The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 16, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 4

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Tiintwuv, novi:.miii:u in, mi:
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w. n. munm. .mur rmttukt
L R. VLL. City Htw
t Miuitr
TWAU 4mt ascapt Bandar, at
VU MtJ Pwblliklif Company of
Klamttk rails, at 11 Klfhth treat.
aUHi at taa Boatotttoa at KUua
au vua, or., tor - tranuaitnoa
taratffc tha aialla ai aacond-claaa
maim or thb amociated
TM Awoctatad Preaa Ii axelutlTa
lr afttHlad to the us for publlea
Uw all aawa dispatcher credltod
ta It, or aot otherwise credited In
taia taper, aad aUo tha local newt
pvallaaed karela.
health officer for each of (ho 102,
000 precincts of tho nation.
Hero Is ft proposal to creoto, itt
nno swoop, 106,000 new federal
offlco holders.
iionun i n utrsslng, nnd Is a
matter of serious concern In govern
ment, but tho establishment of such
a gigantic nnd costly bureau Is cer
tainly hot In lino with tho Ideal of
American democracy.
Knll federal control of tho med
ical bureau Is thn uttlmnto nlm. In
tho tneantlmo It would bo function
ing Jointly with, nnd ovor-lapplng.
state departments of health, dupli
cating expense nnd doubling what
ever tax was Imposed to maintain It.
Estimating tho salary of each
officer of the bureau rt 2,500 n
Personal Mention
Jim Hell, n Illy rancher. Is
town today purchasing supplies.
J. T. Hacked Is registered at tho
Whlto Pelican hotel from' New York
'A A I
Cam far illanUv ndvcrtUlnff must
ba la this office not later than 3 'year, which should be conservative.
pj. on the day preceding publico-, tho payroll alono would bo $2S0,-
?&Vffv& 3Car- " of
Want ada and reading notices vlll'tonanco would bo ns much more.
be received up- to 12 nooa on the. Hero wo ore talking of nn annual
dar of lasne.
Herald PaOlUhlnK Company.
E CANNOT ehut our eyes to
tho concerted protest of tho for
vntara at thn rront election dcatnst tho
vw.v.v -- - i
cost of ono department of the fed
ernl government of one-half billion
THURSDAY, XOVEM1IKR 10, 1022 dollars n year.
-1 This Is but ono tnstanco of tho
great bureaucratic program and Its
entailed cost. Wo have nn educa
tional department bill carrying nn
annual appropriation of $100. K00
000. On top of that wo have a bill
providing physical culture. In
school. prnrolnc to hrlbo tho
axUtiag governmental conditions. , state into complaisance by a con-
Such sweeping changes, In many 'oution from tho federal govern
Instances anexpectod, Indlcato n nient of a dollar for each pupil un
fftaaral dUaatlsfactlon. and a gen-1 dor IS years, of $121,000,000.
aralldeelro for Temcdy. Whcre 'ocs " dollar come
It U a protest against the hlghifrom? rrom no " of the
coatief foyernment that has been ",!,M- of "" In,M' ' Mnc
addled on the tax-payer by the t to work by the state to provide
irowiax -drift of tho lait two dc- "hrslcnl culture. It passes through
eadea toward bureaucracy and pater- '"'" I bureau, which shave off ,
aallta, toward federallied control ' ! -rai u
aad away from tho original Amcr- expense, and hands back th rc-
teaa Idea of alato rights and tho malndcr1 to tho contributing stato to
broadest personal liberty corapat-' rovM children of the stte eitl-
Iblo With good Clllicnshlp. Ihons nl.v.11 mltnre under fed-
u . j ., i.i 'c''aI supervision.
Tho voter haa not dug to the hot-.
torn 'of tho problem. Ho realizes All of the people know that
ifc.i umcthlnr b wron with tho omclh!ng Is wrong, but few of tho
Wem that produces such high PPlo yet realize exactly what
kj. mA ainnlUa fhft rATTltVlV ilfir-. "'Uh
tat' at hanfl, a change In represcnta
ttroa. J lit atlfiii 1st nnl TftrnMlnV tint
t.e meral reaching out for remedy h- the Washington Herald tho
I. aaymptom. It Indicate, a alek Jndlanapoll. News and the Chicago
v. ..J. iTrlbunc are sounding tho alarm.
