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PubllHhed Daily at
"An Empire Awakening"
Associated PreM Leased Wire
Eighteenth Year Number 5662
City Fathers Unublc to
Agree on Machinery to
Enact Big Job tor City
Balsiger and Roberts Line
up Against Cofcr and
Stuckey on Problem
There In possibility, ''Veil I
probability. Hint Klniiinlh'11 prop 'm d
sower extension pr 'grain will he
It will bo shelved, nut bfCSUSO ih
ruuncii cuii not rulmt money, nor
been lino the project a;iiii m nut
ftallln at thin Hill", lint becliilne the
city !; cleft In twj vvor
minor point Hint 1 be easily
ndjustcd, In lh' opinion if author
ities, Pointed Isdleatioa ibsl ins pro
ject iiiIkIiI ruu on Hi" rocks w.n
clearly Nhown lam nlit'il. alien for
the HOODd tlni" lb coumil voted
down an ordinance einmwe;l-ig Mn
or OoddSTd to lilru C. C. K' lined .
Hnn Kriim Imu i-nttlnpivr, t.i eJiidurt
tho preliminary survey of t hu olby'g
sewage Md woltttlop noods,
l-.iiKiuoer Is IsSUO
The point of difference tii-t.-ivi-n
tli" conn II In of comparative minor
Iloforn Hi" mtln project inn be
undertaken, there mum hp .1 com
plete survey by 1 eempotont sani
tary engineer. Then tli" nolo plo
wed will In' carried 1 1 completion
Immediately following.
( 1) n m 1 1 n n-11 lliilslr mill It 'In 1 1 .
hold Hint Kennedy should be
miruu Hi" engineering supervision
of both Hi" survsg ninl miiin Job be
fore iiiiyib'ns li. oU.tcJ.
i mini 11 Deadlocked
Counellnicn Htuckoy and Cofcr.
tiiko Hi" position tbnt Hi" Pity should
1m) protootod In Hi" matter and
I tint bo contract should ! lot prel
maturely. They sny "fcpl KoModj
ltavi) Hi" Job of tho survey, lint nr,
far an the nniln Job In concerted,
wo refuse to llo ourselves up with
Kennedy, ii" may nol i" the nitri
Mo want sttbf nil."
llalsiger mid Roborts reply, Hint
li win Ki'iini dry's understanding
with tho council Hint ho shonld I"
awarded tho coiitimt Tor 'all tho
work, nn tho return from Just a pro-
I I ill In a ry nurvcy would nol Justify
bin work.
jimt whnt the council win da
about tho matter, nobody saoms to
know. The Issue In clear cul and
tho Hpllt In Hi'.' COUnoll Ih ab
solute. in uii probability there will bo n
meeting of tho council with .Mr.
Kennedy, mi Informal sjfalr, to sop
wlioihi'i' or not It would bo possible
to iron out the points of dlfferenco.
Death Strikes
Former Leader
Of Socialists
Job Harriman Suc
cumbs Near Los
1,08 ANflUl.KS. Calif., t'cl. -7.
(I') Job iinrrimun. tttorney, oundt-
dato for vice prciddcnl on the Bp
delist tlckol in iiioo, dlad yesterday
at 8lorru Mudro, It bebarilo known to
day. Tho death of the Socialist loader "t
tho little root hill town northeast'of
hero was duo to tuberpulosls, ii" was
m years of ago, a native of Indiana,
Harrlmtui wis nationally known
by bin piirllrlimllon In n nmnhor of
movoinenis for sniiul botlormoul pi
Mm laboring classes, ii" was admit
tpd to tlW bur In Colorado unci carpo
to California In 1000, lie was nn m
tornoy for tho defense In the trial
of the MoNnthbra brothers, who wore
convicted of dynamiting the 1.0s An
koIoh Times building In tOUi Later
hp polled a hbavy vote here as So
olallsl pony oahdldate for mayor or
lion Angeles, nitiiough lib fallod or
election, He imd been 111 for many
yen I'n.
i'aki.s.- "Monsieur oalllaux is a
hard morse,! What Is called In Ahter
lon hard imiiod," comments a tor
pijn I'ciinw nn'iiihiM' or the ortbinot,
Convicts Will
Hang For Part
In Pen Escape
Willos And Kelley Arc
Convicted of Mur
der BAMOMi Orp.i Oct. tit' "You win
kill 11 gugrdi will you'.'"
