The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 25, 1922, Page Page Two, Image 2

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, kL'amath f
jionpiy, rii:i"ii:Miu'u :n, iiua.
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,- FrtHk4 'tally ucept Susdajr, at
, . iM.jim-aHi fBDiiiaiBi company 01
XfeaMth rtli, at 110 Eighth atnet.
Vlatarad at tka poslofflca at KUm-
ata' rain, ure ror traaimiMion
tareagk Ida mails ai atcond-cIaM
. Tka AMoelataA Prosa li icluitre
if eatltled ta -the use for publlca
tloa ot all hws dispatches credited
to it. or not otherwise credited In
tkla yawaid alio the local newi
published fcwain. .
AT Ult a tloflnlto date Is vet (or
tho Tulo Lake homestead open
Ing. Only Secretary Fall's approv
al,, purely a formality, remnlns to
ho secured
The location ot 174 families In
tkla rich region, tributary to Klam
atk Fnl as a trading center,
Marks a big- step In development.
" Vader tka Slnnott act, govcrn
iBg tho homcsteadlng ot the lands',
ezHMnrlce men lll haye six
snoain preferential ngats ot en
try. Tho men who fought for Un
tie Sam nill-make-a highly desir
able type of settler.'
Speaking of tho Slnnott net Is rs
mindful of the debt Klamath coun
ty owes Congressman Si. J. Slnnott
for his tireless effort to hasten
tho homestead opening lie has
wet and orercome many obstacles,
aad but for his fatthfulnoss tho
action of tho government would
kave been much longer delayed.
For tho post two years the Klam
ath Irrigation project has drawn an
annua! appropriation ot $700,000,
For tho coming year n similar
appropriation has been rendered,
t- tfclngq aro coming Klamath coun
ty's way. ' Svhy? Urea use In Con
grewmsn Slnnott, chairman of the
public lands committee of the, low
er house ot congress, and Senator
Charles McNary. chairman ot the
aeaate Irrigation committee, we
have two, powerful advocates, Intlu
eatlal enough. b;cauM of their ac
quaintance with men and methods
III the government departments to
put over moat of their reasonable
demand. .
t, V-; . 1
(Medford Mall Tribune)
OUEOON.'S great political vaudo
vltle Is proceeding true to form.
The,; great, disappearing act of that
inl'mltablo wizard of Illusion, Char
ley Hall, kas brought to a closo ono
of tho most nutating performances ot
political dexterity over seen upon the
American stage.
But, tho Invisible management
. premises oven greater marvels be
fore, tholr present engagement closes,
Seine people' think Hall can never bo
keaten. Tho amazing caso with
which he llUtod'-on thostaff and off,
tho astonishing manner in which he
charged thcro was"a rabbit ot graft
8B4 corruption In Qovornor Olcott's
, pocket, until ever) ono In tho audi
ence could, sco it; and then with a
few confuftng passes of tho contri
bution box, revealed tho rabbit In his
i owi pocket; tho extraordinary facil
ity with which ho uppcarcd as an In
dependent candidate to accommodato
tho ropublican party and then dlsan-
jaearcd to'Veapponr ris no candldato
at all to accommodate the domocrats,
--lt of these things led to tho belief
that as a marvellous political prcs
djgltntor, Charley Halt never rould
be beaten.
But advance notices indlcato that
;tkaWbltor I'lerco act wll bo oven
imore amazing. Pierce promises to
.islww hoWlfa democratic war horso
jCiisbe a ropublican beast ot burden,
how taxes can bo lowered by raising
tKeiR a million dollars a year; how
Americanism can bo elevated by vio-
Jtettng the spirit of tho fodcral and
itate constitutions, how a man who
eaaderanod invisible empires In Aug.
ust can upHold'them In November.
So the Invisible niatiaoment, can
,-b sure of a packpd house untll'tlie
'Bhr la over. Fr, wo all like to be.
.asiiarUined. Political campaigns
om'f even leas froquently than three-
' rrlad clreviea," And (here Is noth-A
wtw uitctihik aa iua,ime nonorea
I praetlce ofishowlng that tho hand Is
''qVkker than the eye. the bunk more
effective, than the bruin.
