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    February 17, 1034
(Continued from Pngti Ono)
Whether gun ronrad lit Mini
nlng's offlu Mnuduy iiIkIu bo
cuuso of "bud hjood," botwaen
tha two Inwyors extending buck
ovor a coueldoruhlo period of
llmo l yot only s mnttor of
siHiuulnllun, iu fur as tha pub'
11a lu concerned.
Whan llaliirlch hud oomplutod
lilu studies it tlio scene of tha
hnotliiKt tho Mnnnlng law office
wua opened to tho dofoniio allor
iiuyn. 1). It, Vaudouberg and
(loorgo . Itoborts, Whun thoy
wulkod lu ttiuy found tha bullet-
iimikod chairs, tha book-cuss
which rocolvcd two bullote, and
othur linnortuut "oslilblts" re
moved by tho state's Invostlgat-
ora. F.vun tho chnlk outllno of
Koran's body hud boon rubbed
off tho floor llnoluiiin.
Omtrra On Ounrd
Vandvnborg and itohorls aponl
much of Krlclny evening In tlx
oftlro, with Deputy BliorKt It. D.
Dnvla maintaining watch In tho
outer offlco.
(Jlllenwatora Mid all tho exhib
it In tho en no bad boon turned
over to Ilolnrlch and woro In hla
custody. Ilolnrlch did not tako
tho rhnlra to Cullfornla with him!
but (llllnnwntors did not dlvulgo
where they aro bolng kept. II
la bollovod they aro In a vault
In tho courlhouio basement. (Ill
lnnwatora anld tho erato : waa
wholly within Ita rlKht In romov
Inn and kooplng tho phynlral
evldenco pertinent to tho a hoot'
Findings Not Known
What tho criminologist found
out during tho courao of hit
throo-dny study waa not ruveaieu
beforo ho cauKht the aouthbuund
train. Ho sold Juat beforo ho
loft that It would bo Impossible
to muko a deluded roport, either
to tho public or to tha dlatrlat
attorney, until ho boa complet
ed tho laboratory phaao of tha
Investigation. II la unuoraioou
ho did not confer with Glllon
wutera about the "oulalde" I II
voallgatlou tho dlatrlct attoruoy
had boon making.
Tho proaecutor anld Ilolnrlch
will bring bark latur tho exhibits
ho took to IJerkoloy with him.
Ho did not know, however, bow
oon Holnrlcb will return, al
though It la cortaln tho erltnln
ologlat will bo a wltneat If and
when Manning la triad on tho
murder charge.
(illlenwatera and Ilolnrlch aald
Friday that tho only doflnlte
thing they could aay about tho
Inveatlgatlon waa that their flnd
lnga had Juatlflad tho filing of
tha murder chargo, and that they
woro aatlaflod It waa not a cane
of idf-dofonao, ae, It la belloved.
Mnnnlnga dotendora will de
clare Itaberta and Vandanberg
aald Friday that Mannlug baa a
"perfect dafonao."
It la preaumed Ilolnrlch at
tempted to oatabllah tho courao
of tho four bullets that apod
acroaa tho deek In the gunplay
that ended tho Moudny night In
terview botweoa tho two ox-law
Incidentally, removal of the
chalrp brought attention to the
fact that both chalra boro bul
let marka. Tho back of Man
nlng'a red loathor chair waa
puncturod by a bullet that apod
on Into tho book caao behind
him. Another bullot atruck the
book caao direct. Theao, pre
aumably, aro tho two bullot!
that woro fired from Ilorau'e
oldo of tha desk.
Ilnllrt Marka Found
Glllonwatars dlacloacd that In
vestigators found a bullet mark
on tho back of the chair on
Iloran's aido of tha dvak. Tbla
mark waa a aort of a brulao, and
tho load pnllat, apparently spent
when It atruck tho ouk back of
tho chair, dropped to tho floor
and wua found thero.
If two bullati wore fired from
Munnlng'a aldo of tho doak, tills
bullot apparently was tho ono
thnt pnaaed through llornn'a
lung and hoart. Another bullot
waa found under hla collar bono,
to where It had dofloctod after
chattering hla arm, according to
tho autopey eurgeona.
At tho oounty Jntl it was laid
Manning's condition appoared to
be fairly good. Tha tS-yoar old
defendant will probably not be
brought from tho jail tor pre
liminary hearing until lato next
weak. Tho dofonso has waived
aorvlco of tho warrant.
