The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 08, 1922, Page Page Two, Image 2

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WlillMWlW, SI.MMi;it H, iikiu
Faj Two
TU.P,fMCI4.ll','nferml. wo will ret only tho skim
M, ilw M4 VIli- A AVA CXAvi
milk nflor tho r renin Imi been whin ,
' peil off.
Wlidthor tlio inn n who Im nttKoil In'
Auto King
I', O. NIUKliK Ailvirlllng Maiirtgor .
V. It. KOUMi!. .Killlnr nitil I'l.tilUKcr
II. It. JIMill, .Cllj' Kltltllf -ii.o.l, vlnuo ll mtv.iFllullif fiiml
titty Mjill,ILfr . I
. nn u U'Rlllmnto Ion. or nx nn IiivpM
nienl, on n n inciini to meet llvnl
effort, or nt nn net pro bono publico,
contributions kIhiiiIiI ho pledged i
promptly nml cheerfully. Mo.lern
rnnilltlonii require nntlnn-xvldo ml
vert (sing in onlor to nrcnmplHti
I'lihllulKid (tally except Sunday, nt
Tho Mnrnld Publishing Company ut
Klamath rails, nt 11!) KlKhth etrcot.
Kntored nt tho pontolflco nt Klam
nth Falls, Of!., fur trunsmlailon
through tlio mulls u uoooml-cla.m
the slate of Oregon noeils T!ice
Mi:MIli:it OK Till! ASSOCIATED icondltiniH cannot be cluing 'd. n-t.t
1MU1S3 rt. mini niljimt onrolis to them
Tlio Arsuclnteil PrcM In oxcliMlto-
y ontltleil to tho mo for publics
tton of nil noxxs dispatcher ereriltnil
lo It, or not ntlierwlHo credited In
Ihh pnpor, nml also tlio local noxvs '
published heroin, i
- .nvi:itTisi;it.s
Copy for display ndx'erlislng mut
li In i hit nrfiio not tlinn 3
pin on tho ilny prccodlnc publlcn
iinn In nnlir in 1k Inserted In tho
i 'in of ilm nmr ot the imxt day.
ant ndi nnil rinding notice will:
A man bigger than ymi
llnr. Id' I inMatcon.
i -oxer ii
In dicrlblnr ii whirlwind t ilUi"
In rnculvoil up to 12 noon on th' you en:i have off tho whirl
ilny Of Issue.
Ilcrnlil l'lihlMitiiR Compnnv.
WIIUMDAV, NOVIlMltlllt 8, Ill'J'J
IIK oJ'J-tlon In over. Oregon, u
Mrongly republican plate, has n
ilnnoirntlc novcrnor. TUo hill pro
h'liltliK? rcnU from -axorclslng any
iV co In selection of tlio school for
i lucntlne th'elr children, l lecomo
n law nil will remain a law until
t'.o court ilocluro ll tineonstltutlon
nl. Nrlthsr the olectlon of 1'lercp nor
l'ir puMQfSP of the school hill wnn
lb Vnxd hy tlm Hsrald. Wo sincerely
bcllcYcil thnt victory far cither, or
1) ith, would ho liitiulrnt to the lat
interests of tho state.
M'ul tli tuajorfty of On-Rnn cltl
7. :m (I cow othor.vlsc anil It Hi now
tlio iloL of nil in Join In suDport
of tho naw nororHnr, so that tho
pilitlcal Mrotiistli of Dm M:itu may
f ilcr ami encourage II economic
.f vejepmont.
in tbto oAHHtry oltUomt are iimh!
auJURttnx tlini!(9lvcH to new po
I tlral ronilitlnnii. At an oxcliaiiRo
as-: !
Tliero Is cenii'tliliii: maint!c
In the i-oner of tho popular ver
illrt o:i jkt.'tlo;i day. IVr u lonK
pcrlotl prevloiK, tho country In
torn by tonfllclliiR pawilons. Hit
t' r tiling nro nalil, ami the air
roms fllleil with tlUllktt anil tho
.p.rlt of revolt. Then mi cite
tion ilay tlio hot talk ilonn,
aid the tiuoplo" rjulotly iikvo to
thiir polling place ami exprens
their will nt tho ballet hoxc.
