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    Friday, Aujrust 8, 103o
O. O. Crawford-
Pabllsbsd avert afternoon eicepl bumi by I'll Humid HublllilD
Coiupauy al ion-UK Houlb tilth eTIeei,
-Klamatb Kalla. Oreaou
Kalered u eecoud claw waller al U poelutllce ol Mauiaia Falls,
Oregon, oo Auiuit It), Iv. uuUer act o( Cornirw, March lam.
MAIL KATalt I'AVAllLh, IN AltV A.M'fc
Uy Mali Delivered b Carrier
In Uulalda la Utl
Count; County Una month....- ID
Tore months tl.le 11.16 1'hrea mouths 1V
SI i mm -Je St months .4u
On. Year t.00 . On tut
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Friday, August S, 1930 -
Aftermath Of The War
TRYING to make sense out of the news from China is
an almost impossible job. Battle, murder and sud
den death seem to have been let loose once more on a
wholesale scale, with the city of Changsha coming in for
the most attention; but what it is about, which faction
la which, and what the upshot is likely to be are Ques
tions that cannot easily be answered.
The one thing that stands out is that China's long
period of turmoil is nowhere near an end. A few years
ago the emergence of the Nationalist party made it look
as if some sort of order would be maintained. Now the
situation looks just as bad as ever, and the one safe bet
is thpt there will be a great deal more violence and
bloodshed before China gets a rest. .
Changsha was looted by an army said to be under
"red" control. At this distance its leaders look very
much like ordinary bandits; they act like them, whether
they are inspired by a desire for money or by a yen for
communism, and it is very hard to find any definite set
of principles back of any of the revolutionary move
ments in that country.
That, of course, is what makes the whole business so
discouraging. Really, though, the mess isn't quite as
puzzling as it seems.
In a general way, it is probably true that China,
along with most of the rest of the orient, is still liqui
dating the World War. That final catastrophe brought
on by the militaristic habits of imperial-minded white
men was an even greater cataclysm than we usually
suppose. Its reverberations have not died away yet, and
it will be a long time until they do.
The World War was a most powerful ferment. It
not only changed the map of Europe; it loosed on the
world a flood of new ideas and new movements, and
they are working powerfully. It brought Bolshevism to
the surface, and the Bolshevist adoubtedly is at least
partly responsible for China's trouble. It filled India
with a desire for freedom, as England is discovering to
her dismay. From the Nile to the Yellow Sea it stirred
men up, broke down old customs and routines and de
posited a heritage of turbo lence and uprest
What the final solution will be no man can say. We
can understand things better, however, if we recognize
the fact that the trouble in the orient today is largely
an outgrowth of the war. It will be a long, long time
before the explosion that was touched off 16 years ago
stops re-echoing.
Fact for today: The Scotch are most eagerly sought
as life guards because they are such a saving people.
A man ing in Woolwich, England, has made his
own coffin and sleeps in it to be sure it fits. There's a
fellow who likes his bier.
There's no reason to believe that the Washington
boy who made a violin from 2500 matches was trying
to make light of music
During his campaign, a candidate in Arkansas gave
out sandwiches which poisoned 60 persons. The guess
is they were filled with boloney.
British police are said to be puzzled by the unusually
large number of paintings stolen this year. So it seems
even Britain is not above an oil scandal..
Farmers in an Illinois town reported that potatoes
they dug during the hot spell had been baked by the
sun. After such a burn, of course, the skin peeled itself.
Chicago Tribune: We think
action should be takes to estab
lish the criminal liability of in
dividuals who sell lethal weapons
In circumstances which indicate
that the buyer Intends to do vio
lence. An Individual who sells
machine gun or any ol several
kinds of deadly weapons to per
sons known to be o( auspicious or
criminal character Is morally
guilty of complicity In their law
lessness, and we believe tha law
would and should take cognis
ance of and furnish such com
plicity. Law-abiding citizens do
not need machine guns, and
while any citizen of respectable
reputation should . be permitted
to acquire a gun or revolver to
tie kept at home for the pro
tection of himself and family, or
even to carry It In certain cir
cumstances he can prove his re
sponsibility to the seller of such
weapons. But there Is nothing
mora scandalous and Inexcusable
In our crime situation than the
sale of deadly weapons, not only
to buyers who nay be unknown
to the seller but also to buyers
whom the seller must be as
sumed to know to be suspicious
or even notorious Individuals.
