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SATURDAY. SEPTEMnrcit '(., H2f)
ffilj? Gumma Urralb
Issued Daily, except Sunday, by The Herald Publishing
Company. Office: 119 N. F.ightli Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon.
R J. MURRAY Publisher
W. H. PERKINS News Editor
Entered as second class matter at the postortiee at Klamath
Falls, Oregon, under act of March 3, 1879.
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The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use of re
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wise credited in this paper and also the local news published
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T.hc Evening Herald is the official paper of Klamath County
and the City of Klamath Falls.
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Letters From The People
EDITOR EVENING HERALD: j V," :y it is possible to Bttrt out iu
Believing that it is only riffit and n auto f:om Mettforu Klamath
proper that the question of rail toad r :ii's a1"' beat a pas-enser train into
in Klamath county be discussed byiPr:ia-1- w1-." 13 UJal tm f?
all branches of business, agriculture j we were unable In sain the smalles:
las well, I venture to express the I concession in the way 3l rates or
opinion kA an ex-station agent, and : better service? Why Is it that all of
now just plain farmer. Having been sudden there is nothing that is too
In the service of the Penna P.. R. F-Od for Klamath county providing
Co.. for nine years it is in-.-onceiv-j we dJ their bidding. Now brother
able bo me that there is place in farmer ,hese arc things to Chink
our country that would refuse to j about. We sJoiuld not blame the
support the 'idea of additional rail- management 'f Jie system. They
road facilities. Can It be tliat are hardhearted business men, mak
Klamath countiy will again make its lue the capital intrusted to them
people the lauglaing st.vk of the 1 Prince the largest revenue possible.
,'w.hole country (as In the court I But we must blame ourselves if wo
(house fight) by doing what mo other ' do not use our best efforts to change
country or section has ever done to I conditions which we kn.,.v ure
my knowledge, refuse to accept Take the statement that if
added transportation facilities. ! competition was allowed to enter
! the field. The present svstem would
Have lieand the statement made not .nsl,er further expansion. lt
by our representing lumber interests ,s ,ogical tnat wfu ,heir in.
that we oould not expect better ser-Ve;tment a!ready Uere ,hey mM
o,.u "" - Bit idly by and see the vast ton-
over nil their linos into Salem for has been pushing lite boys hard
the price of 1 one-way ticket, which I There has been a prnctlco period of
is a big cut under the special stage
rules. Salem Journal.
less than two weeks and there Is
little hope of gelling the teuiu In
first elnss shape for the opening
tU'HH 1'AVIXtl WORK I gnme.
This is fine weather for paving The lumberjacks will know t lint
operations, says Harry K. Dover- they have been playing after tnlx
canx, elly engineer, and all the eon-! ing with the locnlK, who are full of
tractors are using every endeavor , fight even though they lack the
to complete their Jobs before the needed experience. An effort was
rniuy weather sets In. made to postpone the Klnmalb Kalis
E. C. Wllfert. who has the con-' uul "llH WB BBSUOOSSStttt
tract to pave Thirteenth avenue Officials have not been named for
west from Lincoln street to Monroe contest but these will be select
street will start pouring concrete within tl'iu next few days.
today, said tho engineer, nud Q aorta Oranti Ps Courier.
W. lteed. who has the contract to 1
pave Onyx street from Twenty-first HOLD HARIILVIT.
avenue to Twenty-fourth avenue Members of the Masonic lodges of
started surfacing yesterday. Coos county were guests at a big
Stein Brothers have two c re ws I veaUon barbecue at Port Orford
at work on Agate street and Oscar I Bundaj and ll was reported that
Snow is paving the intersections on I ov,,r two hundred nud fifty atlenil
I'harnelton street. The Head Con-14 from all over the county. The
struction company is ngsin working ' iort Orford lodge furnished the ven
on Vllliml street. - Eugene ltegls- '"on and the liarhecuo was held on
ter. the beach.
