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    .Br tV&iA ' yf tffwwyj t9tZ:
W-.WC -JWtawtowwuw.w
z Ktijiu hi mfcin n ii mmfttwwiwnft'rtta
University l.lttrnr)'
Kiiutiip, Oregon
tonight ami wi:i.i:himy,
j'iflevnlli VcnT, No. 0177."
STl?.? lEuimrog Iterato
Casualties Reach 2,000;
Banditry Occur; 600
Bodies Burned
SANTIAGO, Chill, Nov. H. Ho
ports of linn ill try mid disorder In
thn rarthquako illiitrlrl, together
with now of nddltlonnl earth
ithoclu mini ImlliittlonH thai thu
calamity hml reached niipnlllnu pro
portions, en u mil lht Chilean govern
ment today to consider the advisa
bility of trending troop to Coruliii
bo and Atnrntiia to roluforcn thn
regular rarrlrons, which nrn too
small to copo w(h win, , nltua
tlon, apd to aid In relief work.
Thn casualties nro estimated at
between 1,500 and 2.000 .lead, with
largo number Injured and homeless.
Six hundred bodies wore burned
In thn public n'liuro a( Vallenar af
ter liclnR Identified.
Thn report of thn Solsinologlral
Institute gy thnllpparrnt fneui of
tho earth itbock wait 300 kilometers
from Santiago.
Thn total duration wag 3 hour
40 minutes, and thn intimated radl
ua 1,300 kilometer In it traiuremal
direction to thn Andes. '
Tho institute says
thnt the earth shock colni Mm with
thn passago of a gun icpot over thu
central meridian of thn aim. The
earth uliock commenced at thn ter
mination of a day of abnormal heat.
Thn sun spot referred to mado tin
appearance on November C and wan
thn largest observed thli year.
In addition to heavy casualties of
dead and Injured at Coplapo nnd
Cogulmbr,-H w'rijprtea;.ht 600
were killed at Vallenar and tho sur"
rohndlng district. Vallenar wag vir
tually destroyed and thn survivors
are In a critical condition. It scorns
certain thnt thero hnvo beon casual
tlei In other .town and village
around Coplapojt to tho south, con
cerning which no nowg yet avail
able. ' j ,
1J- jagini'
Ifaro Being Hinged hy Junior Klk
, , Thanksgiving Imyj Pennant
Will Go to Winning Team
All boys between tho agog of 14
mid 21 w bo tillRlbln to m,i(,r
li'iitiiH In (ho Junior i:ilin relay rncn
ThanliKKlvIm: day, regardless of
whether they tiro tntmiherg of thnt
organisation, Thin wo anniiiiured
today by J J. Mlllor, onn of the
organizers of Urn Junior lodgo,
Tho raro will bo from thn F.lkn
temiilo to tho Whit., I'ellcun holel
nnd return. Thertj will bo four run
nera In enrh team lio will bo sta
tinned nt Ninth nnd Main nnd m
tho Whllo Ptdlrmi, or approximate
locations which will bo exactly de
termined later. Tho runnnra will In.
required to carry a wnnd to trims-
rer at thn relay points.
eirlieilnlnl for It) A, M.
Hoys Intending to entor team nro
directed to turn thn lineup of their
tnanu over to thn Junior Klk nt
least two iiays before thn ram. A
rommltteo to han clinrgo of thn
affair will he flnnnuncoil later. Thn
raro will n held nt 10 n. in., nro.
vIiIIiik that limn riopi not Intorforo
with church services, In which event
tho tlinn will bn changed.
Tho Junior i:ik will nward thn
winner a pennant bearing tho namei
of thu team members.
Member of the Associated Press
t i"-;: hrl) .'vV.TE
itMnaiir--- wi
orTKf I A
.-.-v ;..if.
( $!
DrCTDnKli?n rXt n. -, .