When, for example, a seller of
firearms sells a deadly weapon
to be delivered to some one on
an "L" platftorm, the seller
knows be Is arming some one for
some criminal purpose. When
he sells macblns guns by the
wholesale to parties not known
to him to ba law-abiding he is
morally guilty, and we think any
honest jury would find him
legally guilty and would be sus
tained by a court of review. If
this kind of merchandising Is not
criminal under the law as it Is,
the law should be amended.
There Is a clear distinction which
can be established In court be
tween merchanst of sparing
goods who have a reputable
clientele and merchants who pur
vey deadly weapons In circum
stances that are suspicious or
plainly Incompatible with lawful
Intent. The evil of Irresponsible
distribution of deadly weapons
needs prompt and drastls correc
tion. ' -,
Mrs. Ssrah Key, 100, has resid
ed on the same farm near Br'
trice, Neb., for 60 years.
News Letter
Income Tax
People To Vote
Purpose Given
SAI.KM. Ore.. Aug. 8. tl'P)
Which Is the mure eiiullnble, a
properly tux or all income tax.
will be a quetttlon decided by
voloe cast for or against the In
come lax bill to be submitted
Oregon voters In November.
THE 11KEATKR Oregon and
State Taxpayers' associations
have decided, sines "property
laics In Oregon are already far
lower than those In nesh boring
competitive states." ths voters
should defeat the measure. Neg
ative arguments have been sub
mitted In support of this stand.
Purpose Blatetl
however. In the opening clause of
the measure, which reeds: "pro
viding star property tax relief
by levying, collecting and paying
taxes on Incomes," and baa filed
affirmative arguments for the
mttjtatint hacauaa "It Is tha easi
est ui In the world to pay, aluce
you must already pay this tsx
rnMn vnur clear net income sfter
allowing certain exemptions."
THE PURPOSE of the Income
tax briefly is ss follows:
to levy and collect anna-
ally a progressive state tax upon
net Incomes of resident and non
resident natural persons and
fiduciaries, from every source
wtthln the state and from prop
erty taxable therein; making ex
emptions to singla person of
Sl.SuO; married person, head of
family or husband and wife to
gether, 2.600; and for each
fhiiii a, rienendent under certain
conditions, MOO; and providing
that the estimated amount ei
Income taxes for each year bs
deducted from the total amount
of revenua required for state
purposes and only tha balance of
... k MnninMl amount to be lev
ied as direct taxes on property."
"IT IS STRICTLY a personal
Income tax." negative arguments
..... it ilnM not annlv to
banks. financial corporations.
utilities, dividends on srocas or
intAPMt on bonds and mortgagee.
i .nniiM nniT in wares, salariea.
fees for professional services and
profits from lnaiviauai w
wnvit the nresent law. those
companies declared by tba oppos
ing forces to ba exempt under
h nrniUMHl measure. tT taXOS
under the excise tax In addition
to real property holdings. tne
Income from stocks, bonds and
mortgages is taxed under tha In
tangibles tax. "No property tax
was paid by mora than 40,000
persons making Income tax re
..,... in i24 but who repre
sented a total net Income of
160.000, proponents of me meas
ure revealed. "Thua the benefits
of rovernment were received
without cost."
na cprriAf. elrcult court pro-
Atn ! nrorirled for In tha
Issuance of writ of mandamus
against any suspected .taxpayer
to compel him to file a return,"
negatives declared. "This writ
may be Issued by petition of the
tax commission or any 10 taxpay
ing residents. This alone should
be sufficient to aeieai me
measure." '
.i.ii ti,t mini indlriduals and
corporations were not sharing a
Just proportion or tne tax Bur
den. In illustration of this
statement they cite 1924 tax fig
ures which show:
"TU'FVTY.riVE le&dina lum
ber firms turned their property
In to count assessors for over
fi miiifnn dollars. They had a
net profit of over five and one
half million dollars. Their net
profit waa I 200,000 greater than
their assessed valuation. Sworn
statements showed their property
tn h wnrth more than 88 million
dollars but was only assessed at
16 per cent of us true value.
