The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, October 14, 1925, Page 11, Image 11

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    V('(l)icmlay, October 14, ll)2fi
THt LU M B E p L 0
i-iuff oianin
Plan Check On Pine Beetle
In Bend Region; Spraying
To Be Tried To Save Pine
BEND. Beetle lAfestAtlOn In tho lodge pole pines on
the motet of Kik lake threatens to destroy the scenic
beauty of tliat body of water, one of the most pictur
esque lakes In the Central Oregon Cascades. This is
tho information brought to Bend by A. J. Jaenicke,
government entomologist, who announces that steps will
probably be taken in the immediate future to check the
" Two melhodu ut checking Mm In-
Aridity evening I In. pupils nf ITip
high school gave a Freshman pnrly,
III On) K.'hd I auditorium. Mr in.l
Mm. llowurd, lh u high mill I r nit--
dlHtO lUIICllOlo Willi' till, gUOttB at
Tiif banquet iwaj nerved at 7 p.
tn. 'i .i.i-i being Mr, Howard,1! birth
ilny tOiey had u apuolul cuke for
blm, on lop if which Wl nlxtitvii
candle, Mr, Howard being IOj mod
est lo lull hit nxuet age.
After IIik banquet which nil mi
Joyed ovtry one played Muh Jnnxg
ThtMii ulum ill lie ihln delightful
party wvn IDIlNfbeth Oil Iton, Bill
abolh Km (lull, Kdlth Clara
Oollnrhldn, Adelo Davis, Vlvl Po :y.
l,atih(ilU Couch, Morlo Perry, Karl
Dlskln nud Mr. and Mrs. Clo-j. How.
Mr, o. u IWngfield gnvc a purl
Saturday uflurnoon to nr ButtAsy
school cla. tho noi'Jiid year Junior
jclrla. These glrla usalitud by thru,
of thn lamer Klrln who oclwd1 an
rapUilna. dlatrlbutn.l rully iluy nl.--Iilano
cnrtlH to ovnry h.uao In town
When limy roiuraud, Mr Wlng
flold nulatol hy Penrl Murphy serv
ed cookies and hit chocolate .and
hunii' nindu MndO
Those prviont wiim Dorothy Mur
pby, Kllmlii.i i (.lluiluon and Edith
Joneii, th,. captain, iiml (Intel Mc
Donald, Lucille Anderson, l.onorii
Klln. Kvolyn llntflold. Margaret
and Harriot Muiiu, IMulllin Middle
ton,. Ornco Olllum and Nova lloyd
luu, tin. Junior Hunluy ni-hjol class.
Hundny October 4, being Ually
Day, Dr. mill Mra. F. H. K.rd put
on apodal oxorclaei Sunday evonf
ln In tin. Chrlatlan
church. Tho ohiirvh vna btiuutlf ul
ly decorated with Chinese lantormi,
Japanicmi ptruoli, out flowers ami
uutumn leaves. Tho lltilo olu,- rep
loaimti'd t'hlim, iho mlaflonurlaii
adhonl lonniirrn. I.'r. ;nd. )iurin, In
u Chinese mlialon irhool, and all
tho chlldrmi aud the older onon
taking part were In Chineso e
tumea, The little tola anng n slier
'd ootid III Chinese.
I-Jnch -part waa well carried' out
nud every one proaont i nj.iyed th"
Utile Clilneii play vory uuii'h.
Mr. and Mm, Merle Urilnnrd re
.tirrnod Monday evening fioin a .few
doya visit with relatives at bulla
Kalla, Oregon.
Tho ninny frlonda of Mr. and
Mrs. dray lloykln of KuRvne, Ore.,
iwero pleased 10 wolcomo ihom for
a fow da durlnx the wouk. Mr.
aud Mra. Borkln lived at tula camp
overal year ami havo hosta of
trlondit In this vicinity. .
