The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 25, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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e Know You are Going to Attend
and while in Klanath Falls we invite you to make this store J P-
your headquarters. Look over the .great stock of men's I lT jj K h
and boy's Fine Fall Clothing, Shoes, Footwear, Woolenwear vvU Tj tty J
of every description. Clothing is both better and lower
this fall and we would like to have the opportunity of show
ing you how cheap you can outfit for your winter Clothing
and Footwear at this store. '
Don't Forget the
Fair and Rodeo Oct. 4, 5, 6,
K IC KL Store
Leading Clothier
moniiav, hi:i'ti:miu:u ., naa.
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It !i tald that tbero aro three kinds
of Ilea Ilea, blank II and atatis
tlca. 8tattatlc ahow that the price
of farm labor baa come down to a
conaldcrable detrre, but they are
concerned .with onlr thoae workers
on the fan who get a pay check the
first of the month.
On ererjr farm tbcro Is a lot of
'help' that la not on, the payroll.
Tako faithful old 'Dobbin' for In
stance. , He works for his board with
Jaat a little medical care thrown In.
The tractor like the horse works
if yen feed It gas and oil, with every
now and then a llttlo new harness
and 'medical caro' at the garage.
Eren thoeo 'hired men' on the
farm demand good shelter and oc
casional grooming If they aro to work
to best advantage, and many farm
ers find that they aren't especially
cheap 'help' after all.
Perhaps the most Important living
things on the farm are not oren as
particular as the horse. I refer to
those tireless little workmon the bac
teria. Certainly from the standpoint
of numbers It is a good thing they
are not listed on the pay roll.
From the farmers' standpoint,
there are two classes of these little
workmen e the Job. Thcro seems to
be so1 aalddle ground, Its a case of
for youor against yon. Ia.tHp latter
case ,wj, find the bacteria that our
tba milk, rot the' potatoes, blight the
leaves, "and eauso disease In animals.
Just aa notoriety' travels faster
than praise, no, a"retho qualities of
Jho detrimental,-.bacteria better
knowjj than thebcnffclal onos. Tho
ripening of cheese, the curing of all
ace. and. the production of vinegar
are all familiar examples of bacterial,
activity which la going on dally on
the average farm.
It la really, however. In the field
of soil fertility that bacteria play
their greatest economical role on the
avcrago farm. The soli bacteria are
the true examples of the "hired"
men that work for their board. They
demand, no special housing or hus
bandry, Just nourishment, and the;
are not particularly hard to ptease
Many of tho common fertilisers are
not availablo in tho form In which
they are applied to the soli. Dried
blood Is decomposed, and the nitro
gen converted to ammonia by bacter
ia. Other bacteria' then come Into
play and convert tho ammonia to a
nltrato. 81111 another class of bac
teria then chango tho nitrate to a
nitrate. In whleh form It Is of use
to higher plants.
Tho fertility contained In manuro
is In large mcasuro unavailable when
applied to the soil. Numerous bac
teria set about the task of decompos
ing manure Doth the nitrogen and
phosphorus In manuro aro, largely in
organic combination and as such are
not available for crops. Tho soil bac
teria aro .tho only agents that can
and do render theso plant (foods
-The beneficial rolo of bacteria In
the Inoculation of legumes Is one of
great economic Importance. A pecu
liar relationship exists between al
falfa for Instanco and tho nodule
bacteria. Wbrro tho soil docs not
liavo the nodulo bacteria an alfalfa
plant may grow and produce a very
good, plant If tho sol) is sufficiently
rich. If the soil is poor tho growth'
will bo most unsatisfactory. On the
other hand if tho nodulu uacerla aro
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" '
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TkaOrifinal Picture
gresent tho growth will be profuse,
the color dark green, and the crop
The function of these bacteria Is
well established, and tho plant with
nodules is able to una nlr nitrogen
Instead of tho valuable soil nitrogen.
