The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 04, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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i;" VUJ I
ssuiu jh&v v ,ri,r .."-
Comprehensive Report Del
ivered Before Rotary
. Xlub Members
If.i'nl ij Irreducible, ntily tlio Inter-) rant-t of provlou syenrn paid, f'l--'
being available for use. "77.00. t'uh on hand at, tlmo of
Tho atrial district tax In lovlcd making thin rcp&rl, 916.333 3C.
In' the tichiml board on all taxable' Amount of bonded Indebtedness,
property of the district. Tim nmnuit ' 1141.000.00; Amount of oututnndiniT
oflttiM fund In governed by the wnrrant, r.ono; l.Vtlmntol valno of
nmounln to bo received from the school houses and sllc.-i, IStlB.OQO
novcral other funds, and tho needs of , 00; Intimated vnliio of furniture
tbi district. I nnd apparatus, $21,000.00; Amount
Cirri.' l-liinnrlHl Mmc-imi.1 of Insurance carried. $l7O.fi00.0o.
.Nete: in item a aiiovo it win uo
Moyn.iyiKt,M;Miji'!H 'I, ya
(Continued trout l'ago 1)
Dtennilui; oftlclonry of Initio cm ft
I return for IhV.'offlcor personnel to i
cm' hciiooi. M'.r.ns as
8Ki:x Jir Hfn:tii.vrKXi)j;.NT i
1 . .I..MM III III'" I
I.. ....,,,: .... . ..- I ,.-n- iv... ,ki tit i, .., ... ... uoriiiant:tiiiu;inis.niicr inn tympornry
.. . ... . j. rntlcea that only Jit. 10 per capita ' , t s . .'i. . V
'; . Ti . .. .... . ... I? received whereas It bad proyl- , V'.Vl ' v .7 ,7.
rfarl report June 20. 921 I j?., , ,,.,, ,, ,. to;" liW school tucll I.e.,
J1S.0B; Kecolvc.l fio.n,u,l'bo-.,8,i3l,- Thp .utforrnco. ff u"""lei 'WiP'' .mrtiKurntton,
.sao.Ttii!. , i .,.,.. , .. .or ex rnatvo ami mtvniico. .vsuoii-
1. A hew ' Central school,
suitably located, adequate In
capacity, nnd modem la every
detail. O
2. A county library
llecelved from county school fund .
fi-jllonus,, 1100.00; 31 teachers at-1
tendance at Institute nt $3, $1G.'i
lu.uoi'.iiu, was npporuonen in Jtuy, ',, ,. , . ,
1022. 1..U aftor .bo clerk' , rw.r, ' ho "'" 'nw rll.R
. ... i .,- n.,.i. .... tuvMOaY. r.lyjnir lhaf(jro
io.i cnuuren or scnooi ago nt 1 ,,,. ,,.,, ,.,. ,,. ...,.- ..i, ; manuarus ot nio turpi hint tuyn
111 lit. 11T.ST1 0: lulnt i!Tao.l.' ' """. ..., ...y ,... -. ( ..,.,. A . .,..
.-. -.-. -,..-.. ., ...... -,..,.... .nn I.... ,.u MM.nt.rt ..
mentu ,liv ttuilnery. lie pr.tlrlM the
reconl' .r the mitrluo rOriH ilnrliiK
thO-Vi'. r;tyUR:1hat'()roNloii llt;h,
which would centralize nnd or- ,
Ranlin tho library nctlvltios of 4-1
ho community.
3, A school nurce employed "
for full Umo In tho city schools.
4, A dental clinic and a a
ryo clinic for tho children.
B, Tho Improvement and t
bcautltlcatton of school prem-
Iocs. This has already been
C. Parks and playgrounds
f for children.
7. Moving picture and radio-
telnphono nppsrnus In all the
8. A procrcsslvc ralary sche-
dulo for teachers, rccognlilni;
tralnlnu. previous experience, -
.length of ser
4 slonal Rrowth.
"o; Slate Irreducible school fund,
ll. nl.11.1.. nf aMlt...l nnA i mi
board -X,-,; . , , V. , icelpt for 1P22.-23
, t3.3i3.R0; llecelved from stnte elo-; , , ... ..,..
22. but on accouat of the delayed ap
portionment It will appear In the re
maliihUtuM fully.
