The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 14, 1922, Image 2

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ThiEvwiinf Herald
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Pablltned telly wetpt Bunay. at
The HertU iWlaebie; Company of
Klamath rHv at ill Eighth ttreet.
Entered at tie poetofflee nt Kla
Hh Falls. Ore., (or traaamlttlon
through the valla aa eecoad-claat
two cents If ho Is detected Intention
ally misrepresenting 'nets or mis
quoting) what lift been tot.l to him.
ltd Job In to tell the truth of what
ho ace nhd hears ami In nlnety-nlno
cases out bt every hundred ho mil
bn depended upon to Ret things
straight nnd to write exactly wlmt
has been told to lilm.
The Associated Preen la axdualra
ly entitled .to the use ' tat public
tlon of .all news dnpatchea credited
to it, or ntt otherwise credited la
this paper, 'and alto'thr local ewa
published herein; "
Copy,-for display advertising must
bo In this office not later than 3
p.m. on the day preceding publica
tion In order to be Inserted In the
liintio of tho paper ot Ibe noxt day.
Want ads and readies notice will
bo received up to 12 noon on the
day ot Issue.
Herald PablUMnK Company.
Personal Mention
IMItor.tThe San Francisco Chronlclo
T'8 T1MD for the newspaper worm
to turn. Every so often some sclf-
rlghtcotie Individual with an in
growing disposition rears back on
his hind lees and emits a doleful
howl nncnt the unreliability ot the
Inadvertent publication ot any
nowg story not strictly conforming
to tho facta Invariably .1 tho signal
for n nwceplng condemnation often
by those who know Jettcr.
In virtually every big city of the
country men-and twomon ot more or
less standing ,Iu tho community are
lirone tc.nasutno smug air ot wis
dom and; ,lo. assert with convictien:
"You can't believe a word you read
In tho newspapers."
It has come to be quite the com
mon thing with theso volunteer cri
tics not only to dlsparago the press
In so far as concerns authenticity of
Its nefta, but likewise to impugn the
motives of newspaper managements.
Tho roost cnarjtnble thing they
find to say concerning the character
ot newspaper writers in general h:
"Oh, well: ylu can't blame the re
porters so much, they have to write
whntEtiioy'ro told by fie nen Id
ir statements of this sort camo
from Ignorant people and reflocted
only llio attitude of the uninformed
It would be folly to take cognisance
of them. Unfortunately this Is put
tho case.
Uankors, .lawyers, brokers, mer
chants, railroad officials, politicians,
roclcty women, ministers of the gos
pel, steamship officials, and others
who pride themselves on their prob
ity end personal Integrity, too fre
quently do not hesitate to lto incon
tinently to tho newspapers,
A rumor reaches a newspaper or
fico to the effect that a bank mer
cer Is to be consummated. A re
porter fa, sent to ascertain the facts.
Docs the, bank president admit tho
truth of tho rumor but ask that,
for business reasons, tho matter be
not mado public for a fow days?
Ho does not, Ho tells tho reporter
there Is no truth In the rumor. A
few days later the deal goes through
ii ml tho newspaper knows the bdnk
president, JloJ,
A publr official grants an Inter
view, In which ho makes certain
wtutemcuU, Tho next day political
or ether, prossuro Js brought to hear.
Does ho lomo out In the open and
ndmlt lila mlxtako or his change of
heart? lie does not. He promptly
repudiates thu Interview of tho day
before and tho reporter knows ho
A rocli'ty matron's daughter be
conies engaged to a prominent, man,
hut tho family Is not rcudy to make'
tho announcement. Docs the society
matron tell the truth and ask that
tho matter, .bo kept quiet for n fow
days? She docs not. SIio pretends
burprlso jind, denies there Is any
foundation for tho rumor, The fol
lowing week tho announcement is
made.and tho society editor knows
tho woman, has prevaricated.