Farms and homes of Oregon
were assessed at 66 per cent of
their true value."
"OREGON must proceed cau
tiously In adopting policies of
Three counctluieu are Involved
In bribery charges, details ol
! which are told tur the llrl
' time. The exposure of the grull
I of members of the Klamath Kalis
' cily council mads by tlie Herald
: yesterday has aroused the mow
i Inleuse eieitement, and has had
l he effect of brlnslng to 111
Herald additional Information.
It has - developed that iniiuy
rltlsens had been aware of tli
dishonesty of officials, but had
not dared to make the detslls
known until the Herald's e
posur cams.
Tha story of tha Iniquitous
deal commences with the failure
of tba Llvermor In ths hotel
and aaloon business.
O. A. Stesrns, fruit Inspector
declares that there rs prevalent
lu Klamath Fulls tree blight, and
today ha waa out notifying tree
owners to tnke steps to put a
stop to the tree, disease.
Frederlrke Moore, said to be
the youugeat actress on thu
American atage, will play an
Important part Id the perform
ance at the Temple theatre to
night, when Fred Moore and
company prodilcu "Why a Wo
man Wins." The part assigned
to the little lady la quits lough)
even for ail ul.lur actress. It Is
15 "sides," and this means llial
lie will speak linos that require
1) pases ol typewritten iiianu
aorlnl to cover.
The Moore performance last
nigut waa particularly pleating.
The piny, "The Ked Cruaa Nursu"
proved popular Willi ths audi
ence, and the oonipany naudlmt
tneir parts well.
MIX IT I P lly Joe llush
Speaking about circulation,
who did not read the Herald
last nlgbtT
Possible soma of the readers
of the Northwestern In distant
cities might Ilka to know about
the city council graftT
Anyway, the proprietor of the
Herald has lived here 10 years,
snd Is fairly well and fuvorable
known in the community.
tfhv Nnl Hiv, anmAnn In th
Northwestern office sppolnted a
notary public: Here is an item
ot expense thst might ba eliminated.
"Central Cross"
I i A I 15 lb 17 I U 19 lO i
E 3 uT
13 IT"
sr ' 2?3 :
3o " " (Z? "
L u - 53 34
i5 3o 137 """ 3o W 40 14 1 142
43 4T 43
IT 7T 4T
1 nock.
S Mineral
8 Polynesian
13 (-hill.
13 Soft broom.
14 To eject.
1.1 To hold with
15 Aurora.
1 7 Front.
8 One who re
assembles. St To Terry with
24 Shoots.
M Peruse,
SO lK-puty.
IIOTo gratify,
ft'i Kquablew
3H Instructor:
8-1 Kalry.
St To 'bring le
gal proceeo
SS Oa top of.
43 Hodgepodge.
44 Sooner than.
43 Lacerated.
44 Design.
47 To rest.
48 pitcher.
To hie.
Small body of
8 To keep rotiL
0 Kuchsrist
10 Pathway be
tween seats,
to Crowing; out
21 To sin.
22 Rom.
23 Label.
23 Vegetable.
20 To flnl.h.
27 Eye tumor.
31 ArtlM'a
32 Plrrr.
34 To Ileal.
33 Shot from
3(1 Measure.
37 Inlet.
40 Tn pull.
41 Native metal
42 Hi.
doubtful wisdom or Imposing
more revenue messures that
might operate as a handicap to
prevent the state from obtaining
Its rightful share ot new devel
opment possibilities," negative
arguments read. "Industries
studiously avoid as Income tax
"THE TAX wosld not drive
Industry out of ths state," af
firmative arguments retorted.
"It la an assumed fact that new
buslnaaa generally does not show
a profit for tba first year or two.
They will not pay tha Income tax
until a net Income above their
expenditures la abown."
Kesterson Offices
Open for Business
The new offices of the Kester
son Lumber company were open
ed for business In the Oregon
Bank building of this city Thurs
day, with all office equipment
moved from the old quarters at
borrls, Calif., whore the com
pany operates a large mill.