Manning Bays Nothing 1
Manning hat mngnslnos and
othor rending mnttor at hla dis
posal. Ho has boon vlaltod a tow
tlmoa by a doetor, and la report
ed no ho atlll suffering from the
shock of the shooting tragedy.
Othar than hla brief romarka In
dicating that ho shot In self-do
Peerless Cafe
Recently under new management
of Art Bailie and Karin Carlson '
Special Swedish Dinners
FEB. 17 AND 18
tense, tho puhllo knows nothlni
of whut ho hut said about tho
Huron killing, It anything.
No ono knows how soon tho
trlul will bo held. Tho trial, of
eourte, will follow only If tha
grand Jury indicts Manning. An
Information of felony, charging
him with murder In tho first
degroo, has boon filed In tho Jus.
tlco oourti with Uhorlff L. U
Low tho complalnunt for tho
stuto. .
Tho stato has boon working
atronuously slnco tho killing on
tho Inveatlgatlon. While Iloln
rlch worked at tho souno of tho
trugedy, District Attorney Dillon
wilier, Sheriff Low, Deputy Dla
trlct Attorney u. M. Vun Vnctor,
Cuptuln Lno Uown of tho atuto
pnllca, and othars carried on an
ulmtiat contluuoua session In till
lauwutera' prlvuto offlco. Moro
than a scoro of poraons woro In
tervluwod and their statements
Dofenao Attorney' Iloliarts re
turned to bis Medford homo Fri
day night. Ho and Dnvld Van
denberg of Klamath Falls aro
now hard at work on tho caso In
behalf of Manning.
Eugeno. Feb. 17 Laura Oold-
anilth. Unlvoralty of Oregon
atudent from Klamath Falle, has
boon Inltlatod Into PI Sigma,
national Latin honorary. It was
announced hero by tho organisa
tion, Othar students Inlllatea
ware, J, A. Mathews, a grudunto
atudunl; Callato do la Fontaine,
Helen Emory. Murgarot Hugh,
Murjorlo McNIoco and Hubert
PI Ulgma limits Its member-
hip to thoao atudents who have
a high Bcliolaatlc standing not
only In Itomanco Languages but
in all studies carried. Tho
pledges woro Inltlatod at a bail'
OHM held recently at which Mrs,
hdna Landrca, aaalatant profos-
tor of Latin and Greek spoke on
tho subject, "When tho Ureeka
Mlaa tloldamllh has takon a
prominent part In campus actlv
ties, la vleo prealdont of Orldea.
tho campus independent women's
organization, - as well as being
ono of toe high average students,
Arlene . Rhortnan. 7-venr-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. E.
Hherinan, 2360 Vino stroet. died
Friday at tho Doernbechor Mem
orial hoapltnl In Portland after
an lllneaa of aoveral weeka.
The little girl was strlckon with
a very raro blood Malady somo
weens ago, and was taken to
Portland for treatment.
Case of this d Incuse have been
treated beforo, but never with a
auceoaaful reault, according to
medical authorities. Only 13 or
14 rasea have over been obaerved.
ao rare la the lllneaa, doctors
Ilemalna of the child ware
cremated In Portland lato Friday
Reprices for tho child will bo
held at the First Baptist church
Sunday afternoon at 8:00 o'clock.
Itev. Leonard I). Hlgle will offi
The family haa asked that
frlonds sond no flowers.
Vessel Explodes,
Crew Not Found
(Continued from Pago Ono)
port, from the Canadian Airways
Vancouver Victoria passenger
plane, which flaw close to the
burning craft, was that two mem
bers of the, crew reached share
at Point ltaborts. It was not
known how many wore aboard
tho boat,
Brown Testimony
Scheduled Monday
(Continued from Page Ono)
aervlco drew a smllo today from
tno noted inor.
PORTLAND. Ore., Feb. IT.
(AIM Portland's airmail aerv
lco under army operation will be
Inaugurated Monday when a
plane from Souttlo will arrlvo at
10:25 p. m,, leave such mall as
Is dostlned for this point, pick
up eastern and southern mull,
and continue to Salt Lake City
at 10:40 p. m.
CH1LOQUIN, Fob. 17 Tom
Moran was found not guilty of
giving beer to an Indian girl,
when he was trlod In tho wood
Hlvor Justice court. Fobruary 14.
