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"An Empire Awakening"
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EiKhtcenth Year - Nuniliei' r7)0
Published Daily at
Many Misstatements
Made, Is Charge
of Bunnell
Assertions made by Klam
ath county timbermen and
their representatives that
the recent $20,000 timber
cruise would result in only
a small increase in the am
ount of taxable timber in
this county wore branded as
stark falsehoods today bv
Oimiy JlKIge K. H. OUn-
nell, followinir which the
county court unanimously
passed the 192b budget, in
which is embodied a provi
sion for a re-cruiso of other
timber in Klamath county,
which at this date has not
been designated.
"We fl that (hit results of tho
first ro-crulic by Edgar and Cul
Itnnn. despite deliberately mislead-In,-,
statement! to tbo contrary, arc
more than sufficient to Justify this
further rccrulso," mild Judgo Bun
nell. .
,. "Wo found nltto, tint (ho prlco
charged, 20c per acre, compares very
favorably bo(h with mate and fed-
oral coats, far similar work, being
lower thun that paid by an.. c unity
in (he Htatc and even IivIhk as low
as (ho government opst,
"According to our flguro:i the
rerrulso shows tin Incruuso on nil
Masses of timber of approximately
247.000,000 feel. Nouo of (bin U
nan- on (ho tax roll nor In nny of It
being iihhcssoiI at prcnenl.
"And temembur--(bin taken Into
consideration only 114 full sections.
You inuit remember that there are
In Klamath COUbty about 1,000,000
acres of prlva(ely owned limber, uc
cordlng to die estimate of Jack
Klmbull, WoyerbaeiiHer representa
tive. "Another thing. No while fir In at
the prosent time on the h
county tux rolls. The rurrulso lo
cated about no, 000,000 fuot of red
nnd while fir uh yit untaxed.
SAN FRANCISCO, lice. 22. (P)
The University Of Orogon basketball
team defeated Spalding Bullets by
n scoro of 41 to 22 here IiihI night.
FQrd Reported As
Of Plan
NKW YORK, Dee. 22. .(A.P.) A non-stop airplane flight
across ft he Norih Pole, possibly backer by Henry Ford, is ho'sV
in prospect) according to reports current here. Partial subslan
tiation of the report is contained in admission by McCook field
authorities at Dayton, Ohio, that two of the best known diet's
in the army had been invited lo pilot a plane from Point Harrow.
Alaska, to Spitsbergen, across the top of the world.
Vllhjnltiuir Stcfannsen, the noted arctic explorer, is said lo
be the )1t6vlng spirit of the expedition which it is thought will
leave next April or May, Those associated with him arc GcorgQ
II. W'ilkins, English explorer, veteran of two South Pole dashes
and Stefannsen's companion on previous expeditions; Doctor
Isaiah nownian, director of the American Geographical society,
and Malcolm Alexander Smith, 67 year old Alaskan prospector
and explorer. W'ilkins and Smith have gone f to Detroit to sec
Mr. lord.
Lumber Representative Ap
pear Before Klamath
County Court Session
20 Cents an Acre Cruising
Charge is Believed to be
High by Lumbermen
Timber Interest! run directly
counter n the Klumuih county
iiiurt yesterday afternoon. Ni't rc
i nil win, a shower (if verbnl sparks
that may or may not affect the
county tlmbar ro-erulse clause of
the 1931! K ti ti budget.
Larger Umbor holders, stub iih
Weyerhaeuser Timber company,
l.iitiK Hell I, umber company ami
tt, llVV I,, .1,11,,,,., llMlnHHll,
anil heatedly opposed ihn dctcrmln-
d move of the county cour( to
have the entire privately owned
limber area In Klumntli i cruised.
