The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, October 30, 1922, Special Pine Tree Theatre Edition, Image 1

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Thin edition in n tribute to
the new Pine Tree Theatre,
nn enterprinc tlmt displays
fnith in the future ilentiuy
of Klmnnth County.
Special Fine Tree Theatre Edition
m ibtip
il OW .
h is -r. i. fe
Describing Pine Tree Thea
tre, to be dedicated Tuesday
evening, November 31.
HiMl'l'lltll I'jll . . III, I,
1WT V? T 7 nn Iff 'W W A m rr
1NILW lIltAlKt
MfinluT of the AsrocJati-d Preii
1MVIII r.U.I.M, OftMJON, M'IH, O KHtl II .'in Itl'-'C.
IN SIX inths
First Perf-irmance
To Be S
taeed Tomorrow Night: LIGHTING HELD
- i
fenrcsenis Montis oS Laiwr
Klamath's Newest Structure Instrument Instnlled nl Cost
Of $16-1000
Represents Coit of
About $100,000
of $25,030; Is Modern
in Every Way
Ktnrtlm: last Anil, mi a fmiriln
tlon lulil In Not. ihIkt of I03t, IIm
Hurl lilork gnx- imly tnptn)ttiiii
In (ruin 10 in 2'p men. during th"
various St OR itf Hit roitolriflloii.
Illllll II tciuplill. 'I last moiilli
'Itin now Mriirtitrr nn Hi south-
i In tin- i art, i.' i V of i ivil i
Hull "l 'I illn mi'lc I ti i until pm
line" n I i in' liy liloniiiK in ru llm
mil of ii r i I Thim wan horn Hie
modern pip organ At the 1'lltt
, Tree theatre l inlay must -lovers uia)
listen In mwslr frc n I'm last wor.l
wet corner. l Kev.-iith ami Main lpe r80iis. an Instrument aurh
itr.-ots. U rwliy iwu ...nam 1 1. build B , ,,,, ln ,hn ,,, ,,M,rp, ,
lilS. "in' mriiplH by thi TnaKnlf- UrvT clllnn
Ireul PI., Tw tli.slr.. I'.i other. ,,, M ,,,.. ,,,!I!lUrrH
h stores nml of firm . ....
.on either side of flu UR'. tt or
i'iihi Moil mm I
,,.,,, ,, .. ran bii'rlirfiiUm U not apparent to
II' rout III, i 'Tin llruthor (
proximal ly co lo niafrinl- ,h" n'',f,, ''"B '" ' hi"
o their btniil:nK plans Thai I "' n"" h "Milt bt. i Hi"
lor building alone, nn I Inrludes ni layman, seems a perfect mam of '
cijiilpnirnt ir Mrtiliur ,' pipr, f 900lt an, ,,,. dr,lau
iiii a.. .. .. i a a ii . I
laiiiining nn. u.'cwion m ii''" nd hollow ro4. all bruacht
II, !. Iii.ll.l .... I.ftl ..r.nM...
. nvm Ullllll IHI 1III-.I l'MI.ll, H.,11.,,. ..
"""" "J
ana axuesdiiiire
Favorites Norma Talmadge and Buster Keaton
To Appear In Addition to Organ
Recital and Vocal SoSos
Modern Appliance and Vnr- Ivory, Blue and Gold Pre
dominate; Colors Blend
ed with Skill of Artist
icd Effects Used in
Pine Tree Theatre
Tlio mi km i lai-ma- ttm motion I A ijrcam or old Uory, blue and
pi. tun. hotiM. ilnjii'siM for Itn xlt-'Rolllf BOtt xn blended with all U
anc upon tlfctrlclty Tho drama. 8kn, nn(J KnowJpdKo of an artlit;
tho portrayal of llfu upon inn staRe. an,t withal, so delicately, bo per
il as old an art ns Is rHHIiatlcn It- fuctly done that one la scarcely ron
ton. That ntt thrived before the kC0U, 0f a deliberate attempt St
days of electricity far mcro than It j,eautlflcatlon. An artistic trlumaa
uot-s now nui tne tneatre xi com . n Interior decoratine.
