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By Our Country Editors
Mr. nnd Mm. Kit Cntirbccr Jr. mo
oil to tho IM Oaseboor, Rr roncli
Monday. Tlmy Intend to run n dairy
there, for n whllo fit least,
Knrn (llvnn moiol from the Smith
Obnnchnln Itottnc Monday Into Dip
Jiotiso formorly occupied by tho post"
olio accident whllo cratihliiR a rnr the
rnrly part f tho week. Ho bad lilt
nrm thrown out of plaro, but In Rot
ting oor the accident quite rapidly.
(!, W. Morgan was n business visi
tor In Illy Friday.
Jack Walls ai a business visitor
In Illy I'rlday,
'Mrs, Dallas tllvnn wns helping at
Din lllv Mi.riMiillln foiiiiiaiiv Din l.i t-
Mr. and Mm. IM Cnioboer moved , ,. . . -., ,,,, ,..,,., ,,, ..
10 ....III.. M.nP. IlltlllV In,.. tlrtf.trM
Into Illy Mondiiy and export to llu
there' for sonto time.
putting evor tiling In shape before
IrolUnc re.iilv to eo In thn rodeo.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ilauiaker and i Jnmp, ,)lxut, ,,, n ,r, , Klnm.
Mm. Arthur Hamaker visited at thalh raJ1, anij back yth3y
homo of Mr. and Mrs. IJcorgo Hoyd Mr- anil Mra Jnn,r3 uncoil came
Mom,ft out frutn Klamath rails Friday and
Mm, Hl Casrbeer Jr.. was helping I v,,ltPl, nl tM0 ,,omp p( Mrfj i)rI,eoir,
Mrs. J. C. Kdsall do some papering . parrt,, Mr an, Mn. j, A. iari;pr
tbo first of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W Howard weut,
Into Likerlew Tuesday. I
A gaino warden from Tt. Klamath
was helping put In Dili screens In
the different Irrigation ditches In
tho Illy section tho first of the week.
Mr. Mild Mrs. S. C. Ilamakrr, Mrs.
W. T. Garrett and Mrs Arthur llama
ker visited at the home of J. S. Watts
on Tuesday. "
E. W. WJiotstGnn and John Hen
derson were business visitors In Illy
on Wednesday.
James (1ivan and Arthur Hamaker
ranta out from Klamath ?-T.s 'on
Wednesday. Olvan and Hamaker
ha been In on business connected
with the rodeo.
James Hell was n business visitor
In Illy Tuesday.
fl. W. Warren returned from
Klamath Falls Tuesday, whero he
had been attending to business mat
ters. He also took his son Kdwin
In and ho Is leaving for school at
Mr. and .Mrs. S. C. Hamaker and
Mrs. Arthur Hamaker spent WVdnes
clay visiting at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Karrott.
C. W. Wnrren and Marx In CroM
wore visiting at tho homo of I. A.
Klchardson Wednesday.
Uttlo John Thomas Watts has
been suffering from a gathering In
his head. The little fellow has been
very III for about month.
Mrs. James 01 van and Mrs. Dallas
(Ivan returned from Klamath Falls
Wednesday. They came by way of
Ft. Klamath.
Mrs. James Udsalt went Into Klam
ath Falls Thumday to Hhop and visit
until after tho ndro.
Mm. S. C. and Mrs. Arthur llama
kor lsltcd Mrs. Kmma Keady nml
Miss Ucrnlco Howard at tho hotel
Mm. Frank Obcnchaln was In Illy
Friday getting her house and yard
cleaned up preparatory to moving In
for tho whiter.
Mrs. Jack Watts was very 111 the
middle and latter part of tho wcok
with tonsllltls.
Friends of Miss Jauntta Howard
will be glad to learn that alio had a
very successful operation for appen
dicitis Wednesday and Is getting
along very nicely.
t.lltlo Harry Obcnchaln had a i,crl-
ever tho week-end.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Itlchnrdsou
went Into Klamath Falls Sunday
Mrs. Klchardson remained to nttend
Institute and tho fair and rodeo.
Mr. and "Sirs. James Glvnn nnd
Mrs. Kara Gtvan and her mother,
Mrs, .lowers, w-ent Into Klamath
Fnlls Saturday to reamln until after
the rodeo.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wnllls visited
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Kd Wa.
lis the latter part of tho week, on
their way to Klamath Falls where,
they expect to make their future
K. W. Whntstnno nnd son PorrV.
I accompanied John Henderson to
Medford Sunday whero he was called
on n federal charge. Tom Kds.ill and
Mlko Wallls went along as witnesses.