Revised Figures Put Brad
bury Fourth in Race for
State Legislature
MnrrJaftn f Kenneth Honlon Kwlin
Kuri'rlMi to frlcnda
rOHTLANI), Nov. H. IlovlKcd
official figure placed Ovcrturf, re
publican, In thu lend over llradhury,
ilouiocrat, ng third mnn In tho dele
Katlou of llireo men from tho Twenty-firm
repregentatlvo district. Lat
ent fisurcii ulve:
Overlurf 3,684
llradhury 3.CC6
In tho fllxth acnntorlnl dlKtrlcl,
Diian, republican, wag elected over
noruen, Democrat. An earlier ro
port Indicated Ilorden'a ilcctlon wag
duo to n Irangpojltlon of flsurcg In
tho unofficial report.
Mrt of Krrtcn t,f Zono Confrrrnccn
at Ibmanm IVIiUy
Attempt to Hath. Hotel l'u)rl May
IYoo I'nlal for tJuaiil
(loorco McMullln, nunrd for tho
raiihler of thn Fairmont hotel, was
allot npd nerloualy wounded by a
banitlt who hoarded tho gtreet ear
on which ho was ridliiR with thn
hotel payroll, and attempted to takn
thn money from him.
McMullln wni accnmp.iuyliiK
l-rauk Terry, ragblor, when tho
bandit leapoil upon tho rar nnd
nnalched tho aack coiitnlnliiR :00,
McMullln Brnpplod with tho mnn,
who wliot down McMullln ua hu
leapod from tho car, eacaplnB with
tho pioney.
The wcddliiK at 9:30 thin mornlnc
at Ihirhomn of .)Ir, l. McMII
linn, of Mg Knyn U".t t,
Cordon Klnhn, canm ns n surprlio to
wiun circio of fremli of tho two
youiiB peoplo hero In Klamath Kail
and tho ourroundlnff country. The
foremony wag performed lu thn
preaenro of two wltnoHeg, Mr. Mc
Mlllan and Mlig flcofflcld, by tho
Uor.rlliur Ulcc. Clogesl friend. nr
tho eouplo were kcptr In" Ignoranco
of tho event.
Mlg Went ha ilvcd for tho ureal
er part ot her life In Klamath eoun.
ry. She It tho dauKhtor of Mr. and
Mr. U. A. Wet, who aro anions the
county won pri:orealvo farmer
and llyo dock raiser. Kho I a
graduate of Klamath county IiIrIi
echool 'arid for tho nat two vmr.
hn been employed In thn offlco of
tho California Oregon I'ower com-
pnny. Klnhn I n Cnllfornlan who
camo hero a fow yuan oro to tako
charfio of work In tho offlco of thn
aanio company, mid It Is thero that
tho romanro developed. They loft
on tho mnrnliiR truln for Portland
whom they will pais a brief honey-
Bonn meetlnjji of tho County
Tcaehern' oiigoclatlon, denlKniM to
brlnn thn lenchera of tho county nnd
their remicctlvn comitiiinlil,. ri.n.
loKOllmr, havo been nrranRid by the
executlVo committee of the nggorla-
lion, wm aiinounred today by Mr.
Twyla Fornuion. county grliont mm.
erlntendcnt. Tho flmt meeiinr? win
bo held I'rlday at llonanra.
At tho llonanxn mentlnj; tho morn
Hib wilt bo devoted to matter of
profexilonal Intercut whllo a com
munity proKram will ho r.lven In the
nftornoon, AmonB tho pcaker
will bo I'rof. I.oublte. on Rrndo ath
lotlc: Mr. Joo (llvan. on th nr.
tlvltle of tho Htato Teachers' asso asse asso
ciateon: K. J. Ilowne, on consolida
tion of ictfooli; I'rof. Ilafch. on are
of school property. I'rof J. V. Well
will conduct a rcadlnc test for gov
cnth nnd eighth Rrndo pupil.
AmoniT thn gchool Included In
llonanra iono nro Illy, Hlldebrand,
upper and Lower LanRolls Valley,
Lorclla and Vnlnax. Member of
local school commlttcoH nnd tho
mombor of tho county gchool board
In that zona hnvo been Invltad to at
tend. Other nicotinic will bo held In
vnrlou pnrls of tho county nt Inter
val of nbout onu month.
