The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 19, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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Al.TOONA, Pa., IVc.'ID. (A1) 1 M
persons woro Injured', (lye oC them
seriously, In the derailment of
IIYnuRylvunla pasaonger train hum
lx r "2, 10 miles weal of lu re earl
Newspaper Adv. to
Carry Christinas
Greeting Notice
For Fonl Tonriiig Re
covers installed.
Any glass enclosures
made for any car.
Oregon Harness
Seventh & Klamath Ave.
S n a.
ttaS&w I II I. MAM
JWa tracatra. .mall rlnM.r..
ritrrfnl aaprrvlaloa. .frlrt dla
clpllac aoelal advaatngra aad
Moral tralalatc. CsiiUkk
cheerful!) aenl un rrqueat.
SKATThH. Wash., nee. 19. (J)
Aii advertisement to n newspaper,
unci not cards, personally engraved
I or ready printed, will. It was an
jnounccd today, convey the Christmas
j wishes of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P.
J Revele of this eity to their friends.
Revelo is I'nlted States district at
j torney for western Washington.
1 "Cards," explained Kevele, "are
! too cold and impersonal. Then, they
! are expensive. Again, if someone is
: overlooked, he feels hurt.
"A niee. snappy an. in the paper
I will reach many persons I would like
j to remember, bat probably would
i not have time to favor with individ
j unl greetings. Then there are friends
I whose names I don't even recall, but
who wil lread my card in the paper
and know that I mean tuem also."
APl'l.t: MAllkKT l'lKM
The. apple market was holding firm j
today with most common storage'
stocks cleaned up. Fancy cold stor-j
age Newtown apples In four tier!
sizes are bringing around $2. Lady
apples Q fair quality were quoted
at $2 to S. 50 per box.
Some very pretty silk dresses on
sale at Bee Begin's Dress Shop for
only $6.95. (Adv) 15-19
Enamels and Varnish
There is no other
Browne's Paint Store
W. P. Fuller's Paints and Varnishes
Do You Need Money
to build that home
If you own your lot, and have some money, we
can loan you half the value of building and lot
combined, payable like rent. Monthly payments.
Make your arrangements now, before the spring
tush begins, so that your dream home may be a
reality before snow flies again.
There is no quicker way of making money than
by real estate investment in a growing town. You
are in the growing town the rest is up to you.
Momyer & Momyer
Insurance Real Estate
Hopka Building
Building and Loan
Phone 366
III the Circuit Court in and for the
County of Klamath, and Statu 0!
Oregon. No. Kquity.
J. C. Itlchter. Plaintiff, vs.
David Burton. Anthony Hnr
d. Maude Hardy. City of
Klamath Falls. Oregon; K. J.
Champagne, tlrace lloagland.
and all other persons or par
ties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, lien or in
terest In the real estate de
scribed in the Complaint here
in. Defendants.
To De.vid Burton. Anthony Hardy
Maude Hardy, and all other persons
or tarties unknown claiming au
right, title, estate. Hen or Interest In
the real estate described herein be
low. Defendants.
In the Name of the State of Ore
gon: You and each of you are hereby
required to appear and answer the
Complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit on or before
Monday, the 1st day of February.
1U26. or for failure to appear and
answer, for want thereof, the plain-,
tiff will take judgment and decree
against you-as follows, towit:
1. That the defendants above
named he required to set forth the
nature of their and each of their
claims, that nil claims of the de
fendants or any of them adverse to
this plaintiff may be determined by
the decree of this Honorable Court;
and that by such decree It be decreet)
and adjudged that t h e plain
tiff is the owner in fee simple
of the East half (E'.il of Lot :i of
Block 1 of Kairvlew Addition. No.
2. to the City of Klamath Falls.
Klamath County. Oregon; and that
the defendants and each and all of
them have no right, title, estate, lien
or interest in said property or any
portion thereof, and that the defend
ants and each and all of them be
forever barred from asserting any
claim whatever in or to said prop
erty: 2. And for Buojp further and dif
ferent relief ns to equity may seem
meet and proper.
February 1st. 1926, is the last day
of the time prescribed in the order
for publication of this Summons, in
which you may appear and answer
said Complaint, the first publication
thereof being December 19th, 1925,
and' the last publication being Janu
ary 30th. 1926.
This summons Is served by publi
cation by order of the Honorable A.
I.. I.eavitt. Judge of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon, for
Klamath County, dated December
16th. 1925, which Order required
that summons be published once a
week for six successive weeks, (sev
en insertions!, the first publication
being December 19th, 1925.
