The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 16, 1930, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday, July lfi,
Dicpoial of Stock To
Bo Liogely Watched
By Official!
HAI.KM. Or... July 1. (AP)
.viiuce inai certain persons llv
in hi country iiialrlcla Ulirchusiii
tlineaiiils ot galluus at .uiii,
during lb price war laal week,
i-iaiuiea ioi mnupiiiin on II uuu
III lW that eieluula tai liavmnn
fr.iro fuel uad for Iniluatrlal nur,
poaas, anil tot Inland In a.ll u
I the higher pravelllng price
hi ompiiinii wnn regular Uenl
ra la to Da lllirnal4lail ,r ,
awrviary or stale.
Mlale offlclala sacame suxplr
m whsu sum purchaaea tit 1
oo gelluna or mura turned In af
fidavits taa tollowlug day pur
purlin la ahuw that tha fuel
uaed tur Industrial purpoaa (ad
rllmd eiBiilloa from l ha 4-osnt
ta. In caaaa wher Ilia eaeiup
Ilnii M allowed tha purchaser
I,ii moir gssollne fur low aa
rants a gallon. Tlia offlclala rl...
riara thai II la very unllkoly Ilia
any machinery owned br a farm
r would enaauma aa nuaS aa l.
uiiu seiione or lainiina la a day.
Many peraona. It la aald. our
ehaaed as much aa loot gallons
Their uaa of tha fual la in a.
watched eliiaaly by operatives
rnimariau wtio tna alala dnparl
Ex-Convict Works
Fraud on Newly
Married Couples
TACUMA. Wsah.. Jul. II II
Pi Ueorge Urauam. who police
aid waa a formar InmaU ot lc-
.Nell Island and oroo alal Dan.
Herniary, waa arroalad bora laal
nlhl for allaiailly conducting
what Ibay described aa a "honey
moon loitary." Ui defraud parents
of aawly-Biarrlad couples oat of
Officers aald Oraham follow!
in society paiaa of all nwapa
para la tb La seUlo. and wher It
waa mentioned thai aa out-of-
atatt couple waa buneymooulng la
Waahlngton ha would land a wlr
lo tha paranta of ona or both of
tha part I it, aaklnc for money.
Ha waa arrested through tha
activity of Hint Honator Thnmaa
r. Stewart of Anaroada. Monl
whoaa eon waa on hla wedding trip
in Washington. Tha aldar fllewart
tan tad fraud whan ha received
raquaal for monay, and notified
tha Tacoma pollra.
(iraham waa arraalad whan ha
appeared at tha Ulegraph offlc
Applications Are
Received for Land
Applications have I -. n re
ceived at tha roal aatiti offlca
of II. K. Ilradliury for approil-
mainly 400 acres nf the Shasta
Vlaw Irritation illatrl.t land
upon whlrh Mda warn offered
until noon. July II. Tha prlcae
offered ranged from :o In
par acre.
Tha following Hat of tba par
rala applied for and prlra offered
par acre:
No. A, lSI'-i arrna. 3S par
acre: No. SC. 38.1 acre., 20
par acre: No. Ill, 11.4 acrra. ISO
per arre; No. I. S6.t arrea, 115
par arra; No. . 40 acre. I 3d
par arm: total, J J arrea.
Mr. Ilradbury eiprcsaed hlmsali
aa well ploaaed with the reaulla
and aald that be waa eonfldeni
that the ramalnlni land will be
diapoaed ot la a abort lima.
All tha bid io tar received
ara from Oregon people but It la
stated that about 40 persona
have Inquired about thla land
through agricultural develop
ment dnpartmenta or tha ureal
.Sort ham railway. .
It la espectcd that amoral
people will visit Klamath from
tha middle weal during August
aaeklng (arma In hlsmuth
There being In effort a very low
hoineaeekora' rate to Bend and
weatara polata on the railway
during August ana beptamoer.
Doug Pucket Chosen
Legion Commander
Douglas Puckett waa (looted,
commander ot Klamath Poat No.
( of tha American Legion last
night at the regular meeting of
the order. Puckett will aucceed
l.eon Crawford, preaent com-mnndr-r,
nili officer a.laptarf lnat Bleht
were: F. D. McMillan, flmt Tic
coiumander; Wallace Landreth,
ancond vie commander; Oeo. Me-
In lyre, adjutant: ana nooert
Hlgga, finance officer.
l.eon Crawford. Al Klddler. A.
H. nuaaman, N. II. Jonea and M.
K. Cooper were elected membera
ot tba axocutlT council.
