The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 16, 1930, Page 3, Image 3

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    Monday, Juno 16, 1930
Character Cloie-Ups
JT 6000
fir. fiHd'MI
WfKA It I'll
Out ut hiit (Uiriiii .
Mi .lowing tturlU r-.t-v-
tt-r U atitiiinntUi' l l lie i hmm
H'mmi anil this uinrtiliiR.; Vtiyii
l, Wtirton, Hult l-uke (My.
1 uh; ('. II. Ituitiiimtr, M Curr.
In. ( hI.; K. K. MHIkk. ., All
J, T. i'oUvug, VittwuiM.
. nl L. M. K-iUuit. Kirk land,
U ., Mr. and Mr. Ham Chapl
tl. rui. i!unlrmio. Wiih,, (ilia O
It Louilt, ('!,
.Mln Tinker of Jlufc
rr w mm a gum. at rrU parly
Riven at I ho parl-li hall by I lie
l,iflli of HI, Mary a Alur H 1
itv, on KrUlny affrrnmtii. .Mtn
'I in k'T Iwu rll nt platiu
1m timm whit b wrr nun h p
n . irtt mI by (ha many iu !.
.. rria Hniiimrr INwllluii
hia lliillcwk, of KtiKi'ii, liaa
arifpird a iMnillnn lu (Jia uffli
of County AKrlrullural .gtuit, C.
A. HniKlmoii. for tbm uniiiir
tnnnt tin. Win la In Klamath
Full. ,MI lltillo.k will mnkt
h-r hiui with Mr. and Mrt.
Kmi Hruwu.
Jsmrt Ctrt-runin llark
Jamil T. Corrorau has Jual
rrturnrd from KuKra hra b
hai bron aiimllna itia I'nUer
ulty of Orrtfnn, whrre lia U
tiulrtn bunlnoi admlnlntratton
and will ipitd I ha tummr vara
t lint hr wiih hla parent.
.ltrrtinlitt Man Itrrt
Vanro M. miI, afflllatrd with
th advtTlUlm department o(
.hi, (imidyrar nub.Mr and Tlra
rnuauy la a Tl.ttor to Klamath
Fa I la.
Aula Umlm Nit
Mr. and Mrg. T, K. Drnard.
and Mr. and Mrt. Armor, of
Ijikrvtrw worn Hundajr vlaltori
In Klamath Kails.
Hliowlng Tudajr
I-JMt Knowing Today
You'll Never Stop
Toik. and Stnpl
Set and Hear
rmxiK ntiOANZ
oanrr montqomdiv
B((lii( Tomorrow
! II h I ..I
Dt ( " "
W. I'. T. V. to M
Tb W. C. T. U. will Dieol Tui
ilur (lnrnnun ut I o'clock at tli
luiiuaiiunl llHIC r.biiroli. An Im
portant ulJ t will b brouibl up
t t b la llnm. and ttf molulMtr U
ragoanlixl to ba prwwut. I1it. A.
O. Ilroylaa will upoak on lha luu
of lodnr. "IVohlblllon."
Tnka Onv Nliail IM no
Mr. and Un. J. II. Tullr of
Lou Auxnlia, ba Uken orer
llm Hliady i'lna Harflca Blallon,
and will ra lliht luuchx, and
bava tourlat auppllaa. Mra. Tullr
la a alaior ot Mra, Laon Craw
lord, ol tbla city.
Card Tarty W1lirwla)'
Tba Nolahliora of Woodcraft ara
ponaorlni a card parly to b bald
Wrilunaday at tha Odd rallowa
hall Itaaarratlona for tha (rant
may ba had by calling Mra. (III
b.rt l.ellor, 4II-M.
Iti'Krrw Waff til Mrot .