Tho utatetneut of t:vUrnl polliy
contained In tho report wai ilniwn
up by thu Nay (U'tiernl board, and
. 'm ,."!7; r ,er"; "" fr uul,,"'K aai1 " bear -"! I'V "" 'ocre.nry to bo in hi.
V 2,:00, l,'-0-0.0;, .!c"ln'i latereu at the rate of six per rent, opinion not only nound in tho preiont
i"o-,'--r 00rCM' 'Unj nro brlnis retjrcil a Ihoy become c,rfU"nncM b,, '' 'r"r !
Vv. .-..-... . . ......!,.... riiiuua nun uiiiinr an roiiuiiiniis. i iii.
i due or earlier.
Salary of superintendent, J 3 1? " 0 . -
iltr )it.rln .r .iinnflttur. tllWO.
00; Salaric. of princlpaU. $7S0.0O; 1
(To Ho Continued)
llmt Would lloldViu
Mttle Uom had Uen nauehty nnd
Ralarles of men teachers, $1400.00; ! had been soverely punlshel by her
Salaries of women teachers, V20,. , mother, and told that she might o-
S01.53: Salaries of Janitors aud oth
er employes, JS108.20; Supplies liv
il In Instruction $2100.33; Census
enumeration, $130.00; Fuel. $310(3.
13. Water, llnht and power. $1241.
30; Janitors supplies $202. SO: Re
pair and Improving grounds. $2,
1S7.S9; llcpalrs and rcpllcement of
eaulpmtr.t. JS7S.2S; Telephone A
Telegraph $"250.25; Stationary and i finely.
pect another dote from hur fnOicr
when ho came home. In a few min
ute her crying cenied, and sho rou
with a determined look upon her
little fare nnd seized her lint.
"Where are you golag?" asked
her mother.
"Out to tll alt tho family secrets
to the neighbors." said the child
major premlto of the pulley ua.i
"Tho navy ot the flilted Statei'
should b) maintained In sufficient
strength to xupport Its policies nnd
Its cummorci', ami to itunrd Its con-'
tlnentnl and overtax iioiucs.iIiiih."
OlheiMlv, MieV All Itlxtit
" Simpson had been Invited to the
wedding of his friend. Tom. Arriv
ing nt tho home. Simpson . ni for
mally Introduced to tho bride
I whom ho hnd' never met. After
the ceremony, Simpson drew his
i friend aside.
"Tom." ho whispered', "Wlmt
IScwi. iv' " Ate? fiM
: WW.!
i nllnr lo unmn Rrueatimn Afrli'im Mo
i mid funtiislln tii Ion urn lining
CREATED IN CUBA t,.t.i of tho secret -miniem or w of
X ;.ll(. threo lllllllnll lieitllien who. Willi
I'AMAM'KY, Culm., Her. I. , ttvi. i ulmii bhrkn. are under iiriosl
I'alluro lo discover any tract ir , itti hiispkcih In Mm Idilnnppluit inys
Cucn I.lsea, tho little while ul who I lery. The unrest lias been Inn en ml
wnii stolen li n negro fri-m tln'by lln publliatloii of report fiom
ibalched Inu of her piruutu on th I'MiiiIim lhat tlio Iguornnt pupulalluii
Ynm.niiuyii'i pliiiilnllon, near Hantft. of that dlnlilci In teirlflod by evl
Crux del Hr, oarly In h'owimlior lint I ileryi'-' of tli power t-r nrtgio iloi
Kiwi rlnu to nnotlier wimloo, tm- icrnrs Thin- t.Hlrh duriura JK"
K.ifltm. 'f jjirnte'cieil in Ihelr rill', ii l chaijffil.
Nebody iloiM(i, lint Mint thoehjld, by iimueiin who, in letiirl.
linn bii-tt werrtfeod on it riulo Jifnglo i-'anu 1 1. u iuiprt nt the thills
" Iprlntlnp, J2CI.77; Iasurancc. $9S7.-
148; 1'relght & drayage, $189.27: "The kiss of n pretty girl Is nl-i tho world It the, matter with you?
Aboro Is a itimmary of needed M,nWi,, jrnminp, ysis.eS: Domestle ways highly among mrn." j viir. that woman's twice as old an
Improvements In Klamath Kalis I KjPac.( $is3.20; I'ald for other, admit It. J. Daniel, "but as a ruloyou! Her hair and n-eth are false.
SChOOlS as outlined at the Hotarr . ,,.., IIJ? AS T..lnt Cn lift. ft..r ninn nnctn r. hn unlit.! n.l .I.--- -,. ..!.- ... . ,..