Inxtniitly u chaiip.o"coines over the
temper of tho country. Tho poo
pin who unko up tho noxt merit
Iiik ami fitul- thejimelre beatei
vually ul;o their llckltiK Krace.
lully. If ttie UrM'l. timy KVt
liiliRhiul at, nt larklnir In sport
Iiir Kplrit. In ftotnu landn tliiH.t get tieatnu at the Imllot I'ike to kumh and i-xjilolve
nut ilay. lint In thl country tho
iltiUl uicejitanco ot Uio nit nation
iiroven tho unporlor fltnis of tho
pc'iplo fur tlomocratle Inilltu-lions.
I A.i excellent book In rnrry on i
1 1 trip Is a lnlIenr.o book.
' i I
! Twenty yo.lli nKo o were dlr
- iiisnliiR prohlblli(:i. but not at miicli
! I as we uro now.
(llrl rodo .1000 mtloK to marry a
man In riorldn, but .some ch.vo a ,
man farther wlthoii't luck.
I K.Tfci"-." m'.
onev asici Markets
IJ. net nl I'.iivlni ComlltloilH '
i i
I lie r.e'ieral ' i le h, I ml toll Iihh
ileiiuri'il iii n't Trtoriy t.intitier iiur
Int. tlio )ust- iti.tuik vl1 'oil uny tx
i itttnit.oi' dtturi!tiR featnMS. Th-'
i weak r.p-il to which vre allu led n
n mill an), to wit: tho relatively
le ty lien of iii out nRrlrtilturnt prn
ilml', han bpn trciiptlleieil by o,.
v.'ni.o In Rt"U .lalri pr lucM nnd
cotton, x.iilch iietiiipiially nd
lirnctlfally nro of kiv.U bonotll. Thu
iic:ilim Thin, v, Inl.i It iIhim iiiii
mum ilini nil thn .iii'idii i v lib Ii
ills itipeiil'e I hint vctir bine been res
to'ril, b'li Ihul lite ilemni'd f limi '
.. -d Icrthcr h oVn norinul. Hint
; ! MUnii, Itltn I'nr ltb
INK, Olltl Is lit lliero'tn n ivoiV'.i"
rhntHti fn- .irnflt ORAln Tlii sll
factories of New t'.nnlnnd nro wo I
Inn With nearly full fe eer ii id lliii,.
of the wiit n'irt in olli n-e ilo'e;
oven '..Pttiir. An n rule 'lie eo trer'ui
ran, ..l have hin hnntlllnn 'firPa!l ,:lVni: deflale.l promptly nml
! the limit, nre Imny to cnpieltv.
In nhoet as In cotlmi uiiIm Hir
uiiird tarn uf raw tnnierlnl In tin'
hint fnw I'lnelhii hi creati-d illfd
rulltM. Dealers ito not take kilulh
In ndvnnriti, fenrlnh 'hut llin iut
Im'CM i In o mi iiur ii tlliet' liii, bei u
ii II'mk .hi tin I .1 .. nf iu'iiiI in I
r. lb, i iIi.iii ' ii Im I. ie .iitinii.r
' H It ink
Ills parent!) thlnlj Charles J.
Smith. Jr.. 3. New Orleans, will
bo a second Henry Ford. Ho enn't
read but he can tell you tho malio
ut 16 different cars when ho ccv
tlicm vi) th street.
Immoilest bathliiK suits hale roiic
InnnoilcHt divorce suIIh have not
Scientist find tho average tiioiiie
runs about (en miles a day. 1 1 .1
thin lo tin' women folks.
Tlio trmiblo with taktni: HiIiirs as
they come Is you nexer mil tell
Is comltiK.
Thc.v havn tnlklnR movies In fler
many and talklnR audiences here.
If Dempsey caa't pet mad unniiKh
to fight why not appoint nn nssllant
Trouble with electltiR the wronr.
man to office Is you can't Ret your
niene- back If not satisfied.
The sunn worth while I the man
ulio can miuIId when his neighbor
struggles along with a song.
If you erer talk back to our wife
doa't let her hear you.
Only smoke ntiN.tuco now la how
tc make 11 smoke.
