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Friday. July IS. 1030
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Friday, July 18, 1930
Industry Should Do It
IF the unemployment problem is to be solved, it appears
that industry will have to do it or leave it to the less
pesired agency of politics.
t Industry should solve this problem because it can
kell its commodities only so far as there are consumers
to buy ! them, and a consumer earning no wages is not
a good cntomer.
Industry should solve this problem iuelf rather than
let politic tackle it, thinks an exchange, because politics,
as a rule, bungles everything of that kind that it touches.
Emphasis to these contentions was given recently at
the governors conference in Salt Lake City, when the
twenty-eight governors present heard the governor of
New York say that unemployment insurance and old age
insurance are sure to come. And though he said that
the workers themselves should finance these insurance
provisions, he added that the states should co-operate.
Ferhaps -unemployment insurance, with a dole for
those out of a lob. is the answer. It is better tnan no
Yet England'a experience with the unemployment
'dole is that it changes a lot of people who have been
afraid that they wouldn't find a job into a lot of people
.who are afraid that they will find a job, because then
their dole will stop and they will have to go to work.
Old age insurance, in which industry, the employer
and the public might co-operate, is another thing; and
the public ought to supervise that because when industry
does it industry is tempted to fire its older employes
because they make the insurance rates higher.
But it isn't possible that a large proportion of the
people will be left forever cruelly subject for employ
ment to the ups and downs of business; and because
politic will make a bad job of it, industry, if it is wise,
will attack this problem itself and solve it within itself.
It Isn't familiarity that breeds contempt for righteous
ness. Whether Morrow is wet or dry, a man who can get
nominated for $44,000 can teach the senate a lot about
' A great college president is one who can look at an
Old grad and make him part with $200,000.
Charity gives people what they want; social service
gives what is good for them.
Timely Quotations From People
in the Public Eye
"The babooa Is a funny old
rogue. They make eood pets
but thsy always steal." Mrs.
Martin Johnson. eii'Iorer.
. e .
'The relation ot the house to
the site Is aa Important conaid
eration la choosing style."
pwlgut James tlsum, architect,
"The slrl with a voice should
not attempt training before sli
two." Frances Aids, epera
slnssr. . .
"This waa aiy first trip like
that, and ll'a going to be my
last. For twenty-two months
there was nothing to do but slay
brtdsa and alaaa ".Arihna ul.
uea, oi toe vyra ABtarotte eipedl
Shouldn't Stump You
J 1 " sBaBBasBieseaweaaB-aaawieaasasm.awaawaBeaMMeswi sj
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' 13- T 33 "
57" sTTTS" " 3T" " """ " """" aTTxT
27 bsr 3
3T ST " ST
" iT " 33" " ST "
rr 38 1.50 w II STTJT
71 3a
1 Kent. '
5 Small
IS Cereal.
15 Prophet.
14 Chill.
13 Paradise.
16 Beer.
IT Table '
15 Zealous.
SI Striped
34 Male poet.
27 Rodeats.
SO Mahe.
St raenJteI.
53 To plait.
54 Sweet
SO To saenilea. ,
ST AalBtal. '
40 Lawf ei.
4 Hastened. '
44 Pedal digit.
46 Te recite.
46 To perform. .
i sheep. ' :.
411 Later. "
4 Afflrautive. - T
To oalbble.
To tree.
From ' 10
water. It
To dans.
Owe who .
aaakee doth.
Ate sparingly.
at hair.'
Epoch. ,
Opposed to
Halt aa em.
To weep.
Kagie'e claw.
Hawk that
I To pUat.
Te tsmii
1 Cry ot a
4S War iyer.
The Baroaeas Beata Bonde, in
the Continental Edition of the
Ixmdon DaUy Mall: The womea
who lire in bot climates slther
grow tat and ugly or thin and
Those who live In northern
countries are at their prims when
they are between 26 and 0. The
women of the south know that
they burst Into their full beauty at
18 and are entirely passe at 40.
A Swedish girl Is not shut up in
a boarding school, aent to Paris at
IT to leara to make up her taca
and up till 4 every night at balls,
which ruin a girl's beauty.