Tho trial jury deliberated 15
t'nltcil Press Staff Correspondent
SALKM, Fob. 17. (UP)
Democrats and a number of re
publicans today wondered what
Willis Mahouey, youthful mayor
of Kluinath Kulla, plans to do
In tho coming gubernatorial race,
lloports from the southarn city
Indicate Muhoney haa not de
cided to withdraw becuuaa Gen
eral Cha'rles 11. Martin, third
district congreasman, has an
nounced his candidacy undor
tho democratic bunner.
Pear Kl pressed
Somo ropubllcnn chieftains
Join with so-called progreestvea
in tho belief that Mahonay could
poll a lurgo vole.
They believe bo could moke a
stronger peraonnl campaign than
Four has boon expressed by
some mom Iters of tho grand old
party 'that Muhoney might run
for aecrotary of stato on tho
democratic ticket. Fusion of
Martin and Muhoney on tho
samo ticket would put punch In
to tho democratic campaign.
Ono prominent' republican
leader credited Muhoney with
tbo following assets:
l. Ho Is young, forcoful and
2. Mahonoy Is au effective
spoaker and possesses a splondld
radio volco.
3. Ho has warm personality
and ninkca a decided Impression
with peoplo from tho stump.
4. HO knows tho power iaauo
and his record In Klamath Falls
on tho quostlon would appeal to
tho grango, labor and progres
sives. May Oppose Martin
The Klamath Falls mayor ap
pears to bo the only democrat
wno could dispute the nlmlna
tlon with Martin. Should be
docldo to run for socrotary of
statu or loavo the way open- for
Aiurtin, tno domocratic nominee
111 sign hla name "Charles
Martin," obsorvors believe.
Muhoney received a number
of Informal votes for the guber
natorial nomination at tbo Jack
son day dlnnor In Portland. The
vote waa, however, before Gen
eral Martin announced bis can
didacy, '
Somo forecastors bellovo Ma-
bonoy's position, should bo run.
Is strengthened because be Is an
npstat man. His election would
lusuro actual -residence at the
state's capital, since commuting
betwoon Salem and Klamath
Falls is unlikely.
Mahoney admittedly Is an at-
tuto politician. Ha bat color,
knows how to campaign and
pulls a strong vote.
Prominently Mentioned
His candidacy will be taken
seriously by republicans for
wnniever otnee ho runs.
Tno action of tin eltv or
Klamath Falls against tho Knox
plan for state liquor control
brought Mahoney considerable
statewide publicity.
wuosuon marks after the
names of Willis Mahoney and
Govornor Julius L. Meier con
tinue to bo the moat discussed
political topics. When those
two announce their Intentions,
much of the uncertni ntv aur-
roundlng the campaign will' be
Mahoney has yet to make a
latoment pertaining to hit
land on tha talct tax. rinvnr.
nor Motor has sdvnrnterl i
the sole moans of producing rev
onue necessary to keen Omirnn'.
schools opn.
Charley Kernlls, 27, of Marion,
Ohio, pilot, and Bon Grew, a
parachute Juniper, wore killed at
the Pan-American air moot at the
Now Orlonn airport today when
the piano dlvod into Lake Pnnth.
Grow had leaned from ti.n
piano but his parachute caught
on tho tall of tho nlnnA i, II
opened and tho plane dived
atraigiii into tno lake. Thoy
had gono aloft to the 2,000 root
lovol for a parachute stunt when
the accident occurred.
Reslatpp nt Elk Inr-lnriAit nn
the guoat .list at the Elk hotol
Saturday, woro tho following:
George Roberta. Modford; W. C.
uowo, I'oriinna; ai Schnell,
Portland; O. J. Wright, Port
land: Jack Kna-nf. rnnnrin- V n
Thomas, Portland; C. J.' Wag
staff, Portland; J. W. Rnthey,
i-oruana; sir. and Mrs. U. M.
Drunstotter, Portland; Harry Tal-
bort. St. Loilln.' H. H KnohW
Portland; Let Wolfe, Dallas.
Fathers anil Hns. n.Hnirf
The Methodist church Pmh ara
and Sons banquet will be held
ui mo cnurcn next Friday night
at 6:30 o'clock.
The Baldwin Hardware Co.