- m
'.!' '
The board of equalization, of KIuu
I1 atk; County will be In session October
";. 1bVW bear'ull protests' filed
(Mr'iUg-ljkrara.t.All property owners
I.JaJ mkaJa ... Amt ,& M.I..
rj Ml m Ul UWMf l HIM
MMmU'tW tkelr asaeasmenta are
BtifM to ka preseat on that day. '
tf.Tr'' ' S5-8T
There Is morn than eight Icr cent
Interest In private stock.
"PeoL Off That Tan" headline.
Tho'wlld belles aro peeling.
I.otci make the world go round
at night In nutos.
He who laughs last laughs least.
Hell hath no fury like a vvomnn's
Our tanguago tickles us. While
tho bluebird Is an emblem of happi
ness tho bluo bird Is an cniblom of
"Whnt Do tho Stars Say" head
line. Well, they usually say "I waiu
a divorce."
In smoky Pittsburg, n man works
In his bathing soot.
A girl who was too skinny says
tho shimmy Is gone for good.
Tell Sonny tho key to succos tils
tho schoolhouso door.
We havo senf Europe $2:.000,.
000,000. Ono man with this much
could live at a hotel.
Ono night 300,000 storks roosted
In Ocynhausen, Oermany. They may
havo been leaving France.
Cinderella wasn't so bad. She
slept by a flr every winter.
The consumer gets a raw deal be
cause the rards aro stacked.
Many cultured pcoplo wish they
could grow wild.
Cheer up! Bicycle prices havo been
cut 40 per cent.
Personal Mention
B. Ripley is a business visitor here
this week from Portland.
A. J. Voye Is here from Mt. Shas
ta tor a tew days' business visit.
n. M. nowland arrived last nleht
from Sacramento and Is registered at
tho White Pelican hotel.
It. K. Whitney accompanied by
Mrs. Whitney Is a visitor here today
from ncd Bluff. California.
utt ri - ,
, -H." a. Phillips Is hero from San
Francisco on ' combined business1
and pleasaro trip.
Mr, and Mrs. 'J. I.. Shirk arc
spending a few days in town from
the WJlllamson river district.
Toot Martin, after a summer spent
at his camp on Recreation creek, is
In town fpr a while.
C. H. McCollum, who resides on
a ranch near Wprden, Is In town to-,
day looking after business affairs .
connocted with the Klamath Kami
Lban -association.-
After a thrco weeks' vlult with
their brother, Jesi Parker at Bly. , smmooullaky declares, "bcc.iuso they
and with other relatives and friendaj 8Upport ra8 without any engagement
In Klamath Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Sam on ,y J)art w,ciris convenient for
Parker returned this morning tojme Tll0 communists aro practlenl
their home In Saeramonto. , people, and they will shortly become
Leland Haines arrived horo last
night from Yakima, Washington, to
Join Mrs. Haines and llttlo daughter.!
whVhavo been spending the summer.
hero with Mr. aud Mrs. J. V, Hous
ton. Mr. and Mrs. (1. A. Hallnoll re-
turned )esterday from San Francis-
co where they havo beon UIHiif
for the past two weeks. Hnllwoll Is
locnl manager for the Btandard Oil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Roberts
and son, Innls and Mr. and Mm. Os
car Shlvo and daughter, Helen, spent
the day driving through tho grain
country south of Merrill. They went
ns far as Malln.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Underwood
were among Klamath Falls folk who
took advantage of the fine weathor
yestorday. They motored with their
guest, M183 Idora McKlrath and R.
II. Cookr to Harriman lodge for tho
K. R. Rcames and W, W. Jones ar
rived 'last night from San Francisco
on business. Thoy aro both Interest
ed In the Fort Klamath Meadows
company. Jones Is an officer ot tho
Merchants National bank of San
Frap Cisco.
1 Three car loads of local people
left hero yesterday morning for Chll
oqulu where the day was spent In
fishing and picnicking. They were
Mrs. Nate Otterbeln, Mrs. Sam Smith
und son Gordon, Mr, and Mrs. Robert
Sloan and boh Junior, Mr, und Mrs.
It. Houglund', Mr. and Mrs. Roderick
Smith, Mrs.. Kd ward Saunders and
son Kd ward 'Jr., Miss Grace Hoagland
and Stanley HaJIcek, This inarty was
Joined by Nata Ottorboln nnd Tom
8hughnp8y. who preceded them
Saturday afternoon.
Naval Officer Would Divorce Her?
I.teutcnant Bradford Harnett.. United States Navy, Is said to have
isiartcd suit for divorce In the New York courts against Julln a rule recti
i(ibovc), stago beauty. She denies she has been served with any notice.