D. It. Chnney. tirand Secretury of
OHAXTS IWSS IIOI'KI'l 1. the S:ale. was ono of the main
Tho high school football season ' guests at the barbecue. Thos nt-
opens on Saturday when the locals 1 lending from Marshfield were
will clash with the high school Messrs. and Mesdnmen Dan Orr.
eleven from Klamath Kalis. The Carl Evertsen. A. P. Davis, Hugh
deep gloom which settled upon the Barclay. Arthur Blanchurd, A. B.
brow of Coach Brown the first night i Cidley. Dr. Ira Bnrtle, Charles Mc
knight . Noris Jeirsen and
Aspluud . - Coos Bay Times.
of practice has not yet been dis
pelled as he will be forced to go
into the opening game with a num
ber of men who have never played LOS ANGEUSS. Charles Bay P.
before. Beports from Kiamath Kails i Dins, Inc., organised to produce
of a husky aggregation of lumber-. motion pictures featuring the actor.
jacks is doing iiltle to relieve the Charles Hay. was adjudged bank-
worry of the local mentor and he rupt in federal court.
roads. Speaking from nine years
page moved by their competitor. Is
,u e eu wuere e naa,is n:t ,ogica, tnat w.u;d
to compete arttft three other large them nn to even,r effortg (0
systems for business, would say!rctaln the bmtBm Tne aJC,!lon
Klamath Falls not or never will t wa3 asked M a meetjng .,
knew the meaning of service as per- ' anjlher area as ,arge as thg
tainlng to railroads until there is I without competir5 railroads It was
added transportation. Why is it that admittt:, an Bu(
ii is cneaper 10 sti n iretg ll
Dorrls, Cal., tru:k it from there to
tthe Falls, than to ship it direct.
Cooked and served
in the most appetiz
ing manner, will be
served this week at
Mexl.'o was fertile ground tor ex
pansion of S. P. funds would say
granted. But wo live fi.--t of all
in U. S. A. soondly, in Kltfmuh
county. And 3j not consider Oat In
our argument. Why is it that Safe
state bf California has '.town and
prospered as never before, only since
it was removed from the grasp of
our s;.stera. Southern Oregon and
especially Klamath county has serv
ed them long and l-ell. We have
paid all the bills. Let us use uur
"best efforts to make this a better
place to live.
Your3 truly,
H. J. Ticknor
Ford Tudor Sedan Good as new
000.00 )
Buick Six Touring Good paint and tires
Dodge Touring Six good tires entirely
Overland Touring Good mechanical con
dition and good looking, good tires
Overland - Knight Sales Co.
4th and Klamath Avenue
Phone 899
New Items Of
Interest From
Oregon Cities
Fur Manufacturer
Coat Remodeling
436 Klamath Are.
Between Fourth and Fifth
Next to Moose hall
AH work 30 to 60 per cent
lees than any Inr house In
Klamath. Work guaranteed.
Arrangements are being made this
afternoon by George E. Love, past
commander of Eugene post of the
American Legion, to have a display
of Lane county products prepared
for shipment to Omaha to be ex
hibited during the annual legion
convention from October 5 to 9.
The Lane display will be part of an
Oregon exhibit that will be forward
ed free of cost by the railroad com
panies as a publicity feature for the
state. The products will be used
for an all-Oregon banquet to be held
at the close of the convention. Mr.
Love Is conferring with the Eugene
Fruit Growers association to ob
tain some of the products of the
local plant for the display. Eugene
A passenger rate war Involving
fares to the Oregon state fair over
all lines entering Salem was de
veloped between railroads and
stages, with the railroads having
the upper hand so far, but the
stages expected to make another
play before the fair opens next
The stage lines filed with the
public service commission an ex
cursion schedule of fair and a third
for round trip which has been the
UBiial practice. To beat this the
Southern I'urlfic and tho Oregon
Electric company today came in with
u schedule offering round trips
Just a Fountain Pen
and a Check Book
These arc the only "tools" you need to con
duct your business affairs in a safe and orderly
Paying by check saves miles of walking and
hours of lime; eliminates arguments over the
payment of bills and contributes to world peace.