Tbn llnlipkah di(ra ttaff will
niaol llila KVnnlnK at 7:10 to orae-
lira for Ilia cuiuliif Imullatlon of
ofllcura, It waa racenlly an
Mlm Mimiilrn lo llr lloalrwr
Mla Mantarat Maaulra will ba
lha hiiatKaa at tha mt mnelliiK of
tha HI. UH llrldxa chili, which
will ha bald at tha pariah ball to
morrow aftaraoon,
Mra. marina IWt
Mra. Mary Hlnilna. wlfa of lha
lata rrank II. Illmlna, laft today
for Vancouvor. Waah,. whrra fun-
ami aarvlcM for tba man will ba
Voting on Belle
of '49 Started;
Mis EIIi Lead
Jack Clcirar. chairman of tha
coinmlttaa In rharxa of tha nulla
of 'H rontnat, announcad tba
atandmi ot tba candidatra today,
aa followa:
Clara Kllla, Amarlcaa La-
lion SHOO
Marjorla Itlchardaon, Klrat
National llunk .BJSO
Craca (irlniar, Chlloquln ....tSS0
Winnie llarratl, Kaon (io
rtopbla llruchow, Mnnigom-
ar Ward S000
Vara Ofllald. Amarlcaa Na
tional Hank 1000
Ainaa (iracn, Moa'a mora .6O0O
lluhy Taylor. I'olnla'a 6000
Albartlna Nltachalm, lllua
lllrd ..5O0O
Mora nnmlnatlona ara npactad
lo ba mad Ihla waak. alnca tba
varlnua clirlo cluba and olhar or
lanlutlona In tba city bava not
yt announced tbalr aalcctton.
Roma ara to ba mada today, and
othara wilt follow.
Tha contaat la already creatine
a lot of Intereat among tha cltl-
lana of tba town.
Tba ramalna of tba lata Frank
lllaclna war forwarded by tba
Karl W hillock Funeral Homo, to
Vancourar, Waah.. where funeral
anrrlcra will be held and Inter
ment mada In tha family plot.
Funeral aerrlcea for tba lata
Axneao Codemo will be held flnt
urday morning at tha Barred
Heart church wbara a requiem
Diana will ba celebrated for tha
repoaa of her aoul commencing
at I o'clock with Iter. Gela ot-
flrtatlnk. Serrlcea condoned
under lha auaplcea of tba 8on
of Italy will ba held Sunday
morning at tha Karl Wblllock
Funeral Home, Pine Avenue at
Bliih. Interment will ba mada
In ill- Caltary cemetery.
It's Laugh Week!
And There' Lots
to Roar at
5ee anf Hear!
IVnuI yourwlf
n-p with
enough nutr
" al
kern ton In
I a a c b a for
and D O U G. FAIR
BANKS. JR. Louise
Fazenda, Otis Marian,
Eddie Nugent
V 111 .. i ..
Pine Tree
Busy Session of Kangaroo Court .
Held Saturday at Elks Temple
Tba aralaa of luatlca tipped
heavily Raturday ulght and uiauy
pronilnant Klamath cltlvma ware
balled Into tha kangaroo court on
tha atapa of Iba Klka temple wbara
tbey were fluad without mercy by
atarn. glaring Judge Loyd I'el.ap.
All otflcera reported for duty
at g o'clock, frocaodluga after
that follow caaa by eaaa:
Kick Read arreated for baying
only two weeke' growth ot whlak
ara. Caaa dlamlaaad after finding
empty bottla of hair tonic In
Harry Uolvln, proaacullng at
torney, fined ISO for being lata
for court aoaalon.
All Charge Mada
David Vandenburg lined 60
for contempt of court,
liyron llardenbraok charged
with bavlng a atlll In bla whlakara,
fined Hi.
Henry Runda fined 111 for
forging another man'a name on
tha Klka whlaker pleura.
O. Doan pleaded guilty without
knowlug tha charge agalnat him,
ao waa fined I'lli for perjury.
Waller lloury, charged with
vagiaucy, fined 125 and mint
leava town by dayllkht.
Jack lioalar fined 1 26 for par
Jury. H. Wolford waa fined 120 for
Imitating OUa IJean and pleading
guilty bofora he heard tha charge.
Hue folic. tTllrf
Keith Ambroae waa accuaed of
perjury, fined J6.
L. It. Htrlngfallow charged with
ladlea' rayon allk underwear,
flued 117.
William Hendrlckaon charged
with beating atovaa, fined i0.
(irady Johnaon. charged with
everything but murdor and cen
ter, pt ot court, flued 110.
K. R. "Ited" Handera, charged
with aoda water, fined 123.
Floyd Blanlrv waa tlm-d 36
afur being cbargxl with ahavlng
top of hla head and Inaanlty.
Matt Maitoon charged with lar
ceny, fined all bla money aud
paroled to Harry Uolvln
Arn-at W inuco. Too
E. W. Malaon waa chargod with
being a CalKornlan and fined HO.