Bojlt goes on down the line, Peo'
plo yko would not think of deceiv
ing IfUsfnosii associates, people whi
wculft scorn io resort to untruth or
BubtuffuKe. Jn ordinary affair jj? me
and foptenwhoiQ wornjlWaJly Is
us KQd its their bond la financial
miittiirr-l8e qre tho.,eoure for
tho most purt, who bara no, com
punctions of conscience about' delib
erately lying' to .a newspaper, reprq
Bonttttlro( Tho j-emnjkpble feature of the
BltuatlojR'ls, tbottho yry persona
who sos. carelessly handle the truth
'when talking, to n newspaper repre
sentative uro Jho (list to ralsa a
howl ovfr tho, unreliability and In
accuracy ot.ihe press,
Every 'newspaper reporter In tho
country knowa bis job Is not worth
J. II. Van Meter, n well-known
farmer of Too Valley, was In
town yesterday on business.
W. K. Sutherland accompanied I)
Mm. Sutherland, Is here for a brief
business visit from Algoma.
0. Jennings, of Shlpplngton.
underwent n major operation nt n
local hospital yesterday morning.
W. 0. Townsend Is a county seat
visitor this week from his ranch
south ot town.
Jv A. Johnson and It. !. Jones,
both farmers on tho Merrill ro.i-,
were here yestcrdny morning pur
chasing supplies.
If. E. Montgomery nnd It. C.
8mlth aro tourists here from Iluf-
fnlo. Now York. They nro stop
ping at the White Pelican hotel.
John I.oomls of nrowsvllle. Ore
gon, nrrlvcd here Saturday night for
n visit with his brother, Charles
I.oomls, nnd family.
William McDeth was operated
Upon at local , hospital Sunday
night. Ho Is reported to bu doing
as well aa could be expected,
Mr. and Mrs. Ttobert Clay visited
with Mr. nnd Mrs. T. O. Hague over
Sunday nt their ranch on tho Kenn
Ivan Houston, a .member of the
pluo bcetlo survey force. Is In town
for a few days from 'he Swan lake
Mrs. Frank Obcnchaln. who has
been here for tho past fow days as
the guest of Mrs. Oeorgo Thrasher,
relumed to hor home In Illy yes
terday morning.
Mr. and Mm. Drothorton were
hosts Sunday evening at dinner for
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Abbey, Mr. and
Mm. Hownrd Abbey, Miss Pauline
Cliff and Mlks Helen Abbey.
Lieutenant Mabel Goodwin will
arriv (u KUauth Falls, on thc.QVcn-.
Ing train from San Francisco and
will remain here with the Salvation
Army, assisting captain Clara Nell-
Mr. and Mrs. M S. West left this
morning on' their trip est. Went
will attend .to business affairs la
Washington, D. C, and Mrs. West
will visit with relatives In various
eastern cities.
E. V. Smith and son Clyde of
Oranta Tass aro here for a visit with
their sons and brothers, Ecrl and
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7 t . U .
Nothing' cnhaiK'Os beauty
like a becoming hat.
HAN' FUANnSPO, Nov 1 I -Work
utarH hero soon on tho first
tmltii of Ihu t'uti Friitii'lsco Tiiimh.
or'fl I'ollogo which, uullinrltloH nay,
will Iii) tho tlni'itt Mrui'luto of Kit
kind In tint United ttlnlos,
As only 9100,1100 lun horn iipi'to
prlaled tn diitn, llm I'.Vinnnnluiu nnd
sovernl i'Iiiki room iiuIIm will l'o
liiillt first To I'oinpleli' Iho nehool
nn npin)irlitlnn of $7M.onii front
Ihu lor.lNhititio will Ini iii'kiIimI,
l'liitlctiliir nttuiitlou In tn Ih r.iv
mi to llio ttui-ilniis which will sur
roiiuil tho InllMlnnr. nnd tuhn up
Niuue of tho room 1 1 n iviitml I'ourl."
A litouli of duo alroel Ims Imiuii
i'IimumI by llu' iltv tin- llm m'limil,
Tim iilio In nonr llllit '! Mnf
hot mil lownnl Twin I'kiiIh, nnd In
on it hill, i'u which llio iirotuuli mill
tmil IIiirh will lu toriiin'd
AilviirllslnB pays. Try It and see,
New York Chief cf Missing Perjona Bureau Tnkes Lesson
From Dry-as-Dust Anthropologist
g&Wfei via3lV (rtf Jal
saRL. V-"v y bbB v -vl)lal:
bbvA V . bbIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIbbbT I M;,"li. I HBat saBi
LClTBBBBBBal 'LL1 LL1""THi4)i.-Jiiigr.