Otto Ilo)o also went to Medford Sun
day on a federal charge to bo tried
on October 3. ,
"Hugs" Osbor.-was a familiar fig
ure? In Illy Ihe latter part of the
Dentin Zollmnn was quite 111 the
latter part of the week and went Into
Klamath Falls to consult a physi
cian. The Ilcv. and Mrs. Uellnap of Ilcat
ty were In Illy Sunday and held Sun
day services In the afternoon, which
was well attended. This was tho
first service since they returned from
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ijimbrrt were
buslucss visitors In Illy ou Sunday.
Miss Mildred Hill left Thursday
morning for Kugcno where she will
enter the U. of O. Her sister. Miss
Anna Hill will enter for her senior
Mrs. J. W. Taylor spent Thursday
In Klamath Falls on business
Mist Flevnor w.cnt to Klamath
Falls Saturday and will remain tho
week attending Instltuto. Mrs. Ull
lard, Fred I'otcrson, Miss Nichols,
Miss Ileitis. Mrs. Mcrrltt and Miss
Clutter went up on Monday morn
lag. Mrs. n. C. Anderson went to Klam
ath Falls Tuesday to remain tho rest
of the week for tho fair. Sho Is tho
guest of hor daughter, Mr:i. Dan Col
well. Mr. and Mm. Arthur Frnsler wero
' I
in li 1 1 i i '.
Making Record-Keeping
Easy For Farmers
Farming is different from most other
forms of business in that a whole year is re
quired to produce a finished product.
The many different operations in-,
volved necessitate always an accurate
record of income and expense as well as
of supplies.
Our Checking Account Department is
helping many farmers of Klamath Falls
and vicinity to keep a careful record of
their finances.
Your checking account is cordially invited.
The American National Bank
Member Federal Reserve Bank
In Klamath Pnlh Ihursday from
Win, Turner spout Iho week-end In
Motrlll from the old Tumor mill
.Mr. and Mrs. S. Slukel wore Klaiu
nth Fulls visitors Thursday.
Mrs. IM llurvuioil received n let
ter from Mrs. ('tins. Stottmatt last
wuok In which sho said the loporl of
tho ileal It of her son Glen was n mis
take. Ho was on the train In which
sovernl wero killed but escaped In
The social given by tho l.adlos Aid
Friday wns not very well attended
hut n good time ;n had by those
Mrs. II. C. Groesbeck and children
spent several dit)s lit Merrill last
week with her sister, Mrs. llurr
Rev. Helllt of Ashland wns In Mer
rill the tnt of the week mid filled
the pulpit In tho First Pro-l torlntt
church Sunday evening.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. C.
at the fair Wdoncsday.
MUs Kfflo Hayes was n fair visi
tor Thursday
A meeting was held of the Merrill
community group of Klamath coun
ty health nssocl.ttluti, at the homo of
Mrs. Geo. J. Walton. Miss Frlcke.
county health nurse, nnd Mrs. Illake
ly, state aihlsory nttrso, gao Inter
esting talks. Tho Merrill group for
the past rnr was composed of Mo
dames (I. II. Carlotuu. R. II. and R.
C. Anderson, Albert Myers and Kd
Harwood. This Is tho last meeting
far the present term.
W. F. 'Jlnnetlc was a fair visitor
A meeting was hold In Merrill
hall Tuesday to dlsctus tho (-durational
bill to couto before tho totoM
In tho .'oombor election. A speak
er from 1'ortl.ind wj present.
Among thnn from Merrill sending
exhibits to tho fair wero Hill llnx.,
W. F JInnctto. Ilurr Wcstbrook. II.
C. Tarker and ethers.
Frank Grnyboal delivered lambs to
Midland this week. These were sold
to tho Golden West market.
Tho rain hns done little damage
and much good. Most of tho liay.ln
this vicinity belnn up. It has delay
ed threshing to some extent.
I N.
Dear IM: homo to get It ttud whcimcr Hill win
Well IM If ou hao neor kco tt Iho (iilf was nut.
Tho 'teachers from Shasta View
nnd Malta arc attending teachers'
Instltuto at Klamath Falls this
From all we hear, wo Judge that
this little valley will he well repre
sented at the county fair this wool;:
Trot. Smith of thn high school
was bustling Satnrdny to gather lit
farm products to bo dlsplacd at
the fair. We believe tho Malln
section wilt can make qulto a dis
play. Rev. Unlet of Ashland was a
guert or tho homo of W. A. Layman
from Friday until Sunday even
ing. Ho held services In tho high
school hulldlns at Malln Sunday
morning. Rev. Unlet was tho or
ganler of u community Sunday
school at Malln about a month ago
and it was most gratifying to him
to kco nn attendance Sunday of 75.