SOFIA. Bulgaria. Sept. 25. Ales-
lander StamboullBkyslnrn his ndvunt
to power as Bulgaria's peasant-premier,
has been furnishing Kuropo
with no little amusement by the un
ceremonious and defiant way ho has
been trenting King Boris, and by his
Indifferent attitude toward the over
present question of reparations. Not
long ago ho told the king If ho did
not do tho bidding of the masses, ho
m,Rnt fla1 himself without a thron.
iDim in iiiu uiiuni til a ri'iiuuui:. lit:
added a warning that loung Btirls
must not keep his eyu on both sides
of tho fence; -that he could give his
support only to ono party, and that
party tho group Jn power.
The stalwart agrarian leader also
has given voice .to equally novel ex
pressions on various questions of
the day. "My enemies," lu sa)s "ask
ed tho king to throw me over. But
what would not bo In conformity
with constitutional usage. And
then they do not know tho king. I
have him wll tralmvl. I treat him
like J ion. I have been teaching him
politics for thrco cnrfi, and ho I
quite devoted to me. Wo aro going
to amnlgamato tho agrarians, radi
cals and ao'lal democrats for tho
elections of 192-1, unless I am ns
snssl.ncted In tho meantime.
"I llko the Bulgarian communls'ts."
n party fit to govorn. They nro for
getting their principles more nnd
wor0' nml ,1,c' know ,,ow l0 afcom
mo',a, eUos dreiinwtnnccs.
( Tltnv tiiiniv- lint tfi InWt km n In
plcaso' people."
Tho promlcr sas lui docs not caro
I a snap about repartitions. Itupura-
tong nro lllmijug. My
abroad nro much atrongo
stronger and more
numerous than were thoiu of King
Fordlnand. rordlnund know only
crownod heads ot no Importance,
whllo t am on Intimate terms with
tho ruling politicians of tho wliolo
world. Thcro Is no danger. Nobody
will touch Bulgaria. I havo got
promises. And then wo have come to
an understanding with Krltito Itakov
ski, commissary ln tho Ukraine Tho
sovlots will not abandon us."
M. Stambullsky has voiced a warn
ing as to tho future. "Kven should
nothing elso happen," ho declares,
"tliero will bo a goneral mix-up be
fore long. Russia Is persistently pre
paring a dohaclo which Is InovltuMo.
Wo Bhull )lungo Into thU tiphcnvul
too, and somothlng is Hiiro to come
out of It. Walt and hoc."
Advertising pnys. Try It and eo.
Order them now for fall
Cut Flowers Plants
Jhon0 CS? 83 Main St.
Sept. 23. The American antelope
Is threatened with extinction, nc
cording to officials here of thu de
partment of tho Interior. I'nlcw ex
tensive protective measures aro tak
en, officials declared, an unlmnl
widely admired for Its coloring, dell
cnto proportions and zephyr-like
movement, soon will bo seen only In
There nre probably not more than
3.000 antelope remaining In tho Unit
ed States, according to statement,
and the total number In the park Is
about 330. In 1908 tho number was
estimated as 2,000.
The cause of tho'nntolopeias been
tken up by tho American Bison So
ciety nt Now York. A number of ,
societies Interested In gamo proserin-1
tlon will meet Jointly In the east soon
to consider n program to protect nnte
lope. Proponed .measures lniludo
provision for an; ndctuato winter
rnngo for Yellowsiono hurdi, nnd for !
herds remaining In Oregon. Nevada,
Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Califor
nia. ,
tvst winter nearly n third of the
Yellowstone p-rl: herds wore lost ns
n result of heavy snows mid tho du
preilatlotiH of roote, wolves nnd
ihountnlu lions. A part of this loss
was rnado up by birth of tho young,
this wring.
The most serious menace to tholr
preservation hern Is tho nlisitnco of
eultablu winter range, according to
those officials. Bosldos running the
risk of starvation, owing to scant
forage if the snows aro deep, they
are easy prey for predatory nulmtils.
Tho possible winter range for an
telopes hero nt present Is nbout 3,000
ncres, which must bo shared with
deer, oik und other grazing iiulinnls.
The summer range cover about 100,
000 acres.
Park nuthorltloH will withdraw
part of tho summer rauKO from tour
ist use next soahon, as tho presence of
tourists is said to keep tho uorvous
animals on tho qui vivo and to Inter
fero with breeding.