(.': n the door.- of the now Vir.v Ti . theatre will swing open to the
nnfiA.?t,r r':Miyi r"",,lhH .of. preparation, and the expenditure of approximately $165.
000, the ni-w lh hmise jj in read im-s.
(Th- pi i '.r; m ".ill inc!t:i! an oiyan yolo. -lnju'ii". : iul two excellent iiicture. feat
urimr tno i.ivont,,. Nim-i TalinuKi- and Bjrtc- Ke:i. n.
mi ".,N (unc.. urn tumnrrow mor.iin,:, ;...: i. is iiredictul that hv tho time
iip.-n :i.nv v.'ll iif-t be : M-at k-i i,; tl.c !i;i o.
That, briefly, describes tht 111 tr
ior of the Pine Tree theatre. Btr
raonly undentood today would be
Impoinlblo without tho use of clcc-
Tb main use of tl,U modern nc m exaralne ,Bterlor crfli
force U In producing 1 J K J t . .Many
of tho elder people can remember i
til ( (inn!
a mtwiirb of
In ICIniiKilh l'all ii thrrii-slurv
llrr-timnf. l. brl.1. and conerot. ' w,rM " ' orch.-ira pit
Htriirtiitn which wuiild ! nil lm- , roro B,1,'rj ,l'0 oruanut ofxrat...
Ihi-Iiii: tiilornitieiit io llm my. iby .'orrn of key and n'opi.
inllxil into I'linaiitttitli i Hie nnlil-, l!lit'iilrlt Ilia I'.uioi-
t rliitnl Ilrm of i'o(Hii iraytT. ;rrlrli'lly lirlns: an
of rrrauo, CallfiTt l:i. mid la tli
Exterior of Klamath Falls' New Playhouse
whin tho footllRhtii of tho staco
conslntcd of candles bi-hlnd reflec
tors, when the auditorium light
were but suspended rcil-oll lamps,
when a lamp past on tho edge of
ho sldunnlk supported an oil
manshlp at Its best, may rlew a com
pleted whole that ss?m to hart
grown, not to hare been deliberately
planned. Simplicity liM bain -ought
and gained, and simplicity Is tht
truest Indication of art.
Artistic Quality Seen
Passing through tho mahogany
-flrtfi-. In n nlnii m.mkm .. ...n.. '
(Apprlcnro ati'I niiowlifitKn rtf thftst . ' f
-. ... ....... ,. " wln are ud In lh ronmruc I
for i
lion. Jli-st of tha ivlu's arv thi.
iir.'lilii'fis much of tin orodtt
lllr iipieiiiiii iiiiiiuiiik is miw. - "" -" .'-.
-I'lnns ero irnn lust your and " ! n a l-l phone iri and i
l.m In lb,, fall ttnrh starlod oti Uib tarry lulil tolls. Thuao ronnrxt I
foundation, which was ftiilnhod bi-t Wlh ntBBitl under each iIm- emu- J
fnr tho ndvptit of wlnt'i at.';ippd . 1K a ralr la mov, and permit- '
ron-trurtlnii i "OB wind from tin- n-irnnlr. or I
liiirilur .In-1 r.,oi,l. i..l j'h.'st. to tms tliroiiKh 1 1..- piii . I
Ttir. atiiiratriiriiiti was lu-Buii "'"" lr-oIiiB n loni-
Miim ns woalher pnrmllli'.l last Ttl' o'nan l rompim.'.l of im'M.i.ii .
sprliiK. hut such una t!iu imu:ultudt !: ,,f Plpta lunotl d rrprmiu
of tho Insk Hint with all jiusaililo J i"' loni-s hosnl In a sjinnlionv or '
luiMo Hi., last finishing toului to,chitrn Thu on th lo '
r"jwwwyyciA wamim-tuM-t
i -jt""
J -r-j
r -
"? milaj
naMatotlMMtpVrMBVBI XHili jwatt. i-sMi l sfh I
,n -irrJBiiBPy--5-
lift 'm'm:
1 A y gtf
.r". ' " " ' . . '
T) n n
. mi
thn I'xtrrlur uoro but rocfiilly i;lv
i'ii, mid llm Inst.illntloii of dunl
in rn mid flxturim was ((iiiipluti'il
bandy In llinn (or ilic thoutro M'"'i
Ihk. M.iii)' firms of riinlmrtiir louK
part In llm Inst, of runtlnii'tluii.
