The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 25, 1925, Page 8, Image 8

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    Pag Eight
Wednesday,,.' 25, 1925
Coffee, Senowi it is
like the wine it must
be mellowed to bring
to the taste that rare flavor which only our ,
high mountain plantations can grow.
"Here in our tropic storehouses, for two years, three years,
it should repose before the roaster adds the finishing touch
of the artist!
"Indeed no, Senora, all of our coffee is not so mellowed. It is
the misfortune but so popular the coffee beverage, we can
manage to keep here but a little to age and mellow!
"Si, it costs more. But the particular roaster, he gladly pays
the difference. His customers appreciate the delightful, the
unusual personality of his roast par excellence! the old
coffee with just a discreet dash of the new to heighten, to
emphasize the rare old flavor!
"Then you from the Pacific Coast are indeed fortunate. For you
say your S& Wis our fine mountain coffee? and from our mel
lowed stock, fivened with but a very little of the old? Bueno!"
Sc'W coffee upholds the S 6? W reputation for quality
otherwise it couldn't bear the Sir' label. The world's best
coffees, blend by real artists among cape rts , roasting and pack
tr. by the most modern methods. Comes in the new key-can
5' You'll tr it? Quod: You'll not be disappointed."
AGGIES TAKE UP tniEht for the frst tlme slnce the
TpiiT rt" -"TiAr Idan0 game, and gave It a light work-
aUlVgal I aT 1 1Vi out in preparation for heavy train
; Ing for the southern California game
ouKVAlaaalB, ure., mov. Ji W j December 5. Practice consisted main-
Coach Schlssler called his Oregon ly of running back a half dozen
Aggie football squad together last' kick offs and was important only in
Richardson Springs
"The Home of the Soft Shirt"
Near Chico, Butte Co., California
A wounderful place in winter for any one seeking health.
Steam heated hotel. Housekeeping or camping. Address:
Lee Richardson, Chico, Calif.
a rousing story that always
shows up on thc"front page" of
the West's hot cake appetite.
No other flour can "talk"to your
pancake-taste in the same way
because no other flour is blended
the Flapjack way. Put it to the
taste-test and sec!
"Albcrj atandior Better Breasts"
Flapjack Flour
revealing that the formidable list
of cripples was rapidly being reduced.
With the exception of one of two,
the men have recuperatee sufficiently
to be out in suits and by the end of
the week ;:ie entire oquata ts expect
ed to be back In fighting form.
SALEM, Ore., Nor. 25. On re
quisitlon from the governor of Cal
ifornia, Governor Pierce today grant
ed the extradition of Roy C. Wal
ters; alias Fred Cramer, who Is
wanted In Los Angeles on two charg
es of forgery. He is under arrest at
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 25. Mick
ey Walker, welterweight champlou,
stands ready to defend his title to
night against rugged Sailor Fried
man, a Chicago veteran of many a
ring battle.
to a minimum by using
Firestone a n A Genera!
Tires, Cheaper and best in
the long run.
See us for quick and effi
cient crank case service.
Klamath lure
"Cap" Calkins
Klamath Ave. & 6th St
Firestone, General and
Oldfleld Tlrea.
Klamath High to Play. Ben
son Here Tomorrow
Promptly at ojie o'clock tomorrow
at the fair grounds field the referee's
whistle will start the Thanksgiving
day football game between Klnm
iilh high. school and Henaon Poly
technic school of Portland. It will
bo the most Important game of the
year so far as the local boys un
concerned as It will give Klamath
fans a line on the ability of the
home team as compared tu the
Portland high school tenuis.
"My boys are In better shape
right now than at any time during
the season." declared Coach French
this aftornoon. "The lay-oft since
the regular season ended seems to
huve done them good and 1 look
for them to put up the greatest
fight of the year."
Klamth's star fullback. Hall. Is In
perfect condition and all primed to
make a tew of his spectacular brok
en field runs.
