The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 24, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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Page Four
Thursday, December 2-1, 1925
Munn Decides
To Quit Ring
Knockout in The First
Round Enough For
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Dec. 24.
(P) Nursing n buttered chin, Wayne
(B!r) Munn today had given up
dreams of a career in the prize ring.
Munn concluded tlmt the equip
ment nocossnry to success in the
wrestling game avails nothing in
boxing, shortly after he stepped in
side the ropes here last night with
Andre Anderson, heavyweight boxer j
Of Chicago.
Gloves thudded on Munn's chin
A Christmas Paradox
Although we are ,
surrounded by
our heart is warm .
with Christmas
Cheer for You
Klamath Ice
and two minutes after the opening
of the first round he was eounteil
out. It was his third and finnl ap
pearance in tho role of a boxer.
"1 guess 1 wasn't cut out for
boxing." Munn said, after the bout.
"I'll stick to wrestling hereafter."
Munn's third attempt to turn his
brawn io account in boxing was
no more disastrous than his first,
for he was knocked out twice at
Sioux City, Iowa, after leaving the
University ot Nebraska, where ho
played football.
NEW YORK. The police bomb
squad has stopped a play deplet
ing the attempted assassination of
Mussolini as a fake. They explain
that the law forbids Sunday per
formances, as contemplated, and
deny they acted at the behest of
the state department, as charged
by Carlo Tresca. the promoter.
& Storage Co.
Lifting the
In distant lands in jungles and fertile valleys, on moun
tains and by the sea millions of people are patiently
laboring in the collection of raw products.
Ships and trains bring these products to refineries and
manufactories to be fashioned into comforts, luxuries,
conveniences for you.
Advertisements tell you when these products are ready
for your inspection. Advertisements tell you where to
see them how they are made and what they cost. Ad
vertisements lift the veil of production and tell you the
things you need to know to buy safely and wisely.
Let advertisements guide you in all your purchases.
Read them regularly. They are as interesting as any
other news in the paper with this in their favor. They
concern you, personally.
Read the advertisements to know the
Value that is in the things you buy
Closing of Holy Door At
tended by Thousands of
Catholic Pilgrims
HOME, Dec. 114. OR rope Pius
XI. picturesquely clad Jn robes of
rich medieval design and surround
ed by ecclesiastical dignitaries, to
day performed the ceremony of clos
ing Hie holy door of the Basilica
of St. Peters, the mammoth mother
chmeh of Catholicism. The core
mny officially brought to a close
the year of penitence and pardon
specifically marked ou the Catholic
calendar once every quarter of a
The holy door had remained open
since a year ago today, when the
pope was the Central figure In a
similar opening ceremony. Since
that time more than 3. out), 000 Cath
olic pilgrims from every corner of
the world had crossed the sill anil
kissed the door posts of that sacred
aperture as a sign of devotion and
humility. Most of them likewise
kissed the celebrated fisherman's
ring on the right hand of tho su
preme spiritual leader and received
medals commemorative of the holy
year frqm the pontiff's own hands.
Cardinal Hayes of New Yonk was
a prominent figuro among the card
inals at the ceremony, while the
group of bishops in tho procession in
cluded Bishop Lillles of Kansas City.
Bishop Hoban of Scranton, Bishop
Drumm of Des Moines, and Bishop
Lawter of Lead. S. D.
Several thousands of pilgrims, to
gether with multitudes of Horn ins.
men occupying high position ot state
and members of the historic Roman
aristocracy who filled tho jrrot
Basilica today to bear witness to the
time honored ceremony.
Al Karasick and
Mike Yokel Draw
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 24. tV)
Mike Yokel, Salt Lake light heavy
weight wrestler, and Al Karasick.
Oakland. Calif., wrestled two hours
to a draw last night, each winning
one fall.
Yokel took the iTrst fall in one
hour and fifteen minutes with a step
over toe hold and the second went
to Karasick In 29 minutes with a re-
vVAe bcudlock. i
Verbal Fireworks Flare up
in Inquiry Over Kinks
Food Company
S. L. Eddy Cannot Remem
ber Actions of Board
of Directors
rOIlTL.VND. Ore. Dec. 24. VP)
S. L. Eddy, formerly a vice presi
dent of the Ladd and Tilton bank,
was questioned at length last night
regarding stock deals and other
buslneSi affairs connected with the
pill Kinks Food Products company.
