The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 22, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 4

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i-itiii.w, mvuMiiim -a, jpiai.
iiTfWi EviiHg Herald
P. H. ROCtJC.. Editor and Publisher
H. R. NIMj .City Editor
P. O. NICKLK Advertising Manager
Published dally except Buqday, at
Th Herald Publishing Company of
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,-z. " -V
OVo r r s?lC
No boy regards Christmas as n
Klamath Falli, at 119 Eighth stroet. I success unices ho Ims tho stomach-
' - - t ncho.
EDierea at tno postotnco ai mam
ath Falli, Ore., for trrnsraltilon
through the mails as second-class
i.r . ,?,
The Associated Press Is excluslro-
V ly entitled to tho nsa tor publics-
P .. all MMtfa JUtialAfl. rttitA
UVU Uft nil 4lw umjMtvuv. .v-u..u
to It, or not otherwise credited In
this paper, and also the local news
published herein.
Clomonceau who cats .13 egga,
dally, has saill-d (or homo and .lie
hens' can raifhkup wltfijlhctr iibMKlllk
TM slight MrthtiSkcTeporVKi'in
California recently was sot the ham
mer slayer being captured.
There should bo a fortune In dye
ing Christina nKktlw another '
u fciiS5is- ".- .j
r i
WBrancTV .'i, ift nw
JO jJ'
v Ktillrq Stock of
retllfbhtl uud mouses.
Copy (or display advertising must
be In this oftlco not later than 3
p.m. on the day preceding publica
tion In order to be Inserted In tho
laatlA ri ft n.HAr tt thl) tlOXt dAV.
Want ads and reading notices IH hl wl'e bar pin.
be received up to 13 noon on mo
day of Itsuo.
Herald PnblMilnR Company.
(Iris who show pood judgment In
dressing do cot show too much.
A bootlegger tells us he bought
Ilaschall players hate p. secret
union but are llablu to strike out.
-rIFTY-EIGHT jcars In tho hnr-
Prcmlcr Hughe o( Australia was
stabbed with a hatpin, showing Aus
tralian women havo equal rights.
Don't get mad at a man (or car
rying n case. It may bo n present
There nro many new faces among
Personal Mention
fl llll morilug fo
i' 'ii'd but I :ii .' i iin.l
2?siw... .A
P .,.. i.n.1 i-nrh war nulllnc n
... i i the boxers this winter and. also some
larger share of tho community load. Um
K That Is a record t bo proud o(. i . i
Y FUty-elght years, In tho lUes o( j A!wpman vlll treat hor husband (
Jf, somo men, sco great material sue- like 30 cents and demand J90.000
cesses. In a third of that tlrao Hoary when another woman nets him.
fy Fonl has created from a -ery maU , ThQ faile.. Mnj, ,. opcnBR a
. ft. beginning a fortune that la said to , w,ndoK anJ coUlaR lnt0 bcJ boforo
V be tho greatest Individual accumu-, ho C()M R,r hu y()U
h, latlon of wealth In tho world. In I
'llko tlmo General Pershing rose Many a social lion who thinks he
from comparntlvo obscurity In tho Is a bear glvos some citty person a
army's official list to a supremo aMb 'ur coat for Christinas. , President (labrlel N'arutowles ot
military position In this country. In After landing a Job the first thing l'olani1' ho has been assassinated,
like tlmo Warren Harding gradu-' Jomo mcn th,ak abPUt , getting according to Warsaw dispatches,
atcd from a country newspipcr of- KU,!nc., carj printed r
PAIM-ITI" Tihitl. IW 22 T
liltlaBM, but not Tnhltl, i'xiktIoikihI n
r6Sftontlon tft thp rort-nt., I'Arth
lU0!r In Uhllo Iiiii tho flo,l to llie
hlHh mntiittnliti lirfiirt a gn-at tt.lAl
MfrtVoYhlch tho wlrelen wild -
sWi-rplh'g rti'rosn thu 1'nc.tfle
"lleay varlliqunko In t'lillo with
till wuvo. may reufh you," reid n
pilvalo iaJ4o tunssngo recoln-tl here J
N'ovembor 13 from New Xenlnnd
1'tie niiwMRu was shown tho k
or.ioiit of Iho roliuiy hut gow-rn i j
reckoning tho 4.000 mlloi of nn
between t'lillo anil Tahiti, when- '
no wotilil hao itu?lo np.tro to
spreal out, thounht It iiunrrFwiry to'
nlnrn the Inhabitants.