Announce the
Appointment of
Mr. Kermit Rusco
Local Manager
.412 Main Street in Klamath Falls
Action Throws
Political Picture
Into Uncertainty
(Continued from rait one)
or two before tbo time for filing
closes April 8 and further that
If the governor should decide to
throw his hat In the ring, It
was not known whether It would
be for the republican nomina
tion or to seek tho office again
as an Independent In .the general
election, the luttor plan bolng the
ono most fuvorably considered as
tho possibility.
"If I were to place any money
on what the governor will do, I
wouldn't know which way to
pluce my bet whether he would
or would not run, Henry M
Hunson, budget dlroctor and
closo political friend of tho gov
ornor, told tho Associated Press
toduy. "I am sure tho governor
himself has not made up his
mind, and I wouldn't venture a
guoas as to what his doclslon
would be."
Hansen Might Quit
Asked whom would be groom
ed for governor In the event
Meier decides against the cam
paign, Hansen declared as far
as he was concerned, there
would bo no alternato. "If Moler
dons not run I am going out of
politics as far as holding office
at loast. I will perhaps return
td newspaper work," ho declared.
Tho race tor congressman from
the first district was enlivened
today by tho announcement from
J. M. Dovori, attorney - for the
state highway commission, that
be would be a candidate for the
republican nomination against
Jamos W, Mott, Incumbent. Dov
er made the announcement to
Salem nowtpapormen by long
distance telophone from Gold
Deach where he la on state busi
Dover has been In washing-
ton of late In the interests of
tho five Oregon coast bridges
and may return to secure the
contracts Immediately, It was In
dicated. Ha has been with the
commission since 1919, and prior
to that time was district attorney
In Lane county. Devert Is well
known in the district and bit en
try vJlll make the race for nom
ination an interesting one, prog
noatlcators here declared.
Hallos Man Kntcrs
R. R. Turner of Dallas has en
tered the democratic race- lor
Mott's seat at Washington, which
prior to the last term was held
for mora than a quarter century
by Hawley, who It has been re
ported. Is also toying with the
Idea of again seeging a return
to the national capital. lloports
also state that John D. Goss of
Marshfleld would enter tbe race
as a democrat, but no announce
ment has as yet been made irom
that quarter.
During tho past few dayt the
election of ttate superintendent
of public Instruction has attract
ed J. W. Leonhardt of Union
county (or democratic nomination.-
Charles A. Howard was
expected to enter the republican
race for re-election, while Charles
Oram said this week be would
again seek re-election as state
labor commissioner. ,
M alone Purchases
Percheron Horses
oa-lnart nf Pereheron draft
horses has been purchased by
C. V. Barton, naione rancoer.
Rarton will bring the young
animals n his ranch from ' Al-
turus. Thoy will be broken at
the M alone place ana later, soio.
SALEM, Fob. 17, (AP) Near
ly $360,000 has been spent to
date on CWA labor and materials
on school buildings and grounds,
reports received by C. A. Howard,
superintendent of public Instruc
tion, from county superintendents
of 26 counties, indicated.
SALEM. Feb. 17, (AP) Gov
ornor Julius L. Meier yesterday
reappointed Charles A. Brand of
Roscburg to the state board of
higher education. Brand, whose
present term expiree March 2,
was appointed two yeara ago to
fill a vacancy.
For Sale:
Good house at 105 West
Oregon, for 750.00. Small
down payment, reasonable
monthly payments.
Good house . near city limits,
1 block off highway, (10OO.0O.
Fino acreage, deep soil,
water right nearly' paid up,
9250.00 per acre. No house.
4 acres on Lnkovlcw high
way, partly Irrigated, 91100.
No house.
, Ida Momyer Odell
110 North 8th.
(Continued from Page One)
set about now CWA tasks after
having stood Idle whllo continua
tion of the civil works program
remained In doubt.
CWA work came to an abso
lute stop Thursday at midnight.
The now order, however, brought
smiles and cheer to from 27,000
to 28,000 Oregonians.
The men .worked today and
will work Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week, but will
tako a vacation on Thursday, and
thereafter for three days so that
the orders for a 24-hour week
may be carried out.
Men with flat purses got the
breaks today as the CWA pre
pared to discharge 3,600,000
workers In the next ten weeks.
The word went out that, In
general, the workers who could
best afford it were to be "fired"
first. This rule was to be "ad
Justed to weather conditions."
Directions were in the hands of
state CWA directors today for
a big step In the reducing pro
gram dropping 400,000 workers
in rural areas next week.