Jim Will on twitted, Bliswortb Kol-
ley iih tho two , were taken thrOUg!
the Hint" priNon gate gostortfay af
ter a Jury In elfOttlt pourl had found
thorn guilty or first degree fnurdcr
in connection with the prison break
of Angpsl II,
Keiif.v, iipable to sap anything but
the m'riouu idde of the predicament
In which he flndn himself, hud
nothing to pay. When tlje hand
cuffs were removed Iii the turnkeyJs
ofri-" before the two were returned
10 (loir eelln, Kelley pssaypd a Jk
Stop or two, bOI Deputy Warden Ut
ile auld It wus a pretty feeble . r
Joshes Uurra)
An Kelley and WHUm were led
down Hie cell tl"r WHIoh called
to Tom Murray, already sentence 1
in death tor Hie Mime rrlme:
"Hello. Tom, I'm koIiik to upend
Chrlatmgi with yon."
Murray In henlrlieed to be banged
on Friday, Decpnibor 11, und Kelloy
nnd WHbifi are lo apponr beruri'
Judge Kelly t o'clock next Fri
day morning to ropeive the death
sen ten cp.
To Appeal I a-"
It In iinderi.tood Hint Will it Kins.
attorney tor tin- threi eottricU srtll
appenl lite cmu'i to the supremo
court, which will meuu a May of
The Jury tbiti yet"rday gdjudfpd
Kelley and Wlllon guilty an ebnrKcd
wan out 11 little lets than II bOttCp,
It reported at 4:0S o'clock y.'tcr
day afternoon.
Cecil Peerce is Accused of
Stealing Medical Sup
plies, Jewelry
PORTLAND, Oro., Oct -T. p
Portland detoctlves today arrested
Cpell t'. Pobrco, ug, charged with
iiierii of medical supplies and appa
ratus and Jewelry, lie wan alno ehnrg-
ed with having stolon supplies from
the armor) at Bugene,
i'eerci', who graduated from the
Uolrerslty of Orogon with the class
of '2s, came la Portland 10 nontlnua
bin studios at the University or oro
gon medical school, it" was ploy-
ed at l.uckey'n Jewelry more at Ku
genp part time, nnd alno at the
Mi'rcy hospital Bugone, while study
ing in Bngeno,
Police said Hint when tho icareh
ed his room today following bin nr
rosl thoy rou.nd mad leal supplies, ur-
gleal Instruments, liltK or Jewelry nnd
army shirts,
Pplce wore Investigating disap
pearance or articles of Jewelry that
w. w. Brlslow or Luckey's Jewelry
More, Bhigono, said had disappeared,
peorob's arresi followed nn inves
tigation by ll. c. Anton, special agent
fur the Porllnnd nchool dlsirlct. of
the disappearance or a microscope
from Lincoln high miiooi at the sum
mer course. Peerce wus married
three months uko.
Prank Ddvey, old-time Oregon
newspaper man, legislator nnd pub
lic figure, will address the weekly
members' forum or the ohnmbor of
commerce tomorrow noon, 11 wus
announced today. Mr. Dnvey was
for yours -a resident 01' Siilem, but
now lives iii Portland,
Special music will be furnished
by the chnmlior of commerce Quar
.iiuii Demnsey, world's s'loavy-
iWetghl champion, tnude II liithl
(ng entry into Msxlpa pity htsi
night, Noi thai he personally
participated but nevertheless
his arrival was enlivened by
several fluids in Hie throng ot
admirers who gathered nl the
slut Ion to greet him.
1 1
booze mat
Police Officers, Railroad
Employes and Others
Declared Involved
Federal Probe Into Gigantic
Beer Running Scheme
Gets Under Way
tilli'AGO, on. 27. (in Several
Chicago offips holders, officials of
.loll' I. Aurora and Peoria, ten iil-
csgo police captains and Wnployes ol
fire railroads hsve been drawn into
tb" fi'deral InventlKutlou of Chica
go's 9.b0o,UU0 beer byndica.o.
W. I.. Harper, mineral COS) und
roll" nseiit of Hi" New York Cen
tral, threw llghl on reports that
beer wan run Into Chlekgp from
the I'ust with railroad employes' e ni
nlvsnoe, federal prosecutors said
Harper esplalned that shipments f
beer were re-coin Ijcned nnd vi'
niuled by fprgsd orders.
Porged Orders
lie produced records, iii" govsrn
ment men mild, that allowed his
name had been forced to order of
beer shipped from 11 Corning, N. V.
brewery. COttSJng It to be reconnli n
ed ut Klkburt. lud . In un Ottemtpt
In rntlfllfe I'l lil lbilloll IIRentK.