The hand that wlnldl tho lipstick
seldom wields tho broomstick.
jp t ITT 'i tern pilttmry tnnr
T 3 !r r '''' Krn'"', slnr' Jolv
u IA Li1" ,U:' ,a,L ,,ar-
unie (if traffic closely annroncliliia
, that if October. Il. nml nbiw
' of nny oil 1 r month 11:1 roenrtl.
, r the wimJc e idi'd lli'tolier 14 tho
I miiiilii-r of ears loaded with freiuhl
,m ii,.i.4fotDno. nmilnst ulo.san..
iiiiit In tlm l.M.n.. !! t..kf ..W '
" "" "'i"i' " " 1 Up Mill nut. mid us ci!iip..'i'
in.". 1 nunmuofliy cnr-ioaomir
wiuilil be rtir.nlan lu vi tho 1020
figures If tho railroads were able to
handle tlio btlsitiess uttered. The
moiement if Rimln tins liven mrlnu.
ly linmpnrod bv lack or i.iri nr mn
live power,
Krnln In Novt
, rommiiiideil n prom I
ileal i.irlty Willi country uurk-ti, SnillO
nml over tbo future dellverli . 11 li
u.itlni which 1ms not xl- led Itiee
ithe ill of 1920 Cnunirv elevators
'n'e roll, and 11 nablo to tnke r.irin-
11 il. IImtIk. At the 1 3 I
rkeiM reeoljiN of
1st hale been
but inure than
1 111 thi currespiitiilinK ihtP-iI of 1020
The Bcg'mni.!-
l t JJ P1
vy J
W'TKll'iau WV IS
ris is
i'.sdicsfl March
1 .
r 'saVfiVt
, ,
' A.J
fL . ...
v,iJ. v. -.T. , ( ' VHvt-.l k "
,sr1. VVifft VviSWi
orf bv Isek of i.iri nr inn- pil'irriin 111 ill
-Hf r HIHI Ml
Ills itunlinii tin- .. 1 ' im ""' ' "' "" '' ""
lean lleio liurfd . ! " N '""'", !"m",y, K
nnichlnif en tl 0.1. Hi- " '' ' o. I ini.d.r. l-iiuy
Held" 'IliosJ xvl... - ...1 ' ..unl ' lutcd oelv
thi liulll t( I'llli ill ,'.l .Mi.
' .-
"'"".EnKltslt Musicians Claim to
crn Civilization
The prndlii Mini nf coal has boon
Rotary President Declares i Mmv ",0 "'ideity of tho mlncm.
partly from lack of cars and partly
Trade Is Fabric of Mod- j bccau.e of nti Indbtaositlmi of imr-
naiti'rs to iieciimulale utei-K on U
I fallliiK tnaiket. The coal situation.
honnvor. Is worklnc ensler. and con
Kutuers arc so far Retting what they
tired as fast ns thejr rcqulro It.
linliitij nml 'I'rnile ,
The Iniliutrles nre Kenerally ac
tive, with employment practically
full nml wasea eoiitluiiliiR to canto
Into lino 011 the higher level estab
lished last month. Ilntnll trade In
the Industrial centers has Improved,
ami Is now running well ever last
year's flKiircs. The iron and sir , in-
1 diislry Is oporallng ut nbent To wr
cent of rapuclty, and Dip conten
tion of orders Is diminishing. The
premiums for early dollvorlra nro
iliMPHeiuIng: tho supply of plx Iron
Have Lost Jobs Because
of New Music
Personal Mention
I tlcorgu Hoggs Is a huslncjs visitor
'hero this week from Montana.
J. C. Wilson Is reglstercl nt . ttif
White Pelican hotel today from Sac
ramento. I.. A. West arrived last night from
Cortland and Is looking" utter bitsl
iksh huro today.
eilAMIWICN. 111.. Nov. S.--Olon
may fnl, hut bulniss must suc
ceed, nr tho f.ibrlc of modern civil
(ration fntU. declared Hnymond M.'
Havens, of Kansas City, Mo. presl
dent of the llotary Intiirnatloaal.
