The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 17, 1925, Page 2, Image 2

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Tluu'sdiiv, December 17, i02fi
Page Two
To Examine Aged
Miner for Sanity
(Hpcclltl In I'lii' Hcnihl)
YItK.KA. Calif.. Dee. 17. SnI
ferlng from mi liberation thai lie
l beltlx pursued by strangers, Peter
Oaten h-d. for more than S.G yeura
n miner in till- t'erllvllle region, bfi
cutne no violent lam week thai ho
shot in imaginary ttrwto until
neighbors became terrified and Dep
uty Sheriff I. mini' Lake and Itos
eon Farjtfiworth brought hint to
Yreka tor examination fur sanity.
rttal I't'l-ii'd in wMelv t nti
tulwar and ha la thoubl to have
acquired considerable money aa the
r"iil! of bin operations in the
Salmon river country. Kol mnrrli'd. '
th6 ngod minor has boon living by j
lltttMlBlf ill :i cabin near one of 'his I
Itallowtng nn examination here.'
Otterrled wan soul to Uio Nana
elate for observation and :
i rnni meat.
! Wife Receives
'Other Woman'
In Own Home
Says Suit Filed
Shoe Man is
... V..I-. .ill. .1. . . . .... 1
.., n i...,''. n-., -:,!. .-,.-! IT. - 1..P1 A former mayor ot this
only Sli.95.
Medford Slayer's
Wife Fights His
Suit for Divorce
IMM i'MI till UJ 1
42 J
-to r
Our Auto-guide will point
out the way to the' Shop
of Real Repairs. This ser
vice station is equipped to
serve you. We have the
proper machinery and the
thorough knowledge of
your car that is so very
i.xdvt 1819WM ,s !U tiuarty under t
i bull and ilo' woman whose affections
I bo is charted with having alienate. i
j lias been taken by his wile Into their
j home.
Mm. llertha A. Jctte today i is
j standing by I'barlcs H. Lord, numed
' In ihe $25,000 stilt for her htislmnd.
I Oscar A. jYtte. wealthy shoe mnnu
i facturer. who she says barred her
j from (heir I'uwtucket home.
With Mrs. Jett are liar two
' youngsters. She brought Ibem at
the invitation of Mrs. Lord. Th
i wife of the former mayor said the
wanted to show by her action her
1 faith in the father of their seven
! children. "Tho suit is without th--
slightest foundation." Mrs. Jotte
told newspaper men. "The charges
are silly and absurd and I will be
vindicated at the proper time."
Find Plot To
Kill German
Envoy Abroad
MBDFQRD, Ore., Uac, IT.V't
Mrs Harriet K. lluiitlo.. uh'se hui
I'and H.i.inu llttntley was tioquUlad
of first decree muriler lust mouth
for th slaying of .less.' .lames Qlbh.,
Iter aliened lover, yesterday filed
an answer t. Hie divorce stilt her
mute filed three days after lite ver
dl't. In the answer Mrs. lluntloy charg
es cruel nud Inliumon treatment, and
denies that "on Align d 14. IDJ5,
she gave $09.80 of lluatloy's mon
ey to Ulhbs." as she avers she was
'accused "lit an abusive and un
warranted manner," Tho money.
Mm. Huntley says, was expendoil tor
I houschcld expenses ami ftutouto
bile I Ires, repairs and a hum.
Mrs. Hlintlvy asks far the custody
of the two youngest children, n de-
otas or div.'rce, $o a month mntn
letiance money and $1110 for at.
turiHiy".-! fees.
The Huntley are avail known In anil 0001 counties, where
they lived tor years.
Crippled Steamer
Making Headway
IMl!TI.ANH. Ore., Her. 17. (Pi
The steamer Went O'ltowu Is pro
cedlnK nud matting fair progi'on.i,
nuya a uicssaite received today by
the fjolumbln Pacific shipping Oom-
puny. Captirn S. U. Ilelnt'lcl, op
eratltiK mauaiier. naid (hat Ills "ml -vices
from Captnln Itoberl Wilson.
miliar or the Went o'liown. iu par-
bedell information through l'oidiin.
... . .... , Ilo inn effect that the vessel wftu
.Miss Anna Mae Johnston plain, ii, , ,,
' ' i (Lih cL inn in: a n nd r ft. he inc..
sugc slated that the sen had mod
Oritpd and that the West O'ROWO
had covi't'ed llto miles In the flay,
leave tomorrow morning fur San
Kraiiclsco. where she will visit for
a week with friends, expelling to
return lumie In. time fur Christinas.
Mink Fanning New
Dorris Industry
(Spocliil lo Tile Heiiild)
YltMKA, 6ml,, ds. 1T.---Mlnlt
tarnituy at Dorrlg proniliiu lo be a
pioflttible IbflUltrjl, us well aa u new
one for noi'thorn ('allforiiln, whora
silver ft. rut inn have been atu'cttts
fully establli.lied.