Mra. Otto Kllla waa hauled be
fore tha oourt and charged with
obtaining money under falaa pre
lanaea and failure to grow whlak
ara. Clyde Zarby waa appointed
W. L Powers, Soil Chief
At State College
Is President
CORVALLI8. Ore.. June 1.
(A I' (The drat annual conven
tion of tha Waatern Society of
Soli aclenca opened hero today
with Nearly fifty leading aclen
tlata of eleven weatern atatea at
tending. Dr. W, L. Powera.
chief In aolla at Oregon 8tata
college, and prealdant of tba ao
clely, praaldrd. In opening the
two-day meeting Dr. Powera de-
cleared tboaa epeclallata who
were attending the conference
ara reeponalble for tba program
of atlllaatlon and conaerratlon of
eoll reeourree developed In tba
weat In recent years.
Could Double Iniitatloa
One of tha moat Important dla-
cuaalona to ba heard at tha meet'
Ing will be the findings of
group of epeel-"'! on tha occur
rence, develr -i econom
ic use of gro resource.
Dr. Powers i I In this
respect: "If v j save the
water now being wauled In Ir
rigation projects we could
double the Irrigated area."
The removal of soluble salts
In alkali aolla la another Import
ant queatton to be dlacussed.
since there Is nearly a quarter
of a million acres of black al
kali land In the Pacific north
wast, and 7S.000 acres In Ore
gon. That auch soil ran be
reclaimed. Dr. Powers said. Is
shown by the fart that the oldest
alkali experiment atatlon In the
northwest, established at Vale,
Ore., In 1921, last year produc
"Time out fa s saw flrat bssel
'an - , Sfaa.f.-yr.
attorney and bad to pay bar Una
01 1211.
W, U Douglaa, charga boy
aoooiora, imaa idu.
"Uoti" baggett waa cbargad
with throwing tba bull and fined
1 1.
. M. Dubb charged with uaury,
iiud iiO,
Kddla Brandenburg, cbargad
with frightening woman gnd chU'
dren. Finn neglectad.
Harry 1'yla, -barged wllu horaa
Iteallng, fined 110,
Frad Corrlgan, fined 1 100 for
being mem oar ot tba Aatorla
Klka. .
(iet Even With Jadfre
K. H. Klllott cbargad with de
frauding wldowa aud children and
wearing old-Iaehluued (uapaadara
fined 1100.
T. T. twnny fined 110 for tail.
Ing waablng macblnea.
Orrla fhllllpa, charged with eat
ing belwaaa inuala, lined ytt.
Pearl Foater, charged wllb fail
ure to wear coatuma, fined 130,
W. F. ra, fined 1100 for
eelllug real aauta.
A. Aoatla fined 1100 for uilng
bed abeeta that ara too ahort at
Hotel Willard.
Mra. Lord In-Lap, charged with
butng ilia wlfa of g Judge and
fined 1100.
Judge llalentlna flood 123 tor
laaulug parking allpa.
Kvrn tba Kuler Paa
Mra. Ulenn Jealer waa remand'
ad to Sheriff Low for farther In-
veetlgatlun after being cbargad
wltb objecting to bar buetiand'i
whlakara. Hha atated aba ancour
aged bin to grow thorn to bide
bla face.
Klbert Veatch, charged with
giving away llah and gaaollna
alovea, fined Isb.tS.
.Mra. Clyde Zarby waa charged
lib being balled Into court with
Mr. Veath and waa fined all tha
money her buaband could acrapa
Judge DrLap waa laat nlgbt re
called In reaponsa lo tha over
whelming demand for Juitlce and
bacauae of bla arrogant and dom
Ineerlng aanlencea. It waa an
nounced that a new Judge will ba
appointed aacb Saturday night un
til right trlumpha and Juatlc pra-
valla If and when poaalbla. Each
Saturday night a new Judge will
perform on tha bench until the
ecalre of Juatlca truly balance. It
waa atated.
ed a crop of alfalfa comparable
to that grown In normal soli.
Studies of aoll In orchard land
will occupy tba attention of the
speclallala at the second-day aea
slon. Sorra-Mlle Creek Papular
Seven-Mile creek waa one of the
moat popular fishing plsose In the
county Bundsy, June 16, when It
waa opened for the year's fishing.
Many Klamath people camped
there Saturday Bight, and ware
up at dawn to flab, and caught
their limit In a ahort time.