Jbutant Attorney Veterllfcrlmy0 another presidential elec
ta a speech la Chicago last March. 'oalh V w,l kno" T0 ot
Mora a gathering of national. .tate1thor,',h,Ithan th knew at tb-rc-ak
elty law enforcement of fleers: ccat eIecllo
protested against (he growing ten- We "" bo onS n ur stand
deacy toward centralization of gov- for "B" "t tho atates, but wo
orament. which. h safd. had "stag- aro not wng In our asiertlon that
a k. i.n.rm.n of luitiri.." tho Issue ta established and will bo
II. O. Mngeo ls"ln the lllt'dobrnud
region today cruising timber. Hi
expects In bo nw.iy tor s'everal il.ivn
W. II. KItts, who operates n turn-,
ber mill neir Dairy, was In towiii
wnok nn liitclmw '
J. S. Kent Is n business vlsltnr
In Klamath Falls from San Kr.m-'
Cisco this week.
Mrs. Matt l.'gan was In tho city
jesterday from hor homo nt Algoma
visiting with friends and purchasing
Miss Ida 11. Momycr, n member
of tho First National bank force,
left yesterday for Portland on n
two-weeks' vacation.
on &':.-
111 ? V
m&ww?"$w -.: '.vwk
SaffiaeltSStMirnM.ML " v vHftHKAtfrj
mr.ymr mmmwrrz "ri." t- - -i I'vPikviTHJjr.cvi a -i ".,
i 'i
Mfnii rontrAI oxcrulUo ronunttti'n,
wlni It r it fur i ml In nit llm m milttt'tit
RELIEVE FAMINE f ttMtn. h nl tint Imnd n( llm iinw
j oruiriUallnn. Tno work lll Im r,ir
MOiH'OW. Nov, 10 -Ail nil ltus-, ,,, ,iy , unvpr,,,,,,,,,! rilllds
Minn celltral roiuinlttrn Pt mmbnt. ,.,,, irottlTti tnxittlon mill by vul
I in: rimsroniimri'i of llio fumlmi linn j ,llltM.y nmtriliiiil(iii.
lii'i'ii established to nnslrt 1 1 rellev- ' m
li'H tin. lo-r mill Invnlld Mir met j n,rrlM H0 Uver-ltiwidy flash.
Kni.'iin, rluilrimin of tin. i.l litis- Itnliln goli- mil lniiinrlKs. Id
rilO fails llllOll wllii'h llvi nC mnuw lun-in.l iti llii
Spnngler, Pa,, niino disastor dopomlod. This fan was put
out of commission by tho force of tho iras explosion.
Hush crews immediately were put to work upon it and
had it riinninjr again by noon, thus, it is believed, saving
tho lives of some of the miners. Tho boards shown in the
picture were put up after the explosion.
Such sentinels on thn ram
parts as Assistant Attorney General
Crlm, such fearless thinkers as tho
editors of tho St. Louts Tost D!s-
Hero Is a quotation from that Chi
cago address:
"Unlets there Is a halt In this
tendency to saddle all responsibil
ities) on the federal government, tho
time wilt como when we hare in j
JtTaalngton a bureaucracy knowing.
ao master and one day tho coun-;
try will be In ruins.
"The American Idea twenty-tire
reara ago left great flexibility to
atataa aad localities. It gave them
responsibility. The federal govern
ment confined Itself to national ad
pilalatratlon. It protected tho coin
ago, operated and protected tho
laalU. administered tho revenuo
acta, and eo forth. Tho states had
the police power which protected
public morals, public socurlty, and
governed tho conduct of citizens ac
cording to their wlshos and accept
ed standards. This was a fichemo
of .democratic liberty. It permitted
variations of lifo with certain limi
tations. "Wo aro discarding principles of
democratic liberty and by contrail
notion i of authority establishing
bureaucratic despotism."
That Is a strong Indictment to
come from tho attorney general's
office, yet it Is that Indictment that
ifas returned as a truo bill by tha
TPfers .of many parts of those.
Valted States on November 7.
Perhaps' the reador does not yet
so how tho centralization ot gov
ernment affects his taxes. We will
aadeavor to provide ono cxamplo.
la strengthening tho federal and
weakening stato control, tho bu
reaucrat seeks legislation that will
establish huge and poworful depart
Slants, or bureaus, manned by sym
pathisers with the bureaucratic
thoory, or those whom easy jobs
aail sure salaries wlhh quickly turn
settled. Either we must beat back
ward toward tho old standards, by
tho vote of tho majority, or wo will
sanction federalization of government.
I-oulsana couple has four sets of
twins. That's thrift. Thoy aro
cheaper two at a time.
Tho bathing beauties have left the
magazlno covers. They aro busy
posing for 1923 calendar.).
So many fires aro being reported
ail landlords may start collecting
tho rents in advance
In Paris they, aro sowing on silk
oyolashcs. That's a new way of
keeping their lamps trimmed.
nusiness is better. After being
closed thrco years tho Dover (N. If.)
jail has l'j prisoners now.