Tim i;i'iii'ral conlriul una In
rliarKu T rarkrr v. ii.iiiiiwiu 01
I'otlhitid, mid llm liullillin; was hii-I
pciklneil In Uirlr tinlmlf by II. It ,
CuMap '
Stlpoi vision and llisportlon fur thn I
ownurs mid nri'lillrcln. Jointly,
r.hru by II. It IVnln.
,, " , , ,, ... J ... ' ""r" ,'"""' ilium, cuia-
lirailli; nun luiiiiiiinirt. o - -- r , ,i,.,,1i . , ..
.., . i. v .. ii" I. ininbiiiirlniM und i.ihnr if
llii;, I'lirlliillil: Ki'Cili'ly. Nul'.i;i ! . ,.,. "
'".. .. ' .. . m.'CIm 'llm riiusol rontons m unit
1 75 labli'is, o.'irli ri'iiiewnlltiB stop.
This ornun Is tho luontIon of
lln. tfllo, luba, trumplnl, riut.-.
claiinrt. piccolo. savapliorn ill.i.i.
rornol, bass horn, obon and various
otbnr Innniraonis. rnrh conlrolli-.l
by mi liidhldunl hy. mil nil mi ur
miiriiI ns lo prodiau any uml.lti.i
linn miovii lo musk', dm' n.-I In
p.irtlmlnr. llio vox humniin. or lm
man oln, Is of naiiirtilnr Im.r i
xilici lis Rh i nlr.M hIiirIiik I
solo or In iliiiiiis.
Illliir lush nun tils Cinliiiillnl
III Ulllllllllll III till, fulirullll! in
. St ' lft
I U )'Hf
i i .JJ .J
J-.l n slf flf ; ,
i-.;K..:,i--is.i.-. -a -. . -
foil ?S&&&fcKX2 C)il&?r?m21ttK
ui mawviLi J.i!&1i?-s?eraJv' nxftm
W jCfc- xi. is
I I a
i :..
a mm
' r - -
lamp enclosed In a windowed.
si u a io frame bearing tho word anJ Plate-glass doors Into tho B
'th'-atri' ' trance, ono Instantly senses the
Today, as exemplified In Tho artistic quality of tho theatre. DH-
Pine Tree Theatre. It Is different, catcly shaded Caen atone, auch
Li J Ji
aiSQ 'Win
m imwnjik
si nmmm
mmm m
xsmsEL m
m i m
'tSjV ti
t'MI I -imps III SIk
Ono l first attracted by the tall
pine tree Illuminated by 120 high
pouer Incandescent lamps, and tho
r.inriiiee with Its 60 HrIUs on the
outer fringe, and underneath 10
large lamps.
Knteriug the thcatro ono notices
with what perfect harmony the
lighting fixtures bind with the
finish of the walls and ceiling, and
when lighted the Illumination Is
(niiipleto and sufficient for every
purpose but theio Is not anywhere
visible tho actual electric bulb
which furnUlKs the light.