BBBBBBBBM;'BBWBB3BBBBBBlL. fc;;:n;rt.-rMTi.trtu! jiiriirv
'bbbbbbkabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhv wl
Suunrn Drill Cough
Syrup ... ROc
lCiislo llm ml .Milk 2fic
Kocho'a Talcum lCe
Try Thia Drug
Store First
Square Deal
Drug Store
7!J3 Main St.
Phono 523
N ii, in to S p. III.
.Sundays ! n m Io 12 to
and p.m. Io 7 pin
Try This Drug
Store First
Cold weather, even more than hot summer days, works injury to the
Fkin. It is during the first cold days of early winter that the greatest care
should be taken to protect the face and hands. There are many prepara
tions wliich are beneficial, and their use becomes almosPa necessity at this
time of the year. We list below a fe w of these.
" iiv .vbitiiis griN.v - i
XK.l Srivlrr Stuff Writer.
ii. aviu:s
'Wcri there U no"rothlng,
have to turn to the body Itself.
thoro distinguishing' marks scars
NKWJ VOIIK, Nov. 14. Tho dry
ta ta-il lietl rtnlli (ttir,1fl t iIhIhIhi l n
forgotten strata nnd piecing togetli-,,, . ... , ...,...'
vr fragmentary bones of prehistoric
monsters, today has turned teacher '
to the New York police.
His knowlcdse has been turned to
prnctlcal account In the newest nan Anilimpologl-t Mrp In
most spectacular brauch of po- "U u ll,ero ,,la t,, nnthropolo
lice research Uontifylng unknown , '"' "l"1 ln wl,h ,l10 nowledgo ho
jcaj has gained In reconstructing dinos
aurs and pterodactyls from tho moM
or deformities? if not, Iho teeth ore
'unfailing means of Identification
"Hut whon a body, besides being
, unclothed, nlso Is hradloiit, the prole
1 lent becomes Intricate. I
of this city. While here the tlronts
Pass men will spend part of their
time bunting ducks.
Civ It iitiitvii.l Mnlinn it I....I !... kh
Claude Smith, young business men , ..',', ,, ' ' mmgr fossil rrmalns. ' ,
... .. ...... , .... ..found yetrly In tho streets, alleys ! . . . .... . , '
..., ... . .. ,. , ' jiisi n no wuuiu worn nun Oi
and waters of Oreater Now York. , ,, , ., , . .
,.. .,...,. . , , fossil, lie examines tho pigment of
But through lessons loarnod from ... , ... .... .,.,.,,. ,
,. .,.,,. a- . "In 'ia'r oa tho Wctlm body and
too anthropologist S, per cunt wnro ...., ., ..,.,. .,
, , ... , , , , ' , .. tolls us Hid color of the linlr on tho
identified beyond dUpuio In 1020. ,.,... ,.., . .,..,,. '
more than S6 por cent In 1321 nnd n !, ... .. ,,....
,..,. , ,to u tho color of t ho eyes, too,
largor proport on of rueresacs. is , . .. , , ,
,,,..,, "Taking n luglesn, nrmlnss nnd
looked for this yonr. in .... , , .
. hiwulliiRH rnrps, tho anthroio ogUt
III1W IIS Iflllle 1 liilla II. fl,., il,.lli'. I, ,.!..!, I
Marvin Cross, a prominent resi
dent of My, Is In town for two days
business visit. Cross has been on n
trip through. Iho eastern Oregon
counties buying furs. Ho reports
that tho demand of eastern buyers
for coyotct fur Is as surprising as the
prico being paid for this particular
Women of thu rlty nro attempting
to orgaulre a child'3 study depart
ment, or club, to be under tbo direc
tion of tho Woman's Library club,
and a meeting will bo hold nt 3
o'clock tomorrow afternoon In the
Library club rooms and every worn
nu In the city who is Interested Is
asked to attend.