Not only does It conserve tho nitro
gen already In tho soil; but It actu
ally adds to It. Perhaps no one Item
in the maintenance of fertility Is of
any greater Importance than these
little "hired men" who work for
their board.
Probably tho most' fastidious of
the soil bacteria arc Jho sulfur oxtdi
tors. They have a very definite work
to perform In tho soil, and as far as
known thoy do only ono kind of
work, and live primarily on one food
material. Truly they aro hired mon
working for their toard, only thiy
aro particular about the menu.
Sulfur Is an Important plant food
If It Is In tho proper form for plants
to assimilate. (Irouml sulfur or
flowers of sulfur npplled to tho soil
as such Is not an nvalUblo form. The
bacteria must attack It and convert
It to a sulfao before It exerts any
beneficial action.
Some soils contain these bacteria
naturally, other do not, and In order
to be safe It Is easiest to sccuro In
oculated sulfur. The essential dif
ference between commercial sulfur.
and Inoculated sulfur Is that tho
latter contains the ncccssury bacteria'
and tho first does not.
Iu some respects tho Inoculation of
alfalfa presents similar features. Ono
ran safely sow alfalfa on a roll that
has grown It successfully In recent
years. If, on tho other hand, tho soil
baa never beforo grown alfalfa the
safe thing to do la get some null
from the neighboring field, buy a
commercial culture, or get ono from
the experiment station. In any caso
the Important point la to bo suro to
get tho necessary bacteria.
In the case of sulfur anothor
kind of bacteria are Just aa necessary
and it la self-evident that wbcro one
Is not suro that the bacteria are
present, the logical thing to do is
get the Inoculated sulfur. It's like,
hiring millions of llttlo hired men,
and all you do la give thorn autfur
as their board.
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Strikers' Aid
Major-General Sir George Moleoworth, "Toy Drum
Hero," Gets Australian Post
I When Flora oray. M. refused to
Imarry Omar Roberta. M. a trapper.
'abov he entered ber room.
IdrenehW her with gaaoUna and ait
S to her clothing, killing hor.
nolle say he baa confessed. The
'tragoccurred at Yarmouth, If.
Steel Airplanes Weigh
Leas TJrim Wooden Ones
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gsssf ' L. M13 A. JaMM kaaB
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' -''ByPEalBW
Mrs. May Pcalie.. Denver, li
playing an important part in the
shopmen's strike. She's president
of the'Mncblnlst'a Union .Woman's
Auxiliary f And Bert Jewel elves
the women credit for maintaining
., JiS sUtl'i'' njwitlv..
LONDON, 8opt. 25. Great Britain
possesses an all-steel bombing air
plane, a distant departure is aerial
construction. Kxcept for its canvas
wings thu entire niacblno la built of
steel, NuvortUvlus, It Is 4 percent
lighter than a wooden airplane of
the same dimensions,
Tho claim Is mudo that this ma
chlno shows a groat advance over
German airplanes constructed of
aluminum alloy,' which Is said to lack
thj .strength pifIlrltlsb stool. It Is
equipped with, two Napier 1,000
horsepower pnglncs. Although de
signed as a funflong dlntanco bomber
It Is'aald ia bo. as easy to maneuver,
aa a llttlo figfVtlng scout. This is
because of Ha steel construction,
which permits', tho Grouping of all
Advantages claimed for all steel
airplanes are greater strength. In
creased load carrying capacity, eas
of manufacturing In" largo numbors.
and tho fact that they aro loss vul
nerable to hhlletH and, shrapnel whlla
flying, and aW that, thoy nrn vlrtuaT
ly fireproof. JL ...
LONDON, Sept. 25. Mnjor-Ccn-
j' Ml Kir Rcorgc Moleiwortlt Ilrldgcs
hsit been appolnteJ governor of
Uouth Australia, nucceedlng Llcuten-.
nnc-Colcncl Sir William Welgcll.