One illy offkiul iiueiiHoned wan
Tboa. Kvane. city collector, who
! bad bosh under Inquisition durlni;
the sacramental wine investigation
several month nno. Prosecutors
would not dUclose anything be
told thum.
License llovoked
Coincident with the Intfutryj which
will .culminate, In grand Jury notion,
B. c. Vellowioy. federal prohibition
admlnisjlrstor, revoked six whiskey
permits of physicians ami druggists
und Summoned fifty others to his of
fice to show cause why they should
not loss theirs,
Meanwhile detective stiuuda war
ring on gunmen liquor ruuuers,
caused the death of James llovlto.
bootlegger, killed when his auto
mobile, laden with moonshine liquor,
crashed Into number In his efforts
In elude a pursuing police squad.
Rhea Luper To
Attend Confab
On Irrigation
State Engineer to go to
Washington D. C.j
On Dec. 11
8AI1BM, ore.. Oct. 2:. Ithan I.u
per, sliite eiiKiueer. bus been dele
gated by Hovernur Pierce to attend
a conference In Washington, l. C.
December U and li. culled by Kl
wood Meude. commissioner of the
reclamation service. Reclamation pol
icies, particularly with reference t"
tlie western und soul hern stnles Will
lie discussed and the problem of B8t-
tlemnnl will be considered at length.
The govornmeni has had n policy
or withholding money for develop
ment or projeeis until some arrange
ment 01' state aid In settlement bus
been made, but dissatisfaction of the
suites with this policy bus led to the
calling of the conference. Corres
pondence between Governor Plorce
und Dr. Meade relative to the Warm
Springs project ueiir Vale, In which
Meade wanted ft guarantee or stnto
u id in settlement, which wus nol
tleiinlliiy promised by lierce. wus In
strumental In the calling ot tin' con-
Snow Fallincr in
Mountain States
DBKVBR, Colo.. Oct. 27. (Jp)
CMlHnft blasts froth the north,
which yesterday brought heavy
nnow and fivt'ztnK temperatures to
tin1 norlhwi'Ht, today wolf envelop
ing 1 lid Hooky Mountain region in
the first seasonal Cold wave.
Snow today lilankots the touulry
from northern Washington eastward
RcrOBS Montana and northern Wy
oming and South Dakota, and hi
expected tonight In parts of t'olo-
rstdo nnd I'nili.
Painleve And
Cabinet Out;
Resign Today
Premier Calls on Pres
ident With Res
ignations I'AitiH. Oct. i ii', -Premier
i'ainleve's enblnet n ' Icued today.
,m Painleve called on President
iJoumerKue Hhortly nrier 2 p. m.
and presented lite collective resig
nation of tho nilnlslern.
The premier itirorined the pres
ident that tlio Cablnol could not
continue Its work or restoring the
French fiosnojos without beinK a
snrsd of a favor.'ibb majority in
narlls ment.
The decision of lb" ministers to
resign was tinanifnouc It was by
tho attllude taken by the radical
und soiiallst parties at their recent
congress In Nice, where the prinel
pln of a tax lovy on capital ji
The PalnleTS ministry was formed
on April l of thin year to succeed
thill of Kdouard llerriott, which
also went down Utrougb the refusal I
of parliament to Scept its fiuuucial
I.Ike lis predecesi.or the cabin-t
which steps down today depended
for its parliamentary majority larR, -ly
on the partlet bf the left, in
ctudlng the radicals nnd radical so
cialists. Joseph Caillaux, I'alnleve 11
minister of finance and one of the
outstanding personalities of the gov
ernment, has steadfastly resisted
the left bloc In Its desire to resort
to a lovy on capital as a means of
fitting France oui ot its financial
Paris dispatches for the last few
days have made it plain that the
premier and Forelsn Minister Briaad
were not in sympathy with M. Cail
Iniix'e plans, tho details of which
huvo been kept largely in the dark
during their consideration Uy tho
Nearly 30 injured When fast
Passenger Train Goes
Into Ditch
MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 27. (F)
Sixteen persons were killed and be
tween 25 and SO Injured when He
SunnyUnd. fast St. l.ouis and San
Francisco railroad train, northbound
from Birmingham to Kansas City,
wus derailed near Victoria. Mis',
today, according to roporls receiv
ed at the offices of the railroad
Tho cause of the cvreck had not
been determined ut thai hour and
roporls of the accident still were In
complete, A partial list of the dead, gather
ed from several sources, contained
the names of six persons from south
ern states.