First move toward this end wan
made early (bin year when (be firm
of Edgar ami Colllson cruised 100.-
OOu acre of Klamalb timber at the
prlco of ' 20c nn acre. - According
(o (he preconceived plan of the
court, thin In but the first unit of
a comprehensive re-crulse plan,
which would Include the entire
Xo Active r ii
At the time of the flrnt cruise,
no ncllve protest wus made by tim
bermen. although It was known
that timber holders looked askance
nt the price puld the cruisers. It
was when the county budget com
mittee met nnd authorized the ex
penditure of a second 120,000 for
iho re-cruising of another
acres thnt the timbermen arose It)
The opposition to the re-crulso
crystalled into two protests:
1. That tho price paid by the
county court to tbo firm of Edgar
and Culllson for the county cruising
was I'xhorbltant and 10 high ns to
leave suspicion In the minds of the
public and
2. That Iho results obtained by
the first unit of the cruise have
showed not sufficient gain In limber
over the old county-cruise of 1910
to warrant money being expended
by the county In further cruising
.Attack Price
Tho 20 cents an aero charge for
tbo ro-crulno' seomed to nettle the
timbermen as much us anything
"Tho price Is exorbitant, so high
an to leave the county court open
(CohtthiHMi Oil In;i' Sl)
To Fly Over Pole
Slaps Local Timbermen
Noon Raid at 427 Commercial Results in
Capture of Seven-Gallon Cache; Prisoner
) Takes it With a Smile
I".. T. Mc(jiieen, -Ml Commercial street, was arrested at noon
today by officers who swooped down upon him while he was
out in his back yard and after placing him under arrest found
approximately seven gallons of alleged liigh-prof moonshine.
The raiders were led by I.. I.. McBride, state prohibition
agent, and included officers Win. MeMills, R. H. Brown and C.
F, Morgan, The officers expressed themselves as being dtttn-
1 founded at the ease with which the
Mail Record
Here Broken
On Monday
Local Postoffice Hand
les 17,000 Letters
In One Day
All I I .....III,,.. r.,r,l.
lirrtk.te l,,,r. Vmwliiv when the no', I '
..Ml ,.,,11. ..I iriin.l n,,l,.ln I..I.
h ...tin.. in Hrtu, ,ut.,r inlin
The blghet ninrk reached In any
previous year was 14.000. the post
master said.
Despllo (he fact (bat 10 extras
were employed, the volume of in
coming mall has been so groat this
year thai from now until Christinas
day only one delivery a day can be
Buder Quits
Marines; Loses
Sleuthing Job!;;
Mayor Kendrick Is
"Smoked Out" Offi-
cer Says
PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 22. (fl)
Brigadier General Smedley I). But
ler today announced he had resigned
from the marine corps In order to
remain In Philadelphia an director
of public safely, and an hoar Inter
Mayor Kendrick made known that
be would not accept (he general In
the position "as resigned officer of
tho marine corps."
The general was called Into con
ference with the mayor after his res
ignation became known. When he
loft tho mayor's oftisie, the general
hurried to his room and announced
tlie mayor "refused to accept me as
a resigned officer of the marine
"Then you don't wanfme to stay."
Ilutler said he asked tho mayor.
"Not nn a resigned officer," he
quoted (be mayor as saying.
"Now we see who bus been smoked
out," Denote.) Butler snid.
lie refused lo elaborate. He said
his resignation from the murine corps
could be recalled.
Frank A. Munsey,
Publisher, Dead
NEW YORK, Hoc. 22.--- (JF)
r'rnnk A. Munsey. newspaper pub
lisher, died shortly before seven
o'clock this morning in tho I.onox
Hill hospital, Mr. Munsey hud been
suffering from peritonitis which de
veloped after nn operation for ap
pendicitis, p to the InBt, hospital
physicians held hope for his recov
ery, but e'nrly today bo suffered :i
sinking spell and tho end enme in
n short lime.
"y ""-"s;Tn nir punnmiir
arrest was nnde.
McQueen did not see them drive
up and iu nn instant (bey had him
surrounded and. presented with the
warrant. II" smiled and Invited them
into (ho house.
Entering, they found a pitcher of
alleged moonshine on n shell near
the kitchen door.
Continuing their search further,
they found two five-Ballon glass con
tainers in his garage, in which was
found tbc major portion of the al
leged liquor held in evidence, to-
"'" " ..' "...-.
"X"eu., ,u nu.i- ,.,.
""Har ii'.iiin uiie nils aneruouu
Fix Tires; Cut
Rubber Use, Is
Hoover's Plea
Claims British Mulcting
United States Car
WASHINGTON. Dec. 22. (R)
I movement to cut down American
onnumptlon of rubber has been
organized with tho backing of secre
tary Herbert Hoover nnd representa
tives of the principal rubbers - con
suming trades.