The poat dlacnaaed plana for
the atata contention to be beld
In linker In August and the con
rnntlon committee waa called to
meet Tunariay nlRllt to discuss the
further plana of trunaportntlon
and an enlorralnmont feature.
Th Auxiliary Joined the Le
gion mamberi la a dutch luncb
following tb buslneea session.
S. P Now Operates
20,417 Miles of Line
According to lateat flgurea In
pnaseaaton ot C. M. Blgga, dla
trlct agent tor the Southern
Pacific, thla railroad la now
operating orer 10.417 mile ot
line of whlrh 14.717 mile I
railway and 1,700 mllea steam
ship line. '
Tha nitleai ot th tarloua
rail ayatami includes: Paclflo
line. 9.111 mllaa, Txa and
Naw Orleans Una, 4.7S1 mile,
Southern Pacific railway of
Mexico, l,t4S mile, Northweat
rn Paclflo railroad, 507 mile,
and I'acirio Electrlo railway, 615
mllea. In addition a number ot
abort Unas ar operated to th
oxtnnt of 404 mllea.
Today in Klamath's Theatres
SI r
Another Fox Movlaton talk
ing plulur of blgh artistic and
druiuatlo merit opened at the
Pelican theatre yealerday. It la
Kriink llursuge' plcturltallon ol
Tristram Tuppur' widely read
rouianiMi, "Th Hlvvr."
laal In th featured rolea of
thla beautifully dpliied lov
atory r alary liuncaa and
t'barla Karrall. who apeak Hue
toguther with Ivan Llaow aud
Maigarat Uann, chief manlier
of the aupporttng cast.
Mia Duncans portrayal nf
Roaalee, tba girl, whoa mood a
ar llkeaed to a rlrer, la on ol
lb aioal lld cbaraotarliatlona
r brought to lb screen. Far-
mi! cast aa Alien John, tb
young barkwoodamaa who flnda
"Hpectarle." alwaya sipecled
In a Verll 11. I' Mill produc
tion, haa It plac In "Oyna
mlt," th producr-dlreclor'e
talking picture for atetro-tiold-wynMayr
now ehowlng at lb
I'ln Tra thsatr.
Tb big thrill of "Dynamlt"
la an eiplixlon In coal mine.
trapping three of th principals,
Kay Johnson, Charles Dick lord
aud Conrad Nagal,
his llrat lot In th girl who had
known a hundred men. give
highly dramatic portrayal under
direction of llorsage.
Tb story concerns Allan John
Pender, who, falling under tb
spell ol Itosalee, apeuda lb win
ter not far from her cabin la a
deserted construction camp, so
that be may protect bar. Jtoaa
I I waiting for Marsdon. who
I sent to prlaoa charged with
murder, and eh promise lo
wait for bua forerer. Through
th long winter month Roaal
find harselt drawn toward tb
uasopblatlcaud boy who lore
her a bo man baa before. SB
1 bla flrat lor; to him ah I
th Ideal that symbolise pr
faction uf aplrlt and beaut.
suit i i-v.
t , VjaiMsaaaaakaal
tii'n "l
V. L. Hague Returns
To Klamath Falls
Vernon Lester Hagus, former
cattleman and world treler. re
turned to Klamath Monday night
after aa abeene of ral
months during whloh Urn he ti-
Ited la Paaadena and near alm
with relative.
Hpeaklng of th growth ot Kla
math during hi abnc.
llagu aald "Two year ago I told
membera of a aervlc club her
that I aaw a city ot 15.000 U
50.000 her In 10 year. Now
that tb Oreat Northern-Western
Pacific permit ha ba granted I
adranr that time to fir year.1
"All orr the country, not only
on th Pacific coast, there la aa
Increasing apread of Inte'eat la
our city as a great lumbering, In
dustrial, distributing center and
ss a sportsman's paradise." Mr.
Hague, who haa now extended bis
trarela to about HI. 000 miles,
This explosion Is done with
full sound sud dlulogu etferta
It I tb flrat of the many IX)
Mills spectacles to hsr thi ad
In addition to th crash ol
rending coal, lie Mllle ha
number of sequences of modern
socluty whlrh are colorful, atrik-
ng and la line with Ibe typo of
matorlal represented by such
previous photoplay a "Man
slaughter," "Mai and Kernels,'
and "Why Chang Your VYIfoT'
Polo ganiea. ewltnmtng races
and a striking rac between ten
girls, rolling hend-over-heela I n
huge aero wheels, will feature
field day at a country club. A
wild parly" at tho home of Cyn
tbUi, th heroine, permits Adri
an, M-()-M a gown designer, lull
way for hi genius In th con
coctlng of unusual costumes.