Defendant Would Havo KlamaU
County I'ny Kxpene of WIU
ncMeg Hero Krotn Portland
On plea of couniscl for tho do-
lenuani. uiu J. W. W. trial get
for November 13 havo bcon post
poned by order of Judno Leavltt
until January or February, 1923,'
tho exact data to bo determined
!.oul Davlg, Maurlco Daly,
Adolph VnRsnegg, Isonard Ilolton,
William Fischer and William Ilurk,
thn I, W. Y. memborg Involved, nro
now out under bond.
Subpoeaag Askrd
William Fischer filed motion for
thn court to subpoena Floyd Hyde,
Harold Harneg, Joo Weight, p. j,
Wellndor nnd Waller fimlth, all of
rortland, n wltnesg for tho de
fendant. Fischer mado nffldavlt
that tho wltncsseg named am r.
miliar with tho teaching of tho In
dustrial Worker of tho World,"
nnd, to tho best of hlg knowlcdRe.
"tho nearest persons competent to
explain to thU court nnd to a Jury
matter necessary to bo explained
In my behalf and In my defense."
Wnnta County to Pay
Tho defendnnt nlleRe that
"each nnd ovory ono of said
witnesses and persons poor
and without funds, and It I neces
sary that tho county treasurer of
this county ndvanco fund to each
nnd evory wltnesg to defray his ex
IMinsos. ns well as their witness fees.
nnd It l nocoasary that this bo
dono forthwith, In order that they
may bo In nttendnnca upon the
court at tho proper. tlmo."
Mil M 111 111-1 HI IT ..
Many Important Measures
Passed on in States
of Far West
Clothes Ban Is Enforced
H. S Girls Sent Home
Hnook OuMcd at Cltlloquln tiy Nar
row Marulii of l-'ivu Vol eg
A political battlo between thn
factious ot east and wot Chlloquln
ended with tho election ot C. It.
Spink as Justlco ot tho peaco. suc
ceeding T. N. Snook, who hau held
tho offlco tor tho pant term.
Local feeling rati high and tho
almost oqunl division of tho town
Is Indicated In tho official vot0 fig
ures, which glvo Spink a load. over
HU oppouont of 'lW vote.
Tho volo urbb'd:' Spink 13i.
Snook 128. ; ' '
Anhlaa.l pp,.P i,,, K,,rU
Klamath Sludenla
Vr'"-V'-,08r" "'P '
bihi',1 at, uiiiinr.
Ilaromotrle conBltTonrf havo ohunit-
W ud hut lltlln In Ihn
' .jtn m lu .H.ivsith',aii.u
tMWituroit n 'Mtv-
n'nlnnl. tlild .....m
Forecast for nexi
a heurs:
Fair ami cold.
Slightly warmer
than for tho
Trlbulo Is imld to tho Ktamnth
high, nclioo and buslueiis men or
(homily In u recent Ishuo of Horuo
.ow, Ashland IiIkIi Kchool'M orririni
gchool paper, which says:
''Tho Klamath boys dlsulavod n
gortiV flRhtlng spirit, nnd thn veil
TaUy held thn night hoforo tlm
Bainp showed that their student body
wag back of them to n man."
"Klamath Falls gave us an ex
ceptionally flno welcome and extend
ed its hospitality and kludnoss
throughout our visit. Tho rates giv
en us by tho Whlto Pelican hotol and
Club enfo Indicated tholr splondld
Interested nnd co-oporntlon In pro
moting thn bond of frlondshln whlph
oxlnts between tho two high schools."
"Tho dnnco music furnlshod by
tno nigii school orchestra at the
dnnco given for tho boys cannot ro
flolve too, much pralso.for tholr oxuU
billons ot talent,
W ! VM-UXLIiSM AltlPiaXi:
nWASHINClTON, Nov. 14. A
PlJotleu army I airplane, enulppod
With nutontntlc. cpntrpt jinorn .do
uijmlalnil than in human nllot. has
b0ll"dov6JoDml. tho armv.nlr u,.r.
iTico'.nnuouiicecl "'today! Tho nlane
kiuiH.niadii Buccesful flBUja' of mom
Mllllj VV 1II1IUS.
NKW VOHK, Nov. H.Falluro of
Iho stock hrokoragn firm of Wasser-
mnn llrothvrs was announced on tho
Now York stork mclinncn imlnv.