Tho Wlldwood xv Guild
hold tholr regulir meeting Wednes
day afternoon In the church Mbraiy
Tho (JltlM have their -plana Jual
anout eomploto for a IiIr Imiaar i
be hold In the church Krlduy, Oct.
30, In I'lt. aftorujon and evening.
I. nil.- Hubert Oholaon aon o-f, Mr.
and Mra. II. O. Oholaon, who tin
boon ruilto III for over a nunth, In
Just abjo to alt up tor a few hbura
at a ti iho.
P. M. Newbert proaident of the
game commlnolon uf tiarramonto,
Sanator Dreed and aon from Ran
rranclaci, w. Llpponcott jttno -wiir'-den
of Yrekn, Cal., and J. O. Mil
ler xamo warden from this part of
tho county and Mm. Miller left
Saturday for Cnlnhan Sprlnga, on
n hunting and camping trip.
Itev. Btlwkrd P. Shier, Uronhytor
.'nn mlnlali-r t.f KcldlnR, CeJi, arriv
ed In cninp Friday evoulUK and la
d guoat nt tho C, W. Murphy home.
Itnv. hlor iwlll li" Bh iJiinf speak
er the Illble BChool Inatftuto t.i be
hold In Tonnont Saturday, Oct. 10.
About 30 i f the yoilMf pi'.iple
ItnUiorod Thuraday ovon'ng In ihu
ohool uudltovlum tor a fm well
pnrly -given to Vlvl, Ciav, and
Morlo Perry, who have boon tihelr
achool mntOH for pnat three
yoara, and are moving Monday tn
Baornmontu, Onllr.. The r.iung peo
plo -played gnini's and danood Car
aovorul hoitra. Light refreihmeiitii
were nerved nnd nil bade the three
young pimple good b e nnd good
lurk In their new home nnd ichool.
The "Tllllmim" club met Friday
with Mr. K. P, MIMor. All en-Joyed
n lovely itinohoon iud ptoaUul
Hn.'ini afternoon.
Thou wb.i nttendsd the danco
-f''ildny iiiRi-K . under tfie maniige
mont -of W. I). Vniii'e, TODOTl n very
good time and a igm'd turn out.
JoKnabn'a orcholtrn (urltJahod tho
rfitlilc land lippr was aerved at
(OtttUOQ uie undor eonal-lerutlon.
Cluo la to fpray ull truoa on tho
nhrrea Oil tho titku which I'li'iiiiui'
tho conery. Spraying icperalloiia,
If ili i ldi'd on, will ho i tai led In the
uprlug betori' h rilulil Jf the boot
lea htarlu, The apray will be a do
terriillt of IllfeallillJli.
Aiiotlii.,- ntUgvjd of beetle H3n
BC01 under coiialilciiitlon lu the tut
U.ig down of ull Infeatcd trcea In
tbo lrniiioiHuc vk.'lnlly of Elk lako.
The I'm li.iiii; ut thla moniiod li
i ..Infill, alnce iho la-i'tlo Infoatatlon
la wldeapread lu the Elk luk- c.uu
try. It la pointed out. When the
flight of boetlea .Mi l In the nvrlng,
It la p.Mulblu that mam of the
aiundlng treea ncur the lake will be
AJthOutj "to Infeatiitlo'i In Ihu
Elk lake couuiry roiijlied an epld
hto atage laot year, Jaenicke ', op
tlmlatlc. Tuo wlntor kill lost year
grontly reduced the Infoatitlon. I',
la explained by the government on
totnologlat that beetlo Infcatatlon ecu-urn
In eyclea. li" predlcte.i thai
before many yoara. beellea , a-1 1 1 com
Itlotol dlaappear r a time, extor
nlnatfd by mntural cauaea.
In the MetcllUB rcJntry, Jaeni- k'
found that tho yellow pine beetle
di'oreaaod from 100,000 board loct
to the aecttin lu 1024 to 30,000
hoard foot to the Mellon t bin your.