A woll-prcscrvcd Kgyptlnn mummy
has been found In Mexico. Perhaps
Kfcypt used to bo In Mexico.
Just when women wero doing nlco
ly In politics someono sprang tho
report It makes them fat.
''Take the federal health bill, pro
posed by Senator Franco In tho
Ifth congress, re-subraltted In tho
last congress, and It our memory Is
arrest, still pending.
It would create a federal dopurt
nient of health, with officers and
feats running clear down to pro-
There would bo a health
ir (or each state, a health offl-
for each of the 43S congres-
II hi afMssr far
aajBssooonwvw aij
Pat McLaughlin, ot Missouri, Is
101 years old and a bachelor. Noth
ing like taking euro of yourself.
Iluslness tip: Orcnt many coal
dealers aro buying adding' machines.
Ono nlco thing about your enemies
is you can blame things on them in
stead of on yourself.
Two IJctrolters wero arrcstol fori
fighting about tho weather. There
is too much weather to fight over,
Efficiency consists of doing two
things at once because you aro too
lazy to do them one at a time.
7 m
bpionuia values, ton year guaran
tee, small elzo and divided payments
covering two and ono-half years.
Hurl Shepherd Co., C07 Main. ICtf
The Scandinavian Skating Rink
will open Thursday evening Nov. 16,
Mrs. Harry Ackley l visiting
with her mother In Ashland thM
week. She expects to return tho ,
middle of next viek.
Mrs. Carl Schubert. Sr.. left thl
morning for Turlock, California,
whero sho will spend some time f
with her daughter, Adelaide.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ira Carter left yos-'
tcrday for Los Angeles with tho ,
Intention ot spending tho winter
months In tho southern city.
D. A. McComb was a county seat
visitor yesterday afternoon from
his ranch a fow miles south ot
S. n. niack left this afternoon for
his beetle camp In tho llorseflv dis
trict after a brief business visit In
Glenn H. Smith 'a a business vis
itor hero this week from San Fran
cisco. Ho Is registered at the
White Tcllcan hotel.
A marriage license was Issued
last evening to Itay 1-ake Tom by, n
lumberman from Chlloiiuln, nnd
Miss Ruby V. Klllolt. who recently
arrived from Washington.
D. G, Hrown and Frank GooJncr
will arrive" hero tomorrow with n
largo band of cattle, which they aro
driving across tho county to bettor
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Davis, nt one
tlmo raldcnts ot Merrill, but who
for tho past few years havo been
living at Little Shasta, are In town
today visiting friends and acquaint
ances. They aro also visiting peo
plo In tho Merrill region.
Tho county school directors, C. It.
; Ilnwman of Chlloquin, Charles Mack
ot Mt. Lakl, George Offlcld and
! Fred Tctcrson of Merrill, and R, W. i
Tower of Kcno, wero In town yes-1
tcrday and met at the court houeo .
to transact school business.
Lloyd- Low returned last night
from Yroka, whero ho nerved as n
haracter witness against C'urloy
Underwood, who was on trial thero
I T. IUmi.1iL.)i.1il la l ...
v. ....v.n..r...w ta iiinii ,ir I
.1 few days from tho bcctlu camp
near Illy.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Woods arriv
ed lost night from Yruka. whero
Woods has been confined to tho t
hospital by Injuries received whwi ,
ho fell C2 feet from tho top ot tho i
Copco dam. For n while It was i
not expected that ho would recover,
but ha Is feeling qulto fit again.
Tho Mecca pool hall, which hai
been owned and operated for the
past fow years by Kd Wonton mid
W. K. Harris, was Bold yesterday
to 1)111 Williams nnd Perry Wilson,
who will opcrato tho business In
the future Mr. and Mrs. Wustun
left this morning in tholr car for
Los Angeles, whero Weston will bo
Identified with tho building trade.
Y.. V. Elliott, who has boon In
this county for tho past week from
Salem, loft this morning on his re-1
turn to tho capital "city. Klllott is
tho director of tho Smith-Hughes
Educational system, which has to
do with vocational work in tho high
schools. Tho high school at Malin
Is conducted on tho Smith-Hughes
plan, hfil p i" i ,a
.u " -
The Ideal Xmas gift. A llruns-'
wick phonograph. Currin says so. 1C
Umatilla county asks bids on ".'J
miles grading and bridge.