Mic.ikliiR beforo Illinois Itotnry cIiiIm
"Art. sclenre. edurnllon. rwcarcli.
rellRloti Itself, tho humanities, flour
ish by the KMeroiis jmnd of tnml-
crn biisi:ioM," ho declared, "lint
every fine thing In life which Is sus-
tnlnnl by money. Is hypoerasy. if J1' kjI1"B :i tao domanil, nml tho
lririi is laiiinp.
More cattiilructlnii work cf an in
dustrial character la boliiR planned,
particularly xvltli a view to iTotiom-
Tl is Is no limn for holding post-
MorNru. Tho He 1:1 II has no npolo
i.'t -i to inske for Its attitude on what
11 believed were xltal leuo In ctato city develi..iment. Wo fought
fur our position tm vlgfroualy as
xxu huAr how. Wo fuel that time!
x, III jirove tho corroctness of our
judgment, but In tlio meantime xro lo do our utmc-it to aid wlio will baor tlio riMponslbll
ity of carrylnr Into tcoverumantal of
fed tho Vliihes cMiressod by tho ma-
Ji rily ut tho pnllr.
I). It. Mskny cpntit the day In
I town ye.terduy from his homo nt .Ma-
UK nt tlio ImpinUnt tiling
that Ponliiiiil must uudertako
i'. Mion as t''" election Is out it
t'e xvay Is xettlnK subxcrliitlca.i of
f"O0,U00 to 1 over a cumuulgii of ad
vert Istiig mid of Orugon dniiilupmcul
over a purloj of txvo yeard J 160,.
DUO each your hb recommended by
tho chamber of commerco.
In one KWim. this udxurtlsing Is
niuroly tho Iniestmeat of moaey to
rccuro rwulln In the furr.i of noxv
keltlori nml of new Industry mi,(
tho Portland Telegram. It Ii com
Jiiorclnl ad voi Using of tho vary aamo
kind Hint merchants and muniifnc-
turorft employ to lucroaie the sale
of (lioll wares nml products. It Is
iiK'i:IHml oxpcuje, but ut the sunn
tliiio If is nil InMistmentxvhieh wlion
p.'opnrly hnndliid, ivtuius big dlvl
i!dii(1h in tho way or Increased Indus
tries, largo air! hiik.II. ,
In iiimtliiir sen.11, tlio raining f
this fund Js u imcosiilly imiiosod iiioii
I'orllnnil by rlx'nl I'uclflc const cltlea
whlih lm;o rafuod ulmllar funds for
slinllur punijiso. If Portland does
not innko ImrHulf mid tho etulo of
Oregon bottor known through adver-tl-Uir.
xx bin public .uttontlon will bo
drawn to our rival oltles lo our grunt
dlsailvnntuKe. For this roabon tliu
.lilvortluliiK cumpalKii tihould bo con
temporaneous with thnae of Seattle,
Hun l'rauflsco, Oakland and Ioa An
Culcs, If tho campaign should bo
.Mlso Helen Stanford and Miss
(urtrmlo ltooth were county seat
xUltors yefterday from Chlloiiilii.
Mr, and Mrs. O. T. Anderson are
mopping at tho White I 'el lean hotel!
for a feiv dan while thoy 1110 In the
county beat from their ranch near
Ileatty, Oregon.
Mr. ami jts, A. i. Thomibii ar
rlxed latl night from IJ.irll.Kitl and
nro spending u few days hero on bus
iness and pleasure. They are reg
istered ut tho Wdillo Pelleitu Im
Miss Vera Tliomp.ion and -MIh
llleanor Torrey expect to leaxo here
tomorrow for Kugnn.o, xxheru they
will attend Annual Ilonn coming
Week of the Ulilxirslty of Oregi 11
They will Im homo again alter .1 1
week's, visit with friends there. I
the sourco of tho money Is corrupt.
"A demand for codo of honor
In huslne. xx-as characteristic of
men who foil a natural craving to
make their transactions h.-:tio:iIre
with their social ethics as citizens,
neighbors, frienJs. churchmen, f.ith
cm. To tliovo men the cviilcal doc.
trim; exprossed In tho phrsie, 'linsl
no Is bitslaitM' wan an offsnio and
s hiimlllatlou.
