on visiting the Camera camp at
Miami Beach Saturday.
Sales for the bout next week
picked up noticeably today. Ber
nard Baruch, New York finan
cier, bought 80 of the 320 ring
side tickets today and later tele
phoned for another 20. ' Joseph
Widener, Bernard Gimbel ; and
Jock Whitney, sportsmen, also
purchased large blocks ot choice
Jimmy Johnston, boxing boss
ot Madison Square Garden, pro
moters of the fight, said every
one 1 of the two thousand 1 20
tickets will be sold.
S f ' 1
Hotel Sir Francis Drake just
off Union Square most conven
ient to theaters, shops, stores,
business and financial district
Private garage in basement
with direct elevator service to all
guest-room floors. Only California
hotel offering Servidor feature
thus combining "maximum pri
vacy with minimum tipping".
In every room connection for
radio reception, running filtered
, ice water, both tub and shower.
Dinner in Coffee Shot) from ISp
up in Main Dining Room from
81.50 up. Also a la carte service.
Sir Francis
Hucuw Nfwcoira Hrm Co.
Powell Street at Sutter San Francbco
Wolfe, Barnes Will Top
Weekly Legion Hall
' Five veterans ot Legion hill
competition and one newcomer
move tonight In three wrestling
bouts at the Legion hall arena.
Leslie Wolfe, high ranking
heavyweight ot this district, will
attempt to repel the challenge
ottored by aeorge Barnes, the
newcomer. In the one hour main
event. Both men will enter the
ring weighing about 185 pounds.
Wolfe Knvored.
v Wolfe, chlofly bocause of his
past performances, was a favor
ite to defeat the comparatively
unknown wrestler from Nebras
ka. The young hook-scissor spe
cialist hasn't lost a Legion hall
bout since bis first appearance
against Al Kanulck last Decern'
ber. Since then he has held the
Russian Lion to a draw.
Klamath wrestling followers
were ready to east a .vote for the
Bunny Martin-Frank Clemens
seml-wlndup as the outstanding
bout of the program. The Chero
kee Indians, wrestling to a draw
last week, will meet In the 45-
mlnute seml-wlndup.
Both Men Fast.
' These wrestlers have earned
their reputation, of the fastest
men to enter the Legion hall this
season. Clemens, drawing and
then defeating Billy Newman be
fore his match with Martin, has
not been beaten in three bouts.
Until the Martin bout, he won
with Indian holds. His fellow In
dian, however, successfully work
ed out ot the methods usually
bringing victory.
Big Ray Frlsble ruled as a
slight favorite to defeat Billy
Newman ot Denver In the cur
tain raiser. Frlsble has retereed
the majority of recent bouts, but
decided to return to more active
Ashton Winter
Event Won Over
Snowless Track
ASHTON, Idaho, Feb. 23 (JP)
With five Irish setters,! Don
Cordlngly, genial Ashton musher,
won the eighteenth annual Amer
ican dog derby here yesterday in
Bl minutes flat. There were 10
teams in the field. A crowd of
2,600 persons witnessed the
The sleds were mounted on
rubber-tired wheels because of
the absence ot snow and the race
was run over a 12-mtle stretch of
Second place was won by Ray
Peterson of St. Anthony, Idaho.
Hla time was 1 minutes and 13
seconds. .
Fight Results
(By United Press)
At Dallas Roy Calamlra, New
Orleans, drew with Cullen Wil
liams, Denlson, Texas, (10); Wil
son Dunn, Ponca City, technically
knocked out Johnny Pisano,
Scranton, Pa., (6); Bobby Batll
la. San Antonlon, technically
knocked out Billy -Williams, Fort
Worth, (8).
Holland has more than 4500
miles of canals.
Most Panama hats are pro
duced in Ecuador.
Here's a picture of a man who's
Gone ALL To Pieces. He can't
take it any more. "IT" being
the "bargain counter", coffee
his loving wife serves under
the delusion that it's econom
icaL He ought to tell her he
wants Hills Bros. Coffee. It
mar cost a few cents more a
pound, but yon don't drink
coffee by the pound you
drink it by the cup and Hills
Bros. Coffee makes more cups
of real good coffee to the pound.
Cup for cup it is more eco-
Utrlltl 19i Hllh Brc).
Stengel Named
to Take Over
Brooklyn Team
Charles D. (Casey) SteRol. for
mer Urooklyu Dodgers outflililor
and a coseh since 1033,
today was numed manager of
the team for 1034 mid 1935,
succeeding Max Carey.
Stengel was prosont, smiling
broadly, when General Manager
J. A. Robert Qulnn, made the
announcement ot his appoint
mont. The only surprise wss
the two-year contract, as Wllhort
Robluson worked under only a
one-year agreement preceding his
dismissal In 1031 and Carey was
given only one-year contracts,
the last of which the Dodgora
broke dy before yesterday.
Stengel was s Brooklyn out
fielder from 1813 to 1018 and
played with the Dodgora In the
world scries-ot 1916. Ho Is 43
years old.