French announced the following
lineup for the start of the game:
Center, Elmore; right guard. Ma
gulre; right tackle, Bessler: right
end, Yancey; left guard. Bliss; left
tackle, Walsh: left end, Colson;
quarter, Carroll: right nair, torer
left halt. Barnes: fullback, Hall.
Delphiaus Hold
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday afternoon the Klamath
Falls Delphian club held Its second
meeting sinco organisation at the
hotel White Pelican, when the study
of Egypt was taken up. Mm. H. R.
Harrison, first vice president of the
club, presided as courtesy hostess and
was assisted by MH. W. O. Smith I
und Mrs. Jackson Kimball.
Thwrnrh the kindness of Mrs. H. I
W. Bathlany the program was made ' M, E1'86 McPhorson.
Mrs. siougn anu Mrs
1'mlor the auspices of the Wo
man's Albany College League, a
series cf "Vanln'iliiR Parties" will
soon lake place throughout the statu
for the purpose of building new
quarters for the women students of
the Albany "Self-Help" college.
During the pat' few months the
need tor this building has been
brought more and nure Into realisa
tion with the constant lncreaie In
the student body. Mrs. F. I. Ful
ler, or Portland, who Is president
of t'30 league, gave I'jo first party,
to which nltie other women .wuro
Each guest contributed SI to
the building fund nnd agreed to be
hostess to eight other w-mou, ea.-h
of whom would contribute f l nud be
hostess to seven women, who In
turn will entertain six Slid so ou
down until the parties will have
"vanished". By this ulways popular
plan enoug'.i money will be realised
to erect a modern dormitory.
Among lh" southern Oregon w
men who .will be the first hostesses
aro: Roseburg, Mrs. 1. N. Park;
Glendalc, Mrs. W. B. leb; Grants
Pass, Mrs. George Riddle; Central
iPolnt. Mrs. L. Hatfield: Modford.
Mrs. B. P. Lawrence and Mrs.
Walter F. Brown; Ashland. Mrs. J.
C. Mergler and Mrs. H. A. Steams:
Klamath Fulls, Mrs. W. 8. Slough.
Each of those women wlll In the
Immediate future. Invite aeven other
women to be their guests.
Bocauso m her Interest in edu
cational affairs. Mrs. W. 8. Slough
jaa been chosen to give the first
party In Klamath Falls.
On November 28th, the following
women of the city will be guests of
Mrs. Slough at a Colloge league
vanishing party.
MrB. D. N. demons, Mrs. E. H.
Voutch. Mrs. A. M. Collier, Mrs. A.
L. Rico, Mrs. N. B. Drow, Mrs. R.
E. Geary. Miss Mary Walker.
On the same date Mrs. D. N. Cle
mens will have as her guests Mrs.
A. R. Wilson, Mrs. L. L. Truax.
Mrs. Roy LaPararlo, Mrs. Burt E.
Hawkins. Miss Vera Houston and
kNCQ MORE tin- Turkey lias
heen sullied niul tousled, and
mince pies baked I Once more fam-
gathcr at the table in happy
reunion. Am! once more we wish
to extend the good wishes of
Women's Store on this day
Sincerely yours,
much more realistic with curios from
foreign lands which she has collect
ed from time to time.
Mrs. Don Zumwalt opened the af
ternoon program with a dellghttul
musical number, "Long Ago In
Egypt," and was accompanied by
Mrs, J. R. Shaw,
The following program was given:
1. Five minute pictures of flvo
cities of ancient Egypt:
(a) Memphis... .Mrs. W. II. Robertson
(b) Heliopolis. Mrs. Claude Davis
will be joint bosteasos at the homo
of Mrs. Clemens at 428 Second
Mr Slough's guosts .will thon In
vite six other women to be their
guests and Mrs. Clomons' guosts will
Invite flvo to bo their guests.