The American Xational Bank will be very glad
to open a checking account iu your name, The
amount required is not large and there is no red
tape to go through with.
The American National Bank
of Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Member Federal Reserve System.
Double the Mileage
at Half the Cost
Only a Cow years ego u 32 X 'I
cord tire listed over $5().(X) Today,
3'ou can buy thti highest quality
32 x 4 tire a Firestone Gum
Dipped Cord tor about $20.00.
Last spring ci ude rubber cost tin
makers aroune 40 cents a pound.
Today it is over 90 cents a pound.
It was not so long ago that 7,500
miles represented the average life
of a cord tire, while today, 15.000
miles flriti more is only the
usual performance for a Firestone
Gum Dipped Cord.
Due to large, concentrated pro
duction, specialized machinery and
simplified factory methods, together
with economical distribution Fire
stone is ab'e to keep tire prices low
no matter where the price of
crude rubber goes.
And, because of special
Firestone processes, chief
among which is Gum-Dipping,
motorists are today
getting thousands of extra
miles by using Gum-Dipped Cords.
Gum-Dipping is un exclusive
method used by Firestone. It is an
extra process, carried out in special
Gum- Dipping plants, after which
the Cords are put through the usual
calendering machines. Gum -Dipping
insulates anil impregnates
every liber of every cord with rub
ber, and practically eliminates in
ternal friction and heat, and builds
.strength and endurance into the tire.
In the day-in and day-out serv
ice of taxicabs, buses and trucks
on the cars o) hundreds of thou
sands of motorists everywhere
Gum-Dipped Cords are giving
unheard-of mileage, dependability
and satisfaction.
Get ready lor the coming months
of slippery pavements und
bad mads. Assure yourself
of greater sufety. comfort
and economy by equipping
now with Firestone Full
Size Gum-Dipped Balloons.
Klamath Tire House R. R. R.
Balsiger Motor Co.
No Axe to Grind'
Perhaps your tire problem has to do with
air pressures; perhaps you wonder whether
you should eguip with low-pressure tires of
standard size, or balloons.
We are in a position to advise you fairly
and without prejudice because Racine builds
and we sell both kinds.
Moreover, both kinds equally uphold
RACINE'S reputation for building first-"
quality products only.
230 Main Phone 294-J
A large (k'loKiitlun of bualneaa
mnn of thn city Vldted tin, council
lutit nlKlit with ii p)oft for I ho ap
pointment of n fipnclnl police officer
to Ktiurd the bUBlnOM district. Tin?
merchunlH Ottered to pay ono-hulf
of the offlcer'H Hulc.ry, find Bfked
tho city to pay $50 per month to
ward malntalninK the officer.
A. A. Wilder Beted tin spokesman
for the party, HtntinK that the li
trlct which It Ik proponed to have
the Hpecial officer xnard extendx
along flaKK and JnckHon afreets
from the I'enney store to the Doug
Its hotel. Mr. Wilder stated thai
the liuglneHxes In lliia district pay
of 30 per cent of the city tax and
because of the value of the terri
tory feel the need for greater pro
tection. The Hpecial officer, according to
Ihe plana or the rnerchanlH, would
work under the chief of police, and
would make hla ronnda of tho dis
trict every thirty minutes, Kohc-
i burg News Review.
The Washington Cafe
4 tbe most popular entlng place In Klamath Falls today
"There's a Reason"
125 Hooth Hlxth
Woo Hulng, Prop.
Agal66t Non-Bcctarlun Mlllurv BoittaihlrBthonl r. ...
Mllltnry Triilnlna in,-i,r,N ih t lf-i.l tl, .
iilrnl lor every huy. II. H. orri.rr di- "T.- P-.'a.
IMIIril ny war llciinrlmrnl.
Hfl llflVlthl.lR'fi; Kl'Milrll ni, t,(i,,,K I ,.),.,! A-J ' f
otarbuiMisn o liliiStiol rXwrasM, Academy It
Open to Boys of Good Moral Character Distinctively
t iituotruud miuiuii aai , null cui uu i c uui i American"