Mrs. W. T. nnd Mrs. Usvl Mr-
Donald left on iro morning jrain or
Mcdford whero they will meetW T.
Lee who will drive them In his par
to Corvallls, whero they wlff witness
tho football game between O. A. C.
and Unlvorslty of Oregon on Sat
urday. From Corvallls thoy will go
on to Portland for a brief vlslj,
Leo has been thero this past week
attending tho tux commission con-
tolls us the vlrtlm'H height nnd
Captain John II. Ayrov, chief of wulglil. Ho oxnnilnca tho blood
tho missing perto.u huro-iu of llm rorruscloa and tells us thu approx!
Now York ppllco ilopartnioiit. today j mnli) ago,
told In nn exclusive Interview with., -Or, glwu only a thigh bono, he
Nea Fervlco how )i h:u act om-, tells tls tho owuer'a sex. ago. weight
pushed IiId euecaiHM. j nnd height If thy owner was not of
"If tho corpse I cnuipluti! and ; i liuormiil or gn tos'iuo proportinr.
clnthod, Identification In coMipurn , 'Still more- -from :i fleulilnss
tlvoly rlmplo." ho ay.i. "Wo --.-' ahull, tho 'anthropologist can deduce
umlno llm poek"U for Imtnra. dcn-, tho ownur'a ugo, mix and nico nnd
menu. Jowclry or Ittya. 1 ovon inahn a rood kwm tn bin
"If thoic uri lar.';ltiK wo turn tn nationality.
tho clothes ihoinolvc. I'mmlly
thero uro tailor mnrlcs. In the bettor
fitadn of rlothlnn thu u.tnio of tho
owner often In sown in
".Many l.-dlii nro Identified by
iilioes. lint (hi) most vnlualiln cloth
ing cle-v Is tho Isnndry murk,
'11- . T ,' SZ
"All tho( things nrd being done
anthropology Ii being applied
dally mi. I It's yielding Identified
tlo:in that can't lie disputed. It guts
results wlien inenibrra nt tho do'id I
rorson'H family cannot Identify tho
corpse." y mi.
PETnOORAD, Nov. 14. Amor
lean evaporated milk la finding nn
enormous sale In Russia. Nearly as
-aauch milk In tins including brandii
v ...... t,.i.. j -a,., am (
;never remneii in uio uuucu biii
Is shown in tne anop winaowa (oi
Petrogrnd nnd Moscow as can''be
found In American cities. Man of
three brands apparently aro put up
exclusively for the export tradn.
Tho prjro hero for a oua-pound
'tin Is from 29 to 30 cents. Amer
ican milk may bo, bought at the
railway stations, In tho villages, and
at the great markets In the cities.
In many Instances' It Is peddled by
"Let George Do It"
Bring Your Diamonds
t.'r'v ' - it
' in; and . let iMc Mount
fX . '.-.1 '
Them-jWhile You Wait"
622 Main St.
I'oiiipelnn D.ijp Cream
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Luxiirla Cream
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Santlacplle .
Kipoy'a Cream .....
1. 01)
1 .01)
I IIIiiiI'm Honey Almond
Milkweed I'reain ,
Niidluol.i ,
Armi nd'rt Powder
1 1 one Tiilciim
JoIiiihoii'k lliiby Tiilctim
Cnniiiern llnitiet Kdnp .