On the contrary, the Swedish
woman begins going to country
balls attar she has been confirmed
and Is thus gradually trained to
atay up at night. She therefore
does not look tired and worn out
after a hectic first season, but
goes on being a pretty girl sntll
he Is tl or more.
The Swedes were the first to
realize that gymnastics and an
outdoor lite keep one beautiful
far better and longer than cos
metics. They hare not striven af
ter beauty, but after health, and
as beanty bat been theirs In a
natural way.
I hare saen women In Sweden,
ot only peasants, who lire out ot
doors all day. but women ot the
highest nobility, who hare been
beautiful at 70, aud I do not mean
merely a beauty of soul which
shines through their eyes, but a
real surprising beauty of com
plexion and feature. This Is ba
rs use they hare seen nothing ugly
In wrinkles, and bays not clogged
p their skin with powder or msde
tt ssllow with paint. After all,
why should a wrinkle be consid
ered ugly
There are more beautiful wo
men In Sweden than In any other
country. 1 am not speaking about
good-looking women, but ot really
beautiful ones. The typical Swed
ish type has fair hair, blue eyes
and datsllng white teeth. This
kind of beauty cannot tads. The
only thing that changes la the
hair, which, as everyone knows,
looks lorely even when white.
Another thing which keeps the
wedlsh beauty from fading is her
excellent digestion. Her teeth are
kept in perfect condition through
her eating plenty ot ceres 1 foods
Instead of meat, and milk la serv
ed as a drink at lunch, and not
only tor obildren, as in most other
One of the secrets ot keeping
beautiful after 40 la to avoid be
ing worried. The Swedes are a
gay people as a rule, and they
have not much to worry about.
What is there to mske a woman's
beauty fade In a town where from
the top of each lamp-post flowers
hang In festoons from a gaily
painted pot
What la the matter with Brit
ain Is simply over-population. In
Sweden there is room for beanty
to breaths, a thing which cannot.
slas! be said about England.
Some have aald that civiliza
tion and materialism are killing
beanty in all Its vsrlous forms,
and it Is, perhsps. true, at any
rats In Britain. If people spend
their time having ugly thoughts.
drinking cocktails and smoking
bad tobacco, not to mention pow
der, paint and face-lifting, I can
not see bow they expect to keep
beautiful, and above alb fresh, af
ter their second season. No won
der they tsds.
Montreal Star: In a little Scotch
town there lived old Andy, who
was what is called In somo parts a
"natural." He waa simple-mind
ed, and the villagers used to show
him off to victors by offering him
two coins, a big copper penny and
a small silver sixpence. Andy
would Invariably take the penny.
One day an American said to
him: "Say, Andy, don't you know
the difference between a penny
and a alxoence"
"Are." said Andy. "I ken tne
difference between the penny and
the sixpence, but If I took tbe six
pence once, they'd never offer me
either one agsln." . .
Th p.ihfln1r- Many large
tiii.ltiaa, firm fn 'America haVB
adopted tbe 11-month calendar for
commercial purposes. Borne ox
them are Eastman Kodak, Sears.
Roebuck, Western Clock, Kendall
Mills, tne upson, Bluings m open-
r r.mrtBT'm Ink. P V. rhurch. R.
I VnmAmrar WlllUm CIlhArt
Cleok, Fuller Brush, Orafton
Knight, Hearst runiicauons. mc
kok, Jewel Tea, Maytag, McCal
lum Hosiery and Todd Protecto-
Actual construction work was
started this morning on tbs
1100,000 court bouse tor Klam
ath county. Tbe site Is la ths
Hot Springs addition in the east
ern part of the city.
Teams and Fresno acrapera
were on the ground early this
morning, and a force of men
were employed in preparing for
the foundation ot the atructura.
Briefs were being prepared to
day for the appeal ot the case
recently tried before Judge Coke
In this city, in which - it was
sought to secure a . restraining
order to prevent the erection of
the court house In the locality
designated. It Is expected that
the briefs will be' filed very
soon, and It la probable that the
arguments will be msde la tbe
upreme court Monday.