Ls usl In ecclesiastical carvings.
flKtiro In tho walls. Mouldings purt
In line, picked out with blue and
gold. Sectional plate-flaatf aslrrtra
with frames to match tht color
scheme. Mahogany doors to re
lievo the paler tints of wall and
Virtually tho same scheme car
ried out In the foyer. Then tha
theatre, again the repltition of blut,
gold, old Ivory. And all centering
down to the proscenium framing
tho stage. Tht proscenium Is a mas
slv frame of gold, Its richness re
flected In the Empire style organ
i The lamp house is located at the i lofts to tho upper right and lttt.
front of the building und above the 'Gold framed blue cartouchea, 01
Krmlrrli I, W, Hmllh .uhu la ulno
tho iniiiiiifiii'tnii'i-. mid was inircbmi
i. Mi'Ki'iiiiuy lompaii). I'ertliiiul: -
I'lastcrliii:. I'ri'd .Slii'.ircr. Portland;
Painting, W. P. III.icmIiik. Porlliuid
I'oti'is Aivji ll,-.lll
'.'li.. Ii.lnl lil.w.l. i iui.14 mi ti . .?i
...ii ....... ...... ........
, imi iioiii nun iiihi ;uiiv I ny a (J. JI.
I.i'alhnrh) riinipaiiy of ,Su I'mn
rlsi'o. iiiiilur I lm p-cmiiihI siipsrvl
uloii of v r ivilii. Tho approxl
m Ho rusl JSS.U00.
i . i.
sliuminls. miutlifr w-itlon of. lb.- f m,rfn ,. JJ H7 ... Ti . TP
" .i- Loiinse rover irove m
xilophuno. orrhiviirul iiidls. rhini..s, i J vjv -ivwi.v
Afiractive I'eatares of
; r. x 1 1 1 fi'i'i, fiontiui; ;:. rut
on .Mulii ulri'i'l, with a iliiplh of
III f'('t on t'i'W'iilli. j
Tho liitlldlnii thai Ihmihi's llio'
llii'iiiru fioiitH lo fiTl on Miiln I
Htrri't. with ii lu'li'.lit of t In co Hior
U'H In front, mid llo hIiiiIi'h for
wlili a ."Hit I'liungeabli' skrim
Hi- windows, formlnn two slil s of
, balcony and from there all lights
In the auditorium and for tho Il
lumination of ihu Mago uro con
1 trolled.
I " lllnic l.luhis (lmnKo
Tho main celling lights can bo
jrhunged from whit to rod or to
blut. mid tho same Is trim of the
. border mid foot lights of" the stage.
iTheri' tiro 12 largo foot Ilght.s of
0.1 ch of tho color, ami 20 of each
t as border lights.
One noi-iU a chart to locate tho
Ono of the niti.iitl
tho l'ln0 Tiro tin .lit.- wlihli ,MI1
A for W.iIIim'
'o llllitlnr uliiil ,,il l.. .1.1..1
llio Hpan. urltHliiR III.. sIuku loft - .. WiliiVP I ...,
'"., ,l'.r"'"', . . . ""' '""I " llol'l." he ,.., fuel ...
'Ilui iwii-almy fflri. IiiiIIiIIiik Hum ,T,.v Mlll, ,(,, ,, ,,, . Ut,
H width of 2r. feol. 'I'lioro nn. flv.(lh II... n.,. Wtill. n iisiinl. .,s
Hlnri'H on tin. main floor mid olglit , I In. .iin in ihu plciino, in Whlih
nulli's of officii mourn iiphIiiIih. i IMiy riuiipm.u t,m iui- .ytli am
jj'Thn wholP IiiiIIiIIiik Is iiiiiIoi laid jrlm toil. Waller litis lux n tho ll-
wllh a loomy liiisviiii'iil. Tho pur- lain lit to inniiy pli-tiiuw dial ho litis
Hon of tho liiiHemniit dli'U'tly bo- lo ualcli hlu faco raipfnll) m lmnii
noalh tho hIiirh In llio llieatio I " I'o nrn Hint vlllalniiiiH lonl;
hiihii't Riown on him.
rontiilUH thri'o ilrcHHln,. uiiuiiti; tin.
Iieatliii; mid vi'iitllatloii jtcni; tho
Pur lm rorliilnly did look wlikt'd,
illaln Hwltchboiiid anil tho orif.iii , '" di'i'ldod, as lm walclii'il llio un
Vooin, jjoilloii looiii showliiK "To lltivo nml
Tliu hIiiko left Is flvo stoilen IiIrIi. j10 Huld." Ah noun us H ftu-o up.