11. m, Haukman of liorris haa
Itartott the mink farm with II ot
the valuable fur lieurltiK animals
as the inundation for bin fiillll. Tho
cold winters In the Dorris region
are though! to be particularly adap
ted to the rearing ot mink and
llai'liaiaii has already been assured
of tun purchase of all pelts lie grows.
E .... , . '
For Every One
of the family a mani
cure set
$2.00 to flO.OO
Star Drug Co.
Fifth and Main Streets
For every one of the
family an Eastman Ko
dak or Brownie box
$2 00 to $120.00
Ac good
taste of
1 ; '
Letters Tell of
To Murder Strese
Leather Bags For
His Christmas
: , There is no gift that would be more acceptable.
practicable and give greater service than one of our
all-cow-hide hand bags, suit cases and traveling
HER LIN. Dee. 17. btV- "That
pig Stresemau must be klUed." is a
passage In a letter, the discovery of
which led to tho revelation ot the
to assassinate Cermsny's for-
; .
eii.u luiniskci.
You'll Find Better Leather Goods in a
Cara Nome, Jonteel, Mavis Jun
eve, Djer Kiss, Colgates, Bou
quet Ramecv Contain, face pow
der rouge compact, toilet water,
sachet powder, perfume, lip stick
and soap
$2.25 to 20.00
please me
hole tamny
Two Herman fascists named Knlt
dorff and Lore'nz are under arrest.
T!:cy are alleged to have perfected
their plans to the point of providing
for disguise and a getaway In motor
cars and on airplane after the assas
sination. I
That this was not the first attempt
against tho foreign minister was re
ver.led by his newspaper, the Taeg-
lische Runschan. (
On the anniversary of the assas
sination of Dr. Walter Ratbenau
(who was killed June 24. 10:2) th
paper says, several persons hid in the
sarden of the foreign minister and
fired a number of shots at Dr. Strese
mann, but without effect. Police
who searched the garden were unable
to find tho criminals. .
Another plot was revealed a few
days before the departure of the Ger
man delegation.
All Kinds
All kinds, colors ami
shapes, Lord Baltimore,
Symphony Lawn, Laelaiiv
with cards and paper
Leather Store
He'll enjoy
,, There's a gift value in the.
Crown Army Shirt far!
beyond the cost a gift of
free and easy relaxanon, of
ice. Incl.rown Irade
Mark says "Full
"Ford's Fiddler'
Takes Stage Job
BOSTON. Dec. 17. P) .Mellie
Dunham, fiddler extraordinary, who
has maintained his amatonr stand
ing for seventy two years, will make
his professiDnal debut here Monday.
It was decided that the aged fiddler lime -tho first team was in the game.
Use Three Teams
To Win Hoop Game
SALEM, Ore.. Dec. 17. Using
three complete teams, tho Willamette
university basketbalt aggregation de
feated the Monmouth Normal school
team 13 to 13 on the Willamette floor
here last night. The Bearcat squad
showed promise of future strength
but for the most part the ono sideed
ness of the score was due to the
weakness of the teachers' aggrega
tion. There are four veterans on the
Willamette team, the oniy man play
ing on the varsity laBt night being
Fleischer, sophomore. '
The Bearcat first team piled up 33
points to the teachers' 4 during the
vUotm ' San Fhamoso
who signed a contract last night
with the Keith Albee Interests,
would make his first stage appear
ance on that day,
Maine's champion fiddler and
shoe maker. iho became known
nnti nally when Henry Ford invited
him to Michigan to play his old
fashioned dan;e tunes, reached Bos
ton on an early mDinin? train.
The background for the fiddler's
act had not been decided upon but
It was believed he would appear in
a scene representing an eld fash
ioned new England interior. He will
play some of the waltzes and horn
Wes Which delighted Henry Ford
when the manufacturer entertained
the Maine fiddler and his wife at
Dearborn, .Mich.
which wau about half of each period.
211- lb. box
Hand Bags and Vanity
Made of real leather, attractive
styles and colors to match her
new winter dress, pin seal hand
tooled and novelty leathers,
beaded bags in all colors and
Prices $1.75 to $20.00
Curling Irons
Electrex Electric curling iron,
guaranteed one year, comes with
waver rod .': 89c
1 50c to $6.00
a cn v
C7 vo yym
Choc covered Brazil Nuts 11 oz $1.00
Choc covered Chen ie.-', 1 lb 75c
Diplomacy Chocolate, 1 lb $1.50
Home made special, 13 oz 60c
Homo made special, 2(5, oz $1.20
Fn nch mixed, 1 lb $1.00
Choc covered nuts and fruit, 1 lb $1.50
Gem Razor
Gem Razors and Star
Khaving Brush
Axe Only Clue to
Detroit? Murder ?
DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 17. iff)
A bloody axe lying near the body of
Mrs. Marie C. .Mullen, 55. real es
tate broker, is the clew on which
police are working to solve her mur
der Inst nfRht. Her body with several
wounds In the head was found In the
basement of her home.
Charles Fltzpatrlck, negro Jnnltor
who reported discovery of tho body,
Is being detained.