"Southern Oregon has been given
the honor of being named series
one, In recognition of our quick
response," said Mrs. Slough today.
uy this simple, democratic pro
gram, a three-story brick and atone
(c) Abydos Mrs. J. M. Bedford , building, providing dormitory, class
(d) Tanls Miss Ida Momyor ' room" for tne h(m economics de
Can you think of
anything lovelier
f o r a Christmas
Gift than a Por
trait made by us?
' ArT-
i -
Opposite Court House 327 Main Street
Phone 39
(e) Thebes Mrs. H. E. Geti
. What the Decorator Can Glean
from Ancient Egypt, Mrs. Rose
The Role of Tutankhamen In
History .Mrs. Paul Jackson
The Tomb of Tutankhamen
Mrs. Russell Austin
What the Metropolitan Museum
Is Doing In Egypt, Mrs. Oscar
Supervisor's Summary, Mrs,
Don Zumwalt.
Part II
(Under the Direction of Mrs.
T. C. Campbell, President.)
Parliamentary Talk, Mrs. Jack
son Kimball.
Book Review, Barren Ground
(Ellen Glasgow), Mrs. Wilbur
Modern Cultural Arts, Mrs. C.
I. Roberts.
Current Events, Mrs. Hopo Kll-bourne.
New Vice President
For Copco Elected
CHICAGO, Nov. 2D. H. 8. Jones
bas been elected vice president of
the Western States Gas and Elec
tric Company and the California
Oregon Power company with head
quarters In Stockton, Calif., the
Byllesby Engineering and Manage
ment Corporation announced late
Henry Gcnacber of the Byllesby
Corporation will succeed Mr. Jones
as assistant general manager in
Chicago of operation of the West
ern StatCB Power company at Min
neapolis. For 14 yearn Mr. Jones
was president and general managor
of the San Diego Consolidated Gas
and Electric company.
partment, colloge dining hall and
social parlors will be given to the
institution w'Moh, through Its self
noip program oirors every young
man and every young woman the
chance to earn the money with
which to pay tor aneducatlon. Some
men, learning of this work, havo
asked to be Included In the partlos
with the result that the assist
ance of men, women and children Ij
cordially Invited."
Southern' Oregon students now at
tending Albany Solf-Holp college
are: Victor Arundel; men's glee
club; Roseburg; Horsey' J. Borden,
football, Medford; Ouy Campbell,
football, Myrtle Creek; LeRoy
Chllds, Kerby; Walter Dennis, presi
dent, Pirate Knights, Roguo River;
Leston Fate, Days Creed; Alice Jess,
president, Y. M. C. A., Murphy;
James Johnson, Medford; Warren
Klrkpatrlck, president, tbo fresh
man class, Medford; Alva Laws,
football, basketball and former col
lege orator, Rogue River; Cathorlne
PItteiigcr, Ashland; Lyle Sams,
football, Ashland.
It's All Lit Up
Like Main Street
In Klamath Falls
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 25. (p)
Broadway, one of 1 Portland's
main business streets, has been pro
vided with a now lighting system
which turns night Into day. It was
dedicated last night with a public
celebration. Large lamps, extend
ing ovor 20 blocks, wore Installed
by the merchants of the street at a
cost of $120,000.
Don't Wait For Your Teeth To Drive
You Mad
with pain before you heed tho age-old advice of doctors
and give your teeth the regular attention and care that
Ib needed to Insure good health. See us for freo examination.
(Painless of course)
202-204 Hopka Bldg, 8th and Main Phono 836
y ss .r.i vi
that is
always welcome!
If tboro In one gift that Is welcome with con
tinual favor it Ih candy.
Evory girl evory youngntor ovon your mothor
onjoys a plocu or two of fine chocolalon.
There's something about fruit chocolatos,
cream or nut contora, that hold one's fancy.
With CHOCOLATE SHOP chocolatos, each nug
get seems to taste bottnr than tho one beforo.
What hotter Indication could ono hnve of fine
Ank for our npoclal Thanksgiving candy for G0c
to 110,00 a box.
P. J. Zissos, Prop.