"Thcro Is l.onnrablo profit and
there Is dishonorable profit,, Just as
every vrtH may be distort id Into
ovll rimulis. Worshlji may become
fr.natlulsm; rellnenieiit may be twist
ed Into snobbery; loyutty ni:y be
perverted Into Intt-lerasee.
"Kxory liuiuaii phase nuts to ox.
treinos ami H.b r.o-(ta1It suceoss-
fill man of great wiiUh. who dm
not know what lo do with It, has
jleldod rluli material ! pi lywrlghta
and novelUl.. Ilia It U mUlir.iml
lug to tall a man successful ilmply
bienuso he hits xxeiillb. lie Is
surer infill Iii g-ttli r. rich, that 'is
LONDON, Nox S - The recent In ,
(lux uf Amnrlmn J as bandsmen 1 '
runrly music fur the cnnst.itit!) In ,
croaslng numliem of llrltUtiirs who
have sttrciimbeJ to l fox trot Im 1
bad the effect of spreading coiisld
ernblo alarm among Ungllsli imul
clans, many of whom claim to haxe
thurotiy lost tholr Jobs.
Itocoutly tliero liavu bonn nitlner-
ous rcproMtitatlons to tho homo see- ,
rotary alleging that Atnorcnn musi
cians havo bcoti allowed to outer
Kngland In violation or tho nlleii
restriction nit. 11 Is clattnud that a
Um iittiubor of American Juniors
huvo como hero posing its students or
tourists, whllo they already hnxo
contracts In their pocket calling foi
largo MtlnrloH, somu as high as CO
pound a week.
Musicians' unions up considering .
i ramiwlgn to boycott all hotels and
music halls employing alien ja.r.
,4 ILK . W"31' - 1
lent production. Orders for i-.tilroad ' players to tho exclusion of the llrl-,
er mid locomntlves continue to bo.iish. Tho unions claim to liuxo tho
large, but t.alen of fabrlcRtod stnic I support or the llrllUh l.cglim. , stol for Sittlmbr worn Mm j Tho erase for American Jar danc-,
loxvMt for tho building nesson, xvhlch . Inx In I. on Ion has reached wide pr. -Is
usually tho euro. Tho outlook for ijiortlons, us is xxltm-nsid by tliu Urr.c
luilldliiK operations next your Is I titimburs of ndxertlsements In Mm
dally pipers listing lnstriicto.1 In
latest ballroom iUiii-s, .mil tho mnn
In all llm-s of manufacturing raw
uiatcrl.tli have been ailvaiiclnx, and
efforts are lining made ti make cor
lespouillng advaniori In finished pro
ducts, but they meot with no little
opposition. Advances In wool, cot
ton aail silk have forced manufac
turers to mark up cloths, but al
ttu.iRli the dealers yield a grudging
cuns'Ht, Reed lag behind tho ma
terials Consumption nf cotton by
the mills lu
running balus
August and I.M.71K in Xoploiubor,
The shoe and leather reporter for
October 12 announces that tho Indus
try of slues unit leather has recov
ered completely from thn long do-
places furnishing J.u music.
Titc Crimea Now Home
of Needy Thousands
MOSCOW. Nov. S -Tho Crimea,
formerly tho most excluslxe ii-ul
fuuhlonablo idoasuro lesort of llii"
(".i-iili'tuber wns in.'.lU I J :i under tlm empire, Is now Hie
;h against .'27, 10 1 Jn , home of thoilvniids of jiiuple of ml
tltrn mill tllfllHillle.U who I, iilii) ,ll
In great need. They xxeiil lie r, 'n
tho vain Imiio of oscaidng lo other
Met results liy usirii; class nils.
IIONOLI I.D. T. II . Nov. S Txxo
.'licleul anil forgotten l.iv. 1 on the!