Next day. Iinwovar, eamo ih- pre
dlpatches. mnklnc knonn the n-w
of olltor rexlilcatn rf thn Utnndi-aim--it
them tho mayor. The moor
of I'tippll,'. being Iho ruly olo.-tl v.
offlrlnl on tho Islnml, Is a sort o(
trlbuno to tho peoplo ond hn nw
MIh Dolly Harris, who Is employ ' ' ""T ,V Z " " '
cd ... tho county clerk', office, lf. rr"i " nM "oner
.his morning for her homo In Ooru- " """r m,lhT aUo" h,m ' '
inp. California, t, visit b.r parents. "'I"' n'lr,1,ORor th
' v raaitrlnns. nnd thoy flpnrc.l and
Harry Uum wh ;i passenger en measured nnd enst horoseopos about
tho marnliiR train bound (or iort- !iat ,ltJa' waro nnd flunlly ro.ichi-il
land where b .lll lntt with friends ,ho cunrluslnn that It would strike
until after the holidays. . tho Islnd with dmavalltiG fury on
the night of N'ocmbor lu or t'u
Mr. and Mrs. A. Van Krnltagca moraine ot tho 10th.
and two thIUrrn teft this murulng Natlo heralds were sont out with
for Los Angeles to spend tho wtntei- big bass irums to warn tho Inhtb-
Fruiik Hurii-t
Ashland on a 1 1
filmMiro trip
.!i Alice Thurston will eav- to-
j morrow mornlnn for hor homo lu
itoaoburR. Jitas Thurston ta a loach
or in tho high school.
(Ico, and by successive steps at
tained tho highest political honors
In, tho United States.
And so on ad Infinitum, material
successes In this country and abroad
might bo recounted, as tho result of
gainful striving through tho past
bait century, or a portion thereof.
The public sings tho rralscs of :
Lelters from ihe People
. MMM-- W rf.iHN'i
... t.l., .ltll.. hh.I nnlltll '
US unnuiiai, JIlllllUIJ UUU i'UllllV...
whero all may sec, and seeing cheer
Posed as Ruil Magnate
Now He's Turned Cynic
PATItO.VI.i: HOME lailOR SPOKANE. Wash . Pot. 22
TOO SAYS f01tltlPOM)EXT Declaring that many girls are at-
Edltor Evening Herald' tempting to marry men with money
Your editorial of December 10th t-,at t,ie" can e!t around tho rest
, Inst.; In retard to citizens natron- "' leir lltee. Jarae M. iWoley, who
They stand upon pedestals , illa homo In(justry 8 ,ery B00ll. creator a rarere among rj-rtln o(
and I certainly bellcvo everyone , younger society tedles l OiU city
their achievements. ! should adhere to said policy of kco?- j a "tl' more lnaa a fortnight ago
Dut scattered abroad through ng all tho money In Klamath Falls! when ho rosed aa n nephew of the
the nation arc the unsung servants I to b0 used for tho rebuilding ot tho '3t- K- " Harrlman, railway mag
ot tb0 common weal. They pass j city. , nac. ' Inclined to take a slightly
along unheralded, but In tho final Now let m0 cite another part ot cynical icw of the attitude of mod.
the story (or the bcn(lt of those ern girls. uool ! esvlni;.a..ffi!rJ
business men who are desirous of month's Jail XMtence oh a vagrancy
having all citizens buy at home. charge.
I iiavo been Informed that the Wljen Interviewed at tho enmity
Oregon. California nnj Eastern rail- JH. Dooley, yho saya hu Is 23 ycara
road, a Klamath Falls business, has
weighing their deeds will count (or
Ono such soldier of tho common
good lives In Wausau, Wisconsin,
wboro ho conducts n country news-
psnor. tho Pilot, which ho (ounded
..,!. h,..rrn vMr. nm in. cnt to Portlasd for a mechanic to
nam0 Is Eugcno D. Thayer,
iy nam0 is eugcno u. -mayor.
& Tho other day tho Pilot celebrat- i fen,llnB foV traan "b
.j u. ,i. i-... i. ..,,... ...,. hero for a while, then li
build somo cars for It. Now this
of age, declared, "I want to say that
a lot ot gtrki In this town li.ivo a
big Imagln&tlon. About nil I ever
will come toltt them waa that my name was
leave again. 'Harrlman ' Of course tho girls be-
I tuklng all his earnings with him. Is Ba" Introducing me UBdPr that name
not lu lino with tho appeal of mer- nni1 le ,0f- Just kept growing,
chants to kcop all business at home , Thero are a lot ot girl) trying., to
becauso tho maacy they recclvo will hook some poor fish with money and
bo circulated here. ' " around tho rest of the.r lives.