Despite his clownish actions he
Ib credited with being a shrewd
haseball leader and a good do
velopor ot young talent. Ono ot
his most (amour, stunts was to
catch a sparrow, place It In his
cap and when he came to bat.
release It as he dropped the
headpiece, giving the umpires
"the bird" In a mannor to which
they wore not accustomed.
- One time when ho was asked
how it happened he was so smart
be explained that he always ate
calf brains for breakfast. The
late Ring Lardner used him as a
catchor In one ot his last series
ot stories on baseball.
Boston Fighter .
Scores Decision
Over Lifeguard
(U.R) Johnny Indrlsano, Boston
Italian, scored an easy 10-rouud
decision here over "Chick" Dev
lin, San Francisco lifeguard. In
the main event of a holiday box
ing card attended by 8500 per
sons. Indrlsano, here to seek a fight
with Young Corbctt III, former
welterweight champion, won five
rounds, Devlin took three and
two were even, according to the
United Press score sheet. There
were no knockdowns.
Devlin exhausted himself In a
six-round spurt and Indrlsano
easily dominated the remainder
of the contest.
Wrestling Results
(By United Press)
At New York Star Casino
Sammy Stein, Newark, threw
Emit Dusok, Omaha; Tiny Roe
buck, Oklahoma, threw Bonny
Ginsberg, Chicago; Ernie Zeller,
Germany, threw BUI Mlddlekauf,
Florida: Jaget Blngh, India, drew
with Sid Nabors, Memphis, Tonn.
Elks Dance
Saturday ;
Feb. 24
This Is the big dance of
the year,
take it
nomical to serve than "bargain
counter" coffees, and it tastes so
much better, tool You ask for
Hills Bros. Coffee and look for
that Arab trade-mark on the can.
Pelicans Windup Regular
Schedule In Valley
The Klamath Pelicans make
their last atsnd In the Southern
Oregon haskotball conference at
Grnuts rasa tonight.
The prospects of a Cnvoiuan
victory Is remote, but even an
upset In the valley will be In
sufficient to removo tho Pelicans
from the conference champion
ship. Klamath nlroady has de
feated Grants Pass tn one iniuii,
swept tho Mod ford Tigers In a
two-giuu series, and downed
Ashlund ' throe llisus - In four
Th convincing victory over
Grants Pass hore earlier In the
season leaves little doubt but
what the Poltcans can repeat
gf aaBBBBBBk,.
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Medium m j m P'rm and m jsf . RRU88EL SPROUTS,
California For3)V Hlpo , J lln. C . ARTICHOKES
tliolr achievement, Klamath won
the opening conlott (9 to IT.
This will be ths final gam
ot the regular schedule, and Kla
math comes to ths close ot Its
list ot games with but one Inter
soholnallo dofi'nt.
Following the drants Pass
game .Klamath will return to
practice for a second mooting
with lleml. Bond, boston twice
liy the l'ollcnns, will make a
f 1 mi 1 ohalltmxo tor the district
title and cutruncs into the stats
Veteran Runner
Seriously Hurt
NEW YortK. N. Y Feb. 13
(U.R) Jole ltuy, onco king of all
Ainorkuu dlstuuce ruuuers, was
lu a hospital today with a pos
sible skull fracture as a result
ot a tall In a roller skating'
Ray, well up among the lead
ers, slipped during a spring on
ths 15th day of tha scheduled
81 day event. He fell heavily to
the track and was kicked In the
head by a racer. He was un
conscious half an hour,
Ths byd eagle Is found only
in Norm America,
Wheat 40 lbs $1.65
Baking Powder
CAI.l'MET tm j
t-lh. Can J
Brown or fj
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Long Grain
ft lbs.
Wholo Kernel . ,
Cms" ...3 Cans 43C
(f. Apples t
(J Faced and Killed f"
sl Box 59c : - W
(A Day at This Eli- tf
oeptlonalljr Low k
T Klamath
jrf County )
rV Baby Beef '
Roast V
lb. l3Jc h
Skier Fatally
Hurt in Jump
at Salt Lake
(P) Death marred Hi amateur
kl competition la Parley's can
yon 10 miles east of hers yester
day when Calmar Andrsasen, 19,
of Salt Lsks City, wss fatally
hurt wlills taking part In Uio
Utah Ski club's program whloli
Is to bring this season's aotlvltlea
to a close,
Andresssn wss ths holder of
ths 147-foot amattur class D. rec
ord which hs sstsbllshsd last
year. Hs bad bssn promoted to
olass A as a result ot his pre
vious showing. Hs was comput
ing In that division at (he time
of his Injury.
He was fatally hurl when be
foil after making a Itl-foot
Jump. A rib was broken and
punctured one of his lungs. He
died en routs to a Salt Lake City
Ths Ob river In Siberia is the
third longest In the world.
ago, Miss Virginia Van Wle wss
an inTmu,
Gra'am Wafers
Edge mont, 1-lb, Boil Fancy
Cookie Including Hydros,
Lady Fair
Treasure 17c
Oats or Wheat
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Pork Roast
e a . t
Sploed ........2 lbs, 45c
at Schuss
U 10 lb. Cloth TV
pi Crescent - M
Baw -27C J$
John PomorBkl and Outfielder
Milt Bocek.