Jess A. Wassormun, a member of tho
firm, committed sulcldo last nlRht.
Tho dress reguUtiqns ioaugurated
at tho beginning of thu term at tho
high school are still In force (llrls
appearing In other than middles,
low-heclod shoes and ordinary or
garden variety coiffures aro courting
This was realised by two girl stu
dents yesterday when they nppcared
with sweaters. No moro had thoy
entered tho school portals when the
infraction was observed. Ensued a
lengthy argument, wherein tho clrls
nouRht to shbw that a perfectly1
harmless sweater should not come
under tho ban.
Tho Klrl.n nt IcnRlh obeyed tho or
der to return homo and changed
their garb. Thoy appeared at noon
wearing overcoats otor their mid
fornla's ndoptlon of prohibition en
forcement, Oregon's restrictions
upon nearly nil church parochial
schools and other private school.
Novada'a decision not to chano It
dlvorco laftg, and Montana's prob-
atii) authorization of the Pari Mb
tucl system of betting on horse
races, aro among tho outstanding de
cisions on legislation taken by, tho
voters In far western states at last
Tuesday's election.
California's measure makes the
18th amendment to tho federal m.
stltutlon and tho Volstead act, or
watcver other enforcement lerlila
tlon may bo passed by congress, part
or tno California statutes, changing
automatically should tho Volstead
act bo amended or repealed. Des
plio tho fact that grapo growing in
tercuts and others fought aeslnst
tho step and that cities of San Fran
cisco nnd Sacramento voted "wot,"
all tho cither largo cities, all nt
Southern California, and most of the
hii-uk iiuuriur aan joaquin ana Sac
ramento valleys combined to carry
tho mcasuro. '
Kuprrvlgloii nr 8Uto
Orogon's new law requires all
children between tho ages ot 8 and
1C years to attend public schools,
except that thoso physically Incap
able, thoso who havo comoleted tint
eighth grado and those who live at
inconvenient distances or are Unrht
by parent and private teachers are
exempt. Those excepted, however.
must have their eiaeaUoi raper
vised by tho atatc.
A majority of moro than 13,000
was given this act, despite vigorous
opposition of Catholic societies and
laymen and many Protestant clergy
men and representative cltixens of
catholic. Protestant and Jewish
faith. Tho Catholics termed It
direct blow nt' their denomination
and Its educational methods. The
Masonic order took no stand In the
controversy, but many champions of
tho mcasuro wcro Scottish ntte Ma
sons, wbllo tho Ku Klux Klan ad.
mlttcdly was In favor of tho Dro-
poscd law.
Won't Change IHvorro Law
A proposal to make tho residence
requirement in Nevada before dl
vorco ono year. Instead of six months
40 Hoys Tarsi Oat for PfsUoe First
Nlfbtl Glrhj to Be ! Oi
With Two TnusM
Basketball at the high school
started In earnest last night when
about 40 boys turned out for.prae
tlco In the hall a Fourth and
Klamath, which has been engaged
by tho high school for the season.
The girls of the high school here
will compete with the girls of Bo
nanza and Merrill. They have two
teams, making four team la the
league. This will be the first time
in about five years that the girls of
the high school have been given an
opportunity to represent the local
high school In athletics.
A Good Taraoat Kxyected
Since there Is such a largo tarn
out of boys and an equally targe
turnout of girls expected, and thn
floor space limited, a schedule for
practleo has been arranged. !re.
uce tor me ooys win be held on
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and
Saturday afternoons, and nary
evening in the week except Satur
days and Sundays. Tho girls will
practleo Tuesday and Thursday af
ternoons'. The squads assigned to the dir.
rerrat times of practice will soon be
regulated so as to get the bora into
gooa condition, and give the aura
erou candidates a chance to be
come experienced before the first
games In December. There will be
It men picked to represent the
school on the two different teams.
ana as a result of this there is
great rivalry among the boys.