Tho directors of tho Shasta Vluw
Irrigatlon district held their reg
ular monthly meeting Tuesday oven
ing at 0. K. Hunt's. It was also a
tax equalization meeting of the dis
trict. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Wilson and
Mrs. C. M. Klrkpatrlck wero In
Klamath Falls Tuesday to decor
uto tho Malln booth at the fair
Woldlng Hells nml llin pllon
Another pleasant gathering at
tho homo of G. W. Myers and wlfo
Sunday owning was attended by
about GO relatives and frlcndti when
Mr. and Mm. Myers gave n rccop
Hon for their duughter, Kin, who
was married Saturday to Otto Wil
son. Tho brido received a var
iety of dainty and useful gifts. Re
freshments were served early In
tho evening nnd ubotit 10:30 thn
guest, aflcr wishing tho nowlyweds
n happy and proipurom llfo voy
age, departed for their homes, hav
ing spont a very enjoyable evening.
Mr. and Mr. Wilson will reside
on tho J. I. Hartrr ranch this winter.
honrso do combat thou I will toll jou
they call It n rodayo and ll.i whero
gents liiuglo with ItoamoH, which l.t
whore tho nniiio lm.irto do
ronto from. Likewise they tangle
with ethos nnd rows but I tinier
hero of a cow do combat.
Well, IM, had plttnuiii to go Into
this i ulii o under a tton do piuito,
but utter looking on the uhow for
tibout one (1) second ) cat entity I de
rided that iwlicn I got ready to kick
off It will bo by menus of it tegular
M. 1) doctor nt K'OU (the htiudrodl
and prot'crlptloim, nnd not by means
of no hoarsei hools, nor with n row
Parker were ! tusks protruding between my sluts.
1 do not believe no hoarse I naw
j there yesterday would read to sugar
like I planned to give It nml the only
kind of kindness they understand In
to be excused after being signed up
for some cow puncher to Tldu. So
t lint deal of mine Is nil off toroior
and aw- men. As :i matter of fact 1
would not even ride around that
track In a tamo tllwer with olio lung
for fear It would catch tho Imikliig mil pull a stinfMi or some
thing and then como back and nit on
my face.
Howsoever, IM, nil seriousness
aside Do k iiothlug wrong with a
rodayo If ycu are on tho right nldo
of the fence. Kleu sitting oil tho
fonro Is not K.lfi us I see u hoarse
soar over one jesterday like a politi
cian going after ii Job mill ho took
the rider with bin whether or no.
what 1 mean. Hut I was on the top
pent of the grand stand where I tin
not bellolo oioii one of those Illy
bronks rould reach out an t nlap mo.
It wns pretty good IM whero thev
tied nots In n (alfs tale. The bird
that ties his not first v. Ins tho li. I
and tho calf wins If ho etui make his
getaway. TIiojh a bird named Ray
Hell who tied his not In hardly no
time at all.
started out
Where Turk Crisis May Bo Solved
'llien tuko this wild hoarse riding,
HI, All I would nity In this, Hint
nit) tiinii who bus got iiiubltloii
enough In ildo u wild hnarso t mild
bo pronldc-al 111 easy mi nothing, nml
utiy mini who ran rldo n wild limine
could in pie (lieu higher, -l h.'vlm oven
urn fim or ioiiipioy.
They was it bird n lined Spll, (
which wits piotty good with some
thing which looked like n nipii only
1 know It imiis not no lope becitttio,!
biivo tried It lit homo and no rope
will stay In n rliclo In the nlr like
his did unless It In mndo of licorice
or rometlilng.
Well, IM, there going to give an
other and bigger show next Julv 4
I (four) Hllil as I lime ghe up the rid
ing Utenr I inn going to apply for
tho Job of iniringor nnd tnko the
money as tho peoptit como lit to seo
the hoarsei do (-ombiitlug. And I am
going to have tho eittrnuce to tho I
grand stand nt tho top nml bark. Not I
that I inn afraid tor my own nMn,
but It would bo ton bad If n hoarse
come along and slapped some poor I
old lady with ii lot of kids to support (
Another thing, IM, I urn tolling my .
missus what a great thing It Is to bo
n hoarse woman rider nnd mnybo she
will take a shut at tho wild hoirses
herself next time Then I will not
bo horded itiotiud m home corral no
more, whnt I mean. Kh.'lM? Try It '
on .Minr ti'wi ittlrsiin, IM.
Yrs Hoarsely,
Phil Spain,
Iho Safety First Kid.
