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    Page two
Monday, Ootpber 26, L0
Assessor Busy
Laboring For
His Candidate
'Bill" Lee Circulates
Petition For O. A.
Thousands Upon Thousands of Old
would now He enjoying their natural right to a Rtrong,
healthy body and mind If thoy had given their teeth the pro
per euro ami attention when young. Don't make the game
mistake. See us for free examination.
(Painless, of course)
102-204 Hopka HIdg. 8ta and Mnln
Phone S3
We cany
Ignition and Light Wire
Silent Timing Gears
Fly wheel Starter bands
I Seaplane Loss
-1 4 . T
cripples iNavy
VanDykes Parts Co.
With the Hub Tiro Shop
502 So. 6th Phone 616
New parts for all care
He Loves Another,
Wife's Complaint
He loves, and admits he loves.
another woman, is the sole com
plaint of Mrs. Ethel Esther Cox,
in a divorce suit she filed against
her husband, Z. J. Cox, this morn
ing. Cox, the wife claims, started to
write endearing letters to another
woman along about October 1, and
has continued the practice ever
since. The couple were married at
Vancouver, Washington, in 1920.
Christ ma s
Have you ordered your
Greeting Cards yet ? Voi;
can select formal cards,
dignified and chaste, or
gay, colorful ones, ablaze
with Christmas cheer. And
by ordering now yon will
escape the hurry and con
fusion of last-minute or
ders. W. O. SMITH
Printing Co.
Phone 93
HAl.TlMOKK. Mr., Oct, S. Tea
United States navy seaplanes were
battered into shapeless heaps ami
seven ten seriously damaged yes
terday when, under the buffetlngs
or a terrifle southwest, sale, they
dragged with them or broke loose
from -1 7 r. pound anchors at:.'. Piled
up along Beyer) miles ot sea wnllj much
and beach at So'.lers, near the mouth listen
or tne rata 030 river. SIX other ma
chines safely rode out the storm.
The planes were a double dblatch
ment frflm Hampton Roads, 10 nt-
tached to scouting squadron YS-lQ
torpedo squadron VT-1 while tie'
seventeenth machine wrecked was a
staff plane. All had been at anchor
off the Point since last Friday when
they were brought here to take part
in an aerial pageant in connection
with the Schneider seaplane trophy
race at Bay Shore Park.
Commander Ellyson in charge ot
ono seaplane squadron, said that J
of the ships would he repaired and
flown back to Hapten Koads. tie
believed that the motors of the other
10 could be salvaged. The planes
had been in -service only about 10
I months and comprised about one
j sixth of the navy's craft of their air
craft. Exclusive of the value of the
motors the loss was estimated at
$24,000 per plane.
The moorings for the craft had
been chosen by Commander Ellyson
and Lieutenant Commander G, I.
Smith. commanding the second
squadron, as the most suitable to
protect the planes from a southeast
storm, waruings of which had been
received from Washington. When the
gale blew up out of the southwest.
however, the expected safe anchor
age was turned into an open road
stead and- the protecting land b
came a treacherous shore.
Court housu habitues were all
visited today by "Hill" Lee. Klam
ath's assessor, who forsook his of
ficial duties long enough to circu
late a petition by which O. A. Smith
would be endorsed by the voter.,
of second ward.
"Hill'' breeted into one office af
ter another, with a disarming smile,
a right hand reaching out for a
shako and his left hand grasping
tha petition for which he "hoped
to get a hundred siguaturea by
Iu some offices. Hill was success
ful. In others, there was a bit too
business being transacted to
to political talk from the
county assessor and the petition Was
not signed.
To harmless Queries of newspaper
men, Mr. Leo turned n deaf ear,
only responding rather pointed)?
that the newspapers would hear
about it suon enough.
Shasta View-Malin
in Franc Is
Brought to Halt
PARIS. 0:t. 26. OP) Tho dron
in the franc was broug'U to a sharp
halt today by government Inrter
vention in the market and a grave
i warning to speculators in the form
of criminal proceedings opened by
the minister cf justice against un
named parties for illicit exportation
cf capital.