From both President Roosevelt
and Harry L. Hopkins, CWA ad
ministrator, came reiteration that
the civil works outlays would be
folded np by May 1.
Rev. Leontfrd B. Slgle bos ac
cepted a call for another year as
pastor of the First Baptist
A short time ago the -churcb
voted to retain Rev. Sgle for tbe
year beginning April 1, although
he had presented his resignation
with a view to entering other
work. He announced Saturday
he had decided to accept the call.
Rev. Slgle has been pastor of
tbe local church four years, dur
whlch period the membership
doubled and a new building was
erected. Two young men have
gone into tbe ministry from the
church and several are attend
ing Christian educational Institu
tions. The local minister it also edi
tor of the Pacific Coast Baptist,
only. Baptist publication on tho
Baldwin Hardware
Changes Manager
Kermlt Rusco has been ap
pointed manager of the Baldwin
Hardware company to take the
place left vacant by Robert B.
Smith who has accepted the po
sition of manager of tbe Chur
chill and McDonald Hardware
company of Yreka, Calif.
Mr. Rusco has lived in Klam
ath Falls for the past seven
years, all of which time be hat
worked as salesman at the
Klamath Hardware company.
His friends will be happy to
learn of his advancement to
manager of the Baldwin com
pany. Tknllon n.nnW. AwMml TO
I- -VMU-.. ...
fl Dnltnii hna -nnnrtn.l ,n
sheriff's office that his automo
bile struck and killed a horse
on The Dalles-California highway
souta oi Maun, tbe night of
Feb. 16. The horse ran across
tbe road In front of the car.
Just received
several carloads of
New V-8 Fords
with a variety of
models and colors
Now On Display
at our showrooms
, for your inspection.
Prices, fully equipped,
delivered here, surpris- , ,
ingly-low "the car
without a price class"
Main and Esplanade
Death Rides
With Fliers
(Continued From Pago One)
Tbe two planes were being
taken on trial runs preparatory
to being put Into use on air
mall routes Monday.
The dead aro:
' Second Lieutenant Jean D.
Oranier of the . third attack
group, Fort rockett, Texas. Ho
was a native of Manchester, N.
H., and was graduated from the
University of New Hampshire In
Second Lieutenant Edwin D.
White of the Ninety-Fifth Pur
suit squadron, March Field,
Riverside, Cal., bis home was In
Berkeley, Cal, He was gradu
ated from the University of Cal
ifornia In 1931. His mother,
Mrs. Edith L. White, resides at
San Francisco,
Second Lieutenant James Y.
Eastman, of tbe Seventh Bom
bardment group, March Field,
Riverside, Cal.
Lieutenants Grenler and White
were killed en route from Salt
Lake City to Cheyenne. They
were flying an A-12 type attack
Lieutenant Eastham, en route
from Salt Lake City to Seattle,
Wash., crashed in a Douglas
bomber six miles west of Jer
ome, about 20 miles northwest
of Twin Falls, near the pictur
esque canyon of tbe great Snake
river which cuts a slg-zag
course through Idaho to the
south of tho snow-capped Saw
tooth mountains.
Weyerhaeuser Camp
Location Is Shifted
Weyerhaeuser company is to
move its camp from the present
location to tbe top of Hayden
mountain; according to informa
tion at tbe county court wbere
the matter of providing a road
to the camp haa been ' given
The county. It Is understood,
will construct the road, about
three-fourths of a. mile from tbe
Greensprings highway.' Tbe com
pany will provide right-of-way.
Consideration is also being
given the necessity of providing
school facilities for the cblldrep
at tbe new location.
Officers Probe
Three-C Blast
ROSEBURQ, Ore., Feb. 17,
(AP) A dynamite explosion,
which last night caused minor
damage to the bathhouse at the
Wolf Creek CCC camp, 36 miles
east of Rosebnrg, waa under in
vestigation today by army of
ficers, state police and county
authorities. The explosion oc
curred about 9:30 p. m, while a
program and dance sponsored by
Umpqua post of tbe American
Legion, was in progress.
Portland Assured
Of Water Supply
PORTLAND, Feb. 17, -. (P)
The city water bnrean announced
today there la not the slightest
danger of any water shortage in
Portland this summer, even if
there la no farther snow and but
little rain.