' " - if' 1
Hiamyjgsst. r
sWa." HassnK'' '
"I,. " 'KVIt.1,11 ,
M V .i . - . x, " - I a
MHsAt f)r sssMsaV
HoeHUtiM at C'sJnW
. r. i
at lawia . -Vx.
r. 14. ns.tHeW
e UaSMM)tsKM
a. - mA
opening ot the
faf!A Visa VI !!! dm Tj ' SAii
.......... ... .. nnp,!, fjnr
November 13 to Novesiaet H;t:itJr
reqaest of the British srensMifl;
LAUBAKNE. Nor. 14.Tmi!esW
nlleategl kar Kmat .Urn-tUmi .. 1
constltatjf perhsta ths Vtmtijil
now ressfruitag la sMrefSM VrfHeMli
affairs, W to have what .
be a thgjfough alrlag la tUjHti
mstle gathering et arias isssrUst
which ms to mars A9m'?if
Moadsy.iilght ' , i
Invitations to the Mrier.Cwhleh
has corns to be ksewa iu'thirNesir
East peace cosfemee, velaseat' la
the names of Orsat Britala,' Wfujii
sad Italy to the govenssesiUfsTJiU
pan, Rumania, JsMeIsrOrfSv
Turkey sad the VsltesViHgtosV. ."TV
una nmnaMta'ilo i II '.
sta and Bulgaria, to sessT Tsyrsssata-
tlveg tiara "at U4lW",Yx'li
tfclnate la dlseasalsauiaaemsfar'
K tmlm tfTlL..Jb't!a
m hwm wi tow 'vseVflSfPMSBV7
ot most Imporuat' sab)gjiiiMvMM
sgeads. . - 'jXty
Seek Near Bast Feast)- rL
Primarily, .the .ateali
will seek
at times assaatfo -' ---g-
leek to end th.war .la HitSir
betweea ths Greeks W; tk.
i. which has ssj slssliv. .
es ssssaslag wrriV'ijhjiji
'"-- ;iaiagnl
treaty of '111 talsrmssV '"Tjofc
that his prMS was lessfsc'emtr
The candidates who bars resort-
ed so far among the hers are: Clif
ford Hague, csatala of first team " ' r I j'lB rjlllliif Tr
anrl u ..... it. .. .-.i i .-- -iLL-'.'il-M""zZzt
.. ,.. B .vr aamai mil mwm.w ua, Jfwrm,
Peyton, letter maa; ret Mststhear- emttatlmhsai tsV;
""wi Juomn JSOariSJM. Kale
(Continuod on Page C)
oast 24 limiM
Tho Tycos rocordliiK tliorinomoter
registered inuxlmiim und inlulmum
tomporaturos today ns follew.t:
HlRh 43
m. Cff !"M"U'U"l.'IIM'lltl'ltrg,S
t-. . I
UAM'IMORH, Nov. 14.-Hl,loulon-nut
Kdwln 0. Schroder was Instantly
killed and Lleutonant Francis A.
MurBh seriously Injured when their
njrplnno crnshod nt Logan flold to
Iduy, Tho motor stalled and thn
- .-4-S"J
& fA'-i 4- iyi -v
yirjt- ; !$
Turner, Floyd Tingley, Oeorge Dow,
Herbert Laadls, Roland Castrall.
Harry Peltx, Brace Jeffers, Harry
Mslatore, Walter Shorf. Jeaatags
wssBingtoa. Arthur Peck. Loals
Sabo, Robert Cornish. Keaaetk
Maler. Oran Milam, Charles Chas-
tam, Wm. Clark, Matt Oheachala,
Herbert Rlesbel, Vernon Moore.
James Manning, Dale Soule, Dale
Drew, Russell CrandaU, Krdls
Smith, Henry Gerber. Frank Hall.
Lester Cofer, Buford Harsus. Svl
Tester Smith, letter man at Agency
high school last year; Weaver Solo-
man and Frank Upp.
Delos Mills and Cbarlea Graves,
both letter men from last year's
team, will bo unable to practice for
a few weeks on account ot injuries
received during the football season.
This list, although incomplete,
gives a good representation ot the
material on band.
'TV -I
A. J. Jscnicke Kinds Farther Coa-
trol Work Not Necessary Now
A survey of tho timbered areas
ot Klamath and Lake counties sot
Included In tho plno beetle control
project to deternalno the necessity
for control work has Just been com
pleted by A. J. Jaenlcke, forest ser
vice entomologist.