1 - --"( -y --.-. bw-ih-i - , -. - .-.-. ...--.. - -- -- ' .---... txiii "iir n t- ats
!. rather have a mrss pf turnip You needn't wli j r. s it p. on
Ualance. $20,111 16. Less waiU grccm.'' ulie'-i also denf '
club meeting Friday In .1
prchonslva report by J. 1.
city school surorlntcndont.
I Peggy Mars.'t iteni-s u ill
vorco li pending bu' In London
; admits rlfi with A I. (Huddy'i
Jnbnsou who has barred liltnr.olf
1 from repnrters In liU Niw York
holi-l Julinson adopted brr boy
.illn.d ".ti of lleltrr Kl Id 2nd.
when b ..'d the ilann r wiro m.ii
led hi l'J2l
uh viii:iii: i:i.iiYfioi)Y :oi:m
iiemi: or Tin: iiodkisho.v i'iutcimn
Wovlil's' Championship Wrcslllhff Match held in
Mnditon Square Garden between Joe Steeli
er and Earl Caddoclc, also
Jack Hoxic in
A G"-'rtt picture of the west, with riding ami fight
ing from start to finish. You ut nil the thrills you
want in this great action picture, also
'KIMllltllOU FjiiI Hur HlgKi'i'i ftoonn Halunltj 1'ttinni;
I'ii! hlort -I'll-n AMIU'S."
Ul:iM:sil t'li.iipiiallti' iil.ilt l ililiktus nml fiur
lnii' nt ilioinbili ghiii no iis
The organization, finances and ac
tivities ot Mho local elementary
school are well covered In tho re
port, which follews:
Tho school district embraces all
of tho city of Klamath Kails, and
enough additional territory to com
prise In all approximately a section
of land. Tho extent from south to
north Is (rem near tho lower end ot
Lake Kwauna to acma thrco miles
north of Shlpplngton, with an aver
ago extent from cast to west ot near
ly five mllos.
Assessed valuation. 1321 tax roll,
Number ot children between four
und twenty years ot nse. October;
33, 1021, 1512. J
Oovornlng board consists of five
members, elected by tho legal votors I
of tho district to serVe for a period 1
ot three years each. Tho present .
board consists of tho tollowlns mem
brs; P. L. Kountata, 'chairman. C. '
H. Underwood, C. It. DeLap. Leslie 1
Rogers, and Oscar Shlves. Miss Ida
TI, Momyor Is clerk, having been ap-,
pointed by said board.
Revenuos are derived from sever
at aottrccs, ti follews:
Tho stato lrreduclblo school fund
Is created by tho Halo of tho school ;
lauds, consisting ot two soctluns In II
each township, and from certain bu-
hestH and escheats. Tho Interest; , I
only, ou this fund Is available for 'I
hChool purposes, and Is apportioned
annually to tho sovcral counties and
districts In proportion to tho num
ber of children between tho ages ot
four and twenty years. It amounts
to about $1.90 por capita each year.
Tho two-mill stato elementary
school fund Is created by a blanket
lnvy on all Mm taxable property pf
tho stato, oacn county being given
thu amount raised In such county.
This fund Is apportioned to tho sev
eral districts In proportion to tho
ntlumbcr of teachers employed, nnd
amounted In this county, for tho
year 1921-22, to $125.00 per teach-j
Tho county school fund Is created
by n blanket lovy fixed by tho coun
ty court on nil taxable, property In
tho county, and Is apportioned as
fnllntva fn A hnnll. rt tlflftOO In
"-". -' ""."-"::;. 1
cacn scnooi uistrici. to; to.uu tor
each teacher who has attended tho 1
.Annual teachers' Institute, (c) Tho .
Bttlaneo In proportion to tho number I
of children botween four ond twenty ,
years df ago, Tho amount per child ,
.'ii..: m., ichi.h ...n. ii fir. I
BUI lilll .-Ml w-J.-. .hh v--.-" ll
Tho Conger fund was a bequest to
.!., ...i.....! .tlM..lj.. l... .I.a Int. Taa
Coneoii'i ThoTrtncipnt outnu tunn
asabbntfl to tl-J.8G4.49'. und Is In- 'I
vested In first mortgago loans. This
7ho prices aro
right Mild terms
lowqat In years,
li p I 0 0 t younr
oarly It pays.
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