I wish to stato that If tho O. C. . "To tell tho truth I really was
ft E. had taken tho troublo to In- making moro than J200 a month
vestlgate they could havo (ound working la the rallrod shops. It
cd Its flfty-clghta anniversary, and
the editor called attention to the
occasion with tbeso werds:
"Tho Pilot regards Its (lfty-clght
years of existence simply as a period
of servlco, and wo sincerely trust
that wo can continue to bo an In
stitution that will bo a community
No hint ot how his own material
wclfaro has been holpcd or hlndorcd ( America, and who could build cars
in me passing oi mo years. i ana uo any otnor worx as won as a
Simply tho plain statement of a Portland mechanic, nnd at no groat-
acl(-respoctlng citizen who appro- or cost than tho Portlasd man.
elates tho worth of his servlco, and 1 Thoso men could glvo referenco ro
w Uh r-Utlvcs nnd friend
Mre. Mary Drew, occc-ntpanled by
her daughter, lilt Wnlvo, will loate
In the morning fur 8au Kranelsco
to spend th holiday
Miss Hasol Pry arrived horo Tues
day evening from Uerhcloy and will
be here tor tho m-st two weeks wllb
hor paronts, Ur and Mr. Oeorgo
Mis. W. J. Robert and dnpth
trr. Miss Audrty. will arr!vi here
Sunday frofi tbelr Medfard homo
ami will visit hero with Mrs. Uob
ort's brothers. J. A. aJ J, V Hous
ton. Prank Howard, who Is connected
with tho pino beetle rr-atrol office
hero, left this morning for bis homo
In Oarfleld. Washington, whoro h.
oi poets to spend several weeks with
his parents. -,
Justice of tho Peace Osgltagon
roeclved a telegram from Albu
iiuirque. Now Moilco. this morning
In which J. S. Colllor asked fur In
formation regarding tho uhnro
abouts of Isham Collier, who U sup-1
posed to be In Klamath Kails,
W K llrown left ttiN morning for
Ho'Il tor California, afti-r snoral
days spent hero In attendanrc im thi-
Jlamtrm lu.irlng In circuit ,eourt
Ean Una ins who was ono 6f the
attorneys for (ho di-femla-its. left on
tint moruliig train also, going ;
, Itants. I'j-tlc ntsullcJ' In many soc
lions. Tho Chinese stornkerpcrs
piled their wares Into nil Immediate
transportation sad healed for the
high hills whoro they w-ro joln-:
by a goodly portion of the pollu
tion bearing banging lamps , family
It hlos, eight. day loach, rorking
chairs, portraits of deponed rrli
tires and othrr precliiis pvssri .1 n
Two days bu4 nights the r.(ug-ei
canipod In tho opon. sranninn tho
horlson fur iho wall of water (in
Nov. IT thoy returned.
What actually happened was a
phenomenon of Irregular tides on the
evening of Nov. II Whan tlir tea
chbod nnd flowod at Ictcrvals of 15
minutes, fiv,, or six tlmoa from ex
tritno Inw wuter to ntioie tho usual
high water mark In the .Marquesas
JslamU tho sou roro I J feet nbovo
thu high water innrk on the tamo
duta but no damngo was raptirtml
fl '
W) Wot ih
Gift Clocks
They are :is ornanionlal as thoy
arc useful ami dependable, and
make mot't welcome i;ift.s
omo! WoiU nt llimrl I'l ll ft."
tli-pnliii S. I1, ntnl O. C A E. It)-
la content with tho knowlcdgo that
the servlco has been well rendered
that ho has put Into a long llfo
men hero, who havo built cars In W"M Ju notion to give my namo as j FORMER BARBER TO
mosi oi mo car uuiimng suops in' ,",",, . . -u.uu Bum
and they began Introducing me
nrnund. I
"I might say that thora nro n lot i
of boy In Ihe railroad sbopg who'
aro hotter h oklng than I am and J
some of tli urn would make a bettor I
living and betlur hustxtuda
lots of tho so-called kwI1s."
on Gasoline Corner
II. E. CALKINS, Propilitor
Siiio-.Mir In Clinrlli-s' I'l.irn
Tires, Tubes, Accessories,
Vulcanizino and Repair
New Stock of Tires and
Ami Added Gift
Don't lcl this Chi'wUuas go by without including
Flowers among your gifts.
No matter what else you give regardless of
cost Flowers cany a sentiment that nothing else
Flowers by telegraph to all vails of the world
Klamath Flower Shop
Phone 5S0 S!M Main St.
Will be open evenings and all day Sunday and
Christmas Day. ;
carding their ability and Integrity,
from well-known companies.