Future Czar?
Grand Du!o Cyril, now In ParU.1
Hiys he's tho loiiical heir to tq,
'Jtuaolan throno if It becomes on ac
cepted fact that oil members of tho'
'Ituaalan royal family nro dead. If
'royalty returns In Kucola, ho'U
preaa his claim.
ra & mi
rev, M!aBw y
Wide Range Covered in 10
Months' Session Just
Brought to Close
WASHINGTON. Sept 2r.,- Almost '
ten immtlm of legislative action end- '
lug Friday with luljotirnment sine illo
of the second session of the tl'lh con
gress covered a wldo rnnro. nffert- ,
lug tho ntitlon's Interuntlotial rein
tlotm ns well as Its economic. Indus
trial und homo lite. i
Passage ot the permnitont tariff
re.vl.Mou nnd soldlots bonun bills!
probably vvero thu chief features or
tho M'sslon. which liegait Dee ft hint i
nnd which was the first regular scs.
xlou of congress nliiro limugurntloii or
tho Harding administration, tho first '
session being specially railed In the
spring of 15121. Tho Washington
conference on limitation of tirm
ment nnd fur eastern questions, and I
the railroad nnd coal strikes, how-'
ever, gave rongreM new mid unox-1
peeled problems to denl with. The ,
naval llmltntlou mid n half doieu
other riinferi'tiro treaties were rati
fied by the senate last March after
weeks of debate delaying other leg-1
Islatlou and nbout ns tunny weeks
were required for conference and '
teglnlnllou growing nut of tho two
strikes -tho federal coal commission
and coal regulation and distribution
Scores of other now laws
mtidc mid a dozen regular and several
special nppropilntlon bills, carrying
upward of $2,230,000.01)0, passed,
the flrrt under tho new budget s
tem and the re-orgaulred rongros- ,
slotinl appropriation coiiimlttecH.
The session was markci! by thren i
personal addresses by President i
Harding at joint sejislotis. one, open-
Ing tlie session, another ono on iner
chant murine teglslntloii mid a third
on the Industrial situation
Other sperlal f enures of the ses
sion Included thu seating of Senator
Newberry, Itep. Mich., by tho senate
January 12 Him recent attempt by
Hop. Keller. 1 1 o i . Minn . to Impeach
Attorney Cenernl Dmigherty, confir
mation by tho senate of American
ambassadors and mlnUters to t,or
many, Austria nnd Hungary, confir
mation of former Senator Suthertsnd
of t'tah 4 nssochvtu Justlro of the
supremo court to succeed former
lustU'n Clarke, resigned; dentils of
Senators Pom use nnd Crow of Penn
sylvania: resignation or William S.
I ICenyou from tho rcnato to go on the
I federal bench and tho long tariff do-
bnto In tho senate. The tariff dis
cussion began April II nod broko nil
congressional records for u continu
ous legislative day. through dally re.
iossob without u single adjournment,
from April 20 to Aug. 2. Tho abor
tive effort for senate cloture, still
pentlliir;. and the row over appoint
ment of Nat. (loldstclii to bo ijt.
l.ouU Internal revenue collector,
wero other features.
Polltlrii, ns might bo expected be
fore tho biennial congressional elec
tions, whs constantly in the nipltol
nlr during thu entire session, with in-1
numerable partisan speeches nnd
moves from lendorj of both domin
ant parties. Defeat of veterans such
us Chairman .MrCumhor or thu Sen.
p(o rinunco (oiiimltteo in tho prl
innrlort during the eosslou nod an
nounce,! retirement of otbern stfh es
Chairman I'ordnoy or thu house vn)Hi
and means committee roroshiidnvved ,
coining thangoi In congressional
I leaded by tho tariff bill, the boh
slou'ii moro Importunt legislation pro
vided fer:
Orontlou of tho allied debt funding
Appropriation of $20,000,000 for
Kusalau relief.
Appointment of a "dirt farmer" on (
thu fedeinl reserve liouril.
C'o-oiiornllvo marketing by funn
els. Itcgiihitloii of grain futures, so as
to ineot the supremo court decision,
making thu original Cnpper-TJucher
law inoperative.
Creation of 2C moio federal
I.'ttentlon of tho :i jiercent Imml
gintlou i no tn law for two yea is,
Scrapping of ntivnl vessels In ac
cord with tho arms conference troa.