To a majority of questions Belted,
Eddy replied that he could not re
member The hearing was' before
Circuit Judge Morrow and was call
ed to get Eddy's d .position for
use in the trial of Agnes Boyd
Wigle against Ladd und Tilton lank
IIMM'KS Our blockwood Is
ample for the present. We are
taking part off tho yards.
IHtV BLAB Our dry slab Is
not entirely dry, It Is good for
the heater, but not for the
cook stove.
MMIJ WOOD is first class dry
limbs und tree tops. (t Is
dany wood for heater, furnace
or fireplace., Sure, we have coal.
Lump coal, best on the market.
SERVICE Just a little behind
with deliveries. Order early.
"' Wood Coal & Fuel Oil'"
601 Main Phone 535
A . . ; 1 -'-Wffijfc.j,-1::;- ,nmm,t
E WISH it were possible to shake yon each
by the hand and tel! you, (ace to face, how
happy we are this glorious (Christmas
Season and we would like to hear you each
say the same thing but that is not possible, so we are
taking this, the next best method, of wishing you
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
The Evening Herald Staff
and others, tho torpor vice presi
dent being OHO of the defendants.
Tho questions were put by John
T. Ilcllly, mho with L. E. Crouch, la
attorns?, for lle plaintiff. An ar
ray of counsel appeared for the dc
fonant, A. A. Hampton, It. A. Mon
tague, Dan J. Malarkey, John P,
Winter anil I'roscott Oooklngham.
A larger part of the thrcu and a
half hour hearing was taken up
with arguments by attorneys.
Ciin't IteiiicinlM'r
Eddy could not recall how ho
happened to have been mado a dir
ector of the Kinks Food Products
company, nor did ho know whether
any one In tho bank suggested that
tie bo made a director. He did
know that the company owed the
bank considerable sums and that it
was desirable of honing someone
represent tho bank Bitting on the
board of directors.
"Do you remembor ever sitting
at any of the meetings of the Salem
Kings Products company" asked
"f cannot answer unless I ro
fresh my memory with the rocordB.''
"Then I will ask you to refresh
ycur memory," continued Hellly.
"J don't know whore tho records
are," Bald Eddy.
"You had better get them or wo
will have to bring them Into court."
the lawyer replied.
Attorney InlciTiiptH
This led to the first display of i
verbal firework. Malarkey arose I
quickly and bognn a lengthy talk
with declaration: "You had bitter
get (hem, you can't order t'lls wit
ness to go out and hunt up anything
for you."
Judge -Morrow ruled that Eddy
did not have to hunt up evidence
for Jlellly. The plaintiffs attorney
then Inquired:
"Can you recall the dial whereby
the Kings Food .Products company
surrendered ils patent rights with
out consideration to the Pacific
Evaporation company, which trans
ferred them to F. N. Clark and ho
sold them back on tho same day to
Ihe Kings Food Products company
for J750.O00 In Block?"
- "I'll not answer In detail UnlOli
I have Ihe records cn the matter,"
replied Eddy.
Ootart ituihiK
Judge Morrow ruled that the wit
ness must answer all be could re
court sold no one had lo powor to
make the Witness remember.
At 11 n. m. the Judge adjourned i
tin in .1: tu upxt Wednotday,
Scotts Mills Bank
Victim of Robbers
POUTLA.N'D. Oro., Dec. 24. (P)
A report to the local sheriff's office
Stand B?
A booklet Just issued by 0. C. lirowor has Just the Ideas for
Christmas and Ihe New Yenr 1
"Stand P,y the Flag" has received many high commendations by
eminent lawyers, business men and others.
Sale at Ihe book stores
rHE Yuletide spirit always
To warm the hearts of all
good friends!
And because you've proved
both tried and true,
We wish the very best
for you!
Miller's Market
(lUS Mil, I. EH. Proprietor
this nttornooti mild Hint three men
had robbed the hank nt Scottl Mills,
1,1 Clackamas county, near the Mar-
Kin couiwy inn.
The report said the bandits took
all the bank's arms with them. The
amount stolen was not Riven.
Planting flowers In tie- house In
winter Isn't much fun. You never
got to run the neighbor's chickens
out of litem.
The Flag
call of tho transaction, nlthough tho