PORTLAND The postotflra at
Albany bsa been promoted from
second to first clasa by the
postmaster general at Washing
Is the Chiropractic method for
eliminating the danger ot gall
stones. The science of vertebral
manipulation often a ray of hope
to sufferers from tbla Insidious
ailment. Thousands who sought
relief from call atones and M
dreaded the surgeon'! knife, can
atteat to tbe wonder and bless
ing of Chiropractic adjustments.
Free consultation Is yours lor
the calling.
Electric Treatments
731 Mala St- Stewart-Drew BUg.
Office. 404-W. Rca., 404-R
By George Clark
This truck's leaving,"!
f ff GALL )
PORTLAND, June Id, (AP),
Tattle 1)00, calves 76, looks
strong lo unnvrnly higher.
Steers 1 100-1 3U0 Ilia. I10.7&
11.16, guod 111.00-11.76, medi
um 1 0.Oo-l l oo common IH.6v
10.00. Helfera, good la.Ou
t.60, common to medium 17.00
0.0(1. Cowa, good 11.00-1.60,
common to medium I1.o0-s.oo,
low cutter to cutter ll.60-.0O,
Uolla (yearllnga excluded) 17.60
-6.00, cutur to medium t.00
7.60, calves, I7.60-k.00, cull to
medium 16 00-7.60. Vealara,
milk fed 60-10.00, medium
ls.00-t.60, cull to common
1 6.00-1.00.
lioga 2300, Including direct
and 672 throuxb; active, mostly
76e higher for killing elaeaee.
Heavy weight 110.00-11.60, me
dium weight 110.60-12.00, light
weight 111.76-12.00, light Jlgble
111.00-12.00. pack ln( sows
18.76-10.00, a laughter plga
110.60-11.60. Feeder and stack
er plga 111.60-13.60, (Boll or
oily boga and roaatlng plga ex
cluded In above quotations.)
bbeep 1600, Including 27il on
contract; looks strong to un
evenly uiK-m-r. tuuotations ex
cept on lambs on shorn basis )
Lauins good to choice I7.7&-
6.76, medium I4.76-7.7S. all
weights, common 16. 60-6. 76.
Yearling weihura I4.00-g.0u.
Ewes 12.76-3.60, 120-160 lbs.
12.60-2.26, all weights, common
II. 00.-2.60.
Butler: a'eady: cubea: extra.
13c; standard!. 12c; prime firsts
lie; firsts, 30c Creamery prio-
ea: prints Ic over cube stand
ards. Eggs: barely steady: prices to
retailers: freah extras. 24c:
standards, 23c: fresh medium
2c Prices to wholesalers 2c un
der price to retailers.
Milk: steady; raw milk (4 per
waaaBBBBBBBYWawaaa Mkaaaasw
,i,isrfM v S0KC BUS
fsTlV i ''WWaTWlitlkRc'
Eases Get tlae Braes Far Yoa"
Far More Than Twenty Years He's Been Relieving Lame
Back, Sore, Stiff Muscles, Swollen Joints, Sprains,
Achy Feet, Rheumatic Pains and Kindred Ills
of Big League Athletes
Greatest Living Expert On
Keeping Athletes In
Ferfect Condition
We want to introduce the
reader to Mike Martin, who
probably knows mora about
keeping a person in lighting
condition than anyone else
living. For over 20 years at
various universities and with
the New York Yankees. Cin
cinnati Reds and now as train
er of the Washington Ball
Club, Mike Martin has won
fame as a lightning quick fix
er of sprains, pains, aches,
Mike Martin is a genius. He
can take men claimed to be
too old. stiff or rheumfttin tn
play baseball at all and make
them as fcisky, rigorous, sup.
cent) 13.30-2.60 cwt. delivered
Portland, less 1 per cent; grade
H milk, 13.(6. Hutterfat sta
tion, 3c; track. 20c; dellrerlea
la Portland 31c
Poultry; steady; (buying prle
ea) alive bnavy hens over 4 V
lbs, 23c; medium bens, IVs-4Va
lla. 20c; light bans, 17c; broil
ers, 14-2M lbs. leghorns 17o:
colored, 2t-23c; Pebln ducks, 4
lbs, and over 16-lsc: old, 16
lsei colored ducks, lg-20c
Country meats: steady; (buy
ing pries) choice veal, 14-1 6c;
pork, 16-16 He; choice lam be 16
20c Vs; mutton, (-7c.