KlvliiK oppi'rNinlty fur iihp of iho I"'11"''1 ' '' siroeii, Itutlly Coinp
lorilcst drops mid Hcpnory. Tim , ",,H ,l,,,!' wl' WUH "" la her
floor hpiico of Htniiu mid wings Ik 10 '"' 1,"K"11 '" lMI,i f''l'"iHly.
by 21 reel. I "lloiii" tlitit?" iihKuiI Mr. I.oiik.
No l.'xpnis,, Spa i nl J Ihiowliii; out his i host prniiillx. "(lot
' No ovpiiliKo bus Iiim'ii Hiuii'Pd In """ ""' fiul "'""'Imm I n moan
- i mid oinory took Vm ii ,i(iR
(Coiilllliicil on Pnuo !!) Ilko.i mj work"
unl a table i f wicker In blue and
.'i;ry with numerous velvet and sill;
:.i'.h!ona itniph'tc a beautiful and
ixi'tiulvrly furnished room.
I I'lii-h arj'5l tVil
The doep. plush earpot which np-
pears elsenUere In the thoaira Is
I d fytT. TUe !atttr, ot of which
r .. i ti I u if ,.t .i i i i.. ii. . i.... .- m
" """ "" '" ,"" '""' mh opens the louniw, aubdued with a
whh Ii ill rn h ilk imnhiueiit: u llitlc allk hnnv.- v.,i,-.,...,,i a...
ualntlu.udmlrallo:i if ..,..',. woman Had lady-doll. ho u. Is a. sbLId dav.npor, ,.,, onJ
Whll lUltU ll. uu w, II in lliul e.t Ilia t.. !.. , lnl... J l.o. -. li . . will."
I . . . . ' ... ,...h..v, ....... ...o. hi ... :mf iandt of mohogony with tiny
mwi. is inn royer ami. iea.llnB off a Kit of ClilmMO statuary Id Iho bin, ash irays. The pictures hero
from this velvrt carpet...! oltaantly fo.m of a bu.t of a sh maid of(1(r. KW w.i.terful. deplnlns war
fnrnlshid room, tho ladles' lo.inKo. h,. Kant which lends another dasii 5(.fn.H cf ,u0 oar)or , .,
Although , pr, U,,UlK color of color. ! knlgbi. appearing In thel'r t,r-
homo ihroillUoai the I twain Is A WlU(l fur lhl, ,,, .,,, .,,. f 8W w(h ()f
dun nnu gny. this mo,,, duvrju t.i,Bgu pu,,,,.. win .! hcUlncI red mid bluo. The room which
from tho n..iumionsJ ord. to Mnw lBaSna, ttWH tu . depth ,n.1. toward tho masculine In fur-
aoiuo It Is B.i or and more m,, s...1,.tthe Ulr to t'-e lueeisso BlllHV ttti ,w.0ratlo'i. is ttnod
.'oloifiil. KlUtie mi linpreiwlun of woralilppor, who appears In relief tram a gloomy oppwiruiuv b tho
...m.... w-hu .. usrmu uriisue prray on tho plniuo. This bit of olnv a hirB.. pletures of 3panw. .himers
of cold inlureJ ouriuins orutige. , with Us dcllcaie eolorlna la on ox-' which oceupy the two end walls.
I.luo mid old rose pillows unJ tare-1 penalvi. hit of art thai might ous-'end bv tho cracful set of floor
fully chosen llghtinu effocis. The y h.iv0 been replaced b o cieai- lnmM wllh ahniloa of black Kr
foyer, ti plaro whim men patrons or pictum. hud tho Hart UnUhors Ketto crepo lluqd with cloth of roIiI.
may unjoy n smokn bnlneoii ads. ls(beea reiiservlm: nt tho .-sponso of They nro of an unusual oval shape
furnished to tho museiilliio taste the urtlstie effect I hey suuglil! 'h.ld ulott by steins Rllded In old
wltn heavy furniture nml ileeora- Boul-sotlsfylug to tin womon ' i:old. foimliiB nn nrtlstlo triumph
I.nnnni' Slmws (I'nt'ii Ttiste
th.' room. A wicker lounge, choirs 'particular v Itclt wanted In the lamp
control room, for besides tho many
lamp circuits, the velvet drop cur
tain Is operated only from that
loom ns Is tho gold drapery In
front of tho picture sheet.