FOR RENT 3 room house. 1133
Grant. 2752
FOR SALE Car and 4 wheel
wood trailer. Cheap. 6th Street
Meat Market, 61S So. 6th. 2751
LOST One 21x4:75 spare tire
and rim with Smith Tire Shop
cover. H. O. Brander, 1978
Biehn. 2689
(Contlnuod From Page One)
the Oras chamber of workers
and employes, wat hanged thlt
Ho wat accused of participa
tion In the socialist uprising.
PRAHA Czechoslovakia, Feb.
17, (p) A telegram of burning
denunciation, warning Chancellor
Dollfuss that his war against the
socialists la "endangering the
peace of our Fatherland as well
as that of other parts of Europe"
was aispatcned to Vlonna this af
ternoon by the Ctechoslovaklan
social democrat party, the second
largest party in this country, and
represented In the cabinet by
three ministers.
Eugene, Feb. 17 James Morri
son, University of Oregon student
from Klamath Falls, has been
formally initiated to Phi Ma
Alpha, men's national music hon
orary, it was announced here by
the organization. Other men
initiated were, Clarence Woods,
Jack Plummer, Kenneth Ash
burry and William Graham.
Phi SI a Alpha restricts its
strlcts Its membership to those
membership to those men who
have been outstanding in musi
cal activities,, and also show
talent and promise In music.
The organization has recently
received modern American music
scores, and according to Rex Un
derwood, director of orchestra.
some of them may be presented
by tbe university symphony or
chestra, or by a combined or
chestra composed of Mu Phi
Epsilon, Phi Beta and Phi Mn
Alpha music honorary members.
Mr. Morrison Is a sophomore.
and majoring in art and archi
tecture. He Is affiliated with the
Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.
For the Hardest
HERE is good news for .crawler tractor users who need
heavy-duty performance at the lowest possible cost per
hour. International Harvester engineers have adapted
the Diesel principle to TracTracTor operation. No auxiliary
engine of any kind is used. The International Harvester
Diesel engine is characterized by remarkable ease of starting
and quick conversion to low-grade fuel. In fact, the shift from
gasoline to Diesel fuel is almost entirely automatic.
Using low-grade fuel you can now couple exceptional
economy of operation with the economy of maintenance for
which TracTracTors are celebrated.
Ask us for complete details concerning the new McCor-mick-Deering
Diesel TracTracTor.
Tractor School
fhe fourth annual tractor school featuring the
Diesel Tractor will be held on Tuesday, February
20th, from 10 a. m. until 4:30 p. m.
Free Lunch at Noon
for Farmers
Prof. Gilmore of the Oregon State College will give
a talk on the Diesel Tractor in the afternoon. .
Several factory specialists will be on hand to explain
the operation of the Diesel Tractor and also any,
problems concerning the gas tractor may be taken
up at this meeting.
Come early and get the latest information on thlt
new wonder of power farming.
The Cyclo-Stnrmagraph at Vn
derwood's Pharmacy rocorded a
further rlae In barometrto press
ure Saturday and though the
trend at noon was slightly down
ward Indications are tor a pleas
ant Sunday with slightly higher
The Tycos recording thermo
meter reglstored maximum and
minimum temperatures Saturday
as follows:
High 43
Low 23
iur next s nuurBt
Generally fair, probably warmer.
The United States weather bu
reau reportt .06 precipitation for
the 24 hours ending Thursday
at 6 p. m.; 5.34 for the season
to date; 7.84 normal; 4.37 last
Holman, Meier
Renew Clashes
(Contlnuod From Page One)
verbal barrage between the two
state officials.
Tho governor declared tho
adoption of the resolution would
be the re-enactment of a statute
already on the books and that
no resolution was required. He
stated he would call a meeting
for every Monday and referring
to Holman said "you can com. if
you want to, or you don't have
In tinma
Stadlenun Angered
Holman addressed his argu
ments to Stadelman and declared
that state business was neglect
ed because there had been no
board meetings for 60 days. Ho
asked if Stadelman would sec
ond the motion to which the new
state official replied:
"I think it is unfair for you
to put me on the spot on these
matters at the first meeting,
without giving me an opportu
nity to learn tbe facts," Stadel
man stated further he did not
wish to be rushed and that ho
was there to represent the people
of Oregon and not to listen to
arguments. The motion waa not
The day of national remem
brance of our departed loved
ones will soon be here.
Can ws not serve you by as
sisting yon In selecting a salt
able memorial?
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