Carrying on their work with
the utmost secrecy, a party ot
surveyors haa been engaged for
tbe past two weeks la laying out
lota about two miles on an air
line from tbe court house. Al
ready in the neighborhood ot
260 acres have been subdivided.
Every effort to discover the
purpose of the survey or the
people who are footing the bills
has been unsuccessful, but there
are many rumors current. One
report has it that the survey of
a Hill line shortly to be con
structed has actually been made,
and that the lots now being laid
out are on the line of the pro
posed road.
The ownership of tbs lsnd
which Is being surveyed rests In
tbe name of E. P. McCornack.
Following the announcement
last night of the Intention to
start work today on the new
court bouse in Hot Springs ad
dition, comes the offer of 8. O.
Johnson and W. P. Johnson of
the Klamath Development com
pany ot $18,760 for 65 feet
frontage on Main street, oa the
corner ot Main and Fourth
streets, running through to Klam
ath avenue In court house square.
This offer has been made In
writing to Judge Worden of the
Peyton & Co. .
"Wood to Burn"
Locsl Agents
Ton can't go wrong with
Qll2SSlC tn aost econom
ical oil burner made.
Call on us for Wood, Coal, Fuel
Oils, Hog Fuel.
120 S. Tth
Phone BBS
county court, and will be ac
cepted unless a higher pries is
Meager details of a Mooting
acrape which occurred at Weed
earlier In the week have been
received here,
It appears that an unknown
Greek engaged In an altercation
with two of his countrymen, and
forthwith proceeded to aboot.
One of his victims waa the recel
pleat of tour shots, while the
other escaped with only one
puncture in bis body. Neither
of the men are fatally Injured.
Tbe assailant has aot been ap
prehended. Tbe roads from Klamath Falls
toward Medford are now open
and clear ot snow. That Is tne
official announcement ot W, '.
Arant, superintendent ot the
Crater Lake National park.
Hay, fisherman, ramping in
wausaca county, was awakened
recently by gnawing outside
his sbanty door. Taking a light
and a stick, he cautiously opened
the. door. Outside he found a
porcupine. He aimed a blow at
the animal, but in swinging,
tripped and fell Into ths mass of
quills oa the back of the animal.
It took half aa hour to remove
IT quills from his face.
200 Extra miles
of Lubrication
MOTORITB it the new
motor oil that (call io
the compression of high com
pression cars.
It resists heat, keeping mo
tors tool. U deposits NO hard
carbon. It is entirely tree from
acid forming properties. It re
sists dilution by giving up
( . stray gasoline In the form of
vapor. It it mfir lily, mini-
muing friction.
Lsborstorjr and service tests
show that it gives 200 rxtra
mils of lubrication.
1 1 Drain out the old. Refill
with MoTouTg. Only 2if
quart at any UNION Station.
Tuna la Union Oil Radio Pro
gram every aveping between 5:S0
and B:5 ever station KEX.
The (Sales Meter Oil hr
Hf Cempressfes Cert
News Letter
The Talkies
Raading Habits
Books Popular
Libraries Gain
l lilted Preaa Start t'orvrapcimlrnt
MALUM, Ore, July II, till')
Who aald the talklea were be-
torn In ai immilur that nn Ana
any longer reada books? It
figures released Dy tne atate
librarian are any Indication,
Oretfoalana hrtm atiri raurf
more than they did In the days
before their screen favorites
"There may be a decided in
crease In the show habit but It
hasn't mttmrtmA lha MaJin. k . I. o
of those who use the public
uorariaa,- said Miss M. O.
Blair, librarian at the atate Capi
tol. "Onlw nn, ni Iwtt nf
county libraries show a decrease
Id tbe circulation ot books."
KUanatB Pl-ara
FiCUrea for Klamath entinttt'a
library sad two branches, show
their books circulate is s?i
times durlug im aa compared
10 a circulation 01 fa.lgl lor
1:. For lJ. a circulation
ot 1.4 volumes per capita aad
I.TS per volume, waa Indicated.