Probably all employee who
were employed In the borrls of
fice will be In charge here, ac
cording to Ivan Kesterson, on
of the owners.
Company headquarters were
moved here because of the open
ing of their newest mill and box
factory, which la located about
three miles southwest ot Klam
ath Falls on the Klamath river.
SALEM. Ore., Aug. 8 (AP)
W. C. Harding, secretary of the
Roseburg chamber of commerce,
and Dr. E. B. Stewart, promi
nent legionnaire of that city,
conferred here with United States
Senator McXary relative to the
national soldiers' home proposed
for the northwoat. Roseburg
seeks to bs made the Iosatlon of
ths borne.
CAUGHT in the cool clear depths I 1 fl I III "Nl A
of open watersistenderflavor-' I I yl W l.
ous sea delicacy has a distinctive ap- iJImtAlJbJLuwm
peai x ruiurjui spuuessnu-iitiisuY tne
largest canners or tuna in the world -tr Reaches
you fresh as when packed, ready to serve.
1 cn VMt Sur Turm
l CUP mWfrriii4I
K tCOtDOOfl 4lt
MS cynrc
1 ublcipoon lemon lute
6 slices bMstcd brcd
Mi Tunc, psrroAfMifc, mIl etyefinc, mf (Won luie. Crcm butter v4
nhovy pitc nd sprwd this on slices of toast A4d Tun) mixture to half
trie to -it slices, cover with rem funf slices, fmish with lettuce titctt of
tfblctpoons butter T
f tsfbletpoone snchovy pesta .rW. U
B ripe olives i i l P j 11 rfr
1 lere torn to sHf"'. ' T'TwTf- '"TrJTl"LM
Mheadkttute) jp
HI'KINll I.AKK, Ore, Aug. .
(Svcclal-.Mr. and Mrs. Al Hun
noil eniortiiliied shout twenty
frlomls ThurHdny evening, with a
lafiy pulling.
K. tl. Williams and Mr. and
Mrs. Karl Mailt and Mrs. Amler-
snu enjoyed a fishing Hip lo flli
lake tills week.
Mrs. Alex t'lieviie entnrlnliisd
fourteen Ciunpflre girls Wednes
day ii Ik lit.
Mr. snd Mrs. Triplet and chil
dren are visiting at tba bonis of
Mr. and Mrs. Al lliinnell.
Ed Dler wss transacting busl
uens In Klamath Kails Saturday.
Mrs. Frank Htnwsrt snd sons
pent the day Hunduy with Mr.
snd Mrs. Dan Ksylor.
.Mr. and Mrs. Alfrat Dopiiy snd
Pabs Pnpuy called on Mr. and
Mra. Arthur Sebrelner Krlday eve
ning. I'aul 8lewart visited with Allen
Mr. aud Mrs. Wm. Johnson and
son Pale vlslled with Mrs. John
son's I'srent Sun.lay.
Chsrlns Msck wss trsusscllng
rustnoss In tnwu Katurdsy.
City Park Board
Plan Improvements
The psrk hoard of the city ol
Klamath Falls .held Its regular
meeting on Tuesday afternoon.
The meeting was called by
Mayor T. 11. Wallers.
City Engineer V. C. Kelley
submitted three different types
of surfacing lo the board for the
purpose of surfacing the road
In Moora I'srk. It was thso
moved by O. I). Msthews and
seconded by Rufus Moore that
the City Knglneer advertise for
bids for the three types.
All bills presented to ths
bosrd were allowed.
Members present were T. R
Wstters. R. 8. Moore. O. 0.
Msthews, C. C. Kelley and E. A
Thomas. Those who were an
ient were C. H. Underwood, Will
Baldwin and R. F. Durbln.
The next regular meeting will
be held on August 1 at 4 p. m.
Wt the vacuum pack
tbat keeps hills
Bros coffee
perfectly fafr
Is Hilu Bros. Ticuum pack, air
it completely removed from the
can at the time of packing. Air
destroys the flavor of coffee. No
air-tight can will keepcoffee fresh.