Yreka Will Pave
Several Streets
Want More Men on
Reclamation Farms
(Special to The Herald)
yitEKA, Calif., Dec. 17. By a
vote of throe to tipj the board of
city trustees for Yreka has decided
to pave Oreyon und Second streets
with the asphaltic cancrote type
of paving.
Greek lnnguago has not changed
much in 2000 years. Not oven when
Gruck waiters try to speak English.
A definite program for assisting
settlers to reach reclamation pro
jects and for their establishment
thereon was discussed today tit u
conference of railway men and El
wood Mead, reclamation commis
sioner, and other officials of the
reclamation service. Suggestions
Included legislation to "permit the
reclamation service to employ men
on irrigation projects who will take
caro of the settler when hu ar
rives and assist him lo get his farm
under profitable operation.
Crater Lake Pictures
1.00 to $35.00
Start Yvur Set Now
IVORY PYRLIN is always an
acceptable gift. You can buy
either the complete set or start
with just, a few pieces which can
be addedto from time to time.
Mirrors $3i00 to $12.00
Hair brushes .: $3."00 to $9.00
Combs $1.20 to $2.25
Picture frames 35c to $5.00
Perfume bottles 60c to $4.00
Ivory PYRAIN in sets plain or
DuBarry pattern, gold inlaid
with cases $13.00 to $70.00
MANICURE SETS, in plain and
DuBarry pattern, four to ten
pieces in set . . ... .$2.50 to $25.00
Pocket Books and Bill
Made of real leather with com
bination card, pass and bill
75c to $5.00
Vantines Incense and
Incense comes in stick or pow
der, Rose( Violet, Wistura, Pine,
25c and 50c
Fountain Pens
Tempoint, Waterman, Conklin,
in plain black, silver or gold
$2.50 to $8.00
Christmas Cards
5c to 50c
Siskiyou Grange
Headed Bv Woman
(Special ii Tha Herald)
YUEKA, Calif. Doc. 1-7. Wo
man's hand will wield the gavel in
1026 at the meetings of the Siski
you Pomona Grange, Mrs. Alice
Williams of Gazelle was unanimous
ly elected president at the last 1025
meeting of the Pomona Qrutulc at
Hdgewood, Saturday. '
Mrs, Williams succeeds J. J.
Murphy of Weed, Siskiyou repres
entative in the state legislature. She
is a veteran member of the Gazelle
Grange and has been active In oil
branches of Orange wark for many
It was decided to hold a Joint
meeting at Ulttlo 'Shasta, January
9, where a Joint Installation of of
ficers of Iittle Shasta, Mornbrook,
Gazelle, Pomona and Walker Gran
ges will bo made.
SALEM, Ore., Dec. 10. -Mary J
Spurllh of Portland has been up
pjlnted by Governor Pierce an t
member of the stale child welfaro
commission to succeed Mary Bui
lock of Portland, resigned.
If you want to watch Tom Mix
bit the mark soe blm in "The
Trouble Hhootor," the new picture
In which the western iitiir In play
ing at the Liberty tbeatftr tonight.
He rides thill dare-devil little horse,
Tony, across a swaying treat.! with
a speeding locomotive coming up
behind. He takes tho nervy animal
through a mountain storm on "horse
snowKhoes," Never 'heard of theni?
Well; Mix Invented thoin and Tony
wears 'em.
oAt the 'PINE TREE
A selection of vaudeville com
prising a well-bnlancnd program of
comedy, song, novelty and dance
nets will be seen nl the Pino Tree
Theater tonight and tntorrow.
The Roulette Trio In "Sensational
Surprises," a somewhat different of
fering with bountiful soonory and
Wardrobe making the act stand out
ubovn tho iiBtinl novelties of IJtls
kind twill be seen'.
Huyler.and Carmen will present
a laughable surprise skit. It is
hilled as an offering Hint will ap
peal to all lovers of good comedy.
Margin ami Company in "Music in
You I, Ike It" nr'e two dutnly misses
with youth, beauty and talent.
Margle-'slrtgsi plays tho violin and
Prlco and Gllmoro' appear In "Ad
vice to tho Lovelorn," a comedy of
fering. Thn net has a lively finish
and Homo linrnrony singing.
Pert Clinton, "Tho Larry Somen
of Vaudeville," in an aerdbnt and
comedian nnd does a novelty bar
act using the parallel bars. He Is
assisted by an educated amine.
The picture In "Tho Dark Swan"
with Monte nine and Mario Prcvoul,
W.OOKH Our blockwoodi1 In
ninplo for the priinont. Wo am
taking part off tho yards.
DOT HI,A-Our dry slab In
not entirely dry, It in good for
Uia heater, but not tor tho
cook stovo.
U.MH WOOD In flrBt claaB dry
limbs and treo lops. It Is
tinny wood for heater, furnaeo
or fireplace.
(JOAIj Sure, we have coul.
Lump coal, bent on tho market.
HIOHVICH Juiit a Uttlo behind
with deliveries. Ordor early.
wood cwu a fdoj on
601 Main Phone 536