The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 09, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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Tint ft Sis
Hill I
Officials Attempt to Com
bat Increased Violation
of Liquor Act
t ,.
I VIim11MV.,I V Kit B ImrJ. W'111 Will ry nirni Ui lo "I'll
OIIIUKrAMA. Nov. f. . .U.tic ,,
mnnnclln.: Into mrwajr. in vlahtloa , , wUh Milo anJ r .,!
W the prnhlMMnVllwii, Jim lem. Lcicen tiimrMM They are In eon-1
,("f,ewn "W'raiB. "Ki "' ""i
im recently ai fuca a ruiu.i rftin uv;uuit wireiuas i.'namunicmnm wun
'V jVt rnrrttmt offWi
ro flrjllu ti
wort; c ttprrfl
raorti cutftetfUT
Sntusellng on
ft IWRa iralo 1.-
- 'n.i 'i 'nil ai5rf)t 'Ilo cm ' fir
1' ou-nndi of tstcitla ad fijrd. Ttr-
v- fir
.-ilshlr.c UmI lilillnff. placw and 03-1 cuoptiratos In More tnn 0110 ry bu for the ?! trftlc. j W"1 ram-runticr.
Tho wnBBlor effortt rw csin-j v Jlrl rtearaor wiulppol with
iMtn,t ni.rn.. iiw. mim f t. ri,ri.'lw lii put Into opera-
tlnnla-fjord, and there la eitablUii-i
od a real market place at tJw oat-.
akin of tho three-mllo limit, trarm-j
4n with German and Danish liquor;
-,... .. I
mniipBiiiiK xowuia.
A NorwcRlnn law ngw tllow rev-1
oaito officials to nenrch anJ bring In
auspicious vomoIs at far cut as ton
miles from the coast. This extension
of the conlrt'l district, howover, has
served only to Increase tho difficult !
work of tho officials.
So far other nations have not
officially accepted tho extension of
Norwaya water ccntrol to the tea
Two of the Best Acts Ever Seen Hero
The Qiteen of Syncopation
The.Singer with the Beautiful Voice
The Entertainer of General Pershing, and
"The Captain and the Rookie"
A comedy Novelty Musical Act entirely different
from anything you have ever seen. Also
A Wild and Wooly Western Picture
Starring Hair Trigger Casey
and Good Comedy
Two Shows, 6:15 and 8.45
Come Early to Be Sure of a Scat
It is getting pretty well known that this is the
Real Shoe Store of this silj Our stock comprises
everything new and desirable for men, women and
children, from the first shoes for the baby to com
fort shoes and felt slippers for grandmother.
Buying here saves shopping around, and money,
Several new arrivals in Strap Pumps, All-Satin
Tongue Pump;', Patent and Biege trim, Patent block
Cciv.pletc Lino Luxitc Hosiery
Houston & Jester
CIS Main
'ulc limit, and opponents of a4tn
I v point i at Hint International com
plIcnHnnn could oully nrlco nhould
n foreign boat lm seized n:ul Corel
hi? broiiRhl Into a Norwegian port.
Hundreds of thousands ot gallona
if alcohol otul whiskey find their i
way Into the country, ami only n
vrry small percentage la liclnn sclx-1
eJ. Tlio smugglers bne a thorough-'
ly orrjaalxed business, hut uoc high
powered- motor bo-vli to brlnr? tho
B wnU front tho storage ship. r-
Si -red outside Norwegian water
Submarine chaser obtained from tho j
Ulrmiin navy arp Ideal for tho wotl '
' Hi Urc. sd to tatu able to
tM. rlxlit ."x&nexi for a ilaih j
la ute Lu.?r .
... ,,...,, ,,,
, . . . u. . . . J,. i I
,J,,","CTl """"" ... ir.m ii
an cwt population itself, which,
...m fi k tM MM .!
t!on by the revonuo officer, but .
,tJ0 npoedr of the stnusRlewt
ara m,t nf tmc)x bfpre dam.tRO caa
to done to them.
i..vm mriTiai
- I
AUIllMl.N. Nov. 9. Election re
turns iadlcatc the election of J. 1).
!andls for county superior judgo
orer Hen 1'. Tabor and Uaglan Tut-
Me. In complete returns frcm Kose-
Ho R.ive lmll 116. Tuttlo 12 Jtid
Tabor 3S.
Drum precinct tn Auh-
urn Caxe I.andU
0. and Tattle ',
Herald classified ads pay you.