Many of theso men aro taxpayers
moro than ho has taken out of It. ' Iiero- ani1 ure,y u wouUl bo t0 ,ho
Eugcno II. Thajcr of Wausau. 01 Interests of city to glvo them SANTA CLARA TO
Wisconsin, and ho Is a typo of tho I a chanc0 boforo bringing ouu ADD DEPARTMENT
I fctjfn t ItABt Dltf Ilnt1!.l lk veif .
unsung servants of American prog
ress, deserves well o( his follow
mon. Probably most of tho busi
ness men of his town havo made
moro money than he, but ho has
outstripped thorn In'servlco.
Monoy and power may hnvo passoJ
him by, but utter all ho has ac
quired something that money can
not buy and power cannot com
mand tho loving respect o( those
with whose lives ho Is lu dully contact.
sldors wboso stay wonld ho ouly
temporary, and who would carry
most of their earnings away with
If tho merchants want to reap nil
tho profits from local buyers, lot
them adhnro to Iho policy o( krop-
1.08 ANii:i.E3. Hi i : 1 Charl-i.
tji;U) i Atli Pifrt, said to haM- In-en (or It
ycers barbor to tho ' ( ijuhsU,
today Is Urn owner of nn un.insuming
11 1 1 1 barber shop n it tho down
town st'itiun n( I. oh Aiigi-b s.
troosuros a IraM-linij pa:.Trt.-
"good for ten years." whlih Nicholas
gavo lilm when ho l-ft tho service
ot tho Imperial hnticholl tu seek his
(ortunn in America
The Home of Practical Gifts
SANTA CI,AUA. Cat . Dec. 22. I
A colltte of commorcu nnd finance,
loading to tho degroo ot hacholor '
of commorco science will Lu ustah-1
ii.hc.ini Vl","im!ll!y "' Sa".,.n s"'iy i- i'"-"" -
Clara hero In 1023. Tho pre-modl-, i,ir ,inv m i-nrrina. AiImIih "'
Ing their money at homo, instead cnl course, illsco&tlnucd during the I
of Importing men when they want war, will bo resumed at that time Advertising pays. Try It and soo
work dono. If they do this, their
business shoul 1 Incrcaio according
ly. Youra Truly.
I-'. E. I). ,
Klamath Falls, Oro.
Klan Goes to Church
British Wool Growers '
Seclc to Improve Stock
LONDON, Dec. 22. Several hun
dred head of rams aro to bo Import- ,
cd Into this country (rom-Pcru, In.
ordjr a ,OHitios;lfl'lltl',ot "
producing merlnowool ,or 'noiluo
ANCHOIIAOE, Alaska. Dec. 22.
Tractors which onco dragged guns
over tho battlefields of Franco nrojcrOM wobolSi , lho r,tah ,M
now uoing uscu in AlaaKu lor road The plan Is tho- result cl olfort
. .. .. , . ... if . ' r. ' ; . , f..
A largo
ornmont railroad which Is ncarlnBlot wool as flno as that producod In
complotlou. Thulr work on thu,outll America. At tho nresont
railroad oor, thoy aro now tll0 fnc8t wool nrouuCua horo
put to other taskB. ! u pn,,.(1 , rnnr.
Should tho Initial efforts bo suc
tion and transportation. 2 by muny ;ool uj-jnufucturera. iptho
go number of tractora vr North o( EnglandJo breedj ghoer;' f
to Alaska (or uso on, 'hero whlch"woUld producu, craile' r
Freah guaranteed candles Just re
ceived by pnrcol post (or Xmaa
gifts. Currlns for drugs. 22
tDuy now, pay noxt yenr. Uruns
. . '.wick Phonocranlis. -CurrIua . (or
'--1 "" ' '-- - -w " '- " 'J
Sft'J'VJIl"1 lI'i'V " mull jr--.
cossmul, It l'l probably that all of
tho present largo (locks will ho
gradually killed to mako way (or
tho (Incr breeds, as theso command
prices (our times higher than tho
rif'! ' "x'V".
fit Wl jyi
Handkerchiefs, Shirts, Neckwear, Sox, Underwear,
Bath Robes and Footwear of all kinds, Traveling
Bag?, Suit Cases, Mackinaws, Overcoats, Leather
Vests, Bedding, Hats, Caps.
An order for a Suit or Overcoat
would please father or brother
for years to come .
Hero H tho first plcturo taken o( membeia o( tho Ku Klux Klan
Invading a chuich durlnc ton Ices to glp monoy und cMircss their
npprovul o( tho wcrl: o tho pastor. Tins unusual photo v?s taken txi
, . tho raclfjc Congrceatlonal aivrcli In Chicago.
I - Vw-'-r m- Ii.ii .4r ItUklAv-'
s btore
Weiss & Noud, Props.
Arow Good.
nli t-swil"rtj",i"