Within a few hours affer the
bouse 'hud ordered an inquiry into
charges of u British monopoly of
tho sources of rubber production
Mr. Hoover conferred last night
with spokesmen for the National Rub
ber Association and the National
Automobile chamber of commerce,
and laid out a program (o arouse
(be public to the necessity of econ
omizing. Every automobile user and every
garage and service station manager
wus asked by Mr. Hoover today to
cooperate in obta&tog longer mile
age for tires and more use of re
treaiied tires and reclaiming of old
"We can reduce our consumption
of rubber by 25 'per cent without
decrensing the use of our cars."
snid the eommorco secretary.
if ,
wo will simply repair our tires in
time and use llrem cnrefully.
The secretary declared nearly
$700,000,000 a your was being ex
nctod from the public by tho Brit
ish Knst Indian rubber combination.
Originally the producers fixed ;!.',
cents n pound as u reasonable price,
but under a successful scheme to
restrict prohibition, Mr. Hoover as
serted, prices huvo been raised to
three times the original figure; lie
estimated from SS0 to $70 per
year wus being exacted from every
nulomoblle user.
Tbo campaign to economize in
rubber will he extended (o other
rubber trades in ease it is found
necessnry to bring down tho price.
LONDON, Doo, 22. () Offloials
of Iho British government today
denied the government has boon
manipulating prices of crude rubber,
nnd said the suggestion made in (bo
I'nltod Stales that Great Britain Is
endeavoring to pny her war debt out
of rubber profits Is nonsense.
iu uil, -DurntiviL
Archie Cody, Who Slew
Harney County Official,
Must Pay Penalty
Fatal Shooting Grew out of
Attempted Arrest on
Bad Check Charge
SALK.M, Ore.,
Ore., Dec. 22 (jp) '
, slayer of Sheriff Aus-!
i of Harney count? on ;
Archie Cody
tin Goodman
August 27, 1924, must pay the
dcat'j penalty for his crime. The
state supreme court today, In an i
cplnion by Justice Coshow affirm
ed the lower court, waicb convicted '
him of murder In the first degree,
and the sentence to hang impose! i
by Judge Daiton Biggs.
The crime grew out of a transac-j
Hon in which Cody bought two
horses from a man named Cawlflejd
i:i Harney count, gWlng in return
a bad cho:k on a bank of Elko,
Nevada, signing it with the name
Fried Yerdlow.
Subsequently the sheriff went to g
the Polok farm iu Harney county
and placed Cody under arrest. Cody,
asked permission to get his saddle
before going with the sheriff, and!
while doing so he armed himself. In
an exchange of shots the sheriff was
nounded in the thigh and bled to
rienir, cn,tv fled ,i nrrestnd
the following day.
Cody must now. on official order,
be removed from the state peniten-i
tiary to Burns where ho will be
resentenced to hang.
Office Need of
Southern Oregon
With Klamath and Lake county I
develonintr raniillv and with tour-''
ists coming Into Ills section by the
thousands, members of the board!
of directors of the chamber of com-1
mors (oday expressed (hemselves as!
uibiiij in umr or a iiitiinaj ui-iii,
located somewhere in southern Ore-
gon. Since the closing or the dlvi -
slcn office of the highway depart-
meat here, Klamath and Lake coun-
ty affairs have been placed under
the offlco of the highway depart-
meat at The Dalles.
The action of the chamber in writ-
ing the highway department rela-
tive to tho situation in this section
was approved by tho board of direc -
tots at this noon's luncheon. j
A letter to the Eugene chamber '
of commerce was directed at this j
noon's gathering assuring the nor-1
them chamber that tho people of
Klamath county .will be more than.
pleased to cooperate in the railroad 1
celebration of'' the Lakes routo
which is to bo completed in July.
Two years ago It was agreed that
Klamath Falls would have toe first
celebration, ftttd the completion Of
Iho routo would be celebrated In
County Library
to Open Dec. 28
The county library, which closed
yesterday, will not re-open until
December 28i according to announce
ment made by Miss Irene Anderson,
county librarian. During tho Inter
vening period, every book in the li
brary will be fumigated as a pre
caution against disease.
Police And U. S. Men
Federal Operatives, with Chief of Police Harry
Loucks, Make Arrests Following Weeks of
Investigation; Chief Is Commended
Activities of a local dope ring, described as one of the
most "airtight" on the Pacific coast, with its customers
including at least four prominent Klamath county resi
dents, were given a crushing setback at 8:00 o'clock last
night with the arrest of two local men.