Jneulcke recently completed a aur
vcy of tho Muloliita eouulry. Ho
wan uiwlatod In lu.ikliiyf tho.eurvoy
by A. O. Cnlrttivfca ' tffl1 M
stony, .0 ,: c ,aWdcHW
BjUo aHalnlcif -by two inert frm the
frMn'l ' I'.'f, DoRchutca national
Er im IJend, Jiicnlcko lenvoa for
Olio Klamatih country no make n nur
vey of the wWttrn pine he.otle In
filatlon in that part or the atate.
Mra. CI W. Btmooaoo fell down
tho atnlra a few daya ago and Iiub
boM to Dorrla. Calif,, for nicdlcnl
nltentlon. She la feeling better and
In homo again.
1 Min. Clyde Kllnn and children
apcut tbu weak end with .Mra. Sil
vern of Modoc. Mr. Kllnn hud gone
limiting-- mind 1 don't any "killing1
tor bo dooin't loom to meet up with
UMOal. The nolghhora have waited
In vain for venlaon.
The Chrlatlo brotbora, Fred and
Alhcri, apent Sunday In Klamath
with their fnmllloa.
Eewla Turner and family left on
Sunday for .Sacramento whero Mrs.
Turner will visit during the winter
with relatives.
The lllce family left for their win
ter home at Orovllle, Cnllf.
John Colvln, wife and eon arrived
Friday evening trom their trip, hav
ing aeen n good deal of California
I on their homo hunting expedition.
Charles llaatlnga (Chuck) met
with nn accident In the woods this
wouk when a cable broke and flew
back, hitting him on the shoulder.
Ho wont to Klamath Falls to re
cover from tho Injury.
Solomon Ilutte figured In one of
those otornnl .triangle atfalra you road
about. A cut off man, n man oacapad
from the Cblloquln Jail, and a woman
nil figured In the case which result
ed in the dlsflguroment of the first
named man. Man No. 2, nnd the lady
lu tho case then loft for parts un
known while the disfigured gentle
mnn was taken In Kmmnth PnUa for
jnedlcnl treatment Moral': Young
lumber loggers of Solomon Ilutte,
better let the lad lea nionn.
Wonder what fluster, Verg and Ed
think how of the partnership they
had been planning? Never mind boya.
It's nlwayi darkest Just before the
A prominent gentleman of this
camp In a flghl with John llnrleycorn
was worsted In the enmhnt.
John Lewis of Wnpnltln visited nt
the Kllnn home, being a friend ot
Mis. Kllnn In her childhood.
They tell ine that Lamm'S mill Is
gctllng flroWOOd from Kirk these
days. The men take Sunday to gel It.
Noah Crlpoi or Pluto mill on the
reaervrfllon spent a night this week
In ramp, the guest of "Dad" Wlniin.
SUM lias boon brought by liiiniber
rndtt'a Indemnity Kxi-hnnge against.
Lob-am Mill nnd Timber Co',; tdbatrt.
Wash., for alleged unpaid premium
of W854rf4, A similar suit has
linen bioughl agnlnst nnnlher mill
nnd veneer plant in Pacific County,
-. W
Even if
go out
Don't neglect to send in your dope to the editor of this
sheet. Remember he wants to go hunting too and how
can he do it, if you don't do your part?
We realize that mill and camp news for the past week
has been way below par, but we still believe there are
some of the more intimate details that are being held
T'ifin wii tianzq vfliitHtw i" .'
OUt On US. :- , ' j M,;U :,-:'
If they are of such a nature that! they can't be printed
as news, remember Miss Joynes, editress of ,Te,Social-
ij t . i '-:;i rv''C:'v- r '-j.'"!t bras bsjomi tmvsr
Uhwl She neerk fhe itemt M . tufsa
O Hill. Ullb
, ;
And how about mills that may close down within the
next month' or so? What will they cut? How much
timber in the yards and what plans for next season?
And if you hear of any developments in the way of
new machinery or equipment, or inventions by local
men send in the dope. It is of interest to no one so
much as readers of
Lag ....
'. iilMlWMWSBBara
. .
you do
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