Potatoes: steady: gems no. 1
trade 13.76.
News potatoes California 4
4 lie per pound.
Wool: ateady; eastern, Oregon
13-lko lbs. Valley 24c. Mohair
long staple, 26o lb. kid, 3ic
Sugar: stesdy, to adrsnee
Tuesday. (backed basis) cane
fruit or borry 14.70 por cwt.
Heel sugar 14.66 cwt.
Flour: ateady (city delivery
price, j family patents, 4U8 17;
whole wheat iU 16.10; graham,
4K8 I6.s0; bakers' bsrd wheat, i
H 14.20; bakers' blueatetn pat
enta, 4!a 60; pastry Hour,
Bewhiskered Bills
Will Help Infant
Lodge on Its Way
Three cheera! The ladle are
going Vea, air; say a Director
General Zerby, the Lady Elka are
going lo Grants paaa on Tueaday.
Jane 17, wllb their be-whlskered
men folks.
Tuesday promises to ba a big
day at Urania Paaa, ainc a new
Elks lodge la being Instituted. And
ben tbe Elka do things. New
officers are to be elected and In
stalled for them, a herd of tender
foot to be Initialed, a big parade
at 1 p.m. which will feature
Klamath Falls E.ks, and their
pie and quick as a boy. Mike
Martin knows his business
ask Herb Pennock, Ty Cobb,
Geo. Sisler, Lea Meadows,
Ray Kremer, Walter Johnson,
Alexander, Chief Bender,
Nick Altrock, or any of the
big stars of today, or tho past
few years. They know. Ask
the trainer of any of the Big
League Ball Gubs.
Mike Martaln has had a little
folder printed, telline how he
quickly banishes stilt, swollen
joints, achy, lame backs or feet,
various rheumatic pains, etc He
has arranged with leading drug
gists here in town to sell you
generous sized bottles of the lini
ment these great "Stars" use. He
has made it a long time for his own
use. Athletes on other teams kept
Mike busy making his "Mike Mar
tin Liniment." Trainers, coaches.
colleges, big league teams all over
the country buy it by the gallon
from Mike. Now, Mike Martin,
jwajnpol .with deaiaVBtls in this
taciea, too, who will all be In 4
ooatumes, and laat. hut by no
msana leaat, tha festivities will be
Kip pea on with a graud ball and
aupper entertainment.
To Form l aravaa
The Journeyer who will make
the trip to Grants Paaa ara to atari
tomorrow morning, and will meet
In front nt the Elka Temple be
tween 3:30 end a. m., and th
various cars will leave In a body.
The Elka drum corns. In then
old-time cuatumea of varloua kinds
and dealgna will accompany the
motorcade to Grants Pass and par
ticipate In the big parade.
Transportation will be furnish
ed all membera of tha drum corps
In the care making tbe trip.
It la expected that nearly 100
men and women In coatuma will
make tbe Journey.
Connolly Brothers Removal sale
at 12-lt ilaia at., oppoalta
Tenth at. J-22t
Garden Tract
For Bale By
Favell-Utley Realty
Leslie Peyton, Mgr.
121 S. Otb SC. Phone 1114
V only a day away
Your vicatioa sect) act be
.Umitcd to tost oat place. En
joy the fall mecp of CUifor
nia'i cbanniiic pUygnuark
on ft Sootiicni Paciilc vacaaoa
Hen. uadf benches, iohf
mountMimt famed mora tra
all ckiacljr linked by Southern
Yoor rtcaaoa start when
you board tbt tcaia. In mt
ful comfort you (peed OTef
the spectacular Sbists Rams
mile after mile of tceoic
splendoe. Refreshed, yon arc
ready far play at your destia-
(lb day Hail)
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Del Monte
San Diego
Yoaemite . .
Lake Taboo
Oat way tbrougb tbe Redwood
tmpirt by rail mid wtotor
coach, SlO.-tO additional.
A ticket to any one of tbese
ocsnnsdons includes stop.
overs sod permits side trjpi
to tba msny places you'll
want to visit.
City Ticket Office!
815 .Main
Faaaenser Station Phone 2000.
Washington Baseball 'Club
liniment and directions how to
use it. has employed a big sales
company to distribute it and they
are supplying all the druggists
Alike still suuenntends the matcing
of it during odd times between
acting as trainer of the American
League Washington Boll Club.