Tho latter resigned tho position be
cause ho said ho could not live on
his salary and had not sufficient pri
vate means to afford the luxury of
maintaining such a position.
Ills successor, Sir (leorgo, In
known In tho llrlllsh army an tip
"Toy Drum Hero." What term has
not been applied to him In derision,
hut In recognition of a memorable
Incident of the war In which hu dis
played great gallantry.
After the action of Le Cntcau. In
1011, tho llrltlsh army started on Its
great fighting retreat, and men wrru
dropping out from sheer exhaustion.
Major Ilrldges, as ho then was, went
bark to St. ( round up 230
Ho found them In a state of co. At a little vlllago shop ho
bought a toy drum, and falling til.;
men Into linn with tho toy drum nniT
u penny ulilntln to dorvo at n linml,
llo mnrched them off, laughing In
spltu of their weariness. They kept
on marching for 2R miles.
Sir (!iorge wn ilio military mem
ber of tho llnlfour ml.mton tu the
L'nltnl litiitea In 1017, nml head of
the llrltlhli wnr minion to the Unit
ed iitates In thu succeeding year.
DiMinlt-rly foniluct llrliiRs I'lni'f. In
JllAtllll Comt
Dlnonlcrly rundiirt al the Olcnt
clnnco linll Saturday night rittultud
In thn nrrcst by the sheriff ami inp.
utltH of Kuill llodln, Oram,
Lyman lloblnson, V. II. Mnthoon,
T. Ilrookfleld, Krlck llannon, lllll
Cody and Kiumltt North. All up.
poured In (ho Jurtlco court this
morning nnd wrru flinil SIR each
nml costs of 11.25 each.
Horatd classified adi pay you.
LONDON, Hopt. ad. Tho KltiK "f
Ilium In tlirlfly. Ilmu-o, wlimi It cauin
to tlin iiirtlnu or tiiltlug u wlfn unit
ho conlvmiiliiti'il Ilio uri'iit i-ont of Ilio
vliiltorntu i-(iroiii)iiliii llm pnoplo
would oinM!t, ho married hhi wife by
royal prorliimntlon, suyn tho Dally
,Miill, (linn Mitvlng .a lot of money,
Thoio In mi old Hlnmi'MO imihIoih
which makes inirli action proper find
blmlltik. Ho l Jut us lunch imui'lml
hy tlitst mntlioil, acroidlnr. to lllamosil
law, aa by nny other.
"I lln mnJesty'H iinlilo iIkhIi'o." II
stntvd, "firmly ami definitely to mi
HAro tho nilcrennloii to tlu llirone rule
not satlnfarorlly Imi met ewlni: to tint
Im'ompittllilllty of lemicniment be
tween bin majenly and Prlnri'M Vol
tallui, which m.iy bo lor
by tliiMlirenli) iIIhiiihIIIoh of I In- prill
vena, whoso iierMiiin nyalem leuU'.i
much to be doidred." Hbnrlly niter
ward tho king beratu eiiKatieil to
I'rlnrciiH LnUnbinl.
1 1 In majesty In 'i iais old and tin
honorable general of tho llrltUh ar
my, llo r.imo to Knithuid when ,lm
wan 1.1 nml vnii I'diii-ali'd at txfoid
and Sandhurst. Aflernardu bo wan
attached to tho Durham lli;hl liifan
ry. llo speakn Kngllnli uell and la
t'ouvrrsant Itli wntrni muutiern
and cuitonm, Inrluillug lit varlmin
iiiethmln of tvlng nnd uutylnr tlm
nuptial I; u (it,
"Ouch, Doctor!
ff tr v (
Even cur alleccd ape orcU.111
don't eneapo tho ran cf tootle
ache. Here's Jirry. wtio llviu m
the Han Ditgo (Cnl ) roo about to
have a molar extracted.
Every Conceived
Strap Pumps
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evening wear. ,
Popular Oxfords
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