Finance Minister Caiiiaux allow
ed the franc to reach 25 to the
dollar before deciding to make urs'
of the Morgan loan, having, accord
ing to information around tie
Bourse, caught soma French bankors
largely short of fran'3 on foreign
C. M. tUrknatrlck and wife am!
mother. Mrs. Belle Kirkp.itrick. were
Klamath Falls visitors Tuesday. The
latter will visit her son Lester of
Klamath Falls and son Claude of
i of Dorris before returning.
II. E. Wilson and wife spent
Thursday in the county seat. Mr.
Wilson was chosen from this district
to assist in making up the county
school budget for the year.
Joe Micka took the second load
of hogs to Klamath Falls Thurs
day, this making twenty which he
htfs sold to a market there.
Ailene Foglo was a week-end vis
itor at the home of her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Myers.
Jasper Smith has moved his house
onto a new foundation nearer the
road which adds to the appearance.
W. A. Turner. Mr. Mead
Mrs. Rhine of Klamath FalU
"The way of truth is like a great road. It is not dltflCUK
to know. The evil is only that man will not seek it. Do
you go home and search for itP'-MuNcius
Yon will find it in the columns of
this newspaper. Read the local news
and the dispatches of
. "SiiV nil.
I'ARIS. Oct. 26. M'l The indus
trial dissontion in the Patnleve
cabinet came to tt 'head tcduy at ,t I
meeting which had been culled as
the preliminary to one tinder the 1
chairmanship cf PreJldcnt Doumer-1
sue for final decision on the flnnn
and.cial program.
fere While the ministers adjuged do
Work Is Progressing on New
Grizzle Structure. Main
and Eleventh
at the H. E. Wilson home Sunday. ; finite action and the meeting
David Myers who is having quite! the president was posuumed
a siege with sciatica rheumatism tomorrow, the breath betwi
BERLIN Kricderioh Wilhrlm,
former rrown prince, is the defendant
in a suit by a newspaper editor for
libellous defamation. The reason Id
that Friederich denounces as libel
lous news a statement about a girl
held in his castle.
wont save it
But a stream of water from a liose would! The "Loretlco"
Automatic Water System will Him) water under pressure
is improving slowly.
Little Dorothy Faught was burn
ed quite badly on her feet when she
stepped into some hot ashes. She
seem6 to he doing well.
Jim McCanna has moved to his
ranch and is putting In rye after
which he will return to work on
Tule Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Close and
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd of Alturas were
visitors at O. W. Myers Wednesday.
The ladies of the Helping Hand
society met with Mrs. Street Wed-
l nesday with the following present:
Mestiames Myers, Grayson, Wilson.
Bailey, Sanders. Macken. Hannon.
Reber Xewton, Ross, Ogle, Clark and
the hostess. The next meeting will
be held. at the home of Mrs. Emma
Wilson at her summer home on
November 4th.
Several new houses are being built
in Malin by A. Kallna, which will
be for rent. Living rooms arc in
good demand iu this hustling town.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke of Dorrls
were calling on their many friends
in Malin Wednesday. Mr. Clark was
the miller at this place two years
and well liked here. Mrs. Clark
was a member of tin; Helping Hand
society and we were pleased to see
her at the meeting.
Friday vening tin1 community was
well represented at a surprise recep
tion given Rev. and Mrs. Micsovsi.l
at the Community Hull. Each fam
ily left some token of use to the
family. The evening was :;pent
playing games, visiting, etc.
Mrs. Ogle of Lakovb-w is spend
ing a few weeks with her daught
Mrs. Hugh Hoss.
n fin
ance minister CAQJMUX on tho one
'land and Premier I'alnlo.e and for
eign minister Braid on the other
".cached a point considered by pol
itical quarters ns beyond healing.