Sick Convict
Makes Escape
George Bean Breaks
Away From Tuber
cular Ward
SAI.EM. Ore., Oct. 27. tieorge
IVan, otAte prison convict who tor
some time has been a patient in
Hie tubercular ward of the state
hospital, escaped last high! by a
ladder which he placed beneath the
window of his room. BSah is in .1
serious physical condition and sub
ject to hemorrhage. He was To
ceived at the state prison last Jan
uary from Clackamas county for
having stolen goods in bis posses
sion. 0 BAUD liVOKI
O . o
BOND, ore., Oct. 87. Leon-
nrd Strom, local mill employe
is convinced luck is ggatpsl
II I in , Arrested for speeding 55
miles an hour on the Dalles-
California highway, he was
lined $50 and costs nnd his
drivers license ,ns revoked for
a year. While 'he was pay-
lug up somebody stolo his car.
1 LI
His Support of Mayor God
dard's Development Pro
gram Wins Approval
O. A. Smith and A. J. Lyle
Also Predict Victory
Big Vote Forecast
Ah tile dale for tlie election In
He- seccstd Srard draws near, the
fi lends of tlie three eaniUilutes are
bending every energy to Und the
prfge for their man, with the result
that when the polls OSM tomor
row morning the contest will be ut
a while heat. E6b side Ls confi
dent of victory. That the result
may be close is a possibility, de
pending on whether Hie anti-Smith
vole is spill between Powell nnd
I.yio. Iteallxing the certainty of de
feat If this vote swing to one or
the other candidate anil fenriiif; thai
l.yle iiiiKhi be Induced to withdraw,
.Smith sapportets nave for Hie past
two days been Koln to I.yie and as
suring him of easy victory and their
support. This fact bus put such
11 front 011 the light that even the
liest propbets are at sea, and each
one is gorelied by the desire lo
see iheir candidate win.
PoWoll 1'ndini-
The secret poll taken by the
Evening Herald showed that Powell
has the best of it as matters stand
tonight. If those whs stand for
thc Oregon Trunk and Mayor GJd
dard's program will vote for one
of Smith's opponents and their
choice should bo Powell, there will
be nothing to it but victory, if,
huwever, this vole is split, the race
will be neck and neck. It. there
fore, behooves every voter to take
this fact Into consideration when
he goes to the polls tomorrow.
Powell Speaks
Vtten Powell was seen today and
asked to express himself on the pro
position of Mayor G'Jddard lo uko
lesal steps to force Hie return of
(Continued 011 Pago Two)
Mayor Goddard Gets Little
Sympathy from City
Council Last Night
Hesitate to Institute Suit to
Find out Whether $300,
000 Can be Recovered
Mayor (loddard's message to the
city council, advocating steps to
ward the return of the $300,000
in bonds the city has invested in
the Strahorn railroad, foundered on
Hie shoals of an unsympathetic coun
cil lust night.
Concretely suited, the mayor's po
sition was Ibis: Strahorn agreed to
build a road from Klamath Falls
to Bend providing the city would
help; the city did help, to the tune
of $SOO,000 but the O. C. & E.
never reached its proposed terminus.
Bend; therefore Mr. strahorn Vio
lated his agreement and the city
is entitled to regain its investment.
it might be all right to look into
Hie mutter." Councilman llalsiger
suggested. "Hut right hero I would
like to say 1 am opposed to any
long litigation to see whore we
stand. It wouldn't be worth it."
There was u general nodding of
herds around tlie council table.
"1 would like to wait and see
who will be in final possession of
the road." llalsiger said, "before
doing anything about the bonds. If
the Southern Pacific proves final
owner ol' the 0, C. & E., our bonds
will be worth more because S. 1'.
is above par right now. white Ore
gun trunk slock Is selling down
around ;lo."
Mayor Hoddard Interrupted:
"Weil, anyway you won't gat
(font limed on I'nge l''o,tli')
Three Polling
Booths To Be
Used Tomorrow
Everything Is Set For;
Election of Councilman
Tomorrow, between the hours of
S a. m. and S p. m.. voters of sec
ond ward will wend their way, to
one of the three polling places to
east their vote for one of three ean
didates who aspire to represent the
ward on the city council.