It wear ftrupvtrt haan. aernrad a fat
bottka of stik Martin'. LlnioMnt. ak him
to sat it. Thara la no othar liniment Ilka
lu it worka Ilka sKaaad lutnloia area
in eaaaa of thronki laneoia. .waltlnaa,
atilTnaaa or mini, ret ta ao mild It can ba
uned on a babr'a ikin. Mike Martin'a
Liniment la unquaationablr tha moat ef
fective, ouirk. aura, on-to-date remedy
made. Bit leaeva plarera eooidnt allonl
to fool with weaker. Blower iianailtaa. ho
one alee ahould.
If your dnimriat baa aoms remedy ef Ma
own ho prefers to ellrat write Mtko
Mania. Trainer. Ball Park. Wa.hinston.
D. O. C5o for folder Bad two ounce bot
tle of llatawnt or. 11 tor lara foui ounce
Cause of
Easily Corrected
By Spinal
Catarrhal affections of lha re,
aplratory tract are common dur
ing the cold weather, and people
who bare beard of Cblropractle
wonder If It la ot any value la
inch diseases. AH kinds of
cough medicines have been tried
by moat families and still no
family baa a standard medicine
upon which they can depend to
break np a "cold." It can be
accomplished by proper adjust-
mailt of vertebral subluxations,
which In turn permit the normal
tranamlaaton of energy through
the nerves.
I Bronchitis I aa Inflsmmntloa
of the mucous membrane lining
ot tbe bronchial tubes; usually
the first and sscond divisions of
tbe tubes are affected, the in
flammation may be extended ta
the terminal bronchioles, whore
n p o n th affection becomes
known aa broncho-pneumonia.
During the Initial atage the
bronchial mucua becomes swoll
en and Its blood Teasels eoaw
gested, which Is Accompanied by
a dry cough, alight fever, pool;
appetite and sens of constriaa
tlon In the chest because of th
excessive coughing. It an scute
attack Is prolonged through time
It merge Into the chronic) form
of which there are two varieties)
a dry congh and that form sa
soclated with a loose congn.
By nerve-tracing, mod of
physical examination employ4
by chiropractors only, teadernoaa
can be traced from the plaoa ot
Impingement at tha spin to th)
region over th bronchial tubes,
Tbla asaiat tba chiropractors la
locating th eiact cans of the
bronchitis, which, wbea ramoT.
ed, produces health and normal
runotioa ot th respiratory ota
Numerous cases of bronchttb
bave completely rcovr4 under
Chiropractic adjustments. A cat
eases asnally require bat abort
series of dally adjaatm at.
while chronic caaa will require
longer time, depending npon the
severity of th case, th length
ot lu standing and th reaporj
aivenesa ot th patients vitality.
Th on Important and vital
fact overlooked la, that nearly
every disease ba aa origin da
to Injury of some kind to th
tissues Involved. If w carafullr
trace back th history of each
th certainty with which.
aa analysis ot rack Injury earn b
mad la remarkable.
It la rare a patient mr di
rects oar attention to aa ace.
dent preceding th msnifeatatioa
of disease. Th patient rarely
see any connection between aa
Injury to th body, sprain or
strain, and aubsequent Illness,
disease not being generally con
sidered from this viewpoint. It
hi easily discovered In moat
cases. It la frequently not re
vealed nnttl on th occasion of
second or third visit. Th pa
tlent In th meantlma voluntar
ily reveals tbe actual facts)
moreover, tha tall, sprain, strain
or shock may data back aevaral
years. This would not b con
sidered, even remotely, to have
any bearing or connection with
tbe present Illness, were It not
that a careful digital examina
tion ot th spine revealed tha
exact facts.
Chiropractle la th science of
common sens, applied to th
human machine, and th art ef
adjusting tbe spine when It I
out of order. Modern scientific)
research proves that approxi
mately most all disturbance la
the human structure follow
nerve compression.
This Interferes with th trans
mission of life energy ffom th
brain to tbe various organs of
the body. For Instance, If yon
bare something wrong In th
nasal passage, throat, longs,
heart, stomach, liver, kidneys,
tbe bowels or any part of th
body, yon may rest assured that
it Is du to an abnormal quan
tity ot life energy, and that tha
nerve supply to any one ot these
regions Is under pressure along
its course.
The most frequent cause of
nerve compression Is a misalign
ment ot the bonus In the spinal
column, from between which th
nerves pass.
(All Bighti Rcscnod) '
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