,... ... .. II I II !. .. II H..I .ll.l I
fni conference hall nt Venice Italy vhrm TurkMi Nitlonnluts iinfl
rllU'U may adjust dlffiienees Left U --1 Mn'-i'in( l.potal Prtn. Murk
lilt Nntloiiallst U-mlcr. in us Hum mm Hism imn I'mnlilm L'ouiUon
I'cm h diplcmat who'll Im e'nei "I'uhi i mil r r Diu nllitf
Cilitillinl SjiiilliiilNin ('hnrge-i In In
Anlivil Nnietuber t.l
a ji ii
1 II
Trlil of tl.o seven I W W held
III Jail here ntl rlnrgos of
Hut when Muiiklto Hill i .yiiili allsin Ins boon siif for Novoin
afler his r.ilf that calf j Iter t. IMg.u II Hmllli of Contrail i
takes onn livik at him anil tin re was liei'ii.
ii liiillrr
around Its nerk but thiit (ilf bail
forget something and w.ii
no calf left where II onri
Musklti) tried to toss
ntinruo) for the I. W, W, has bioir
hor. nrr.iiik-lug for tho trial
Trial of Walklni ll.ivls, ihargrd
..III. L. Ill, i fill,, r l.,fr..rB..M ulll
I " " - " I
going iio hnlil ntmiit Ocloher 2.1 l
Vaudeville Vrutdcvillc Vaudeville
Three bitf clrtssy vnutlcvillc nets in (hu lirtt
these wonderful artists hnve :'ivcn ihia wnclt nnd
thnt means thnt it xnutt be cxtrrt eockI. Then thers'a
America's pal
"The Lure of Gold"
Sec Neal Hart bulldou u mud steer.
See the best Rodeo celebrities.
Spanish dancers and fights that arc fiftlitj.
Also Good Comedy.
Show :tart.i at elorc of Rodeo
Continuous until 1 1 o'clock.
isnraBrfcus xjrj.-J7anj
. f00rrnr-t
iJtirr,,,i"ii,ii,ri'i r .-..jjjjj -,- j. - s it,, -r"!!1" l"v-rnr'nJJlJn't.-J'cJJUJ''J
Tun lleiilenailts Itciiialu nloft -l
llourN mid lour Minute
SAN DIKCJ0. Oct. C All cnilur.
once records wero hinashed by I.lou
tenants MacRcady and Knlloy,,who at
eight o'clock this morning had re
muTnud aloft 2C hours and four min
utes. When they started yustorduy
morning to fly to Now York they
turned back because of fog, but In
stead of landing cuntluucd circling
above "Ran IMego for unendurunco
PORTLAND, Oct. C Cattle, weak.
Hogs weak. Sheep steady, Uggs,
firm, lluiter steady.
Does a Woman
Pay Enough Attention
To Her Appearance
if-tf ill
the answer is perhaps she docs and per
haps she doesn't. Could the minds of the various
people be registered point blank well perhaps
the majority of women would give the purchase of
their garments much more thought.
The thing uppermost in apperance on all oc
casions is style. Where does it come from or who is
it created by. Can better style be created or offer
ed for your approval than that which bears the dis
tinction of Paris and New York.
Can better ."-election be had than the choice
of purchase for over 1000 .'tores which can only be
made possible than an organiation like the It. C. U.
of which we arc a member.
More Coats, Suits and Urcssou are coming in
every week. Not great quantities of one kind but
the choice as it is placed on the market for distribu
tion in the east by the many importers and domestic
The Wool Hose are Here
For severarwecks we have been
waiting for these hose and now they
arc here. Fully a half dozen num
bers and styles to choose from. Some
are all wool some silk and wool.
You will be pleased with the
color combination making the differ
ent heather as well as the reasonable
Children's Wool Dresses
Such beautiful wool dresses for
the Misses are seldom seen or had.
Wouldn't the high school Miss like
a change from the regular uniform.
Not only arc they attractive but
serviceable and warm as well. Sug
gest the Misses to see these while our
stock is complete.
It Ik ii natural roiuoiiuuiiiii that If mho
woman bus inmlu her fluui'e more bciti
llful by wearing n M'lilart-l'rtmt I.uco
Cufiiiit 'titil iinother woman kuuiva
nbuiit It sho will tiy ii Moilurl.
And thn beauty of 11 Is thu Improve
nn nt brought by u Mudart Corset Isn't
( (indued to nun typo of flgllie, for Mu
dart Front I.uco mailers litivo mot nv
try flguru hum! uffuUlvuly, fciiiltilnuly
nnd artistically.
MI&T (
, J rani.
Store Open
8 to 8 P. M. Friday
Open all day Saturday
We are going to the Rodeo.
Standard Designer
Are now
in 7 slock.
I i JlMTigCTg
-MM ( flf