Italian, Supposed to Be a
Dilettante, Revealed as
Professional Thief
1n... ! l.. I....T. I.t. It tll.tllt
, wn, ,,. fro,,, ,,o ,hu,M. of
Sun Krnm. ,.. tlmn n .-iir ago
""I 1,vom,',v,, ''v ".'I' l,,11lll"7'v'', J
VV ivtnnml to tho ehtneh of San
franccsco n in iim It Inn bivn euro-
rull&- iilooid and refrained. It ropre-
stmts Snntn Attnn. with tho Virgin nnd
i itrisi dim in me niner n.inei. nun
S. I on nsn. S..n ;n.n.w.lco. .St. Simon
find Tluiildeus on aide prncK
AIlliHiifcli t!. Hlhv lui.I hwn wnnrlf
r.,, ,,.,j, ,1,,n,i.. ,.-v.,,,,., 1,.,,.,,
..... . .. i ... t . . . .
i in inr r.'.:ins ii.pijrn nn iigiu i
inrt'wn o;n or on mo way uio ihpu
ii8 uvnu!MieM or whero tho point
Ins had IrtH'ti ta!.'n, I'rotmlily It
., " ot r,ir.l!ll ,' . , . ;,
mmtenr art rii,Hl.-i-. trail by ih.irnv
n i!ei'rlptli:i of tho trltt(h wiiirb,
at loam In roeanl to tho ivttral tuini-l. 1
rolHrhldl in i'ory ilrtall with n p-ilnt
In of Sunt.i .11nn, tho Virgin and 1
t'lirlM rhild. whlib ho bad rtvontlj
1 1'ouBht froiii nn iintbiiiarlon In Iter
pi mo and for nlilcli bo bad paid !'
Find Ctelcn Pinclt.
Ilii notified the Plreitor of Hue
Art", ulm cnt tip to Cintlnr prhuti'
rn linelr. ! tiirrioil the
(Militias to tin- lH-partmrnt of, I'ine '
1 Art. II jinn oil In bo Ilio renter panel
1 wlili a new Once the police 1
woro nn ilu true!: of part of the ,
, Ir.pljili it wut iiii1 11 Iinrt time ho- .
firo ibej found two of tho rlKiirei of ,
tl o Mile p.imN.
' The dealer at Horn-mo c-m the
antl'orltle-. tlio name of I ho private
lndlid.ini l." IihiI old lilm the pilot
pr. Other unliir.rinii tuppbed llio
II. 1110 of tin- -rllM who bad Mild them
tlo sb'o pmiili nnd n Kcnrih wu
-tiirtrd ThN iirlt w:i Artiirn fundi-
Id ami a In pr'Min iiwhIUiik irhil
' for tho theft nf toiialn untliiuo relies
In tho cliur. Ii of St. Acotllno at
1 Asvzzh. Afior ii wrn Imjulry he
co!lfe..ed bo had stnlen lln
trlpoch 0110 iit.-M la May. lfi-Jl. lie
, had hidden at ilu-!:. Klilnd 11 enff.".-
. ciolial. and uwnlted for nlctit to mine
iM-fiin ndn.lttlau hN uceiiuiplliv. They
liolpotl lilm In re'.i"e llio large rraiiie )
(Which wu i rried to a waiting muir .
I rnr nnd taken to Ceuna. Tho town of
j IVselu U ery iulet, where every one
Rue to bed early, yo their movements
'were In no wa vvaleheil.
Specialized In Paintings.
At Cciioa they removiil the frame,
tarried tho ilde pnr.rN with the fmir
flRurit to a earpfiitir and asked him
j to rut e.teh panel Into two, s.i that
' i cli vnlnt fiirmetl a ep:irate palntlnR.
CinbbI wus nn tirtHr, with u htudlo
ut Itermajrn, und vvu considered a
dilettante who Imitated ancient paint
'ills' and iliMiirutlon. lie apparently
'made his llvlns elllns these pneudo
, untliiu'i, for which he received u kooI
j price from MtInz American nnd Kng-
iimi inuriiis.
The Jrnmo also wa divided latn
fepnrate sctlnn, which formed two
frninex. All thee pieces were sold to
nntliie dealcM In various cities In the
1 north.
C'arohhl nitniltted that. tlion;li ho
was supposed to be a ililettanto, he
vvn really 11 professional thief vhn
r-.H'cIallreil only In church palntlnc
.nnd mcred nhjeclc. for widen, ho re
ceived IiIrIi prlceif. Ilu had made nlmul lire from llio trlptyih. ns lie
was forceil tnirli the various arts In
a hurry, lis ho 1cnn Hint the police
I vr re nn Ids track. Tho dealers each
made live and t-lx times that amount
on mill purehnxo, which they hnuxlit 1
wlihont asking nny iiietlnns. as thej
thn.'Rht he hud linltaled an original.
' The thief refused to glvo tho names
of his nrcoinpllces, 11s ho mj Hint j
ho alone wiik respnnflblo for the phin'
nlng and oxirullon. A ruck It. Jlao
ktrizlo In the New Vork Tribune.
Finds Two Pearls in Oyster.