Which Order further provides that
the plaintiff Is relieved of mailing
Summons and a certified copy of the
Complaint to you and each of you
except David Burton whose address
and residence is known to be Wheat
on. Minnesota, for the reason that
your addresses are unknown.
Plaintiff's Attorney, whose of
fice and postofflce Address is
American National Hank Bldp..
Klamath Falls, Klamath County.
Pub. Dec. 19. 26. Jan. 2. 9. 16, 23, 3"
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for tile County of Klamath
Law No. 2U91.
C, F. Harrison as Guardian ad
litem of ami for Churles liar- '
rlaon, Junior, a minor. Plain
tiff, vs. Maude Motiurity, De
fendant. To Maude Morlarlly, the above
named defendant: In thu Name of
the State of Oregon:
Von are hereby required to
pear and answer the coaYnlttlul filed
against you in the above untitled
suit on or before the 22nd day of
December. 1925, that being tile last
day ot the time prescribed in the
Order for publication of this s im
mens made by the above entitled
Court November 6. 1925, anil if you
fall so to nppour. plead, answer or
otherwise move within that time.
want thereof, plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief prayed for
in his complaint, as follows, to-wit
For a judgment against the defend
ant, Maude Morlnrlty, for the sum
of $500.00, together with Interest
thereon from April 4. 1924. at tii
per annum, together with pluinttff's
costs and disbursements anil ac ru
ing costs herein, and that the prop
erty of defendant attached in this
action, to-wlt. the Northwest U and
the West i.j of the Northeast and
the West ij of the Southwest 4 of
section Jt, lowaship 38 South.
Itange 15 Fast. W. M In Klamath
County. Oregon, be sold to satisfy the
plaintiff s demands' herein; the said
sum of 1500.00 with Interest thereon
as aforesaid, being duo upon a cer
tain judgment recoverod by the
plaintiff against the defendant on
the dale last aforesaid in the Circuit
Court of the Stato of South Dakota
in jtnd for P-rown County therein.
This summon! is served upon you.
the said defendant, by the publica
tion thereof in the Evening Herald,
a newspaper published lu Klamath
Falls, Klamath County. Oregon, and
ot genera circulation In said County
and State, once a week for 6-consecutive
and successive weeks, the first
publication being made November
7 1925. and the last publication be
ing mnde December 19. 1926. by or
dor of the Honorable A. L. I.eavitt.
Judge of the Court aforesaid, which
was made, entered and filed in said
Court and cause November 6, 1925.
Attorney for Plaintiff. Address
I.oomis Huilding, Klamath Falls.
Nov. 7, 14, 21, 23, Dec. 5, 12. 19.
I 10
A Home Plant
The Lakeside Lumber Company, owned and managed by local men,
solicits your patronage.
We, as residents of Klamath County, are vitally interested in its de
velopment. We are interested in no other locality. As the town
grows, we grow. Therefore it is to our interest to aid every prospect
ive builder.
What We Offer You
We offer the benefit of our years of experience in choosing the type
of building; best suited to your needs and to your pocketbook.
We offer fou prices that will com pare favorably with any in the city.
Finally, wtf offer you a complete stock of the best building materals,
Rough and Finished Lumber, Sash, Doors, Millwork, Lath, Shingles,
Plaster Board, Prepared Roofing, Plaster, Builders' Hardware
We are sole agents for Carey Specification guaranteed roofing.
Lakeside Lumber Co.
Center and Klamath Phone 128
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Klamath County.
Dorothy I. Hosking. Plain
tiff, vs. Sidney It. Hosklng,
To Sidney It. Hosklng. Defendant
In the Name of the State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the complaint filed
against you In the above entitled suit
within six weeks after the first pub
lication of this summons in the Eve
ning Herald, a newspaper printed
and published in the City of Klam
ath Fails. County of Klamath, State
of Oregon, on or before the 26th day
of December, 1925, that being the
last clay of the time prescribed in
the order for the publication of this
summons, the first publication there
of being on the 14th day of Novem
ber, I!i2". and if yau fail so to ap
pear and answer for want thereof.
Hi" plaintiff will apply to the court
for the reljof prayed for in the said
complaint, to-wit: For a decree of
the said court that the bonds of mat
rimony existing between plaintiff
and defendant be dissolved, and for
general relief.
Tills summons Is published in the
Evening Herald, pursuant to an or
der of I In- Honorable A. L. IcavItt,
Judr;n of the Circuit Court for the
State of Oregon for Klamath County
made on the 12th day of November,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Nov. 14, 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19, 26.
In the Justice Court for the District
of Llnkvillc, Klamath County,
O. L. Spencer, plaintiff, vs.
Everett Crlss, defendant.