I'utlcuni Knap
Woodbury .Ho.i
Iliitlinewcet .. $.25 irrft iMiiiet, oi , . 2.i)0
ogiio llnth Salts . nr, tlnrdlnellii. o( I.UP
llrown Windsor Soap . Jlcky, oi , ;.(lu
Turkish Ii Soap 30 ijr Kb.,, i .(!()
Wash Clntlm aft Threo I'lower. ut .. 2.00
Synol Soap .. , ..15 La lliilieine Arly, ot, -........ 4,00
ll.ith Ilrunli M (5 Klorient. ox ,. no
Hath Mitt .....m... BO h'rlw.le. ox. . 2 GO
Itubber Sponge . ... ...'. . if, .Mavis, ot : 00
Talcum .... .. .ar, MtF suxry, ox . . s.r.u
llo-lt.txo . HR IMphlui', ox M no
Sen Salt -...., .... .Ift IMy Dre.ini. ox ....... 2,00
Li Prima Castile .... ... .'.'n J.rglira hlte lions ox! . . .2ft
Lilac Imperial , I. It) Spring Kloim. ox . 2.U1I
Vegetal Lllasetto I.rtft Spring (Inrden. ox ... x.ou
Lynol C Wood Violet, ox 2.011
Spirit Hub fift Crnbapple. ox .. . . ,ni
Palm Ollvo Soap . 111 Cninice llniuiuet, ox. 1.50
Kau lie Quinine I nn Nntalle. i.x . 3 00
Cranio Oil Ho.ip .10 New Mown Hay. ox. ,..... ,, 1,00,
it tiU: Arnx or thi: aihiowj
426 Main St
Klnmnth Falls, Oregon
We Originate
Low Prices
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Watch Other Prices Change With Ours
Half pound Kancy Herman Hull Illiielng .30
Krwh I'lelacliiiiunn'.n Ynast 03
Two-pound Jnr Llbby'r "llnco Meat IS 2
Half pound Llplon'n lllaclc Te.i 1.1
Ono pound Llplon'n Illack Tea ST
.Mason Jar Topf, dozen 110
Kotr Sclf-Scallng Lids, dozen IS
Largo can Fancy Shrimps 3C
Kellogg' Corn Flakes , 10
Posttoattles , !t0
Rolled Oats, suck CO
Swans Down Cuko Flour .'. ,40
linker's' Cocoa .'. 25
Ilrlght Tlgor Tobacco , 08
Granger Tobacco 08
linker' Premium Chocolatn Z'i
(lhlr.idelll's i: fix 1 0 Sweet Chocolatn 33
O(iio pound (JlilrudelU'a Chorolnto . ,33
Tbreu pounda (llilnulelli'B Chocolato '. "iur,
'JJcn pounda OlilriidolU'N Chocolato 's.uo
Ilor.shoy'u Oocou ,., 18
Largo Dottle Del .Monte Chill Sauco 3fi
Fiincv Italian Prunes, pound IT,'
Fnury Ilncoii ,SiunrH, pound 2fi
Caucailo Hum, pound ......., 32
Car.cudo ilacon, pound ., 4G
Jonutliau Applon, jiox .. , ,... , ,1.82
Home lloftuty.-1 Apples, hox ,;...f. I.;.... 3v00
. ,- ''iipMHnMM(iif
Hnlf pound Llptnn'u (Ireen Tea . $ .15
Olin poiiiul Mpton'n Oreen Tea 87
Thico packages Llfo Savor 10
Th run pnekugeu (Jinn, uny kind to
tjuart MtiKon Jars, dozen ljfi
Kconomy Jar Lids, dozen 2K
Fancy Tapioca, pound 10
(Jnllou blzn Solid Pack TomaloeH 70
Snnl-Flush, largo can , (;
P.incako Flour, sack , 70
Olympln Wheat Hearts, nnck 70
O11II011 blzo Fancy Loganberries 90
Fancy Tillamook- C'livoso, pound r.3R
Pniiev Pwinut Candy, puiind 20
Fancy. MurHhiunllowH, pound .h 40
(Iruhntn Crnrkcrx, jiuckaco 10
Fancy Poncheu, large can T
I.urgn can Fancy Itlpo Olives ,
Fancy Klamath Clmesp, pound ...., , .30
lncy Hulk Coffi.n, pound1'' .",.; 30
Fnncy Cocouiiul, pound , ,3c
P. & tl, Whlto Nniitha Soap o?;.
Six hats Pnlmollvo Soap .,.. 415
Fancy Apricots, can 30
Polar Hour Flour, pack i,.i. 2,15
Plciile, pound , , jo
. . .V'l.u'Kap Applea, box ; v.! 3,30
" 'Deiloioihi-Aiifiies, hox.i, a6..A.SKi..v.f.(.K:M 2.60--'
'i?' ptmmmi HlnUyA wef fw