For freshness and flavor buy Hilli
Bros. Coffee in the vacuum can
easily opened with the key.
CmmlUJ fMiimt
(ml HtlU Bri.
Timely Quotation From People
in the Public Eye
"N'uliirii reserves ths right to
Infli.t upon her rlilldren lbs
most terrifying Jests." Thorn
ton Wilder.
"If women were lo have gos
pel of beauty, otia word wuuld
eoulnlii II, and Iliat word la 're
finement.' " Mnrllyu Millar,
"Vitality rnllier Ibnn. perfec
tion la the uieusura of achieve
ment." Hit in nnl iloffenstelii,
"Tha public demands simplifi
cation. It likes lo ssy thst
Perilling won Ilia war with soma
lit t lea help from tba Uukuuwn
rloldlar." Villi Jaluuir Hlafsussnu
"Tides rnunt for nothing now
adsys."Hlr Oswald Moslay.
"It la as Important for Iba
purpose of thought to keep lsn
gusge as It Is In surgery
to keep tetanus bacilli out of
miss bandages." Ksra Pouud.
Indoor Miniature
Golf Course Planned
That Klamath Falls bantam
golf fnns will have a chance to
en Joy the sport this winter on a
large Indoor course, waa lesrned
yesterday with ths announcement
of I he of the old tab
ernacle nt the corner of Seventh
and tluk slreols by II. K. I'elti
and C. H. liuriiktuble.
I'elis and lliirnatahle are now
operating the miniature course
st the corner of revonlh and
Walnut streets, which has proved
esreedlngly populsr. but plsyers
will be unable to use the course
this winter.
The old tabernacle will be re
modeled and equipped wllb has-
ards and greeua. The course will
occupy a Hour spec by 140
feet. Comfortable saata will p
nrovldsd lor spectators and tba
entire Interior will be attractive
ly decorated.
SAI.KM, "re.. Aug. I (AP)
Miss Harriett C. Uinf of Madi
son, Wis., recently elected Ore
gon stats llhrasisn, hss written
tlovsrnor Norblsd thst she will
! rssdy to take up bar duties
In Oregon October 1. Hie suc
ceeds Ihs late Virginia Cleaver
11a con.
Treatise with adjustabl lags
have been Invented for uis of ear
psntsrs and paasr hangars on
stalrwaya and In other places thai
are aot lavsl.
s2-Srta. -waaaswBLajaBM(eBBbBker -WBWS
It:;- 1:
t . ' i aT T
VKw yuWpa
L9AirTc yrt ' JT'A"
Yoe sa tt4 rl iVs vscitlsa yea l
desks yee se Ike rAtlMW tjKtr. t
HOUND wsy. WVsAsr sm
tesrby ssser) w trsvsl Mean lbs see-
ascenloas ssv trsval doltsrs. se
re, lee. Asisrlcs's astaisl ksssty
ftnn la asaevssis bsfees yeas very
ryss as rs tllsta ever kreaJ weak
SI 'jl
klskwayt lo Isssrless aetw saesh. fa
Let lb areas siBaw
... .,. rasausrkaM Mvlug !
raelfle inyhsussl teUaaa. 1" ff
(Uti 0s Astssi tin)
To AU rotate
PortUad -glfJ.OB
aaa Yaaetsc ta.AO
l.oa Ancetse BV IMI
( hlraao . M.OO
New York TJ.OO
880 Klamath Ave.
rhona tea.
e- rr i w ."
asawaaMsaasaM. 1
apio express MCKAoe senvict to all poihts.
Balsam and bacon;
Summer, open air, yigorom exercise, Imrntrrg
energy, and bacon energizing, bodybuilding.
gatisfying Fryc't Dcliclout Brand Bacon thac
tastes like the smell of the woods the juicy,
tender richness of prime, young pork, the deli
cate woodsy tang peculiar to the Frye curing,
processes, and freshness Fryc't Delicious Brand
Hams and Bacon come to market wixh alt tha
goodness retained.
lUKii V. S. Govtrnmfl laiSertaw a
Itvtn mitt proiuclt of try 6 Comply