To EVerett Criss! defendant, in the
Name of the Stato of Oregon, You
am hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed, against
you in thu above entitled action on
or before December 28, 1925, that
being the expiration of six weeks
publication of this summons pre
scribed by the order for the publica
tion thereof, and if you fall so to
answer, the plaintiff will lake Judg
ment against you for the sum of
1108.30 together with interest there
on at the rate of six per cent per un
nuni from October 1, 1925, and for
the costs and disbursements ot this
action and that seventy head of sheep
pttaicUed In this action as your prop
erty be sold to satisfy the Judgment
This publication Is made by order
of the Justice of the Pence of the
above named court duly made on
the 11th day of November, 1925.
The date of first publication of
th-;summous is November 14, 192T,.
Justice of the Pence, Llnkvllln
District, Klamath County, Oregon.
Address: Court House,
Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Nov. 14, 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19.
Effort now Being Made to
Sign up Two More for
Big Feature Card
Preliminary plans for a New
Year's card to bo staged hero on
the afternoon of January 1 were
announced today by Matchmaker
Sylvester. Including a six-round senil
windup lu which Knockout Hoiad
and Jim Fleming will meet and de
risively settle their argument which
went four slugging, slamb.iug rounds
to a draw on the last card.
As a special added event two
giants have been signed, one "Kid"
Short, lowering sou of Barrel) Short,
county commissioner, who will weigh
n. six feet four Inches tall and 2v5
pounds, against Hue k Weaver, local
transfor man, 2 1 0-ponndcr. This
match Is the outcome of a friend
ly kidding match between the two
and should please those who like
to see heavyweights in action.
And by the same token, IhQM
fans who saw the last card are pray
ing that Matchmaker Sylvester will
he successful In his efforts to match
up Sugar Willie Keeler, victor on
the last card, with Frank Partner,
Nick Yeager or some other coast
heavy of like calibre., so that Keel
er will Im given a real opportunity
to extend himself.
Police Hunt Clues
In Mystery Death
j llAItltlNliTO.V. Wash . Dec. IS,-
j (,Vl -The body of James QolDOi
found III a p. inly burned xhnck at
I lrhy November as undur rlrcum
, staiu es Indicating murder, has been
disinterred and taken to port for
further Investigation. Meanwhile
I lliren men whose names have not
been mad public are being held ut
HuveiiP'oi III connection with
Qlllnl death, Officials announced
that oihers are being sought.
Knife wounds lu Qulnn's body
were revealed by an autopsy from
Its discovery.
Debt Settlement
Hearing Advanced
WASHINGTON. Dec. 19. (F)
Action on tli war debt funding
settlement negotiated during the!
rammer, Including those with Italy
and llelgltim. was postponed today
by the house wuys and menus com-
mltlce ponding a hearing.
tlono ate the days when lulnce
pie had a kick.
Wilt t lHCI' 1)1. AH
BBRLIN, He 19. (IT i'f"i
, ibt Budoll Von Viilotitlnl. TZ who
wan clllel of former Emperor Wil
liam's civil cuhlnel, dluil today at
lluuielln, Prussia.
U. of O. Hoopsters
On Trip to South
EUGENE. Ore., Doc. 19. (pi
Eight members of the I'nlvcrslty of
Oregon varsity baskeibatl team will
entrain this evening for California
for a two weeks' barnstorming lour,
which will include eigtit games with
representative quintets of the south.
The players will return In lime for
the opening of the winter term of
the university on January 4.
Howard llobson, veteran forward,
twisted ills knee In practice and will
be unable to make the trip.
The Big Dance
of the Year
Christmas Night
December 25
Special features
for your fun
Invitation at club
Holiday Goods
WASHINOTOM. An "Angel With
four wlngH" Is representative How
ard of Nebraska. At least he says
Representative Cpshaw of Ucorgia
so characterised him at a birthday
parly. The congressonul records
by unanimous consent will give all
the details.
In Hardware
Electrical Appliances and
Kitchen Utensils
Skates, Wagons, Skis, Scoot
ers and Sleds for Children.
Klamath Hardware Co.
EAjWei1 tires
Keeping Up
With Racine
We sell a great many tire's, more
and more as the months go by.
This is partly due, of course, to the
kind of service we believe you have
learned to expect from us.
It is due, even more, to the kind of
service we know you have learned
to expect from RACINE Multi
Mile Cords.
Our sole ambition is to prove as
satisfactory as the product we sell.
230 Main Phone 294-J
Former privates will enlov learn
ing a couple of generals got mad
at ' a h other In Washington.