UK It UN. Tb German Kederel
Railway la known aa the worlds
biggest Innkeeper. It controls
more than 3000 elation restaur
ants, and 'ules the prices, th
type ot st -. ice and quality ot th
food. A bill of far la checked over
for the entire chain of restaurant
one week by llerr Prlry Coun
cilor r. Plsrhel.
"Cowboy and Outlaw," featur
ing tba popular Syndicate Pic
ture' Western alar, lion Steele.
which has baea th attraction at
tb Liberty theatre for th paat
two day, la about to tak It
departure from this nelgsbor-
hood In favor of other part.
If you ar one of th many
Western plcturo fan who hav
been wanting to ao thi plcturs.
but kept putting It off, let this
serv to tail you that you still
have on more opportunity to
sea that picture tonight.
Tb drand Fall In Labrador.
ar tn lb cours ot th Hamilton
river, which. In tha course ot 6
mllea, drops 100 feet In tremen
dous rapids and than, with a roar
audlbl for 10 miles, makes a final
lung of lit lost Into a circular
basin. It 1 estimated that 4.10.0,
000 horsepower can b obtained
from thes falls.
Hummer btorage, 16 Month
Washing, ll.50-U.00.
Gresslng. fl. 00-11. IS.
Night and Day ,
New Manager, Jo Road
High Prvnaur Washing and
U raising.
Osusral Auto Hupalr and
Brak 8bop.
Night Mechanic. Nash
uthorlisd aervlc.
Body, fsnder and Ulass
24 Hour Heme in All
Cut Almost in HALF!
Friday, JULY 18 only
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Cood on all train
Friday, July 18, nly.
Tlcktt may b and
In reclining chair car
MANS upon p a y
mnf of regular Pull
man charge. Return
limit: San Francisco,
IC dav from date of
tale; Lo Angelc. 12
Malt reservation, early!
Buy Ticket Now!
City Ticket Office) BIS Mala St.
PajMengrr Station Phon SflOO
Pendleton Show
Date Changed to
August 28,29.30
Departing from th twenty-year
tradition of holding tba Peridl
ton hound-Up the third week In
Hapteinhxr, the dates thla year
have been shoved ahead nd th
big Western aplo will he shown In
Its twentr-tlrst preeenlatloa tie
tor thousands on Aasu.. 2, It
and 10.
Thsr were many contributing
facUtra whlrh cauaed th Pendle
ton Itouad-C'p aaeuelatloo to make
the change. Of course, Pendleton
was considering Kouud-L'p audi
ence when tb new dales were
selected. The earlier dates fit
In nicely wltb Ibe plan of sum
mer vacationist and th Round
Up masts a fin climax lor mo
tor trip.
Then, too, wltb tb choice of
tb earlier tltue, th Round-Up
doa not Interfere wltb th open
ing of schools and collage.
Knowing tb vast appeal that
tb Kouad-U baa for th motor
ist, Pendleton tskes prld la lb
fact that lb ally I located on
th Oregon Trail highway a well
aa being linked with other famous
highway. rr Iboae who seme,
by motor aad Ilk to have a three
dsy outdoor plcnlo while i tend
ing tb Itound-Up, th city haa
plsnly ot cloan, modern auto
cam pa.
Mall order for tlrkt are
eomlag la In mini bars to tb
Ronnd-Up offlc. Tb local tick
et Ml will ape Aagnst II.
A Fool There Was
(Hubmltted by Krad Nessly, General Agent of Minneapolis,
Korthfleld and Southern K. H.)
a a
"A fool tbera Was," and he drove a "Jit"
ttvan as you and I'
ll loaded hie folk and bis ramp outfit
And eoiiKlit out tha mountains high.
He found him a plac thut looked right nle.
Where the grasa waa grean arid th waters lead.
Where the song -bird -aang and -th vtately -tree
Hummed a drowsy tun In th summer breete.
He made his cunip and he fished the creak
Wild bla kiddle played In tb shade,
Cleansing their bodiee and rinsing their soul
In a parsdis God bad msdo.
A restful stay for a coupi of day.
Then the open road and away,
Leaving behind In th timber' sbsd
Th rubbish and trasb bis camp had made.
"It doesn't look tilce, but what do w car
We never npeot to com back again."
Mo be drove away, and a slumbering spark
U lowed bright that night la s foraet dark
When the wind stirred th ashes grey.