Tlie three candidates, from whom
the voters must make their choice
arc Z. T. Powell. A. J. l.yle and
O. A. Smith.
Polling booths are as follows:
1 Kpperson's itadlo department. Van
Fleet's Electrical store, 208 Main
I street
i Basement of the county court
! house, on Main between Third and
! Fourth streets.
j The Davis Furniture store, 124
' north Seventh street.
i A steady stream of silver flowed
1 into Justice court yeBterday a3 the
i result or payment of traffic fines.
! I.a Verne Carter, a former speeding
I offender, was fined J25 for speed
ling on the Merrill highway; Ever-
ett Denton was fined 110 for oper-
ating a car with a void foreign
: license; YV. T. Carter was fined $11
1 for the same charge; H. L. Mor
I row. fined $10 for failing to have
1 a flag on an overhanging load.
WASHINGTON'. Oct. 27. (JP)
j President Crowley was directed by
i the shipping board today to study the
i Admiral-Oriental line, which operates
! a fleet of five passenger-cargo steam
!ers out of Seattle, and report as to
j the advisability of retaining the pre-
sent management.
Edward Derossitt Admits
Driving Spikes Between
Rail Joints
ASTOIUA. Ore.. Oct. 27. (P)
The Astoriu-Portlnnd train of the
Spokane. Portland and Seattle rail
way bumped perilously over an ob
struction near Westport last night
and. upon investigation. Edward De-
rossit. 17 year old St. Helens boy
; was locked up in tho county jail
I charged with driving railroad spikes
between two rail joints and piling
j timbers on the track. The boy was lo
I cited by Dick Mines, railroad special
! agent, and later arrested by sheriff
I Slushcr. He confessed to tampering
with the rails, officials say.
Naval Day Is
Being Staged
Support of Navy Urged
Throughout the
Appeals for public support ef the
navy were voiced thrdughout the
.ountry today on the occasion o?
the annual naval day celebration
this year of the 150th anniversary
of the navy on the birthday of
Theodore Roosevelt.
Open house was tho order for
ships at ports on ail coasts and tor
navy yards and other shore stations,
with athletic events and speaking
programs arranged in observance of
the day. All ships were under or
ders to "full dress," while naval of
ficers alsj donned their blue uni
forms instead of civilian clothe
ordinarily worn at shore stations.
Army otttCerS, too, appeared in uni
forms as a compliment to the navy.
President Coolldgo today pro-
claimed Thursday, November
20. as Thanksgiving day. when
gratitude "should be expressed
for many and great blessings"
which have come to the people
during the past year.
Community Chest Idea Ap
proved by Chamber Dir
ectors Today Noon
All Organizations in City
Will be Urged to Get
Behind Movement
Klamath Falls this year
promises to have a Christ
mas such as it never had
This was indicated today
noon when the chamber of
commerce directors indors
ed a plan for a community
chest Christmas, in which
every civic, fraternal and
charitable organization in
the city will be asked to
take part.
Heads of the various civic
organizations, together with
representatives from the
public health service and
the Salvation Army, will be
asked to meet" with the di
rectors next Tuesday noon,
at which time definite plans
will be formulated.
ileal Simla (Talis
Plans now being formed call for
a real Santa Claus with sleigh bells
und other trappings to make tho
rounds ot the city on Christmas
ere. depositing tho toys- for tho
kiddies, clothrng and food for tho
families and making It a real Chist
mas in every respect.
It was suggested to the directors
that a big homc-talent vaudeville
program might be staged for two
nights early next month to pro
vide part of the funds for the com
munity chest campaign.
Poole to Help
Harry Poole of the Pine Tree and
Liberty theatres has promised hln
full cooperation with the community
chest committee and will work with
the committee on the entertain
ment feature in ordor to make it n
financial and entertainment success.
"I am always glad to aid in any
manner a cause of that nature, and
can give assurance of my whole
hearted support," said Mr. Poole
II. C. Oroesbeck. who presided,
appointed the following committee
to formulate a plan for the com
munity chest und present It ne.vt
Tuesday when representatives from
the various organiiationn are prov
en: A. M. Collier, E. W. Vannlce,
and John C. Boyle.
When you find a business
man or an Institution who is
opposed lo the coming of the
Oregon Trunk, you find one
who is afraid of competition.
He believes in small sales
and large profits. Instead of
large sales nnd small pro
fits. The greater the volume
of business the lower tho
price at which goods can be
sold und the cheaper you
can buy what you need. Thai
is why you should. In Jus
tice to yourself, und is u
matter ot rulr play, spend
your money with thov In
stitutions that are support
ing the coining of the Ore
gon Trunk.