Tho Woman's Library club wMll"""1"0 ,"",K8 "f "'"'"" "ll1 '"" I
meet Krlduv afternoon at i::!0 1.. i '' effi lixo could bo invoked to sup-
Uio clitli-rooms. Tho afternoon win ! ',T"m ""' l'"'-liul.i dance of lln
bo devoted to the subject of Indians.! w''"' w,,lrl' h """""y I'f-nned by
their relies and llvci,. Any 0110 h
111 11:1 uiiiiouncoiiiciii ny
lug a collection of relics or Im.'.'.iti
memos of any sort are uskol lo
bring them down lo tho club rooms
for tho afternoon. A program xxlll
bo given featuring Indian hongs and
Mm, Allen .Sloan and email datigh
lie, aci onipjiili'd hy Mrs. .Sloan'..
bi other, 'Claud Cloptou of llouaiu.i
ut cording
Attorney.(!eiieml John A. Mathew
man, In connection with reront ef
forta to ubollsh the hula oxhihlilons
now glvnn mainly for tl-u oatertaln
1111 nt of tnuilsls.
Tho aiiiHiiiui ia"iil follows the
adoption of a resolution by the Ha
waiian civic chili, lompoied of lead
ing llawnllaiiH, ibtniiiucl.u; tho
lull this mnrilng on tho tiouth-boiiiul llitln, as 11 "libel upon the Hawaiian
train for Itosuvlllu mid llerkoley,! tueo mid Its cimtunn."
Ciillfinila, They wero called away
by tlm hi'lloilrt lllnes.s of their bleth
er, Hugh, who Is not expected to
llxii, and the Illness of their moth
er, Xi'lio llxes lu llorkoloy, Tho
mother, Mm. Maty Clnpton, mi old
ri'Shldit (r Klamath Kulls, lias been
confined to her bed for u number
of mouths.
3inlgo Mulhov.miin rail that It
txvo htxvii xvhlch might Im enforce.!
against oxhlblUoiia hail In en on ll:o
Htgtutes of tho territory Tor many
years ono. slnco 1S."0 and Uio iee.
ond kIiico 1890, this having brim
adopted when I la .'.all wu.i .1 rejiubllc,
In coniieitlou xvlth the camiialgti
against the hul.i, Vmigliaa Mac
Cuughey, territorial superintendent
nf tclioul, xv'hllo nddrnssliig tho Hon-
olulii ad cldb, declared Hint tho "so-
I wish to thank my many friends cald high society dancing which
for tholr liberal support at tho clue
Hon Tuesday.
W. T. LEE.
I.i fcouu ut leading social ovontn lu
nioro Immoral than tho hula."
,. - 4 sm fp vtim&
fTntrfin nn blllnlmnifl 1,V 1HI nm.rntiliiln fnlliAH ,ulmn llit-A. .vtnntlir.
(old, Ilclon Jcun Loxvcll novcr ifnew a xvhllo xvuman till nliu xvus 10. Her
lather educated tier In his cabin, giving her an ordinary schooling plus
an expert' knowledge ot navigation. Today uull eho'u employed in u
Los Anjele.i ofllco.
Your Car With a New Top
Site may not look Mice lite above now, but let tin
fit her out with a new top and she will look better
than new. Our lop man can do the work promptly
ant! efficiently.
Connolly Brothers HarnesslShop
till Main sti.ei
I'llillie IICW
Legion Dance
and Entertainment
Special Feature Uctwcen Dances:
Miss I luntley and Mrs. Nelson
Val Italian Tenor
Special Quartet
Armistice Eve
NOVEMBER 10, 1922
Scandinavian Hall
Ceils 'One Dollar and no more
Free Hunch
J2G Main
D Kr full
M.wnc3l Klamath Falls, Ore.
Fancy Apples
Wo Imvo jus't unloaded a full car of Fancy
Apples. ThoHo apples are of mioli a j,'nido that thoy
will keep for winter, and the price we quote you
below ir: rijiht. When you consider the quality and
the fact Ihey are ?olid packed not jumble packed,
"thrown in box."
Jonathan!!, box $1.80
Home Meanly, box $2.00
Winesaps, box $2.20
Delicious, box .'. $2.50
WinesapH, box $2.50
Jonathans, Kxtra Fancy, box ; $2,40
Koine Ueauty, ICxtra Fancy, box , $2.50
Wmeaap.1', Extra Fancy, box , ; $2.75
Delicioua, Fxtra Fancy, box ,. $3.30
We will pay tho above nrieo to nvoducora who
will l'urnieh us strictly fresh No. 1 local eggs.
l f