Philadelphia. I'n. -Albert Trnnks.
proprietor f an o;sier hoiin-. hns re
leased thouands of bivalves from
their shells, hut nut ui.tll recently did
l.e Und a pearl. Then ho found two,
large ones. Ktlmales as to their value
vnry, hut It Is Roncrnlly ngrrrd that
1 1'ranl.K could eloso his estahllthmeut,
ri to I'uliii Hench for llio winter, und
still call It a profitable hcasou.
Policeman Weds Motorist
to Stop Her Wild Driving
t'Ui!d rode on tho radiator of
Mlsa iVni Connors' uutoinohllo
an rim ruced down tho hlreets of
.Nlniix Clly, In., patroled by furl
Niberg, inotoreyclo iiolleemau.
Ml us Connor and llio ollleer
eloped lecently. Tim. policeman
fuld I1I1 wife drove ho recklessly
and ho hud to stop hi r v often
thnt he deelded in marry her and
teach her how to drlvu tho car
propei ly.
I deeply appreclato my supporlora
In ri'iiAaJnii'u i .. nit. I ,l f. ll fl
J conditions umlor v.'hlch you voted.
i no nowiy oiccieu auminisirauon
doservca your same loyalty.
U IIt. A. A. 80UI.E.
OIqvch, tllovcs, U loves. Jacl;
Frost. 4-10
o bib nun
(Continued ftom t'ano H
talnor. Toin KU 11U. bark from
tho war, rravliiK udumturo , and
wautlnK firm hand Information, do
olded to vNIt Soxlot Kujla. Donloit
passports, ho "ran tho linen" with
firr.iM pajcrn which ho aoetiroil In
Finland, and for M mimtln ho llvod
amoiii; the UifnUn poiplo pealiu: as
a Swodlsh onKlai'i'i' Now ho loturiH
to toll u what ho loaruotl of hoUho
lrm. Ho U n brilliant HpoaKor, and
wo tlo wit hhlm In hU orltlnK ad
ontiro In "Hod Kuinln."
.So.uon tlckoti for tho throo iiiuit
borj of tho l.yioum rourmi may bo
had for i'i. 50, ItuhulliiK war ta, a
r-avliiK of at '.'.-" (! tho rrr
In. THt'Mi iimy bo had at tho cham
ber ot eommerco, at any of tho local
dror stores, or from Individual guar
.intern of tho l..ceum.
J ' r
i -
Hart Schaffner & Marx
fine silk lined suits
m. " '
. J . Jk
f m -ABi vy
Mrn. Adcllna Oltoro Warren Ima
won the lti'pubtlcnn nomination lot
Coiikics at Albuiiuiniuo N. M
Sboit in.ikuiR a lacv un a platform
ot strict intoucmcnl of the Vol
tiuil law
I r
K. v
m2lmS vaSLHEv
$$r finfini.
k.4ffi' Jw
CopyrJfilit 1921 Hut clallacr& Mx
Well dressed young men want
Hart Schaffner & Marx overcoats
We make it our business here to
have the styles that young men
want also the fine quality that
economizes for them. You'll find
them all here in this big showing
of overcoats
30 .o
l lllf-1"--'-'-"-""-""- iit.
intlMlO.V AUUHM-I.TIMIAI. ('111. rmillim. li.- lwl( 1. ml I'n Mai
In.K. fmolll... Ni Thothl.d oradl.allon which wna flm.uio.1 by
wllto Pine I.IIMor mil n.ufo.onco'aa appropiliMloit aranlcd by ......
1, ill l. hold In I'orllnml Noxomb.-r , nr..H llnNMlUinMons .how ho
JJ and 23 to cimMdir lopmlt of lhoiat to bo well e.tahllsh.Ml In llr
aKencio wl.lcli hao been woiklna i I'.nh folumbla ami icattoicd In wet
i 1 nisi cMtrot dtiilitn tho Mimmorlein Wimhliirluti
Swanson's Barber Shop
WILL BE ,iv ' ,
Closed All Day Saturday
Armistice Day
J. E. SWANSON, Prop.
Suits that offer unusual
value specially priced
TiiniMi,v, n(vi:miii:ii o, iiuj
land malto tmlliiT plan tn proMiiil
I tho InMinInn of firi'Ktm and nthor
' nliilcH by tho niouiiMi, Hhtato livml
' iittnrlora woro oiitahllhiil at tho rnl
, pj;o nxpciliuont utatloa Inn! atinimrr
'm.l ion enlli'lto llH'll oiuployod fur
r .'
! tfc -
,,'!, yiv.iu i vi r nn ' -
' , i
yt i Mi
UULWl.UlUt iiii'wi,i'-"i,iuwiiiii jMiwhlihrj-w
ir-wTf-i- - ,t.- ul,
a J6 '
WJuu.aBu-. in,
sfciWttfWiiim . - .' ii.
1 HI. !... MW,M