Sir Eric Gcddcs Declared
His Predictions Have
Conic True
' C uny limiting brfrrr thn TIMrlx
.'ill. bo contl-iuud 'Whit l.sild In1
I 'l hai rnnio absolutely truo now."
lif .!o. lured. "Wo wero nbsotutel
allies, la trying to n't II"'
nut of Oormany. W mn
becnuso It Is not tli.'iv
"It Is no uso ctmsi'iR it uiii nit c
.'ii can only act repartitions mil
of lienuntiy by ulthrr monry or
KikmIk. Oho bus mi mnnrv, nnd it
y. u tako her goods II will mouu u '
.inplcy incut bore. It tho tmiilrr.i of
j thought could bring that homo i .
LONDON, Nuv. Ii. tUi UcW (!'d- uur pvaple. It would ba a ku1
det did seme very plain liilUtu; about thlug for this country.
Oerman reparations as tho guest of " havo Just come fruru fS'rni.Miy
tho Thirty club, of l.oudo-1. rmrnilr. TIley aro Amtrni0 am, wl n(,v.
This club Is an assrintton of nth or- . ....
tlalng oxperut. When in parliament er b !" " ""
Sir Uric was noted for Ms 8tralnht- "l "w Jan
forward st,lo of speech, and slnrr ; own affair.. I'll It we and mir
be became u bu.laosa man again to11''"' ,,own l" W-ro.1.. find
U mr-ro outspoken than ov,r. " w"81 maD''ltCfn tMOr'10n'1 ,P"
.... s " . thorn o, thero will be no Improve
In 131S I wai n politician." ,,, Wier, no do that Oornmny
sam. ami I said then that oi will try to pay. If possible. Hut you i
should not make n fetish of repara-1 cannot (inrtaro n nation of 70.000.
ttnns; that wc might find rnparatlnnn ' "00 for gruprnilonV
a bojuierang, nnd that the demand
i MwasaeaaR
1 4
n A
I 7
If Wo
I -l These
l cdjcn
ft crsliip
a 7.
H Vv rf
i 5 vX
injaacftast5ixx:Kns:aBKf n . mm in
man's Correct Walking Shoes
monst rated success not an experiment.
iocs embody nil the sciemilic Known
.! skill resulting from many years' lead
ii fittinj; feet properly and stylefully'
Ah Gutit " neJtl
rfij ttfetj itylti
I fifty pttniit i!
vrnjn.r. .Ill iwW l'.
Potfrt ArthCuU
Rubber II JcK
Saff y
llUWPr' .-
T7- Xiti
T - lftJ v
I mbw:
r l - -.- - --
M (Hard
N rrw
Cifol Ucrrf4 'ilrt-M Myf
Kultxi OalnUU lsiJ liim
Ing of great
might bo bad
B.inn lmm I'.iTinany Urunawli I. iluiniKr.i.h mot m ht
I in-irlj lot my "''"' P'r(ii! .ind built fur lif.i-
., ,i .... -,.i i 1....1 .'""1- i'"- ."'i .'?' "
"'ii lllUi ott ti .14' II t . lltlll ti
" . I Curritis f.'f Crxif To inr
, no was umicr no leeesslty of i!-- i-ortlund nnd Kbmiatli Knil te
Dcdy Vii4hl IJ3ll
Sec these special features of Queen Quality OSTEO
T.ARSAL sho. A fittinj: (without ohllnatlon of nny'
kitnl) will prove their perfect fit, their case am! flexibility,
In the smartly tailored style to widely favored for street,,
home and business wear.
Qurrn QujUty OSTI'O-l'.tRS.IL lAofi att bttttr -pr
tO, jot fuaUh. rnnfiirt uaJ tffimncj anj ibrf'
,re i'v'im .J'l lk-'t J." 'i" : i'A ftuiutt.i
Sold Exclusively By
13 Main Street
i.. - , w .f"-j.iiL:ivjstfii--.-rrr.rj-rTre'T. mtw-mr-jm
Experience" is an Important Ingredient
Modern methods in the compounding of recipes, prejriipt.ons nnd all sorl;t of labor
atory and pharmaceutical work require proper educational Irnuiinjr- the right equip
ment and, above all, a sense of responsibility to the public.
The only thing which can guarantee this responsibility i EXPERIENCE.
We employ registered pharmacists with ye ars of experience.
Experience protects you but it costs you nothing extra. Tho same is true regarding
the quality of goods there's no extra charge, but we enjoy a constantly increasing
business because of tho emphasis which we place on Quality. ,
Currlns for drugs,
rollablo drugglsto.
Albany Drilling for oil In I.u
comb district to bo resumed.