Yes. h wsa a fool that -tourist gay
And h might hav been you or 1
Hut be never will mak that eamp again
No matter how far ha drlvaa,
for the stately trees and tb sparkling pool,
Tha carpet ot graa that waa clean and cool.
Has been seared by tha band ot a careless fool
That might hav bee you or I.
For tbst slumbering perk In th ashe tray
Waa a roaring Hall at dawn next dsy.
While tb tool drove wsy o'er tb mountain' creat
la bis jitney toor of th Golden Wast.
Bass r. Klafer, Taklma, Wash.
KAT OH fttlP
SALEM. Or.. July It. (API
Stat Treasurer T. B. Ray, con
tender tor tha nomination for cw
raor by th republican atata con
tra! omatltt. Is on a trip to
Eastern Oregon. It i understood
Tb Dallas and Hood River, end
possibly Klamath rail will be
Stewarts Return
From Kansas Trip
8PRIN0 LAKH, Ore.. Jurr 1
f Special) Kenneth Btewart aad
ills cousin. John Btswart, returned
nnme Tueaday from a visit of sev
eral weeks In Kansss with rela
tive and friends.
Mrs. Wm. Cheyn was shopping
in Klamatb Kail Monday.
Mrs. Hunnell and son Jim were
trsnaacting business In Klamath
Falls Saturday.
Mr. and Mr. Alex f'herne and
family, Mr. and Mr. Leo Hough
ton and family and Mr. and Mra.
Uert bawson and children were
visitors at the Btewart bom Bun
day evening.
Tom Jackson returned lo this
neighborhood Monday after an ex
tended visit with bis paranta In
Mr. Ward Do Ian waa busi
ness visitor In Klamath Fall on
Flier's Condition
Extremely Critical
BB.VN1NOTON, Vt., July 1, (A
P) Th condition of Prank
Ooldsborougb, youthful pilot
wbo plan crashed on a moun
tainside near her Monday, -remained
extremely critical today.
A bulletin from Patnam Memorial
boepltal said hla condition bad not
Improved during th night.
Tb ls-yeer-holder of the Jun
ior transcontinental flying record
ha failed to regain eonaciooeiie
sine b wes admitted to the boe
pltal yesterday, suffering from
fractured aknll and xposnr. He
had lain beeide.hl wrecked plan
for 1 hour while see renin par
tie bed beatsn thick underbrush
In an effort lo locate him.
What you do in
poking corn
' always dont ht
roasting HLLS
Bros coffee
A link mt t Ihm in the popper an4
every kernel of corn it popped
e-venly. Br roasting Hill Bros.
Coffee fiw fundi 01 0 thru every
berry h routed evenly. This pat
ented, continuous process Con
trolled Roasting gives HilisBros.
Coffee t flavor oo other coffee ha.
Fiw frejs aW
arVlaaV savesse
fik. Esiilf
tft mlih
iry. leat lU
aVe m tit ess.
nREi.nAiBniLn'irY IEcmomy
tnu rbw ra Tva sbsaii
YOU are buying proved performance when you buy a Ford. You
know it has been built for many thousands of miles of satisfactory,
economical service
Letters from users in every part of the world show the value of its
sound design, good materials and accuracy in manufacturing. You
sense a feeling of sincere pride in th) oft-repeated phrase "Let me
tell you what my new Ford did."
Further tribute to the sturdiness, reliability and general all-round
performance of the new Ford is shown in the repeated and growing
purchases by government bureaus, ny police departments, and by large
Industrial companies which keep careful day-by-day cost records. In
most cases, the new Ford has been chosen only after exhaustive tests
covering speed and power, safety, comfort, ease of control, oil and
gas consumption, low yearly depreciation, and low cost of up-keep.
They have found, as you will find, that the Ford embodies every
feature you want or need in a motor car at an unusually low prices
Roadster $435
Phaeton . a . s 440
Tudor Sedan .... 495
Coupe .'.... 495
Sport Coupe 525
De Luxe Coupe s s 545
Tbree-wintlow Fordor Sedan 600
Convertible Cabriolet e . 625
De Luxe Phaeton 625 .
De Luxe Sedan 640
Town Sedan ..... 660
faffl prices . o. b. Dmtroit, pirn f night mti aTeUeerr.
Hamper aneT spar Mr txtra, at loaf cot.
Not very fa from wherever you ar I a Ford
dealer who will be) glad to gtra ytm a uVimuuetia
lion ride in th Dew Ford. You will he especially!
pleased with the safety of Its fully enclosed font
wheel brakes aad ft seey-ridis snsWert.
Ford Motor Company