Although aot aa many books
were added In all libraries ol
the stale, the total circulation
showed a pleasing gsln. Miss
In 1 S 3 1 vnlumaa raM U.
for a total Af a 77 via
aa compared to a circulation of
l,tl8,tl tor 111, Miss Blair
Gala Many Friends
Tbe libraries aalnarf 1 R
mora new borrowers during the
year but tha vain t n..-
borrowert slumped from 1.9 7 1
in 1,11 10 i.sso m lags.
Tbe stale now haa 111.(41
borrowers af nnhli hh-...
hooka. Last year 78,114 new
volumes were added at a cost
of ISO. 473. Interesting was the
fsct that although l.ta less
volumes were purchased during
ssi. inia years book pur
chases cost It. 10 1 more than
lilt a booka purchases.
Total public funds gives th
libraries veie 1411,111, an In
cieaae ot tll.ttt over 111
fuuda advuncej, but glfla
mutinied to ouly II. IDS as com
pared to 13.(06 for lls.
Specials Will Pats
Through Thi City
I San Francisco dvlogntee ot the
Nstlonal association ot I'll Ma of
; Police will puas through Kla
math Falls, Thursday morning,
1 July 11, ou Ihslr way to a na-
! Ilunal convention to be held at
Dulutb. kllunesota.
1 nis party is uaing pnutnern
Pacific's t'sscsde Limited for ths
Journey between Han Frsnclaco
and Portland, according to In
formation rticelved from the dis
trict office ot that company,
The toura of the American
Etpress company are proving
very popular this season. Thulr
lour No. 30, traveling on South
ern Pacific train No. 17, the
Cascade, will pass through Kla
math Kails the morning ot July
17, and their tour No. 17 will
go through Klamath Falls the
previous evening on Its way to
There will 'be about 10 pas
seugers in each of these parties.
For Iteaulta I'm Herald Class Ads
Credits tltHiil I'nlll Aug. 1
Credits sent Into Ihs University
of Oregon the last of July or tlrsl
of August will apply on entrance
applications, was tbe word sent
but from Hugnne today.
Ulna Itulh Kin , ons of the local
Summer Storage, IS Month
Washing, $1.60-11. 00.
Ureaalng. II. 00-11. IS.
Night and Day
arcade r;:
New Manager, Joe Hoade
High Prcaaure Washing and
donors! Auto Kepair aad
Urake Shop.
Night Mechanic. Nash
authorised ssrvlce.
Oody, Fender and disss
ft Hour rtorrtrs In All .
(cai lisrs, will be lu Hit high school
office after July IS, and tayaae
wishing to turn In credits nisy d
so at that lime.
Fixtures mske the home. No
Interior, no mstter how beau
tiful, la complete without being
sot oft by artlstlo fixtures. We
have a large assortment ol
tbe latest styles and designs.
Our prices ar right, and our
sorties uaearpaaeod.
Service Electric Co.
IHS N. Eighth Pboae If
Natural Unsweetened :
with cracked ice
in a punch.
Good All Year Round
Oregon Grapes ' Oregon Labor
In a scientist it's Accuracy
: ! V.' v A
Mi 1 I.I n a n 1 1
, .it
8S1 ,-.CCU"l T-"''''
- '.'-' - -Ta," 7I,".-i
'1: l
.,-,.,4 ,-r,,: 'TVkI.'-' ',;
v.Vav , ai :: gt rk '
awl & y
1t, I, im ami I. a ana liauil 1k'ii
in a cigarette it's Taste
Everything that science and the most
modern of research facilities can provide, contributei
to sod safeguards the uniform good taste and purity
of Chesterfield cigarettes.
TO THIS END we maintain thoroughly modern
industrial laboratory with a tuff of chemical experts,
intent first and last, upon wholesome goodness.
YOU HAVB ONLY TO SMOKB Chesterfield to
recognize at once that here it a cigarette fine, pure,
mild and genuinely good with every quality ciga.
rette must have to satisfy.. .TASTE above everything".
e state It as our honiil
belief that ths tobaccos used
in Chsstsritld dgarettes are
of finer quality and brace
of better taste than In sny
other clgatttt st the pries,
uoosrr a atraaa tobacco co.