II. Caiiiaux this morning In re
ported tq have flatly refused a re
quest' by Premier I'alBlovc lor hi'
resignation. Tho finaaco minister
said he had come tj tho meeting in
pursuance of his dulies to present
lis projects fcr the financial restor
ation ot the country,
He ihud no intention of being a
scapegoat ifOT the i.vholo government
which was equally responsible with
'him tor the present. ultuatlJii. He
declared vehemently that he would
not, by resigning, lot It appear to
tho country that he wa.i In any way
accountable for the mlnirlerUU crisis.
The cabinet then listened to :lu
plans for stabilization of finances,
but put over action on them until
torn orrotr.
With tin- breaking of ground on
the new drizzle building, to be locat
ed on Main and Eleventh. Klamath
Falls will soon see the erecHon of
another brick business building. The
buildings which formerly occupied
this corner. Including the old "Wnr
den Ark." have been moved away and
-..'jrktuen were today busily engaged
in burning the debris.
Arthur Olson, general contractor
in charge of the erection, who drew
the : ii i.. Is rushing the work as
fast us possible, hoping
building under way
tcr weather sets In
Connolly Bros.
I tnmlle everything in
Woolen ftO'
sporting goutls, leather goods,
uls ami work shoes.
918 Main
to get tiio
beforo lb" win-
f There wr.s a suspicion of llijucr
about him, but not quite enough to
ell ni K" or operating an
White driving wMIt; in-
Knights Templar
to Be Hosts for
Royal Arch Body
NEW YOHK - A talc of two gen
tlemen of Verona Place, Brooklyn,
N. Y,: Dr, Walter S. Lyon Is ndver
Using- in tin: papers that he is not
dead, the demise of another resident
dent on the same :;!.ret;t with a simi
lar name and the wearing of mourn
ing by Mrs. Lyons for u daughter
caused condolences aud Ioi,s ot practice.
So County Traffic Officer KnoWles
preferred a charge of reckless driv
ing, to which John Cortez. Mn.;ieun
laborer at Algomti mill, willingly
plead guilty and paid a fine of slue.
Cortez, with several companion!-,
was arrested yesterday near Sutton's
store on Th Dallos-Callforiilu high
way, driving at an excessive ruto cf
All In all. yesterday wan a fairly
busy day for Knowles. Me galN-ivd
In t'harles Kruoger of Oaklurd, l.'nl.,
salesman ot dentlHt supplies, Dear
Algonia on a charge of speeding.
j Krueger plentl gull
I jl
I hi
1! Ill COAST
for such emergencies, beside
hath room, cattle and nth
plenty for the
It's frost proof and you can use it all the year round.
on 6th near Main
Phone 371
CANTON. Sbameen, the small
Island In the Pearl river, on which '
built the foreign concession or Can
ton, lias not yet recovered from Us
fright of June. No Chinese boats are
allowed to lund except the customs
A civilian must take a launch or
sampan to one of the foreign gun
boat k anchored off Hie island and
then a gunboat launch to the pier.
The pier is guarded by French An
nanese soldiers and British slkbs
supplemented by civilian gil&rdfl.
Along the Bund colls of smooth wire
are stretched in the Intervals be'
tween sandbag barricades.
Central avenue Is heavily sandbae,
god at every Intersection. Many of
the business bouses are carrying on
their trade from Hongkong, but bus
iness is nearly at a standstill.
VIENNA 1 The score of a mass
composed by Carl Von Weber end
thought to have been lost in a lire In
190J has come to light.
, . . , WT:.
Model f-" - .
W.lnut or : fel.h'-SsS , ' I j
M.l.oii.n,. IPfJ.-S' !-. ... i
A twite I JS' 4
Model 20 .,-- r.T". l.ur.r 'j rt 1 "ill
Sc.. ftU,
complete il.. . 1 : 1
without U '
(Continued l'roin Page One)
)ADIO of the finest in an
exquisite cabinet, At-
watcr Kent 5-tube set in a
Cabinet by Pooley with
built-in Pooley floatlnr!
horn. Ample battery gftSCe.