IteorganUallon of the palout office
with mi I nc i vino in Us force,
Reorganization of tho basin of pay
of in my, uayy und ninrlnu officer.
Decrease. In personnel mid expense
of tho uriny and navy, '
t Monthly pnjiiicut of poiihIouh,
Devoloiuiicut ot rhcrj mid liar
borH, Appiopi4itloii of $7,C00,000 to
continue work on tho Musclo Hhoalu,
Ala., power project.
Appiopiintlon $l,!i00,Qn0 to loan
farmors fpr seed grain.
Appropi lotion ?B0O,000 for pi one-
ciitloh of war frnll3.
To The Public
We have received the following
threatening letter which we feel
should be made known to yeu:
Somowlun'o in U. H. A.
Tin' Stnr DniB Co.
Koxall SIqi'o,
Klnniath Kails, Ore.
I have loarned through my yccrol
adonis that you promise holdinjf another One
Cent Sale, and 1 wish to warn your company
this thing must stop. I cannot maintain my
present standing ami influence over the pub
lie if you persist fn these price-lowering wiles.
You have the community now anxiously wait
ing for all the bargains you offer, ami 1 do
not propo?e to be bamboozled by any such ac
tions. You must call off this sale and mark
your goods higher instead of cutting the
prices in two, or your old Re.xall plant will be
torpedoed within five days, as the ammuni
tion i.s now ready. I await your answer be
fore proceeding.
Yours for higher prices,
High Coat Living.
m fj
5th and Main Sts.
Droadvay at Stark
Portland.iOre. .
through the combined efforts of a staff
who, after ycaiy of training, under
stand the needs of the traveling: public.
' Music, Dancing nnd the Best to Eat
(fir i
Arthur H. Meyer.s Mamagc
MpggsgJesaaw JTaraaKg: -ggyj -JSSgfffl
lOMOUT Till:
featuring Chath-H (C'Jilc) Halo. This In without oiiostlou one of tlm
most unumiul charactur plai over presented mid vv sen Mr, Hutu
In (.even distinct roles- and he hi i-'iually good in nil ot thoiu "Ills
Nibs" Is more tluui comeUy it U tnllio plus -and u mom wolcomi)
change from tlm regular
Tho remarkable character actor Hestu Hn)akuwu uppears In
thu gnat drama
Uiliulttcdly hll be it- iilul Hint iiieaim .lomi thing
Continuation the vvtir-tluio Iioiiuh' tlonaiy foiccH hud been hanged with
pay of fedornl emploes. ' "t trltiN; thu allognd do lobby;
In th legislative urogram, aid tar'' vnUmw, war f.-aud-.i ills.
, .... nisltloii or govyiiiiiunt navnl oil ro
agrlculturlHts w, piomlnent. will, I )ry(J.. ,, ml mmm;n
tho unofficial, hl-iuills.ui senaloj Anieilcnn orcuimtlon of Haiti mid
(igrlcullural "bloc" cimtliitilng Hh'SuiiIh Domingo; civil solvit o, nn
nitlvltles whllo n led oigimled itml nitlvltlea of tVneinl Boinimolf. Kits
tolieslvo itgilfiiliuml gioup Idnynd , Him, lender,
(i llko part In Iho house. Thoie nlso ; r ,.,..-
vviiH orgnnUod an miofflilal lopiibll- MVWIH lOrITION I.V ,
can taiiff blueIn Iho tieiiate dining ,' Ol'NTV I I.KIHfK OI'KM'H
tho tariff fight.
N'umproiiK Investigations, na uiiiial,
vvero held by both nonnlu mid Iioiiku,'
but with fovv final lepoils.
Among tho limuliIuH weie' Dlapo
Hltlon of Hie Muscle Hhoan project;
(hiiigca of IJnnaior Wntsoit, ilein, 0n,t
lluil bouiivi? of Uig Amuilc.'iii oxppiU-'
I'lYU, hllOWINt.' OK
I Mltn Vivian Ilanln hits accept oil u
position In tho county Uurlc'u offleu.
Up until thlu week tho poullloii lutt
boon ocfiiiplud by .MIhu Kuth DoUip,
who U pioilnilng to Inavn'tlio lnttor
imit of llio week for Ihigouo, whom
hIio will enler Iho I'nlvoisliy of Ore-
',7 H'f
U .L...j-
.. f" t .4T t rxt ... .. .
iSMJkaaV' V ' I J .i . 'I ,?fel ,' "tfv J"-'