Porfoctlon ot formulae purity of
ingredients ana efficiency in action
.Vylotf Cold Cream . . "
:, !.' Kaeo t'rrnni i-
I'ond. Cold Cro.nn . . iKic'iiHI.V
Dnxg-tt & Uiiinsil IN lioeniiil lop
I'nlniollru fold froain . ( IU
BfiilltiK Cold Croiun . . ntie
Cocc a l.utti r Cold Cream ile
C. Igj'sra t'fc.irinls I'r'tnm nou
Itid Kratbrr Cold Cicam , ."lc
IngraniV Mllkwml Cream. gl.Oiiiiuil.VK-
I'liiid'n V.iillshfnrr Crnm .... (I."emnl J We
Wooiliinry'H If.iclul CiriMii iioe
Volvi Cnn Viinlshlug Wic
I'oinicl;in Day Hoc
Cr :ti() Klciyu 7o
M.iry Harden Vanishing Cream 70e
I'ompalan llloom (ic
lllrd ItotiKu ii
Itouga Dorlun ."
UJerhlss Itougo 'l-lo
Mavis Itougo fiUc
Mary Oardon Itougo "o
lto'.illno !"
VtJa Itoso Itouto .-. ric
NylotW Kaco I'owilnr C0e
Day Dream Kuco I'owdcr ITm
DJerklsa ri-iid VI. 13
Puywlllov i!Oo
I'ompolau Iteuuty l'owdor (too
Arnjand'H Kaco I'owdcr . ... .lUrnnil l.)l)
Thiio Klower 7J!o
Java KIco Powder HOo
Colgnto' Taleiim ri!."o
Chu-Ming & Klorlcnt :t()?
Mavis Tulcuui - -.. , ,. iliiu
I'omixilan Fnigrnnco :nio
Cara Ifonio .. fl-nii
I.ndy Mary - -IDo
Munneu'H Talcum ..... .'!);
NylotlstfTalpiiiiUj. t.Sjio
for Friday
and Saturday
Lather Urushc's, Q,r
iiiriii.ii- r.iic . . . OJ7v
White Castile Soap, 10 U. IOC
2-qt. Fountain Syringe QO
llt'Kiilnr tflJill wOt
Stationery v
Delft Linen, OA
Itrguhif .'He OtC
Velour Powder Puff
4-inch, 1Qr
Iti'.' JJ."f J v
Glycerine Soap, 19
Uvular '-' IOC
Lemon Cream, f?Q
ItiHliIju- IO(! U7C,
Shaving Lotion QQ
lli'KUliir JOo , CiZtK
Cs ni bay llntul Lotion .. . fMir
.'.')hIm' ilnnd l.otlon UK!
1 Ilntl'M lloii'v mid Aliuond
Crown $I.U.tninl ftDo
Caniidlne . ... ."lie
Oriental CrHiiu 7.V mid Nr,u
MMtirlno Iti'ituty l.ntlun . . .iinv
Derma Vlyu IV
llolnici rroMlllu .... I. .
Kt-lM-y'ii Cro.nii Hiio
Mum ... .... :'.l)o
Odorouo .... . fi.V iiml :i.Vo
A. I). K. Duodnru ... . u."lo
HvorHWwt ... mil-
'.'Iplro Puwilir iliir
Amolln ill) mill mir
S'oii-i . . . . nihi
Volretlua Powdor noc I
Donilr.ub "."fiinil $,un
Ni-ct . ftdr
I'liulactlno VI. tin
Moili'llo ....IJII.UO
X Iluln'ii Powdor . .-. (ll)n
Dolatomi .... Vl.un
Volvclliui Doinlory ijii.iiii
Zip j.- k IJ.1.0II
v Mulviua Cream . io(1
ritlllmnn'a Procldo Crixim no
Volvnlliiu I'rockla Orviiin .... nilu
Purola I'rocklo Uri-mn ,in
Otlilim, Doiihln Htr"iujlh VI. 'M
licrry'a l-'mcklu Ointment ii.-io
Miiiirlno Krorhlo Onuin mir
Co-ltu-C'i) I'rocklo Croain mio
Popnodi'iit Tooth Pasto mio
Pi'hod) Toolh Pn-ito ao
Colgito'n Tooth Pnsto
PoroxMo 'J'ooth Pusto , :io
Nydonlu Tooth Panto Gut!
an trr,. e
' llWMiVlWHrsiV.'4r twr'fltMFt are .sMMtetd' t:fWArlirH
w the 3,500 counties, and
16.4ft lpuratlon.
t.C 'rfgtfwM.ft
" I srl. JvrEUwyuj
ri&?! .-AVti.,J.,r-5 t."
-lj?f.'"MlLJ.-.-rt, . .