Alio other models. Come 1
in and see and hear them.
iVliicIicHtor stoi'f
UK .Mnln I'llOtto 20 J
sii.i'e of the Unitarian church.
Worst in Yt nr.,
Seafaring men In New York saj
was the worst storm known
years. The 10 mauled schoo
Cblu 01 big was saved b Hit) to
guard cutler Itarltnii in New Y.
iliarbr less than I no fe d. ..'rotn
rscks of Qovomorj Islan.l after b
nor anchors rwore lorn aw.i
tux poBajhdtM relumed lo norl
after lining In the storm a dry
uTOefc she bad In low.
Two wniieu end 15 men we:o
rescued by a const guard PStrJl off
Handy Iloak Utter drifting fur hours
on a string of 12 empty barges,
which woo abandoned,
Fl-eiik-i tit' Slornt
Forty font of shed" over a Ilrook
lyn elevated railway Ittttien wero
trn off, tip. rotBI -of a five siniv
tenement was peeled oil' and a 2
Inch smaltestock iweighliig soverallj
tons full rrom the Wp of n five
story Wflce building WlUhoUl lujui
Ing any one, nttihough heavy Irnf-
fic had to be fjewurod ufterwords,
Trolley and olhor traffic vns re-
ported halted or delayed in a s-.-oro
ni' plgces in the niotropolltnri and
nubiirbau ureas.
Tho KulglUK Ttjnplar of. Calvary
coinmnndery will entertain tho lloy
ul Arch Masons and their Indtts, on
net Wednemlny evening nt tlto .Ma
sonic hall.
A banquet will bo served at H:Ho
and the remainder of tlto eveiilni
devoted to card playing and other
This will he tho first of ueveral
I octal evenings planned for the win
ter by the Various Masonic bodies
of Ibis city. It In exported that prac
llenlly every Knight Templar In
Klamath Fallf. accompanied by a
lady, will be present upon thin oc
casion and tako advantage of this
opportunity to becomn belter ac
quainted with new members and tho
HtratiK'rs who have recently made
their home hero.
Preparations have been made lo
entertain a large crowd and members
of 111, ill bodies tiro urged to attend.
I V UUNON A golden headed
ijoglc, nevnu feet Irom wing tip to
wing tip. . aught in u rosebush while
mealier, chickens and hilled after a
right vitb u farmer, i to be sent
to (he museumwf natural history In
New York.
BERLIN Needing money, Fivl
dorloh August, erstwhile king of
Saxony. Is sending some ancient tap
entries from his oastle to the Fulled
State, for sale.
W'v Imvi nriiinKt ftr mi ctrn
gbbfl nupply of
nnd the first csr Is being un
load. -d today - It Is 10 Inch.
A tar of 13 Inch will ho in
Monday, We can also furnish
thin high grade healer wood In
'1 and ft. length, on orders
for It.
Wo advise esrly buying as the
supply limy be snowed In, n
Utile litl'-r.
Prompl ISrvIpe anil fair prices
will prevail.
We handle all kimis of
Wood Colli & Fuel Oil
G01 Main Phone 535
1 feed Car Sale
All Oar Used Cars Are Good And
Priced To Sell
1935 Buick Standard Six with enclosure
.1925 Hupmobile Club Sedan
i;)M Studeliaker Special Six Touring
1924 Oldsmobile (i, four passenger Coupe
i'.iZA Packard Six Touring with glass enclosure
1923 Hudson Speedster like new
1924 Overland Four 2 passenger Coupe
l!)2.") Ford Coupe
1923 Chevrolet Touring
1922 Hupmobile 2 passenger Coupe
1922 Packard Twin-Six 7 passenger Touring
1922 Buick Six touring
1921 Hudson 4 passenger coupe
1920 Hudson Sedan
1920 Winton Six 7 passenger Gould top
1921 Hudson Speedster
.1920 Ford Roadster with delivery body
21. ton Nash Quad with trailer
2 ton Master Long Wheel Case
' ton Caddilac truck
Klamath Ave at Eighth Street
Phone 890