There Is. however, one circuit
which cannot be controlled In the
lamp mom. That Is the circuit
to tho emergency lamps. These
tiro on uu entlroly Independent cir
cuit which comes In from tho main
lino and Is so fused that It cannot
bo overloaded and burned out. This
circuit carries tho lights at all ex-
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Rtipstg pf tho Pine Tree am llio d-r the decorator.
two liiuuins mlrrois which form Mem description un:ii! do Justice
would have been possible to have
us d an Inferior Rrado of uphol-
aory. a p-irr. silk dripo or curtain.
a cheaper pilut or luss harmonious
rugs, iho owners Invariably choie
tho best.
l-itiilory lii Harmony
In tho admiration for tho foyer
and lounge ono Is apt to overloou
tho lavatory In connection with Iho
women's suite. This, like tho th
or rooms, has bluo and grey for a
color schciiio and Its windows nro
shaded by silk drapes In harmony
with drapes In tho loungo. Tho
feature which first attracts notice Is
Mo.. .I....H......H.. ...a..... . .. ii . . ..
, " "-' ""- i mo nn. ran uiiii. or mis i th,o two launsiUR rooms, or a vanity table decorated with hand
''"' """ ""'i"' "' K'"'1 snu-cioiu. (piiio in inpi-y uciaii and decora- room not far
i. .in.. i ii. i'i. .win, in- mum ini' roi-r- wniiM. liea.ny Is enhineeil by ih-e efrect-i hnv
Pi-US, ROlil mi H II. beilecki'd lii pu ii,.ilv ombi.dden
lie loom. Thoie i a toiiih (.f ,,,, .
I room not far iiwny will bo titled
been attained In up nt ti later date for n niirsnn-.
.mbii.lden The same i-wi) Instance without riMnl to , hut furniture has not yet nrilvod
us. I in i.iiulniiiitinii i in' expense uivolv 1 Whr It for this room,
over the center of the reb, four
on each wall.
ItolxrU la Artist
It. II. Kobcrts, orerall-clad. palat
brush In hand, Is pointing out the
features of (he Interior decoratleaj,
of which ho Is the creator. How
many square feet of space? Rob
orts doesn't know. He only knows
- that he wanted certain color blends
worked out In u general design, and
j that this was accomplished. The
quantity of paint, the. space to be
covered of theso Roberts knows
nothing, for Huberts Is not a paint
er; ho Is an artist.
Now he is completing the adver
tising curtain. Sordid, perhaps,
amidst its burroumllngs, but not al
together so. For this Is no ordinary
curtain. Roberts Is not merely slap
ping on color, but ho is trying to
work Into the. brush strokes touch
es that will create nn Indlvduallty
for tho curtain and soften the blare
of the letters calling upon readera
to puichnso this or that. For In
so doing Roberta not only Is true
to his artistic self, but he Is glv
Iiir the curtain douhlo value. For
one to read and not desire would
b near the Impossible, ono feelt,
SIiirp Itefleils Quality
Tho stage also reflocts the ar
tistic quality of tho whole, tho rich,
Plush drops ami gold-thread cur
tain harmonizing and blending per
fectly with tho general design and
color scheme. Tho gold-thread cur
tain cost $7. GO a yard, and is of
tho finest matorlal used for that
And that's tho Interior of tba
Pine Trco theatre ns viewed by Ut
layman. Ono noed not be an artist,
nor need ono ha ye knowledge of
color harmony to appreciate what
has been accomplished here,
Tho contractor was Jllaetlng of
Portland and tho design and esteu
tlop was by R,. n. noberfs,