Chief of Police Harry Loucks, acting in conjunction
with agents operating under the direction of U. S. Nar
cotic Agent Harry B. Williamson, in charge of the Seat
tle division, took into custody Dr. R. B. Craver, 126 North
third street, and Walter
xl,"u Vcot, iiu iv ciilci uavia, lie
ployed in the Hall hotel barber shop
Both Cr
City Schools will be Opened
on December 28, Deci
sion of Board
Monday morning, December 28,
the opening date of the city
schools of Klamath Falls,
This was the decision reached
by members of the school board at
n meetinz held last cvoninz.
Monday, January 4, 1926, th0
.nm.. ..h.i, iri...ti. ,,
Klamath county high school will
j again open taeir doors, as will Sac-
red Heart Academy.
According to announcement from
tho Academy this afternoon the sis
ters are planning a Christmas tree
for the students upon their re:urn
tj school. The tree had been plan
ned for but iwas postponed due to
the epidemie which closed all scboolj
throughout the county.
! To Be Stylish
Bells on Garters
. T danzants. always crowded here
prior ro the opening of (ho casino,
! arp ,)ojnK enlivenfii by garter bells. '
j which tinkle in time with the music;
( ot tne jazz bands. Another novelty j
is a cymbal effect produced by re-
j volvlng metal disc3 attached to the
heels of women's dance slippers.
; with the bells tinkling, the cyin-
j ,nls clashing, the jangling of scores
0 bracelets, and the swish and rat-'
! t,, Gf the new coat-of-mail tunics
the jazz artists have to work doubly j to believe that the only users of
bard to make themselves heard iu :
the whirl of merrymakers. ' ; fContlnuwl i I'nsn Two)
W7fc T oc 12Q Ta 17 TYi
""3 XjVJOt, X.. XV A 5 Xi
First Real Clash With Drys
WASHINGTON, Pec. (.VP.) In the first showdown
on prohibition this season, house tins swept aside by a vote of
13V lo 17 a policy to restrict the use of funds for purchase of
Htjuor as evidence.
The proposal was in ihe form of an appropriation bill amend
ment and would have prohibited resort to "fraud, deceit or false
hood," in the use of any of the $250,000 set aside by tile bill for
lyliying evidence.
The amendment was offered by Representative Tucker, demo
crat, of Virginia, a dry, and was defeated by a rising vote, so
that the attitude of individual members was not placed on record.
As opponents to the proposal rose. Representative lllanlou,
democrat. Texas, gave a loud cheer and the drys applauded.
Wayne II. heeler of the anti-saloon league watched from
l'lc S:lr- . . : ' 01
Davis, negro bootblack em-
Craver and Davis had Just
completed sales to the federal
agents, according to Loucks. Mark
ed money is held in evidence against
both of them. A quantity of mor
phine was found In Dr. Craver's
combination home and office. Davis
broke down at the police station
and confessed, officers say.
Doth will be given n preliminary
hearing late this afternoon before
U. S. Commissioner Bert Thomas.
! Unstinted praise wts gin Chief
j Loucks for the" part he played in
the affair by all the federal agents
"It was through the efforts of
Chief Loucks that we were brought
here and it Is through bis cooper
ation and unflagging zeal that we
have been able to do our work n
real secrecy and to finally land
Craver, whom we believe to hao
! been the source of supply for dozens
! of addicts hero for years. We can
truthfully say that In no case On
which we ever worked have we
ever had as much aid given by
a local officer," the operatives de
clared. Many federal agents have been
in here in the past but they have
been unsuccessful In securing evl
denco that would lead to convictjgn
of a "higher-up."
In Craver. the operatives believe
they have landed the brains of tho
local distributing organization.
One prominent Klamath county
resident was met by the officers
last night when he camo to the
Craver residence for his weekly sup
2. (,IP) ; ply. His name is withhold. Names
of other prominent neonle named us
confirmed users are also held s-
in emphasizing tho hold tho dope
traffic has In certain soctlons of
Klamath Falls, the officers declared
that this city, in comparison with
other inland towns, has a tar great-
or percentage of addicts than most,
comparing with San Francisco in
proportion of users to population.
Some facts for those who lik i