Jaonlcko sola It was decided that
no control work is nooded In thn
aroas at present; but that patrol of
tho areas at Intervals will be neces
sary. '
Juonlckos will complete his work
for the season herd within a fow
dsys and go on to Portland.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Nor. 14.
Mrs. Muriel MacSwIney, widow ot
Torrenco MacSwlnney, fonnor lord
mayor ot Cork, was arrested today
with eight other women, while
marching before the British embassy-.,
armed with banners demand
In, the release of Mrs. Macswlaev's
sister, Mary MacSwIney, who Is held
prisoner in the Irish Free Stafe.
PORTLAND, Nor. 14. Cattle
steady ; bulls 60o higher; calves
$1 lower. Hogs steady to 10c
higher for top grades. Sheen steady.
Eggs So higher, buying prices 4lo
aider Mmk&itnomtt
Wlllll jmJtlmt A mm'mM
fat amv mi.Mi.1 t mW L ""'
followtac tho comylta otTam)''
Greeks. '. ivj
ise aiuiaaa or au as in
the Uslted States towattf fsm'ssMttf
esce has preeeated ssoay Istirsjlggj
aspects, not tho least aVwsJeaiVM'
the Russlaa coateatioa that1 sis1
must take a leadlag part la uf sW-
gotlatloas centering arsasd -tiki
straits, in which she has a trsmassl
ous commercial interest. ,
"We aro aot maklag ihreats aJkl
are aot rattliag tho sweftto." flt
eiga MUUter Tchlteheria said re
cently, "but we do insist liw fo-
per consideration la oil tusstlsas
ralatlnr to th Nur ! a'ni Sim.
tlcularlr the commercial frseassa pit
the straits." '", t
The United States, eajhe othW
hand, has declined to WmM. of
ficially la the coBfereaeo. II44m
that as It never had been at w'ir
with Turkey, It did sot sellers 'It
could appropriately take Hrt M
framing a treaty of Dees with, thai
nation la association with? ths allied
conferees. 'i
v. m. -- v
The Washington gersfgsuit 4114
ssy, however, that It had, srmteat
Interest In the conference to oel
observers hero for ths(Mrer, sod
outUaed the subjects which sortft
ularly concerned It. Amoag'sthsr
things, the United Statef , Is aia
record as favoring unqualifiedly the
freedom of the Dardsaellss: the tita
- . . !''" ""-JiTT
ui aaroiora ana las slSSf ortUS. OS
well as the protectloa of rscjsl'MJd.
religious minorities. ' ' 'v
It also Is recognised, steordlag.te
the Amerlcsn secretary of lUts, ijsM
the United States has est tsia rosy
doflnlte rights under tho'' ftOSlHld
capitulatory treaUos. aeHalalaa '' to
extra territorial eoacesslsf grMtoit
foreigners; and again thtt Us.Whalf
Ington government Is at, dfiirir'ij
to see Americans 4UtmMm
against la favor of the SatlMoJa od
other aatloss. V J rfiw . ' ,
..t .. . .. t . .--A'i
ABPiaer siai
eace, sad oa
small 'aart l t
T: "" W MS.S . hm
ui.ico rcsaros ISO ailWfl .HfOSfJj W" f rr
to exclude Russia form aarUsiMiias? Vfl'.'
In the general dellumkafA r" );
u is uaoersioM aero thAt t
Mwoitvati suToraHvai . my
. .. . . . i 'i
lucuaen towsra tao SofMI
permanent solutle of IhA !
Droblesa can ka .amA'.mm.
:;."." :rr : -T-r,m-jj
ie are taaea to ceaosfTI as
icct lie tegliuaaio UlOftSSJ'
j tiff 4
" SI
ir )
n'lrplnno (ook it 00-f.pot iiosq tyo,
to 640; selliag 52c to 67c. Wheat
seat WJmirfmr'v i4-''
sit la say settlemeat
?M! t MJ.1.
HMWSW, it,,
tatSsklasimfatal "A VT
v , '
yr x W-: '
VI i
. jX fFy5vf4"li
"j! - -. "".s
i-r- fr4irti?rijir2sz. 7'fir "" y